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                Conference Call of Omnitech Infosolutions Limited

                Event Date / Time                     :        4th August 2009, 3 PM IST

                Event Duration                        :        38 min 08 sec

Presentation Session

Moderator:                          Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am Shirley,
                                    moderator for this conference. Welcome to Omnitech
                                    Infosolutions Limited, first quarter fiscal 2010 earnings
                                    release conference call. As a reminder, all participants’
                                    line will be in listen-only mode, and there will be an
                                    opportunity for you to ask questions at the end of today's
                                    presentation. In case you need any assistance during the
                                    conference, please press * and then zero on your
                                    telephone keypad. Please note that this conference is
                                    being recorded. I would now like to hand over the
                                    conference to Mr. Shekhar Singh Batham of Prana Public

Shekhar Singh Batham:               Thank you Shirley. Good evening everyone and welcome
                                    to the discussion of Omnitech’s financial result for the
                                    quarter ended June 2009. Joining us today on this call is
                                    Mr. Atul Hemani, Managing Director and Mr. Sanket
                                    Mangrulkar, Corporate Financial Analyst for Omnitech
                                    Infosolutions Limited. We will start with a brief statement
                                    on company’s performance in the recently concluded
                                    quarter from the management followed by question and
                                    answer session. With this, I hand over the floor to Mr.
                                    Hemani. Over to you sir.

Atul Hemani:                        Good afternoon everyone. It is my pleasure to invite all of
                                    you in this conference call where we are going to talk
                                    about Omnitech’s performance for the first quarter of this
                                    financial year. I am glad to announce that the things are
                                    looking now brighter from the external perspective that
                                    markets are showing the signs of recovery, not only
                                    domestic, but into international market as well, which we
                                    were always sure and confident about and we continue to
                                    leverage that benefit. In fact, we strongly believe that this
                                    has helped Omnitech to emerge with some innovative
                                    packaging and the products and services to address the
                                    global customers and also win over some new contract
                                    and also get the record high…the conversion in case of
                                    our existing contract, so I will take you through some kind
                                    of overview about Omnitech, the growth, the strategy, and

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             in future the roadmap and details about the financials
             Sanket will take you through.

             So, let me start with the strategy what we had decided and
             how it is doing well. Many of you those who would have
             interacted with us in the past either in person or through
             the teleconference call or by way of going through our
             performance review reports of last couple of quarters and
             the year, we have established ourselves in the area of
             business availability and business continuity services. We
             identified that more and more mid market and small and
             medium customers will continue to look at IT as their key
             enabler in their businesses, and there will be a need for
             them to outsource such kind of services to a reliable
             partner who could not only provide them the best of the
             technical expertise, but also to help them to get the value
             in the current environment more relevant. Otherwise, also
             it is the requirement of the business that to get the value
             for money for their services. So that is where we
             continued working in that area because that is where we
             hail from our services like Infrastructure Management
             Services blended with now remote delivery model, our
             performance management services, and application
             management services has really helped us to win some of
             the large and significant contract while competing with our
             peers in India and into international market as well. We
             have been in a position to draw the very good referrals and
             now it is time for us to win some more deals, especially
             you would know that we got very good breakthrough in the
             EMEA region that is where in Europe and Middle East, and
             we continue to leverage our organic growth potential in
             that region very aggressively. We have already initiated
             the process of setting up our local presence by
             strengthening our local team furthermore in the European
             region and all the processes are on to have our own outfit
             at Netherlands, which will be 100% subsidiary of
             Omnitech. This will help us to further reinforce in the
             market where we are kind of leaders from India and more
             and more customers have started recognizing our
             capabilities and instilling contracts and orders to us. These
             are the contract those are fairly large terms, they are
             executed in three to five years, and they help us to also get
             an upside because these are…some of the contracts are
             the companies which are the service providers. They in
             turn provide services to their customers in that part of the
             world and by virtue of their growth of the business with
             their number of customers, the contract also has an upside
             available so that is something which is good for us that we
             continue to grow and leverage our position in that space.
             We are uniquely positioned in Middle East and it has been
             now couple of years that we have been operating in that

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             market, so we are also now in Saudi and Bahrain and both
             areas are now doing not only the business in the areas of
             Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, but also in the
             areas of Performance Management as well as some
             Application Management and also Remote Infrastructure
             Management Services, so that is something which is
             definitely giving the company a clear edge. We continue to
             definitely leverage our Indian market that is where we got
             almost 100% of our contracts renewed this year, and I am
             glad to share with you that many of the contracts are to our
             use to get renewed for kind of a period of a year and this
             year, we could grab an opportunity and convert those
             contracts for three years and that also has helped us to get
             into a remote model and that is where the company’s
             bottom line and profitability will definitely be better using
             the remote infrastructure management services.

             So having said that continuing leveraging in business
             availability space, by also introducing, we recognize that
             there is more and more need of high level of caliber and
             expertise is required, therefore, we launched our products
             called VPIO, that is, virtual PIO that is basically, the
             companies need not have to hire a full time PIO because
             of the size of the organization or because of the business
             requirement where we can provide them not only the
             processes, the people, the prudent tools and technology,
             and last but not least the required equipment and
             infrastructure by using our Disaster Recovery Omni
             Centers across the country. This further enable the
             customers not to worry about having owned their
             infrastructure, they can look at the CAPEX to OPEX model
             and they can also move towards the latest trend, which is
             cloud computing where the people can use “Pay as per
             Use” model, so this is something which is in synergy, in
             line with our growth charter, and we believe that in time to
             come, we see that more and more strategic outsourcing
             will happen in the areas of mid market and SME space.
             We are fully ready for that and we continue to leverage our
             technical expertise, our business delivery model, and our
             quality processes.

             On quality layer, Omnitech has been always on a front
             runner and we have been ISO certified organization for last
             so many years and we have taken further aggressive
             move, which were discussed in the last couple of our
             quarterly review or annual report that we always upscale
             our quality standard and reach towards continual
             improvement program which is on. We also have taken
             the initiatives that all our Disaster Recovery Centers now
             will be ready with ISO27001 and BS25999, so hopefully in
             next four months we will have all our centers, not only the

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             company process and the businesses certified, but all our
             technology centers also certified.

             So, these are the initiatives we will continue to leverage
             and do that. We have been able to get a significant mind
             space and the growth in the area of business continuity
             where we have established ourselves as the leader, and
             we continue to establish and continue to set the trends in
             that particular space because we believe that there is a lot
             more to be done in this particular space, not only in the
             area of commercial, but awareness and knowledge
             perspective as well. So, we have taken various initiatives
             where we as a company participate in various corporate
             forums be it NASSCOM lead event or ____ association
             lead event like IMP or it could be any public forums, which
             is lead with Rotary or Lions we go and we make people
             aware that how Disaster Management is important and
             how the Business Continuity is important in everyone’s life,
             so this is further enchanting that we continue to establish
             as a clear leader, and we continue to invest in that space
             for obvious benefit for the businesses as well.

             With one more important news I would like to share and I
             am proud to announce that Omnitech has been recognized
             and also awarded an award, which is a SME Corporate
             Governance Award 2009, which was instilled by Business
             Today and Yes Bank and we are proud that we have got
             recognized for our best practices, right from our Corporate
             Governance at a Board layer to execution down the line
             layer, so we will continue leveraging on our strengths. We
             certainly are looking at, the times are getting better, and
             we were all prepared. We have done consolidation last
             two quarters and now we are all set to take very
             aggressive move and as you would know that the last
             15th, in the mid of May in our conference call we had
             talked about that we have already initiated the process in
             the area of M&A, and we have already gone ahead and
             right from our long list to we have got into a short list and
             we definitely are in a process of checking the various
             target companies in the areas of US and Europe because
             those are the two target territories, which we are looking at
             and soon we should be in a position to zero down on A
             and B companies. We also are open and actively
             considering the companies for acquisition in domestic
             space. The earlier one, which was there they were
             because of the technical layer. We have dropped them
             and now we are looking at some more companies to look
             at and acquire them. So, I think to summarize that
             Omnitech is rightly poised today in terms of the positioning
             of its offerings, in terms of getting the customers’ referrals,
             getting the right processes, the infrastructure, and more

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                             importantly in terms of the growth strategies. Last, but not
                             least I must take this opportunity to thank all stakeholders,
                             investors, customers, vendors, and most importantly
                             Omnitians that we have continuously always believed that
                             our key assets are the people and we continue to
                             leverage. We have a full fledge initiative called Patsala,
                             that is the training and development division of Omnitech,
                             which identifies the leaders out of the managers and get
                             them ready for the next level. We have a structured
                             program where we are identifying the key talents and
                             working with them for their growth plan for the time to
                             come and this has given tremendous results in terms of
                             our growth needless to mention that while we continue
                             leverage our existing people strength to grow organization,
                             we are also hiring some extraordinary talent in the market
                             and making organization scalable and ready for the future

                             We will continue to expand in India organically, in
                             Netherlands, in Belgium, in Middle East, and we are
                             exploring the opportunity to expand our market in the Far
                             East, which is at Singapore and Hong Kong. So with that I
                             personally am confident that we have the things right in
                             place. The stage is set and for us now it is time to get the
                             benefits with the markets getting better and better day-by-
                             day. With that I hand over to Sanket to take you through
                             some kind of financial numbers and then we will go for
                             questions and answers. Thank you.

Sanket Mangrulkar:           Thank you Atul. Good afternoon everyone. I would be
                             taking you through the financial performance of the
                             company. In the quarter ended June 2009, we posted a
                             total income of Rs.42.9 crores that is up by just 0.87%
                             YOY. The EBITDA stands at Rs.13.79 crores, which is 5%
                             up. EBIT stands at Rs.10.79 crores, which is down by
                             around 6.5%. The PAT, profit after tax stands at Rs.7.58
                             crores, which is down by 14.22%. The marginal increase
                             in the sales is because of the 100% renewal of the contract
                             and also we have bagged a few contracts in the remote
                             infrastructure management space in the international
                             market because of which we have been able to perform
                             well, and we feel that going ahead the stage is set and we
                             would grow multifold. Also, we have a strong order book
                             position as on date, which stands at round about Rs.120
                             odd crores, so we feel that in the quarters to come, the
                             sales as well as the total revenue contribution from the
                             international market will be much higher. Also, talking
                             about the variability of the profitability, I would like to
                             highlight a point over here, that in this quarter our
                             depreciation has increased by 83.88% over last quarter,
                             that is, June 2008, which is mainly because of the

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             investment in the CAPEX. We have invested somewhere
             close to Rs.34 to 36 odd crores in financial year 2009
             because of which the depreciation figure has gone up.
             Then, also the staff cost has increased from the last
             quarter. This is typically because as Atul very rightly
             mentioned that we have been hiring young talents from the
             top schools, also we have hired a few people who are at
             the key managerial post in the organization to boost our
             sales and marketing effort because we feel that now is the
             right time to go into the market and pitch and move and go
             aggressively so because of that these are the two main
             contributors to the cost. Whereas we have come down on
             the general and administration cost a lot; we have reduced
             it by somewhere close to 28%. It is mainly because of the
             cuts in the cost and we have been able to improve the
             overall efficiency of the organization and the way we work
             and that is why we have been able to bring down that cost.
             So if you see on an overall EBITDA level, we have grown
             by 5%, but on an overall PAT level we have reduced by
             around about 14.22%. Then also on the tax aspects of it,
             we stand at Rs.2.12 crores, which is the tax for this year. If
             you look at the tax compared to the previous quarter, that
             is, quarter ended 31, March 2009, the tax has significantly
             dropped and the only reason being we always calculate
             the deferred tax at the end of the year. So that is the only
             reason why there has been a significant drop in the tax
             expenses compared to the last quarter. EPS though
             stands at 5.77%, which is again 14% down; then all the
             contract bookings are done and there have been
             transitions that are on. This year we have renewed, as I
             told you that we have renewed all the managed services,
             almost 100% of the managed services contract and quite a
             few of them we have been able to convert it into RIMS
             contracts because of which the transitions are on and
             hence the billing will go on and will continue and get on in
             this quarter from Q2 onwards so that is where we will see
             the results coming in from Q2 onwards.

             Then on the contribution this year according to the industry
             wise, BFSI has been a major contributor again for us with
             48% contribution to the total revenue then, IT and ITES
             has gone up to 22% and manufacturing has also gone up
             to 22%, which is purely because of the contracts, which we
             have won. In RIMS space in the European market, these
             two companies ID factory and ______ we won those
             contracts from them and purely on that aspect the IT,
             ITES, and manufacturing sector contribution has gone up.
             Also on the region wise contribution, India again is the
             largest contributor, which is 76% of the total revenue
             domestic sales. Europe has been coming out good for us
             and it has contributed around about 7.5% to the revenue

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                                 whereas Canada stands at point 0.5% and Japan at 5%.
                                 Middle East has grown to 5% and US stands stable at
                                 5.5%. On the revenue mix, which is segment wise, I would
                                 like to say here that Business Availability Services, they
                                 stand at 60% of the total revenue out of which
                                 Infrastructure and Application Management contributes
                                 70% and Performance Management and Software Testing
                                 contributes around about 30%. Business continuity has
                                 grown for us, but typically as a percentage of revenue it
                                 remains constant at 12% and System Integration has come
                                 down to 27%. I guess that is about it from my side. I
                                 would like to have the question and answer session after
                                 this thing.

Question and Answer Session
                                 Moderator: Thank you sir. Ladies and gentlemen, we
                                 will now begin the question and answer session. If you
                                 have a question, please press * and 1 on your telephone
                                 keypad and wait for your turn to ask the question. If your
                                 question has been answered before your turn, and you
                                 wish to withdraw your request, you may do so by pressing
                                 # key.

                                 First question comes from Mr. Sanjay Shah of KSA Shares
                                 and Stocks.

Sanjay Shah:                     Atul bai, good evening.

Atul Hemani:                     Good evening.

Sanjay Shah:                     Congratulations for receiving              an       SME   Corporate
                                 Governance Award sir.

Atul Hemani:                     Thank you very much. It is all because of support from you
                                 all people.

Sanjay Shah:                     Appreciate sir. Sir, I would like to know in future for next
                                 three quarters from you this being the first quarter very flat
                                 and we would also like to know about the idle fund, which
                                 is raised in IPO still lying at around Rs.12 crores, how we
                                 are going to use and my other question is what is the
                                 progress in our WCC segment and how is our tie-up going
                                 on with KCR?

Atul Hemani:                     Let me put across answer each by each one question.
                                 One is our IPO fund is lying idle. As you know that the
                                 major of the fund, which we have year marked that is for
                                 M&A activity and for the technology center. In both the
                                 places we took a conservative look and we never wanted
                                 to get aggressive and in between in the past all of us
                                 passed through the phase where we all kept hearing that

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                            cash is king and we continued to have the king with us, but
                            then the time has come that now we have gone aggressive
                            and we definitely are going aggressive not only in the new
                            centers, but also in M&A space. So, we believe that in
                            next quarter or two we would consume this particular fund
                            completely fully and it will be put to effective use.

                            The second question you definitely put across that in terms
                            of the ______ relationship, _____ is basically enabled us
                            to get the larger contracts in Europe, Middle East, and
                            especially in India, we have been used and leveraged that
                            particular tool to provide 24 x 7 support with the help of
                            ______ as well as our own home grown tools like Omni
                            monitor, Omni manage, and Omni audit. This has further
                            also blended with some of the large tools like HPOV, Open
                            View, and IBM Tivoli. So this has really helped us to
                            establish ourselves into a remote infrastructure
                            management services and also provide customers the
                            services they want, so we have become the truly managed
                            services provider in that particular space. So, we continue
                            to leverage our strength using ____ in that particular
                            space. You had mentioned about one more thing, which I
                            missed out. What was that?

Sanjay Shah:                It is regarding our WCC segment.

Atul Hemani:                Okay, WCC. That has got really well that with IBM we
                            have entered into. You will get more details in our
                            performance review that we conducted Smart Integration
                            Program Series with IBM, which is used on WCC. WCC
                            for the people those who may not be aware, that is our
                            Websphere Competence Center. It is one of its kind
                            center in country in western region and what we have done
                            is that established the practice where we not only provide
                            the expertise in terms of the skilled people, but also the
                            processes and most importantly the tools and virtual lab
                            available to our customers to run their particular
                            application. Websphere has been number one middle
                            ware in the world today and it is also predominantly being
                            used in banking financial services and insurance sector.
                            We leverage that particular strength to address vertical
                            needs of the customer and this is very close to customer,
                            because there are some of the large core insurance or
                            core banking applications, which get connected to. Many
                            of us would know that today all the RTJs, all the payment
                            gateways which are connected to RBI, they run on MQ
                            series and WCC initiatives of IBM. So that gives us the
                            furthermore leverage and this also has been further
                            leveraged to position this particular services into
                            international market foray and we have got the pilot project
                            already which I was talking about in the Far East and we

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                            continue to leverage that particular trends into various
                            other market and we are actively dialoguing in Middle East
                            also for that particular strength, so this trend continues to
                            grow that is the largest growth area in some vertical
                            domain expertise with technology expertise.

Sanjay Shah:                What business you see in that in the future?

Atul Hemani:                Next future, the WCC business, currently if I were to talk
                            about in last one quarter itself we have jumped almost
                            230%, but then that’s obviously the kind of volume was
                            very, very small. We expect that we should be in a
                            position to continue 100 plus percentage because of the
                            size what we are talking about it, but in next three years I
                            expect that this particular business as a practice would go
                            as high as around 12-15 million dollar for us.

Sanjay Shah:                Sir, right now what is the seating capacity for RIM net of a
                            place and what are the Disaster Recovery Center we are
                            looking to put in, how many other centers we are looking to
                            put in the current year?

Atul Hemani:                Currently, as last we had announced that our Hyderabad
                            Center is up in running probably I think my apology I
                            missed out on that because probably last time we had
                            already discussed about it and I assumed that it is already
                            there for us and Hyderabad Center is 250 seater, Navi
                            Mumbai center, that is not absolute seat so these are not
                            saleable seats and Navi Mumbai as you all know it is a 326
                            seats. What also we have done is that we have taken the
                            additional facility of Navi Mumbai that fourth floor where we
                            have converted into a knock because our ongoing demand
                            requirement for RIMS, so we have now two knocks, one is
                            definitely running from Andheri and one is running from
                            Navi Mumbai. We have in Hyderabad Center coming up
                            full fledged which is the next expansion. In Hyderabad this
                            is only first phase, which is completed. The second phase
                            will get completed and it will have a knock of 175 seater
                            and total seats in Hyderabad will be 550. We also have
                            the next center coming up at NCR region because that is
                            one of another region, which is permanently growing and
                            we would definitely have our presence in their and we also
                            had an active dialogue at Bangalore and other place where
                            we will look at establishing the center there as well. So by
                            March this year we would have two more centers up and
                            running, one in NCR and one in South region.

Sanjay Shah:                Including 175 additional seats in Hyderabad will be
                            completed in current year?

               Transcript - Conference Call of Omnitech Infosolutions Limited
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Atul Hemani:                 Exactly 250-seater is already kind of completed. We
                             already have customer occupying that state as a part of
                             the contract and Hyderabad is kind of already done. I am
                             talking about additional two centers, one in NCR and one
                             in either of the southern region. It could be Bangalore or it
                             could be Chennai or it could be even Jaipur because we
                             are going ahead with the customers’ demand and
                             customer’s requirement right now to satisfy more.

Sanjay Shah:                 So how do you see the next few quarters panning out
                             because last few quarters spanning out there has been big
                             flat, how do you the next few quarters in the current year
                             and maybe next year?

Atul Hemani:                 Okay. As far as next quarter we definitely…as Sanket
                             rightly mentioned that some of the large contract, which we
                             have booked already they are on a transition phase so
                             generally these are the large contracts which take anything
                             between three to four months for complete transitions to
                             happen and the first billing can only happen after that so
                             we definitely are poised to get all those billings happening
                             from July and August onwards so that is where it will
                             definitely yield a better thing.. We also have some large
                             other project based contract, which we have won and that
                             also we will bring in. We believe that we should be in a
                             position to comfortably get anything between 15%-20% as
                             organic growth on a conservative side and that is
                             excluding the inorganic part, which we will definitely be
                             able to do in this financial year.

Sanjay Shah:                 Right sir. Thank you very much.

Moderator:                   Next question comes from Mr. Neerav Dalal of Capital

Neerav Dalal:                Good afternoon sir. I wanted the CAPEX figure for the
                             Hyderabad facility and when will the knock come up at

Atul Hemani:                 Hyderabad, the center which is a DR center with a data
                             center when it will be like, it is in a last phase. The
                             Recovery Center is completely up and running and as of
                             today we would have invested something around Rs.4.5 to
                             5 crores right Sanket? and as soon as the first phase gets
                             over that is where data center and work place area
                             recovery will get completed that would be roughly around
                             Rs.12-14 crores and the one in the second phase which
                             will only come up may be by next June because that is
                             right from ground up structure, which will be done by
                             Raheja’s and handed over to us.

                Transcript - Conference Call of Omnitech Infosolutions Limited
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Nirav Dalal:                 I am bit confused then knock would come in next June,

Atul Hemani:                 I am saying that the second phase of knock, which will be
                             175 additional seater, which will be coming at Hyderabad,
                             will be in the second phase, but currently what we are
                             talking about is the 250 seater with a data center is the first

Neerav Dalal:                Okay out of that some seats are operational and some are
                             not operational that would?

Atul Hemani:                 If we require we can use an year mark or some of the
                             areas for knock, but currently we have a capacity in Navi
                             Mumbai and Mumbai so we are not looking at it, but your
                             point is well hit that if at all the demand comes in we will
                             use some part of the Hyderabad center also for our
                             network operation center. In that particular case, it will be
                             50 seaters will be ear marked out of 250.

Nirav Dalal:                 Okay, so the complete CAPEX would be Rs. 14 crores for
                             the Hyderabad first?

Atul Hemani:                 That is right.

Neerav Dalal:                Right sir. Sir and a take on your margins, how would they
                             pan out going forward?

Atul Hemani:                 Yes last I had mentioned that we have RIMS and business
                             continuity our side, which helps us to definitely get upside
                             on the margins and while the running services, definitely
                             get some kind of a pressure because of market condition
                             and that gets somewhere down the line little here and
                             there. We expect that we would settle anything between
                             17%-18% as a PAT level.

Nirav Dalal:                 And how much is the contribution of RIMS at the moment?

Atul Hemani:                 RIMS contracts we have already booked this time more
                             than 30%.

Neerav Dalal:                Of the revenue say of Q2 what will be the share of RIMS?

Sanket:                      Typically Neerav how it happens is that if you see my
                             contribution, 60% comes from business availability
                             services out of that 70% is infrastructure and application.
                             From that 70% typically 30-35% comes from RIMS.

Neerav Dalal:                Okay great. Sir one more thing the performance review
                             has not reached us?

                Transcript - Conference Call of Omnitech Infosolutions Limited
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Atul Hemani:                 Yes Neerav, you will get the performance review by

Neerav Dalal:                And take on the tax rate, what would be the full year tax
                             rate for FY10?

Atul Hemani:                 FY010 the full year tax rate will be somewhere close to

Neerav Dalal:                Right sir, thanks a lot.

Moderator:                   I request the participants to press * and 1 for your
                             questions. The first follow-up question comes from Mr.
                             Neerav Dalal of Capital Market.

Neerav Dalal:                Sir, what is the debt and cash on books?

Atul Hemani:                 Debt I think will be virtually zero, Rs.1.2 crores…or that
                             kind of thing.

Neerav Dalal:                Cash would be excluding the IPO proceeds. IPO proceeds
                             will be Rs.12 crores right?

Atul Hemani:                 Yes that is right.

Neerav Dalal:                Other than that cash?

Atul Hemani:                 Rs.30 crores.

Neerav Dalal:                Including the IPO and debtor days?

Atul Hemani:                 Debtor as of March they were almost around 115 and odd.
                             As of 30th June they would have settled anywhere around
                             100-105. We expect that by end of this quarter to happen
                             well within 90. This was mainly because some of the
                             contracts we had to willingly work with the customer and
                             give them the option for quarter arrears.

Neerav Dalal:                Number of employees currently?

Atul Hemani:                 I think around 750.

Neerav Dalal:                So there has not been any change as such?

Atul Hemani:                 No significant change.

Neerav Dalal:                By year-end what would that look like?

Atul Hemani:                 The people count is not kind of directly, now relationship
                             for us as a technology services company because we are
                             getting more and more center driven, more and more

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                             remote infrastructure driven, so we still expect that we
                             should be in a position to… what growth we are looking at
                             it. We would have 10%-15% people being added up. It
                             will be more the churning that the lower end onsite team
                             will get reduced, but high-end team will get added up.

Neerav Dalal:                What is the occupancy of the DR sites in Navi Mumbai?

Atul Hemani:                 As you know that DR site at Navi Mumbai has almost
                             reached to breakeven long back and currently if you look
                             at the perspective with respect to our server room plus
                             work place recovery, it has almost crossed 68%.

Neerav Dalal:                And Hyderabad came up in between in the quarter or…?

Atul Hemani:                 Hyderabad actually went operational from first of August.

Neerav Dalal:                What would be the seat utilization at the moment for that?

Atul Hemani:                 We have currently 20% utilization of that particular place

Neerav Dalal:                Okay, thanks a lot.

Moderator:                   There are no further questions. Now, I hand over the floor
                             to Mr. Sanket for closing comments.

Sanket:                      Thank you all. Thank you for attending this conference
                             call.  For any further queries, you can mail us at
                    and we would be more than
                             pleased to address your queries. Thank you and have a
                             nice day.

Atul Hemani:                 Thank you everyone.

Moderator:                   Thank you sir. Ladies and gentleman, this concludes your
                             conference for today. Thank you for your participation and
                             for using Door Sabha’s Conference Call Service. You may
                             disconnect your lines now. Thank you and have a
                             pleasant day.

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                Transcript - Conference Call of Omnitech Infosolutions Limited

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