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General Company Overview
Stryker's surgical products include such instruments as drills, saws, rasps, even cement
mixers. The company's leading product category includes artificial joints, spinal rods and
screws, artificial vertebral discs, bone cement, and other orthopedic implants and
supplies. Other products include endoscopy equipment, facial and hand surgery
instruments, and stretchers. Stryker's Physiotherapy Associates also provides
rehabilitation services at some 430 clinics in 25 states and Washington, DC. They
company's Stryker Biotech division makes OP-1, a product to grow bone. The Stryker
family owns about 25% of the company.

Stryker operates worldwide and markets its products in more than 100 countries; sales
outside of the US represent 35% of revenue. In the US and select countries, Stryker uses
its own sales and marketing force. In smaller markets, though, the firm relies on

Other brands of Stryker
      Physiotherapy Associates, Inc.- A subsidiary of Stryker Corporation, the company
       provides occupational, physical, and speech rehabilitation services through
       approximately 430 facilities across more than 25 states and the District of
       Columbia. Many of the firm's patients are injured workers or athletes recovering
       from orthopedic injuries or neurological conditions; it also offers wound care for
       diabetic patients.
      Stryker UK Limited- Founded in 1984, the company is a part of the worldwide
       orthopedic medical device firm, Stryker Corporation. Stryker UK offers joint
       replacements, spinal implants, orthobiologics, powered surgical instruments,
       surgical navigation systems, and endoscopic products. The company also sells
       emergency medical equipment and distributes medical devices from other firms,
       such as pain management devices from US firm McKinley Medical (a subsidiary
       of The Broe Companies).

Top Competitors
      DePuy- A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, DePuy is a leading supplier of
       orthopedic products, competing against fellow industry bigwigs Biomet and
       Zimmer, a spinoff of Bristol-Myers Squibb. DePuy's products include hip
       replacements; knee, shoulder, and spinal implants; fixative products for bone
       fractures; and operating room products. The company's products are used
       primarily by orthopedic specialists and neurosurgeons to treat patients with
       musculoskeletal defects resulting from diseases, deformities, trauma, or sports

      Smith & Nephew- Focusing on orthopedics, wound care, and endoscopy, the firm
       makes products to repair joints, skin, soft tissue, and bone. Smith & Nephew
       Orthopaedics makes hip, knee, and shoulder replacements, in addition to nailing
       systems used to repair broken bones. Smith & Nephew also makes arthroscopes,
       blades, digital cameras, and other products for endoscopic surgery.

      Zimmer- The company designs and markets orthopedic products, including
       reconstructive implants and fracture management devices. Reconstructive
       implants -- which restore function in knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and teeth that
       have been exposed to trauma or disease -- account for some three-quarters of
       sales. Products include the NexGen knee implant series and the VerSys system for
       hips. Zimmer also sells surgical supplies, such as tourniquets and blood
       management systems. The company operates facilities in more than 20 countries
       and sells its products worldwide.

In the News

12/18/2005, NewsRxDrugs, Digital x-ray company systems announces partnership with

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Inc., a digital x-ray company, and Stryker Imaging, a
division of Stryker Corp. and a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of orthopedic
medical devices, have announced a sales agreement.

With this new partnership Stryker will exclusively distribute Fuji's computed radiography
(CR) solutions in the orthopedic market and is expected to significantly increase the
adoption of digital x-ray in this practice area.

announces 11 cts/share year-end cash dividend, a 22% increase
Stryker Corp announced that the Board of Directors has declared a year-end cash
dividend of 11 cts/share, an increase of 22% over the 9 cts dividend declared in Dec
2004. The dividend is payable 31 Jan 2006 to shareholders of record at the close of
business on 30 Dec 2005. Stryker Corp is one of the world's leading medical device
companies with the most broadly-based range of products in orthopaedics and a
significant presence in other medical specialties.

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