Document Sample

Councillors:               M D Lowe (Chairman)
                           N Bedder                   S R Brown
                           S Coombe                   C Davies
                           R Davies                   K Dent
                           D de Carteret Pochin       D Gartside
                           P S Harley                 D J Hill
                           S D Hill                   D Maguire
                           P S Newman                 Mrs B J Seaton
                           Mrs A Smith                J S Smith
                           C A Wooding

ALSO PRESENT:       The Clerk and the Deputy Clerk
                    PC Porter
                    9 Members of the Public

APOLOGIES:          None

ON TUESDAY 12th APRIL 2011 AT 7.15 PM

PRESENT:            Councillors;        M D Lowe (Chairman)
                                        D J Hill        K Dent
                                        N Bedder

ALSO PRESENT:       The Clerk and the Deputy Clerk

1.    To Receive apologies for Absence

2.    Disclosures of Interest - To receive disclosures from Members and
      Officers and the nature of those interests as specified In respect of
      items on this agenda.

Councillor Hill declared an interest in any business concerning Mrs R Hill
(employee) and EMEC.

3.    Monthly Expenditure Report – Mrs G M Smith

ACCOUNTS: Expenditure: The Clerk presented cheque no’s 103534
109561 for invoices and petty cash and direct debits totalling £40,288.96
for April.

4.       Monthly Income Report – Mrs G M Smith

Income: The Deputy Clerk presented income details for March

It was proposed and seconded that the Council accepts the accounts.
Resolved: The motion was carried

5.       Ill Health Liability Insurance:

The Deputy Clerk provided information about the Local Government
Pension Scheme rules on Ill health early retirement prior to the meeting
and presented the following quote for insurance from Legal and General:

Legal & General have provided one overall quotation for all members of
the Leicestershire Fund which is attached for your information.

As an indication of costs, you will note that the rates offered are as follows:

Take up rate of 40% or more from the whole Leicestershire Fund - £1.25 per
£100 of the Employers salary roll (Plan Earnings)

Take up rate less than 40% from the whole Leicestershire Fund - £1.60 per
£100 of the Employers salary roll (Plan Earnings)

As the total pensionable salary roll for Thurmaston Parish Council is £91,986
per annum, the estimated cost for this ill health insurance would be as
follows (based on a rate of £1.60, as there is currently less than a 40% take
up from the Leicestershire Fund):

£91,986 x £1.60/100 = £1,471.78 premium per annum

In addition to the quotation, I have attached the following for your

     -   Legal & General Ill Health Early Retirement Brochure
     -   Legal & General Ill Health Early Retirement Technical Guide

You will see in the Technical Guide that there is mention of ‘full’ or ‘top up’
cover. Please note that cover is agreed at fund level for all the
participating employers in that fund. As there are employers who have
already gone on risk for full cover under the Leicestershire Fund, there is

therefore no provision to offer top up cover to Leicestershire Fund
employers. Legal & General are not able to offer both full and top up
cover concurrently to employers under the same fund.

Legal & General is offering a three month entry window for the 1 April 2011
renewal only. You can therefore go on risk for Ill Health cover at any date
between 1 April 2011 and 30 June 2011 (cover cannot be backdated,
however). Employers who do not go on risk by 30 June 2011 will not be
able to take up ill health cover until 1 April 2012 without first obtaining
written consent from Legal & General.

If you are in agreement with the premium please confirm that you wish to
proceed with this cover and the date you wish cover to commence, and
we will issue our formal report to you together with the proposal form.

Premiums may be paid monthly or annually. Please note Annual premiums
are 2% lower than monthly premiums. The unit rate and premiums quoted
in this email assume annual premium payments.

Resolved:      Councillors decided not to take up the offer of insurance for
Ill Health Liability.

6.     Leicester College IOSH Managing Safety Course

The Deputy Clerk explained that the IOSH Health and Safety Course is a
three day course from 13th – 16th June at a cost of £380 per person.

It was proposed and seconded that Glynis Smith and David Hardy attend
the course.

Resolved:     the motion was carried.

7.     Proposed Increase in petty cash float

The Clerk requested that consideration is given to increasing the petty
cash float from £150 to £200 per month as it is currently insufficient.

Resolved:     Councillors agreed to this request.

8.     Correspondence


Letter explaining that the Company service which investigates and
compares the cost of utility providers as follows:

Utilitywise are a leading impartial utility management consultancy who
negotiates with all of the UK’s leading energy providers to secure the best
value for money and service for our clients. We put over 400 million
pounds worth of electricity contracts to the market last year giving us
‘Premium Broker’ status with all of the country’s major energy suppliers.
Our status as a premium broker means we have access to rates & terms
that are widely unavailable to the vast majority of UK brokers, making us
specialists in single & multi site tendering for UK businesses. We use our
considerable buying power to negotiate a rate with your current supplier
that would not be available to you directly, we will also supply quotes
from alternative suppliers & advise of any savings that may be made.

Our Services are free of charge as we get paid direct from the supplier
you decide to go with.

All I require to ensure you are getting the best possible deal on your
contract renewal is a bill for your Utilities, or details of your current gas /
electric meters and the rates you currently pay, I will then gain access to
prices from right across the market saving you time and saving you the
hassle of negotiating prices for yourself

We will guarantee to beat any renewal quote you may get because of
our relationships with all Energy Suppliers.

As soon as you get this information across to me I will start the process for
you straight away

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you require any further
information and I will be more than happy to help

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Resolved: Councillors agreed to take up this service to investigate
reducing the cost of utilities.

Chairman Councillor M D Lowe welcomed all to the April Meeting of the
Parish Council.

1.    To Receive Apologies for Absence:

Councillors: Mrs B J Seaton – at another meeting – may arrive late.

Resolved: Reasons given for the apologies were accepted by the

2. Disclosures of Interest (in respect of items on this Agenda):

Councillor Mrs. S Coombe declared an interest in any business concerning
Thurmaston Events Team.

Councillor P S Harley declared an interest in any business concerning
Charnwood Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council.

Councillor D J Hill declared an interest in any business concerning
Thurmaston Events Team and EMEC Contractors.

Councillor N Bedder declared an interest in any business concerning the

Councillor Davies declared an interest in any business concerning
Thurmaston Boxing Club.

3.    To receive Reports from the Police

Copies of the monthly crime figures were circulated to all Councillors.

PC Porter thanked the Council for the use of the Police Office and
explained that they have not taken up occupancy full time yet, but it is
proving very convenient to have a base in the village as they are able to
respond to incidents more efficiently.

PC Porter reported annual burglary and theft from motor vehicles have
decreased this year as follows:

2009/2010          2010/2011
46                 31
62                 32

Anti social behaviour in the Garden Street area has virtually ceased,
however, there are problems with Anti-social behaviour on the Checkland
Road Estate and car cruising at MacDonald’s car park.

Explained that Thurmaston, Syston and East Goscote are one beat
consisting of 3 Police Officers and 3 CPSO’s. The Beat title is 6th Beat.

Councillor Hill was of the opinion that the village has benefitted from
having the same officer in post for the last two years and asked whether
the officers involved would be rotating villages.

PC Porter replied that the officers would retain their specific areas but
would work closely.

4.     To confirm and sign the minutes of the last meeting of the Full Parish
       Council Tuesday 8th February pages        (make corrections
       amendments) to be signed by the Chairman enc).
It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

5.    To confirm and sign the minutes of the following Committee

Pages 288 – 291 Minutes of the Meeting with the Mem Hall and Cemetery
Committee 15.03.11

It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

Pages 292 – 293 Minutes of the Meeting of the Health and Safety
Committee 15.03.11

It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

Pages 294 – 300 Minutes of the Meeting of the Env Com 22.03.11

It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Page 295: Signs, Cod Father, Councillor Wooding questioned whether
the Clerk had received a reply concerning planning permission for the
signs. The Clerk replied that the pl.anning permission is not in place and
the Cod Father has been instructed to remove the signs within 14 days.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

Pages 301 - 307 Minutes of the Meeting of the Leisure Centre Comm.
It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

6.    Public Participation – Maximum of 15 Minutes (Meeting adjourned)

Resident of Inglenook Park, Barkby Thorpe Lane:

Complained about the increase in Parish Rate and noted that both
Charnwood Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council have not
increased their rates. The resident stated that over a 10 year period there
have been 6 increases in the Parish rate. The resident was particularly
concerned about the effects of increases on elderly residents.

Councillor Lowe gave a concise explanation of the reasons for the
increases, which, this year includes an allowance for the sophisticated
maintenance program required for the new pitch at ASDA sports site for
the first year only, whilst it becomes established.

Councillor Lowe explained that the parish has suffered considerable
vandalism and the cost of the repairs is extensive.

The election is an also an additional cost this year.

The resident thanked Councillor Lowe for the information, and Councillor
Lowe thanked the resident for his comments.

7.    Questions from Councillors (submitted in accordance with Standing
      Orders Number 24), a member may ask the Chairman of the
      Council or the Clerk any question concerning the business of the
      Council, provided 7 clear days notice of the question has been
      given to the person to whom it is addressed

8.     Correspondence

Roundhill Community College
Letter of thanks
ASDA Pitches
First of all may I take the opportunity to thank you for the kind use of the
ASDA pitches to host our Year 7 & 9 County Cup Semi Final matches.
It was a pleasure for the students to play such important games on a fine
surface and their performances reflected that. We are delighted to let
you know that the Year 7 boys have progressed to the final, winning 2 – 1
after extra time, but unfortunately the Year 9’s narrowly lost out in a
penalty shoot out, having come back from 2 – 0 down.
The use of the pitches brought back memories for some staff who can
recall students taking PE lessons on them. With that in mind, I hope I would
not be too forward in asking Councillors if I could meet with them to
discuss the possibilities of us sharing facilities for the benefit of the young
people of the Parish and students of the College.
Perhaps you could let me know when the next Parish Council meeting is
due, or alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact me here at the
With kind regards

Resolved: to be invited to the next meeting of the Leisure Centres

Verity Graham, Charnwood Borough Council
Acknowledgement re: daytime Meetings
Many thanks for your letter. At present the Council is undergoing a major
restructure, however once things settle down I will ensure that all our new
Heads of Service will be made aware of your comments.

The Clerk reported this is on response to our letter ‘daytime meetings’.

NALC – Policy Consultation – Review of Statutory Duties placed on Local
Communities and Local Government are engaging in an unprecedented
and innovative informal consultation on a Review of Statutory Duties
placed on local government. This is part of the Government’s ‘cutting red
tape’ agenda.

This is because local authorities are bound by statute, many of their
functions are set out in Acts of Parliament and themselves contain duties
which principal local authorities (and sometimes local councils) are
expected to perform. There has been a layered accumulation of the
duties expected of principal local authorities contained in various pieces
of legislation, It is possible that some duties are still needed and some
may not be necessary, or at least may create a burden on principal local
authorities. The Government is engaging in a wide-ranging review of the
range of duties which largely cover principal local authorities (and a few
which cover local councils) – it wishes to remove those duties which are
no longer needed and give local authorities the freedom to deliver on the
priorities concerning their areas.

The Government has identified 1, 294 duties which principal local
authorities must comply with at present (that is not a complete list). Most
of these duties emanate from primary legislation. The Government’s
informal consultation on this subject seeks to encourage local
government organisations, principal local authorities and local councils to
respond and challenge it to reduce duties which are simply burdensome
or no longer needed. Full details of the consultation and its associated
supporting documents can be downloaded from:

The Clerk explained that local councils are strongly encouraged to
respond to this consultation, but, unfortunately, the consultation
document was received on Friday 8th April and responses must be
received by Thursday 14th April. The Clerk asked Councillors to download
the full consultation and forward comments to her by email by Thursday.

LCC - Advance Notice of temporary Traffic Regulation Order
Letter for information:
Works are due to take place Thurmaston, by Danaher & Walsh on Melton
Road, between A607 Newark Road & Winster Drive (plan attached),
which will entail the closure of that length of road whilst resurfacing and
lining works are in progress.
During the closure, all through-bound traffic will be diverted via:
Melton Road
A607 Newark Road
& Vice Versa
It is anticipated that works will commence on 18/04/2011 and last for 4
days, a Press Release will be issued shortly before works start to confirm
these details.

Raynsway Properties - Sports Ground – ASDA
Letter for information:
Thank you for your letter dated 16 December 2010.
As you are aware we have looked closely at the Sports Ground. As
always there are limitations within budget restrictions and I regret we are
not in a position to put forward a proposal at this time.
As you are aware we undertake a number of community based activities
which we wish to continue and concentrate our resources at this time.
Thank you for this opportunity but we regret on this occasion we have to

LCC – Brook Street Subway – Maintenance works
Letter for information:
The above structure is situated under the A607 in Thurmaston and is
scheduled to be waterproofed during the school summer holidays 2011. It
is envisaged that the work will take approximately 6 weeks.
In order to carry out the works more safely and efficiently, traffic
management involving contra-flow of the A607 dual carriageway has
been booked for the duration of the works. There will be some disruption
to the traffic during the course of the works but we hope this will be kept
to a minimum. I shall write to you in due course to confirm the exact start
date of the works.

9.    To receive Reports from the Clerk and Councillors

The Clerk reported as follows:

Theft and vandalism:
On Thursday 7th April a swing was stolen from Silverdale Park. This incident
has been reported to the Police.
Evidence of a bonfires have been found on the ASDA pitch, this matter
has also been reported to the Police

Austin Roberts – County Secretary, LRALC:
I am sorry to report that Austin Roberts, the County Secretary from
Leicestershire and Rutland branch of Parish Council’s Association has
died. You may recall Austin carried out the training for the Power of
Wellbeing Course for the Council last year.

Councillor Gartside: thanked Councillors for their support over the last four
years and stated that ‘it has been a pleasure to work with all of you’.

Councillor R Davies: Reported damage to the grass and litter on the
Memorial Hall field due to BBQ’s taking place.

10.       To receive Reports from Borough Councillors and the County

Councillor Harley reported as follows:

         CBC: at the last meeting Councillors approved the DPPO for
          Thurmaston. This will come into force from December and will be
          reviewed at 6/12 and 18 month intervals.
         LCC – Ferndale Road, problem with concrete road surface is being
         Chased up complaint re: footpath surface Norman Road Industrial
          Estate. The footpath has now been re-surfaced and Councillor
          received a letter of thanks from the complainant.
         Church Hill School - attended a meeting concerning traffic
          congestion. It was agreed to implement a temporary ‘one way’
          system operating for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the
          afternoon to cover school times. Suggested signage.
         Redhill Lane re-surfacing work now complete, bollard to be
         Attended a meeting of Highway Forum and explained the
          Pavement Parking Campaign.
          HGV breach of road weight restrictions: Complaints recorded:
          Barrow upon Soar and Sileby 3 - 4, compared with 10 complaints re:

Councillor Harley reminded Councillors of the Councils achievements
over the past four years in office. Councillor Harley stated that the
Council’s profile has been lifted during the last four years resulting from
Councillors working together effectively.

The Chairman thanked all those present for attending, thanked
Councillors for their support and hard work over the last four years and
wished good luck to all Councillors standing for election.

The Chairman closed the meeting.

  Confirmed and signed this                   day of                   2010



Present:              Councillors:         D Maguire (Chairman)
                                           M D Lowe         P S Harley
                                           Mrs A Smith      P Newman

Also Present:         The Clerk, the Deputy Clerk

1.      To Receive and accept apologies for absence

        Cllr J Smith Cllr D J Hill   Cllr P S Harley Cllr B J Seaton
        Cllr D J Gartside

        Resolved:     Apologies were accepted.

2.      Declarations of Interest
        There were no declarations of interest

3.      Changes to Refuse Collection for Exempt Properties - Cllr Maguire

Councillor Maguire expressed concern about the following information
received from CBC Cleansing Department:

I would like to inform you that at the end of last week, some properties
within your villages received a letter regarding changes to their refuse

Dear Resident

IMPORTANT: Changes to your Refuse Collection
As you may already be aware, a new contractor was appointed by Charnwood
Borough Council in 2009 to collect refuse and recycling, and to keep the streets
of Charnwood clean.
A revised refuse service is about to be introduced to exempt properties, that
have previously been on a weekly black sack collection. This means you’ll be
able to use a wheelie bin for your rubbish, which helps contain it better and stop
rubbish being spread by birds and animals. You will still be able to use the purple
recycling sacks for recycling, and the glass box for recycling glass bottles and
This will affect you in a number of ways, and please note the dates below for
what happens next:-
     1. No change to your collection day for both refuse and recycling.

     2. W/c 11th April – Last collection of black sacks.
     3. W/c 11th April – Delivery of black wheelie bin. You will no longer receive a
        delivery of black sacks.
     4. W/c 18th April – Refuse collected in black wheelie bin. This will change to
        an alternate weekly collection of rubbish in a black wheeled bin. Please
        present your black wheelie bin at the edge of your property, by 7am to
        ensure it is emptied. We will not be able to take any additional side waste
        and please ensure the lid is shut so that the contents do not fall out when
        the bin is being emptied.
     5. W/c Monday 25th April – No change to your recycling collection. Please
        continue to recycle in your green box for glass, and unlimited purple
        sacks. Wearable clothes, household linen and shoes should be placed in
        your Mind sack and placed next to the glass box on the day of collection.
        You will continue to receive an alternate weekly collection of recyclable
From 18th April onwards, you will receive an alternate weekly collection for refuse
and recycling. These changes will, wherever possible, bring exempt properties
into line with the way rubbish is collected elsewhere in the Borough. This will
ensure that the collections will become more efficient and cost effective.
Councillor Maguire explained that the following residents have
complained: no’s 54, 60 and 62 Barkby Thorpe. There is no access to the
rear of the properties and would entail taking the bin through the house or
storing bin on the front garden which is small and open plan to the

Additionally, the residents concerned are elderly, and one person

Councillor Harley offered to investigate this matter with the Borough

4.      Festive Lights

The Clerk reported that she has received the following letter from St
Michael and All Angels Church and the Old School:

Confirming that we would like to participate again this year on the same
lines as last year, that is the Scouts manage the Memorial Hall, The Old
School the Old School and the Church the Church. Nearer the time I
suggest we have a meeting of those three bodies to work out the finer
detail of the event.

Can any correspondence regarding the Thurmaston Lights Up be

addressed to the PCC c/o Javaid Iqbal.

The Clerk reported that the Scouts had originally booked the Memorial
Hall for 27th November and offered to host the Event. The Clerk has
written to the Scouts informing them of the interest in the event and asked
them to liaise with members of the church directly.

5.    Planning Applications

17 Southdown Drive
Erection of single storey extension to side and rear of dwelling

Resolved: Council to object to the application as follows:
The proposed extension by size and scale would be over dominant to
neighbouring properties and detrimental to the amenity.

45 Ferndale Road
Proposed erection of ground floor drive through and first floor extension to
side of dwelling

Resolved:    No Comment

3 Hillcroft Close
Proposed erection of single storey extension to rear of dwelling

Resolved:    No Comment

Cod Father, Melton Road
At the last meeting, Councillors expressed concern about illuminated signs
and flags which have been erected recently and asked the Clerk to
investigate whether planning permission is in place.

Reply received as follows:
Further to my earlier letter, I have now visited the site and can confirm that
the two illuminated banner advertisements on the front of the above
premises do not benefit from advertisement consent.

 I have today written to the owner, Mr. Stavrou, and asked him to remove
 them within the next fourteen days and I will keep you informed of any
 major developments.

6.      Business Arising From The Minutes

Page: Parking Problems – Churchill School
At the march meeting of the Full Parish Council, Councillor Seaton
questioned whether it was an offence to park on the yellow ‘zig zag’ lines
outside of the school. Councillor Seaton has been lead to believe that
parking restrictions could be enforced if signs were erected in addition to
yellow lines.

The Clerk contacted the Street Scene Manager, Charnwood Borough
Council and was informed that Leicestershire County Council Highways
Department need to obtain a legal order and supply signs. Once these
conditions are in place, Charnwood BC Street Wardens can enforce.

Resolved: Clerk to write to the Highways Department, Leics County
Council with copy to Cllr Harley.

Page:         Litter bins:

Humberstone Lane Slip Road:
Councillors suggested that one of the litter bins located in the slip road is
re-located further around the slip road near to the fast food outlets.

Page: 263 Residents Parking Only Sign:
Old Hall Close:. At the last meeting it was reported that the housing
complex on Old Hall Close has a sign erected for ‘residents parking only’
and some of the residents have complained that others are parking in this
area. A letter was forwarded to Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing for
clarification, also inquire if the salt bin was provided by them. No reply to

Page:        Allotments
Following the Clerk wrote to Paul Howgill (Allotments for all Officer) and
requested an assessment of Garden Street recreation ground and
Silverdale Parks as potential Allotment sites (no reply to date).

Page:         Working Party:   Development in Thurmaston
The Clerk explained that she has invited Richard Bennett and Simon
Gribbons to the meeting again, but, unfortunately, Richard has confirmed
that he is unable to attend and did not received a reply from Simon.
Councillor Seaton reported that she has been in touch with Simon
(because he contacted me asking when he could come and suggested
that a meeting is arranged after the election.

Resolved: Councillors agreed with Councillor Seaton suggestion, item to
be leaf in abeyance until after the election.

7.       Highway Maintenance Issues

Issues from previous meetings:

        Street Lighting switch off: A607 Bypass:
         At the last meeting it was agreed that Councillor D J Hill and
         Councillor Mrs B J Seaton would note the numbers of the street
         lamps involved, following which the Clerk will write a letter of
         objection to the County Council explaining that pedestrians have
         complained that they feel vulnerable using the footpath at night
         and the Council considers that pedestrians are at risk.

All issues raised were reported to LCC Highways, no reply to date.

8.       Correspondence

Leicestershire County Council
Partnership Funding for Rural Bus Shelters
Councillor Harley suggested that consideration is given to installing a bus
shelter at Blount Road terminal in the future.

Leicestershire Footpath Association
Programme of Walks - filed in the Parish Office for information.

RCC Weekly Bulletin
Councillor Mrs Smith took bulletins for information.

9.       Any Other Business

Cllr M D Lowe: suggested that consideration is given to purchasing mugs
for children to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee next year.

Cllr P S Harley: requested an Agenda Item for next meeting: Litter bin for
grass area of Barkby Thorpe Lane (precise location to be confirmed)

10.      DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 24th May - TBC

confirmed and signed this                   day of                     2011



Present:          Councillors:         D J Hill (Chairman)
                                       C A Wooding         C Davies
                                       D J Gartside        S D Hill
                                       M D Lowe            P Newman

Also Present:     The Clerk, The Deputy Clerk
                  4 members of the public

Apologies: Cllr Mrs B J Seaton

1.    To receive and accept Apologies for Absence

Mrs B J Seaton    P S Harley

2.    Disclosures of Interest – To receive disclosures and the nature of
      those interests as specified in respect of items on this agenda.

Councillor M D Lowe declared an interest in Thurmaston Magpies

3.    Meeting Room Floor Covering colour Options

Floor Covering:
At the last meeting Councillors asked the Clerk to obtain a quotation for
Alto Polysafe floor covering.

Floor covering: (From current budget)
Lion Heart – High quality lino type:        £1157.00

The Clerk presented colour and design options for consideration and
reported that the Centre Manager had suggested colour option Indian
Rosewood 3980.

Resolved: Councillors approved the Centre Managers suggestion, Clerk
to place order.

4.    Fencing Extension – 3G pitches

The presented quotes for extension of fencing along two sides of the court:

Quotes opened and read as follows:

Roshal Space Consultants:

CMB Security Systems

S J Porter Fencing

S.F.C. Midlands Ltd - quote not received
Did not quote.

It was proposed and seconded that the Council accepts the quote from
Roshal Space Consultants.

Resolved:      the motion was carried.

5.    Business Arising Out of the Minutes:

Page: Sunil Patel – Bombay Cricket Club: - proposed use of ASDA Sports

Following the meeting with Mr Patel, Councillors were in favour of
progressing the creation of cricket facilities and it was agreed that,
initially, the Clerk enquires whether the Council’s Groundsman has the
necessary skills and equipment to install the pitches.

The Clerk explained that the Groundsman does not have the necessary
skills and equipment to install a Cricket Pitch.

The Clerk reminded Councillors that the Club are currently playing at
Gaddesby and pay £50 per game. The Cricket season runs from April to
August and would require facilities next year.

Mr. Patel explained the work involved form creating the pitches and
approx. Costings, which include:

Scarify              Three times per year    (approx. £50)
Seeding              Approx £50 per year
Fertilizer           Approx £50 per year
Top dressing         Approx £80 per year

Grass would need regular cuts during the season and rolling.

It was proposed and seconded that the Clerk obtains quotes for the
installation of Cricket Pitches from the following companies:

      Sports Ground Maintenance and Machinery
      Brian Mee Associates
      Sunil Patel Contractor

Resolved:    The motion was carried.

Page        Mr. R. Potts – Centre Manager – Centre Issues:

Promotion of 3G Pitch (offer for school holidays)
At a previous meeting Centre Staff suggested that the 3G pitch facility is
offered at £10 per pitch Monday – Friday daytime for children for the
duration of the Summer Holidays.
Councillors agreed in principle, but emphasised that groups of children
under the age of 16 will require adult supervision and it was agreed that
Rob to return to the committee with proposals for supervision of sessions.
The Clerk reported that the Centre Manager had suggested that sessions
will have to be booked in advance to enable him to arrange for centre
staff to supervise.

Resolved: Councillors supported the recommendation.

Page: Elizabeth Park – CCTV System – Cllr Hill
As agreed, Councillors Hill, Lowe, Robert Potts and the Clerk met with a
representative of Secure One to discuss options for CCTV.

The Clerk presented options and quotations as follows:

Secure One:
Quotes received as follows:

To upgrade CCTV System:

Option 1    To replace four existing cameras with infrared upgraded
            cameras                   £1951.11

Resolved:   Approved

Option 2    To replace digital video recorder with upgraded model and
            two new monitors:         £2166.70

Resolved:   Approved
Option 3     For two new additional cameras with infrared system
Resolved:    Approved

Option 4     Additional new camera for view of entrance gates

Resolved:    Approved

Resolved: Clerk to accept the quotes and place orders accordingly.

Page:        Thurmaston Bowls Club – Proposal for new Club Room
 Letter received from the Bowls Club as follows:

Dear Councillors
If the Bowls Club Pavillion Project goes ahead, can you tell me:

      Who will own the building and be responsible for maintenance and

   Resolved: Council’s Response: The Bowls Club will own the building
   and be responsible for maintenance and insurance..

      If the Bowls Club is the owner on leasehold basis, what are the terms
       of the lease and how long will it be?

   Resolved: Council’s Response: Councillors have suggested that the
   lease period should be relevant to the reasonable life expectancy of
   the building and considering depreciation. The Lease agreement will
   be subject to break clauses.

      What will be the total annual charges for the Bowls club including
       Ground rent, green fees, electricity water etc

   Resolved: Council’s Response: meters should be installed for electricity
   and water, costs to be met by the Bowls Club. Green fees will be the
   standard rate and include a nominal fee for ground rent. The Council
   will investigate whether Council tax will apply to the building.

      Could the site insurance be extended to cover the pavilion rather
       than take out separate insurance cover?

   Resolved: Council’s Response the Council will investigate and supply a
   quote from our insurers if required.

      What happens to the pavilion in the unlikely event that the Bowls
       Club folds?

   Resolved: Council’s Response: The Bowls Club will need to indemnify
   the Council as follows: in the event of closure of the Bowls Club, the
   building should be removed from the site by the Bowls Club or
   transferred to the ownership of the Council.

I have been informed that the green is left open for footballers to retrieve
their footballs. This has resulted in damage to the green(it used to be one
of the best greens in Leicester). There have been occasions when
footballs have come on to the green during a bowls match. How can we
prevent this happening?

Resolved: We have investigated this matter and can confirm that the
gate is not left open. However, occasionally, our Centre Staff have
allowed footballers supervised access to retrieve balls.

 We are pleased to inform you that the Council has placed an order to
extend the height of the fencing surrounding the 3G pitch to address this

Page:       Bowls Club Cabinets and Pictures: Cllr Hill:
The Clerk reminded Councillors that the agreement was for one cabinet
and one portrait in the bar.

It was proposed and seconded that the Council supplies one cabinet for
each club: Bowls Club, Magpies and Thurmaston Town and one club
photograph to be displayed on bar wall.

Resolved: the motion was carried, Clerk to investigate cabinet options.

Page:       ASDA PARK – Proposed Extension – Councillor B J Seaton
At a previous meeting it was agreed that the Council supports Councillor
Seaton’s suggestion to investigate potential extension for ASDA Pavilion
the Parish Council applies for planning permission as it is their ground.
Resolved: Councillors agreed to the request.

Page: Lights on Footpath – ASDA – Roundhill School
The Clerk reported that she had received a complaint a few weeks ago
from Roundhill School that 3 street lamps are not working on the footpath
used by school children going to Roundhill. The footpath doe s not
belongs to the School or LCC. Roundhill have contacted ASDA and they
claim that the footpath does not belong to them. The Clerk has written to
ASDA and received no reply.

Resolved: Item to be left in abeyance.

7.    Park Issues (Garden Street Recreation Ground,
      Elizabeth Park, Silverdale Park)

The Clerk reported vandalism which took place over the Easter break as

Elizabeth Park:
Safety Surface vandalised – section ripped out

Garden Street Recreation Ground:
Roundabout damaged – metal strip removed. (the Groundsman has
located the strip and repaired the roundabout).

Silverdale Park:
Fly tipping; Carpet, plant pots and litter. Groundsman has removed all

Councillor Wooding re-iterated the Clerks concerns about Silverdale Park
and reported that fencing has been smashed.

8.    Correspondence

Letter: - Resident Spencer Avenue:
According to the leaflet put through my door, you would like our views on
Thurmaston. Well, for a long time I have felt very disappointed with the
small play area for young children on Elizabeth Park. The older children
are catered for, ie. with football etc, but there is nothing for babies and
toddlers such as swings, which all young children like, and so do the
mums! I can never understand why they were not considered a priority in
the first place.
Furthermore, how come there is no litter bins for rubbish or dog’s at the
Silverdale Park. I think that should be an essential in that area.
Apart from that, thank you all for the many improvements in Thurmaston.

Resolved: Clerk to reply thanking the resident for her comments and
informing her that her comments have been noted. Additionally,
explaining that the Council has received several requests for swings and
consideration will be given to this request within any future schemes.
Letter Resident Upperton Rise Leicester:
I am writing this letter in regards to a booking I made at Elizabeth Park for
an Engagement Ceremony that was due to take place on April 9th of this
year. I made this booking approximately 6 months ago, however,
unfortunately had to cancel the booking a few weeks later as due to
personal reasons, the Engagement had to be called off altogether.

When cancelling the booking, I spoke to Rob about retrieving the £50
deposit I paid. He told me that I would only be able to retrieve the
deposit if the date, April 9th was filled by another event. I decided to call
back a few months later (which was a few days ago) to see if the date
had been filled. I spoke to Rob again who informed me that the day had
been filled, however, it was filled by a charity event and therefore, no
deposit was taken from them. He stated that due to this, I would not be
able to retrieve my deposit back. However, he did forward me this
address telling me to write a letter and that it would be at your discretion
whether the deposit would be refunded.

I feel that as the cancellation was due to unforeseen circumstances that
perhaps the deposit should be refunded, and also because the day has
been filled (albeit a charity event) it means that the date has not
completely been left un-booked. I believe that my cancellation of the
booking has not prevented Elizabeth Park from receiving business on that
date as I only held the booking for a few weeks and gave enough notice
when cancelling. I believe this should be taken into consideration as it
gave a reasonable amount of time (approximately 5 months) for the date
to be filled, not leaving it last minute.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this matter, and thank you in
advance for taking the time out to read this letter.

Resolved: Clerk to reply to the letter explaining that unfortunately,
deposits are non-refundable, however, the deposit could transferred to
another booking if required.

Letter – Thurmaston Magpies:
Councillor M D Lowe declared an interest.

We are writing to ask if you would consider allowing us to do the following
at ASDA.
    Drill a Notice Board 3x2 max inside or outside the Club House
    Erect a Netting along the entrance road tight up against existing
      fence to stop the balls going over existing fence into the waste
      land, using (Scaffold poles) concreted into the ground and using
      Green netting tied securely to the poles to form a higher fence as
      we are losing balls already into the waste land or are being
      punctured from all the thorn bushes around, at a cost of £15.00 per

We appreciate all your support you have shown to our club and hope
that you will consider the above with great thought.

If you would like to discuss more or require any more information please
contact me on the details below
Mark Gibbard under 13’s manager & Committee member
0116 2698285 or 07962069777

Resolved: Clerk to reply requesting a full specification including design
and proposed position for consideration.

9.    New Business

Groundsman’s Van:
The Clerk reported that the Groundsman is happy to use his van for work
purposes, transporting mowers and machinery between Council sites and
picking up litter etc. This would be of benefit as the Council has no
provision of transport. However, the Clerk expressed concern about
insurance provision.

Resolved: Councillors were in favour of the offer and asked the Clerk to
investigate a quote for insurance provision.

Water Boiler – Elizabeth Park:
The Clerk reported that the hot water boiler in the kitchen is broken and
beyond repair.

Quote received for replacement as follows|:
C A Electrics           £689.00
However, similar model available in ESPO £493.00

Councillor Lowe suggested that the Council investigates an instant hot
water tap.
Resolved: Councillor Davies offered to investigate and obtain a quote.

The Clerk reported that the Drapes have fallen into disrepair, a large tear
has appeared in the roof section and this has been temporarily repaired
by Mrs Hill. Between now and Christmas we have 22 bookings for drapes
(projected income £12,100) and approx £2500 funding in earmarked
funds for replacing the drapes. In the event of any accidents we have no
back up.

It was proposed and seconded that replacement set of drapes are

Resolved: the motion was carried.

10.   Any Other Business

The Clerk: reported that she had invited a representative of Roundhill
School to attend the meeting, following their request to use the ASDA
Pitch during school day time. However, the Clerk received a phone call
today in response to her letter explaining that Mr McDonald is not able to
attend tonight however would like to attend the next meeting of the
committee. The Clerk to confirm: 2693896 or 2849709.

Resolved: Mr. Mc Donald to be invited to the next meeting of the
committee. Agenda Item.

11.   Date of Next Meeting:    7th June - Tbc

Confirmed and signed this                 day of                     2011



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