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					                               Kuldeep Kumar
                                  Curriculum Vitaé

Citizenship: USA & Canada                            Residency: US & Hong Kong

Flat C6, Jockey Club Hall                            e-mail:
Academic Exchange Building
City University of Hong Kong
81 Tat Chee Ave
Kowloon, HONG KONG                                   Tel: +852-2


Professor and Associate Director of Executive DBA (Doctorate in Business
Administration) Program (June 2006 to date with remote work between Jan-May 2008
- 2011): City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. The City University of Hong Kong
is a triple accredited (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA) College of Business and is ranked
among the top business schools in Asia.

Professor of Information Systems (Tenured): College of Business Administration,
AACSB accredited, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, Since 2000

Professor Global Business Process Sourcing, Department of Information Systems and
Change Management, Faculty of Management and Governance, University of Twente,
Enschede, The Netherlands, since Nov. 2010


A: PUBLICATIONS (My research interests are summarized on page 3; a complete list of all
my publications can be found starting page 7 in this document):

B: RECENT GRANTS (Since 2006): 3, one each from US National Science Foundation;
Korean National Science Foundation, Hong Kong CERG (Hong Kong National Science

C: CITYU HONG KONG DBA PROGRAM: The City University of Hong Kong is a triple
accredited (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA) accredited College of Business and is ranked
among the top research business schools in Asia. As the Associate Director of the
program from its inception, I have been responsible for designing and executing key
features of this program as well as recruiting and mentoring senior executive students in

12/04/11                                                                                    1
the program. DBA Program ( was launched and first cohort of 26
senior executives (scholar-practitioners, mainly at the CxO and some at Board Chairman
level)) were recruited in Fall Semester 2006. Since then, this highly successful program is
currently in its fifth cohort and recruiting for the sixth cohort. The CityU DBA is a “by
doctoral dissertation” research degree. The major innovations developed by me for this
approach include, a spiral approach to problem-driven research; a lean, just in-time
approach to course-work; and a community-based approach to collaborative learning.
These approaches have considerably streamlined and accelerated the research design and
execution processes; ensured high levels of both rigor and relevance; and high retention
rates. I am also responsible for designing and teaching the research methods courses, and
guiding the progress of the scholar-practitioners’ research.

D: CO-CHAIR GDW FOUNDATION: GDW (Globally Distributed Work) Foundation is a
Bangalore, India based non-profit Foundation ( It is a
partnership between leading universities and industries in US, Europe, and Asia. I,
together with my co-chair of the foundation, Prof. Krishna of the Indian Institute of
Management – Banglaore (IIM-Bangalore) founded the Foundation, built its industry
university-partnerships, and established its Conferences and Workshops, and its
successful five-country Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global

The GDW-AMPM Program (
includes IIM-Bangalore, India; sda Bocconi, Milan Italy; UCLA, Los Angeles, USA;
University of Mannhiem, Germany; and City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong,
China. The program currently is in its fourth cohort with 30 mid to senior level
executives; and is currently recruiting its fifth cohort.

The mission of the GDW Foundation is to promote research and education in Globally
Distributed work (GDW). Globally Distributed Work (GDW) is an emerging area of
modern business practice addressing management of work distributed geographically
across nations, economies, and cultures. The concept of GDW includes globally
distributed knowledge work, offshore and near-shore product development and R&D,
Global IT Services and IT-enabled services, global software development, business
process and knowledge process outsourcing, and global manufacturing and logistics
supply chains. It includes both outsourced work as well as work distributed to and
conducted at MNC-owned or Joint-Venture companies and work-units at various sites
around the globe.

In addition to providing a forum for collaboration for its industrial and academic partners,
the foundation also organizes GDW Conferences and workshops
( and an advanced Masters
program in the Management of Globally Distributed Work
( .

12/04/11                                                                                   2

The following table summarizes my current research interests. The rows of the table
identify the general topic areas; the columns the application areas within which these
topics are explore. Research in these areas includes both that I am currently doing in
collaboration with colleagues, previous doctoral students, and current doctoral students.
A list of my current and pervious doctoral students is provided starting page 16 of this

                           APPLICATION AREAS
TOPICS            Business     Supply Chain   Management of
                  Process      Management     R & D and
                  Management   (Inter-        Product
                               Organizational Development
Management &
Design of
and Flexibility
and Agility
Organization &
Work Design
Coordination &
Control Theory
Knowledge &
& Agent

12/04/11                                                                                    3


PhD            1984       Management Science/Systems
                          School of Business Administration
                          McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

M.B.A.         1972       Information Systems
                          School of Business Administration
                          McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

B.Tech.        1970       Aeronautical Engineering
                          Indian Institute of Technology
                          Kanpur, India

C.G.A.         1979       Certified General Accountant, Ontario, Canada

Rational Institute 2001   Certificate in Systems Analysis using UML

BaaN Institute 1998       a. BaaN Dynamic Enterprise Modeling Course
                          b. BaaN Advanced DEM Course
                          c. BaaN ERP-Transition

12/04/11                                                                  4


Jan 2000-Jul 2008   Professor and Chair of IS Research (Part-Time):
                    Rotterdam School of Management, Faculty of Business,
                    Erasmus University, The Netherlands

Jan 2000- Jul2005   Ryder Eminent Scholar and Professor, Florida International

Oct.96- Dec. 99     Professor/ Chair of Information Management (Tenured),
                    Rotterdam School of Management, Faculty of Business,
                    Erasmus University, Rotterdam,

Oct. 99-Dec. 99     Visiting Professor, Faculty of Business, Nanyang Technological
                    University, Singapore

2000-2004           Various Guest seminars for students at Management Development
                    Institute (MDI), Gurgaon, New Delhi, India

Sept.91- June 98    Associate Professor, (Tenured),
                    Computer Information Systems, Department
                    College of Business Administration, Georgia state University
                    Atlanta, Ga. 30303, USA

Aug.94-Aug.95       Ir. Cor Wit Endowed Chair of Information Systems (visiting)
                    Rotterdam School of Management, Faculty of Business, Erasmus
                    University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1997                Visiting Professor, ESADE Executive Program on ERP and
                    Supply Chains, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

Jun 94-2000         Visiting Professor , Focus on Information Systems
                    sda Bocconi, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

May 1993-95         Visiting Professor, International MBA/MBI
                    The Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
                    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Sept.92- May 93     Doctoral Co-ordinator, Computer Information Systems
                    College of Business Administration, Georgia state University
                    Atlanta, Ga. 30303, USA

Jan.86-Aug.91       Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems Department
                    College of Business Administration, Georgia State University

12/04/11                                                                             5
                    Atlanta, Ga. 30303, USA

Jan,1983-Dec.1985   Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems
                    The Accounting Group & The Faculty of Mathematics &
                    Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

1979-1982           Research Assistant, Information Systems
                    McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

1998                Baan Institute Netherlands, BV. Senior Scientific Advisor for
                    Research and Education Projects of the BaaN Institute,
                    March 1998 – December 1999

1997                CYCO Consulting: Consultant on Design Methodology for
                    Cost-Benefit Analysis and Implementation of Document
                    Management Systems

1979-79             Accounting Systems Officer, City of Toronto, Canada

1976-79             Project Manager and Supervisor Systems, McMaster University,

1973-76             Project Leader, Sr. Systems Analyst, Consumer Gas Co., Toronto,

1972-73             Senior Programmer, Canada Permanent Trust Company

1972                Programmer and Sales Trainee, Burroughs Business Machines

12/04/11                                                                              6

Offshoring and the global distribution of work: Implications for task interdependence
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12/04/11                                                                                7
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12/04/11                                                                               8
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12/04/11                                                                                     9
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12/04/11                                                                              10
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12/04/11                                                                             11
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12/04/11                                                                               12
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12/04/11                                                                              13
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2008-2010 CERG, Hong Kong, Co-PI with Prof. Doug Vogel, PI, Collaborative e-
Managerial Support for e-Science and e-Social Science, Project No. 149008, HK

12/04/11                                                                            14
2007-2009 US National Science Foundation, Co-PI. Grant: Global Cyberbridges – a
project to develop cross-national research projects involving researchers from USA,
China, Brazil, and Hong Kong USD 600,000.

2007-2008 Hong Kong Teaching and Research Grant, Co-PI Developing an OBTL
Framework for teaching Business Process Management, HKD 148,000

2005 Korean Research Foundation grant on Knowledge Management, with Dr. Jong
Kim, Dr. Shin, and Dr. Larry Sanders Korean Won 31,000,000 (USD 29,000)

2005-2007 EU-India Collaborative Research Project on Business Process Outsourcing
between Europe and India, with Dr. KulBhushan Saxena of Management Development
Institute, India, Euro 86,000.

2004 GDW Consortium Sponsorship for academic members of consortium Euro 45Kx3

2002       TNO – TRAIL Grant – Initial Investigation of Collaborative Planning in Supply
           Chains, Euro 11,000, with Thierry Verduijn of TNO, 2002-2003

2001 National Science Foundation Grant for studying Management of
     Globally Distributed Software Projects. $ 65,000

1998 European Union: ECU 210,000 (Approx. USD 225,000) Joint Collaboration
     Program between Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India, and
     Erasmus University with minority participation from Delft University, The
     Netherlands and Adaptation Pvt. Ltd., UK.

1998 BaaN Institute; hfl 200,000 (USD 100,000), Research Advisor

1997-98 ICES Case Studies, KMR, Port of Rotterdam, hfl. 690,000 (approx. US$
       350,000) Principal Investigator and Project Leader

1997 CYCO Socio-Technical Methodology Project hfl. 40,000 (approx. US$ 20,000;
     Principal Investigator

1993 Software Sourcing Company, “Investigating Software Maintenance in a 4GL
     Environment, $ 10,000, Principal Investigator

1989 AIRMICS – Army Institute of Research in Management Information and
     Computer systems – member of a research team on Intelligent Test beds and
     Formal Methods for Development $ 90,000

1985 Society of Management Accountants, “Post Implementation Evaluation of IS”
     $ 30,050, Principal Investigator

12/04/11                                                                              15
1985 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of canada, $ 14,500,
     Principal Investigator

1985 NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization $ 5,695, Principal Investigator

1984 SSHRC: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Travel
     Grant, $ 300

1983 Center for Accounting Research, $ 10,000



           On November 6, 1998 I had the honor of conferring an Honorary Doctorate in
           Business Administration from the Faculty of Business, Erasmus University, on
           Professor Peter Checkland. This doctorate recognized his life time work in
           initiating and developing the area of “Soft Systems Thinking and Soft Systems
           Methodology.” The Faculty of Business, Erasmus University and Dr. Checkland
           nominated me as the honorary supervisor for conferring the degree.

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12/04/11                                                                               16
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12/04/11                                                                             17
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12/04/11                                                                               18
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12/04/11                                                                              19
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GDW Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global Enterprise: This is a
five country, five university program (IIM-Bangalore, India; UCLA, USA; City
University of Hong Kong, China; sda Bocconi, Italy; and University of Mannhiem,
Germany). Together with my co-chair, Prof. Krishna of Indian Institute of Management,
Bangalore I designed, built, and am currently managing this program. Currently the
program is in its fourth of 30 upper-middle level executives

Doctorate in Business Administration Program, CityU of Hong Kong: May 2006 –
todate – continuing. Help recruit program, design curriculum, and am currently teaching

12/04/11                                                                               20
business research courses. This is an innovative course in the sense that from the very
beginning the students practice the very practical skill of developing research proposals,
in addition to being immersed in the issues of research methodology and philosophy of

Executive MBA (FIU); MIS and Organization Design - Miami, Jamaica, Panama

MphasiS (EDS-Mphasis) Leadership Program: Designed and taught an executive
workshop for developing a corporate vision, mission, and strategy – a program tailored to
the the top 25 executives in the company - July 2005

FIU Executive Program for ExxonMobil Latina America, 2004, Miami

Executive Masters in International Business, 2003 Bolivia Program, Cochabama,

FIU-Erasmus Executive Program for TCS Regional Managers: 2002, Budapest,

IDE Executive MBA, Course IT and Organizations, Ecuador, 2002

FIU Executive MBA, IT and Organizations Course, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

Nanyang Technical University and Erasmus University, 2000 – Supply Chains
Executive Exchange Program: Lecture on ICT and Dynamic Supply Chains.

Erasmus Executive MBA/MBI, The Netherlands: Information Systems Development,
1997 and 1998;

Erasmus Executive MBA/MBI, The Netherlands; “Enterprise Resource Planning
Systems,” fall 1998;

RABO Bank MBA, Rotterdam school of Management: “Inter-Organizational
Systems,” 1997, 1998, and 1999; "Introduction to Information Systems in
Organizations" and "Information Systems Development" Spring 1999

ESADE, Barcelona, Spain, Business Process Innovation and ERP, May 1998

AKZO Nobel International: Process Re-Design for Customer Intimacy, 1997

CAP Gemini Netherlands, Managing Globally Distributed Project Teams, April 1998

sda Bocconi Focus Information Management, Milan, Italy, IT and Organizations,

12/04/11                                                                                 21


Florida International University
    College of Business, Representative to the College Faculty Senate 2001-2003
    College of Business Representative to the Research Funding Process Re-
       Engineering Committee 2003
    MIS PhD Coordinator 2000-2002/3

Erasmus University

              Chair of Information Management Group (consisting of 7 faculty plus
               international visitors) duties include duties both of a chairperson as well as an
               intellectual leader
              Help design the revised doctrandus IM major and minor curriculum,1997
              Designed the research mission for the Decision and Information Sciences

Georgia State University

            Doctoral Co-Ordinator, CIS: 1991-1994 - Redesigned the IS Doctoral Course
             Program; developed PhD student mentoring procedures
            Member of Master Curriculum Committee
            Faculty Development Committte, CBA, Member
            Department Planning Committee, CIS Department, Member
            Chairperson Recruitment and Selection Committee, CIS Department, Member
            President’s Task Force on Computing at Georgia State - Member; Chaired
             sub-committee on Goals and Strategy
            Committee on Survey of MIS Teaching Loads and Salaries, Chaired
            PhD Program Committee, Member 1990
            Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1989
            Chaired Committee for redesign of CIS 450, 1989
            Course Co-ordinator BA 201 - Undergraduate Core Course 1987-1990

University of Waterloo (1983-1985)

              Arts Faculty Representative to the Engineering Faculty Council
              Computers Committee
              Admission Policy and Review Committee
              Teaching Effectiveness Committee


12/04/11                                                                                      22

              ICIS 2003, Chair of the SIGACM Best Doctoral Dissertation Selection
              ICIS 2002, Barcelona, Co-Chair of The Doctoral Consortium
              ICIS 1997, Atlanta, Program Chair and Editor-in-Chief
              ICIS Executive Committee Member, 1996-1998
              ICIS Program Committee 1990, 1986, 1985


              Committee for Development and Implementation of CEMS SP-12 Course on
               IT-Enabled Virtual Operations
              Committee for Development and Implementation of CEMS SP-12 Course on
               Inter-Organizational Systems


            Information Systems Journal 1996-todate, Editorial Board
            Journal of Information Technology - 1996- todate, Editorial Board
            Journal of Global Information Technology – 1997 to date Editorial Board
            Vision - Journal of Management Development Institute of India, 1997- todate,
            Reviewer for Communications of the ACM, MIS-Quarterly, ICIS


           Invited Keynote Speaker 1998, ENTER’98, Istanbul, Turkey


           AIS/ECIS First Annual Doctoral Consortium - Faculty and Invited Speaker 1997


           Invited Keynote Speaker, 1995


12/04/11                                                                               23
           Organizing Chair, Conference on Systems Development for Human Progress in

      Track Chair - DataBase Track, 1992


2005 Invited Plenary Keynote address PACIS 2005, Bangkok, Thailand

2005 Invited Doctoral Consortium Keynote, PACIS 2005, Bangkok, Thailand

2003 Society for Information Management Paper Competition, Honourable Mention.

2001 HICCS-35 Best Paper for Knowledge Intensive Processes Mini-Track, nominated
for best paper award.

1998-99 MIS-Q Best Paper Award

1995 2nd. Place Award for Research Papers at the European Confernce on Information
Systems, Athens, Greece

1991 GSU College of Business - Outstanding Researcher of the Year

1985 ASAC (Admin. Sciences Association of Canada) - Best Paper Award, Montreal,

1970 Best Undergraduate Engineering Project Award, Aeronautical Engineering, IIT

1965 Government of India, National Merit Scholarship

1963 UP Government Merit Scholarship

12/04/11                                                                               24