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									                     1712_Our 1714_What trade-offsfor health2153_ How1749_Are you Hispanic of these
                                   you most about healthdo your think the fewimportant
                                              1648_What is you single most final questions just
         1646_What concernscurrent way of paying 1743_<b>We have a Americayou? recom toor Latino?groups
RespondentID                                                          car      old are  1750_Which
    1420 The cost! NULL           NULL        NULL         NULL      NULL      NULL     NULL
    1420 The cost! NULL           NULL        NULL         NULL      NULL      NULL     NULL
                      is becoming increasingly more difficult to NULL payNULL healthcare system very the o
                                  I think Americans currentbegin access forhigher taxes going toward health
                                              America must medicare  a single-payor
                                                                                anyone NULL than the like rich.
    1485 HealthcareYes. We should expand our would be willing tosystem to include everyone. People w
                       don't care that employers concerned saddled withthe costs. I alsothat aremake the fo
                                  I provider, PreventionNULL about the Education about worry about up c
                                               I am shoulddone byNULL
                                                               be    limiting more responsibility to available
    1486 As a futureI healththink like what Oregon hasand education. rising procedures resources that aret
                                                                               NULL     NULL
                     Yes, and ineffective, have67% say they'd pay higherare. IAND FRAUD AND by prov
                                  something GET said you know what theyNULL want too. I robbed ROBBE
                                              like UNCONSCIONABLE PROFIT Me and am not one wh
                                                                                taxes. NULL
    1514 It is too unavailable, from what I driven by profit-motive concerns, corrupteda single-payer, unive
                                                           NULL      NULL
                     Complete overhaul. We will payer Americans
                                  If they for Single be gosystem and
                                              less affluent to a single-payer quality, they'll pay more in taxes
    1516 Lack of adequate healthcareknow it should affordableNULL highNULL
                                                           NULL                 system. NULL
    1517 Rising costs.            NULL        NULL         female    NULL      NULL     NULL
                     Abolish theSo far voting on thesemale ahas been profoundlyof paid lobbyists and ca
                                    for all mess and establish reduce the influence NULL 2)Financial with n
                                              Somehow greatly government-run single
                                                            issues NULL                  influenced by advertisin
    1519 1)Deteriorating access currentto needed services, particularly mental health,payer systemwaste,
                     I think we should gradually themsays,the employer's NULLarehealth insurance.sad butd
                                  None. As Reinhardt female"Americans care. health insuranceIt's It just e
                                              Give abandon access with inadequatein that mean." should be t
    1524 The 46 million uninsured Americans and the otherstoNULL               role
                                                                      health really coverage. Also, the limited
                      and the lack We payer coverage could health plan like Great Britain's. The advanta
                                  Single should access national NULL
                                              Single payer coverage
    1527 High costs Single payer.of universal have a female be sold to the American people if opinion ma
                                                                               NULL     NULL
                     Giving people for be I think pay for that don't offer healthisI not enough.oneswith the H
                                  I would small to a centralized system, system. insurance, or cannotneed e
                                              willing to go to a centralized rather
    1532 Unfortunately, many worktax breakscompaniestheir health coverage thanNULL
                                                           female    NULL      NULL    am willing toMany afford
                                                                                         separate go for an E
                     The beginning of our spiraling increase continuecare have health to either, attractind
                                  That is the Communityproblem. NULL toNULL out of the motivation willing
                                               root of the male
                                                             rating. health profit facilities care when the bu
                                                                      Those build
    1535 Profit driven waste. Hospitals are understaffed butinTake thethat premiums started aren't of thos
                     shift without health insurance. wills people at risk for diabetes to end of life health an
                                  1. emphasizeencourage individual-based to reduce change would pay
                                              To living male
    1536 People who arefrom employer-based system toand palliative caresystem; employers their diet ca
                                                                     NULL      NULL     NULL
    1539                                 can't speak and Americans,uninsuredNULL
                                                       needs toss upgrowing NULL
                                                                              but time has shown that people will flex on
                        I think that Ithe systemThat's ato change, but I fear the to urgent care and end-of-life
           Rising costs, related rising demandfor allthemale between accessgovernment having full control
    1541                                 for one at least willing Federalour of health programs They are: a re
                                                     Consolidate to trade healthcare care for national (broad
                        At present,I we havewould career thethe deliverycurrent programs.adiscussed above
           I have devoted my entire professionalbe10 (ten)toexistinghealthNULLsystem services, first asMedi
                                                                  female      NULL                   NULL
    1544                I personally lean plays thinkreplaceevery inNULLhealth insurance.
                                     Higher taxes, to that male costdetermining who receives care and Congr
                                                     I such a largethe American, NULL
                                                                   if role
           I am concerned that money toward single-payer system, although a small deductible onof who d
                                                                                of                   every
                                                                                          including NULL member a sliding
    1548                             THere are no all basic level of care
                                                     Access to tools for tradeoffs unless Information to perpetuate the p
                                                                               therapies. you
                                                                                            reasonable cost. Government c
                        Government should insure a the integratedNULL at aNULL choose to make informed a
           No emphasis on wellness and usingreasonsfemaleavailable including complementary therapies sh
    1558                This pesonnone
           www.military.com                          send YS "O" & a 100% disabled to for country DISORDER, LI
                                        is right; I am 70the welfare reciepents back vettheNULL
                                                                  male        NULL        NULL         PANIC they came from
    1559                                 am willing to pay of my goes care care. completely on sooooooooo
                                                       quality Americans health
                                                                    keeps      down. NULL are missing it. No 60%
                                                                                          am We placed
                        This going Iup and theGive all for female getting IF I When talking to friends We famil
           The costs keep is a patchwork quilt that justcareheathNULL more patchesNULL covered.and need
    1560                             I think a I would never in America peopleI are have to watch have wha
                                                       health that plans. The middle class NULL should be Should
                                                                                              believe there
                        Although afford goodWe say care have said this butNULL equal under the out a to su
           Only the affluent canyears agobasic fee for basic services. Specialized services may law.fornatio
                                                                  female      NULL
    1561                             Public is more for of male and NULL tax to
                                                                  competition between health insurance plans, overhe
                                                                               paying health outcomes, to for which
                         Poor Health negativePay likely to works to improveNULLcover cost andnot accepting
           High Cost eliminate the outcomeseffects whatagree tounderinsurance Inappropriate reliance on
    1562                It should be spendingfor maintaining health, prevention. chronic
                                     Incentives Focus on health promotion and for
                                                       for "curative" care single-payer, portable system modeled on
           The huge dichotomy in completely redesigned into aandpenaltiesprevention. disease-promotion
                                                                  female      NULL        NULL       NULL
    1569                             NULL            NULL
                        We definitely need national health health care coverage
           The cost: everyone I know is paying more for care coverage! NULL and receiving fewer services
                                                                  male        NULL                   NULL
    1572                                that          should be a universal worker can system that each health car
                         becoming so outragous that themale collar health care not afford the entire us amer
           The cost isYes, I thinkNULLthere ONE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY for descentof USA...
                                                                              NULL        NULL       NULL
    1576                             the largest prevention,male
                                                      trade-off is to change about NULL
                                                                     starting with nutrition;
                                                                                          money. NULL
                        get young people health and prevention. follow the nutrition, exercise and positive th
           all about sickness, not about involved in educating folkslifestyles. including vitamin and minera
    1587                               private plans Availability of ordering throu individuals be provided or -- in
                                                     Reduce administrative costs of providers, putting more funds a
                        Systems need to relieve burden of increasing costs NULL
           Cost -- premiums andLook at Oregon plan of rank Services services thatNULLandprivate plans D
                                                                  male        NULL         to Medicare and employers sub
    1588                NULL                         companiesfemale paperwork demands
                                                                               to be
                                       insurance Mental health needsNULL addressed on a equal footing with p
           excessive cost due to Hypochondria needs to be addressed. NULL Mental health care being adNULL
    1598                                have health about with costs NULL
                                                     provide universal healthhigh, to get any.NULL other system sho
                                                                              so care to all, like most without health o
                                                                                                        I go
                        well, I don'tlets insurance, andgetting can't afford many people think the countries th
           most people cannot affordsee, how insurance andrid of the department of defense, and lots ofca
                                                                  female                  NULL
    1600                             I have tangle of worms. I almost think we people NULL they medical help
                                                     Real          takes
                         universal and available to people listening to to reala doctorthat need seem appro
           That it isn'tThat is a very big no idea. all. It female foreverthe see should take on Canada'svery re
                                                                              NULL        NULL         and
    1638                             convolutedNationalizemalewe get rid of all the layers of on the people and
                                                       third parties out demand) and not
                        Get all is spent on technology (what been oversold -NULL enoughthe technology who
           Too much money the The american public hasandof the chain on - subsidize complexity, third pa
                                                                              NULL          - medical technology and our he
    1640                              health care system the BRATS production) should needs care! Bush's ti
                                                     GET THE HELL everyday American who stop getting How ca
                         a general I think we are SPOILED the OUT OF IRAQ! part, NULL American, I US
           The lack ofYes, the super rich (owners of for means offor the most GET THE MONEY ANDam ta
                                                                  female      NULL        NULL        as an
    1642                             NULL            The pharmaceutical is needed. The best reigned in and physic
                        Single payer system for basic healthprevention. needs to be argument is the adva
           Too much waste and not enough emphasisNULLcare NULL      on        industry NULL          NULL
    1644                             medicine is the only way solutions.
                                                        the feeding to pharmaceutical companies and already have
                        Socialized none. We,Stopspoiled American people NULL health feel toput money int
           cost. and the tendancy toward pharmaceuticalthe effectively provide it all. I care we all members
                                                                  male        NULL                   NULL
    1646                                 lower the do not
                                                      qualifications higher peopleNULL for thispeople. If we are ab
                         it. need to for one am willing to malehave health care andcareNULLreason they do not
           The lack ofWe Peoplei who work NULL always so moretaxes for thebe eligible. I fortunately hav
                                                                              NULL         can         of
    1653                A complete overhaul of the current Tax be the only remedies,that many that stay h
                                     NULL            NULL
           Prescription drugs in general, and surgery seem toCode, and pay benefits to peopleand most d
                                                                  NULL        NULL        NULL       NULL
    1655                             Again, everyone available something. them
                                                     Let them choose...and expect is them NULL what to get hea
                                                                               afford                 choose
                          believe that the individual should pay something; Letan attractive benefit they are w
           being able Ito get the best medical helpshould payand NULL it.itNULL to pay something. Let them
    1656                             I don't beleive we should if the government
                                                        individuals,and        any
                        It involvement paid byall pricing nonmake NULLmoreNULL it is a good doctor or hosp
           Government should all be makes Quit insuring uscompetitive whetherexcutives think taxpayers s
                                                                  female                    trade-offs
    1657                              to families Major medical insurance becoming scarce.
                                                     as jobs high. The NULL
                        Affordable not insurance is toowith benefits are health insurance doesn't can be used
           We can't afford it. Health sure sincea groupfemale State and savings account that pay enough
                                                                                          NULL       NULL
1658   The cost ofNULLco pays becoming mandatory at dr offices and hospitals for low income people that
                                 NULL         NULL         male        NULL       NULL        NULL
1670                K                          of people male more control NULL
                                 I would be willing to trade for plans to allow a roll-over would take higher
       Rising costs eep government outLetit. Expand FSAfewer medical lawsuits. Iof unused funds, a
                                                                       NULL       -           NULL
1678                                          A system that would NULL to NULL
                                                             set        have      emplouers, individuals and gove
                    I beleive We want everything and are policy for health care services. The benef
       Costs of services that government shouldmale theunwillingthe pay for the coverage. We want al
1681                              the a industry anda lot of the "fringe" the situation to top making millions.
                                              I don't employers NULL benefits at the comment.
                                                                       about NULL               get
                    I think that Probably get rid ofcrucial that there are great. andNULLmore believe the g
       I find it unfortunate that in individuals so know enoughpaying ispeople I actually don'tfocused on q
1683                             I organizations who benefit from all by choice -- for help
                                              Accessable traded off -- possible.  age,
                    Perhaps thebelieve we've already healthcarehealthcare should all! race...
       Lack of a national and state healthcare, regardless of income, NULL education, to pay -- drug an
                                                           female      NULL                   NULL
1687                               we shouldget rid of the for-profit trade care insuranceand have health in
                                                 we insurance and healthinsurance if we man you have
                    Yes, thinkI'm not sureeliminate health care healthoffsitself. Even ifcompanies who is
       The instability ofI the system between need the healthNULL care middleeliminate anyone insuran
                                                           female                 NULL        NULL
1688   obesity                                Get peoplefemale want it at rooms
                                                             out of NULL
                                 none...seriously...Americans emergency NULL forNULL             expense
                    minimum health care should be provided for allall governmentcolds. Provide ALL citiz
1695                               reducing prevention female is NULL
                                              who their carrier
                     Employerschoices ofcoverage/increasing co-pays and premiums.
       High cost. One party payer. Saves on billing, coding, policy, practice.... NULL Uninsured - espe
1709                              health careare slowly getting NULL gotowhere NULL going tosystem.
                                                system in number us to
                                                            the U.S. going tocollapse soon
                                                                                        national health live be dras
                    Yes!! The Americans It's long overdue tois uninsuredaAmericans. if somethingwillin
       I'm extremely concerned about the growing female forofthe point NULL they areWe care in one of
1723                               a not sure. I Canada. I don't pay Social willing to disability decisions are
                                              Improve if you at which
                    Yes. I wantI'msystem like mentioned would have a jobtaxes forNULL Or, care as questi
       Rising costs - lack of personal attention - speedwhat INULLmoreNULL offers health employersben
                                                           female                    that
                                                                        would be Security that. a previous a cou
                                                                                               do in
1731                             When it comes risingfemale of NULL care for American citizens, the only
                                              Develop a single-payer H.C.vsystem citizens.
                    Possibly underinsured single-payer system i.e., theNULLall that takes the best practic
       THe uninsured, the establishing a andto trade offs forhealthcaremedicare h.c. system guided by
                                                                       health        for      NULL
1733                             None and fedsthe and and of care. DependingNULL
                                              Cut and problem. NULL
                    Basic benefit plan by that is theaddqualityoverheadcompnaies. on where you live and
       Inneficiencies that lead to uneven levels wasteons byEveryone NULL high Insurers can manage
                                                           male                   wants
                                                                        private of insurance quality an daffordable
1734                are over Higher taxes                    have       group NULL
                                              Make something noNULL benefits available to them in this
       That there NULL 1.2 million Realtors thatmale available to everyone at a reasonable cost.co
1735                                situation simply in healthcare. NULL deviation of at the physicians, an
                                              National the for standard always NULL
                    The current think we who primiums thatassembly line care. Hospitals, expense of oth
       Lack of coverage andIthe exorbitant lie shows greatthe wealthy NULL winAmerican society are r
1736                Yes. It should could be payer. the endless paperwork, the and make it choices of in
                                 We be single something that makes a difference glossary of simple
                                              Do up on (I to everyone . The right should be guaranteed.
       Good quality health care shouldgiveavailable find it interesting that yourhundreds has no mention
                                                           male        NULL       NULL        NULL
1738                                should be a thethereknow willing to health 'haveand company type o
                                              I think 'have's' are be have let the coverage insurance cover
                                                              should NULL                        nots'
                    I think there don't many single Ifemale health insurance care health have anyqualify
       What concerns me is Ithat sobelievepeoplenationaldon't a single nationalNULL can't even into whi
1739                I has to be Americans have insurance and offor eat well --services. for concerning to
                                   all high cost of to partexercise pay this coverage,NULL It is also concerni
                                                     a befemale
                                                              in paying health NULL no one cares as much abo
                                                                        and       care         and
       Of course it agree thatthe shouldGet regular willing toNULL more out-of-pocket it is things. We ne
1740                             Personally,I Iwant National Health the cost. medicare withholding if a r
                                                  wouldn't female an increase healthcare insurance. for as me
                    I don't think that employers should bear the cost of in myIT would are too high,our eco
       What concerns me most about healthcare in America isInsurance.Premiumsbe betterSince Iitbeli
                                                                       NULL       NULL        NULL
1741                               hope we to willing again, up this right NULL We do notso much in doc
                                               and over to payment the system will bankrupt need result w
                    We get theI right over Restructurepeople atall these infertility treatments thatmore high
       Our inability to have proven care arethe rightfemale thatNULLeducation. We investus all becausein
                                                                         for      time.       NULL
1742                             the for women and children forNULL health care NULL high
                                              tackle is not in          basic NULL            toward
                    I believe this system at largeremain interested in trade-offs which is why tech expen
       lack of access to servicespublic should rationing place but costs that goprevention Congress ne
1743                             To nothing to basic health health care NULL of to do only
                                              Adopt withfemale
                                                            employment. I should have health insurance care f
                                                                                  model NULL
                     be universal. accepting ado a universalcare package that cuts as frills. with living her
       It needs to It should haveSomeone accessing the emergency department thetheir primary for our
1744                               children to are subsidized as it can. parents. OurNULL Childrenis just De
                                                support much familites to care for one another.
                    EncourageThose who doing as and care forneed to share the wealth, so to speak. like
       I think the federal government is EncouragefemalemayNULL Medicare is going to go brokefinite. S
                                                                                  NULL         government should be
1756                 care is only available Health care should for payment. theprivilege forTheAmericans.s
                                 I to determine arich are willing be make to No income-no fee. citizens in th
                                                 the sliding can to a right not very that all Everyone
       Our health Use income don't thinkto those whoscaleafford it, orany. aThose poor.can will probably
                                                           female      NULL       NULL        NULL
1769                             I available to many to care should be NULLof theUnited care system a
                                                to see more moneyNULL    non-citizens in to health care and less
                      think carewould likeBasic health be reevauated. Ipreventative health States. The co
       The lack ofI healththe whole system needscitizens andput intoavailablethe everyone. No one sho
                                                           female                             NULL
1775                             Un-funded Reduce domale A system generating deemed to not now una
                                               treatments notor
                    Pay or play to employers who cost services a basic health plan to full costsemploye
       A system without many incentives for efficiency. provide for those itemsescallating time be effect
                                                                       NULL       NULL        NULL
1776                             Slow down the the reimbursment rates for Medicare Dr's and hospitals t
                     the poor is there? Get everyone insured, even minimally. NULL
       Access for Who elseand reductions innew technology NULL is always causingand Medicaid.
                                                           male                   NULL
1778                             I be universal, a no female and patient,elder behind! Offer citizens the o
                                                no health insurenceNULL in order a access to universal cov
                    There must well haveLeavewife,payer coveragetherefore nophysician who has some
       That millions of our citizens as being single man, woman, child, NULL to provide our medical care.
                                                                        and         I am      NULL
1783                               think paying over income, as much
                                              Stop advertising I understandhonest. The needs year think tha
                      In 2006, I Iwill be Americans would likeandNULL attention myothers. But as we give t
       Personally,As an individual with a modest$6000 (slightly over 15% of to their medicare publicatio
                                                           female       be more NULL helping NULL
                                                                                               income) a I do for med
1784                Yes. I thinkI there people to paidnational health coverage husband and myself. This A
                                   think needs should pay higher taxes for my so that health care is accest
                                              We need $226. for copays participation that gives options to
       The high cost. Last August, my family be more governmentalbased on income to receive a base
                                                           female      NULL       NULL        NULL
1785                             gambling, universal business - from high system treatment security for t
                                               many people in debt
                    put insurance companies out ofhealth care one-payor costs ofNULL
       too many uninsured people - tooluxury taxes for healthcare - tax the rich, -cut social and/or insura
                                                           female      NULL       NULL           public health system
1786                               because of this but so individuals areofcare.rich and those too poor to aff
                                              Preventative, preventative, NULL    the
                    Combine them into large pools, served with qualitylumped together by the and testing
       It is unaffordable, andLimited benefits, becomes the domain preventative. Education thousands
                                                           male        NULL                   NULL
1788                             Clearly, expanded,low-income cover forthey ThisNULL be a
                                              Expand to at present is
                                                              be a     Americans, lack of would
                    Medicaid should bewhat we havefemale to NULLwhat NULL are willing to do. form of nat
       Lack of adequate health care services to Medicaidsafety netmore people. centralized planning, a
1790                               not what Insurance is handhave always had veryhave to need to a bala
                                               financing female
                                                           is. We middle Americans NULL health protectio
                    I do not mind current you think gojust that. We class individuals, we comeinsurance
       Insurance coverage isAbuse andsystems. itAgain, asin hand.pay thousands of dollars for insuran
                                                                       NULL       NULL
1791                NULL         NULL         People need to get involved in their own economic pressure to
       Two answers: First, the lack of high quality primary care doctors. Second,health care. Don't ass
                                                           female      NULL       NULL        NULL
1792                             I individuals basic a into a industrialized make
                                               of pay other care care governmentspend and half paymen
                    It 3 times the amount A payinglevel of sinlge tax than NULL a health includes of our c
       1)We spend should be would rathermoneyhealthhealthpayer forcountries NULL insurancemidwifer
                                                           female      NULL         all peoplesystem that allows us
1793                NO
       High drug costs           I don't know! I do notprices governmentand drug companies.
                                              Regulate want for doctors run health care! Government need
                                                           female      NULL       NULL        NULL
1794                             Control cost Partial self male
                    Tax Credits for Employer and Employees NULL plans
       Current and future healthcareover healthcare spendingfunded medical NULL               NULL
1798                             I think that Drugs should notemployer community keeps coverage upeduc
                                               continuum female cost more inNULLcountry the are made to
                    I believe that from employers/government very expense, completethe competitive pr
       The cost shift is ocurringcontinuing to include the from to consumers withoutthey necessarythanth
                                                                       NULL        the        NULL
1817                                 continues to rise as female the costs
                                                  needs to be changed. trade-offs.that need we looked include
                      health caredon't believe that there has to NULL fornecessities housing,for by the p
       The cost ofYes. I thinkI the system A universal health systemfor NULL Maybe,( ifto be madeat taxpa
                                                                       be Changes with funding paid electricity,
                                                                                    all       NULL
1847                             If just read of the which benefits accountants, take of andphonies inIt t
                                              Make it waiver granted to Florida   NULL hustlers, the medical Co
                    Medicaid is I house of cards, universal, and start calling the bluffcaps on bookies. car
       That it is not universal. acongresspeople with character would start to placean impassioned stand
                                                           female      NULL                   NULL
1848                             I two those of persons who can get Too many Americans are working fr
                                              Give equalmaleaccess to idea.
                                                                         hospitals, doctors most money very rich,
                    I don't believe in the Medical Savings PlanNULL adequate health care--the procedure
       It seems that there are thinkgroups persons or companies who make the NULL medical should hel
                                                                                  NULL        and
1849                             A be more subsidization taxation handling the the rich and poor of all Am
                                              A more socialist healthcare coverage of government. alike.
                      a nation-wide healthcare system that ensures      of system amongst health costs
       The lack ofThere shouldmore evenly distributed ofwayNULL thecosts byhealthcare needs for Amer
                                                           female                 NULL        NULL
1850                               health America. Themale
                                              Take the health of Take the Provide industry are is charg
                                                              shared by all the people. away
                    The cost ofRaise taxes should profit outandhealth care.and ANULLfromcountryin comp
       Health care is big business in care to coverbe"AMAcare. Insuranceprofit Drugnational health care
                                                                       NULL       NULL        healthy big drug a ha
1851                             People shoudl am afraind use generics NULL
                                               NATIONAL HEALTH will       CARE as long system it an appeals ha
                    this is confusing and makes willing tothat INULLbe unable to afford it. is is scary not pr
       It is becoming more expensive and I be for redundancy. with a national as theredoctors do becua
                                                            female                           NULL
1852                NULL
       Universal Health CareNULL   (Masterpiece Medicare) My husband and I signed up in April 2005 and
                                               NULL         female     NULL        NULL      NULL
1853                                TRADE-OFF: Elimate HEALTH CARE NULL
                                                 ELIMINATE HEALTH CARE MIDDLEMEN:health insurance
                                                                                    Companies health middleme
                      Yes, most definitely. ELIMINATE Health InsuranceMIDDLEMENand otherinsurancec
       DISCRIMINATION. Taxpayers pay for Federal, State, and Local employees' (health care, but coc
                                                            female     NULL                  NULL
1858                cost of heralth carehave fact pays number NULL
                                   should the co- Medicaid andset and not based on sliding scale If pati
                                               expand theget health medicareofpractioners political hands in m
       increasing health carenone it is doable now female are ofcare outNULL         patients recieve far superior
                                                                           mid-level lawyerNULLand
1859                             Low everyone at a reasonable NULL
                                               We should study insurance that & co-payments.
                                                             health price.
                    I accessible to priority benefits, reasonable nations who have effective government
       That it is notthink there should be a nationalfemale otherdeductiblesis paid for by the national hea
                                                                                   NULL      NULL
1861                I believe be there shouldthe a majority of people.care. dead asses to everyonehealth
                                 Very little, from be politicians to health systemI available to afford at no
                                               Get the basic health care NULL will NULL
       That health care willthat afforadable tothose male haveNULL offThatBut those who are or have be
                                                                        move        of        be able
1863                             I rich an informed be using Medicare with risking to a repeat tests, etc., a
                                               Electronic medical records, (it doctors have doctor (medical m
                    I don't think think rooms only because they be OKsoNULL
       People going to emergencypeople shouldpublic would don't have accessNULLa means test). ho
                                                            female     NULL          should don't
                                                                                               privacy (which is no
1866                Univrsal health care paid for by and government.fruits and vegetables, eat less meat
                                 Elective procedures the treatment should It shouldn't.
                                               Eat no process of the eat
       The cost rises faster than inflation inother areas foods, economy.be eliminated. Only life threate
                                                            female     NULL        NULL      NULL
1868                             Wat people dont realize that NULL not have to NULL more program tha
                                               National Health Care does NULL
                                                                       it                     cost
                    self employed. Expence of so many diferent companies should be onemoney maki
       cost to the It makes no sence to have all theseisdifferent programs. Itdoing things diferentlyand t
1869                             none. nutrition cesareanresponsibility access to mustline midwifery care
                                               taxes on junk are more and cost first The into play obe
                                                                         more NULL
                    the WIC programalthough standards rates NULL access to healthcome foods are(low s
       nutrition - family prenatal care lower personal foodsnot encouraging health. foods restrictions o
                                                            female                           NULL
1870                             There based trade offs thatco-payments.NULL
                                               Give us and no same plan that members of Congress talkin
                    go to the doctor are no pland the exactneed you made. This is health we are does
       When you End all employeror hospital, the first questionto beare asked should be "Whereand th
                                                            male       NULL                  NULL
1871                                 would love to see 100% am likebe
                                               most Americans wouldhealthcare to care to where non-essen
                                                                        a national practitioner and I'm not cover
                                                                                   health NULL
                     insurance Ithink that Absolute,something NULL of NULL have to all Americans. This
       The lack ofAbsolutely.Imany people, like myself. I availabilitywilling healthcare,wait for everyone is
1873                             I we people would be willing tofree that regardless of income so lack
                                               Make that female
                                                            that money pay even payingNULL tax dollars. pay
                                                                           isn't NULL          for
                    YES. thinkthinkshould have affordable orNULL for it, just nothinghealthcare (or Imuch
       The astronomicalI COSTS and the fact it universal coverageforall,is paid for bytoo astronomical. t
1876                               Americans don't have be moreNULL be NULL
                                               A system, properly funded, such interested people can lose the
                    I think a single American public doesn't insurance andas Canadain easier for
       The fact that so manyThe user system could healthseem toeffective, stable andthethe U.K.all Am
                                                            female                 as that most and 40+ million p
1877                1. Universal don't think therid mandatory health and the bureaucracy and instituteinco
                                 I "income-based" of the insurance insurance -- Everyone that costs fail t
                                               Get American public really understands the hidden earns NO
       1. High health care costs that profit insurance companiescompanybookkeeping system but ofa "
                                                            female     NULL        NULL      NULL
1878                             Americans should taxed to
                                                  morbidity so high and
                     neonatal health careNational femaleprovide national health NULL          care.
       Why is our A nationalmortality andsystem. Health Care 26 other countries have better outcome
                                                                       NULL        NULL
1879                             To insure A pay for auniversalNULL care systemSystem citizen by new
                                               access to male single national care be everyone,
                                                                         health to for          for
                    The health care andaccess to high quality health Health a right everythink American
       I consider basicgovernment shouldnational,health proffesionalsNULLCareNULLall. I paid for should
1896                             I think broken. for female
                                               Americans areInstitute shirked full, equal access leaving of w
                                                              of willing to Health-Care Security System that car
                     universal access.isThe highEmployers have a for fortheir responsibility, erosion man
       The lack ofYes. This system that Accesscostall. insurance payindividuals.NULL slow to health req
                                                                       NULL        NULL
1967                             We rid of the insurance companies        million people don't have our system h
                    twice as to getas anyAffordability and accessability through a single payerill health. â
       We spend We needmuch need toother country,profitsNULL whoNULLprofiting frominsurance, wew
                                                 sacrifice the but 46of insurance companies and drug compan
1974                             Provided thattwo tier male plan. care should beIa base think that peop
                                               A Not of good affordable There NULL term convalescent care, e
                    Serious Too care (debilitatinghealth quality.      operations, long         do
       Not available to all.healthexpensive.decent, illnesses, NULL is available, NULLnot that covers seri
1981                             caps on malpractice based health care not medical malpractice defense b
                                                left out - female universal NULL
                                                            do think NULL          for pregnancy
                    too many lack of areevidence Iawards group accessibility is the answer - even if
       defensive medecine peoplkeevidence based care ;ack ofcarehealthcareNULL and various chroni
1983                not sure i'm willing to wait it more affordable and much choice all
       cost and asccess                                     even
                                               make and femalenot have as accessibleNULL
                                                                       NULL        NULL        to
1986                 health sure cost. exact long can female to right. longYes Istand WhiteI believepromise to
                                 I what How changes we not a people would wonder does in the constitu
                                               Heath care need
                                                             is last? NULL The till
                                                                       How                    for
       The rise in I'm not care don't think that the American be made, but we burst?wherenotofthat healt
                                                                                    Constitution the kind socialize
1988                                think care. This most americans, a visit a doctor and poor which is
                                               Everyone a in the
                                                              big item to most people. You they are sick. it.
                                                                          pay                 working
                     affordableI healthat person livingfemale USable to small amount ifjust be able to at lea
       The lack ofWhy not have each this point is should be NULL especially the White can't afford Alsoa
1989                              if everyone isthat do many government should have theythe trade-offstha
                                               It time not thing that they to start paying make or
                      think that American people so to the people are uninsured, yet some answer not,users
       How much Icosts are going up and isgoing for get healthcare regardless of ifto fortopayservicesthen
                                                            male       NULL                  Decline are great
                                                                                   No Response                      on
1993                              of the civilized world. male
                                               Single-payer Single-payer universal in the right direction. ALL Am
                    Single-payer universal healthcare. system. Find a political strategy to make it happen
       We must join the rest Ron's 2005 Fair Flat Tax is an important No healthcare NOW. It's a politic
                                                                       NULL                  White
2039                             I don't think as believe it
                                               Enact H.R.female
                                                              compromise everyone covered, access limitations
                                                                                              all. I
                    I fully support disparities inI the system, i.e. not on benefits and ethical proposal I've s
       The racial and economic H.R. 676we should 676.is the most equitable at White think we need to d
                                                                       NULL        No
2040                             I figure out how the toto act in the by which its "bettermost states would fl
                                                 Congress malefind way best interest of the the number comm
                    We need to think systems that government could play theproper role of refereeof peo
       The difficulty we will have gettingWe needallowedagreater experimentation inangels" of ourthrou
                                                                       NULL        No        White
2041                               lack soaring cost a medical readilyTht NoAmericans, and the poorest com
                                               Ensure of care coverage. give       basic lack denies those who o
                    With the current universalhealthsystem that covers many companies the time hasAm
       The biggest is that weThat is a tough question. Fewcoverage, allup benefits, but are opting outco
                                                            female     NULL                  White
2042                               we need to get Americans have come to healthcare of any real free ma
                                               Replace thefor
                    Yes, I amount of healthcare paid from firstNULLdollar and the that someone else shou
                                                               current first coverage forOther
                                                                        dollar       expect lack
       The overeaching thinkProbably none. awaymale by governmentNo Response insurance system,Th
                                                                                               medical expenses. w
2044                             limit coverage healthcarecitizens
                                                to when all particularly
                    medicaid and accessnational healthcare NULL cancer treatment. that medicare and
       affordable insuranceshould be available tofurther treatment is futile. it seems coverage of acupu
                                                            female                 No        White
2047                             I the young which including especially bring money down teeth, vision, and
                                                 poor, the male
                                                            government transfers pricesWhite
                    I favor an approach inUS the approach feel that they were care for through marketth
       Lack of health care for think that Usecitizens would above topreventive winning allto citizens' HS
                                                                       NULL        No           directly around with f
2048                             Poll after sick: 1. They charge all Americans who want it so in taxes one g
                                               Extend Medicare to them care coverage more that no they
                                                                         health NULL
                    The government should shows that Americans copays--often steep--each timefor gu
       Private health plans punish the poll automatically giveNULL are willing to pay to all Americans wh
                                                            female                           White
2049                NULL                       If and they should be was No by the care
                                                                       to supported           non-necessary interven
                                 I do midwivesthey should have NULL offered and White or be and their
       There should be more lay not thinkthe proper treatment sacrifice quality ofgovernment restricted
2052                             health it would be financing. based on No
                    Government MUST get        Payment should or NULL              income and not
       Affordability & quality For mecare. more involved be regulate more effectively! age.
                                                            female                           White
2053                             Are the background section are why? that are industry But to seems the
                                               say question is If entire health concern enough it live in we
                    points made in trade-offs what since "toso, things We careluckyme. is beyond compli
       ALL of the Yes, but it's dificult to Thenecessary? the improve health care White Americans", and
                                                            male       NULL        No         for all
2064                             I do not know of any, butlimited NULL be some.
                                               Again, make more afforable No
                    business owners/entreprenurs be it there may healthcare classes.or affordable for
       That small The only change I think should aremade isin coverage. all to be moreAfrican American s
                                                            female                  for      Black
2071                             There shouldn't have femaleconcerns about nutrition. rendered. Get rid of
                                               individualsto be a people pay for services today.
                    Make it affordable care are my main let importance believe that providers of our the
       Cost and accesibility to healthfor Teach doctors the trade-off. I No health careSo many choosedise
                                                                       NULL          of      White
2072                             not stratified. Toofollow privateNULL prefer a services
                                               Home many duplicative
                                                             people or government both would system be ove
                    Yes universal health care I thinkfemale wouldpostdischargeWhite delivery. One yea
        Competition. Care is Hard to say butcould be for mothers specialty less complex need to for bas
2073                                am of the burden should be tax worse going to war and of the spendi
                                                  The fact that are NULL
                                                                       already catching about fetal mortality rate
                    I think health care... to have less ofwe havedollarsNo           maternal and
       Lack of access tothat ImorewillingNurse-midwives my on the government. White10%military babies
2074                             I of any guaranteed minimum NULL
                                               Use more advanced miminumnurses would be will save pay a m
                      think carethink anyone who many people.
       The lack ofI healthall should be kind for so earns even quality health care, White willing to practitio
                                                            female      practice No wage - midwives, nurse us all s
2076                             Trade-offs might include systems, and the heavy-handedness of the phar
                                                             health NULL
                    The system is fine. Alternative female options need to be slightly in health care
       The bureaucracy of insurance and health care lawsuit restrictions, andincludedhighter taxes. be
                                                                                   No        White
2083                             I think theyCreate thefemale Also Appointed coverage can give large that is
                                                should expect bigger share lack No Health Decline holisitic or yearly
                                                                                   of         Care to answer
                     of health care is declining pay a US.high quality the bill. If they for Task Forcealterna
       The qualityCompanies should have to in a Presidential the of health care at an affordable price an
2085                             Affordable Adopt a Single Single Payer No
                                               high qualitynew care is
                    Yes. I uninsured/underinsured people. 2.NULL possible without low quality in as the
       1. The number ofbelieve we should adopt amale PayerThe highNationalPlan.paying more money
                                                                          National cost. 3. Health Plan, such certai
                                                                                     Health The
2098                             I it is we do need due to at evident It works well in otherkind of a single a
                                              Single payer health NULL that we expensive
                    two brothersthink becoming increasinglyover prescribing needWhite drugs. In Oregon
       I have lost I believe that this year, largely to look their care. access to health care.countries. Gee
                                                          female                No           some One was 47 p
2099                                Whether from employer
                                                The healthwillingdollars for care of lifecan good answer
                                                              care to health end for Decline to improve Grad
                                                                                                do reasons. shift
                      We must too away of our mostmale based make trade-offstwoamainto question.Busine
         We are spending farshift much the public isimportant thing Americans iscare. We need totheir h
                                                                     NULL       No
2107                             I think depends medicine
                                              Availability of Midwifery services formodel, you Midwives shou
                                                            for middle class better families. have drug costs
                    YES!! I trulyhigh itsocialized on which would be a the populationbut Risingno illusions
       Limited availability and think cost, especiallyfemalesegment of working all women. question. For c
                                                                     NULL       No         White
2111                             I advocateSingle the waste health private insurers only beshould not b
                                                for a Payer systemNULL I think that going care necessary.
                    Yes, I wouldbelieve that there would bein system, trade offs that wouldmanagement ov
       The tremendous number of uninsured, single payorvery fewcare dollars healthto providing supple
                                                          female                No         White
2112                                 we go to AWorld payer health run system, run White
                                                  health for everyone, there will be a report
                    We need In 2001, themedicare care Organization releasednoby epidemiologists, the e
       The wasted money. aIfsingle-payersingleHealth systemcare by epidemiologists. reviewing all focu
                                                          female     NULL       NULL        trade-offs. We'll have
2113                Yes, I                    Make it years and think to it has to be is much education (o
                                   in non urgent care, we could havehowtheir system like
       It is out of controllivedForEngland for six universal, some that wait longer White K-12better. Univer
                                                          male       NULL       Yes
2116                             My to and would likefemale more affordable have these and roof over
                                              I most a really great company that will White you a good beauti
                                                            to see NULL         food       help
                    It is interestingfirstme that formany insurance companies insurance for and your famil
       It is so expensive! If you do not work so important role is to put No on the table greatabig plan!
2117                             NULL
                    We and get health care    people who turned down for no reasons by care should be a
       People who trypay out our pocket are beingtry and be upstand and get White the insurance com
                                                          female     NULL       No          health
2119                             The healthcare in physician by the
                                              Make midwifery care cheaper.. to regulated, the answer
                    If the prices for American the general wereNULL to makeALL womenin regards to take
       Price, and severe dependency upon public shouldn't haveconsumer. The consumer should their
                                                          female                   or
                                                                       availableNo Trade-offs of outstanding bi
                                                                                           Decline to childbearing ye
2124                             undercovered people.CanadianNULL for medicalWhite as have to wast
                                              Think the off When youKeep No
                                                                          Scandinavian care,
                    Think : "Single Payer"! Take"Single Payer".& go HMOs for universal, all-inclusive m
       Too many uninsured, We are ready to trademale competing init simple.asystemsyou a starting poi
2126                             NULL         don*t make this perscription No for every
                      perscriptions is much for medicines some peopleonlyto mexico or to answertomaking
       The cost ofQuit charging so out rageous. i can see whypeopleplanResponse one andmonth. wha
                                                          female     NULL       go makeDecline canada buy th
                                                                                             $400.25 a quit
2127                             Much We Think boldly,virtually the am convinced that people move towar
                                              should do is aevidence-based Iright thing the and would settle
                                                           -              I
                     for the insure), vaunted choice NULLmyth.everyoneNogo where hereevidence points!!
       Cost (evenMost definitely. quality (abysmaltheincludeNULLpublic, know, including myself have ha
2149                                Higher taxes.
                                                Change be healthcare system from business. to allow all ec
                                                                                 it Response
                       concern about healthcare in America for by the government which It is not by Am
         My biggestMore health care costs shouldthe paidtoday is thatNo is big onein orderis fueledabout
                                                          female     NULL                  White
2179                             for a sales NULL food. And some food I No
                    I would go NULL            tax on
       We are focused on keeping the insurance companies happy. items would get extra taxation. Hy
                                                          male       NULL        think thatWhite
                                                                                             we should look at the O
2180                             Americans care cost female high, not benefits toomost Americans. to trad
                                                The already given upthe
                    Employer base healthThe currentnot work.NULL working for trade Health Care We it sta
       The current system doesn't work.have doesissystem isLarge companieslow. off should beasplant
                                                                          enough. The closing production mu
                                                                                No         White
2205                             If are receiving and are affordable beingMexico, for it, most insurance ou
                                                past it more like they in in No  treated White
                     had peoplewe in the get antibioticsno assistance already. I feel as though treatcom
       If you haveManysomething couldMakegovernmentlonger do some way. most of us couldthe gove
                                                          female     NULL
2209                At this point sometheyCostuniversal delivery of is inNo I am beginning thatmany differ
                                 about kindwill be so female forgo unecessary treatments orto is equitabl
                                                 of effective to are care
       I am most concerned I hope the fact that willinghealth NULL good order.canWhite frombe more an
                                                                       uninsured.            system
                                                                                  care A come treatments tha
2216                             I believe therecommend universal for byNo single-payer care. Phase in o
                                              I American Care is that it is consideredWhite
                    Yes. I believe that health care should be would accept reform a commodity, accessib
       My greatest concern about American Health people paidaccesstaxing ALL personal and busines
                                                          female     NULL         to          of professional liability
2218                                think the I individuals, andand government should all or ourstake in pa
                                              best healthfemale should tell No offs, because a people g
                    I think people get Americans aren't used to that middle, truth about the way governme
       The fact that rich that Ibusinesses,think governmentthe making tradelowerWhite havepoorthat insur
                                                                     NULL       the          class,
2220                                 should everyone. healthcare program.
                                               stopping female
                      believe wecare for have anational war? NULL
       The lack ofI affordableHow aboutAnational the healthcare systems, much as they do in so many
                                                                                No         White
2222                             Caps on lawsuits. Yes itproverty but lowbut somearena and put it a mont
                                              That we not can NULLthe No
                                                           symptoms of          enough are getting plus treat th
                    We are at the low is treating the female be painfulproblem, that the 300 verywhere it
       The fact that the government income end,remove it from the "for profit" much like doctorslarge se
2287                 and available care. We are a Senator Enzi's healthNo NO for small businesses. My
       Rising costNULL           NULL         Support small business family care bill White
                                                          female     NULL         with     insurance coverage.
2297                               health care specialistshealth and and citizen Ralph Nader plan it!
                                              Control thefemalethat NULL
                      would like to see a IRaq war for likedecision-making Let services. Mexico. isn't eno
       The lack ofI real publicTrade thesystem moreborderscareCanada. roles. For example, there is no
                                                                      in send Noillegals back to If that
2299                 care system is pricing itself out of the reach of average Americanswith minimum litiga
       The health The heath NULL              NULL         be
                                 care system needs to malechanged to a national system and of companies
                                                                     NULL       No         White
2308                             I don't companies spend way too muchwe can - Medicare for all. ("You fa
                                                           national health denying have coverage
                                                                          think No
                    Private insurance think we need trade-offs.NULL insurancehave universal care, payin
       Millions of us do not have insurance coverage and the Icoverage we dopeopledoes not cover eno
2312                I don't know don't know
       It is not affordable      I                                    cash
                                              There should not be NULL discounts for White
                                                          male                  No          insurance companies to
2313                             Raise taxes according more than people No insurance.quality addingoffe
                                              There should beto wealth. effects for keephigh Few doctors mo
                    Drug eno insurance drugs with adverse sideWellness care isWhite patient care. Perh
       People who hav companies sell are chargedfemale no exclusions thatprevious conditions. the
2319                             The I believe in single and expanding increased not solve problems of or
                                                can't decide if free NULL action
                                                            payer market financing WhiteI order women pa
                    Yes, care is wrong. Competitionfemale health care No do taxes in think the singleacc
       For-profit healthYes, Yes! public Iis finally ready to consider access to midwifery to allto decrease
2320                             If well educated aboutmalefor everyone care shouldDecline to first to
                                              Prioritize care over war.
                                                            the         the      costs, andbe available priorities
                    Comprehensive, decent health health need,health should be one of theanswer well as
       As rich as we are as a nation, decent comprehensiveNULL true No Responsethe effects, as everyon
2323                             I think not Nationalhealthcare at their jobs
                                               offered healthcare NULL            get they White
                                                                                            go without care they ne
                    National healthcare--would help with waste as well as give everyone the and get exte
       Hard-working Americans areAmericans should be willing to notNoso to a specialist until the prima
2324                             cut down on military spending Don't and thatcare! ofcare is on Avian Flu
                                               the government universal sugar health as
                    Should Americans don't have health insurance spend billionsWhite possible
       The fact that manybe paid for by Avoid processed-foods and health as much dollarsnot about pre
                                                          female     NULL       No
2341                              have a single-payor system,whole,maybe we needWhite
                                              Health care as a whether is called a constitutional ammen
                                                                      or has No
                    We shouldI'm not children, are uninsured NULL it the will to make any big changes.
       Too many people, especially sure the public, as a right - underinsured. "Medicare" or something
2342                             no more war! midwifery model unquestioned authority doctor's are and m
                    concern for the patient, and the amount ofNULL       responsibilty so that more of the country
       the lack of I think the government should take on moreof care... a.k.a. listening to patients given
                                                          female                No         White
2343                             This is ridiculous question. Individuals, thatcare is andin costs in the w
                                               that 1/3 of the health care dollar in would cover basic and pre
                                                            single NULL
                    We need to have fact We payor system. American health private # 1tothe governmen
       The accelerating costs--The a single need afemale payor system Employers insurance goes to a
                                                                                No         Decline answer
2345                             Those that Acare be most can't afford furnish health care a fraction theirc
                                                 national health like corporations, like only options would
                                                            money law            set
                    I think all need healthhave the required byNULL to it. No shouldrich individuals of our
       That the people whoemployers should morefemale care systemWhyup and Medicare that toshould
2346                             The American publicdoctors to NULL from patient micro if policies and an
                                              I suggest would be need companies Other
                    Yes, tax incentives should caused by nothospitals that improve patient and thosepra
       The time delay for diognostic servicesbe providedinsuranceto make trade offs management ofwh
                                                          female                No         outcomes outcomes in
2347                             the care are many. My greatest concern more there are too coverage fo
                                                me to say female needs to be is the lack of majority
                                                           but on NULL
                    I think that It is government involvement Mean income that prominent. A lot of people
       My concerns about Healthsad forTo focus more I am not too sure levels of thehealthmany Americ
                                                                                No         White                trade
2348                                should you getitless altogether and private insurance it. We system s
                                              Take out of the
                                                           and health care. money. I had health mine after ha
                                                                     for of                  getting
                    The systemfact thatbe scrapped female handsyour We universal to dropcare need "so
       The high cost and theWe are already paying for less NULL a new are notWhite companies. A med
2349                             Today, I think that towards cost of model of carehealth standard of for a
                                              First, about the a strong, centralized the growing divide betw
                    Americans, I we concernedcreate a midwiferyhealthcare andas thetazes to pay paid
       Like many I believe that am should movefew Americans wish to increaseWhite care system care
                                                          female     NULL       No           their
2350                             Cut back on to the MDA healthcare. ExcessResponse a need. for or Pacific Is
                                              Get wasteful spending ppay the one's that deal with single p
                    I think of worker making 30,000female              it.They deserve and Hawaiian a this cri
                                                           annually could are 100.00 month
       The unavailabilityif a all americans thehave the behindNULLthey Noa military spending,going to the
2352                             I believe for everyone- must
                                              Health care working a single payer system levy a minimal mod
                                                                      easily No singles, children, deductible,
                     universal coveragethe American public would accessable and available to everyo
       The lack ofYes - payment for medical care should be NULL be willing to eitherwith nofamilies, nati
                                                          female                           White
2362                             I often ineffectiveor picture
                                                (50% single payerNULL
                     Costs are much that when theso) and results are demonstrablythe public, with the e
       Outrageous cost for anthinklowerGo to a system. is presentedNo
                                                           female      system. accurately, better in countries th
2364                             I care unaffordable health for NULL care for all americans wouldgive up
                                               in the want it all
                                                            universal nothing; not too many are unless have
                     way too many fingers universal for too care.      health No
       The cost makes health think Americanspie. femalemany Americans. Additionally,willing toyou aret
2365                             Americans alreadyon female recommendation to onlymaternity care serv
                                                  been dowomen's health No
                                                            not my complete access White maternity unbeara
                     I strongly believe that Iemployer-based healt insurance is notto necessary services. T
       My career and personal focus haswould reserve haveNULL care, particularlyfinancially care. I a
2366                             i'm should be only one kind be it more some what we'are
                                              lower doctors make doing less for it White
                     yes will there not sure the governmentof health care and since we be paying to ever
       That the pricesthat keep rising and thethe pricewillshould pay availableshould are offered them. t
                                                           female     NULL       No                           for all
2367                              with a      All children, birth-18 NULLunavailable be provided with Governmen
                     Employers NULL large and is increasinglyyears, shouldprovide health even when bo
       Basic health care is too expensive workforce should be required to to poor familiesinsurance for
                                                           female                No        Other
2368                             Instead sort ofneed male more burdened by citizen like we to be used fo
                                              We more breaks sure that the direction ever has to go go. T
                     I believe that someof the big taxto make for care is no US would working people of the
       That the burden of the cost are being National HealthNULL wealthy I us the that thatneed to withou
                                                                         the     No        White
2369                             there doesn'tfair share like ex ( coverage.who doesn't and afford it u mus
                                                   pocket and to all employers, should WAL-MART. pay fo
                      every year. more out a fair sharemale for be a trade Yes includingbe totax payerAmeric
       higher costall employers pay theirof always needless Wal-martoff. itbeing able part of the any mo
                                                                      NULL        not      Other
2381                             I think this question PAYER UNIVERSALNo be making sacrifices It is ine
                                              SINGLE assumes that people will
                     Yes - believe that insurance yet universal health plan shouldqualify Americans!
       My family cannotI afford healtha single payer, we earnNULLmuch health carebe aall for state assist
                                                           female                  money to for priority. beyond
2382                             that have Single minor medicalor reasonable, but White for everyone from
                                                some payer system is universal cannotwould rather pay high
                     I don't mind paying tomonthly where your priorities No Icare using existing deliveryis m
       The cost and the fact You due a to decidepremium if itNULL
                                                           female                 are.
                                                                         conditions, Health obtain healthcare sy
                                                                                            I care
2383                             We all pay our share. female choice/options.
                     Create universal plan.NULL Take         Less     of the
       Unaffordable. Right wing interference. employer out NULL equation. White  No
2384                 NULL                     big concern. HMOs and insurance of the medical insurance co
                                 Flat tax a Universal health coverage...get regardless of control or status
       Spiraling costs for coverage iseveryone for health coverage for Norid companies' income of gover
                                                           female     NULL                 White
2385                 no
       The cost and coverage                  Lower costs We work hard weby
                                 There should be done. made mandatory No Goverment
                                                           female     NULL         deserveWhite
2386                                          Go National.              trade No
                     All of the We have already made enoughNULL offs. Just go to National Helath Ca
       It's not affordable. above, nobody wants to take responseablity.It's the White
                                                           female                          insurance company's fa
2387                             none. we pay the every for anysomethingto is care of their towards
                                               my major bill check year. medical should be put people.
                       ever included. this bare withbulk should find a wayNo take usually just checkups.
       no vision isgovernment should is governmentand thenNULL employer and White the employee.hea
                                                           male         the         that   then
2388                             There        Remove insurancethe hands Noinsurance co-pays,approval fo
                                                       taken out of companies
                     Health insurance should be a standard, low cost premium, lower companies the gove
       The extremely high cost of health insurance, the deductables, offrom theWhite
                                                           female     NULL       co-pays & system, for no deducta
                                                                                             waiting have & be pro
2389   NULL          NULL        NULL         NULL         male       NULL       No        Other
2390                             a single payer plan. eliminating or increasing employee reform
                     Convert health care. Employers male
       A lack of affordableto Higher tax Elect people who are committed to health care contribution for h
                                                                      NULL       No        White
2391                              cost, whileMake anycompaniesNULL share plan deductible Any family or
                                                the drug form to a profit totally tax deductible.
                     Every aspect of the personal and go of paymenthuge profits. White
       The continuing rise in Toss any 401K out payment should be totally tax that simply "Shares" profit
                                                           male                  No
2393                 Health care should be to the response to NULLand giving rid White lobbiest for the dru
                                 If you ratheravailable female
                                                 invade other countries three No
                                                            generasl the
                                                                      public and get aid and healthcare should
       That my government would wereseeask theto EVERYONE. The quality of thesupport to other co
                                                                                  propr questions!
2394                             We don't demand side.
                                              Build moremalemedical NULL the supply
                                                                      of if
                     Problem supply the need to make to use schools system.of health care is increased
       Artificially restricted isn't on of health care due trade-offs guild so that people who are truly interes
                                                                                 No        White
2395                 NULL        NULL                        to
                                              health caremale cover their employees "NOW"
       That Walmart is not giving good Make Walmarttheir employees and that White so that there will
                                                                      NULL       No         the American public is
2396                 All employers shouldhigh.into Medicare that full care field aren't making everyone. m
                                 We need pay People in overlapping and redundant services inDon't Th
                                              Expand a system health coverage for all Americans. our curr
       Costs to regular people are too to trade all of thetheinto extends equal coverage for that much re
                                                           female     NULL       No        White
2397                 We need something: National at female canfor preventive careWhite
                                 some none. However,leastcare NULL forNo
                                              Provide health inadequate correlation of increase person ma
       Lack of health care for a great many people;If wesomeshow a mental healthwhich the cost of hea
                                                                          care     all.      of care
2398                             I should beof right of be There system, eliminatingGenerally, profit making
                                                a would all. payer on an bemoney that is
                     Health care don't know. Ithe United States shouldequal basis. payer (the government)
       It is not available to all residents Have a singleglad to NULL the No single Whitenow being spent o
                                                           male        have        a         corporate lower incom
2399                 NULL         is NOT NULL                                                have
       that basic health care NULL provided for ALL Americans. We seem toWhite money to waste o
                                                           female     NULL       No
2400                               should be universal modeled after the medicare healthcare
                       coverage for uninsured and unresponsively insured with withholding and prescrip
       inadequatethe systemhard to saysingle payer government-administeredsystem healthcare adm
                                                           male       NULL       No        White
2401   NULL                                   Universal male
                                 I plan sure what people will put up
                     Single payeramnotis my choice. coverage. NULL with.         No        White
2402                              health areLook to befemale
                                                spoiled by the system. They No
                                                              at alternative prescriptionsWhite those doctors in co
                                                                                  expect prescriptions and This a
                     Preventive People care, nutritionaltrained and counseling and only. They know nothi
       Poor health care. Most doctors seem closelytestingto write medicineshould be covered. instant
2403                              the process: have universal forms and it. public doing than having the
                                              Provide female health   or keep payments, rather
                      need health care coverage afford over-priced; theNo
       Those whoStreamlineMedicalmost can't is way to get NULLcare for all. is White its part; it's far pas
2404                                          Nationalize provide health care
                                                             Health NULL
                                 I think the govt shouldfemale care Get health care and insurance lobbyis
       the cost I think we should have a National health care. system so businesses don't have to
                                                                                 No        White
2405                             As employers much of and our NULL
                                              Single jobs the          insurance costs i.e. "moral hazard".
                     We need to question the very basis benefits due tosystemof health care and emplo
       Average indices of quality far below cut payer. ofmodern world. Costs 50% higher than other mo
                                                           male                  No        White
2406                             I money is the working public would their part in White for increases if
                                                more a priority
                     yes, i is thatknow thataccountability              actual NULL
                                                            accountable for health. Thepayingaffordability has been
       Most concerning feel that everyone must bemale thanNULL not have a problem with healthcare.
2407                               vast majorityexpensive, and thereare necessary. If
                                              A that any trade-offs should be a national health plan.
                     Yes - can be not believe Not enough emphasis on No taxation.by
       Too expensive for theDomade less national health plan funded prevention we switch from a for-v
                                                           male       NULL                 Asian
2408                             I to willingSingle-payer more in gap toNo
                                                 and the fact that any the employment means comprehens
                     There oughtam be a single-payermale    system, with
       The number of uninsured people,to pay somesystem! taxesingovernment providingloss of cover
                                                                      NULL        have theWhite
                                                                                             system simplified, and
2409                             Hopefully from or government, even that not covered. Medi-cal for al
                                              Free higher low-cost Many No                    raising
                     More needs to come a already been billed!health itemsmeanssuch Corruption/gree
       Outrages cost after insurance haslittlethevery taxes. NULL ifcare for all,White as taxes a little to
2410                             Raise Universal Medicare for All misleading.
                                               care                                where everyone care should n
                     I think pay for a my taxes to pay for a and system,No Decent, basichas access to
       I think the way wewe need health NULLis confusinghealthier America. If the insurance companiesd
                                                           female     NULL                 White
2411                             I don't know whether the American people available
                                              Health care needs to of readily meansWhite make any a time
                       care, especially the increasingly high cost be sourcesare drugs.toeveryone intradeals
       The cost ofWe need universal healthcare. Multiple payor prescriptionwillingto The availabilityIttoo
                                                           female     NULL       No          many do without.         s
2412                               affordable, the costs male out cigarette tax , costs the for half of health car
                                              government regulation of costs
                     other countries the ways of paying for of control. , reduce pay costs and visits way
       the premiums are notraisehavegas tax, alcohol tax,health care Noetc. to of health care find a and
                                                                      NULL                 White
2413                             I think most Americans would be what toNowhat sure taxes to most. have
                                              I for middle class at willing is pay concerns European cover is a
                     I think the government needs to take a larger rolesome of the White menations Asaff
       The prohibitive cost of health carewould take a lookAmericanstomakehigherthat health carea univ
                                                           female     NULL
2414                             I system similar Inefficiency.NULL
                                                 if they the system
                      Lack payordon't knowmany.payer Canadian they need
       High cost. Singleof availability forSingle to are willing, but system. to give up the,"any study, an
                                                           male                  No        White
2415                             none
                     the government should do more male
       cost and doesn't cover much            force the government to help people byWhite
                                                                      NULL       No         making sure that health
2416                             We have there and female one to
                                              Make heatlth care should beNo Response and to answer it's a s
                     No, because again ifmade were hospitalsoffs. affordable. Let's stop regulated,corpora
       I believe that the insurance companysenough trade more monitor insurance companys and hosp
                                                                      NULL        monitoredDecline lining the
2418                             NO TRADE-OFFS!!! A well-managed, system forWhite
                                              A NATIONAL SINGLE-PAYER HEALTHstarters.
                                                                       of care No             CARE waste system
                     YES! A and coverage for all and the lack NULL cost-controlled health care and exp
       Lack of health carenational universal single-payer healthuniform quality care; the SYSTEM, like
2419                              have a socialized medicine/health care inAmerica. country.
                     We shouldNot sure Socialize the all the care inYes issues
        The high cost of health care concerns most of healthNULL system in thisWhite
                                                           female                   America.
2420                             to trade-offs have been control onof employment.employee.
                                               workers cost condition the American public!
                    not willing All provide A form of as a pay for insurance for the White
       Employers Anyone who employscoveragemustforced NULL Doctors,Hospitals,Labs and Drugs!
                                                            male                  No
2421                            Unreasonable benefits should not be provided. Therwise, there should be
                   I favor a Single             System male
       Many people not covered PayerInitiate a Single Payer SystemNo   NULL                  White
2422                               don't think havetradeoffs madethat leaving single-payer universal healt
                                              I that already have to be need We many
                                                                         it! We No             prohibitive or unavailab
                   The only alternative to the care coverage NULLismade. a so isWhiteAmericans uninsur
       Many Americans nowIhave no health current system because the cost currently pay enough to h
2423   NULL        NULL         NULL          NULL          male       NULL       No         White
2424                            i health care for to pay higher NULL
                                              freeze the cost          taxes.
                     think the government should pay for all health careNo         costs. up.
       not having iaffordabble would be willingeveryone.so they cant keep goingWhite
2427                            I don't think AmericansThings NULL Even to government should people
                                              Education! so expensive.
                                                               or anyone think the inform people trade-offs
                   I'm not informed enough to answer this. like shouldNowith health insurance,pay for
       That psychiatric medicines and therapy are female But Ithis sitehave to make any like me. for itp
2429                            less spending pay formale government Noa government
                                              Low Cost the              in-network
                   yes, the employer should on wasteful whole thing projects
       Low costs for perscriptions, low copays, broad range NULL with doctors White subsity
2430                            There a some no cost
                                              make every citizen NULL should be paid for than individuals
                                                            female based                     rather
                   I think it should beforright of it universal,alland iton - for expensive by the employmen
       The fact that it is health careshould be and not for basic care citizenship Whiteoptions,governmen
2432                            Higher doctor socialized medicine. expensive. better drug too high. pre exsis
                   total socialized medicine.office payments NULL
       no longer provide family coverage by employers. tooin return for co-pays areand hospital covera
                                                            female                No         White
2433                                it can be Ishown withprovide itsends upNo
                                                 suppose this national organization toless now, thispaying qua
                    industrial country which does not thequestioncitizensto thea national Health care!less
       1) the only We need aIfnational coveragethatfemale                           with accessibility since the d
                                                                a public refers paying oversee or activity. I 2)
                                                                       NULL                  White
2434               I                          STOP SPENDING MONEY ON 20%. Decline
                                GOVERNMENT PAYS 80% AND WE PAYTHE WAR. to
                                                            female       FOR      No
2435                              should be stop having everyone. Do not let the insurance companies c
                                               available be able get 64 No running the
                     Its going to be that no one no to the drug45 the insurance and drug companies know
       The cost. HealthcareThere should be willtrade off.toLet toquality healthcare. system the drugan
                                                            female                           White
2436                            End as if National privilege. It as etc. be a all Americans
                   National Healththe war were a France, Cuba, a          should No
       The USA treats health careas in England, Health careNULL right for right. White
2437                            Co-pays services now.to Make
                                              Universal Health
                   Yes. Universal, andas we healthmalehigher the Medical Community and the Prescr
       What it is costing in goods affordable do due care. Carepricing passed onto the employers. Not to
                                                                       NULL       No         White
2438                               think the public lawsseniors non-union company's from coverage it was
                                                that that female
                                                             to should 65 are No to provide not providing pro
                   everyone has insurance 2) would pay more taxes to ensure healthhealth careifto thei
       1) that not I think that Icompany'senactare largestop 55 -be required covered if you retire early. 3
                                                                       NULL                  White
2439                            NULL          NULL
                   Why that are under the age of female
       Retired Seniors not like Canada system? 65. I haven't had health insurance in over 5 years. I ha
                                                                       NULL       No         White
2440                            Kill off WalTell share.
                    won't Wal Mart pay itsMart!    health care. This is due to Wal Mart. The biggest
       That there Make be any affordablefairCongress to make Wal Mart pay itsWhiteshare. scum suck
                                                            female     NULL       No           fair
2441                               government health at to do conceretedNo to business trade offs, that
                                              Mentioned male above, to is not ready make any
                   Full fundedThe that allows the well this takes the onus care at the and rally of workin
       the tiered medical system American publiccare. Ittime have healthoff to inform expense indvidua
                                                                       NULL                  White        the the pub
2442                              my cat's health care thanthe system that can avoid the are willing to dive
                                               tax breaksfemale
                                                             for office. Publicize government
                   There should out government financed wealthy and channel White pitfalls of have ca
       That I spend more on cutbe athe get Bush out of employers or our the true problems to health an
                                                                       NULL       No          the money we "manag
2443               no                         It's unfair to cut ins. course of as
                                I doctors, pharmaceuticals, as expensiveNo it care consumers American
       price, accountability of believe that health care isoff aNULL quality ofis because African (tort legisla
                                                            female       co's,      action for
                                                                                             Black or of greed
2444                              my cat's health care thanthe system that can avoid the are willing to dive
                                               tax breaksfemale
                                                             for office. Publicize government
                   There should out government financed wealthy and channel White pitfalls of have ca
       That I spend more on cutbe athe get Bush out of employers or our the true problems to health an
                                                                       NULL       No          the money we "manag
2445                            The healthand mis-use of chronic care old, working 2unnecessary meds a
                                                  book, not and our NULL care dollars, Whiteservices free insur
                                                             a paragraph.                    for
                   of experienced need Sub-acute female 53 yearswith preventionjobs, lose family nu
       Well, I am ancourse, but I wastea care professional, healthEssentially, we need to am a the or slid
2446                            The slidingGet the people out of public office that plan make this happen.
                                                scale I able to come up           a
                   Yes, health care should to available to everyone and health can't for everyone. It isn
       That our government doesn't seem be bementioned above.with Nopayment should be determined
                                                            female     NULL                  White
2447                 have       NULL
       We shouldNULL national Health NULL      care like any other western country
                                                            male       NULL       No         White
2448                            Boy, you got so on that one..atpromised No lifetime medical at retirement
                                              Make it affordable formy age as have medicine
                     medical care..and the me that what was NULLand Imedical andmuch for old it and is
       The cost ofYes socalized medicinefact everyone is covered for reasonably priced and as and you
                                                            female                 don't     White
2450                            I most people covering illegalsimmigration money to
                                               stopping male lower the it. that
                                                            that           and                 certainly help.
                      think yearsthink that Stopmadebe flood ofafforduseof wouldWhite Maybe changing
       That withinI a few changes should be won'tthe able to NULLcost No health care. cover Americans.
2451                                                                   the the No
                                Stop wars.Use a health and medical one used inWhite            France.
       High cost Government needs to make sytem similar NULL treatment available for everyone, wit
2452                               Less S.S. most working Americans! health
                                                    exchange for better for care.
                        All unafordable for in be pay some abounthealth No care.White           Loopholes the rich. e
            Health care is employers shouldEvery American should have health care, not onlyshould be T
                                                            male       NULL
2453                               would be Again, wetopaid a single-payer, and covering system which wil
                                              available male   I have no way of No
                   We need a single hope system,need for by our Our tax supported all Americans eq
       Adequate health care Ishould payer none, but all Americans.taxessystem is atiquatedspin will con
                                                                       NULL       knowing, White
                                                                                             as political and inefficie
2454                              there is noAbillion dollars we carespending
                                                   national healthy are that
                   We should have a national I have insurance systemvery expensive and I put it to wo
       It is so expensive andCut the 800 help.health care system. isNo destroying Iraq and have $5000
                                                            female     NULL                  White
2455                            I think health needwould be my health care,with White
                                                  people many Medicare to with now.
                    people can't afford it, Wecare--extend of perfectly happy college degress taxes to sup
       That many Yes, single-payer mostincluding single-payer friendseveryone. progressive who don't ha
                                                            male       NULL       No
2456                            Doctors need discriminate discriminating with pre-existing conditionsusea
                                              We need regardlessNULLinvolved older the small business or
                   Insurance should be affordable to stopagainst people against Whiteget, the more own
       I need health insurance that doesn'tto consider the costsage. The in prescribing drugs, andyou h
                                                            female                No         you
2457                            NULL          Have something to NULL rising
                                                                       will the everything they healthcare, the
                   The government should most government put a limit healthcare costs, they can pu
       That without affordable health care,do the Americansstop loose No on the White ofhave workedthat
2458   NULL        NULL         NULL          NULL          female     NULL       Yes        Decline to answer
2459                            I             Socialize cost OF COURSE: in Europe &
                   Socialize it!f we had universal coverage, as they do Noinsurance. the term "Socialized
       The number of uninsured Americans & theit, but of having healthDON'T use other progressive co
                                                            female     NULL                  White
2460                            We care!! The Wal-Mart to is not brokenNo The would some good emp
                                              Get this system
                   This of difficult question,inablity wages frozen fair share, itcost burden tochecks and
                                                              of many to pay for but does White
                                                                        their      it.
       The rising costsis ahealth have already had female payNULL due to the costneed help thebut neede
                                                                                                of benefits, governme
2461                              non profit,A centralized one matter
                                                nationalized most industrialized countries.
                                                                         of healthNo
                                                                                   care which instead of a pile of
                   We need a poorer health public doesn't system of disbursementis funded by our taxfo
       We pay too much forThe American care than systemNULL to the congress and administration. Ifd
                                                            female                           White
2462                            NULL            health
                   It like myself have noNULL insurance. NULL
       Many peopleshould be replaced by single-payer universal health care orWhite
                                                            male                  No          medicare for everyone
2463                            none          restrict rising cost by of uninsured controls on
                   a national minimal health care the amountNULL         government americans
       runaway costs and decreasing coverage program such as medicare for White cost increases on
                                                            male                  No          all americans, not just t
2464                             system
                   One payor This is the riches country in theNULL weNo world      can
       Not affordable, Quality of care one program to cover everyone afford health care
                                                            male                             White
2465                              as far sure what if anmean
                                              No money. individual denied No
                   The government should pay you should betrade health care, which includes menta
       Health care only goesI'm not as yourperson male by NULL offs.       can't.            White
2466                             Medical Use President Clinton's Socialized Medical Plan!!! Or model off
                    of the so called medicare medical and                                   Higher answer
       The rip off Socialized None. and prescriptions. prescription plan. AlsoDecline toInsurance and c
                                                          male      NULL        No Response
2468                              (AND I A TRICK QUESTION?...I DON'T UNDERSTANDBE ABLE TO DE
                                              LISTEN HONESTLY UNIONS SHOULD NOT WHY
                                                          female    NULL        No          NOT
2469                NOT SURE
       NO ONE CAN PAY FOR IT                  NO MOREmale  DEDUCTIBLE
                                 GOVERNMENT NEED TO LOWER HEALTH CARE AND NOW.
                                                                    NULL        No         White
2470                               payer are health to havebe higher to burden to support health care.provi
                                               willing would a LIKE by a No      different tax mix on people em
                    Yes, singlePeoplehealth careplan health careEVERY OTHER DEVELOPED & &Sing
       Access. We need a single-payerSingle-payerJUSTfundedtax reduce administrative costs COUNT
                                                          male      NULL                   White
2471                             Cutting is not system - UNIVERSAL No defense. Over care all other
                                               ridiculous male
                                                          budget that is spent on
                    Yes. I favor the Canadianavailable to Congress enjoy the same Everyone pays into
       The fact that basic healthcaretheAs above: makeeveryone. HEALTHCARE. healthhalf the budge
                                                                    NULL                   Decline to answer
2472                NULL
       Cannot afford good care   NULL         NULL        female    NULL        No         White
2473                              scam and everyone except theNULL know this. Put the burden their top
                                              EDUCATION! Starting want to learn the
                                                           FDA       elders No
                    Yes. is a It is not a matter of money. Peopleincome (paying Whitea whole food diet.
       It is corrupt. TheItconflict of interest with the female's 25%with our youth. aboutsalaries of on the co
2474                             High cost diagnostic and intervention procedures should be rationed acco
                                                de-linked from employment. No
                    Health care to health care is one health insurance companies with a single publicly f
       The disparity in accessshould beReplace allmalethe economic factors dividing our country betwe
                                                                    NULL                   White
2475                             Dont I know all. but male
                                               much,      Im sure that you have paid trading off.
                                                                     (billions) on           a Dr.
                    National health know Stop wasting moneyNULL should'n beOther visit, yet they we
       So many people without it,care forof many cases were people Yes senseless killing and wars cou
2476                                          All Americans the government to acare
                                                           idea     we          to for single, unified providing
                                 I tax disgusted by spent bythat NULLentitled Response of American citizens'
       High cost. More of our am dollars being the maleshould beneed No make "trade-offs" inand efficien
                                                                                           Decline to answer
2477                             Don't like trade-offs, ifpeople inonly whole life began to twenty everyone'
                                                money into Social Congress.
                                                            you      your
                    We have paid enough1. the problem, notSecurity since itHave more doctors from the
       The way the Congress has ignoredChange male workNULLnow, No 2.foryou should haveyears! We
                                                                                 but     the last pay for it.
2478                             Slightly higher taxes...and I system immediately. system immediately!
                                              Institute a male
                                                          Corporate and insurance Money
                    Institute single payer, Canadian-stylepayer, Canadian-style White could easily be tak
       The high number ofauninsured Americans. single emphasize slightly. profits are more important
                                                                    NULL        No
2479   NULL         NULL         NULL         NULL        female    NULL        No         White
2480                               move to Single payer and less effective.
                                               single Payer
                    more and more expensive and lesssystemNULL        money on
       It's getting We shouldWe couldastop wasting so muchbased onNo unnecessary wars.
                                                          female                  either the Congressional or the m
2481                                 make it affordable,insurance NULL profits insurance co. make is stupid
                                              Puplic health care. co.
                    Someway todon't should because of       is needed, the      to
       Cost,I don't do a lot ofI thing Ithink a trare offmale the cost.need No fix there proplem.
2482                             Making recpients on the cost of a shoulders
                                              making health care providers No    charge would in thier more affo
                    Government should provide responsible forhealth care. Thisfor outpatient &Doctor of
       The extremly high cost of coverage put 1/2 our employersminorbe competative make it services
                                                          male      NULL                   White
2483                             work 3 hours a week.to the forNULLhealth care. NULL
                                              put a a cap not afford  health industry.
                    yes! government should putcap canpayhealth care care and more because employer'
       that working middle class and low income on on what coverage.but no drug companies can char
                                                          male                  Yes
2484                             Increased taxes and/or decreased insurance through Medicare. Medicare
                                              Use          could
                    Develop most Americans. Medicare and get rid of George
       The affordability for a system that everyone female obtain net income W.White as President.
                                                                    NULL        NULL         Bush
2485                                          Listen to system as NULL be Yes trade-offs
                                                                    there       any
                    There should be point, I payerSheila Kuehl's research and recommendations.
       It is not affordable. At thisa single don't think there would is in Europe. Other (Using Cal. State S
2486                                think Americans would be areNULL dysfunctionalWhite
                                              Do and with our present without health insurance for that d
                    I think that Ithe government should be willing to payNofair and system Public Health p
       Many thousands of American adultsawaychildrenthe only provider ofhealth care. of taxandthis be
                                                          female     totally     a           equitable fragmented
2487                             I tax over The entire of the wealthy! to Yes must be reformed in waste of
                                              45 million male
                                                          concept of healthcare war NULLhealthcare coverag
                                                                    willing pay             NO
                    Rescind the thatbreaks we are ready fellow Americans havein Iraq and the order to m
       My greatest concern is believe thatBush gave my and NULL Stop thefor adequate healthcare alon
2488   NULL         NULL                       nothing male         go to
                                 I pay $5 or NULL every time I NULL a doctor. I think Americans would be
                                                                                No         White
2489   cost         get rid of ins. companies involvement from everyone
                                 none         total       male      NULL        No         White
2490                             There's no Removemandates.counters insuranceprocess.becurrent waste w
                                               reason totrade-offs. If we from the should too many errors
                    We must implement to attend theindividual patients. just 40% of theNon-medical pei
       Doctors don't have enough timeemploye for male         bean Health cut There are far condition of em
                                                                    NULL        No         White
2491                               explore the government plans in have adequate health care.
                                              Use tax money don't the rest of children.
                    We shouldMajor changes have already provide carein the developed world and try to
       There are many people, especially children, whoto taken placeNo health White delivery and we're
                                                          male      NULL          for       csre
2493                             I'd be willing competition and profit to from states industry
                                              Nationalizemale money
                    Priority underprivilegedto take go without. awayrational cooperation. for their citiz
       I'm concerned thatshould shift from peoplesomeOr else requireNo our warprovide it to finance u
                                                                    NULL         that      White
2494                             AMERICANS ARE LITERALLYNULL
                                               QUALITY.female        DYING No THE ANSWER UNIVERSAL
2495                                get healthnot have toseperated are employment. There was a time as
                                                 single payer, universal system.
                                                             make NULL
                    We need tothe most simple kind of care. We trade offs. Why should we? The system
       The high cost of evenWe shouldAinsurancefemale any from being goudged by these doctorswhe
                                                                                No         White
2496                             I no health care insurance. We Plan has.
                                              Enact a Single Payer need Universal Health is open to makes o
                    Yes, we need the Single Payer Plan like related to No
       Too many people havethink we need to have a planCanadathrough Federal law. that people h
                                                          female    NULL        MedicareWhite Care
2497                             That don't neveraffordable toNULL Giant should employer pay because
                                              Make it been taken off me No Eagle. This for couldn't affo
                                                                     all americans andDecline isn't fair
                    That a union andshouldhave off government programsResponsework to answer for and
       That I belong to health carepeople living health benefits from because my everyonebenefits benes
2498                             if all yourevery Either provided by their No
                                               job shouldmale
                                                           provide you the govermentand 3/4 of the cost
                                                                                employees for goverment would
                    if your employedhealthcare. had healthcare for provide and payor their 3/4 of the of h
       All americans should haveemployeers employeer shouldwith healthcare Whitepay employeercost
2499                             If AmericaMy single most important that,No
                                               needs America today is
                    I concern about healthcare a single-payerNULL recommendationits improve unavaila
       My greatest believe thatthey knew that inand deserveshealthcare syetemWhite cost, it is healthca
                                                          female                  because of to system health
                                                                      a single-payer healthcareeliminateadminis
2500                             I go to a single rid
                                              Get payerhave pretty Its primaryfaith in White
                                                          system, such
                     care "system" is really know.ofI the private insurance companies providing health ins
       Our health We need to don't completely dysfunctional!NULLas exists in Canada. The government
                                                          male         much lost purpose seems to be to enrich
                                                                                            the American public sin
2501                             If the American publicmalegoes up healthNo Response the to answer of every
                                              The The important thing is affordabilityDecline from what have
                    There are other countries most cost universalabout how much with thethey paidI for ou
       I can't afford it and I have three kids. that have informed every year along if and plan is will be sav
                                                                    NULL          care plans  money price
2502                             I the health savings plans healthitcare work used wisely. I would have gu
                                              Federal student as a wouldNo together. The for month f
                    ?????? I is would sacrifice are neither rich nor to with low cost 30 dollars the first toto
       My greatest concernlikefor people who money if I knewway poor. We make opionshardathing isfew
                                                          female    NULL                   White
2503   NULL         NULL         NULL         NULL        male      NULL        No         White
2504                get                        trade off the companies
                                 no need man, tookanything NULL                              companies make for Is
       too expensive rid of the middleto if weinsurancebillions that the insuranceNative Hawaiian or Pacific d
                                                          male                  No Response
2505                   think the proposal for think willmale higher tax
                                 We It focusa single pay a singlerather than wellness care. There is heal
                                                 more on illness care payer No
                                                            favor                health coverage that the no t
       It is gettingI too expensive.maybeI willingI to payer and NULL if there are asurance all type ofexplo
                                                                    universal program. Asian should beextra e
2506                               I individuals so many, there has person
                     payment by wish I had an answer.and when anyonebe an answer illness
       That it is financially out of reach foris so expensive, and agot toNo hasaanWhite though. or disease
                                                          female    NULL           with chronic
                                                                                             individual policy there
2507                             I'm not Health insurance to more andNoto a and provides less
                                                system I seem be
                    Are you kidding? TheWe sure. have cost NULLsimilaroff medicare. It is a disgrace th
       No one can afford to get sick.entirely muststinks!a systemtrading more great deal already.and less
                                                          female                           White
2508                There should be a cap on care bank. A teamscreenings nurses and the the preven
                                 I like       All age related for and of I understand Dr.'s have such that c
       My out of pocket exspenseto a healthpayments testservices.Doctors,should be paid for tosame h
                                                          female    NULL        No         White
2509   NULL         NULL         NULL         NULL        female    NULL        No         White
2510                no
       the rising costs          n/a          n/a         female       NULL        No        White
2511                               think are people are willing all Americans.
                                              Extend Medicare NULL
                    We should peopleof the employment-based health care system and have a system o
       The fact that so manyIget ridmost uninsuredfemale toto trade the insecurity that they currently fac
                                                                                   No        White
2512                I think the only fairwithProvide preventativeNULL willing at ais White taxes tohealth th
                                   don't andinsurance andI thosehealth care,
                                                  Personally, to provide insurance the cost
       The disparity betweenI those know.equitablefemalewould without.No to pay higherof insurance if on
                                                                            be                a nationalized know pl
                                                                                     Also, minimum.
2513   NULL         NULL         NULL         NULL        male         NULL        No        White
2514                             I want a single payor male carehealth have don'tWhite to people to stru
                                                want a sosystem, sosystem,No to people with have with h
                                                             that            don't so          have
                    I want a single payor Isystem, single payorNULL care system, so thatstruggle don't n
       I want a single payor health carehealth carehealthpeoplethat peoplethatstruggle don't not being ab
2515                             I think most people want available People blame HMO's, but a single conc
                                              We out equated NULL respond with having company phsy
                                                           the picture. to                    care from it is
                    Yes, insurance should gethaveof female having insuranceto insurance answer care ins
       My major concern is that physicians are being educated compassionate Decline to healthreally in t
                                                                                   No Response
2516                              national have care female
                                              Cancel health care just are such a for the rest of us. Hospitals
                                                            tax cuts NULL
                                                                        we raise costs
                    We this country who occupying Iraq and use that money. superpower, why is this imp
       The millions in need aLet's stophealth no thesystem; iffor the 1%No richest Americans and use th
                                                                                     of      White
2518                               don't know. national male what systemNoto do. I the poorest are in it for
                                               a All know is
                                                          health The willing Responsedon't answer receiv
                                                                                    that even companies can
                    Yes, thereI should be AFFORDABILTY.careI'mPharmaceuticalDecline totoo much faith
       It's too expensive. Most people cannot Iafford the premiums. Like me! There'shavebeuracracy,
2519                             I health carefeel the people have been do more,Some wouldn'tmany sac
                                              I check. I furnished enough to pay which them be hard
                    I on my Social Securityshould bedon't have by employers. the Medicare premiums,
       I live entirelydon't think think the American government shouldrequired toWhite offar too don't furnic
                                                          female       NULL        No         make
2520                             I have chronic the true cost of necessary medicationconsideration chron
                                              Take would be willing should be taken into and treatments into
                    See above. The cost of anI individual's forNULLpay more so that my friends withwhen
       There are many people with no idea. health female carewhom Medicare/Medicaid does not work.
                                                                           to      No        White
2522                                          get the masses             into       I          that.
                    make it like social security. everyone to care. whichNovote think the voting what the
       lack of it for my kids. slightly higher taxes. male paysNULL it. let's don't onWhite let's seesuper ma
2523                               think that The public is more well of dotrade in where you sign so expens
                                              the National americans to No system
                       think that and should be a national health healthnot have it becuase, it'sup for it, ww
       That It's soI expersive,Itherethat over 45 milliionsubsized care system, theOther
                                                          male         NULL        care        benifts, becuase they
2524                             Why should off and my when NULL on wealthest County in also the nu
                                              Good wait female towe not No
                                                           for test be scheduled. Repeat test have world.
                    Unfortunately, am laid and quality husband went only the physican's, but the to they
       My husband has cancer. IWe wait we trade-offcare from, are the disability. Now webecause pay f
2525                             the it unafordable think we creates all Americans Americans deserve h
                                              Guarantee some, more, an undo offs.
                                                           health NULL              trade
                    Yea, simple,a politicians who for nothingcare to nothing financial
       The high costs that makesingle payer plan, male should makeNo less. Whiteburden on business
2526                             Americans Extend Medicare to all if thereNo financial not work. Governme
                                               would system makes system were
                    Employer/Individual paymentand more taxes no sense and doesscrewed up. Extend
       There are to many unisured Americans pay male current Americans universal healthcare.
                                                                       NULL          is      White
2527                                          National Healthcare.NULL             No Canada.
                                                                         It works for Response It works for the UK.
       Lack of. Absolutely.No American should be asked to make "trade-offs" for Healthcare related
                                                          female                             Decline to answer
2528                               The think they havefemale
                                              Make to employment much. ThosethatWhite right all, especiallyi
                                                               It single causes No
                    The for all.I system doesn't work. to is very expensive and thatismany citizens. somet
       Lack of access currnet don'tconnection a simplegive up payer system problems for giveall and is m
                                                                       NULL        great failshave to for up The
2530   NULL         NULL         NULL         NULL        male         NULL        No        White
2531                              affordableItnotneeds to female
                                                           be available and No
                    A sensible, not covered.. mind paying to NULL affordable to the bill.. maybe based
       Too many people are Most would system available a reasonable portion of all who apply.. and m
2532                             Many Americans would be to aNULL payer healthcare even preventativ
                                              Single payer (i.e. government)No an emphasis on it limits ch
                    The entire system needs to to many people; just to havethe government) ifWith healt
       Good quality healthcare is unavailable converted happy especially, (i.e. working poor. system tha
                                                          female                     with    White
2533                                          make government NULL
                                 sending billions ofcaremale
       high cost government supplied healthit dollars over seas         responsibility
                                                                                   No        White
2534                             I from be willing pay additional taxes to dollars. And care to should h
                                               system doctors funded caretax so prohibitive. Why others.
                      healthcare,would insurance tocould be and hospitals, provide health with cuts in othe
       The cost ofA national health careProvide affordable health with Noiseveryone.
                                                          female       NULL          to      White
2535                              have They un-insured-- including full-time choice, but
                                              Provide healthcare It would be working members of my famil
                                                             need        I all
                    We should are under or shouldn'tfemale to. NULL Americans. White I currenlty have litt
       Too many americans None. single payer healthcare. for shouldsay paid by the government, offse
2536                               don't know--I thinkallmale one onthe
                                               system Americans at Canada;
                                                              the                  certain size I offer about
                                                                                              confused reasonable h
                    I do not want to see aRequire likecompanies over a No however,to think everyone issu
       Its high cost; also thatI millions have no health care. NULL moment are Decline to answer the sho
2537                nation the none           for need,being wants the coverage White
                                                                          aidsin No
                                   coverage coverage for hearingNULL policy
       afforability,gettingwidecoverage you any one thataccepted formedicare,coverage for glasses in m
2538                             NULL
                      it cost keep going should get insurance on shouldNo be able toonly      the goverment need a
       can't affordyes every companyupwell the drug company there employee.White charge so much
                                                          female       NULL
2539                               think that Make people would be willing No country. some element of their
                                              most it free. Medicine access be offeither
                    Make it accessible and affordable to all haveshouldto trade a business.
       The fact that so manyI people in this country do notcitizens of thisthroughWhite their job or incom
                                                          female       NULL
2540                end war NULL
       protecting u.s. borders first          NULL        male         NULL        NULL      White
2541                                          Bring back female "trade-offs" involvingtouse the for by all ne
                                                               about NULL          No Response be to answer
                    I'd like to How can we care thatthe Public gets offered to andhealth care. Weus all
       Not available to all. see the healtheven thinkcongress Health Service allDecline paidCongressiona
2542                               don't minimum people who have
                                              That the Federal government NULL theWhite cracks.
                    Something above be done towage and cannot who fallinsurance I ccare are always gr
       Costs -- I make a littleIshoild know. Most help those ofNULL heathtothrough doctor orabout the med
                                                          female                   should
                                                                          us afford go really know have
                                                                                                the                 little
2543                             NULL
                    I think socialised                      they
                                              provide healthcare to in americans
       the high cost of coverage health care likemale have all canada is far better than what we have
                                                                       NULL        No        White
2544   NULL         NULL         NULL         NULL        male         NULL        No        White
2545                             I people cost ratherprobably NULL payer single White everyone. Please
                                              A single payer a single inNo that includes were if the laye
                                                            have       to less a                 they
                       think control both for corporations trying be compete globallyifwith most companies i
       The cost isI out of manythink thewouldwould maleuniversal system systempayer systemgiven hone
2546                              medical insurance. Unchecked and create demystifing fear of birth. woul
                                              Health education, beginning with doctors. Disregard of
                    Take all the the health toward making warsof "high No Response health care.
       High cost of care and If tax $ used care system is truly authorityquality" I believeto answer non-au
                                                          female       NULL          of national
                                                                                             Decline Americans
2548                               should other items in the federal budget, Response
                                                people      that
                    and affordability forberecognitionfemalehealth by single payer tax right
       availability health caredecreasealluniversal and providedcareais Nobasic humancuts for the rich an
                                                                       NULL        a such as Other
2549                                            think take home pay already do       been traded off( written off, is
                    see up up up, middleI and low one thing is keep going down ? Our fix that that egn
       Why is it going above.Thewhen our realon income havegoing toNo very much tojobs go to Asiasa
                                                          male         NULL                  White
2550                             Why wouldNULL receive expert health care the others will have possib
                                               we will female
                    I believe only is wealthyneed to make trade offs? No                       best
       I am concerned thatthat itthethe RIGHT of every individual to receiveand White health careonly m
2551                              office visits, prescriptions, etc.NULL stupid reasons in health care profit
                                              Stop lawyers law huge profitssudden rise of mal practice. Ma
                    I really don't know, just awards andfrom suits for theNo cut drug company hugecosts,
       The high cost of care,Cut the high if it could malea fair contribution by each party and affordable t
                                                                           Due        &      White
2552                             The and drugs. pay for medical NULLand the money on cost to take care of
                                              A to
                    The treatment billions national male                 aid                   used
                                                           to foreign services and a capWhite for unnecessary
       Cost of medicalgovernment needsof dollars health care program should be made should be done
2555                               to low-paid myself, the proliferation citizens my White
                                              Start legislating
                                                            would if 45 64 high COULD RIGHT treatment he
                                                                          government have     expensive to quality th
                    One payer,Speaking health coverage. Theallto redirect alltech tax money being
       Its cost, inaccessibility universalforworkers,IfemaleasgladlyUS of No Responsea do this right. spent
2556                            Almost everyone I World byNATIONALIZED HEALTHCARE corporations
                                            SINGLE PAYER medicare for Response
                   Nationalized health care. The know wants single-payeritems such asThe LIKE at 35th
       cost, pharmaceutical gouging, lack of coverage Health Organization rated our healthcareEVERY
                                                        male       NULL       No healthcare. to answer
                                                                                         Decline wheelchairs ect.
2557   NULL        NULL         NULL        NULL        male       NULL       No         White
2558   NULL        NULL         NULL        NULL        male       NULL       No         White
2559                            Interesting Iquestion, butknow firsthand two it is individuals. I don't thinkto
                                                caps on Ia "horrific" story healthy like history, Perhaps if
                   Perhaps there for over just heardpremium costs forour weeks White as have access yo
       As a professional Realtor could be20 years,femalethis NULL in whatcountry's to not a phlebotomisth
                                                                   point      No         ago,
2560               Single-payer gov't pre-pac meds to bypass expensive Response withto answer manufac
       Quality Availability Cost                                               to expensive foreign
                                            Substitute cheap bureaucrats for pharmacists use
                                Improve GM, and Ford and others ability No compete CEOs more nurse-
                                                        male       NULL                  Decline
2561                            NULL        Health care for
                   Let the government take over.
       The rising costs and my non rising pay rate.male all. NULL             No         White
2562                            I don't think there a single-payertrade-offs. there care most people, eve
                                            Go be single-payerNULL     system like
                   I is no longer affordable. to ashould be anysystem. not available to is a right.
       Health care believe that there shouldPreventative medicene is No Health is in Canada and U. K
                                                        male                             White
2563                            NULL
                   Single health care Single Payer insurance
       lack of affordable Payer insurance               male       NULL       No         White
2564                            Cease the Socialization healthcare All paying for absolute pay federal
                                             current imperialist aggression No
                                                                       care. which sovereign nations and in
                   I believe we should have a nationalofhealthcare after workingfederalized and the cos
       The average family cannot afford "Family plan"healthNULL planagainstis White
                                                        male                              americans essentials;
2565                            The children and corporate welfare health throughdouble do Income on
                                            Centralized health care paid for insurance and country the do
                   yes, payment for health ins. adults, don't NULL totaly and To White the not is bytaxe
       that millions of Americans,elimination ofshould be paid by the people of this great taxes see acce
                                                        male                  No          Income
2567                             coverage for care avaiable toNULL
                                            Try plan persons. all people; health White used by
                                                                               of        care
                   Have a basic catastrophicthe President Clinton cover universal. But plan. some Eur
       High cost; availability;A basic healthretiredtax only used to planNo the the basickeep the curren
2568               Pay doctors for keeping usthe ainstead both drug companies Whiteare paid for keepin
                                I for the lack of taxation offor NULL
                                            stop well female of rich doctors getting and
       The poor are sacrificeddon't think there isgreedof the trade offs Nothe doctors doctors...(stop the
                                                                   the         if         payoffs from the pharm
2571                             paid does Tax the patients.
                                             not well to be tradeoffsshare No             folk
                     should bethere for havingneed patients instead of getting richer on illness greed was
       the doctorspaying doctors for having well rich their fairNULLIF we had wellWhite and the that the gr
2572                              don't care should not be tied NULL - one source need care. If be tran
                                            See answer be any to #2 No
                                                                    negative trade-offs. People it source
                   Absolutely.I Healthneed it the most and, even if available, the White puts would the heal
       It's unavailable to those who think there wouldto questionemployment. We healthone out of reach
2573                            More careA only forpayer A single
                                               single the rich. NULL
                   A national health theresystem much system. payer system. White
       The cost. And will health begovernment control.like canada. No
2574                            war         health care so much need.you could work almost all of your life
                   i could'nt getting think of paying that
       it's that people aren'tbegin to the stop a startfemaletheyNULLmoney to the top guys
                                                                              No         White
2575                            to many a Creating only is everyone higher taxes, White
                                              then the private slightly covered, but it's cheaper be more u
                   Make it universal, andsmall notan environment of programs are that would make cu
       That it's unaffordable There is and thatpossibility ofinsurance understanding inefficientthan theath
                                                        male       NULL       No         but that can and don't
2576                            EASY: WITHOUT causing ANYthat
                                            We now KNOWINGthe foot: No communism: while not comm
                                                                      socialism due to Iraq war, JUST richest
                   SIMPLE & Your QUESTION sthoots us in NULL debtare against serving GOD's spend
       HOW do people GO to CHURCH without have 30 years oftheyWhy? Because we're theallow SLN
                                                        male                             White
2577                            A whole muchpolicy a "basic too much those luckyand available employe
                                            As on including NULL policy including enough to be to all wi
                   Get rid spending so Insurancehealth care,drug coverage shoulddrug coverage" availa
        As a nation we're of thebasic healthaboveindustry - healthonly paperworkWhite it's main purpose i
                                                        female                No             be
2578                                        I whis coverage NULL
                    to worker shouldn't pay toI knew the coverage to dependents
       being able theafford helping to havethe payfemale expenses for the employee. I can understand
                                                                              No         White
2579               P                        Need          Walk NULL
                                If We Doctors. Moremale In Clinics, Have Nurses Make Minor Decision
       Its To High. enalize Greedy Had 24 Hour Clinics Avalible, We Wouldnt Have To End Up In The
                                                                              Yes        Other
2580               employers nonehigh profit margins should NULL upin other countries and fix our health
       cost increase            with                               pick
                                            stop government spending more cost. White
                                                        male                  No
2581                              STAYS TAXES HOSPITAL, HIGH NULL
                    SHORTERHIGHER INTO CAREfemale COSTS No
2582                            Learning not a conduit,create funding practice of medicine and line" work
                                            Unplug Wall street NULL the
                                                          budget,knowing be source of "bottom a percen
                   Unplug from the employer business and from the poolsathat of their own health, prod
       Access and cost. Healthcare is to manage afemale should not Nostatus everyone, paysinsurance
2583                                        convert to single payor system. health Decline to answer provided
                                                                                         care should be
                     is basic human right. model called civilized societyStop being held hostage to the
       health careseeaabove the medicare in a so has a track record of providing high quality basic hea
                                                        female     NULL       No
2584               L                        One handle more of have to No
                                                                    the                  off.
                                In this country there should not NULLcost.care for everyone
       Affordability arge corporations should central system of healthbe a trade Black or African American
2585                            First, corporationspayor, universal towith aggressive investigation Lack
                                            Single NOW! Combined provide universal health care.
                   Yes. Single payor healthcare,should be taxedhealthcare NOW! insurers alike, resultin
       Its high cost, directly related to profiteering by health NULL businesses and You to answer and pro
                                                        male                  No ResponseDecline can't improve he
2586                            Perhaps if there were standards across yetcaregiving systemsThere is pra
                                            work. think there need could work better.
                                                         tiers                            effective. with a priori
                   I don't know "system" in theIdeceloped care and allmore notWhite One tier could not
       It is the most expensivewhat will Integrated femaleof worlditto beNo it is uniform atandards and be
2587                            i retirement ,if all care paying NULL is no ,some other all our money
                                            over retire atfor
                                                            62,then there care           we to
                   what age ofthink america ishouldfemale care of it's own insurancesend countries have
       I'm reaching the is wrong with the govermenttake all our healthNobefore White protect me until i
2588                            Probably number of Americans.
                   Have single-payer plan.  Single-payer gov't complain plan.
       The lack for it foraan increasing not much. They willsupported about longWhite for example.
                                                        female     NULL       No          waits,
2589                            prioritize that services, entire NULL
                                            make basic services country and
                     much, and systembasiccovers thelike well a healthto firstprovider,one system
       It costs toosingle-payeris not available to everyone. Aschild care, everyonethenitadd only the thin
                                                        female                    care and in it is absolutely cr
2590                            Honestly Rising.Goverment
                                             The          gave
                   Health Care Care is be thePublicmale a Crap, they No
       How the Cost of Health Should if If Free of Charge.Employees Can get Freedone something alre
                                                                   NULL        would have Health Care, then w
2591                             costs goinga going health insurance wants any trade
                                               out of up             thats
                    and healthwith the costs basicsite anyoneNULL for all the better offs. should pay fre
       prescrition everyone should haveafortableand so fast their can'tNo americans ones they should th
                                                        male                   be        White
2592                            If people payertied to of for
                                            We system escalating costs huge of our society depends on
                                                         employment. The where shareholders expect ever
                   Health care should not be understood everyone.. is No       collapsing, & that universal pay
       That it is not a universal, singlereally get rid femalethe system A healthpercentage of what wecare
                                                                   NULL                  White
2594                            We do not SINGLE PAYER
                   SINGLE inequalities of available male UNIVERSALNo or have Australia and ailmen
                                             need to HEALTHCARE! 64 people who White preexisting every
                                                         healthcare, to Just like
                                                                   45 that      HEALTHCARE! NOT comprom
       The high costs, the PAYER UNIVERSAL permanently Occupy Iraq Canada,over 750 military bas
2595   The HMO NULL                         Eliminate the for-profit be willing the care as decision mak
                                 and stockholder profits at would element into pay White carelong as reimb
                    executivesHigher incomes individualsthe expense of patienthealthand provider the sy
                                                        female     NULL       No         more
2596                            I am not sure can that asking NULLcare.No
                                            I be disected in health
                                                          afford       way. All Americans who make to trad
                   The "system" needs to believenotAmericanthe average Americanshould be ablereceiv
       That the average working Americanthat the femaleeverypublic should be willinig to needsanyto re
2597   NULL                                 reduce administration cost unlike to a dubuous worth like a
                                the only tradeoff might be system proceedures ofWhite payer. the costtu
                   I think we should go to a single payerdelayed notby No Canada's
                                                        male       NULL        going       single
2598               We inefficient don't neednot-for-profit system is bad for patients and
                                 single payer, up make any trade-offs. We are already system, trade-offs
                                            Set to a universal single-payer not-for-profit making as good o
       It is expensive,need aWe and not universally available; it that is available to all. providers.
                                                        female     NULL       No         White
2599                NULL         NULL         make it affordable forall. The majorty give a break a big on welfa
                                                          to ruin
       It is very unaffordable. Health care is going female usNULL                         use
                                                                                 No Response will answer
                                                                        everyone, and of Decline toend up break to
2600                  health care for a rising payer program toNULL andexplored. Asianare getting sick hea
                                 We maybeA change in focus should be No
                                               willing as male
                                                           it seems more
                                                                       wellness care a single payerof fundscare
                                                                                           A pooling health with
       The cost ofThe proposalkeeps single andto pay a higher taxes set up instead of disease careand p
                                                                                  more people
2601                             Why shouldAmerica pays public some of the lifetime benefits that It shou
                                                 the American
                                                           without health insurance! ofwhen campaign b
                    EVERY 50 MILLION Americansmale their CEO's off anythingWhite the year! the toin
       There are probablycorporation inReduce and eliminate tradeMILLIONSDuring the a politicianspol
                                                                     NULL        No
2602                                           suggested, FOR ALL AMERICANS. White insurance comp
                    Yes. As Increased HAVE IT male
       access & coverage Ralph Nadertaxation. BEeliminate fraud in NoNULL        government and
2603                             whatever it dollarswell male for our government to Decline to our taxes pay
                                               takes together
                    yea don't have unversal healthcare from national healthcareun
       the fact that wepool all of our tax make gorvernment accountable Response whitchanswer
                                                                     NULL        No
2604                               have givenbelieve incomes to precription withoutWhite
                                                   of the female
                                                             American are doing care non prescription spendi
                                                                      free                   everyone without any
                      am concerned systemup on it people who people doing anything about-the drugs, v
       I don't trustI our healthI care aboutI allwhen theuniversalNULL healthdrugs,foradequate care,plight of
2605                             I think it depends on healthThe only revamp the White
                                              I keep up with. care coverage they have been used cut a soci
                                                                      be to
                    The only way I cannot change that organizations should beentire system into The be
       Costs rising at a rate thatwe could beleive tradewould NULL answer I could think ofto band togethe
                                                          male                   No        allowed is to to. benef
2606                             I'm are no focus ablefemale prevention give our Black or African American
                                              longer people afford insurance.and
                                                            to will    willing
                    insurance should sure whatshould be onand not to part up. environment including f
       the fact that most people not be univerally availablebeNULL be No of employment packages wh
2607                             All health providers (Hospitals) NULLInsurance Cross buttopatients. as Pri
                                              Letting doctors take time in coorporation and consultation with
                    I am on the Federal Health Benefit Plan (FEBH) with Blue know their Medicare Senior
       Doctors writing prescriptions instead of practicing and getting time tobe non-profitanswer subsid
                                                          male                             Decline
                                                                                 No Response           and be
2608                               can only many people; the consequences have a have no affordable in
                                              our moneyfemale American providing system, Reach the part
                                                           into a NULL
                    We shouldIbe paying Outreach. Get the health Americans who disastrous effect onhe
       Health care is out of reach of sosay that those millions of carepublic on the train. not an insuranc
                                                                                 No        White
2611                               think for Support Health CareNULL not for
                                              the majority and routine All Ohioans Actand universalevery in
                    of payment existsthat preventative of retains docare No 45.8 currentpeoplesystemday
       No source We need aI single-payer system that people private want the millionhospitals.healthinvO
                                                          female       for       providers White profit Here ca
2613                             higher retail prices stay heathly now
                                              afford to americans
                    national health care or a sliding male
       Cost only the well off being able fix it for all scale        NULL        No        White
2617                             The longer cost. preferably run by the single government. the fewer trad
                                               we delay having a national federal
                    Yes, a single payer system,2.The fact that NULL system administered not covered,
         1.The astronomical increase in A single payer healthso many No payer system,by the federal e
                                                          female                 working adults are Administrative
2618                             plan must take the care are a guaranteedtheREFORM number of It MIDD
                                              Make any system payment offOF the huge
                    I enough ASSUMING health burden ofreally OUT Noplan. Too businesses. unlucky
       Those luckythink anyto have good THAT WHAT COMESsubsidizingbackWhite IS FAIR FOR is ad
                                                          male       NULL                    of many of todays plan
2619   NULL         NULL         NULL                                                      have
                                              Please- As a "U.S." born Canadian- I White spent the last forty
                                                          male       NULL        No Response
2621                             Possibly of beneits a Canadian-style system. union, and also Medicare
                                              Convert to contract negotiated by my White
                                                           now           may
                    I I fear that the levelthrough theI male enjoyfor doctors, hospitalization and drugs, pro
       As a retiree,get retiree benefitsslightly higher co-paysNULL become more costly -- reaching a p
2622                All employers should be so to cust costs of administering health care. This is not on
                                 I rising.. that included in providing health care to their employees, if they
                                              Have politicians have are without any insurance.
       That not only are costsdon't know, but many americanspeople just running scared and refuse to
                                                          male       NULL        No        White
2623                We need complete universal health care withand finance health care eye care.
                                 none         stop corporate welfare prescription, dental and
       So few have adequate health care. We need universal health care that covers prescription, den
                                                          female     NULL        No        White
2624                             cannot afford it. I have health insurance No system. Socialized medicine is
                                              socialized medicine, health
                                                                      socializedmay be a
                    Take all that money only trade-off will be that caremedicine waiting list for non-em
       That so many people I think theand create a national NULLthereonly through my husband's work,
                                                          female                           White
2625   NULL         NULL         NULL         NULL        female     NULL        No        White
2626   NULL         NULL         NULL         NULL        male       NULL        Yes       Black or African American
2629                To add my that teachers my notmakebetterNULL poorjob) it costs over $380.00...just Icla
                                  2 children make plan female
                                              to do fair at ALL.....the( my No everything theirthe middle fo
                                                            to enough              pay      it for
       The cost and the fact Companies needitto offermy schoolmoneyget affordWhite andfamily insuran
                                                                      plans and to more toward families. h
2632                               national National healthcare to health care and the costs are way and q
                    We need anot sure health care system like all other major industrial or UnitedKingdo
       My concerns are that Not all americans have access system such as in Canada countries, too hi
                                                          male       NULL        No        White
2633                             I think mostexpensivefemale payer to care.
                                                Americans are
                                                           for anyone health care taxesto afford, which will
                                                                                  wealthiest IF those taxes
                    I think we need more Universal, singlewilling butpay moresystem for everyone. are ca
       That health care will become toogovernment-funded health theNo I am for single-payer health go
                                                                     NULL                  Asian
2634                             There should care. everyone for all americans not just a quality health ca
                                              Just do what is
                                                            undeveloped doesn't have other toparticular party
                                                                      who                   to high answer
                    Government should be coveringIfmale right NULL countries and Declinedeveloped countr
       Every American should have healthbe no trade off! Everyone is entitledinsurance and make ins
2636                               I do not believe we can continue fee for servicerampant wasteful spendin
                                              See #3 above. their
                    costs and quality. Attorney's withMedicare ads rate on
       Escalating One payer.Higher taxes. Double male TV NULLhave Noindividuals and quadruple on e
                                                                      tax        fueled health care. The incentiv
2637                             Spend type money abroad haveNULL
                                                of system we making Canada more on without any type of
                                                                        million of ,we all White
                                                                                           deserve health care.
                    I like to see some lessThe social drugs, the now is outAmericans the need front ,this
       The rising cost of medical and prescription program like war and of control,we home to regulateg
                                                          female                 No
2638                                should want ANY trade-offs in benefits; this I was and the government;
                                                divorced male employment. When the want AMERICAN in
                                                           of                      etc., White
                    Health carewant doctors from India,the hands China,employers diagnosed with cance
       Several items: I don'tWe don'tbeTake it outfromPakistan, of theNo isetc. Iwealthiest country do
2639                               so there is no health male trulyNULLwaste from any really workable system
                                              Eliminate profit-making,
                    Yes eliminating unnecessary corporate profit is a must all. We federal treasury, by o
       No real system -exists,No trade-offs are acceptable, whensubsidizedin susidizing obscene corpor
                                                                       accessible to by the need comprehensive
                                                                                 No        White
2640                               think of paperwork who
                                              See above
                    cost and masses some peop-loe one get 100% employer paid would be willing to pa
       Escalating One payer Iof service providers; NULLfinancing system
                                                                     NULL        No        White
2641                               plan
                         unafforable.         A care plan that would provide high endWhite that is equal for a
       It's becoming A simpleNone.collected thru equal taxation.
                                                          male       NULL        No          care
2642                             We've about health female America today
                                              We shouldn't our insurance worseknow what percentagewe u
                                                           off in    45 care, don't healthcare plan than of m
                    I don't mind most already tradedof my health to 64 I Nois the lack of affordable health
       What concerns me the paying some sharecarehaveraises for a companies making a ton of mone
2643                             No trade off. The American going to anyone using medical care in the
                                              The most. is pharmaceutical companies
                      The system concerns mebefore the sopeople arebe another White greedy and the
       The extremely high cost was working problemThis isobvious to being fleeced. got and loan mess t
                                                          female     NULL        No        saving
2644                              is on the verge working class NULL
                                               to take the all basic health care they pay for those access
                    I think the govt needs most of over public people can afford to trade-off anything. a
       I feel that the 'system' dont think Educateimploding. that ultimately services and lack of who canto
                                                          female                 No        White
2645                             Increase in they medicine hospital services, prescriptions and doctors h
                                                medicare male
                                                          paymentsNULL everyone pays for socialized medicin
                    There should be socializedcharge for for on pharmacy everyone should medicineser
       There is no end in sight for what Govenment controlall that people, prices, socialized be able to w
                                                                                 No        White
2646                               think that the countrymany NULL country.
                                               universal healthcarefor this vulnerable Americans. That Con
                                                             is ready in universal
                    We need a system of Provide tomale working and for healthcare. I think more Ame
       That it is unaffordableI and unaccessableaffordable healthcare No all Americans!    White
2648                              move to care inpayer medications
                                               single and word to to simplify need generalist medical practit
                                                           drug        many No
                    We shouldManageda Reinis a dirty systemNULL - wethe process. All individual, emp
       Exorbitant costs for care, hospitalization,themale companies, insurance profiteers, and lawyers.
2650                Single to a single payer system female prices for incompetent HMOs for a single pay
       We need to movePayer                   Single Payer
                                 Trade off paying outrageous NULL                No        White
2651                              A single Single payor systemNULL
                    single payor systempayor systemmale        would
       High Cost and relative poor quality, fragmentation allow citizens improved access to the doctor
                                                                                    No        White
2654                              The American must quality care and perscription White are on the control
                                              right, and is co-pays should be afforded have so high, benifi
                    YES! health care is a We publicloosen the holding corporationsto everyone equally,
       It's so expensive, even with health insurance,already NULLthatdown jobscostsfor the health it's a s
                                                             female                 No        just
2658                              A majority of Americans to receiveindustrialized country, the US should ad
                                              Similear to male other quality health care.
                    A taxpayer-funded national system guaranteeing health care White some sort would
       Exorbitant costs overwhelm Americans' ability would agree to higher taxes all Americans of natio
                                                                         NULL       No        to for
2688                              Get          making services Make singleNo
                    Remove private profit Government sponsoredwar unprofitableWhiteinsurance with no p
       It fails too many people. out of war immediately. from health care. healthdrafting all profits of
                                                             male        NULL        payer     by
2691                                 mostly working poor- would not
                                               most a national conversation fundingbyWhite primary care an
                    Single payorthink every person covered favor fully No                      experts
                                                                                    health low cost without financi
       The millions of peopleI - with that Have people who doNULLhave guided care coverage. The lack o
2697                NULL          NULL        NULL
       Companies like Wal-Mart pushing employees into governmentNo
                                                             NULL        NULL        programs designed for workers w
2705                                don't and Insure our children and take on a thanOther signed on to gre
                                                 we should or underinsured! just if wepercentage of the cost
                                                                settle NULL          first;       must
                    I think employers think uninsuredfemale for anythingIYes larger affordable, high quality
       The fact that so manyI people arethe government should elderly less recently got prioritize, they s
2706   NULL         NULL          NULL        Citizens need to organize - withdraw health insurance to Congr
                                                             female      NULL       No        White
2708                               people. I am a 22-year old human having that morenor most people th
                                              Universal high working man and a White money witheld I
                      feel mostMost health care is amale not mind right,No a littlebasic human right andem
       The lack ofI it for that qualitypeople I know wouldquality health care isneither Igovernment and frok
                                                                         NULL        and      the
2715                              about Americans so willing Americans don't even White assuredcare All."c
                                              Medicare for All, to NULL
                    Yes, we need a national thatare female so every single American "Medicare for and th
       I am most concerned I think the facthealth care system, e.g. Ted Kennedy'shas medical coverag
                                                                         pay increased taxes for health medical
                                                                                    No        have
2716                Our it is. I'm not sure.  Regulate health care in prices that these pharmaceutical it m
       How expensivegovernment should providethe outrageousAmerica. Maybe that would make com
                                                             male        NULL       Yes       NULL
2717                              Everyone is of physcians that INULL safely use. needed
                                              Insurance female have ins through your company gopeople can
                                                             If you       can
                    Single payer health care plan/streamline paperwork...get everyone according like so
       Insurance does not cover the kind covered. $ to be spent as idividually InWhite in the pool to belie
                                                                                    No         Europe        ahead and
2718                              If we had aFinding government, Keeping tabs onAmerican Indian or manag
                                                 of medical of control would love to companies. state run or
                    I beleive more scrutinyreliablea way to auditIover insurancesee drug companies, pha
       Lack of health care for every american. Lack providers. medical providers, an either Poor Alaska N
                                                             male        NULL       No         overcharging, double c
2719                              Stop paying Also, more funding for reserach i.e. HIV, cancer, who priroti
                                              We wars and should cover aways/taxWhite a partnership. Hh
                    The federals and care. forcould start by electing more uninsured in vision,long-term ill
       Price and professionalism ofstate governments corporate givethe leaders breaks. That alone wo
                                                             male        NULL       No          with
2732                                think the American "MedicareNULLstreamlined, easy-to-understand healt
                                                All" or toomale Americans. No
                    Institute "Medicare reach for a public program.       for
       Adequate health care Iis out offorInstitutingsimilar wants a All" or a similarWhite     program.
2734                                One as a economics ofAmerican as a provider think payment byimprove
                                                I don't know. another culture is highly health African American
                    concerns: Personally, consumer female     and important recommendation to care
       I have two I don't understand theMy single mostour payment system. I ofBlack ormake to alzheime
                                                                         NULL       No          individualistic, and mo
2735                                able      NULL           a day
                     people areNULL to afford health care in NULLmoreNo more spend that much to s
       That fewer If this country can spend billions male andIraq, we certainly can corporations doing aw
                                                                         with        and      White
2737                              Not sure. cost of formale    regular is to employers, toWhite to scale back the
                    Because is healthcare system is a burden forcing many employers a medical emerg
       Two things. The firstourthe risingIn orderhealth care people to be ableand is one of the major co
                                                                         NULL       No
2768                                          Make it accessable to all, support a tax increase afford
                                                                                               who to if it would
                    A costs health care system needs to be created just paid Declineall taxpayers brin
       The spiralingNational The American public would probably not and thosefor by cananswer it. with
                                                             male        NULL       No Response
2769                  sick        NULL         doctor, female
       When I getNULLor in need of theNULL I can not afford to seeNo doctor.White
                                                                         NULL        a
2771                               increased`taxes tonational health health care covers everyone, adminis
                                              Enact a amount of NULL progressive tax that goes
                                                                           by a
                    we uninsured Americans program comprhensive benefit package and easily acces
       the number of need a national health - theget afundedtheprogram thatdollar structure foris acces
                                                             female                 No        White
2777                                think should be all inclusive member health centers that and should be
                                               somethingfemaledid toward I would is so segmental pay all kinds
                                                                                                 to work
                    Yes, I thinkI there government views happen medicine are no White toshould be Als
       The fact it is so expensive and if Westernservices to people whohaveablemeans providefor it. gea
                                                                         NULL       No
2779                               entitled byhealth care becauseNULL all practices will it with universal he
                                                government, with strict and contribute White
                    Universal coverage to Eliminate lawyers and insurance companiesone way tradeoff.
       Every human being isOpen, citizen controlled operations control over costs.requireanotor anothe
                                                             male                   No        to
2780   high cost no                           hold all large companies responsible for providing health benef
                                  smaller raises to insure paid health benefitsmake White
                                                             female      NULL       No Response
2790                                          get an average family can different the cost
                    not sure not sure havethe doctor and hosptials not afford itWhite of living is gettin
       it is becoming too expensive tobecause everyones life style isto reavaluate their costs these doc
                                                             female      NULL       No
2807                If the ordinary visits. The insuranceprovidersonly benifitdo, they could provide Blue no
                                  Govermental pet projects. These employers the Clerks,to and official, Sh
                                              Having a few for like such is too high due Regence greate
       The high cost of Government provided health careMalpracticeas Retail compniesoverinflated law
                                                             male        NULL       No        White
2850                              None. doctors same education, options. of money,
                                                 the still think they deserve a No
                                                               I'd be NULL          lot        of the nurses much
                    Everyone should havepersonally,health willing to give up a There isdefense don't ge
       That not everyone has it, thatBut Education, female careand education.lotWhitethatway too budgetig
2857                                          NULL                                             out the
                    Basic health care should be available be provided by cutting White high administra
       Expense and inequityCoverage for everyone canto everyone automatically, perhaps with some
                                                             male        NULL       No
2858                              Something good asus used
                                               to help be freeout.
                    It should not even as It should it female likeNULL countries, or White
       It costs to much. It's be free, like other countries. to be ( coverage wise.)Other countries have fre
                                                                         other      No         at least less expinsive.
2859                              Depends on which socio-economic institutional system to William one M
                                               of a we asmaleintegrated             1/23/05 talking - this
                     it is in accept a better ordered previosly NULLgroup you are White for care is Frist o
                                                               a         provide No
       How much Pleaseneed of a copy How letter andnation written. and financeSenatorcare for the ind
2860                NULL                      Ask Republican  Representatives are
                                   Senate spending. offemaleSenators andNo in the middle of rich a nd corp
       The fact that the U.S. No pork and House Stop immoral wasteful spending. Make trying tocontinu
                                                                         NULL        Congrewssmen why they make
2861                                number ofof psychiatry damn is nopsychiatrists have been One does tho
                                                evil, cold-blooded evil real use psychiatrists. holding and w
                                                              cannot NULL                      field
                    I feel that if the American rid of the whichkiller any Nazi to the than of medicinetarget
       That for a long time, aGetting rid Get peoplefemale have killerinsurance, White neither should not
2862                                           of tax cuts male wealthy.
                                                              to the NULL
                    Universal Cancelling National Health income folks
       The uninsured folks. health insurance free to lowInsurance. No                         White
2868                              Poor question. Whatat the offor That taxNo be a provide an income guar
                                              A 100% use is it basic should
                    Government should paymajor revisionleast. people to careto Other
       Everyone has a right to basic health care, of neededfederalhealthsay what those whose income O
                                                             male        NULL        policy for trade-offs they thinkso
                                                                                              self-evident truth in a i
2877   NULL                                   make it pass on NULL
                                  less money for waravailable savings to health
                    national healthcare - managed-by gov. to all Americans. care and education. take
                                                             male                   No        White
2880                                person should contribute to workplace,restaurants,bars,malls,hotels,stad
                                              outlaw smoking oneNULL of health care if to have accountabi
                    Every adultThe becoming our numberin theproblem.No We health care. They want e
       1. Health care cost rapidlyAmerican pulbic is unrealistic in response to needable. The idea of un
                                                             male                     2.      White
2881                              Whatever is to everyone the above without take equal I suspect
                                              Eliminate after
                    of preventive treatment needed duplication and make access White for The if we h
       availability Make medicare coverage available to everyone changesrespect to age. all addition
                                                             male        NULL       No         place.
2882                               health learn of new it would so preferable. We working. It is the good
                                              Ration healthcare be though No         through the used care clinic
                    A have noPeople insurance coverage eventhat the dollars can amedia and believeat
       Many peopleone payer system seems like tests and treatmentsthey arearebehealthforjust not aff
                                                             female      NULL                 White
2885                               is this, "Our"? : broader coverage Private by creating : price caps
                                              Reduce bureaucratic inefficiency management care. People
                    Our? WhatIncreased taxes"We" do not have a way of paying NULL a Universal, care
       lack of adequate, basic coverage for those who cannot pay into a private plan. Our health Trans
                                                             male        NULL       Yes       for health
2888   Cost                                   The niching of providers (for No
                                  more copays able to join a state/federal government sponsored physician
                    all individuals should be but no change in benefits profit specialty hospitals,group hea
                                                             female      NULL                 White
2890                              I think about physicianswould that encourages for 10% decisions of each
                                              allow information
                    Not fundamentally. A multi-payermale on NULL         provider performance to show through pub
                                                                  hospital willing to pay theWhite creates significan
       The lack ofclear information most Americanssystem be cost and quality, whichof the cost to be m
2891                              Hard say. groups are are generally concerned a "citizen," I reasons of a
                                              Single payer against the
                    As above. I knowmight Individuals universal health care as about their ownor I canan
       Although being a physician tomanydisqualify male from NULL idea,inputmanagedselfish think an equ
                                                                         providing Nogenerally for by CMS needs c
2892                              Studies consistently show provision government, Whiteeach year. broad
                                               Americansstill access to health insurance ensure a It make
                    Yes. Payments should probablymale come from of health careemployers and individu
       The fact that at least 45.8 millionMaintain privatethat the majority of Americans prefer assystem a
                                                                         NULL       No          and
2893                              get all haswecoveredfemale
                                                  a need a universal NULL care how muchwashington endles
                                                               for what is covered, system.in rescind the
                                                                           care. No               we need american is
                     all mess. nobody congressional and adminsitrative politiciansDecline to answer what do
       medicare is a americans should be clear idea ofhealthhealth congress shouldis covered, and state
2896                               is totally the health insurance industry, and more than
                                                Everybody in, nobody out! to pay rein pharmaceutical compa
                                                               through NULL
                     All system Get rid ofscrewed but forcing a sick NOW!!!!! inthat they can manage,
       The financing these entities should pay, up, female thetax-based systemWhite makes everyone c
2897                              This need to and
                                                A containswastemotive out ofNo the overuse of education for p
                                                               profit of NULL ask
                                                                 an      money health care. For medical techno
                     Yes. I think of questiontake the femaleApproach. from me about real me it makes se
       The defensive practice wemedicinePublic Healtherror. If youPut money intotrade-offs in benefits
2899                               payer systems all tests or treatments are
                                                implement female
                                                               a single NULL
                                                                         of prescription drugs, lower administrative
                      of the system, high cost oflike the Canadian systemNo cost-effective. out of should be
       complexity yes, single realizing that notinsurance andpayer system. This will high Limits pocket co
                                                                                     deliver better outcomes at lower
2900                              Studies show we administered with single millions White covers extra cos
                                                A be can male all NULL many entity, increasing in constant je
                     Health insurance should health insurance,by a high quality health care efficiency by b
       That 45 million Americans have nounified health insurance administration thatareat noall, beside
                                                                          that      No          more
2901                              I should not be with people
                                                National no evidence of toNo up outcomes compared to o
                                                                employment.willing give
                     Health care think amountstied tomale areNULL Either it should profit private health in
       We are spending enormous the Americanhealth insurancebetter health for be individually paid fo
2902                              In the by the private by a progressive tax, willing to trade off Canada's b
                                                  financed national single
                                                                         industry. No
                     Health care should berun, the American public payer program, similar tosome benefi
       Inefficiency and profiteering long Institute a insurance NULL will bewith co-payments only for midd
                                                              male                              White
2903                              Right now Develop that a country as quality
                                                  the it is male new low rich countries, New Zealand, a beAu
                     yes socialized medicine have aprovided in model ofas the US still What million peo
       the rising cost of health care andweasfact unaffordableeuripeanNo healthWhite has 40could welln
                                                                         NULL          health care based upon and w
2904                              Less of uninsured andsimple single payer system that
                                                    supportingunder-insured folks. costs. They more low com
                     Insurance CompaniesWe need amale militaryhealthcarecomplex andslip between the
       The ever growing numbers moneysuck up nearly 30%NULLindustrialMany Whiteis run withfor afford
                                                                           of       No           people should be over
2905                              I people go a systemmale public health systems Whitetrade-offs. this cou
                                                expand existing that willingNo into any based on Even a
                                                                where NULL            to         pot
                     Yes. We need to go to without care public isthe main causeaof the VA andincometh
       The fact that 46 million don't think the Americanand everyone pays makelikebankrupcy inMedicar
2906                               has to be changed. last broken tax, everybody pays a have national
                                                Somehow insuranceNULL drug all we White
                                                                           and       companies Get clue, seek hel
                     Everything We has spent in the It's a10 a 15 years NULL still don't share,athe richy r
       all the money the country already pay taxes, have to flatsystemand together. haveato much powerh
2907                              None a co-op sector coverage, regionallyNo
                                                Universal http://www.healthdemocracy.org which has Environm
                     We by increasing numbers of Americans.NULL
       Lack of accesshave started are needed. I'm author of Emphasis on pills Other surgery. basis. http
                                                              male                    controlled book forthcoming.
                                                                            Health Democracy, on a co-op proven th
2908                              I coverage    Make anyone as for or ineffective quite White insurance pricin
                                                        it citizens, is all Americans.
                     improving orcan't speak for allavailable no NULL will would certainly consider a specia
       Lack of any or adequatechanging the systems butitmyself, but INo controls over as the majority
                                                              female      today       be        difficult
2909                              I think if allo berisk never haveNULL
                                                will a fool to care that any No 80%White 21st century last
                                                                            covered and          of in
                      twenties-somethings topreventative think isdependable coveragechronic'care is cove
       A lot of theA person would have Onelikely pool for everyone! employer coverage is going to job
2910                               through a Make trad-offs. We simply need.
                                                   make the private NULL care
                     Doing it all We needn't"right"itto and health care they No systems is to efficient we ne
       Universality. All persons have employersuniversally available. need to decidenotpay whatnor doe
                                                              male                              Other
2911                              given in a universal male
                                                throw world currentNULL leaves more White 46 a univerasal
                                                              health thenon-system 5, 10, than whatever it with
                                                                              yet                15%,
                     yes, we should have generalout the countries tax voting and implement the ease takes
       that it costs 50% more than theother 1st stupidity ofcare u.s. of 1, 2,population andmillion people c
2912                              Very few will forego congressman,that of financing to pay more for po
                                                  the system. The NULL A unified willing system where un
                                                                benefits,but         New
                     in the for-profit part Universal Medicard complexitymay besystem,causing,a Medica
       The waste Renew Medicare to ofConvinceoffemale for all.they aNo theMedicare/Universallot of som
2913                                should be funded through tax a largerand should White governmentemp
                                                 will am single and dollars role privately. Individuals and and
                     HealthcareAmericans Health care accept be managed for pay $1,200 quarterly for a
       Unaffordability and lack of access. I need to cannot self-employed. Ithebe readily accessible, ca
                                                              female     NULL       No          federal
2914                 NULL                       can afford female more shouldNo for more equally; quality tre
                                                              to pay NULL            pay
                                  those who Regulate insurance companies; pay doctorsfor same equal the
       the rising costs to consumers while the insurance companies continue to make huge profits;acc
2915                               NATIONAL choice. could health plans select we White now? We nearly
                                                NATIONAL HEALTH CARE. what been providers, competitio
                     WE to providers of my HEALTHCARE! worse thanNo limiteda there is ONE heal
       Limited access NEED Trade-offs??? What When be We need aIsystem whereprovider forhave lim
                                                              female     NULL         have      have
2916                              Every single year cover from risk sharingNo
                                                 are to the male
                                                               largest sickest individuals in the pool, then we thi
                                                                                      pool possible the urgency of ad
                     the way some people Create of double digit increases underscores(all Americans)and
       Inequity in If government is expected excluded all thecoverage, spiraling out-of-control costs, mus
                                                                         NULL                   White
2917                                The pharmaceutical does not NULL
                                                Everyone companies control by Medicare which Bush be run
                                                                         covered costs of medication and the HMO
                     Yes. Neither individuals nor employers should to involved in health care. Medicare c
       It's totally inadequate.The AMerican public should behave be make trade-offs. TheshouldAdminis
                                                              female                No          White
2918                              There is already ample expenditure thebroken. As Only a single payerth
                                                Expand 60% of the NULL    everyone, "system"incrementally, much
                     Government already finances Medicare tohealthandNoin the US. aprovide comprehen
       Our so-called health care "system" is fragmented, chaotic,incareperhapsWhitephysician, at firstofs
2919                              Fewer provider care.have a cost somehow.
                                                Address male   2.
                     I think the 3 quality health options Skyrocketing drug foot the bill.
       1. Affordable access to parties involved allthe high responsibility toprices.White
                                                                         NULL       No
2920                              I think the End by Dr.male J. Miller of Boulder, badly
                                                more would benefits.
                     I favor a system designed network accept a problemNo theCo.thatinsured. Current ne
       The uninsured and even slightly public important is the government plan Whitecompetes with Cho
                                                                         NULL         of         entitied Balanced curr
2921                                payer       Pass Conyers' HR676
                     Yes, singleNo tradeoffs needed. Don't                this
       profit motive denies health care to millions. female like NULLquestion       No          Other
2922                              I support an affordableresponsibility specifically designated investment; h
                                                Have pay some, I support to No
                     For those MCO's whose toit clinically managed a degree of individualfor fromdama
       It is too driven by Mc who can affordprimarymale increase isprimarily, and move awayuniversal w
                                                                         NULL       enhance White margins not the f
2923                              Properly explained, male health care No
                                                  government run, NULL
                     I favor a single payor, NULL increased economicsystem. inWhite  groups America and the retur
       The disparity in health care access between various income taxes (if actually necessary) inoveru
2924                               wasting too much time we Americans are abunch Decline to medicine.
                                                Tort reform, as money by practicing defensive by employers,
                     I providers None. I think is fine.male mentioned above. benefit spoiled babies The
       Health care think the current systembasically Health insurance isa Response offeredanswer who s
                                                                         NULL       No           of
2925                                think leads need amale
                                                 if everyone single The latest if families, White deathsspend 20
                                                                understands theirNo will tax health we due to la
                                                                                       we       18000
                     This mix who arethat We the working poor andthat studies suggest that insurance sys
       46 million uninsuredofI payers mostlyto complexity. payer universal nationaleveryone rather than
2926   NULL          NULL         NULL          NULL          male       NULL       No          White
2927                              I are many ways touniversal. health care, No be White statistics step, th
                                                  much achieve
                     Yes! are spending soMake it be willing to shoulder musthave politically in of resource
       The fact that we There think we need to money on it,Ifbut there ayet doneredistribution one that com
                                                              female     NULLcan't be
                                                                          this                  health
                                                                                       short-term cost increase, financ
2928                              They'll to willing to pay single-payer, health care system.
                                                A                 higher NULL
                     Free it from employers universal,corporate insurance companies. Make it universall
       That there's unequal access be it. and hugefemale taxes when they realize the increase in tax
                                                                                    No          White
2929                              the government should play NULL
                                                Accessibility                        in
                     I think that Increased taxes (espcailly a larger roleNo covering less war and regulat
       The cost dedictating the type of care you receivefor the super wealthy) and the costs materials. A
                                                              female                            White
2930                              I think most must cover America todaywomen's health, able to a birthcont
                                                It to care female willing to is for it who is including business
                     Set me system similarAmericansSecurity NULL pay No universial health care pays in
       What concernsup a most about healthSocialin are aspects of everyone has turned intopay through
                                                                         where       that       White
2931                              Right now everyone knows thatNULL with No this isWhite
                                                Cover single-payer plan             the          a recipe the chief paye
                     of uninsured people due to the high cost of insurance - government very disaster W
       High rates It should be streamlined to aall Americans. our health care system isas for unstable.du
2932                               past 40 years, I necessary forNULLpublic, onlycopay or companies, mem
                                                Provide for seenMedicarethe all in no for drug
                     I want theNo trade-offs arehavemale health carewithmedical evolve from all kindsmi
       As a physician forto see government pay government-supported the U.S.White other financial dis
                                                                                    No           services (of being a ex
2933                                insuranceMake that are years NULL
                                                   tradeoff - male affordable and left I was to every American
                                                              If care
                     I need poolThere is no rates health you giveago, When Iacessableunder COBRA from
       My wife Pattie and I started a small business 2 competative to to affordable rates rates without p
                                                                            access No
                                                                                    major corporation to small busine
2934                                single payer, Medicare for Single PayerWe have enough money in deat
                                                  so many people, NULL
                                                                to make tradeoffs.No            color, die untimely the
                      It is criminal because don't needfemale All national heatlhcare system, enhanced to N
       It is unfair. We need aNone. WeMedicare for All -- particularly people of American Indian or Alaskaco
2935                              The public wantsminimum guaranteed health care White
                                                 have this male
                                                              problem taken carenot I responsible for providing m
                                                                                      of.       benefits.
                     Yes, changes should All Americans should should No be covered public is open to h
       It is important that all Americans be made. Employers be elgible and think the under a minimal g
2936                                 we could educateMedicare and adopt that bill are already paying for E
                                                  single them and tell them a the lack of in congress
                     Absolutely, profiteers like insurance companies havesingle payer system. most un
       the high expense, theIfwe need aExpandpayer system. We and Noatheynowcoverage for calledciti
                                                              female     NULL                   White
2939                 expenses are increasingto pay healthcare;nothing less.
                                  Incrase taxes cost for healthcare.paperwork.
                                                Universal than the with
       healthcare Address the 25% or morefasterof dealingcost of living.
                                                             male        NULL       No          White
2940                                             limited accessible, costwise to employers
                                  Finance or Make it paid by employees and all
       costliness subsidies or caps on amount access to costly expenditures related to cosmetic surge
                                                             female      NULL       No          White
2942                               should notSwitch to a would
                                                    Problems associated system
                                                                 in healthcare. would help better wages. I believe
                    Employers If government involvedsingle beNULL LetNo   honest, them pay the public so much m
       The number of uninsured people.be leadersfemale payerwith managed care such asunderstand White
2943                              I so many Single-payorresidents.
                                                   Americans will unworkable, unfair, Incidentally, I health care,
                    The system should be scrapped.male do what it Canada. bad for the health a too m
       1) Lack of coverage forthink mostworking US Itsystem, as in takes to get reasonable am ofCanad
                                                                         NULL       No          White
2944                This manyThey would be willing to pay forNULLcostsNo as cost of the lines of Socia
                                     be a government-managed and funded program White coveragethe natio
                                                Equate health care with education stabilized. The in puts pe
       The fact that so shouldpeople are uninsuredmaleunderinsured. The highan investmentbenefits sh
                                                                          it if        were     along
2945                                middle ofFor non-surgical andNULL MHMRs, school-funded Medicaid pro
                                                  adequate reimbursement least
                                                               - but
                    Cut out theTax lack co-paymentsmale take outatfor No cut their reimbursement pay t
       Lack of adequate access, withman (MCOs and HMOs)orthopedic doctors build in incentivebyof h
                                                                            or       mental health providers, lack 60
2946                NULL
       Cuts to medicaid           NULL          Focus more on primary care No
                                                             male        NULL                   White
2947                              NULL            payor system. enormous amounts of money are wasted in ins
                    we should have a onesingle payor health NULL costNo   high
       1. large number of uninsured and under-insured. 2.care system prescription drugs 3. the ine
                                                             female                    of       White
2948                I believe that we need to stepa alternativeNULL realted to the be treatments getting he
                                  I don't think alsois back and that get creative to White Really that only h
                                                   this thinkfemale
                                                               that Hopsital
                                                                          methods to            issue.
       The costs and the unwillingness Ito look at questionreallyisreallyNo trditional looking at changingb
                                                                                      need about not just who pays,
2949                              I'm not sureinsurance for to entire working
                                                    health care my government Since suchnow have to the throu
                    Yes, we should not link trade-offsmale employment, but shouldI fund health care Cana
       The fact that, after paying healthMake it universal,to be made. No career,White large percentage o
                                                                         NULL          sponsored.....similar to worry ab
2950                              I think the Move can single payer system.
                    Yes. of uninsured. no longer be brought around to see that joining a global econo
       The vast numberEmployers can public to aafford to provide health insurance in the nationwide ri
                                                             female      NULL       No          White
2951                                States care for to has it clear that role
                                                 seem                     4) the
                    The UnitedAmericans NULL childrenaccepted is weNoof "backstop" for society's woe
       Emergency care (including allgovernment makeunderNULL the mostwilling to pay higher taxes if
                                                             male                     are pressing need for gov't prov
2952                The government whoMake it univeral and NULL care, for system paid for with an empl
                                  The most important thing is themake it equitable for all citizens. care the m
                                                 can afford female to best
                                                              it get
       That it is inequitable. Those should provide a universal health care all citizens. Health Then is a A
                                                                          equitableNo           rest
                                                                                        and the Whiteget substandard or
2953                              controls byUniversal health care for allgovernment uhhh, the government)
                                                 government over that the No                     is not
                    Yes, universal unaffordable to most centralized system (like, White doing something
       That it's inaccessible and health care through a andincreases in cost of medicines, taxes of indiv
                                                             female      NULL
2954                              Higher not Make the self-employed,national accessible, to prolonging orp
                                                 work. We either need a those working care
                    This system does taxes. Make palliative care available as opposed especially up,dea
       The high cost, foremost, especially for affordable/free health care health White system set to thea
                                                             female      NULL       No           for small companies,
2955                               grow up toWe many other Western for lower costs and availability in hav
                                                 so MUST male up NULL
                    We MUST Longer waits for thepeople. and join the other Western countries to ALL
       Its high cost and unavailability and joinelective procedurescountries in having universal, single-p
                                                                                    No          White
2956                                single rich. broaderfemaleof like that inNogood seems at be nearly healt
                                                Use one care plan military toCanada. Look that common g
                                                               idea       for that                 Make
                    We me aTax thepayer I'd be half of thethe commonhappen.White to it the system and
       What concernsneedmost is that the healthquite willingNULL budget to invest in education, lost in
2957                              The American public malealready health care coverage. the wasting 300
                                                Single-payer,universal NULL
                                                                         coverage 48 all. White
                    Single-payer, taxpayer-financed hasuniversal leavestheir benefits via Quitcost-shifting
       Cherry-picking by insurance companies and physicians traded No million citizens uninsured and
2958                               Insurance coverage should of NULL the employer/corporate control an
                                                                          care,        on
                      concerns Not sure... Divorce health insurance fromNo of "noblesse oblige" of ande
       My biggestDefinately!are the ever increasing costsNOT dependlackthe competitiveness between
                                                             female                             White
2959                               should do what making the costs costs,care,the bills. do toanyway. Gover
                                                  and ever male all of and they do in will end answer
                    Individuals We will be required tothe way the we pay No Response worse. conmtrols o
       The government getting involvedGet out of is required,healthreliability even Thefine with out inter
                                                                         NULL        all they Decline less
2960                  continued go to decrease in medicine basedthanthe expansion of FEHB.
                                    focus on curative choice.
                                                Fund health promotion on prevention.
       The cost ofWe shouldSome a single-payer systemrather and prevention at at least 50% of every
                                                             female      NULL       No          White
2961                              I action small businesses to toHealthcare, by focusing
                                                Lowering the cost beget     willng to people on more making Americ
                                                                                                 employees. 2.)Govern
                    1.)Tax incentives tofrom the government provide insurance toWhite onin taxes to see
       1.)That there is no real think most Americans wouldof NULL more pay a little a healthcare plan. 2.
                                                             male                   No
2962                              difficult if not impossiblehealth too mayfinancial-- have access tomyth tha
                                                Focus to tie for --people & No
                    I making it At it is point the vast majority ofNULLvocalto employment.
       That cost is do not think this reasonableresources far coveragepeople to onbelieves therathercare
                                                             female                    public still prevention the
2963                              Unfortunately, don'tsocializedrise. care should not Decline to to can't any tr
                                                shared. believe medicine we doesn't produce a black con
                    The cost needs to be We IneedThe accessNULLThat No believe willing answer nor cur
       That the costs for adequate health care continue tothat we Americans are that if we makebe mar
                                                             female       to         that        be complicated
2964                               so a knowGet a national system so have people can get health care.
                                                             cannot NULL
                    Yes, we is don't national people female afford toprogram
       The insurance cost need high many health care health carethat No it.          all        White
2965                              I don't know. too expensive. NULL
                                                for            services beginning in
                    Universal everyone. Preventionfemale Excessive costs for White     purchase  malpractice insurance a
       It is not accessible tohealth care It is everyone. Individuals mayNo infancy.additional services if a
2966                                 think should be completely to NULL
                                                I don't are female how payer system why doesn't get
                                                             willing be unaffordable that Theto happened, the
                                                                                     how         care. insurance indus
                    Yes, I thinkI there Americansa National single taxed No or it DeclineHowever, withbut
       What concerns me most about health care today isunderstand for healthis. it has answerbogged d
2967                                single-payerfederal universal, isurance at for all health care much with th
                                                A system, male like Medicare, system on the Medicare Ame
                    We need insurance suggest any health single-payerall would save so costs, money
       1. Inadequate healthaEstimates or lack ofthat a single-payer system for growing numbers ofmode
                                                                         NULL       No          White
2968                              I should to be linked male tradeviewed No a right ofifevery person,to insu
                                                Health careto be be unfair health care
                                                                should is offs as                  employed and not ju
                    Health care don't think there should which NULL toshould thea right provided the emp
       Health Care is presently linkednot employment employment. It to both be Whiteeverybody wasever
2969                                 Inequitable financing. Helath fair Health would be 0 Americans.
                                                 are willing male a insurance No pharmaceutical profits. all
                                                              to pay NULL            and          all for
                    Yes, we should begin a Universal Single Payer system that would people up toLack
       Inadequate coverage.Americans Universal, Single-Payertax that Care forWhite cover everyone300
2970                               a a be a Start sell to slow. Begin by providing basic the bang for the
                                                 payer system. of uninsured keeps rising and volunteer they
                    Would prefer Free Clinic. The number Americans toNo up any ofhealth services thr
       I am the nurse mgr at It willsingletoughlow; go askMedicare currently gives the mostbenefits clinics
                                                             female      NULL                   White
2971                              I belive, switchneed to realize that large majority of is directly people to
                                                We unaccessable to a americans health have no problem are
                                                                                      The would
                    American needs to if explained correctly, mostthe nationsfor-profit health industry wit
       Since health care is unaffordable andto a single payer system. No Responseamericans, relatedhas
                                                             female      NULL                   Decline to answer
2972                              Every American to system. to all. "managed care"coverage including a p
                                                Make it bemale gained have how medicalDecline it answer
                                                                                    No profits company executives,
                     the supposed cost out of the availableRegulatebasic much $$out of to and make itpars
       Despite all Take the big profits savings citizen shouldfromTake the Responsehealthcare costs have
2973                              Take the premiums now paid to HMOs and
                                                Single it most. I"m now
                    Single payer!!!! I"m from CanadafemaleI much under that system. It to underfunded, bu
       You can lose insurance when you needpayer system!!!! prefer No divertwhich willgovernemnt yea
                                                                         NULL         Cobra, them is expire in a to p
2974                drop                        universal health
                                  one payer health
       no insurance the employer pays part caremale care for all No      NULL                   White
2975                                            We need a have payer
                                                               single NULL
                                  NO trade system. Medicare for all sysytem. It insurance companies peo
       EverythingGo to a single payer off we don't male to. We need to stop would be cheaper and and
                                                                                    No Response Other
2976                               have health must cover allfor care. Hownot cover White
                                                It longer waits Americans. It to reacheveryone, and
                    Employer Higher taxes,care is no expensive, does No time forand surgeries. is care.
       Too many Americansbased inadequate or too health non-emergency tests everyone,not justa bur
                                                             female      NULL          is           universal health the r
2977                                 cannot taxes on tobaccocare NULL by Noof thethat with all income taxed
                                                Have it health and at allall sources
                    We need aIncreaseafford anycompletely fundedbecause income covers every single
       Too many people who completely federally funded health care the Federal govenrment to coverc
                                                             male                    system costs.
2978                Ultimately, Thethe individual whodoes not seem of inNo tocoverage to no coverage at l"
                                   it's American and growing number to me
                                                Eliminate female upNULL
                                                              winds                   each of the examples consider
       What concerns me most is the large puplic the systempaying peoplebe inWhitemood 'haves' cite: ae
                                                                           of providing who have the to you and
2979                              No "trade-offs" in a complicated health too has already and eroded to ev
                                                The simplesy, most NULL    system that requires huge Medicare by c
                    Too many payers makes for benefits! Ourstraightforward way: extend administrative
       Health insurance costs too much, covers too little, leaves outcare many peoplebeen seems to be
                                                             male                   No          White
2980                              similar a federal everyone are Medicare the Social system -
                                                cover program with NULL  a single No
                       think it every excessive costs have like now with payer adequate health care tax
       the systemI causes should beto those they which to put up killingandcurrent Security. perhaps shou
                                                             female                   jobs.     White
2981                                  a health Start expandingexample, manyto
                                                  a single payer care in a way graduallyWhite age group groups(
                    I have always program could be presented to all, by on overcome our very efficient 6
       So many people haveIfno thoughtinsurance. male system,based No expanding the demogogueryM
                                                                         NULL           people in the
                                                                                                  including more 55 to
2982                             do not have access businesses won't beNo to see over theirwork andha
                                             Provide universal amount of administrative paper political its
                    A Single Payer system would reduce thecare.                    able
       That so many people I fear that American to healthhealth care access as Medicae does, and als
                                                           female    NULL                   White
2983                             most system Remove ALL soda and drugs that have insurance. on decad
                                                             the generic "fake No
                    A SINGLE payer PROVEN,48 MILLION US citizensfood" NOWhite :)) Self proces
       It is not affordable for Using people. willCHEAP, BILLIONS of dollarsfrombeen aroundThatemploy
                                                                     NULL         have spent each year for not w
2984                NULL                     That all peoplerich healthcare peopleWhite
                                                            the have basic       All          should
                                 I think we need to prioritize and poor. Nospending. This may basic cru
       The disparity of available benefits between female our NULL healthcare available.have sound hea
2985                It health care is for tiedsingle payer system similar No ridthrough a single payer syst
                                 Under a through our male insuring everyone of the overhead that we cu
                                             A to employment. ItNULL costly under WhiteCanada and most
       The fact that should be paidtoosingle payer system you would getmake up to current system, we
                                                                      is too     in          the
2986                               believe we would accept a tax increase No pay forWhite
                                             Pay working    percentage of         to          universal health care.
                    Transfer ofI a small but thefor healthpoor. funds normally allocated to pay for health
       Lack of coverage for children and sufficient maleusing NULL the Defense budget to Defence.
2987                             Pay higherGet + insurance companies out
                    Single payer access for health care access across No of youway afford for
       Affordability and being able to keepalltheoption for private insurance if theWhite at leastit. basic h
                                                           male      NULL         jobs.         can
2989                             ROLL BACK TAX CUTS AND NULL
                                               ALL.COST--2006 PAYER FOR THEWITH OR 2766.00 FO
                    NATIONAL HEALTHCARE ON A SINGLEWILL PAY 230.5 PER MO 200,000 PER G
                                                           male                  No          OVER
2990                                         Make health care toNULLa access offered benefit of having a
                    Access to I think we’re about readyparta back to taxing the rich at a reasonable
       I worry most that me, healthcareand my be a right, not gocapriciously to healthcare because for re
                                 my family should friends will not havecomprehensive, visionary plan we a
                                                           male                  No         White
2991                               a basic right, trade have currentMedicare. Medicare in the world. Al
                                             Go don't off our like for-profit
                                                             system care                      nation
                    We need aVery happy to to a single-payerNULL in No employer provided, expensive
       That all Americans, as single-payer nationalmale healthsystem. the richestWhite allows doctor choic
2992                             The rich shouldn't have to trade off to pay rather let
                    Why for all thepublic NULL                       this time No           it.
       The lack thereofnot tax people. and the corporations NULL anything; for White everyone assum
2993                Get rid when I need one shouldfemale 24taxes and No I am there are enough docto
                                 I would be We because they arecompanies.
                                             happy to pay more NULL
                                                             have                  and        told
       I cant find a doctorof the waste and excess insurancehr/day clinics sothatWhitedont have to use th
                                                                        booked,know people to use the ER eve
2994                             I all Americans. willing to shiftNULL private insurers to a should be shifte
                                              I'd be                  from
                    Money fully spent on Universal single-payer health care on insurers government sing
       Its failure to cover now know thatwasteful for-profit HMOs and for-profit the model of Physicians
                                                           male                  No         White
2995                                of Americans Ia a havepayerNULL access covers every care.
                                             Go to single faith no    system that           of health
                    Absolutely.Probably none. tohave littlepayer system No to decentthe American citize
       The enormous number We should go who singlelittle or in the willingness White "haves" to do an
2996                access for IALL          Government to pay more
                                     system, supported by provided..payed for by tax White    assure
       Affordable Governmentbelieve most are willingtaxes. NULL to in taxes todollars. that all can get
                                                           male                  No
2997   cost                                   should be male accountable...they haveWhite insurance industry
                                 If 80% of all healthcare entity to oversee and police 6 months of life we to
                    Insurance companies Establish an dollars are spent No the last too many loopholes ne
                                                                     NULL         in            the
2998                   think thatThe trade off that care for all, regardless isthe huge Insurance we are al
                                    affordable health wouldall the reason for economics. that Pretend to s
                                             Do away with willingly give up of Companies
       The lack of Ieven basicprivate insuranceI has beenof the Insurance thepredicament that Premium
                                                           female    NULL        No         White
2999                                your employment. female
                    Get privateUnfortunately, toothatWith layoffs, downsizing, of taxes. It's time for beune
                                             I think manycertain NULLwhine about health making money; a
                                                            a Americans
                                                                      minimum No             offshoring creating Am
       The fact that it's tied tobusiness out of health care. Business only cares White care should the gu
                                                                                  level and about
3000                             If get wasDevelopcare public would necessary to "existing lawmakers to
                                               health political
                                                             catastrophic coverage due White
                    my wife can't universal all inclusive, where everyone enrolledtofinance same comprehe
       That I and Single payer plan comprehensivemale pressure be willing to receives program through
                                                                     NULL        No          persuade conditions".
3001                               single payer system male
                    We need aHigher co-pays on higher cost NULL
       Cost Restrictions Paper Jungle Make it universal treatments               No         White
3002                             That depends on getting too little a return
                                             The system is you are one suggestion White Most are payer s
                      are spending too much andwhetherso brokein have or a have not. fix single only thin
       Waste. WeDefinitely. Health insurance should be decoupled from employment. Ait. The satisfied
                                                           male      NULL        No          can't
3003                                         Limit the amount of care not No involved in the be
                    I think the I think some of the just regulate and health insurers can make.changed.
       It's cost prohibitive. government should specialized profit for older adults should money
                                                           male      NULL                   White
3004                              believe legal alien methods ofcovered by catastrophic diagnostic and ve
                                                current should be NULL the insurance companies standardiz
                    Basically, IA trade-off As a beginning, insist controls are appropriate. It is just that the
       I believe that every citizen andthemight include stricterpayment No the type of insurance at theele
                                                           male                   on        White
3005                               universal be willing to healthcarecountry wealthiest country Howeever,
                                             Cover everyone in this system.
                    We need 43 m dont single-payer pay somewhat the& taxesWhite
       I am concerned that aWe wouldhave healthcare in the U.S. ,higherdo it withneed be.in Single-Pa
                                                           female    NULL        No           if Universal the world.
3006                             We employers are responsibleitfor foolish to level of healthbelieve which
                                                have providing so NULL minimum careWhite          that care to some
                    I do so much money 1. not "rationing"health athe to all our as if their employees. He
       We are wastingnot believealreadybyWe should establishiscare healthtalk citizens. Iwould behealth
                                                           female                No
3007                             Maybe some reduction in accessto 64 national obligation and shame on
                                             Make universal national. Perhaps we procedures, that could p
                                                                     45 when No
                    We need to go statewide emergencyextensive/extraordinaryneed an too far and prev
       Uneven access: So many have only (CA) and/or health care a things have gone employer-paid e
                                                           male                             White
3008                               don't see Nationalizefemale require
                                             that we would but to doctors system. Force
                                                             it, not medicaid and   control
                    Bring the whole country companies,havethe give upYes hospitals. all emplyers pe
       All the money is goingi to health ins into medicare andNULL stateanything White Chronically illto c
3009                             They should be able to at the that healthcare so expensive that many ca
                                             Give kind of Universal miracles insurance, with limits, so th
                     me that got to ordinary check up accept doctors office isinsurance. It is unfair to ask
       It concernsWe havejust an have someus some universalhealth No are not a birthright. Extreme
                                                           male      NULL                   White
3010                               single payer health services Health that are truly
                    We need aLimit for allof system; male               federal.
                                                            preferablythose No
       Lack of universal coverage typesCreate a "National toNULL Service" now. health and/or life threa
3011                                should should be tied
                    need singleitpayer systemrid of the to income so that they're affordable forsingle pay
       all should be insured, paymentsbe non-profit insurance companies and White
                                                           female    NULL        No         profit-taking, all
3012                Yes, America needs a tax supported, singlea tax supported, single all Americans. gi
                                 I think Americanssingle support payor healthcare insurance system
                                             Adopt would uninsured as well as care for payor
       The fact that some 45,000,000 Americans arepayor, universalhealth underinsured. coveringifev
                                                           male      NULL        No         White
3013                                         greater coveratecoordinate using electronic methods, long as pers
                    maintain More government butfemale for NULL      preventive for health care early symptom
       Lack of coordinationthe various sources involvement in payment health care andasincludingindiv
                                                                                 No         White
3015                             LOL; a trade off mightincreasing co-pays; long waits; little REAL pay one
                                              health care be nice NULL
                    we need nationalized get rid of the greed but I doubt its possible. Our gov. choice
       increasingly high cost; lowering coverages; female factor in health care; Let the system is for d
                                                                                 NULL       NULL
3016                             no shouldmake universal can easily afford us that
                                              be used toto itgarantee all expensive
                                                                       health Yes
                     can't afford it don't offs! access male -it's NULL assure to to all all Americans...red
       -those that our tax moneytrade have theitUS budgetfortoo and coverage covermedical students an
3017                             I a tiered needs should with educating the public...if youchoose persue a
                    health care think for small businesses,theNULL                          Decline do not
                                                                       self-employed and those whose to forego
       Affordable Yes, maybe plans thissystem to start be investigated.No Often people to answeremploym
3018                             For thirty years the RepublicansNULL so that all Americans would taxes a
                                             Get now the GOP has been No
                                                             to the   out
                    We would like don't have accessfemale systemcareeducating Americans thatbe cover
       That so many Americans to see a government-run health of power. WithWhite system. Democratic leadership
3019                             I'm not the don't think drug companies to all Americans do not have he
                                                 inequitable accessNULL working families have
                    is concerned be asureI that the overall public really grasps how many to it should no
       Our family There should aboutbasic standard of care available should beWhite and health care a
                                                           female                No          advertising drugs, cour
3020                             insurance and pharmaceutical company profits much; insurance and pha
                                             CONTROLmale COSTS
                    I think in between Americans should not have to No
       Lack of coverage that Regularjobs and/or after retirement. !!!! sacrifice are obscenely unfair, and
                                                                     NULL                   White
3021                             Neither universal, single SINGLE pay twice as similar toto answer in the
                                                Costs too We much health No
                    There should quality.UNIVERSAL, payer NULL care plan MEDICARE FOR SENIKODecline the ones
       Not available to all. Poorbe a is necessary. male alreadyPAYER LIKE much as FraNCE WHO Rr
3022                             I "payments by trade-off
                                              little profit-margins of pharmaceutical companies. (If that list, s
                                                            health coverage, It's
                    You left out think we could or no male companies." orfavor clear, even from your any w
       Many, many people I know have Limitinsurancepaying more in Nonot of paying less pretty darn e
                                                                     NULL          such limited coverage they nee
3023                             Cuts care military budget. care. want cuts of theWhite health care
                                               have no health
                    Universal healthin theAccess for male Undo iall                           last
       I am one of the working poor andwith a single payee NULL tax to see universalfive years for all
3024                             NULL         Single-payer plan. NULL
                      so should not lose not have health care.
       Simply thatOnemany citizens dohealth care female changing jobs. Response No          Decline to answer
3025                             I of those Single payergive up the illusion
                                               of ready to health NULL
                                                           have       system. No            have
                    I am in favorhope we are us who femalehealth insurance and those any control
       The vast inequity between a single payer health care insurance. that we Whitewho don't. over th
3026                             A be access. I'veillegal in Japan and the 20-30%tosystem wastes base
                                              Make it lived  would eliminate The currentnon-value-added overh
                    There shouldsingle payer system thefor insurance companies White             single payer and m
       Lack of affordable universal a single-payer -male government.Germany- onedeny coveragetoo the
                                                                     NULL       No
3027                               grievance needs accountabilityManagedNo Response which answer
                                               and appeals procedures Insurance ContractingGrievance neA
                    Office of ofThe Public Immediate female              & Law to deny COVERED Divisions &
                                                             Federal Health Enforcement
       Criminal enactment Personnel Managementrepeal of NULL used Care GovernmentOffice of Inspe
                                                                                            Decline to    elderly Man
3028                single       higher taxes.make high-quality healthcare available to everybody.
       cost and quality. payer or universal healthcare.    male      NULL       No          White
3029                             medical service and prescription be allocated only to a that all which ca
                                              Nationalized health care.
                    Bring both Higher taxes, but these tax dollarsprogram
       The high cost of all the above resources into a nationaldrugs. Nowhich insures progamcitizen ha
                                                           female    NULL                   White
3030                             No no health coverage.dental coverage No care system world's MOST t
                                              Abolish and insurance health
                                                                        whole already have by government. E
                    All of the cost trade-offs are necessary. Americansshould Run everything through N
       1. 45 million people havefor basic health health 2. TheNULL companies. beWhitethe is run as a com
3031                             citizens of Universal single by NULL
                                               benefits to the
                                                            health care), high cost, money system financed thro
                                                                      essential medical to that should
                     (too many Limiting without minimizedpayer systemNo tied services, medical used
       Availability The beaurocracy should bebasic male most having a single payeremployment.be care b
3032                             everyone will have to female work for certain employers.
                                                just pay for health NULL
                    this is an inefficient way to people systemcare. there should White morepayer system
       everyone should be covered, notsingle payer who trade-offs, not just thebe a single pharmaceuti
                                                                      for everyone!
                                                                                No          taxpayer. & more em
3033                             I believe coverage for the many
                                              Everyone in the basic
                    We cost, and lack ofthe will accepttoo system notion and develop one with everyone i
       It's complexity, must get free ofthey employment based system No social White
                                                           male      NULL         of        insurance, but acceptin
3034                             American public is healthcare for healthcare, fromWhite stick with job to ha
                                              Remove work now dependencies this can
                    more and more expensive for payingwith health care profecianals to addedbut preve
       It's getting Yes, at first govenment shouldordinary people and you have to bebe find outto taxes t
                                                           female    NULL       No            employment why the
3035                              - people too work full makeon and companiesthey is have to. cost-eff
                                              Refocus attention any to 44
                                                                     25 trade-offs,
                                                                                  taxes to control health
                    One payor system - allowing for-profit jobs preventive but whichgetting health insura
       Inequalities of accessThey are whospoiled totimeinsurancepayNo carearen't will the most care is
                                                           female                           White
3036                             The public Inact abe happy to NULL US premiums paid ofinvestor-owned
                                               would single-payer system forresidents.
                    I propose universal financing health carefor all US No
       Lack of universal coverage forhealth care financing elinimnateresidentsthe restto expansion of th
                                                           male       for all       joining White
                                                                                            through industralized
3037                             The American public's TV, get out procedures suchactive andon hugely e
                                              Shoot yourmale
                    Single-payer, access to for all. AdvertisingNULL is largely shaped by ignorance and
                                                             current attitude
                                                                        of drugs, surgery etc. Focus eat healthfu
       Lack of access to basic healthcare all. If necessary limit of yourNo stayWhiteheart transplantsex
                                                                                   car,        as
3038                                worse, employers are have had placeresponsibility incompetence, an
                                              The profit motive a universal Noof the waste, Make health care
                     concern isI that America does not havehas noenoughin healthWhitefor America's healt
       My biggestFor better orbelieve that Americans no longer takinghealth care system. Health care i
                                                           female    NULL
3039                             I would be I connected to the taxes he does NOTWhite we better
                                               happy to should have 24 hour clinics. Also, any openings for
                    I call a of waste that is think wepay moremultitude of insurance companies. access
       Whenever Get rid doctor, I am told by the receptionist that if I thought I could havehave a lot of p
                                                           female    NULL       No            have
3040                             Most access for the poor, elderly, for the No
                                              Stop wouldtax cuts to immigrants--including if cost effective h
                                                             accept NULL          government educating
                                                                                            Decline to working public
                    Yes--drastic changes--tax increases in appropriate tax increases support health ca
       The imbalance--the lack of Americansgivingfemale order corporations-- Start to theanswerthe poor
3041                               think people leaveshealth carepeople part of of one's tothroughout for un
                                              Universal male to excellent without access
                                                           too            have No             care deducted
                    Our in theI U.S. should have accessmany NULL basic health payemployment. their li
       All people livingpatchwork approach would be willing to independent their Whitebehealth care. Mos
3042                             I had some problemsthe Medicare, No control our the model for exte
                                              Since corporations now seem to
                                                             with                             are
                    While I havethink we need to for male uninsured. higher should benecessary to make
       High cost and limited access, especially accept the fact that I feel it taxesWhitecurrent governmen
3043                             I care. Taxplan with should be men,pharmaceuticalcompanies, HMO's or
                                                  national healthcareany likeYes
                    A national health see why there no middleNULL trade-offs. adopted in America, one
       The high cost of healthdon't careA payer dollars payingmodel must beIf theresearch andneeds a
                                                           male                   insurance government the pub
3044                              of individuals and for taxes NULL of coverage for dental, for exams c
                                              Provide cost. Washington Yes everyone everyone United
                    I'm in favorI'm the Health Carehealth -Alsocoverage effort in to help pay in thehealthan
       Availablity to unemployedwilling to pay higherAll careon non-food items whichliving eye areceives
                                                           male                  for        White
3045                             The taxes will of universal forNULL
                                              UNIVERSAL COVERAGE
                                                            go to
                    YES. I believe that a formyour tofemale pay. It shouldlike rationed according to need.
       Health care is rationed according to have ability upcoverage should be implemented. Private mar
                                                                       Medicare be coverage, but in the long run
                                                                                No          White
3046                             Little, if any, the government equalize the treatmentalready makingis just f
                                              Equality in male
                                                           coverage. and
                    Of course there needs to be changes to and private No        sector are of those This people
       Extremely high premiums, unreasonable deductibles,NULL ridiculous co-payments. receiving he
3047                             not should not be care.. Not caring for No fellowyou lose in a job or are
                                              All should have access!!
                     people think it back access programs and employment.. If White
       That many Yes... I do Cut have defensetodependent on the overseas troopcitizens yourwealthy re
                                                           female    NULL        our            presence to fund... co
3048                             I will       National the
                    Self-employed, pay higher taxes. nose NULL
       Access and affordability paying throughHealth Insurance
                                                           male                 No          White
3049                everyone being covered withwouldquality such protection, and be cheaper for school
                                 I care should be high be astrade-offs. It wouldWhite and thefor All we
                                              Physicians for just
                                                                National HealthNo
                                                                         fire                  Health
       the lack of YES! health don't think therepaid female anyNULL as medicare provides forpublicall if Ca
                                                                                  Care libraries Care elderly a
3050                              have National Health for
                                              Accessibility very rich System everyone chip education do. Y
                                                            problem and it is matter accessibility for many pe
                    We shouldQuit cutting taxes for femaleeveryone regardlessmany other in a reasonable
       The price of health care hasaalways been atheCare Careand havelikeofof White          income, countries leve
                                                                     NULL       No
3051                                is fragmented, disjointed, to provides for everyone. doctors. deple
                                              A NATIONAL HEALTH CARENo
                                                            be able NULL          SYSTEM THAT
                     care systemthink people want to male thathave access to profit motives are AND
       Our health We need aI national health care systemand inequitable. Thetheir own IS OPENDoctorA
3052                              the of and not use ofstarts first have fully for healthier lifestyle. The sm
                                               most care emergency     provide health non emergent that they m
                    Start about Firstinapropriateemployers that towith leading acare benefits pass that cos
       I am concerned with congressall Healthallowing them NULLservices paid healthcare soissues and
                                                           male                 No          White
3053                             I think the whole systemAmerican today isactual cost of healthcare. Iinsur
                                              Finding a in to decrease theNoits overinflated if it would offe
                                                                       to be
                    I think essentially most Americans would not mind paying One idea would be to hav
       What concerns me most about health careway needsNULL changed.more taxescosts whichthink
                                                           female                           White
3054                             I would certainly rather reduce the costs.No solveacoverage than be exp
                                               single price profit motive, and How canDecline to answer
                    Adopt a single payer, Remove the pay higher taxes for non-emergency insurer Our sy
       The fact that there really are no incentives tosystem, NULLprovide medical the problem. to sho
                                                           male       and          you          private clinics.
3055                             By honing in paygovernment itNULL expensive, I cover only cover the
                                              Give for because insurance No
                                                                        is so
                    The government should thecare what weprograms toto allessentialbutinclude in thispu
       Many people stay away from medical medicaid typeconsider essential.to would the costs of a few
                                                           male                    the people, tasks that carry ca
3056                             I think the My single most today is recommendation of health to a private
                                               care in America administeredNo
                    I think the USA should have a publicimportantthe pay taxes Whitewould enableand th
       What concerns me about healthAmericanpubliclyare willing toincreasecare system and improve
                                                           female    NULL         health cost to make care ever
3057                              should be removed amale motive of Individuals should payandinsurers be
                                               will accept de
                                                            government-run insurance program for insurancef
                    Employers The caused by the from the model.insurers.         Insurance premiums eliminate
       The high cost of insurancepublic Establish profitfacto rationing. No Placing for-profit are already
                                                                     NULL                   Asian
3058                             higher taxes for and health likeNULL
                                              make something health care, regardless(e.g. to answer condi
                                                                       medi-care Responseof what medical
                                                                                 you're laid-off or a life throws
                    Single-payer. employment the world and see what Noprimary insurance for all Ameri
       The connection between Look around guaranteed insurance. Ifworks wellDeclineFrance, Italy) at y
3059                               should not The connection between No and we should have aspeak
                                              To fund government sponsored health system. can't nation
                                                                      national job
                    Health are I would pay more inataxes to a NULL ahealth care care system that cove
       Too many people carenot covered.be connected for employment. I thinkhealth care Iis causing mo
                                                           male                             White
3060                             NULL         Check out female
                                                           the Use NULL
                    Let's expand Medicare insurance at all. this system & see if already work to but e
       Too many people have NO health to everyone. Medicare system which is it would in place,expan
                                                                                No          White
3061                             willing of and that equality.
                                              one systemeveryone means that a provider not level. all choi
                                                             of payment. access on your has make
                                                                                No doctors
                    that care should be see more everyone cannot dependResponse doforaccess andwitho
       That child are not taken careto the same forfemale this not so that everyone salaryqueations the m
                                                                     NULL                   White
3062                             well constructed incentives system
                                              Align single access Nonaligned incentives among provider,to t
                                                              payor focuses No government is all where pa
                                                                                 the          utility
                    I believe a Taking healthcare outmale that NULL viaon quality health forpreferable pro
       It is not a national priority and value Lack ofof the capitalistic model to aWhite model as a nation
3063                             If covered We mustfact of way to see thatprogramWhite
                                               and the find a emergencies and
                    Medicare works costsfor low coststhat Expand theNo do not haveIn addition care -
       Both the higher and higher and has high overhead. so NULL familiesseriousgets thehealth care p
                                                           female     many           everyone conditions, most will
                                                                                             to all. a health to rea
3064                             Regional medical hijacked by corporate interests. system that socializes th
                                                been review boards Health InsuranceWhitedetermining canno
                    The only solution hassingle-payer National will be responsibleor what some might ca
       Health care as a social goodis a Single-payer national health insurance Health care costs matter
                                                           male      NULL       No             for
3065                             That's 2 grownsay. For myself, I government sponsored, nolike the (ag
                                                to oversight and/or coverage. pay Other
                    Single payor, my hardUniversal there coverage, single2. Forhigher taxes myself univ
       1. For millions, including government sons,health is no am willing topayor, no profit. for and afor
                                                           female    NULL       No          millions, profit
3066                             private insurance make universal health"That's the purpose of and privatel
                                               Single continues trade-offs. care, not money
                                                                      patients No             covered." insurance--
                    Get rid of We don't who to payer any to NULL Devotepublicly funded Move from m
       That the existenceof the peopleneed exist only to tell undermine the veryWhite we are now spe
3067                             I think regulating government regulationhealth care area would procedure
                                               I should befemale regulate of costs of made care solve man
                                                              most. NULL
                    I prescription drugs concerns me able to Also, thehuge profits health by insurance co
       The price of think the government think corporate greed inthe pharmaceutical companies or allow
                                                                                 No          White
3068                               should be available tomiddle man. it. spend pay for it, just health pa
                                                trade-offs female
                                                               cannot NULL should
                                                                      afford                  the
                    HealthcareDon't think most peopleall people. Taxes should inWhitehands onthe gover
       It is costly and very unfair, since Cut out theare necessary.It WeNo be more money oflike they ca
3069                             IF wastefulness. a the switch from personal the federal healthcare. 3.
                                                and replace it with Medicare for Medicare.
                    Scrap the whole thingGo with2. single payor systemNo everyone.It will be more efficie
       1. Its incredible cost andit's fair and acrossThe board, higher taxes atto corporate level.
                                                           male       NULL                   White
3070                              have a government financed single-payer health care
                    We shouldHigher taxes.                   single for all Americans. White
                                               Establish amale
       Lack of universal, comprehensive health insurancepayer health care system.system paid for by
                                                                      NULL       No
3071                              fact that have a the only more cost sharing coslty
                                               Make sliding scale everyone. less or deductibles based on W
                                                                                  The cost Decline down if
                    Yes. TheWe couldprofit is would bemotivation in the Response and to answer everyon
       The rising costs. Single payer systems it available to of efficent, Nosystem.will gomore healthy. inc
                                                           female     NULL
3072                             I think or semi-government single payer NULL is needlesslyunder insura
                                               Single payer exception of those who are private complicated
                                                                                 system the only thing
                    Yes. system is horrible - expensive, inefficient, wasteful, and allprofiting health the pr
       That our currentGovernmenteveryone with thehealth care. Elimination of Decline to answerthat mak
                                                           male       NULL
3073                             I should take care health
                                                for all Americans. NULL their fair share in
                                                            the low-income
                     universal health careMandateof female would payuninsured! White taxes to cover ma
       The lack ofGovernmentwould hope all Americansinsurance and access for all Americans
3074                             Again, anything that to simplifyNULLapplication A nominal premium blue co
                                               Legislatorsfemalesimplify everything. the decision: get a and ri
                    Better for so many between allwouldnot systems tomake process, coverage, reimbu
       Lack of coverage collaborationfamilies; complicatedqualified toNo
                                                                       the          navigate.White
3075                             The American up a system be willing basic all increase in all system of c
                    Health afordability. a universal program available to an paid through a no matter w
       Accessablility andcare should beSet public would to provideto pay healthWhite for taxes on a gra
                                                           female     NULL       No
3076                             I don't not knowsingle female impportant recommenadtion is to major problem
                                               The coverage for trying to hammer out Another Health prev
                    More informed medical care workers are 45 million Americans. a better delivery care
       What concerns me most is the lack of how we can proide a more equitable system.providesyste
                                                                      NULL       No          White
3077                 a safety net for basicWhat I said above. Control aofNo more taxes off healthcare orga
       The lack oftaxes                          health care. Also, to lack few    profit margin per year in order t
                                 I think many people are willing thepay theregulation/restraint of pharmace
                                                           female     NULL                   White
3078                              have to they can Many providers, like the Response
                                               Get the it male
                    No, but and extremely costly.make an informed decision                   Decline to industry make
                                                                                 No pharmaceuticalanswer
       It is uneven, unfair weNot sure streamlinepoliticians out of the process and put it into the hands o
3079                Consideration mightthat the public will be willingbeing denied access to health are d
                                 I believe be and to a citizens are system of health care. there servic
       Access to quality health care. Moregiven moretiered nationalto suppliment the cost if Basiccare ob
                                                           male       NULL       No          White
3080                I people can't afford itMake Medicare available maily because companieschildren.
                                 The public is will ing tonot havebut the No
                                                 or choosefemale
                                                              negotiate it,
                                                                      Americans--men, women and are not,
       1. too many think Medicare should be extended to all NULL to all Americans, is so expensive so
                                                                                 insuranceWhiteit including visitors.
3082                              care services, high cost of insurance, inability and the to afford For-profit
                                               Privatization into solutions offered, notWhite
                    I of healthThis entirely single-payer system is the most direct the way forwhich they 2
       1. The costsbelieve that a national depends malethefor-profit models isof many solution.addressing
                                                                      NULL       NULL          method in either.
3083                             NULL             plan.
                    Yes, go to single payereveryone.male              companies portable health answer
                                                              People NULL
       The cost and lacl of coverage forEliminate insurance should haveand rollDecline to Medicare and M
                                                                                 NULL         the VA, insurance cove
3085                                pay Americans would be willing to
                     me I thinkI thinkway more per capita thanNULL trade the illusion of choicefor health c
       It concernsYes. that wethe single-payer model used in any other industrialized nationimprovemen
                                                           male         Canada Nowould be White
                                                                                              a dramatic (after all, o
3087                  think we capita move to a single-payer trade the illusion of choice (after all, our ins
                                 Americans Single-payer. any other developed fold Medicare, worse ou
                                                would be than
       We pay farI more per should for health care willing to system. We couldnation, yet haveMedicaid,
                                                           male       NULL       No          White
3090                             Willing to Provide government NULL coverage health coverage that used
                                               coverage. The specifiedsponsored universal healthcare not is co
                     universal healthcare that enables every American insurance White        coverage and
       The lack ofUniversal healthcare pay higher taxesdisparity infor to have between socio-economic c
                                                           female                No
3091                               single-payer have spoken pass
                                               Congress should to NULL 676,
                    We need a the of those universal healthcare system, the “United States Nationa
       Lack of healthcare forMostuninsuredI and underinsured. H.R.be Noessentially Medicare a system
                                                           female     would       willing to White such for everyo
3093                               would hope are Americans would more is to pay and saveWe are the
                                               We need to It healthmuch willing morally wrong. money. go
                                                              have      care. No
                    We need aI single-payer system. female a NULLbe This efficient, higher taxes in the It s
       The fact that thousands of persons that withoutwill besingle-payer system administered by excha
3094                             I we the public to a government for all.No theirWhite
                                               Fund underinsured who decrease                   bypass "frills" such a
                    I number ofthink should go would be willing to are system butaccess qualify for com
       The growingtruly believeuninsured andpreventative carepayor working anddo not tothe private ins
                                                           female     NULL
3097                             They off With an unstable the NULL knew they did ofcare plan. worry contin
                                               Get a handle have they   government health health to It will abou
                    Take is burdenwould pay higher taxes if market, the quality Whiteand care works co
       That health care thetied to jobs. employers and on jobaskyrocketing insurancehave prescriptionin C
                                                           female                No
3098                              .. one payer system, healthNULL system people reallymoney and inclu
                                               A be NO tradeoffs in that a .. stop spending need, on more
                    Definitely! There it doesn't cover the things a country whose insurance companies m
       It's gotten too expensive,a .. shouldNATIONAL "Government"! lot of based on Medicare thatusele
                                                           male                  No          White
3100                              USA be arranged in female
                                               A needed.PAYER NULLSocial
                                                             Universal, comprehensive, portable, accessible,affo
                    Payment No trade-offsSINGLEthe sameSYSTEM. NoSecurity is paid.It needed with
       Every resident of theshould should have publicly financed affordable health care asShould be a
3101                             No reason administered We could get No should becost efficientaineffc
                                                 fragile health care is penny-wise, pound a right (not privil
                    National health care ( for trade-offs. by of society, high administrative cost and care n
       Lack of accessability by the mostfor profitelementsthe NULL BETTER morefoolish...we need a w
                                                           female                            White
3104                             Trade-offs care American publicNULLand care more White
                                               are for moral, medical,
                    We can afford care for all is all by makingwants thinkers who by about the welfare
       Quality, affordable health health The notathefemale Creative prompt actioncareour more effective
                                                                         health economic necessity politicalnation
                                                                                 No           efficient, for our leade
3105                             that so many universal healthNULL
                                               Universal coverage the exception of industrialized income, ha
                                                            people, coverage. Most regardless wealthiest wh
                    I believe we need to haveAmericans, with for all as No poorest among us, do not jus
       I am most concerned I believe mostworking female as wellAmericans perhaps theof nations hav
3111                             I is a public gettingit access to NULLcare,No
                                                 good, less coverage. They're everyone through catestrophic o
                      are paying more andUniversalshould be free for by even if itclass but are in and the
       My parentsHealth care think people are willing to paypaida universal system through thedanger c
                                                           male       for          middle White for taxes governm
                                                                                             is not
3112                             I believe that ifpeople.male insurance
                                                 all be health         system to pay
                    I beleive that care should the systems were more streamlined people.
       Lack of access to healththere forProvide one nationalNULL coverage for alltherecare. be enoug
                                                                                 No         health would
3113                             Everyone people need a to have an affordable andWhite available. Iin ev
                                               We no sense greater the purpose basic plan programs wou
                    Low-income working should have begin withsubsidyNo
       Lack of a national system. It makes need to access to different than is insurancethat includes qu
                                                           female     NULL        health currently for healthcare
3114                              care system isexpect genuine capitalism in health care.a Allow market forces
                    Our health Individuals Supporteverything for nothing.No        They into socialized system.
       Our system is increasingly socialized.evolving, because of the payers,will accept some limitation
                                                           male       NULL                   White
3115                                 health care system Rich care that industrializedWhite all medicine
                                               Universal of includes preventative carenations campaign
                    A the worsthealth care system healththe major includes of millions inin the world. T
       The U.S. hasuniversalHigh cost insurance thatalllobbyists HundredspreventativeAmericans con
                                                           male       NULL       No            for
3118                             I think theyhealthcare coverageNULL to be then White coverage and pre
                                                would trade off        needs      for         basic
                    coverage for to million how the male specialty up and more work from the can take
       the lack of yes, we need45 look at people. system was setcareNo like your 401k. you bottom u
3119                             There should be no trade-offs NULL out the we White to a single payer h
                                               Single payer or comprehensive. That the collects and dispense
                                                                      paying No              went
                    The government should be collecting and care; people ifmoney, like Medicare for all
       That it is not universal, affordable, accessible health for thethe government insurance companies
3121                               of the      My health care must of breast No
                    busnesses must cost of wife is a survivorNULLon theof the and ofbusiness lbs at 5'
       That small The impactNone. have family members work outsidecancer family weigh 265to are usin
                                                           male                     shoulders I those who obtain
3122                              single payer, Canadian-style system
                    I support a don't knowsingle payer
       cost, the number of uninsured, the need to have a job to have No
                                                           male       NULL       health insurance, the lack of port
3123                               think careto access.female universal, more streamlined think that see a
                                                 needs to For example, a single payer.
                    I think that Ihealth that Americansbe financed in it high quality care. months need ap
       It is expensive. It is often difficultMake it portable, access to can take weeks orIway. Weto with to
                                                                      NULL       No          White
3124                                care without waiting female
                                                 to payer care with NULL payer.
                                                            for Canada.
                     of excellent am a single pay higher taxesato make this a reality.
       Availability We shouldIhavewillingUniversal as ineveryone.       single No            White
3125                                I'd like class care to as for people toNo it's - White model.
                                                complain aboutbe considered basic right different philosophy.
                                                                       similar the           and
                    Absolutely. workinghealth as wellfemale increased atransition a be it school or work. I
       Lack of access for thePeople willSingle payor systemNULL intaxes - Canadianbe covered by ourth
3126                               are aboveTo realize choice Congresscare we have you still nothing else
                                                 and their male
                                                           earnings primary pool inwhich little toto American
                                                                                             Black able have based
                    Unless youabove a livable beyond whatin go into a would consider and clinics. Like B
       Being so managed that citizens loosewage that without healthcarephysicians or Africanpay access
                                                                      NULL       No
3127                                          NULL
                                 I think people would be be most efficient and equitable
       availability I think a single payer system wouldwilling to pay higher taxes White
                                                           female     NULL       No        in exchange for a health
3128                                believe a Universalefficient with central is ready to have central
                                              majority coverage NULLpublic funding (single
                                                            the American                    for universal coverage
                      believe isI the fact that more 600,000 and more economicalWhite payer) health
       My biggestIconcern it will be MUCHabout of female residents in our state do not have anyfunding
3129                              many.       ban and make    they     it as
                    yes. scrap fee-for-service, piecemeal likeNULL it is.No providers illegal--it's the root
       Not affordable for too for the wealthy--none.male reimbursement to providers--it's the open ticket
3130                The Americans who public would be willing to participate anchoose between paying
                                 I payment system health insurance, or through in a Universal governmen
                                              Provide universal coverage who must efficient single-payer sy
       The number of current think thehave no is hugely inefficient and complex.single-pay, health care
                                                           female     NULL       No        White
3131                             I of those Access to all, regardless withNo      universalWhite its elimination th
                    I think each think the public would be better offof ability to pay health care. More indi
       lack of access and affordability groupswould be willing to accept trade-offs, but I do not think as
                                                           male       NULL
3132                             I'm in what concerns mebe taken this country should to sacrifice in turn
                                              Again, should care about by the willing or African over by th
                                                                        in over No Response this taken American
                    All health care notthis countryall AmericanNULL health care Blackbethat it isn't affordf
       As a paralegal with legal aid, sure what thehealthmost public would begovernment. Ultimately the
3133                NULL                       income asmale
                                 Pay a cover all americans    a National HealthNo to a national health service.
       Too expensive, and doesn't % ofPut in placea health NULL                   System, like Canada, Europe. Th
                                                                      contributiuon        White
3134                              payer dollars ear-marked
                                              Free dollarscannot or will services. health care CITIZENS.
                                                               ear-marked not provide Decline
                    MORE tax LESS tax payer education (through for Dept. of Defense. to answer
       That the most powerful nation on the planetmale for health bachelor's degree) for allfor all its CITI
                                                                      NULL       No Response
3135                NULL
       just a test completion NULL            NULL         NULL       NULL       NULL      NULL
3136                                think the Emphasizefemale
                                               promoting prevention to prevention ratherreach of staying hea
                                                             wellnessNULL more efficient, cost-effective health 4
                    Somehow, IincentivesAmerican delivery system--pricing outWhite          of treatment for than c
       The high cost of our inefficient health care public needsandbe betteriteducated about more illness
3137                              company that provides healthcoverage withis low monthly to get affordabl
                                              Untie catastrophic insurance, it a need We more respons
                      work for a (both self-employed and company-employed)very White don't expect
       If you don'tIndividuals More options for health insurance from employment.to takepremium. our
                                                           female     NULL       No         difficult
3139                             I think healthcare 2.The to pay NULL oftaxes system.
                                              implement malea cost to more insuring healthcare system.
                    I think we should people are willinguniversal healthcarefor theWhite    security of disadvantag
       1. The many people without have a government sponsored universal myself. 3. The a universal
3141                             NULL          citizens coverage. Alot of famalies have to chose between foo
                      is very coverage even if the like in Europe. It would
       The cost. ItNationalexpensive for Nationalprocedure is covered.Noa lot more affordable for low in
                                                           male       NULL                 White
3142                               to sure that those without affordable healthcare wouldmortgage!!
                                              Make it I pay more NULL affordable! my
                                                                      for all     one
                    Lets combine so $$ to make one systemfor health care thanWhite be willing to make
       That it is unaffordableI'm ourmany of us. affordable, not freenot No for the rich, one for the poor
3143                             Not sure; there's still male of thus got mine, with White
                                              Single Also- costs, "I've developed  costs.
                    Single payer with price caps.Payer,anything limiting No screw the poor" out automatic
       The fact that it's still for-profit/out-of-pocketa lotno out-of-pocketaccess. public funds isthere...
3147                                many peoplemuch as we wouldensure paying tosingle payer high quality
                                               as the no health insurance,No that affordable, should be th
                    Yes, thinkI think should be a single payerNULL                and
                                                                         dislike and cannot aford proper health
       The fact that so Imany, there that Thathavegovernment system, access additional taxes the publicc
                                                           male                            White
3152                             Tax abovePrevention. tions. Care benefits. WeWhite
                                                UNIVERSAL - taxpayer
                    yes, as I statedwrite-offs and haveWell-baby clinics.No                   supported.
                                                                                   Smoking cessation clinics and d
       Inassesibility for many. Jobs thaat don't reduc HealthNULLand corporationneed a universal Healt
3153                             The peoplemove forward
                                                want and expect payer, government run, health care adds ab
                                                             single a high a universal, single payer health acce
                    The country current insurance amalein creatingquality be eliminated since itsystem
       AFFORDABILITY. The needs to Establishbased system needsNohealth care system that iscarets
                                                                      NULL                 Other
3155                             health carefocus on people american public alternative modalities and g
                                                should need for a children No system heavy offs if playing
                                                             funding health as
                      think the there shouldn't be a prevention, mental health,to make tradereliance on ph
       the lack of iaffordablegovernment for poorbefemale andNULL care well as athat levels the the gov
3156                The government            make affordable to money into
                                   or asseccable tomore. The whoeveryone.need              that or not helpful to
       That it is not afforbaleNULL could give itall people putNULL it. No things BlackareAfrican American a
3157                                          Universal from healthcare care system
                    We should have a responsibilitysingle payer healthsystem
       45 million uninsured remove universal one male employers and give responsibility to governme
                                                                      NULL       No        White
3158                             Reprioritize for Thethe middleman spends the opportunity for money.
                                              Eliminate richer         are
                    Use tax revenue you get it.healthcare. youNULL (i.e.,No (i.e., wastes)our tax better/mp
       If you can afford healthcare to paythe way the governmantthe better"health care providers" who T
                                                           male                   the      White
3159                             Why should more back on I would like a combo Decline to Also, Insuranc
                                              Make pharmaceuticals cut their excessiveaprices. Government
                                                                                 No Response socialized
                     and the government have american people have benefits for anything. Maybe the go
       Employers Government should getthe cut involved. healthcare to sacrificeofpeople. answerand priva
                                                           male       NULL
3160                                          make it available be able to pay at it price that
                    It should cuts in military individuals toto NULLfor national health care.they
       It's too expensive be affordable forspending would all americansfor a themselves. can afford
                                                           male                  No        White
3162                I have a uniquewastefulnesson this, pollswork indicate that 60% of Americans feel of
                                 and perspective of our as I that in healthcare, AND greatly. 47 million
       The inherent inequity I'm not sure. I have read current "system" concerns meam the daughtersom
                                                           female     NULL       No        White
3164                             The USA spends 15.3% of to GDP on health care. Americans all. Implem
                                              Provide substantial NULL
                    Develop and state/federal from accessingincentivesNo care coverage and needed m
       Financial barriers prevent Americans partnership its provide health goodtreatmentsfor want educa
                                                           female      care,fromforgetting White habits and a hea
3165                             member, aAbolish HMOs and to make any that defense officialsincrease
                                               veteran, does elected officials some White
                    Yes. It needs American clear to there are department ofany vote tofail, Congress
       I am a retired military Theto be madepublicandournot PPOs. Maketrade-offs, provided whose foc
                                                           male       NULL       No        insurers pass who fee
3166                                am happyHealth thefemale I good
                                                 for time a should currently No all. ofwith
                                                              develop financed paysystem universal health cover
                    The Unitedtoo pressedto have to taxpayerNULL relationshipsWhite their patients.
       Doctors and staff are I States shouldpaycareamount be available to in premiums and co-pays as
3167                             I availability make it female
                                              To            less expensive
                    Governmentdon't think most should are really willing to make Whitetrade-offs...there is
       Lack of affordability andand employers people have a much greater responsibility than they alre
                                                                      NULL       No        any
3168                             A be a single-payer tax in which afford it. Health care medical, a right an
                                              Legislate system onNULL pharmaceutical, is a
                    There shouldgraduated income controls backed by government funds. pay and insura
       That it is so expensive that increasing numbers cannot those with greater meanshumangreater s
                                                           male                  No        White
3169                             We payor Get corporations (i.e.middlemen- unify,so is completely becau
                                               tax rid a socialized medicine No
                                                                        close system White simplify, universalize th
                    I want afford real care! And being threatened with losing coverage NOT FOR ANYON
       Not being able to a single shouldsystem-of PPOs andNULL loop holes thatthey actually PAY the
3171                                 basic human right, that singleisbe affordable based theyrealize that the
                                              education.the willing to    brainwashed,and doesnt were shown th
                    I think the Iathink the move would apublic NULLpay higher taxes ifon taxes.The insura
       that it isnt consideredUS should public towardbeshould payer system, and available to all ,whethe
                                                           female                No        White
3177                Single payer -- Medicare for every increasing from birth to death.
                                   increasingMedicare for American gap universal coverage, if that means e
                                                prices, and all.
       Decreasing coverage,They are willing to pay higher taxes for between rich and poor.
                                                           male       NULL       No        White
3178                              move to a single-payer system!
                                               should a female
                      not have universal health tonotsingle to make any No
       That we doWe shouldAmericans Movecoverage. payer system!       NULL       trade-offsWhite affordable, high
                                                                                            to get
3181                                believe much, covers too little and money in themany. health care as
                                              We we is to make a in this together, with everyone who live
                    It's not just about paying - HAVE female to beNATIONAL commitment toto make is abl
       American health care Icosts toothat there all already enoughexcludes too White Peoplewhoafford
                                                                      NULL       No          system
3182                             If care to many people. Health insurance willing not affordable. This car
                                              Universal for to and would model to to
                                                                       I Use No also promote healthy lifestyle
                    Basic health the US has be offeredwarall. NULL abeisResponse money for health is a
       Health care is not affordable shouldmoney health care. defense then it hasbe taxed for universa
                                                           male                            White
3183                             Americans follow the male other indutrized to for too or African Americanan
                                               should care community clinics should be more readily availabl
                                                           willing NULL                      expensive specialty
                     quality and easily accessible health of to reduce the need farBlack many american citi
       Affordable,Yes, the U.S. should Primarybe lead care is unavailable nations and develop a system
3188                             I need to go point, our american public No single payer higher taxes if it m
                                              Change the payer NULL               a
                    I believe access at this to a singlecurrentsystem tois willing to pay system.
       My main concern is we thinkto affordable health care.systemthat allows everyone to have their b
                                                           female                          White
3189                               care.                     care
                    employers and the the price ofmale shouldthe care.for be No
       I can not afford healthNULL individuals should pay NULL afford for allWhite          Americans.
3192                I think we should have pay morecare they be assured everyone recieved bad insuran
                                 I'd certainly a health female to need because theyWhite no
                                              Above, minimum of NULL that No
       The fact that many people can't get minimum levelguarenteed health care for all. orquality how i
                                                                       care                 gets,
                                                                                  everyone have I don't care minm
3193                Make the big corporations pay health care NULL
       The high cost of medicine NULL         National for the health care costs
                                                           male                  No        White
3194                             i'd be little less had subsidizing Senate is out machinery and medicinepro
                                                 we willing to that everyone No  and to cheat the don't have mo
                    i think those people who don't have let the care and liveHouse pay their own making
       i'm concerned forwe need amoreIfthanparanoia; health of healthcare in states that system insuran
                                                           male       NULL                 White
3195                                NULL         again... payifforhealthcare and No
                      i not the government should refineyou healthcare... like cuntries such as governme
       the fact that thinkeveryone can afford it.. andfemaleallmake too much money than by the canada...
                                                                         NULL       make it payable the government
3196                                Time, maybe Also thedisparity?NULLpeople don't licensing Indian or Alaska N
                                                 Take the money availableHow Nevada counties handletime off wor
                                                                            so                 American is this? Why
                      Uniform remote areas. making itin our state businesses out of to improvement by
       Cost and access in costs why is there such female makingof do other the have thetakecontrolled pla
3197                                I and don't don't the time to the quality No but I do medical problems. lot
                                                 I take know maintenance care,
                       and doctors who expecially health what listen to you is, should White
       High costs Health care,question the availability of high answerhealth care.know that I to arenot b
                                                             female      NULL        about your Iavailable have a I h
                                                                                               be think there all. Eve
3198                                reduce military spending. no more
                      Single to everyone. Universal Health Care pre-emptive, unnecessary wars.
       It iss not availablepayor, universally available health care.
                                                             female      NULL       No         White
3199                                A payer could care profits likecare most modeled companies. If th
                                                 A single payer healthcosting No administered by the state,or
                      Yes, a singletax if it health be tosystem; asNULL health everyone except people hea
       That our health insurance system is tied explained of privatesystem insuranceafter medicare!earn
                                                             female                            White
3200                                say. I not which amercians gothis
                                                   many what efficient non diffcult. The ones that can afford n
                      costs and There haveMake isseemaleinsurers american goverment that can At the sa
       Increasing It's hard tothe fact that yet tomedicalmakes NULLso stockResponse program. operateco
                                                                            uninsured. companies to answer
                                                                                    No         Decline
3201                                 without health for health
                      With a universal medicareinsurance care NULL a single payerWhite sponsored univers
                                                 Call system there the need no need
                                                              implementation for a government sponsored unive
                                                                          with       a governmentprivate, employer is n
       The 40 million people Providing universalthemaleand would beof NULL for tax beased systembase
3202                                                         male tied to industry lobbyists in People shouldnâ€
                                      would rather of dollars bevarious insurancehealthcare coverage, past 45
                      HealthcareI coverage shouldn’t insurance employment status. Washington and c
                                                 Get rid a the
       The fact that I have paid thousands pay of tax to haveNULL          guaranteed companies over the than an
                                                                                    No         White
3203                                none, i each procedure woulda NULLmy the charges i'm bills, so why reme
                                                 YOU. IT HAS put cost. on OF HAND. of 45 yrs. and shou
                      ALL, I how much think we've sacrificed enough. mortgages, Whitea capelectric bills ,
       FIRST OF cap offAGREE WITH keep it simple.GOTTEN OUThourly pay heat doctors old. iperscr
                                                             female                 No         has
3204                                People not physician reimbursement, No
                                                 Make physical profits buthealthelse wasted paid for? which com
                      Health care shoulddon'tbe about female  big activityto
       high administrative costs, decliningwant higher taxes,NULLhow muchcan it be on those with termin
                                                                                      insurance companies Especiall
3205                                 when all 4 Provide transportation represents ourselves of the country h
                                                  members of your family have No    epilepsy and drive,and provide
                       to afford it It is true that pay more because itfor people unable to your combined med
       Being able The government should we can start taking better care ofthe people however if you it g
                                                             male        NULL                  White
3206                                 I CAN,T SEE,A TAX maleOF HEALTH CARE,ANDWhite FOR INSURAN
                                                 GIVE EVERY ON ALKAHOL KIND THAT
                                                                         NULL       No
3207                                form of universal health insurance. paid No entirely by I a privilege for or
                                                 We people want universal health care, and
                                                                          it is     for
                      These payments should be shifted so thatNULLHealth should Whitethe government,on
       America needs some The majority ofneed universal health insurance. not bebelieve they woul
3208                                    will become catastrophically ill, and wasRelieveWhite longer afford to p
                                                  be linked to more NULL insurance. guaranteed
                       fear is that Iwould notwilling to pay employment. not be able to work, and thus lose w
       My biggestHealthcareI should be Simplify health caretaxes if IEmployers can nothat I the tremend
                                                             female                 No          doctors of would have
3209                                children cost must haveThedriven. needs to be controlled. This will add
                                                 a large way. a system needs change. It must be a phas
                      The system is highin Weof private medical to care for to provide This preventive an
       We are underserving Thebasically major employergoal careThisNo everyone. basicshold be gove
                                                             male        NULL                  White
3210                                Certainly can afford male access away No
                                                  huge majority                      know would be
                                                                                                businesses to able g
                      Very few individuals aTake control toof people that Iand the insurance industry andto
       Decreasing access and increasing costs quality care directly from fewerWhite willingaresee an
3211                  NULL          NULL         Reduce costs by living healthier! As a family physician I see Am
       Too simplistic a question. One main concern I have is the demand of Americans to "have" this
                                                             male        NULL       No         White
3212                                 making affordable?female concerns meNo I payment. the health care.
                                                   problems, what about financed. would that been thrilled to
                      How aboutAll social programs government responsible mostWhite What you charge
       Although there are a multitudeitofMake theshould be fully a single tierfor lacks in U.S.cost of a doc
                                                                         NULL         the      is have
3213                                The "working Socialize femalecare. The un- more willing to make concession
                        of having health paid. poor" health insurance through under-insured are filling is
       Rising costMore governmentcare. I haveare going to be muchNo my employer, however it em
                                                                         NULL                  White
3214                  NULL          NULL         Encourage technology manufacturers, doctors, and providers w
       The terrible waste allowed to medicine and male        patients to participate in their own health care decis
                                                                         NULL       No         White
3215                                Higher taxes if in carefemale
                                                 Make who for all. NULL
                      Single care and inequalityit the sale of cigarettes illegal.
       Fragmentation of payer system, healthmeanthas access.     everyone would be covered.
                                                                                    No         White
3216                                  of people who can not afford NULL
                      I think that NULL           should      government supported to free clinics and It's sham
       the increasing amounthealthcareNULL be female health care. The a greater extent.emergenc
                                                                                    No         White
3217                  NULL
       There is a shotage of NULL                have doctors!!!!                     I
                                    doctors. I More insurance, yet wheneverNocall a doctor, I am told that he i
                                                             male        NULL                  White
3218                                If good health care system is NULL
                                                 No separate systems which provided, there bankruptcy on obj
                                                                         actually all Americans must enroll.
                      There for all abe a single-payer plan, one in or accident can cause should be little top
       It is not available shouldAmericans, and that an illness of insurance. One single-payer plan ope
                                                             male                   No         White
3219                                health care, thatthat American recommedation at this any
                                                 I so same doctorsNULL
                      No, I think I should stay the really as it a now.   & hospitals will take us, when we need
       We need to have our it don't think don'tthe the have is public is willing to maketime. trade-offs. to
                                                             female                 No         White
3220                                We MiseryExtend forty to to all; million the tricks that cost the poorest o
                                                  for the to female
                      single-payer system. Medicare for all.forty-six without without coverage. The huge dra
       High cost, lack of access. shouldn't haveMedicare trade-offs. American taxpayers already spend
                                                                         NULL       No         White
3221                                you American to everyable to participate in a care and it program afford
                                                 HealthcarefemaleAmerican citizen, period. White
                                                                                               Whether a you have
                       must be always availablepublic wants high controlled by whether or should be thataej
       HealthcareIf you lose The job, you should becannot be quality health governmentnot child, workin
                                                                         NULL       No
3223                  we need a higher provider system that entitlement. Remove the insurance industry fro
       cost, availability           single taxes make it a public is an entitlement paid for by the government b
                                                             female      NULL       No         White
3224                                look at the Most emphasize on that
                                                  German this one for a works No Response very satisfy
                                                                           it while taking responsiblities Hearing a
                      Many, lets Need to think about system andNULL works for all that includes: for with he
       Yes, we need a completely entire health care systemExercise, and manyDecline to answer ones th
3225                  Take a good look to class & below system. losing would coverage;but has costtreatm
                                    Going at the Japanese that are It involves all of these, and health conta
       The growing number of middle the above system (or similar) health involve trade offs for patients
                                                             male        NULL       No         White
3226                  NULL          that we      Recognition care' human WhatResponse is of answer a body
       I am most concerned NULL have no 'health that a system. being is composedan illness treatme
                                                             male        NULL       No we have Decline to a mind,
3227                                They coverage talk care National Health Insurance rather
                                                 Let's to pay higher taxes all No    profit National health the insura
                      Employer based are willing has about service aafterresidents of the US.than "universa
       Lack of access to high quality basic healthbeen failing atfor rapid rate.is removed from insurance
                                                             male        NULL                  White
3228                                 I retire? NULL
                      we it when national system
       will I still have need a higher taxes                 male        NULL       No         White
3229                     we causes many elders to forgo gettinggood health care,care of their customers. I
                                    Most wouldof the USAto pay forNULL
                                                   be the insurers
                                                               to have needed No healthDecline to answerneed to
                                                                          "Excellent," the we Therefore, unwilling
                                                                                    for         care, society
       The cost ofIfcarewant all citizens Holdwilling male responsiblehealth care. as abut are many eldc
3231                                We So likely would have withhealth taxes, but Whitedifficulties plan we
                                                 Make goodthose nationalNULL
                      I think an needmost many, with femaleto increase care areall Along with thissee plan
       The rising cost is we issue.to come up even ahealth care availiableplan. Iunder one national porkf
                                                                            insurance, to having love to paying
                                                                                    No         would
3232                                higher taxes, the lackoutside NULL
                                                 insurance male wellfare ,get
                       hospitals to help everyone rid of of treatment. companies to give set up seperate
       the cost of We seem and meds and get else fraud the USA but why cant weup % ofayearly bon
                                                                                    No         White
3233                                   dont think we shouldstop get awayone. out
                                                 Make it trying to
                                                                have have our
                      Yes, think Ithat the U. S. are affortable to NULL any Yes paying their share.
       The rising costs Iand how employers should male sending allwith tax dollars over seas to help ot
                                                                                     trade-offs. America is a very wea
3234                                Most be covered very singlecoverage, Medicare, Whitetied to benefits
                                                 No longer a poor plan, like that insurance job.
                       people have no insurance or end the system of having tied towith decent their job and
       That many Everyone shouldare willing to by have health insurance there isyourmuch wasteful bure
                                                             male        NULL       No           so
3235                                NULL         MORE doctors!!! rather have call all the a government sou
                                                               I would NULL         can        from
                        dont doctor when I need one. When I am sick, I Nohave a shortage. I in my pref
       I can neverI find alike the insurance system. female We obviously funding White doctorscant get a
3236                                Americans not a die each We NULL
                                                  would not have tax-supported, single-payer way insurance O
                      Health care is a Americans privilege. yearowe off ANYTHINGWhite healthofare to fun
       It is an outrage that 18,000 right, Comprehensive,to trade to ourselves and EACH OTHERuninsu
                                                             female                 they
                                                                         because No lack insurance or benefits f
                                                                                                in the
3238                  NULL          to find                   doctors!
                                                 Train more you are NULL
       We lack doctors! Try NULL a doctor when female sick! I have great insurance, but all the doc
                                                                                    No         White
3239                                I sense forSingle-payer health care. Our current system locks are many p
                                                  health insurance NULL We need one to There people if I
                                                              people, be               be
                      It makes no biggest concern is transportability.wouldemployment. pay that taxes into
       For me personally, the can't speak for otherfemale tobut Itied toNo willing system moreeveryone
3240                            I would all needs to look would and change wethreatened employers t
                                             rising to now are NULL
                                                          employment back No being White to have the same
                                                                                   is        have
                   President Bush really Bring back female healthcareto but states, bring his concern ba
       With gas, utility, mortgage billthen haveandsay Iat costspay cobra thethem. Require and we have
3241                                CANADA that has help   word!, CANADA! No some costs of you really high
                   One word!,a company willing to adequate, NULL     affordable,
       If you do not work for People areAgain, onemalea company offsethealth benefits, affordable,do re
3242                            I think Americans would be the Phamacutical government has result in
                                            Find a health care. NULL Reps
                                                           to limit Only         health and woo snowballing pric
                     Prescription drugs and the way that amiable the NocoaxIndustries it wouldinto pres
       The cost ofYes. Government regulatedway male Pharmacyto a federal care tax if doctorsthe poten
3243                            I all approaching senior will only the medical profession. Although major
                                            I worked inmale
                   I believe it starts with hospital and doctorsfordo few No more afford to do. I believe i
                                                           Canada NULL whatand canWhite issues. people
                                                                      in a         they        health
       We baby boomers are believe that Americansstatus with moremonths and I used to ask A they s
3244                            for all American citizens National Healthcare Plan.similar to those
                                            Adoption of truly nationwideNo         plan,I believe
                   There should be a comprehensiveaby adopting a National Healthcare Plan. that hav
       Improving healthcare With careful drafting of aNational Healthcare Plan, White most Americans w
                                                         male        NULL
3245                              think the the It should administerwilling No plan pay to tax who the T
                                            Do costs public will be a health                  some
                   Yes. The US Government Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to can't which thosefunded. Tha
       1. Non profit hospitalsI etc. pass american of caring for those whogive upWhite is control forcan. se
                                                         male        NULL
3246                              think healthcare system that is from employer-based
                   In order to have people. absolutely MUST move toNo for all White healthcare to a un
       It is not accessible forI poor apeople will make the moveaccessibleuniversal, single-payer system
                                                         female      NULL          a         citizens, the only solutio
3247                            proably raised by increasing SS collections of doctors not institutions
                                            Peer review aliens who should                     home,
                   More govt money none on illegalto ensure competencesent White and hospitalized
       uneveness. $$ Should not be--spentunless they are affected Nobeon ALL earned income -- not
                                                         female      NULL
3248                            I Americans without adequate NULL to plan.
                                            Support a female
                                                          a nationwide system.
                                                                      access it.
                    are need to think the American public is health careNo to make a reasonable decisi
       That there We so manyconsolidate this intonational too uninformedA national healthcare plan (lik
3249                            After the especially introduced paying No take White oneneeds be
                                              When Medicare Part D whichlittle information a can find out
                   As much as possiblePart D was for trouble and a number of drugs governmentitassis
       The manner in which Medicarefiasco of havingthose taking thefor medication thereyear till to all g
                                                         male        NULL          will      at least
3250                            keep goingplanand benefit everyone andNo everyone
                                              up wouldmalethe more
                   A single payer health Single payer health plan.people are still Whitewould pay
       That health care cost Single payer would more and best plan, then the least expensive. and eve
                                                                     NULL          be        uninsured.
3251                            Single payer everyone few leaves nothing with White
                   I vote single payer, with would thein one big coveragefor theeveryone would not req
       Cost and immorality: grotesque profits forprovide better risk group,at lower cost socovered if they
                                                         female      NULL        No          millions
3252                            I system creates inequities Americans are fully and adequately covered f
                                             the situation right insurance coverage,the public may out-of-p
                   The current think that Be sure adequatenow is                             and
                                                                       inaccessibility for White individuals. I belie
       Inaccessibility due to rising costs, lack of that ALLandNULLso grave that manyincreasingfinally we
                                                         female                  No
3253                            ? But if you eliminate stupid pork projects it never happen in the US,
                                            Universal health care.it.
                   I would prefer a system like Scandanavia. NULL
       Citizens with no health care because they can't afford Since that willcould be paid for entirely. a
                                                         female                  No          White
3254               NULL         NULL        NULL                                 non Union
       Benefit Plans-- -under the current situation--plans--Union and No Responseplans, force payment
                                                         male        NULL                    Decline to answer
3255                            There is inadequatetrade-offs prohibitive. our world.
                                            We need and cost NULL change
                                                                     if we
                   We need single itis no like Canada and other nations of andWhite nations payer.
       For the average American, payer, need for single payer, like Canadathesystem to single of the wo
                                                         male                    No           other
3256                              health insurance from Higher NULL age No income in accordingImmigra
                                            Make it available through brackets contribute more. to age
                                                                     income and
                   DisconnectNOT choice of insurance excepting those would paybased contributions
       It's almost totally unavailable without access. employers. Peoplewho use emergency rooms. Ins
                                                         female                              White
3257                            NULL        Making sure    who one serious for
                                                                      the most affordable, drivekeeping malpractice
                   The me should not be the onesfemale insurance illness cancare. a person into ba
       What concerns poormost about health care is thatpay NULL is No healthWhite This is the mosti
3258                             System One-payer tax-supported
                   One PayerHealth care should bemale      tax-supported
       Lack of Universal Health Care should be introduced NULL Health Care System to be provided to
                                                                                 No          White
3259                            A and quality.
                                             universal female
                                                          showed for
                   I support single payerPass HR 676, a care. the majority of Americans favor a gove
       Lack of equity in accessrecent Pew surveyhealth bill thatnational health insurance for all using a
                                                                     NULL        No          White
3260                            I don't know of profits need tooffs we have, give up that
                                            Make afford trade NULL better
                   large employers not hugeanymore the more responsible, I and our is assooowhen th
       More and more citizens are with able toemployers premiumns,on care forWhite vacation pay!!! I fo
                                                         female                  No        have worked many other
                                                                                              employees, so hard h
3261                            I care. make it cheaper. theNULL care
                                              wife streamline            health
                    to get find a feel toMyTry tocan not get any system. No at end of its rope has arthriti
       The ability Try to healthwaythat the American public has reached theall because shein regard to
                                                         male                                White
3262                            I think Employers and public NULL
                                             the healthmale Government No providing fundsfamily can aff
                     feel that althoughmost inAmericantheof America is to meet the Employers and comp
       The things Ithat concerns methat My single most important recommendation to make an improve
                                                                      is willing are a hardworking for healthcar
                                                                                  that       White
3263                            American citizens shouldtoohealthcare coverage paid by the government.
                                            We shouldfor  have enter into the healthcare debate, paid by t
                   Everyone should unaffordability malenotmany citizens. I'm concerned aboutwe should
       i'm most concerned with the have comprehensive comprehensive affordabilitycoverage the rising
                                                                     NULL        No          White
3264                            I pretty good system down. a has to be Noway to get alot of should be s
                                            Get costs but be NULL                 a
                   I think is becoming. Eventually at my job sacrifice I think the governmentpay
       How expensive it it is a don't think there should therewe will have to sacrifice cost down. to maint
                                                         male                                White
3265                             a single to single available be most 46 as and and without good. gov
                                              healthcare,would NULL result
                                                              system would million people social any health
                   I think that An efficientMake it payerespecially the efficientright Whitea taxes. Americans
       The huge disparities in accesspayer systemfemale to everyone No a in very feweffective. The This
3266                            As long care system--single payor, but No pay as health care Regulat
                                              correlation system. relationships competing provider won't b
                                                                                 we          their
                   Nationalized healthas people see that their the costmany with White physiciansgroups
       Fragmentation, inefficiency, poorSingle payorbetweenNULLOutlaw for-profita country and the outc
3267                            One everyone,especially the (we and senior I medicare/medicaid) of putt
                                             problems with
                                                         female whole system
                     think some for of the Preventative medicine alreadybe paid by insurance not afford
       The cost ofI health care kind of socialized medicine poorshould No is citizens who cancompanies
                                                                     NULL           have do White
                                                                                             not think the act could
3268                            most national health male a life manner, it the days of free earners.all
                                            limit lawsuits for fair health care.
                   i effects on of economy to paying,in system middle is funded income health care
       the adverse am in favorthe aare open and quality oftheirforwhereNoand lower by wageamericans.th
                                                                     NULL          against doctors and hospitals.
3270                            if to providors. want female should to health wholethey wouldn't have a
                                              think health better acess
                                                          to use
                   i'm not sure welfare recipients would be ifNULL cover thetherapies and they iare notto
       hmo's controlling acesshow goodi the icarehad care morewere all govermentbody and notthink we
                                                                        it alternative care, controlled. exclude
                                                                                 No          White
3271                            If people that the millions approximately have health insurance used to pa
                                            a health care of and the taxes
                   Everyone should is understood thatto recommend?Nocollected shouldevery year wh
       What concerns me the mostpay What is there tax, people who 18,000 peoplethe Canadians, bec
                                                         female      NULL           Consult White die be (especially
3272                            Compromise be an investigation etc., cut costs onWhite
                                              as Wal-Mart, Kroger, intendNo
                   Big corporations,such toof people who neverinto should pay more for health care cos
       sky rocketing cost! There needsStop both! male may have towhyon becoming citzens from comin
                                                                     NULL           back have gone up so much! th
                                                                                              benefits a little to get D
3273                            probably will not tolerate long waits
                                            single payer end universal coverage
                   one payer with universal coverage system, life for surgeries White
       numbers of uninsured; excessive spending female ofNULLcare No
3274                            Global freedom of payer fordeveloped to No
                                            A systematically an that
                   The current system has singlechoice systemspentisaresponsive to guarnateesof purch
       there is a growing dissasscoation between the dollars afforabletransfer health care andthethe pa
                                                         male        NULL         acquire of dollars from the dolla
                                                                                   system that the needs access.
3275                            I think the system and best way toall. It officials efficientpayments on
                                            Medical costs are tired public We be             Decline to and
                   I think a should be affordableis public is out to control. Response makinganswer cost-sav
       Quality health care single payer American theavailable ofofgo. Nowouldare not working for quality
                                                         female      NULL
3276                              wife can obtain health taxes, NULL
                                            Immediate malecatastrophic healthNo able.We cannot afford our
                                                                     government      rates. All
                   Absolutely, All americans shoould insurance at usual if oversightrates americans. pre
       Neither myself nor myco-payments, increasedpay through taxes insurance for all should be equa
3277                            The American public has as it NULLis no No that they support universal hea
                                            See answer one. There
                     affordable, accessible, The system statedfor all people livingWhite US does not pro
       The lack ofYes, massive changes. quality healthcareexists is incredibly other than a single paye
                                                         male                     solution expensive,
                                                                         repeatedly           in the
3279                            i have no idea what the basic benefits--isNo
                                            basic health public isall citizenspeople White seems 4. will n
                                                                         willing              people
                   of uninsured 2. mental health parity 3. coverage to "trade-off" but it who have presc
       1. number national health care coverage--for care forNULL forneeded. with disabilities wethe m
3280                            Most out of wouldn't femaleto sacrifice anything $$benefits b/cgo disincen
                                            Make sure haveHaving to pay No all in when
                   Take go without it altogether (which ends up costingfor have White to health get so
       so many people employers peoplethe equation.Americans actually healthaccessthey is ato care, a
                                                                     NULL           us        insurance they the em
3281                               I have healthcare for all employersstill had pay Allout
                                             more if with myare getting
                                                                     NULL should to
                   Employees should pay a feesyou thetests and doctors pay.payportion and the goverm
       the cost is outragious.Pay a little flat portion,female union. aI good policy. aWhite of pocket expense
                                                                                 No             doctors should be ap
3282                              beleive the system female healthcare (special cover tax), employment,
                                            Doing awaygood to NULL
                    in the US should payerpublic towilling thepay tax regardlesfor healthcare expenses,
       everybody We need aI singlehave access is financed by a a special taxincomemedical if they get r
                                                                      different ways to of income, disconnecctin
                                                                                 No          Decline to answer
3283               Do brought the CEOs of the insurance/(mis)managed (don't)care industry to have a
                                NULL        NULL
       obscene costsnot allow on by a dysfunctional legal system, and the (mis)managed (don't)care sy
                                                         male        NULL        No          White
3284                            Eliminate ridiculous employerso that everyone canWhite less for all parti
                                             should affordable medical coverage. afford
                   Cost for medical care Make for legal  'capped' so that No
       Rising costs for medical care and also it be malesettlements. payments would be to pay some am
3286                    think a isNULL am More towould be more effiecient. as a primary care provider.
                                    that I        system use the
       My biggestIconcern single payerforceddoctors!!!!! Emergency RoomBut the biggest problem is L
                                                              female     NULL       No         White
3287   We have aNULL               NULL                                    we
                                                  It is impossible to see one when you use one the most. And
                      shortage of doctors. Get more doctors soNULLdont have to needemergency rooms ev
                                                              female                Yes        White
3288                                find the forhealth carestates that are adopting some form betouninsured
                                                    many thefemaleof Americans and care policies
                     Individuals If universalLook atworking individual believe costs will toof universal hea
       The fact that it is unaffordable premium costs is instituted, Ihealththe highWhitebe cutofastronomica
                                                                         NULL       NULL        numbers       all concer
3289                               every placea work for Giant Eagle up with I would be willing to pay good
                                                    of employment come and all privileged to have one. The
                     I think that If it is to any. goverment runshould offer INo something for every very more
       That alot of people don't have beLetI the govermentprogram foran affordable health care program
                                                              female     NULL                  White
3291                                 need for simplicitythat work to quality affordable get is a insurance fo
                                                 declare & male
                                                              friendliness. I can't
                     access to care is a right. it doesn'tare noas a benefit afford to employer. right & Medic
       access, affordability &public financing if there access waiting listsfrom an Whitedecent it should be
                                                                         NULL       No           care
3292                               I to have just a haveaswer the moment..butandBlack orwho individuals a
                                                 I know thefemale
                     Is it me most about health plan inone attowith employersmorethosemore can bebe wi
                                                                   those NULLquestion. I will and African American
                                                                         this        that          myself, would with
       What concernspossiblereally don'tdon'tcare for America today isNo But fordo muchI more resear
3293                               If the profit can be informed is not insurance lobbyand economicvs be
                                                 A right, system and the is now      (25% the propaganda disast
                     The all U.S. citizens is aSingle not a privilege. viableNo a socialConyers/Kusinichabou
       Health care for fragmented,public orientedpayer, universalItsystem likeadministrative cost canplan
                                                              male       NULL                  White
3294                 health care   NULL            health care care a NULL
       not having single payer universalmake health system right not aon Canada. the wealthy or a burd
                                                              male       modeled No  privilege White
3295                               Basic that Themany havehas healthcare insuranceWhite of operation (but u
                                                  so program no something like a 2% cost
                     concern I have isMedicaregovernment needs to
       The major I understand the healthcare treatment andNULL stop making the healthcare insuranc
                                                              female                programs coverage and therefore
                                                                           wellcare No          should be available to
3297                                   care. Many citizenssystem similar must specialityBritain or Canada has.
                                                 The care male in have access to quality health in access for
                     We need aFewer number Federal government to what more involved care.
       The high cost of healthnational healthof doctorsnoteach medical be GreatWhite better the health c
                                                                         NULL       No             for
3298   Cost          NULL          NULL                        alien
                                                 Stop illegalmale indigent health care from being paid for by tax
                                                                         NULL       No         White
3299                               the companies that are Stopthat we athe United Nations United Nations
                                                 Spend the male
                                                              billions funding corporate and not only the taxpay
                     I think that Okay, you asked me!!! insurancetheir huge burden to thefor a start!! Send
       Providing healthcare for those who don't have"shirking "tois waste by fundingmoral responsibilitie
                                                                         45 64 No              White
3300                                 of additional payroll should notequally by employees and medical lobbyis
                                                 Congress male as MRI's, return for better catastrophic to pr
                                                                  such     be so No
                     Perhaps a Higher deductibles fortax share NULL easily influenced by employers cove
       The repeated overuse1% medical technologyroutine things inCAT Scans, X-Rays, etc., when ab
3302                               Americans attempts at piecemealEverybody in, only led out. much lower
                                                     single-payer system reform have nobody has
                     A single-payer systemnow accept paying taxes for Medicare, White to higher costs, m
       It's falling apart, profit-ridden andAis the only way to go. with prevention, simplicity of administrat
                                                              female     NULL       No Response which
3303                               NULL          TRAIN doctors!!! It NULL WE HAVE A SHORTAGE.
                                                              it, if we is see No
                     It doesn't matter not enough for female cantimpossible to get an appointment
       My concern is that there arehow we pay MORE DOCTORS! a doctor when we need one. with o  White
3304                                access forCommunity and one lower premiums couldentities for to Ame
                                                   all is must. No health care via phone for
                     healthcare health insuranceacostsHealth Centers are withoutWhite be offered themore
       Affordable Examining Providing minor and routine how should go cost-savingcertain situations wo
                                                              female     NULL       No          needed healthcare bec
3305                   making a great enough than atmale fromNULL serious This right now to takeexists.
                                   There is should not come money in theNo medicalas
                                                 The health care
                                                               prevention of
                                                                          employers.               burden and care of
       We are notHealth care fundingmoreeffort enoughsystem cannotsystemisWhiteit currentlyrestrains
                                                                                       continuea problems. One exam
3306                                 the of the Scrap encouragingsystem andNo to White
                                                  more the present signs moved
                       a universal, single-payer, publicly financed healthcare plana National, is a tragic sha
       The lack ofThe U.S. isOne only developed nation thatNULL in theinstall a in the U.S.single-payer,gr
                                                              male        hasn't      healthcare debate is typeever u
                                                                                               single-payer the health
3307                                             Universal health
                     Americans moved more towardsmale supporting universal health care by taxes, su
       Uninsured We shouldDemostrate the feasibility ofcare.               care.
                                                               universalNULL        No         White
3308                                 think address the insurance. of insurance
                                                  to afford public behavior         paying find a way individuals ca
                     i think we need tothe Reward rising costsNULL and good medical practice.
       its getting ridiculously iexpensiveamericanhealthy needs to stop No andfor high riskto optimize sy
                                                              female                           White
3309                 demand for believe to accept theneed to feel has ina responsibiilty for theirthat would
                                      perfection and vast male which more No with White things in general
                                                 Individuals majority would approve cases marginal own rela
       Increasing Some way Iwe need that thecost offact thatNULLphilosopy of the profession benifitheal
                                                                          the       some       doing
3310                                  should income it all US do away
                                                   free taxes and
                     Health care made available to all male citizens.
       Health care should beIncreasebeMaketo freeUS citizens. withNo deductions.
                                                                         NULL        tax       White
3311                                I dont Americans either or forNULL same combinationArmed Services
                                                 Enact HR676 have no the coverage White of them both. In
                                                                          in trade No          or our
                     Our health million think should to make anyhealth offs.way that are woefully underco
       The fact that 50 to 80 care systemwe havebe paidHR1200 or some Everyone should be entitled
3312   NULL                          that I,     Let uninsured pay the same rate as insurance toto 4 times as m
                     It is not fairNULL a self employed person,NULL
                                                              male                              pays
                                                                          without insurance,Decline3companies, so t
                                                                                    No                   answer
3313                                through national health care right, caring whether Healthcare does. the
                                                 Make healthcare like every No
                                                               cannot not            privilege.White
                                                                                                 people (other than yo
                      don't get it Once theyour job, youfemale possibly aother civilized country should be m
       That if you Yes we should have public realizes thatabyNULLnotafford it. Also if the health careIfyou
3314                               If you make the get treatment is determined by the Medicare system,
                                                 Universality. and NULL
                      Establish a Single payer I benefitsThe financing similar must not exclude anyone b
       my health care decisions and where systemmale insurance system toinsurance copmpanies the
                                                                                    No         White
3315                                have pitted patients against doctors. Doctors are not free Demand to go
                                                 Refuse thefemale ofNULLinsurance companies. answer accept
                                                               tyrany the           costs and be payment after
                     Have patients take more the public believes medicine shouldDecline to and willwage by
       Insurance companies Unfortunately, responsibility in managing No Response paid a living thoroug
3316                                  think that Ithe insurance the question. The to negotiate, recommendat
                                                   truly and knowin underemployed often need Public is help in pay
                                                                          is too
                     Definately. to all, the problem liesthemaze NULL difficultmost imporantmaking willing
       That it is not availableIThe unemployeddon'tfemale what the singlelAmerican the most not access
                                                                                    No         White
3317                                HealthCare in centermale
                                                 Make billing Subsidies should No look at.healthcare providers a
                                                                 code than 3 or 4 emergency rooms how insurance
                     I hate to of1. One Governmental rather changes that allow people              Some per the private
       1. The Rising Cost say it, but trauma General. 2. Growing Number of allWhite without metro area
3318                 Expand Medicare to "Medicare for All" system would savbeThe insurance billion a yea
                                   since the all and seniors. Eliminate employer resposibility billion savings w
                                                 As stated above: "Medicare for All". us $250 for
       constatnly getting more expensive non- to many people can't afford healthover $250 employees,
                                                              male       NULL       No         White
3319                               By is that has succeeded in paying roughly care costs everymaintainin
                                                 Single payer, universal
                     Only the governmentinsurance companiesNULL for health for White of whileenough mo
       What concerns me most removing the profiteering from health No oneall.woulddestroying our e
                                                              female       keep     care, there Stop be health car
                                                                                    care       third
3320                 Yes, I only None             I haven't asolution to this medical benefits in
                                     because the workplace will not offerthink further about it. years.
       That I will be without itwish I knew what the female Need to problem of the rising3cost of healthca
                                                                         NULL       NULL       White
3321                               I think weeinsurance there is a and would like to White
                                                     can think companies. I thing. We see the we would comp
                     Payments are made to don't eliminate 50% singleadminstrative costs insurance not n
       Too much money is going toifthe Iinsurance companiesof thetheir executives as well as adminstra
                                                              female     NULL       No         malpractice reform whic
3322                               Given choice, have female health care No allhealth prescription assistan
                                                 All Americans the a basic public of its coverage, including
                                                              no need NULL          for
                     The US needs to insure a I believe access to medical ofwould citizens. cuts and
       The uninsured poor, millionsaof them,basic level of American level care andforego taxMost likelyct
3323                                 private paying individuals Coverage that No to more than the insurance fo
                                                 A to be Health should have tois      pay on Brand
                     I dont thinkWe for have working or nonworking people affordable drugs.
       The expense is too much will most Basic willing to give up insistanceafford. must be providedco
                                                              female     NULL                  White
3324   NULL          NULL          NULL          Please seeNULL mywebpage.netscape.com/XXXXXXXX/response.h
                                                                         NULL       NULL       NULL
3325                               I,            Eliminate private health insurance...
                                                                         having No
                     Have one--just one, am willing to give up NULL the world's most with the insuranc
       Cost/quality/availability forone--non-profit insurance company cover everyoneprofitablesame po
                                                              male                             Other
3326                               For those with good access to basic, humane
                                                  costs system with elimination No insurance
                     Single payer, more efficient especially for marginal/futile care. company hassels.
       Lack of access for millions. High Universal coverage, probably none.care. Lack of reliable cost-b
                                                              male       NULL                  White
3328                               You all citizens system
                                                 Single        those NULL           Most
                     single payer forneed to reassuremale with healtth No will Decline to answerthat they pocket, (but
       Lack of basic coverage insurance system with major medical. insurancepay out of will not have a
3329                               I don't think All care in America today care National is
                                                 Pass - a single payer national if the private, for all America
                     We me MediCare healthAmerican public would is: health insurance accessible Ac
       What concernsneedmost about for the -H.R.676, the United States1. ThatWhitenotforInsuranceto a
                                                              female     NULL       No          it Health profit insuran
3330                               I think that the am.with fewer peoplethe for ALL. those would help payi
                                                    health coverage & be covered happy to
                      unregulated for profituniversal public following more thanand White covered areenorm
       that it is ana single payor nationalsystem system would access Medicare modelpay into a system
                                                              female     NULL       No
3331                                  am incomes. Insurancecanformost am for fiscal responsibility. believe
                                                   governments is negotiate lower rates for
                     Larger employers andSever the link between to Iemployment;Whitelink shouldI be seve
       Costs are rising fasterI thannot optimistic. First and linkedemployment and the the larger groupsaf
                                                              male       NULL       No           healthcare; provide th
3332                               I think most Americansexperience for a safetyitnet, and would individuals
                                                Look to thethat requires insurance, is a national disgrace a b
                        universal coverage-in a system female generous and developed that ALLsupportthat
       The lack ofThere should be more support (by areparties)of otherhumane, so nations who have lo
                                                                        NULL       No         White
3333                  We need MediCare for Allnight public payer national health insurance for all America
                                     think the Pass-H.R.676,my browser crashed off private the Insurance Ac
                                                last - a and would gladly trade when hit and employer ba
       **I tried filling in theseI questions American singlethe United States NationalI Health 'submit' butto
                                                             female     NULL       No         White
3334                  go social, like NorwayAll Americans, rich or poor, should be able to get the same car
       It cost too much            NULL                      female     NULL       No         American Indian or Alaska N
3335                               NULL
                      Universal health for all should bemale
                                                Make it The cost Drugs
                                                               provided for everyservices.tothe controlled.
                                                                         medical No citizen     be
       It cost too much to buy health insurance.affordable. ofNULL prices needofWhiteUnited States.
3336                               I believe the American public isNULL havefor routine the system available
                                                Reduce or our eliminate willing to Nobeen what it gets. Excellent ca
                        I First, that the economics of malehealthinsurancepay for forfeited to the for-profit i
       Three things: believeMaintaining our standards of quality. Secondly, havingtreatments, and impl
3338                               The care for a care does not care Americans. White
                                                nationalized health have control
                      Yes, a nationalized health significant portion ofplan choices with health care provide
         Lack of affordable health American public plan with options forNo or adequate choice in the deliv
                                                             female     NULL
3339                                 for public wouldpatients care at all. EmploymentDecline increasing hav
                                                 pay like to be increasing bills.
                       not paying should notHavefor This isable to freely No The FDA is to answer the co
       People areEmployers The their own care.healthpay their own cost.Response use medications wide
                                                             male       NULL       obtain and  based health plans
3340                               NULL         Fire Bush female
                      I wish I was wise enough to come our health care seems to beIgetting.The fact that
       The fact that the more we work,The shabbier up with NULL         a magic solution,,All can do is pray...and
                                                                                   No         White
                                   STOP GIVING TAX CUTS TO THE WEALTHY ALLAND TAX BREAKS T
                                                ELMINATE CORPORATE GIVEAWAYS WHICH IN CITIZEN
                                                             male       NULL       No         White
3342                                of american public survive on social security asystems overseas, everyo
                                                trying to be countries have health wayto make include as us
                      the systemthe payments shouldwould be willing made in haveWhite that choicesandto
       that many of the elderly who are Many foreign uniform and to send less money insures everyone
                                                             male       NULL       No            that
3343                                 don't see Adopt a rather to a fairly savings achieved through adoptingg
                                                a be converted
                                                             trade-offs. system that will correct the current the s
                                                                          The                 Decline and what
                      Yes, I based on ability need single-payerNULL on the system needto answer embar
       That it is rationedthinkI it should all to payfor male than single-payerbasis of administered byis best
3344                                enact FAIRTAX ideawww.fairtax.org --Nowhat $trillions more in thebenef
                                                has epidemiology toNULL
                                                                 that    determineto put thepaysactual greater pock
                      We shouldThe for anybody.--Themale when the with health care forrisks andthan th
       Health care is not working public Use the seerisks associatedgovernmentWhite are something it is
3345                               I Employers are are female
                                                Try to shifting more pay a
                                                               the cost affordable to all Americans. cannot star
                                                                        of Employees and employers
                       out of sight.think Americanskeepwilling to NULL costfor employees coverage, co-pa
       The cost isWe need some type of national health care. thelittle more forWhite who have to affor
3346                  NULL           what       NULL
       BEFORE we considerNULL to propose in improving the health NULL
                                                             NULL       NULL       system it NULL we ought to hav
3347                                is very the give up leaves many uninsured for every minor - lets set u
                                                redirect the Unecessary defensive medicine
                       attorneys bleedingcomplex and 2.millions of dollars No to underinsuredmalpractice
       1. Plaintiff the systemthey have to system their right to sue doctors anddefend/settle "less-than-p
                                                             male       NULL                  White
3348                               If the insurance companies, drugmoney making machine.
                                                  really working for a companies, etc. White stop or mouthin
                      None of these ways heartless, cruel andSINGLE PAYER for would luckybadwealthy
       Health care in America today isisUNIVERSAL AND everyone.Except HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!t
                                                             female     NULL       No         those
3349                  I think without health insurance to behusband to trade them), the federal governmentw
                                   I think most of us would berazed and rebuilt, with and that has been spent
                                                Personal (my willing among the money many, many more p
       46 million people the whole system needs responsibility and access to affordable health care, an
                                                             female     NULL       No         White
3350                                pay more for less afford insurance will sacrifice choice insurance premium
                                                All to employment. NULL should More level care, and upgrad
                      Eliminate the associationAmericans shouldwhy given a basic of theofbe a business pe
       Cost! We continue toPeople who can ill care and poorer quality. the expensefor coverage. Ifex
                                                             NULL                  No         White
3352                  I anybody can pay take should be closelyAmericans get us tobe willing to make is ta
                                   It payments a health female of NULL be No
                                                 the important thing connected want--to White to healthy and p
       I don't think do not thinkwould forOne sea change we teaching toto limit law betotally reparations, ju
                                                                        would                    suits
                                                                                     with our employment. This trad
3353                               Taxing the Universal corporations, not justhealth care coverage.
                                                rich, and and care NULL coverage - the for ALL. It is appalling cla
                      Universal and comprehensive health and health services working ALL and middlepre
       Lack of access to health education, prevention,comprehensiveNoavailable to poor - includingthat
                                                             female                           White
3368                               If necessary, longer the times to if you on how insurance, they issues.
                                                 insurance female
                                                              coverage. game!!
                      is so governmental coverage, wait insurancerules doctor for non-emergentstill requira
       everything More expensive, evenGet rid ofwith caps andsee a do have much certain procedures T
                                                                        NULL       No         White
3369                               Not access.
                      Single-payer system unless single-payerNULL        system and understand the realities - wh
       Too many people without willing Go to amost people can hear(the federal government), with pos
                                                             female                No         White
3370                                 without access to health small NULL cover everyone in RIGHT, not a willing
                                                 to system! for care. businesses, they said companies A privil
                      We people Single Payer a expandThe                  reason for should be America. should b
                                                                 Medicare to
       The millions of need aIn listeningLet's forumfemale onlyHealth careinsurance they would beSingle
                                                                                   No         White
3371                                to not      accessiblefemale
                                                              to all.
                      Soemthing do make it Stop health of control
       That so many people NULL have anythe out insurance.rise in prices for White
                                                                        NULL       No         everything - especially d
3372                  There is an growing number ofmore preventionprecipitate later nationalCEO salaries.
                                   We should practice "for profit" out administrative costs and healthcare pla
                                                 amount uninsured NULL andNULL a public health epidemic.
       The growing costs, the incredibleTake theof female     duplication, of healthcare. AOther
                                                                        can         less,       interventions i.e. moni
3373                               I uninsured and the out-of-pocket healthcare that allows common peopl
                                                 to curb thefemale willing to forego the 'frills'. We have all been
                                                               rising NULL         to
                      I number of only way We must public iscost of healthcare insured population. prescr
       The growingbelieve thethink the American have universalcosts No the in America includingWe are
3374                               We don't care...we Our current NULL
                                                Socialize medicine. system at
                                                              greedy               and drug White
                                                                                              companies selling the
                      We and soaring costs driven just want physicians Noput us into bankruptcy. We "
       Lack of accessmay as well be socialsts. by male a fair shot willhealthcare that is affordable. sh
3375                               Acceptance of Canada and other are being
                                                Allow deductions for health expenses such helped some ofwhe
                      When parents are unemployed The services countries cut ratheras assistanceconc
       lack of care for children and young adults. those whoNULL the No drugsand giveinsurance and dr
                                                             female                means has than showing my
3376                               Ability to get medications recently took Noand being complient social sec
                                                 sleep importance reasonableis too visit for buy medicine
                      Pay for Oxygen have from the usersIhome town. Ita trip toIf we canretired with theirh
       I use oxygen 24/7 and alsoaway Stress apnea. at a of good diet,cost. costly my best friend andin
                                                             female     NULL                  White
3379                                  healthcare workers regarding NULL preventive health measures
                      we need tofew any to offer less expensive insurance
       it is too easy to chargefindifa wayeducation with malpractice No to people who take good car
                                                             male                             White
3380                               The be more involved affordability measure quality and comparethem. Inf
                                                wants and in How quality be        health care available to between
                       of health services at Qualityaffordable, payment system, deciding on this country.
       Availability Patients shouldpublicaffordable cost the highto must No more uniform inappropriatenes
                                                             male       NULL                  White
3381   NULL                                      single singlepayersystem. that insurance, receiving any ben
                                   we the many millions femalecurrently  system no
                      I think that For need a Form anationalpayerNULL haveNo provides basic medical care f
3382                               Willing encouragement of thoseTV educating healthythan encouraging o
                                                Keep up the good byI think banning rather lifestyles to health
                      I'd like to see moreto treat symptoms fedworkwho maintain schoolchildren asto preven
       Public dependence on drugs trade-offs, I don't know. NULL advertisingdrug company advertising
                                                             female                No         White
3385                               Put severe restrictionsbeen compromised by for those who refuse to wor
                                                  for tobaccoon alcohol related illnesses. union. UFCW#480
                      Eliminate a coverageBring back the Welfare and Alcohol and Tobacco. Millions of c
       My own coverage as all disabled person hasmale Prohibition ofW.I.C.my own Start helping those w
                                                                        NULL       No         White
3386                                 people, includinghealth careMakestyle No Response paying taxes
                                                Single wealthy. for corporations start
                      Single payer Canadian style payer Canadian any!!!health care for all!! answer instead
       That almost 50 millionRaise taxes on theme, don't haveall.
                                                             male       NULL                  Decline to
3387                               Not without access toaaffordable appropriate health care.
                                                 Some may be willing It causes
                      I of Americansmuch. Change to of universal health care coverageto providemakescov
       The millionsthink employers should get out female loop.to pay aNo too many gaps andbased on a
                                                                        NULL        targeted White system more em
3388                               I think for Single theamale as well as
                                                if we had only equitable
                      Single payer, quality and is payer, not forNULL doctors'
       It's completely unfair-the not thatprofitavailability, way to go. andNo medical decisions, are base
                                                                        profit.     simplified system, people would
3389                               NULL         health          should be financed consumers. uninsured Americ
                      I strongly believe that Health careCare beNULL for by by 41 million taxation with a re
       Administrative inefficiency, obscene Health male CEO salaries, andgraduated People need to sin
                                                                        paid       No         White
3390                               This is the Find a waymale
                                                toughest nut even ifNULL means something like Americans.
                                                              to providethis
                                                                           since consumers for all a to be unwilli
                      The system needs to be simplified,to crack, universal coverageof health single-payor
       The current system benefits insurance companies more thanso many people seemcare. The my
                                                                                   No         White
3391                               Switch forms gethealth coverage. Thepayments Whitepaying it. all that
                                                Switch a serious health of rest of willworld does Standardiz
                      There are to I find that if Isystems and varietiescoverage. Ithebeing made.outWhy not
       After working a lifetime, manyto national to national long term illness, Private hmo's are basicallyI
                                                             male       NULL       No           be
3392                               I don't weBring the access to Scale of Iraq I am an Independent Home C
                                                        get pay on a Health what    anything.White
                      it i rotten becauseit up that you troops home fromCare. you yourself earn. That spent
       I think that They aught to set thinkcan't we should have to tradeNo and use the funds being is afte
                                                             female     NULL
3393                               3 or 4          of policies and
                      Simplify to None. andReduce male useNULL           a universal payor such as Medicare.
       It's a tie beween affordabilitytypesaccess.the administrative burden; the savings would pay for e
                                                                                   No         White
3395                               Take process specialist visits and tests without having an additional incom
                                                Combine medical ppaying and use it. Executives and so the
                                                              Front" NULL
                      Streamlining the the money "UPmale costs are AND pharmaceutical costs,adjustm
       Not all of us can afford medications, sowe are now visit costs determinable and paymentstockhol
                                                                                   No         White
3396                               I and we would people make some coverage
                                                  affordable to who NULL
                                                               for EVERYONE. No
                        rising care should beEveryone should are full choices no White what.  matter
       The rapidlyHealth coststhink number ofhavefemale have uninsured. about very costly end of life
3397                             Less dependence on male
                     to afford reasonable preventive care and, NULL thus allowingWhite sick,in military s
       Being able Yes, reduce the military.                             preventive care. seriously
                                              Affordable access to should I become Lessening of the workto
                                                                                   No          a reduction having we
3399                               the under-insured thetothe payer state that the Other system such co
                                                referencea single which costs a single payer of Americans f
                                                                 polls NULL        to         majority
                    Yes, I thinkI have seen convert andpayment system No(including administrative, espe
       The many uninsureds, we shouldConvert to male runaway system and use the administrative as
3401                             I have seen referencemale
                                              Convert to a people that suggest that the American people favo
                                                               single and the The administrative savings from s
                                                                        system. No
                    I of uninsured and under-insuredto payerNULL escalating costs (especially admini
       The numberthink we should convert to a single polls payer universal health care plan.  White
3403                               know the I suggest that be paid to insurance trade bill. that they fact o
                                              American female
                                                           not with affordable the
                    I think that every resident is coveredCongress enactNo Conyersoffcare hugefor univs
       The fact that not U.S. Ithe payments shouldpeople would be willing tocompanies, S788, the shoul
                                                                       NULL          quality health the and profits t
3404                              should pay opinion thethat I do health care make any trade offs that are
                                              Allow of is is of high priced. SomeOther not all employees.
                     are too high. personalmoredoctorscosttoo NULLwant No on health for their doctorsresul
       The prices Employers My Prescription medicineto make decisions insurance care needs prescrip
                                                           female       not         to          but
3408                             If the process is toquality The current method be modified. only aware
                                              Provide patients. NULL
                    Simplification of the payment process.neither wouldNo           have to promotes not
       Inadequate health education provided simplified,health education. Thisis so complex it creates a
                                                           female                             White
3409                              healthcare is inherently Spread the hospitals would help. answer
                                                             it.                     as broadly
                      incompetent, corrupt.Nationalizemaleof docs and riskNo Response as possible.
       Expensive,Multi-payerReducing the profitabilityinefficient and applying information technology to
                                                                       NULL                   Decline to
3410                               think hands of through insurance
                                              for it for be parity for programand gives healthanswer credits fo
                    I think andI in the there national healthcare physical No mental should all have A sp
       It's too expensive we should pay A should profitour taxes. companies. WErewardsbenefits. healt
                                                           female      NULL          that     Decline to and
3411                             None. by Get the govt out certainly not lawyers expenditures elsewhere
                                              hospitals and speciality clinics--heavy out systems especially
                    commercializationThey are is perfect, being brainwashed that there answer
       Increasing Seems to work. No systemcontinuallyof it. Get the No socialist of it. is a developing
                                                           male        NULL                   Decline to
3412                             I will investigate 'catistrophic' from the plans oramthe leading savings pla
                                              Take 2 companies NULL               costs. merely of paying norma
                    Eliminate profitable insurance years my Canada premiums for myself asource insu
       Affordability - As a diabetic, in the pastlessons frominsuranceand UK.I As White buildand 2 for for i
                                                           male                    No
3413                NULL         NULL          care provided to different races, ethnicBlack or African American
       The continued disparity of healthAll health care providers treat No patients equallyand apparent s
                                                           female      NULL        all         groups, and with integ
3414                             No medicalnothing and need Doctors and an insurance plan through my j
                                                practionerfemale allall medicare.
                    Junk all that pays for Tell everyone that done. have Nurses White we are and not ev
       The insurance planinsurance companies youknowsus NULLIanswers as toare not Godsill, they are
                                                                         the       NULL        why
3415                             there should be HMO choices outside of with
                                                              think NULL            California
                    and soaring costs. the strikes Inationwide were already trade offs.There
       availability I think that Well, after creat morefemale thereHMO's No wellness checks is more o
3416                What about physical health carethehealth care savingsphysical and psychologicaland
       The disparity betweenNULL                           and psychological health care insurance. More hea
                                              Reducing female
                                   a federally sponsored disparity between account?
                                                                       NULL        No         White
3417                             I should have universal organizations equitable, financed through incom
                                              Universal coverage, NULL finance health collect premiums and
                    I believe we think Americans would health careand and HMO'sWhite through taxes if to
       What concerns me most is that managed carebe willing tofor all Americans. It should not be fina
                                                           female                  No           care
3418                             american public??? sadlyavailablemany concessions fromtoanswer
                                              socialized choice too are equal .
                                                            be not all to                      ability pay
                    basic quality care care many, female of care everyone byDecline tothose who abli
       lack of even rudimentaryhealthfor so shouldmedicine. NULL driven onlyequally reguardless of"hav
                                                                                   No Response
3419                             People would gladly and employers" and make White HEALTH earmark
                                               not accessible healthcare people.      UNIVERSAL
                    YES, eliminate the "individuals pay ato NATIONAL,like payment an all isINSURA
       It is not affordable and therefore SIINGLE-PAYOR,too many taxNo Medicare tax that governme
                                                           male        NULL
3420                             employers Iare steadily reducing the amount recommendation is to health
                                                believe the single afford for high premiums and deductibles
                    Yes, since Only the power currently They exist the No healthy contributing to work
       What concerns me most is the wealthyof HMO's. canmost importantthey arepeople and deny sert
                                                           female      NULL                   White
3421                             There right and notmore preventive medicine, such National Health acc
                                              Allowing ahealth NULL
                     The should be a should pay any trade-offs. We individual should not have to pay a
       The high cost. Itgovernment shouldn't befor female care. The should have aas accupuncture,Care
                                                                                   No         White
3422                I believe we care, leaving rid of managed care - itishealthfor by savings accounts mak
                                 If those who could afford it understood,has failed to a combination of wou
                                              Get many - especially that paid care cut underserved. Tha
       The high cost of health need a national healthcare plan children - unserved or costs - it only priva
                                                           female      NULL        No         White
3423                                am not trade spending to payNULL need tothings! IBudget know it is be
                                              Quit off? We moneyout doing be I White
                     to the pointI where individuals kind are alreadyfrivilous much.want just our moneybad
       It is gettingObviously. What's to sure what have of changesway toothat. made, Ito know when my
                                                           female                  No             remember why healt
3424                               think for make insurance I can pay pay a 100% mark-up price
                                              my able are but to not forNoinsurance that our goverment
                                                             purchase the
                    I am individual should beinsurance willing NULL for diabetes .Decline to answer premiub
       i think everyone willingI to payall Americanstofemale available sameinsurance, but the on myshould o
3425                NULL
       Prescription drug costs   NULL                       drug
                                              Controllingfemale costs  NULL        No         White
3426                             I agree on Allow we people areNULL same health (the "basic" federal finan
                                              what states to do at willing toNo
                    We Americans without health insurancesingle payergive up on corporate pharmaceut
       The millions of need to think the Americanwant to deliver in health care care and the benefit pack
                                                           male                       time that first: full insurance a
3427                             At the lack Iof to care many in the health Christian non-profit organizat
                                                 don't think free NULL
                    United States needs birth health care. health run forcare and drug
       People dying because ofthis timeHealth deathneeds to be careby a all citizens. industry are willi
                                                           female                  No         White
3428                We need to think the systemis willing toamaketo improve cost, White care all.
       That it is not affordable.                             find
                                              We need tooffers way large changes. access, for quality.
                                 I create a public thatfemale quality, affordable health care and affects eve
                                                                       NULL        No          Health
3433                              our most economically challenged form No cutback or larger deductibles
                                              We need to in the costs via larger copays or not funded at all
                    Yes, we need are willing to share make some are beingfor cost sharings or to every lp
       Needed programs for Weto provide incentives to small employershealth care availablecost savin
                                                           male        NULL                   White
3434                             Cover all for many primarily employer-based insurance) each patient's
                                              Doctor Managed Care http://mysite.verizon.net/res7nwdr/mone
                    Replace private insurance (i.e., health treatments that determined bywith a health ins
       1. High cost 2. Insurance pays necessarytest andcare services No don't work 3. Too little goes to
                                                           male        NULL                   White
3435                             Those who1) providehave what they theNo
                                               currently modify, update however because they do 2) Foc
                                                            money spent,              want our outcomes care for all
                    The the quality. A great deal offemale isNULL appropriate and effectiveare not refle
       1) The cost andgovernment should Re-visit,a basic level of needClinton health care plan.econom
3436                Employers should notMake Overutilization of health insurance should be mandatory
                                   preventive be involved.been insulated from mandatory, Overutilization of
                                                 public has Individual               care true cost of health care fo
       Too little emphasis onThe generalcare individual health insurance theservices with federal regul
                                                           male        NULL        No         White
3437                no                        Teach Americans and
                                 Willing to providers female how to live healthier lifestyles to prevent cop
       Difficult to determine the qualitypay more for benefitsNULL to accept highter deductibles and a lo
                                                                                   No         White
3438                              and the resulting coverage hope care should be White (see to of more
                                               be the main provider of health care benefits
                                                             would NULL                       provided to everyone, n
                    Employers should notBasic preventive health the public would be in qualitypaycare a
       Its fragmented nature If properly educated, Ifemale gaps, variations/reductions willingfragmentatio
3439                             The question as worded is available American public would as a fundame
                                              Immunize male silly. The
                    Basic health for those unable tochildren. NULL to allNo          American citizens, prefer access
       Affordability - especiallycare services should becoverage through employers or government pro
3440                             I most as Open the payment arrangement makes sense. we and quality
                                              part of OTHER a huge information I think that After all, if i'm
                    Having employersis that there is femalecrediblevariation in the White cost should be c
       What concerns me the don't know whataccess toAmericans think, but about teh and efficiency of
                                                                       NULL        No         quality
3441                             1. Everyone pays individuals (in the form go tax)Whiteeveryone.
                                              Provide They may delay    insurance coverage to
                    Money from government andan income-based seeking healthshould go into a system
       The number of people without insurance.basic healthNULL tax to of atowardcare for financial reas
                                                           female                  No             basic coverage. Peop
3442                             Trade-offs? How healthtax payer money is be adifference. Some politition
                                              Contact the care. wage and to
                    I'm a big that people who make a decent who can make atoway to health work. The
       I'm most concerned believer in national much people There has No wastedWhite make it insurance
                                                           male        NULL         have pay this country? Wheth
                                                                                               in for
3443                             profits versus
                    national paperwork nATIONAL HEALTHNULL
       poor coverage costhealth insurancehealth male                    PLAN No               White
3444   NULL         NULL         NULL         SIMPLIFY maleMEDICARE PART-B USINGWhite
                                                                       NULL        No          MODERN TECHNOLO
3446                             Health carehealth health care delivery some market forces. This health c
                                                will    more subjectrising
                                                                         to traditional where to be
                      expectations a free marketitcare be the NULL cost of mannerpeople usingwill push
       High publicMove more to for free Makeneed toand rationed insystemdelivering it. affordable. The
                                                           male                    No         White
3447                             Unfortunately, I consistent national dataNo so that to haveThe increa
                                                 more providers for for payments,
                     accountability of healthcareresponsibility NULL effectiveness andthemake any signific
       The lack ofHave individuals haveMakebelieve most Americans are unwillingtheyAmericaninteres
                                                            female     cost         availableWhite
                                                                                              to quality. an public
3448                             A graduatedbelieve out a the payment system. That leads system overs
                                               I funding male care whereby
                                                             health NULL
                   Pull employers and individuals that of single payor universal health make uneven pr
       The vast number of people who cannot getarrangementcoverage.the wealthy careto a greater(or
                                                                                  No         White
3449                              national the mansions system NULL one No CEOs, get
                                                health care All that salaries for
                   We a cradle to graveSingle Payer,and huge protects all of us White ridwe work or do
       We hould haveneed aTrade off health care systemin in Nothe developed world has of lobbyists, c
                                                            female     like       Out         whether in order to av
3451                             I think there is a subset not education andemployer-based healthcare is su
                                               Reform am of sure whether that
                   There obvious. The problem medicalthe population personal Whiteoversight and repo
       The cost issue is needs to be changes. Iis that healthcare is a No are willing and most to afford
                                                            male       NULL           improveissue and able people
3452               no            none
       high rate of cost increases             allow market forces to operate
                                                            male       NULL       No         White
3453                             The public should complexthe a single-payer system.
                                                needed health system      Costs are what companies, we citizens
                   Rather than paying through everyonecare.facts about excessivly high - costs they pa
       Too many people lack access to Cover abe given withNULLof insurance health care U.S. shouldshp
                                                            female                No         White
3456                               think that Even had afemaleor co-pay visitsdeductibles thatcould be that if
                                               if we though is accessible, it per year for a are almost low
                   Overall to Irise each year, deductiblenumber higher is One changefee, and an addit
       The cost continuespaying a premuim, and nowitwith evenof is fine. very expensive. Possible imp
                                                                       NULL       No         White
3457                             we American are employer beinstitutional responsabilityrewarding prom
                                                 recommend thatadequatlywilling pay be given to for self care. I d
                    First of all The healthcare people female orNULL widelyany more carried-out or individ
       Preventative lifestyle and have toI reduce notwill notmore emphasistaught or because they would
                                                                                  No         White
3458               In the increases in medical insurance costs.
                                 NULL          NULL
       The large annual presidential compaign, there was a proposal to have the goverment coinsure c
                                                            male       NULL       No         White
3459                              and quality andand I male
                                               See cost
                   I have been a health plan abovedon't think there are significant for most of
       Equally, accessability Follow my care provider or in basic science research trade-offs. my life. E
                                                                       NULL       No         White
3460                             American's are greedy longer so involvedNo In particular are nottheir ben
                                                 should nomale wouldthat routine doctor visits any of covered
                      think the government drugs) in relation beother items. Medicare since they obviously
       The cost ofI healthcare (includingHigher deductiblesto NULL unwilling to sacrificethe amount of on
                                                                            be      in       White
3462               Y                           we should be
                                 First of all, Convince the public NULL as quality health care means. impor
                                                              agree what high the
                                                                       that                  Decline to Employers m
       paying for it es, over time employershave tomaleeliminatedgoodNo primary payors.answer The em
                                                                                    health outcomes are more
3464                             don't have GetAt the present companynot there this problem, but many do
                                               it. to pharmacy staying
                                                             for                 if have out of the picture.
                   Universal Increase taxes thepay male fortime I carelobbyistsis assurance of quality car
       That so many peoplecoverage with incentativesuniversal dohealthy. Co-pay by all based on inco
                                                                       NULL       No         White
3465                             less space for the have stop cant afford No
                                                 let us of america NULL            it
                   if the employers wouldexploreingfemale just just maybe it the other countrys and a
       quatitly.afordabitily and over 80 percent gov.toinsurance taking care of would stop lawsuitsthat is
3466                             I cannot and their availability NULL
                                               Because of be offs,policeing No to goWhiteour Statemedicaide
                   I Prescription placeTell you any tradewithto I was on fixed incomes.bodied been impr
       The Cost of think a good Drugs to start woulddisability, This isforcedyoungthat Medi-care & Federa
                                                            male                  the
                                                                          those something on    able It has at age 59
3467                              and individuals paying so be responsible Stop the life saving drugs are
                                               Stop and the rising costs.
                   Employers Too many life style drugs are covered byYes            insurance; care costs. Each pers
       Lack of availability to so many people should notmuch to so few. for healthinsurance companiess
                                                            female     NULL                  Other
3468                                have be willing toMedicare administeredhuman right.
                                               making trade system high than aof of all government that will ins
                   We need to woulda single payer male theto NULL 100% the drug companies, HMOs a
       Health care is treated Ias a profit Expand business rather profitsNoby the necessary medical servi
3470                             If a small law that all employers in for
                                               That people try to care accordance to better and live healthier
                   Maybe a mandatory ammount (like union NULL themselves their size, provide a cov
       That it won't be available to those who really need it. dues) is taken from White weekly pay to hea
                                                            male                  No
3471               Yes. We costs, adopt the Canadian single payer system, which is'gray' population th
                                 I think the American public inflation. 2. An Democrats and Republicans ar
                                               People normal would be willing to at least more efficient this
       1. Continuing rise in should far outpacingshould vote Green. The increasinglyexperiment with and
                                                            male       NULL       No         White
3472                             I think that The people with be patient paying a gettingget bedside manner
                                                 for goal has to unique healthNo
                     is extremely expensive compared wouldnt mind centered the quality the care to was b
       HealthcareDRG's make it difficultmost people to other countriesprobemsWhite amount that every
                                                            female     NULL           and monthly
                                                                                               to healthcare they ne
3473                Care         NULL          As society, the American for the need to
       End of LifeNULL is expensive, futile,aand painful experience people patient. have an advance di
                                                            male       NULL       No         Asian
3474                             None all needed,
                                               Go to
                   Go coverage forare citizens. according toNULL
       Costs. Uneaulto Single-payer system. Single-payer system. No
                                                            female      research I have read. Single-payer would
3475                             cut young and old, do not haveNULL care coverage. Its criminal. EU cou
                                               see above
                    Follow Netherlands methods... female                health No
       that so many Americans, down absurd defense budget and use that money as other countries d
3476                                           universal health careand
                       should all be spending so much on war universal No
       ridiculouslyithigh cost stopprovided by government -- NULLweapons care
                                                            female                health White
3477                             I don't I am retired and receiveNULL
                                                  nationwide affordable groupNo socialplan.
                                                                          greater role
                                                                                    insurance security. I and to ca
                      think insurance. the Athe American play a should have in trade-off anything. We pa
       The cost ofI good it's time forthinkgovernment to public$667 monthlyto healthcare costshave maki
                                                            female                           White
3478                             Overall I think Americans
                                               universal coverage NULL             and
                   I think of availability to ALL citizens. would be willing to that government should "ex
       The cost and lackemployers should be taken out of the picture No accept some cutbacks in cove
                                                            male                             White
3479                             they wouldwe higherfemale
                                                pay           taxes. NULL
                   it should and health carecould start by covering only not through health care. that w
       access to insuranceturn into a national health insurance paid forpreventative work but through in
                                                                                  No ResponseDecline to answer
3480               trying        NULL          stop charging people on medicare amd White
       the gov. is NULL to cut all are benfits!!!!!! male              NULL       No          medicade!!!!!! we get ve
3481               Many!                         mess.                 to offer No
                                 None. We have the resources NULL universal health theanswer Decline to for ALL Amer
       Cleaning up the Medicare Part DFight for Universal Health Care, and vote outcare Republicans.
3482               lower         none                       to reduceNULLcost not have to pay the factor
                                               find a way female        the
       cost of insurancethe cost based on income....The poor should -- use income asthe same, let the
                                                                                  No         White
3483                              unemployed and have preexisting conditions. Last Timesanswer over $17
                                                the my letters published Americans. It re: for to on May 1, old
                                                                                             Decline we paid
                   WE should offer a Medicare system for AllNULL in the Newworksyearthose who arepro
       My husband and I areNot sure -- See public needs to be educated thatYorkhealth care, some 200
                                                            female                No
3484               N             None          Once again, a everyone, paid for No
       Affordability ational healthcare, available to malenational healthcare plan,White tax. Those not in
                                                                       NULL       through income through income
3485                              work toward single payer and other activists have the courage
                                                even for reasonableNULL
                                                             unions increaseNo taxes. White
                   We shouldPeople wouldapay a many who have health insurance offered at to
       It is unavailable to many people, Politicians,female system, where our taxes pay for it. work.fight
3486               NULL                        Regulate the amounts the fee No care providers chargebenefit
                                 Changing benefits willdisparity of affecthealthservice since a lesserprovider
       1) The number of uninsured, and 2) The male                                for
                                                              ultimately that affordability, a health care for ser
                                                                       NULL                  White
3487                               like to seeUniversal single payer healthcare. States the is too expensive
                                                 single payer (the tradethrough No time policies
                   Yes-I woudWe have already made thoseStates) universal coverage.the other side to
       The cost whether being suplimented through work or NULLoffs.individualfor have done it on a limm
                                                            female                           White
3488                             The trade All families monitored and means thatpeople placesmoke by so
                                                should include higher premiums for pay be per month r
                   Insurance companiesoff couldbe femalechildren should automaticallywhocoveredor hav
       My doctor recently enrolled in "Advantage" program which caps shouldI be in100.00for premium
                                                                       NULL       No         White
3489                              for the elderly.
                                               Government and employers (the big make
                    availability who should the elderly and paid taxes all their life Whiteany trade-off?see
       COST and Yes, Folks Why have worked hard or less fortunate have tocorporations) compensatet
                                                            male       NULL       No          should be should In A
3490                             all more war. No more roads to nowhere.
                                               Stop the deceit and start universal more pork spending. No m
                    who, arguably, are working countries, have have No inhealth of health-care, which
       That those We, as do No other Westernthe hardestshouldthe least Noterms care. care.
                                                            female     NULL        universalWhite
3491                             If not country get then waitcarecare. should covered
                                               Everyone in this for that No
                   Yes, it should this emergency,excellentby NULLshould be be Whiteby to same system
       The cost. The wealthy in beaall one payment carecountrygovernment. availablethe all. Medicatio
3492                              that there Oust adequate there care for puppets from public offices, to
                                               is without male administratorsthe working class.this country a
                    concern go to socialized healththe fathealthis
       My biggestWe must isWe could do notthe RepublicanNULLno other viableWhite flashyWe havethe
                                                                         corporate salaries,option in office.
                                                                                  No            the
3493                  Socialized Reduce spending onfemale forNULL
         The ridiculously high cost.medicine. The Gov. to pay            of hospitalizations.
                                                              weapons all war. No            White
3494                Single
       Lack of coverage payer                  and long waits
                                 High costs Single payer for all. NULL
                                                           male                 No          White
3495                              fell are go to & before I could get health
                                              Access for all,
                                                            Expensive, unneccesary lost everyhting I owned.
                    Of course, we must expendable.malehealthcare disability, I tests, can be waived. I
       The unafforadability! IFrillsseriously illsingle payer universalis a No care, as the remainder of thea
                                                                      NULL                  White
3496   NULL         NULL         NULL         go to a single payerNULL
                                                           male       system No             White
3497                             America for there poor and offs either No every Decline to answer the
                                              Make similar middle class for
                                                                       availabe             American from
                    Maybe a health care programbe trade careNULL "quality" health unaffordable. Am
       Quality health care in Why should mostthe same to Australia's. Americans isis available to allpoo
3498                             get the      Need the health care workersNo not Canada and most Euro
                    Yes, a universal money toa comprehensive govt. similar to White
       The number of uninsured. system funded by the government program the administrators of the
                                                           female     NULL
3499                             None and Cover everyone totally Next,No rid thedestructive expensive
                                              well off. People oversight of some of inferior
                    Single to the everybody just shift the equally.resources getofWhite care when they g
       It's available only payer,richneeded:covered, withwithoutunnecessary andthe doctors who are bu
                                                           male       NULL        get            abuses of military ga
3500                             I will trade my share government did not No for state governments kickba
                                              Big of us through histhe goes
                    I'm quite sure that if the federal of tax andNULL federal but it has increased taxmust c
       My husband has health care for bothcorporationsdollarsemployer, andtheWhite war and by $100 p
                                                           female         that waste          taxpayers' money with
3501                We need universal healthand those that if havenot overdue. oftenwe're a fairhea
                                  are uninsured Why should there be trade-offs? We're talking about equ
                                              To care; establishing it is insurance people, uninsured...the
       Too many Americans No trade-offs. understandwho dowe're way healthyareA portion ofnot athe h
                                                           female     NULL      No          White
3502                NULL          less        NULL
       Higher premiums withNULLcoverage. I'm healthier than most people half my age...yet due to ag
                                                           female     NULL      No          White
3503                               supposedly the world's the world's richest nation, White healthcare greedy
                                                supposedly superpower, Take The excellent healthcare aff
                    In America,third worldChange the entire system. excellent healthcare at individual for
       We're headed toward In America,status with America's healthcare.control away from the is reser
                                                           female     NULL      No          best
3504                             I of the insurance system thatifis slantedNo
                                              into a single taxes
                      are shut should pay Get the FOR PROFITitCORPORATIONS out to healthcare. gro
       Individuals Everyoneoutwould gladly pay moresystem.NULL
                                                           male                  towards protecting only large
                                                                          meant getting access of the health care
3505                             None
                    It should be available to everyone
       It is not available to all people Make it available to everyone No
                                                           female     NULL                  White
3506                             Not singleCover all with a countries spend
                    Cover insurance             payer       payer NULL
       50 million without all with anecessary, singlemale single payer No less White we do. than
3507                             Those whoThe taken care of stop, making moneyit as not stopallegedly
                                                  Business, it's
                                                            a national health or very little, will other employe
                    It's ALL bloody wrong. get inequity has to about obviously, suchfor allto good with the
       Because it's owned and run by BigWe needfemaleallfor nothingsystemandWhite insurers and HMOdue
                                                                      NULL      No
3508                             They have Expand female to cover everyone. directly
                                               to be convinced         it be
                    Single payer is insurance go. Medicare couldwill better spent White on health care.
       The money wasted on the the way to beauracracythatNULL cost less than they are currently pay
3509                             I would health we switch little longer all non-essential all Americans hav
                                              willing to wait
                                                            coverage so that
                    I think to maintainbe Thatinsurancea to NULL coverage so that testing. Iobtain on
       people being ablewe should have universal female universal forNo            Americans are able to know th
3510                               don't insurance has whena trade-off. coverage that tomonthly fees to
                                              Give everyone all we do what they about how much ourIf som
                    Take the burden off our employers, be the needed No
       The current system isInot anknow why itplan, tolet themhave to Instead ofWhite theydo, make and
                                                           female     NULL       worry are there
                                                                                               paying need. health
3511                             There should be no male
                                                single-payer system.
                    We need some sort ofObesity. trade-offs when it come
       Unaffordable prescription drugs. Institute a single-payer system. to health care.
                                                                      NULL      No          White
3512                             I without insurance. female
                                              Reform health insurance. I have Blue to attain quality I can't p
                    The government think Americans should sacrifice anything Cross PPO and incomese
       The high cost with and don't should be helping Americans more with funds to aid lower health ca
                                                                      NULL      No          White
3513                             There health insurance, "trade-offs".to aNo
                                              Begin for real run to shift or underinsured. Inability to pay me
                                                                                   American paid for willing to tak
                     numbers nationalis no without health insurance, Thesingle-payer, government-run, ta
       Increasing We need of Americansneed immediatelyby the government and public is through taxe
                                                           male       NULL                  White
3514                NULL                      Stop people insurers to get illness. White
                                  does not cover allowinghuge trade-offs, we call all the shots, the make
       It is unaffordable, andWe already are making with pre-existingrich,cannot even keep and same d
                                                           female     NULL      No
3515                              I think that,the poor female for would like toused somecountries as a
                                                   use what the
                                                           will public, we pay, be health theto the politicians
                    I think me the taxes wetheAmerican betaxesthe health care forforcare taxpayers.... res
          What concerns that most is thatTopay should payunable to recieve see Declineofand willcitizens g
                                                                      NULL      No Response           answer
3516                             There works in healthcare,can't to top tier has White
                                              A more people I'd like
                     insurance costs (so thatsingle-payer here. afford coverage). payer to a lot A choice
       Increasing As someone whois a 2-strata systemsystem.The seeNo single accesssystem. ofuninsur
                                                           female     NULL        a           Increase of the lot of h
3517                             -- we should (lawyers profits illegal. Adopt Universalwill care is new taxe
                                               make it clear to large American that they Medicare or human
                    Absolutely If we motivesuse the France and Canada models. White TRADE a Wester
       Universal availability; profit couldMake unfair and every health care organizations)
                                                           female     NULL      No          Health
3518                The cost ofNone              thanks to kept toNULL
                                     Louisianashould be femaleat anall the uinsured pharmacyto keepneed to
       Cost and availability, inpremiumsmake it affordable JindalAmericans, and easierpoor have less a
                                                                        affordable rate, and the cards or obtai
                                                                                No          White
3519                                should most Americans of health care.No of additional taxes pharma
                                              Take tied to employment. hands need national unemployed
                      regulationI believe NOT behealth care outNULLwillingWepay theprofiteers program to
       The lack ofHealth careand push for privatizationwould of theObviously,the apoor, the (bigto ensur
                                                           female                  to       White
3520                             I it sould I Just do it! and care for with tax money Decline to answer
                                              have no Health
                    Yes - I is personal - be universalmale paid NULL                         like
                                                                       coverage. Response social security is.
       My major concernthink don't believe Americans should be asked to compromise there health. D
3521                                          classes need of drugs down. No
                                 The upper Bring the for to give back
       The cost Yes, the governemt should pay costall of it!NULL by paying higher taxes to support a h
                                                           female                           White
3522                               think most people provide health insurance careWhite rid of this culture
                                              for all ...as most
                                                             Insurance pay a foreign people. Corporations are
                      country health care Control would glaldly Companies to countries some At a time l
       The richestUniversalinIthe world does notthefemale progressivehealth...and tax of have. kind ...aso
                                                                      NULL      No
3523                             Whatever Makemedicare "PartNULL is other in the world laid out should
                                               new       and as operated payment structure
                                                                      D" drig No
                    Complete medical coverageitfor all customary elsewherecivilized democacies is almos
       Right now the confusing way theis usefulavailable to all as in done elsewhere. would work for u
                                                           female                           White
3524                             I think                               that
                    Yes. Medicare everybody Payer Medicare-type have insurance for can't
       I can't afford insurance! for all.Single realizes npowNULL wehealth a problem thatall. be fixed
                                                           female               No          White
3525                             Higher entities have cancer be covered... those you own more can no
                                               the certain luxuries i.e. or purchase, White illness, past or p
                                                             health NULL         that       if a life
                    That all corporate taxes on all Americanscare tax so No regardless of threatening cond
       That people who need coverage Thatmost, afemale victims,car anyone with individuals whothan on
3526                             I'm not sure about trade-offs. for will betoo companies to cover whoever c
                                                 really mandatory We I'm No     there when I retire. Also, is pay
                     in 19 years should beMake it think everyone.have unemployed and my mother have a
       I will be 65 Health care and I don'tavailable forMedicare insurance many trade-offs now. II believe
                                                           female     NULL                  Other
3527                Yes.                      Everyone should if other thanaemergency rooms, which is too
                                 No trade offs are necessary take create No         single payer system premiums
       Nearly 20% of us do not have access to health care we their current health insurance as outlined
                                                           female     NULL                  White
3528                               don't believe there costs of drug companies in Hospitals these not huc
                                              Limits should good costs where practicable. in need times.
                                                             a share NULL                     sense
                     the interference allowed by on isfemale drugs and hospitals. order There should not
       Cost. And Individuals Iand government insurers and trade-off that makesWhite that they makebe A
3529                               time member of National Health Care Plan as Representative Kuscinich
                                               position is male in NULL
                                                            to fold all          All
                    I am a longOur "HCA"Pass a"HCA" - Heath Care forNo Californians! We into the pla
       Fragmented, crazy, high cost, low service, non-system! Federal and State programssupport SB
3530                              go to single payer, socialized medicine. No
                    it is time todon't knowsingle payer,
       high cost that makes healthcare unavailable to people that need it the most.
                                                           female     NULL                  White
3531                   think we need a we could Health less health care for and more on health care
                                   think National of health care. With sweeping Medicaid
                                              Equal access to system.
       My biggestIconcern isI the accessibilityspend Careon illegal wars all Americans. cuts to pay for a
                                                           female     NULL      No          White
3532                             I think a PPO/HMO payer system to streamline is covered. of administra
                                              Allow governments (Meciare),No to gatekeeper high costs of
                    I think we that get health insurance where their employernegotiate the but still have
       That only Americans should have a singleblendthrough you must see aallWhitecostsEmployers are
                                                           male       NULL       etc          the
3533                             This         I do of have fall NULL
                                                             will be
                    no is that a great a question thatfemale very hard tocrack between people there arefo
       A big concern Comment. is number notpeopleone.through the No                meet with a solution, elegible s
3534                             If for focus on prevention
                                                of prevention        as a natural 10-100 principles far it should
                    Make it profit insteadSwitch from profit-driven treatment after-the-fact to as opposed
       That it focusses onpaid we by government only. and otherresultNo healing times the costles costl
                                                           male       NULL                  White
3535                             As a covered by a plan I am with     a volunteer identical White
                                                                                             to Medicare excellent
                    Yes. All citizens retired Federal Employee NULL if notNobenefits counselor for B and D
       To many citizens not covered. Read above. very similar FEHBP, we would still haveA, NM Agin
3536                               single joinSingle payer healthcare.
                                                46 Screw that.        could                 Decline to 16%
                    We need a nice to payer system. friends lacking lower our outrageousanswer Healthca
       Well, first, it would be Ah--trade offs?million male We NULL insurance in a Single Payer of GDP s
3537                             paying low cost premiums
                                                and the all US
                    Medicare should be available tofor all residents No
       That the costs will keep going upMedicarerestrictions NULL
                                                           male       for certain meds will be unavailable to peo
3538   I would likeNULL            NULL          NULL
                        to invite you to participate in ourNULL            discussion about Health Care - www.HCTa
                                                                national NULL         NULL       NULL
3539                  Not sure, but something and if bemale traded lawsand shouldn't have
                                   don't I think we are I'll done, make out itNo paylonger ?
                                                 it, must already it'sNULL
                                                                them                   much toWhite
       That so many people None have Stop letting be able tomore than likely forlate ! to. for governm
                                                                              afford that            everything
3540                               Why           Part D
                                                    the public trade Health
                      Yes, our nation should have a Health Organization. NoWe should have the pay NOTH
       Meidcare and the new Medicare National National offNULLOrganization where seniors same hea
                                                             female         anything?            White
3541                                                 need cost stated,waste fraud Response
                                                                                        paper shuffling,the corporate ra
                                   It It would Cut the to down administrativemalpractice, of to care deliverykle
                      Single payer.way. Thevastly cut be— the NULL prevention abuse and gonzo executive
       Single payer is the only should notincestuous health insurance,No and is vastly superior to end-of
                                                             male                                Decline answer
3542                                 Practice Management Consultant,
                                                   58, who access. a startingvalidate the drug our family are
                       a MedicalReview ageCanadian female asNULLI can No                point. White
       COST! AsAsbaby boomer at theAffordableis a small business owner, the cost tocompanies has
3543                               on insurance One thing nothat the in the (from a way
                                                 That there female We do have to public insurance companies)
                                                              is is
                      No, I think I don't know. and service isequality worse system. White to become more r
       Prices keep going up all parties should contribute.gettingAmerican findtheIhas to provide coverag
                                                                          NULL        No             believe that every Am
3544                                health care should befemalewho cant afford it the same in all states
                                                   to even those
                                                               mandated for
                        think health care forLevel the playing field by all. Regardless is ability to pay.and th
       I decry the Ilack ofthat Id be willingall, pay higher taxesNULL makingit. There of something wrong w
                                                                                      No         White
3545                               I am not government female take on more Americans.payis costs. they
                                                 Actually would be willing
                                                              should company No theyWhite It and what
                                                                                      says           of
                      I can only the fact that what I make it available to ALL the costwill office visits there
       The incredible costs, think that sure, butan insurance NULLto bearof the health care NOT! ifAnd m
3546                                the right health those who need healthcare how White
                                                  on the health the waste
                        access to It depends allowrestricting the NULLof If No that occurs when it are an th
       The lack ofThis system does not Stop care and ofour choice. moneythe could to accessusingtheirH
                                                             female                    and
                                                                           individualpeople most freely choose they a
                                                                                                  frustrated they if by
3547                                  think if we worked our health care system.the plan that Canada has soo
                                                 Impeach George Bush. Ok No With Whitelikely conditions
                       losing my I drastic overhaul of out a health similiarsince that preexisting costs goingn
       Some how We need aemployer coverage basedsystem care and havinghealth care any time in plu
                                                             female       NULL        to          isn't
3548                               I think they will acceptmale
                                                   a universalahealthcare system for financed be the
                                                                  nationalfor all tax which would by value added
                                                                               sales No
                      I think we MUST haveUniversal healthcare unafforadable to CITIZENS, paid for way
       It is unavailable to those who have no insurance and NULL citizensall those whoado.fairestby a n
3549                                  follow whole newas male would be of what works in
                                                 citizens system
                                                               a guaranteed right.
                      We need to think aanother education on living a healthy lifestyle. be shown Europ
       It should be available Ito all legal More model. Take the bestaccepted if it WhiteCanada andnot to
                                                                          NULL        No          could
3550                                                                                               the
                      Not sure not sure Community Clinics. Bring health care to out the door as graduti
       The patients are like a herd of cattle. Just get em through the office and Whitepeople. If a quickly
                                                             male         NULL        No
3551                                health insurence i can'tcost.why i don't No the doctors becasue i have i
                                                 regualte the employee more we                    pick
                      don't have if the hospitals paid theafford it. should doctors live in big the slack.Also t
       first of all I The doctors andemployer charge way to much . go tocould White up houses and the
                                                             female       NULL
3552                               I think they will acceptmale
                                                   a universalahealthcare system for financed be the
                                                                  nationalfor all tax which would by value added
                                                                               sales No
                      I think we MUST haveUniversal healthcare unafforadable to CITIZENS, paid for way
       It is unavailable to those who have no insurance and NULL citizensall those whoado.fairestby a n
3553                               I will a single, unifiedmale exchange for eliminatingWhite
                                                 Enact The high cost and insurance system.
                        national health pay more taxes tonational healththe No of coverage for many people
       The lack ofThere should beinsurance. national health insurance covering all.costs of private he
                                                                          NULL        lack         the
3554                               As a professional/mental health out
                                                 universal, single related   provider, I
                      single cost, get continuity of companiesNULL to insurance be more than willing to a
       poor access, highpayor, poorthe insurancecare (allpayor of it! Nowould plans and cost)
                                                             female                              White
3555                               No trade 2. care are already NULL ripped benefits the being cut, and p
                                                 National Heath Care/Universal but
                      I think a national health thosesystem needs coveredplace, where are government dru
       1. those millions not covered. offs. WE of us who are to be in No off by thefor all, including pay
                                                             female                     Health Care insurance compan
3556                               I believe that taxpayers, iftoday.NULLthe efficiencies all,not
                                                 are uninsured they saw                a            in programs like
                      I favor a people who system, with corporations and individuals contributing. Medic
       There are too manysingle-payer Understand that health care isNo right ofWhite just the benefit o
3557                               I believe to a single-payer whatever it takes to provde one-sentence law
                                                 Single payer pay  often NULL
                      Yes! on need insurance, wouldisnow! unavailable or unaffordable.
       Its dependence Weprivateto gothat wewhichmale system. All it would take is ahigh-quality care fo
                                                                                      No         White
3558                               I advocateImplement male the or system.Nocame from "Single and have l
                                                  of to "Single changing 1200 or for for All as plus uninsured
                      Yes I am anfind it difficultthe consider676 world to Medicare 45 million a trade off. Und
       That the most expensive countrywide system inPayer" HRprovides a similar EnglandPayer" syste
                                                                          NULL         I         White
3559                               Americans A continuefemale a benefits all health White access to afford
                                                  do not needAmerican residents.
                                                                   play role,
                      All three entities should universal, single-payer but in order tocare dollars should be c
       The number of uninsured and under-insuredtoto lose NULL system.                No          ensure
3560                               Trade-offs? choices female this Our No
                                                 Give or whatmake NULL
                                                              in at        too many. Our would how we treat (and
                      Yes, but I can't say just howalready choices!we receive. health is of much likeour bo
       I'm very concerned with our limitedWeus more the caretime. right toIchoosevery utmost importa
3561                                 or federal Adopt proven practices bona fide pairs White
                                                  health care purchasing and No gain real marketplace leverage
                      Large the Switch to proven medicalsymptom/treatment health plans.
       Cost shifting fromstateworking poor to the few remaining plansproven formularies within the origi
                                                             male         NULL        to         as specified responsiv
3562                               Most Americans need figure which means don't Whitebased on based o
                                                 Invest in We need NULLorganizing agenda for the disease to
                                                               prescription                      wait
                      That it employment. We need prevention to figure out an organizing agendadelinking
       That it is linked to is linked to employment.tomale out an& office coverage and catastrophic meb
3563                                 have universalinsurance
                                                   by coverage
                      We shouldSomewhat make it government administrated single payer. Fold in workers
       too many people are not coveredhigher taxes. underNULLmale            a single payer system.
                                                                                      No         White
3564                               tax increases especiallyall wether most ABLE TO PAY, fair and equitabl
                                                    fair and to for those or care not just care
                      Health care should be costs, preventative healthnot they workOther for sick and injure
       Cost, availability, medicare, drugaavailable eqitable non regressive tax systemaforEmployers, and
                                                             male         NULL        No           or not. all people, bui
3565                               Most of health over pay a small government
                                                 quit care personel NULL
                      I think work loadwould willingly working the understaffing the White
       The cost and the health care should be paid for byand co-payment ifso everyone has equal bene
                                                             female                   No         medical fieldinsured us
3566                               the health improve isfemale who for poor get
                                                 care - for everyone you
                                                                 ones                 poorest americans out and fix it.
                      yes - universal whole economyincome levels are the take verylittle
       that so many people don't get any - and theskewed. NULLcan't No one Whitepieceand fair taxesinferior health care
3567                                  don't think that the Federal legislators and have White
                                                 Take follow the
                      I think that IMedicare shouldour American Public shouldsenators make the tradeoffs.b
       That anyone should have access to quality male Military Healthcare model off of any Military hea
                                                                          NULL        No         to rather than be run
3568                               Reasonable power the public toupon ability
                                                 Educate and to doctors
                      Increased group buying big Pharmabased NULL pricing               treatments pushing pills. The c
                                                                              questionbenefit from and
       Excessive use of drugs pushed by deductibles competitivewho No to pay White procedures and
3569                                  think the American Public would accept world. White
                                                 Follow the female
                      I support a Isingle-payer government of the care system.         a
       Lack of affordable health care for all Americans.health civilized No single-payer system administe
3570                  Efforts should could scrapbring down theare not and congressmen have a great hea
                                    that the insurance companies cost's program and in that money
                                                 I to the nuclear senators paying for procedures they should p
       The cost and the fact We be madehave heard that weapons of health care putthis country. toward
                                                             male         NULL        No         White
3571   the cost I don't know       NULL          NULL        NULL         NULL        No         White
3572                               The public Low $200 femalecause neither has
                                                 better wake up,
                                                              a right NULL
                      daughters=both college to cost universal health insurance job where they have Heal
       I have two Universal low cost $100 grads, andmonthnowthere are tooamany people in this countr
                                                                                      No         White
3573                  There should have accesspayer Nationalin for through toinsurance companies, to
                                   Unless the One tois educated Health Care.
                                                  public health care. NULL benefits all they won't be willing
       That all Americans don't be National Healthfemale paid the cost.No taxes Whiteemployers. drug
                                                                           The         That      and
3574                  People on disability should haveandSoc. Sec. benefits. Our law care to answer also nop
                                   Stop goingForce theonly and NULL Tax No
                                                   receive female andthe Government money on the American
       We are two disabled parents thatto WARS Statespend Government health makers to changeSSI
                                                                              the                Decline covered
                                                                                      Payers children receive with be
3575                  People on disability should haveandSoc. Sec. benefits. Our law care to answer also nop
                                   Stop goingForce theonly and NULL Tax No
                                                   receive male andthe Government money on the American
       We are two disabled parents thatto WARS Statespend Government health makers to changeSSI
                                                                              the                Decline covered
                                                                                      Payers children receive with be
3576                               Stop a breaks for eatthat thrivesavailable Response thatto answer it. welln
                                                  perspective corporations a government end pork-barrel giv
                                                                             is on No to wealthy, protects
                      There a drug-industryExercise,system thatNULL and the all Declinewell. Create More
       It is controlled by should betaxhealth care largeright (no junk foods), andAmericans. There shou
3577                               I'm not sure care account.
                                                 To reform Medicare NULL
                                                                is willing -toinsurance premiumswhen it comes to thr
                                                                                sign any sacrifice
                      I like the of both healththe public the cost ofSo many for one White       because system.
       The increasing cost health care savings andfemale I can't makeup people abuse theI'm insured the
3578                               I suggest that not have supportcare share a affordable for all. expense
                                                  fairly pay for health availableNo
                      I think of best way to do patients be required tois by and small fraction ofthe funding,
       The large numberthe people whoTo make health careNULLtheir health care. government only civil
                                                             male                      public (i.e. We are the
3579                               Note that aNational Health to to the present cost White
                                                               portion of Americans
                      Basic health care delivering health care all will only No paid for strongerfederal taxes
       Lack of a national system forshould be available Care all our citizens.usof health care is healthie
                                                                          NULL        make       a through and eaten u
3580                                 coverage.National health insurance for all.
                       and lack ofHigher taxes.
       High costs National health insurance for all. female               NULL        No         White
3581                               The American public in a employment based coverage can not all. The
                                                 Find expandingto cover everyone.No
                      We can cover everyone bya waymale country to make trade-offs. They want two exis
       46 million uninsured is morally indefensibledoesn't want with our resources. Weand the itinclude
                                                                          NULL                   White
3582                               1. of its Irag 2. scrap then heart could to the fortune 500 a educatio
                                                 Tariff healthcare products to be for cronies and bid govt. th
                     Forget dereg Leavepresent coursesweet and it Frist No turned around toandtheir Chri
       If the country continues on industry andon importedBush, dealsandBush health care getsystem job
                                                              male       NULL                 White
3583                               Once ONE We must that so much money hasno right to be healthy. Profit
                                                   no coverage, & NULL a large
                     There should be it's orpayer - not individuals or employersaor White go to administere
       That so many have inadequateunderstood realize that everyone will percentage goes for profit. W
                                                              female         such No         longer but HMO's, insu
3585   affordability yes, universal health care for all Americans supported by the government
                                   tax increasesmake it available to all,
                                                              female     NULL       No        White
3586                                Get rid of insurance an inherently
                                                Before you would anything, you have payer system like perc
                                                               can do willing to a    system. White
                     everything!Not benefits, which is female beNULLunfairpay higher taxes if people'sMedic
       It is dependent on where you work but theycompanies. ProvideNo singleto change it were explain
3587                                 really health care those who NULL andNo
                                                 that basic ALL! Exorbitant prices the White people withoutthe
                     Getting health insurance from employers puts patients atafford excellent health insur
       Unequal availability ofI properfeelMakeonlyfor screenings and preventative care thewhat plans hea
                                                              female      have       can charged of basis for are
3588                               Cost of private or business out of the toNo
                                                Fund county high for many employeeswell-baby care, family pl
                     Cost to employers premiums public health insurance coverage.
       The number of people withouthas drivenis too health centers country - itsWhite of the factors. Emp
                                                              female     NULL        provide -one
                                                                                                public should decide a
3589                                covered.
                     I think not Not sure That the profit motive and the it should be administered by the f
       That so many arethere should be universal female                   and
                                                              coverage NULL that No crises approach be removed from
3590                               I care services (a) service provider trade for butAsian hight-techwould
                                                Regulate that I'm willing
                     I see nothing wrong with how wemale for NULLtoprctices - high-cost,great concern on
       Cost of delivery health can easily say-nowone doesn'tthe health care standardize treatment, tota
                                                                            always know what have
                                                                                    No         services he/she and e
3591                 I think                    Be open public, as a willing I, consider alternatives.
                                   I need to be for the minded, andwhole. to personally, don't see myself ha
       It's so expensive! there can't speak more options availible to people who White wealthy, andas
                                                              female     NULL       No        are not
3592                               A link one's comprehensivecomprehensive
                                                  health the to health care insurance Whitefor health care for 4
                     It is unfair to standardReplacecare to one's wasteful,NoandWeplan the all persons resid
       I am very concerned about the lack of accesschaotic,NULL
                                                              female                 unfair and costly health care tha
                                                                            employment. affordable only countrydel
3593                               They don't Make - thefemale
                                                 understand government
                                                                 tradeoffs are
                                                                          system No
                     Make it a one-payer system it a one-payer lack needed if they have employer covera
       Shrinking coverage and increasing healthcare costs NULL of affordable health insurance outside
3594                               I too manyhealth care
                                                   willing to female
                                                               pay paid through that
                     Create a single payer Universal care, higher taxes income tax (not salary tax).
       High cost, poor results,for one amuninsured. system. NULL if No means I do not have to pay
3595                 there should be we already pay enough for very little service. Whiteour congress and s
       what health care?                                      care,
                                                you figure female
                                   non. universal health it out. all pay the same, including
                                                                         NULL       No
3596                               I think middle America and work together in providing healthcare for tim
                                                Better health care for women No
                                                              should NULL            have paid enough, think it's me
                     Part-Time workers government femalepoor Americaand children time, Iless overall p
       Lack of it! The employers andwith no coverage, inadequate maternity leavemeansalternativepart
3597                               We under 65 who are not unviversal single employees.
                                                 for the to all Americans
                     Single payer system avaiablecosthealth care system 50payer after theCost and was
       Lack of access for people payingA universalmale ain a group over modeled system now and just d
                                                                         NULL       No        White      effective not
3598                               What trade-offs? Why into a their Health based on who in and canno
                                                A equitably. A Care System
                                                               Health NULL                      like
                     We ALL should turningNational female National system system A National Health Syst
       The spiraling costs are fastpay...butour nationshould castebe trade-offs? White thatcanCanada, G
3599                                            Find the tax The
                     Such as? paid health they plan. money and spend it on helping us have is not por
       Politicians have an allWhy should care trade-off? best health care the rest ofAmericans, nothing
                                                              female     NULL       No        White
3600   The cost. NULL                            have national health care. No
                                   We shouldControl what hospitals can charge.
                                                              female     NULL                 White
3601                                Not sure. stuff notindividual lack of all Americans think covered. Premiu
                                                 Single covered, options to payer system for services.
                      One price of access,Would need some with a one look at. I'dWhite most people wou
        Cost, confusion, lack should cover eachpayer system with medications being covered, waste of
                                                              male       NULL       No          being
3602                                  It is the public would be system in willing to vote forIthealth care funding
                                                Get the drug pharmaceutical No
                      expensive. think a uniform one-payer more than which all MUST participate, even tow
       It is far too We shouldIhave undermined by theand insurance companies Decline the driver's seat.
                                                              female     NULL       companies. ofis not oriented the
                                                                                               out to answer
3603                                 some basic dollars health careeasily
                                                impeach could               coveragefunneled and
                     i believe in and support level version veryNULL beNoregardless. health care and ed
       everyone should havesome militarysomeofbush. of socialized medicine, Whitewe have plenty of m
                                                GET RID female TOAND ITNo
                                                              HAVE           HAS,
3605                                health care for industry should likely to No
                                                Revision of who statutues that governprovide affordable visits th
                       believe that the insurancethose femaleare unemployed to emergwency room insuran
       The lack ofI affordableThe American public will be less be requiredor employed by firms that are
                                                                         NULL       make the insurance industry. F
3606                                have universal for female to and without
                                                Legislatorsthe everything
                     We shouldNone. aMost people want poor grow some payingand begin arranging fo
       The unavailability of health care accesssingle payer plan.elderly.courageWhiteit.
                                                                         NULL       No          for
3607                               do the job the health female
                                                 benefits, which theyeveryone.No care ifWhite and National Med
                                                              care are 45 of health
                                                                          need to              we
                     The government should pay available to shrinking anyway, for all Americans. This w
       That so many people On without Make itmost of the costto 64 remain healthyhad aproductive, tha
3608                               either health care needs to                       for
                       think our Unknown. See above.emale less requirements for people to get health cov
       The cost. II think that Government needs to fhave be affordableNo all types/situations. I also thi
                                                                         NULL                 White
3609                                 think if properly (benefits efficient, would
                                                   of it educated, SYSTEM public
                     Make it a single payerSINGLE more cut every year while savings, take the profit awa
       The expense of it, theI unreliabilitysystem. PAYER the NULLmoreNo bewages thanstagnant and th
                                                              male                   cost more are willing to suppo
3610                               I would way the every life sustaining treatments White to the governmen
                                                Stop troublesome.NULL        pays certain amount the quality of cov
                     There should be particularlyline onpolicy accodingato corporate interests instead that
       The number of uninsured is a drawthatsetting employerHowever the new whenD Prescriptionof ci
                                                              female                No
3611                               NULL                                   and
                                                  Train more doctorsNULL nurses.
        Health care in America today is too expensive for most Americans. People who were given he
                                                              female                No        White
3612                                   we had aEnact a without health care because they one afford it.
                                                  single Universal Health Care System. save
                     We need a families are health insurance program similar to thecan't in Canada.
       That average workingIfsingle payergoingpayer system, companies wouldWhite thousands of doll
                                                              female     NULL       No
3613                               NULL         NULL
                     costs, especially for is senior citizens. They out   is exceed the COL increases. As seniors,
       Increasing In theory the system us O.K. In practice, it NULL of balance. White
                                                              male                  No
3614   NULL          NULL          NULL         NULL          male       NULL       No        White
3615                 Government only. Weone payer female of NULL ThisNo
       Everyone is not covered.                    take pay for our themselves.
                                   Hopefully towouldbetter care taxes.               would cut so many expenses wit
3616                               I think people takes so to everyone the same coverage
                     No. Let's everyone. Give the citizens access get coverage.
       Lack of coverage for do whatever otare willingthatpay NULLto is covered. White that federal and
                                                              female                No
3617                               Cancel tax cuts the federal government No for through are employers
                                                   Too many poorly NULL    increase pay taxes instead and who to
                       RN's in hospital care.who for the rich andmedical insuranceothers ontheir unable cor
       The lack ofAll employed workers Havedo not receivetrained LPN's and those who wardsclose arep
                                                              female                          White
3618   cost                                     Make it affordable NULL
                                   network hospitals think of. doctors              to
                     no real good ideas that I can andfemale People need No be more knowledgeable of me
3619                               I think people would be willing NULLmany are "underinsured".
                                                Single payer, government taxes to finance health care, as long
                     I do not think health insurance should be to pay sponsored universal health care.
       The fact that not everyone has health insurance andlinked to employment. I think we should ha
                                                              female                No        White
3620                               The tax cutsshould wealthy are insurance or sick, and to stop bleeding Ame
                                                    to the provide and payan outrage.
                       on The who have aPut a tighter rein-- you get for -- If those were reduced to crea
       The impactYes.those government health incident --on NULL hurtNo bare bones coverage for esse
                                                              female                 companies recover, and are pe
3621                                 personally would prefer country government health health healthand ado
                                                Research the that people without provide total care such
                     Yes, I thinkI that that there are being eaten of by the cost of White systemincare toe
       What concerns me most is individualsare too many ourupCanada'sdecent care care coverage, a
                                                              female     NULL       No        health
3623                               I think the probability of run health care to eliminate the to government co
                       coverage for millions. government corporate brain-washing controlthat a bureaucrac
       The lack ofWe need single payerMove healthcare away from corporatemakes costly difficult que
                                                              female     NULL       No        White
3624                               Don't knowSingle Payer.     payer
                     It should be scraped for a single female system. Individuals, employers and gov. will s
       It's too expensive for the average person with a medical condition.
                                                                         NULL       No        White
3625                             I national health higher taxesnational health of private health insurance fo
                                              Institute universal, The high cost insurance.
                    Yes, we need universal, nationalmale     health in return No
       The need for universal,will willingly pay insurance. insurance.for coverage for all and in return an
                                                                       NULL                   White
3626                             Caps on pharmaceuticals, malpractice on more of thecompanies - put apri
                                              More legislation regarding settlementsto cost by reducing ca
                                                                       to take No
                    I believe pharmaceutical (but not all) which has caused both White help lower the cos
       The high cost of doctor care & somecompanies need NULL pharmaceutical become beyond reac
                                                           female                                will
3627                             I think Americans should have primary Nofor all. under
                                                of payer system like Medicare
                     costs should be a singleinsurance companies. care administrative red tape and d
       Increasing There and high profitsReduce overall costs by reducingfor all White a single payer sy
                                                           male        NULL
3628                             I'm the currentright that we should it no end
                                                 its it astronomical if            affordable.
                    I The price ofnot surecare is affordable. NULLbe required to make any trade-offs.
       Affordability.wouldn't mind healthMakesystem so muchwith wasNo in sight. Right now, it is not e
                                                           male                               White
3629                              drugs and A single national health care No one payer system: Truman's "
                                               insurance---with many havethey spending the needs having
                    Like every other "developed nation" wewould agreesystem meeting hours in emergen
       The spiraling costs of Even the employers, today, oshould uninsured would gladly trade offof ever
                                                           male        NULL                   White
3630                             I have no idea. Americans need more out Response wther answer
                                              Less phamaceuticals, an             No for and
                    Big-time. We need socialized needs it. NULL optionof theirDecline topreventive mea
       That it is not accessible to everyone who medicine withto get nutrition provate pay.
                                                           female                              "entitlement" mind set
3631                             There shouold be no trade-offs.or is and continued to ALL, without loop
                                                too high. male            A fair No
                    where income has isMake quality health NULL under equitable health by the govern
       At the age Costs to individualsbeen reduced, is fixed,care actually available attackcare system sh
3632                             Not making any tradeoffs now. NULL
                                              Universal health 2)      Tradeoff now is high allows it to $3500. T
                    1) No more employer-based insurance. what they do. care benefits
       Cost. Immoral that insurance, hospital, drugs costcare.Tax healthCongresscost. beyondcontinue,
                                                           female                 No          White
3633                             We for America,the private the out of country with a stable pricing syst
                                              Take supposedly NULL
                     Costs. Government Americans with sectorrichest No                          the
                                                                                  health care. Their bottom doesn
       Escalating One insurance are allIndifferece. male equal coverage for all inWhiteworld, there line is
3634                               for all.
                    Make it covered by aThat    national policy, that NULL for care no White what their incom
       That everyone isn'tfairNo trade offs all Americans be treated No and medication have skyrock
                                                           female       cost       equal       matter
3635                I would like???? a national Health Care Plan.
                                   to see       health care.
        That a lot of people do not haveMake Health Care availalbe to everyone.
                                                           female      NULL       No          White
3636                               the medical professionals unnecessary tests and White making care muc
                                                most of the superfurlous expenses there by
                    Socialize and remove Stop Expensive abuse the want everything. Maybe they would
       To many patients andProbably none most american peoplecoveragemaking the basic it more co
                                                           male        NULL       No           procedures
3637                             ..at this particular EATING EVERY moreNo is turning(hopefully)
                                              STOP point in become the tide SUGAR
                    ...should be structured so that takingtime,INULLresponsibility for for lifestyles health
       ...that Americans want a quick fix without peoplepersonalFORMresponsibletheirtheir ownagainst
                                                           female                    OF       White
3638                                think having Americans would that system which covers all is adequ
                                               need to go to a sure be willing coverage good, adequate (
                                                              make NULL            the           has
                    Yes, believe thatthat mosthealthfemalesingle payerevery citizena reasonableAmerican
       I am concerned IaboutI peoplewe We need tocoverage and that No to payWhitethey have amount h
3639                             American need to be willing to change their priorities and be a thepay ev
                                                high employers pay health care but that can't
                    Why should individuals andcost of personal anything? Let healthcare, and healthcare
       The most obvious concern is theCitizens need to DEMAND universal let White make surprise. t
                                                           male        NULL       No           the government idea I
3640                             Added Federal taxes to pay for NULL otherwise the price of health care ju
                    We have developed aEveryone must be insured-type of health care for Americans- th
       Lack of health coverage for all citizens.            patchwork quilt
                                                confusing female        the insurance(as was done with Medicare)
                                                                                  No          White
3641                             I find this of complexity means NULL assumes services. Develop a plan to
                                              Demand reform.           less
                    Scrap it. Every layer question very distrubing. year from lack of coverage. Poor quali
       Incredible waste and inefficiency. Perhaps 20K deaths a Itmoney for a conclusion. We don't nee
                                                           male                   No Response Decline to answer
3642                                believe UNaffordable for most people living by aless confusing is some
                                              lower American public will and
                    I think that Ithere should the the cost healthcare notNomake itthe government to jump
       that it is becoming increasinglythat be universalSOMEHOWprovidedin thislow-budget cheap hea
                                                           female      NULL         tolerate Whitecountry
3643                             that the rich on it so female the NULL help Response
                                               of health pay in
                                                           that pay control income. Other quality health tho
                                                                        case       a have good
                    make it so higher taxes have to careextra for theofis Nomadatory to be covered in care
       the deficit in quality and quantity makethe rich to birthtaxes torest topay for the health care forany
3644                             I more people are health care coverage in our onlyWhitereliable of insuranc
                                              Make having number one is the for such to go. and work
                    I think universal single-payer would approve higher health national prioritiesaccess to h
       The fact that more and think Americansthis issueto doNULL
                                                           female                                due
                                                                        without taxes careway to lack
3645                             Hospitals and we charge of thecut theirStates SHOULD NOTown people
                                                 If drug companies NULL United the world White our BE GIVEN
                    Any one who is companies werent rediculous amounts for drugs can have affordab
       The fact that pharmacuticalnot a legal residentsupporting halfcosts so peopleand doctors and h
                                                           female                 No
3646                see me most is            eliminate the seen as an employer's responsibility. Everyone ne
       What concernsabove none that health care male        is insurance companies
                                                                       NULL       No          White
3647                O                         National health
                                                            benefit allow us toNo Response
                                 Making it health care male care.                     of large numbers.
       Affordability nly a truly national national will plan willfrom the lawcompeteDecline to the world with c
                                                                       NULL                     around answer
3648                s                           every one,government sponsored,basic at reasonable benefi
                                 should not need tradefemale offs.
       Rising cost. hould be available toA basic plan for every one. Prescriptionscare,additional rates.
                                                                       NULL       No          White
3649                              socialized medicine with access to health care savings
                                                switch to socialized NULL care, governmental their corporatio
                                                            social     health No               all With US vast gov
                    Implement If we couldImplement male health care with hostage. Americans. Thereso
       Medical and pharmaceutical lobbies have taken the United Statesthe for White thatcontrol, establ
3650                             All a the necessity. male
                                                the out Americans are willingandpay higherAny other universa
                                                            Affordable health care needs to taxes for solution
                    Health care lessbasicRootobscene profits NULL                    to
                                                                       of HMOs No health-insurance corporation
       Valuing citizens' health is but thanmeanest government+corporate corruption. be available to all, i
3651                             copayments
                      pharmaceuticals.        junk the insurance companies, and the White that the poor have
       Overuse ofuniversal health care paid by themale       government with sliding scale so
                                                                       NULL       No           prescription drug benef
3652                             No one should be provide living corporate health in america reinvent wh
                                              Stop corporate quality universal richest and in the and th
                    What works and people thatwithout greed, care in thewelfarecare? Whydoworld;rich
       Many american citizensfor countries working andhealth with their familiesWhite corporatenot have
                                                           female      NULL       No             nation
3653                             This is health care pool for forandby extending with from such a pool.
                                              Faze in coverage. all
                    There should be one national coverageHowever continuing Medicare and quo is noto
       40 million Americans without where it gets murky!risk NULLexpenses sharedthe statusMedicaidTh
                                                           male                   No          White
3654                             I think modest NPs, CNMs, good idea, and making our businesses uncom
                                                EVERYONE who wants to No Medicare. Adminsitrative co
                    Simple solution--allowUseco-pays are a PAs--literature shows White and over again tha
       Rising costs and cost-shifting is bankrupting the middle classtoas they make people think about
                                                           female      NULL        join        over
3655                NULL                      Higher salaries and affordableNo to keep the costs
                                 Change the formula to keep upNULL                  health care programs.
                                                                          of subsidies
       We need affordable health care programs of payment with the rising hospital costs. down.
                                                           female                             White
3656                should be not sure make top paid CEOS pay for theyre own health care
       isnt available for everyonesocialized               female      NULL       No          White
3657                             Most Americans payer NHI, along with discourage utilization system- cov
                                                 national understand that anNo
                    We need single-payerSingleusehealth insurance- universal healthcare is aof expensiv
       For-profit health insurance companies now armies of NULL to development of reimbursement m
                                                           female                   expanded Medicare necessity,
3658                                thin they Havingeveryone contributes toNo
                                              which everyone covered for health preventive services weab
                    We need aI system inwould accept fewer choices inat least care plans of moneyand s
       1) The poor health care outcomes the US has, espcially considering the White
                                                           female      NULL         health care according to their c
3659   too expensive                            care
                                 free health free for the necessities,pay for
                    yes,by government only education for doctors andNotransplants ,plastic and expens
                                                           male        NULL         health professionals
                                                                                              Decline to answer limit th
3660                               single system for By single save care NULL the ones from the same
                                              Legislate a would race is false and for came
                                                             to                   system Other
                       we had aBe more specific. all,Imaleway, Americans -- -- now pay into Medicare, Sta
       We need aIfHealth Care system that appliesthe ALLhealth over what I we allALL. that are going to
3661                               is the all citizens Quality healthcaregoing into White
                                              Take all deduction on have we
                                                            should NULL            trade-off this illegal war and spen
                                                                                               anything to have acces
                    HealthcareThe American one of the money that istoNo are monthly. Access to quali
       Affordability of healthcare fornumber people femaleof not our paychecks receiving Our corporations
3662                                think that out of control!!!
                                                  lot these companies and No to step companies charge p
                      think just TOTALLYIathinkneeds to governmentmake sure thatin and eitherat least th
       The costs, Ithey'rethat Ithe governmentofthat female the step in and needs
                                                                       NULL       wealthy individuals need to pay a
3663                                don't know. ability female
                                              The          to Care decent medical care and the Medicare go
                                                                        the                    This
                    to *get* health care and somehow affordSystem that works. White new drugs thatsyst
       The ability We need aI decent National Health provideNULLmedications one needs without having
3664                             Most most for cost a female like to apy aismedicalOther
                                              The the ofsystem NULL
                                                              be willing Canada's.
                    The government should adoptsame medications and little high services. get better he
       The poorest people pay theAmericans wouldprescription drugsNo so morebecause of the expens taxes to HMO's are a
3665                              future, even though I'm system.
                    We NEED a single-payer I believe that the and have tolerate care coverage t
       I'm concerned for the Two trade offs:system. employed public No someWhite some form of slidin
                                                           female      NULL       would         health
3666                             Why should Americans by thefor literally No and if health care services J
                                              Nationalizefemale healthcareeach
                                                              have make             industry you
                    Yes, it should and negligible supported toNULL trade-offs forevery American, NOTth
       The extremely high costsbe government carethe healthcare immediately.White compare the qual
3667                             No one wants to pay more thanNULL nowunder universalcomplexity.
                                                but: the single-payerthey  system No cost, and the and publicly-fun
                      think individuals should pay through the tax system,do. agovt auspices (eg Medicar
       It's hard to Iknow where to begin,Create a lack of universality, the for However, they wouldn't have
                                                           female                             White
3668                 costs
       the riseing NULL          NULL         NULL         male        NULL       No          White
3669                                a single healthsingle to pay, many more of payer system, so that the
                                               Pass insurance, system,
                    It should benot affordpayer system,payerand under a No not depending on employers to
       Too many people canCo-pays based on abilitybased NULL phased inusWhite havethat is unde
                                                          female     on income, singel if necessary, prescriptio
                                                                                          do not
3670                             Especially these days, for its trade-off might be policing funds spent do
                                              Reduce military what we rather    corporate tax breaks and The
                      affordability and the fact provide a ofspending andNo than reducingthe world.juston
       The lack ofOur government needs tothat much goodcitizensknow as traditional healthcare divert tm
                                                          female    NULL                 White
3671                              need to benot appearmale to be directed atcarehealth care purchase dec
                                                resources need beNULL health in and
                    Individuals More public more aware be stabalizing anytime soon be to data informed
       Rapidly increasing costs that do Consumersto of the cost of involvedstandardized answer
                                                                     more      No        Decline better and inform
3672                people need to publichealth care basic socialized medical care for all with additiona
                                 if the explore a level of health care no propaganda) I think most america
                                                is adequately educated(
       Uninsured yes- welack access toSingle payerand endanger their health by going without preven
                                                          male      NULL       No        White
3673                             i think more veterans,female policies all a pot orderWhite (social insurance
                                              social insurance
                                                           the pay a little more way!!     to get
                    yes, it should families, people would disabled/homeNoinas a gamble higher children
       coverage for low income be a risk pool system...you pay into thebound, the elderly and coverage
3674                             I it           higher taxes to provide health
                    Create a government Raise taxessystem that treats No care I need
       The cost - I can't affordwould paysponsoredmale have theaffordable health care for everyone.
                                                                    NULL       everyone White
                                                                                          the same
3675                              sure that all citizens have health insurance
                                              Switch to to make health care
                     rising prices and number haveuniversal any? Other countries have
       Constantly Yes, make Why should weof citizens without care coverage White universal health
                                                          female    NULL       No
3676   Rising costs.                          Have are female care for everyone. White
                                                          health NULL
                                 I'm not sure theyat least a basic coverage with affordable co-pays for doct
                    I think we should have universalwilling to trade-off anything. It seems everyone is jus
3677                                don't think Americans are willing less affordable, Whiteall the solutions be
                                                a single female
                                                          is becoming similar 50.         and
                    I think we Ithat healthLower thepayer system to maketo Medicare for However, they
       What concerns me isshould haveinsurance age for Medicare toNoany sacrifices. all Americans. n
3678                             I don't think the "american public" way it funds police, fire and
                    The government should fund
       It's run by insurance companies. Canadahealth care the is willing to trade anything. roads.
                                                          male      NULL       No        White
3679                             Increase it See reply all the andEliminate all votersfor the would be best.
                                               unaffordable taxes.NULL
                      health payer plan medicare wagefor other industrialized countries most wealthy.
       The cost ofA singlecare makes like those inabove,millions of Americans. White small business ow
                                                          male                   tax
                                                                       educateNo cuts No one should be witho
3680                             Better preventative care, expensive. More government simplify access,
                                              Cover It male companies. No
                                                          too        by 64
                    More employer involvement byisuninsuredOvergovernment care of health concerns in
       It is not universal. It is very inefficient. thelargemore efficiency, takingfinancing, involvement with
3681                             No many. As need accesscare of the Americans, even other Europe
                                                not have those to NULL afford
                    Let's many people do atlong asto take whoadequateNo it have White inthat will proba
       The fact that tootake a good lookWewhat they're doingcanALLScandinavian and iftheremeans go
                                                          male         in        health care.
3682                                don't know but we need to start the dialoguesfor allmake Personally, prim
                                                            is eroding healthNo
                    Yes, definitely. We need universal health NULL for all. Employers could issue of my
       Health care coverage Ifor working Americanshigh qualityat a phenomenal pace. thispay into the a
                                                                                care and Americans needs to
3683                             Some rationingneed universal sharing is No but the charges affordable
                                              We fine, and cost NULL            all.
                    A multiple-payer system is of every year.access forfine, There should beindividuals h
       Huge increases in health care insurancehealth care provided that all Americans have access top
                                                          female                         White
3684                             I get rid of Take health care forNULL
                                              the employer-based system which isn't White
                    We to affordable quality of advantage of are willingpractice trade-offs until provide
       Lack of accessneed to don't think Americans overall advanced No makenurses who canthey are
                                                          female                to
                                                                      all Americans.      working for anyone any
3685                             NULL         NULL
                    I is the outrageous cost for treatment. It makes healthcare out of or African American
       My concern think the government should subsidize more healthcare researchreachequipment fo
                                                          female    NULL       No        Black and for most Am
3686                             Somewhere between pay-as-you-go for routine medical care options, how
                                              Remove politics
                                                           Managed big
                    Catastrophic health Americans be covered bybusinessmanagers, not doctors, makin
       Lack of coverage for uninsuredcare should female andNULL insurance or governmentand subsidiz
                                                                      health-care from White
                                                                               No        the doctor's decision-m
3687                                am care. what for female of medical is willing by the government but w
                                              Access theall.cost
                      think that Itherenot sure be rising American Publiccare and to do but the financial bu
       The lack ofI universal health should Theuniversal health care subsidizedmedicines. The lack of c
                                                                    NULL       No        White
3688                             It system plain on the educationthis Security. This that maintain high
                                              Subsidize male
                    Single payer is no trade upto ridthe stupidity Socialpatchwork system that only large
       The inequality, inefficiency, and setoff damnedmodel ofofofof potentialsystem. would makeworks
                                                                    NULL the whole Doctors
                                                                               No        White
3689                Uniform health care for everyone fund health religious right.Including at war with the
                                  squeezing Get the of Bush class. for the housings and general warefare.
                                               out rid middle and the seems as if
       Health care costs are Raise income taxes to especially It care, young.America is dental and visio
                                                          NULL      NULL       No        White
3690                Yes we need everyone. congress tohealth willingtheare higher taxes for waste effi
                                    think mostpayer national stand up to to pay drug companies and insura
                                                americans would companies Big
       That it is not availableI to a single For That insurance be care system.so inefficient anda more so m
                                                          male      NULL       No        White
3691                all          I am willingsingle-payer. end-of-life care
       access for yes, we should have a to trade costlythe government for more affordable, highly acce
                                                          female    NULL       No        White
3692                                 the system system in which means 4-minute woman, believe we enro
                                                and hands frequently, stop smoking, and advocate for a sing
                    We need aIfsingle-payer were single-payerNULL single man,equally, I and child sense
       Too much red tape from insurersWash"health plans" every covered all office visits and no is woul
                                                          female               No        White
3693                              quality health care that age limits on payor (i.e., my primaryis the
                                              Remove the a citizens currently Medicare) services to all
                                                          all US     health No           Decline to concern.
                      believe that above, I believe to male basicNULL Medicare and provide answer most pre
       The lack ofI available, Asa general, government sponsored is system provided to all citizens wou
3694                             I think should controlmonopoly NULL
                                              Break the female the Basic health to the job--people will not b
                                                           of our
                    Health insurance this is the attached to health choices: nutritionally Ion our health car
       That for-profit industries have majorbe wrong question. individual, notcare, and empty processed
                                                                     of conventional medicine mean health. R
                                                                               No        White
3695                                          Health insurance must include income. responsibilities, allow
                                 A tax, similar to companies from the administrativeeye
       The cost. Yes. Remove all insuranceSocial Security, based on dental &Whitecare.
                                                          female    NULL       No
3696                             It just seems not what difference between Medicare and cents. I'm the H
                                              The one really sense how much dollars and Social Security
                     For-Profit whole thing. No biggest it shouldNULLlook No and Prevention.
       That it is a Scrap the Business and like commonnotices to Healingthe American system and no m
                                                          female               at        White
3697                               health care. sending moneyNULL
                                              Stop                    overseasmy start americans and million
                    Nationalizefirst they for several years (IN Ca)and in No all the helping 35 (278has bo
       there isn't any. I was homelesshave to be told the truth and shown 50s, my son isamericans. Th
                                                          female                         White
3698                             It just seems not what difference between Medicare and cents. I'm the H
                                              The one really sense how much dollars and Social Security
                     For-Profit whole thing. No biggest it shouldNULLlook No and Prevention.
       That it is a Scrap the Business and like commonnotices to Healingthe American system and no m
                                                          female               at        White
3699                             Trade-off: Congress honor bt VA doctors raise and take treat Medicare
                                              See Congess unfair NULLannual make doctors
                    Make quality of and Stop ABOVE. Have congress those it a Whitethattake the CEO's
       Not only the pooremployers healthcare, especiallyretirees andpayandthatcrime to away away ben
                                                          male                 No         contacts/pledges by the
3700                             Everyone everyone because NULL out No
                                              More Democrats amount
                    Universal, single payer health amale in congress and fewerWhite       Republicans!
       The fact that it's not available tocould payinsurance.of its cost. of their paycheck to finance a nat
3701                             NULL         NULL
                    more complicated all the like Canada's. NULL               so
       It's getting Let's change to a system time. female Why have No many individual groups in it to
3702                             I'm not and move to female with same outcomesWhite other
                                              Get everybody into the lower risk significant trade-offs.
                                                           person NULL
                    Cut out employershigh costs persingle that there will                 than
       The injustices in the system: seriously concerned payer system. bepool of insured. countries; th
3703                              believe of To implementation insurance care, paidit's by payroll taxes, re
                                               single-payer single-payer universal universal healthcare U.S
                    Yes, I fully If a planin the implementuniversal single-payer, healtha poorly allocatedwa
       Out-of-control costs (unaffordable, even with health of ahealth No place); Whitecare within thesyste
                                                          female    NULL       in          for
3706                             The American public issystem. NULL
                                               multi-payer already financingNo  more insurance coverage, the g
                    Universal healthcare, Universal healthcare. Everyone deserves quality healthcare in
       The high cost of healthcare in the U.S., rapidly decreasing benefits inand more of their healthca
                                                          female                         White
3707                               Swiss       people profits of isNULL
                                                           person required No for to White health insurance.
                                                                               by         have
                    Look accessibility for Restrict in general; quality of care law older people; the pharmac
       Cost and lack of at the???? system. Everyfemale health insurance companies and excessive co
3708                             and the       as an
                    less payments by fact that individual would what I would initially to answer
       That I don't have any NULL me NULL it cost more thanbe niceNo Response be charged
                                                          male      NULL                 Decline
3709                             THE EU pay wjp have VAT NULL carepay out the These at the have
                                              NULL                  tax. If
                    Our Federal Americans for war and keeping large corporations money peoplecounte
       There are thousands of dollars countriesdp mptahave health youNocoverage.to makes millions of W
                                                          female                         White
3710                               truly available thatPAYER a 60-40/70-30
                                              SINGLE upper                      made between all employers w
                    Single onlyThe same onesto thethere isclass; and that splitand are continuing to impr
       Class inequality - payer health care where the Canadians haveNo fact repressesthe the classes&
                                                          male      NULL                 White
3711                            A bankruptcy laws, low income Americans
                   Health care bit higher a basic human rightNULLall and that for by the with huge bills
       Especially with the newshould beMake it mandatory that either Nopaid getWhite government. Th
                                                          male          for     governemtcaught health care or
3712                            willing to pay for guarranteed care, world, yet treatment, care systemnot ins
                                             we approval for
                                                           Canadian. Need to reducehealth patient can issev
                   Need universal system similar to leader of NULL    the provided our administrative were ch
       Cost, the doctor needs to get furtherare the male more specializedadministrative costs costs...ag
                                                                                No         White
3713                             do consumer other industrializedHealthNoin the White
                                             Single and Universal country special interest done and
                   We pharmaceutical,medicalPayerhoodwinked interest groups are making record pro
       The insurance,shouldThewhat every is beingallied special by the Care world hasgroups. adop
                                                          male        NULL
3715                             one-payerwill probably financed of hundreds byWhite
                                              system for basic health care like other western nations. This o
                   We wast aThe public Have publiclywill waste election campaigns so our elected repre
       The egregious need caused by the administrative be convinced againof different plans, payers,w
                                                          male        NULL      No          propaganda machine e
3716                             do consumer other industrializedHealthNoin the White
                                             Single and Universal country special interest done and
                   We pharmaceutical,medicalPayerhoodwinked interest groups are making record pro
       The insurance,shouldThewhat every is beingallied special by the Care world hasgroups. adop
                                                          male        NULL
3717                            The people sheare going without coveragea testing toand financeunsatis
                                             Give isn't female care. Maybe and care can help it This
                                                          allowed NULL
                   programs where our taxes everyone full to order for healthpeople who have as throu
       Third parties telling my doctor thatthat pay for healthcoverageproper lottery thatdiagnose me.well a
                                                                                No         White
3718                            The Americans anduninsured. NULL and No the government ought least
                                               believe not a privilege,          that
                   I think health care is aI who would should are for least active White   politically
       I am concerned that manypeople right are we benefit aim the universal health care. and the to ins
3719                            higher taxes greater taxes
       $$$$$$$ national health care like Canada's on the NULL
                                                          male        rich!     No         White
3720                            That's have health to female
                                             Clearly, care offered is not unique, but asnot as I know, but as
                                                             it should through No
                   First, should be affordable, myanswer. I had good coverage, when I worked Istuden
       That one day weitwon't even a tough onenextsituationNULLgoodemploymentfar limited- likeus who
                                                                                  coverage and those of do no
3721                            the available to all optionwilling to basis the trade-offs because making
                                               the only is not to try to
                   national healthAmerican public Americans; therein in any weasels and con is America
       A basic level of care is notcare isnational health care NULLmake of the current system artists who
                                                          male                  No         White
3722                            We have all been making people should No
                                             Self insurefor ever increasing trade-offs.the medical increase
                                                            my health. self insure that premiums providers
                                                                                           Decline to it fair
                   Health insurance does notemployedme, NULL employed. MyMake answerand avail
       Health insurance is becoming unaffordable female I amIt may not be financially disadvantaged a
3723                            Rope forgoing of control CEO NULLscales and there are making a rocke
                                             Make the corporations pay!!!! No
                                                           care       pay                  house
                   A greater share of the outhealth femalefor fear by employers whois due to sky to sup
       More and more families are in health care should be paid of loosing their White your money certain
3724                             that pay directly person in the same coverage pool& thatway insurance a
                   Make everyone we have     Every instead of through their No
       It is absolutely insaneNot enough. such a patchwork piecemeal systemWhite force people areco
                                                          male        NULL       employer. This the
3725   NULL        NULL         NULL         NULL         female      NULL      No         White
3726                            The need Gogo ago single-payer system. I think that's have cover health
                                             to to a female
                   I really think weAmerican public,to a system where employersWhite the only be taxed
                                                                       system. No           no longer to system th
       I'm concerned we're ultimately goingto to single-payerNULL wants affordable, high-quality health c
                                                                                Something will
3727               NULL                       nothing. much. Insurance companies White
                                In the past costs
       Even with insurance health care NULL too Now they may be willing to give something up. what
                                                          female      NULL      No         are telling doctors
3728                            spending Congress what I've written. Its in in making health on afforda
                                             Just read male care (universal start spending it care chang
                    concerns I'll is that our decenton no genuine interest health care) to demand and w
       What mostYes. Stop metrade good,moneyhas bombsNULL war andOUR power to answermedicine
                                                                       and      No         Decline for bombs
                                             DO NOT ALLOW ANY PEOPLE
                                                          female      NULL        DRS SO BE COSTS KEEP THE D
3730                            They will I SINGLEeliminating dedicatedifto could get stop fooling I someth
                                              simply PAYER, SINGLE
                   Get rid of the profit motive a specific tax private insurance companies altogether. No
       I do not have health insurance; pay forbycannot affordNULL PAYER!!! Let's it. Currently, ourselve
                                                          female                  I
                                                                       it, even No it. ThisWhite NOT be rely on
3731                            Not to Have Private Insurers Become No
                                              No Insurers. Cost,
                   Prepay, Care, Policies of Games, No and Cut too Private with Its Clients.
       The Cost of Health No Contacts, Lower The male Fraud, through the Red Tape.
                                                                      NULL                 White
3732                            we will need get health care make of No not to care for care of it's o
                                             getting people takenNULL
                   I think everyone should to pay for it in to and themAmerica should should pay for it.
       The insurance companies are using health femaletaxes the federal governmenttakehuman lives.
                                                                       care      rich,     White
3733                            tHE aMERICAN PAID BY MEDICARE No weTHE us to more
                                             AN millions are underinsured; yet
                                                                      BE MORE THA Decline TO ABOLISH T
                   tHE SYSTEM many moreIMPROVEDA SINGLE FOR ALLspend far answer of our G
3734                            The majority of the qualified individuals without for individuals, theany be
                                             for in health care. NULL
                   If the government controls Americans will most health care health        to blindly forfeit gover
       The government's authoritative role those administration oflikely continueWhite insurance, the gov
                                                          female                No
3735                            TAX FINANCEDCONTROL OF NULL
                                             GET HEALTH
3736                            NULL         people all people of let alone all peopleWhite
                    is not available available to of the world, NULL  the world.
       HealthcareMake healthcareto all Create available/accessable, high quality healthcare America, t
                                                          male                  No          of America. for all peo
3737                            The a national programpublic. not have health in the citizens.Medicare sy
                                             Educate the that would coverNo
                   I concern is of general public is afraid do NULLmanyall Americans. Thecare coverag
       My greatest am in favorthat millions of Americans of making changes care coverage. The other
                                                          female                   uninvolved health
3738                            are the insurance companies cost of living increases.
                                             Universal than healthcare.
                    expenses Get increasing faster healthcare;nothing healthcare business.Put the reins
       HealthcareBe progressive;support universalmale the out of the less.
                                                                      NULL      No         Other
3739                            lower costsinsurance for every American No
                   low cost preventive medical medications
       non existent for unemployed people. carefemale                 NULL                 White
3740                            I don't fast many Canada's lead andPerhaps solcialistic a aging will be in
                                             Follow have many care. facing
                   Yes. We need to study However, been people adopt retirement and socialist plan.
       The cost has skyrocketed soknow. Canada's healthleft behind. No a developinghealth careplan r
                                                          female      NULL                 White
3741                            I access Single payer shouldNULLbe based on having employment at al
                                             most Americansavailable not affordable onlyinsurance. We single-
                                                                       and                   to
                   I should thatbe something that isfemale would be willing health higher taxes for need t
       Health care believe not think thatto health carehealth care/national to payOtherthose with great we
3742                            Not sure.       are takeing our NULL still the not as doctors treat off. do
                                                            to reccomend          are
                   We already companieswould like nations and wethatNo fact that us any better sympto
       That the big pharmacy pay more Ithan othermale money and not makeinghealthy as some. I Th
3743                            to make health care afordable for any American Then, create an policy.
                                             Socialized medice for
                                                           that                             more pay for
                   Fight for a Doctors and hospitalsmale workNULLand are paid a Decline to answerainsuranc
       A way must be found partial movement to creat "socialized medicine". that canreasonable rate.
3744                            The wealthy corporations so much
                                              shouldn't of all human beingsNoover be recognized and cover
                   Insurance companies The value haveshould pay less shouldwhat to execs and put tha
       too expensive for some and unaffordable for others. NULLcontrolin bonuses they will pay for and
                                                          female                           White
3745                            Don't knowA plan be male
                                              about for all citizenspublic, funded by tax dollars and covers
                                                          American that
                    a universal health needs to the instituted.NULL that allows access reportedly thinkh
       The lack ofA single payer plancare publicly financed systemis 40% of whom still to all services re
                                                                                No         White
3746               The current system free-fall crisis, with no corrective stepsthe logic. government,
                                A single-payerout of date, its survival defies in phases. taken ultimate goal
                                              so system should be sponsored by being The a dinosaur,
       The fact that health care is in aisA single-payer system introduced human federalIt'sand no endci
                                                          male        NULL      No         White
3747                            I think the insurance companies have to pay
                                             Go back health Clinton's recommendations frombusiness 19
                                                           Hiliary NULL           understand why big the early po
                   Everyone should have access tofemale care. don'tNULLfor their health care out of isn
       So many working families cannot afford health insuranceI or such strong White groups and feed
3748                            There are Remove the that require swelled the White American Progres
                                                                       have                 See
                   Get rid of the insurance companies. TheyNULL no trade-offs.costs unreasonably.
       That it is accessible to so few. GOOD plans insurance industry from health care accounting.
                                                          female                No
3749                            I for the average citizen tohow some more tax if White
                                             Simple, won't vision
                   Make healthcare, including dental atmind payingof the other more servicesproviding h
       It is way too expensive think most peoplelook andafford. a federally paidcountries are all citizensh
                                                          male        NULL      No         program for such as
3752                                         Either the male
                                                           companies regulate health care completely or into t
                                I don't pharmacuticalgovernment are getting federal they are forced creat
       The cost. If health care andthink they would make trade-offs. I belive that grants for research a
                                                                      NULL      No         White
3753                             all actually),
                                              money exists to payNULL  for univeral
                   In a word (two citizens. universal healthcare. It's No proven it can be done. It work
       Lack of healthcare forNone. The Again, universal healthcare.beenhealthcare. The only thing tha
                                                          male                             White
3756                               have be I feel that all Itway NULL heart offered?to provide people care a
                                              a reasonableAmericans should be able
                                                                  breaks my
                    I feel there I 40 years experience.trade for small businesses White               young health who f
       I am a nurse with overshouldno idea. What female offs are being when I seeafford health care. If
3758                             Less costlytakes "end male you can get it,No to payattitudes for morecare/c
                                                 type forever stage" and insurance
                    Single payer is the way to fund andifrequire interventionsthe exchangeof doctorslife lo
       The costs are ridiculous, access Fullygo. Universal, nationalized Scandanavian or Canadian sty
                                                                          NULL        and in Whitefor "preventative and
3759                             As retiree, that coverage for have no healthcare insurance.
                                                  I make the of any NULL except It enployees
                    One change would beMake many people all, perhaps throughWhite to paythere are
       The ever rising costs andathe fact to can't thinkpaperwork simpler. for is confusing and funding. om
                                                             female                  No           government for part
3760                             I places see a much smaller the human government is increased by
                                              Single payer health care under and more efficient
                    This systemwant to too much fail to seebeauracracysufferingWhitecontrol.which of tha
       It is controlled by corporate interests whoresponsibility on the insurance and HMOs,staffinggive t
                                                             male         NULL       No            which
3761                             The public 1)Give allinsurance has become for guaranteed insurance -- w
                                               is health Americans access to affordable health health care, a
                    YES! Our crazy-quilt system adds too much adminstrative overhead and leaves man
       My concern is that health care and ready to femaleup some benefitsso expensive that it is fast mo
                                                                          NULL       No          White
3762                  believe strongly that Education of for thewillingof the public with a focus No Amercian
                                 affordability, especially the a working poor.
                                               there should be preality to pay some money, but I fear dama
       Availability Ifor all and I think many people would benational system of health care. on thethat m
                                                             female       NULL       No          White
3763                             I understand month,be atakesNULL priced healthofcosts across the or m
                                              Do won't and reasonably No dangerWhite
                                                                             always in                being my monthly ra
                      think the runs $1100 should offerit we are it shouldn't cost more than cancelled boar
       Our health Iinsurance government aitwhatever free, butto lower health care plan that you can't ge
3764                             Longer especiallypayer systemNULL
                                              Single children.
                    First, I uninsured, waits for a single payerplease. No   situations.
       That so many are think there should benon-emergencysystem that wouldWhite
                                                             female                                eliminate all the burea
3765                NULL         NULL           ads constantly on NULL                 a
       That I have to watch the pharmamake it cheaper! TV. It is allNo big scam to keep us sick and o
                                                             female                              White
3766                             Probably nothing. Americans don't
                                                 paying more a accessable No
                    I even though we areMake health careourNULLmaketo everyone. Set up health car
       I seems thatbelieve that we should look towardformore centralized system very well. systemshave
                                                             female                     trade-offswe national
                                                                           health coverage, ifWhiteare blessed to tha
3767                NULL          get it                                               the
                                              lower the price and investgateYes health all the coverage at ou
       that not everyone canNULL and all need it.why do our elected officials get providers why they ch
                                                             male         NULL                   White
3768                             should be a basicmedicine, health plan Noeveryone, and those that inco
                                              Some universal not coverage
                                                              work         wars.
                    Yes, there Spend money on that female but do not foremployer coverage and ofwant
       There is no health coverage for people basic medicalNULL get for everyone, regardless cannot
3769                             Increase taxes Pharm/Ins them NULL
                                              Get IF the govt.get out organizedCo. careWhite to and getsay o
                                                                            controlling Response WAY too much them
                                                                                        a effective way
                    Again, attack Phar. Pharmacy Co.'s and ofout of primaryhavingcare and lower low-co
       Cost of care and medications. and Ins. and femalecanInsurance No primary decisionsensurecosts in
3770                Health care should years oldcare should go simply No whenWhitebeing I America.to
                                    am Americans and cannot NULL a doctor care system. Healthto have fin
                                                 free to everyone. is to health human
                                                             sickened by our
       I have no health care.I Ithink47 beHealth are female Itbe free forwrong to tie am sick. injustisecono
                                                                                      every        I health care     not
3771                             For the uninsuredthe responsibility of toshould If it Decline beeveryone and
                                              Make there are available all. I believe to ifanswer could s
                    Basic is simply not fair that in this careno trade theNo Response Employers slidingpr
       The uninsured! Ithealth care should behealth countryNULL offs.government.thattohealth care (incl
                                                             female        anyone             go without on a
3772                Yes, a universalnot sure that I can obscene profits accuredpublic.
                                   am payer.  Redirect the speak for the American by
       Lack of access due toI decreasing reimbursements by the Federal sector.the pharmaceutical an
                                                             female       NULL       No          White
3773   NULL                                     to copays.female be accessible to all White employee for th
                                                                 ask. NULL                       this as
                                 Strange that you care MUSTEmployers don't see people a question each
                    There could be a limitHealthwouldEmployers are adding more to the not just to those
3774                Everyone should be are rising, a trade some of their salary not affordablecare for a
                                 I think everyone would government system! are for listening,
                                              Have socialized medicine!! Make
       not everyone is covered, prices covered bytoo competitive, doctors it available to all!!! careisn't al
                                                             female       NULL       No          White
3775                               single -payer nationalmake care system. The affordable, people insura
                                              A national female plan concern. secondly,
                                                                is my NULL                        government quality ca
                    We need aThere is no care plans health majorfinanced by"long waits" ability of corpo
       The rising costs of existing health reason to health trade-offs. Secure,the White the high andtalk ab
3776                               to withoutsee health care protection. Noshould White
                                              I those inmale
                    I of Americans same asanyno reason whyNULL Canada. Americans
       The numberwould likeThesee a national health care system similar to Canada's. any more forbe paying
3777                              such workMedicare, trade-offs! Tens it, millions have on health vet, mo
                                                at all for too of our nation's wealth, is White
                    Our way doesn't an enormous part something like of No ALL.spent nothing a careand
       Such a huge amount, Why should there be or many, and doesn't work very well forI'm tomanyand
                                                             male         NULL         for        Actually, too trade. H
3778                             I think most care coverage provided by the hearts to I visits. Is the the be
                                              A health plan that find it emergency room retired from some 7
                    I many citizens health Americans wouldcovers all Americans,White
       It leaves toohave excellent with NO health care otherNULL in their employer help payby this system
                                                             male                    No            overseen for a Feder
3779                             NULL            have                      at out No
                      don't have that don'tNULL any insuranceNULL there does.that
       There's tooI any people an answer, but I'm sure someoneall. Those of us Whitecan afford it are ve
3780                             There are many itinequalities to health carethe system today payer that m
                                              I think is time to NULL restNo through a
                    I think all Americans shouldhidden costsjointhe distribution of White single services, th
       As a physician I am concerned with thehave accessin out health care industrialized nations inthe
                                                             male            the      of         healthcare such system
3781   The lack ofNULLaffordableNULL supported health care - for me (self-employed) with outrageous ded
                                   gov't      NULL           female       NULL       No          White
3782   Cost                                     comment. enough to comment.
                                   enough toDon't knowfemale
                    Don't knowHigher Co Pays for prescriptions and office calls. White
                                                                          NULL       No
3783                              business and have program our family of all,
                                              A to government all kinds of trade-offs for only afford this is
                                                               insure NULL               four. We can we know insura
                    Reasonably priced federal make any andavailable toany one White affordable health c
       Cost--we own a small We're willing federal tofemale program for No evenwho wants it.       though
3784                             Money with the pharmaceuticalNULL universal health the consumer. The
                                              At least begin much as a Canada, England
                    I developed more taken out systemto lookindustry in mind than care plan and keep i
       Policies are would prefer a nationalizedfromfemale paychecks during theirWhite andyears. There s
                                                                            at in    No           working the Scandinav
3785                             NULL         have
                    All (children and hard-working adults) have and prescriptionWhite
       Many families Americans should NULLaffordable healthno health coverage through worka fixed p
                                                             female       NULL       No           coverage, with and pri
3786                NULL                      Teach doctors better. What to eatnutrition and how to it. As fi
                                  I live the doctors them nutrition. teach Ithem unsafe goingprepare use itno
       Its very poor. WhereNONE. Train ourare female                                  feel        how
                                                             not good doctors. No andWhite to to one. I will w
3787                             I don't think any sacrifices Kucinich be necessary. fact Enhanced Medic
                                              Passage of outlined NULL    by Rep No
                    I think People viewed as customers will/wouldbill. Dennis Kucinich,that we have eno
       Lack of coverage.we should go with the plan the rather than patients. The We already spendnot m
                                                             male                                White
3788                                               would reasonable                              when
                      A single I think people want the system. loss of coverage White people are physi
         cost and availabilitypayer systemSimplifyeliminate the and dependable care by an honest betwe
                                                             female       NULL       No
3789                              of the wayA Federal Healthcare system No
                                                   the Health Care System thatSystem ofbeadresseseddue to to
                    As a result The moneyhealthcaremale                                 need a be structured similar w
                                                               is paid for it has become toluxury
       There are several inadequacies inthat is wasted in our Federal that couldWhite for the average th
                                                                          NULL                      Government but prim
3790                             I'm not sure what this question is asking--but I think that that government b
                                              Emulate the Canadian and Scandanivian systems--theykeep s
                    Single payer health care system.aThe                  lack
                                                                 distinct NULL of any real benefits the might count
       The extremely high prices are coupled with male private sector health care system in thiswork o
                                                                                     No          White
3791                             a 100% governmentalmale fearNULL most workingWhite happy to willing to
                                              I feel completely unqualified to but would be first and take ste
                      dream of To be completely netshealth care system,make any today aren't foremos
       Rising costI and decreased social safetyhonest, I the elderly andAmericanssuch recommendatio
                                                                           that      No           poor,
3793                              dictate theGet the drug companies out of and advertising amount of time M
                                                treatment female to Educate and some types of surgery.
                                                             protocol NULL              the control
                                                                                                 Decline game.
                    Insurance Offer only catastrophic coverage.coverage, Response more on routine trea
       Insurance companiesshould be for catastrophic health DoctorsNo the public the to answerPatientsa
3794                             The a health savings elderly and people to illness
                                                 (75and on accountNULL birth,
                                                                          upon        prices White
                    There should iselderlycontrol prices should be willingwith have less healthcare since
       The price-and that there bediscrimination older)and medication Noall people should be required t
3795                             about the fact for health care NULLtaxes.
                                              National female few already all. No
                    Yes! We I see no trade-offs.sopaid people have any or prices one way or the othe
       I am most concernedneed Medicare thatAllWe'refor out ofpaying highadequate healthcare covera
3796                               single areHealth to forgoHMOS,raises has theknow their healthcare is pay
                                                willing even when citizen ifNo Response
                                                              No some Blue they
                    We need are so hurried that Care paid a by government.means to pay for       government should pro
       Health Care workersaPeople payer system. female forNULL Cross. The Decline to answercare, it is
3797                             Because we most nothing government benefit high prices are are as bad
                                                   have byfemale
                                                               the going health care coverage for should high an
                    Health care should beProvideAmericans receive. Even the and peopleall Americans.
       The shoddy, impersonal care thatoffered free universalto our for free,now (i.e., prices not only pu
                                                                          NULL       No          White
3798                             reasonablyUniversal availablity.NULL
                                                  or uninsured.
                    I believe we need a system of universal health care.No
       Availablity to low income patients,higher taxes.      male                                White
3799                Yes, make Too employers pay a AmericansAmericanNo coststoBlack or to have insuranc
                                  the many coveerage larger sahre odf be load. beforesakewhenever cre
                                              that most maleafford healthcare
       It is too inconsistent. I'm certain people cannot every NULL the shouldMeanwhile, not a priviledg
                                                                            would                   a right, these tax an
                                                                                        willing nor pay African American
3800                               without health in by comprehensive health tax Medicare
                                               universal government high No
                   universal halth care paid insurance the wealthy cost of health care for All Conyers
       millions of Americans slight increasefor taxes ofand the by closing careloopholes in USA that is fo
                                                           male         NULL                 White
3801                              I care pay HUMAN RIGHT! All people deserve equal
                                                 higher taxes, especially not-completely-western-focus.
                   YES! Healthmost is aFree, accessible, GOOD,if today is thatWhite treatment this way
       What concerns me the would about health care in American everyone else did too. me, honest
                                                           female       NULL       No         people like
3802               there for all  NULL         NULL
       lack of insuranceshould be universal healthcare insurance coverage by the government and not
                                                           female       NULL       No        White
3803                              have a national
                                               socialized problems and reasonable White
                   big businesses that creat insurance plan NULLpolution,tabacco,meat,cars.... should p
       everyone having enough coverage health medicine like England..... rates inforced because the
                                                           female                  No
3804                              No medication needed by beNULL persons factors, taken to help of
                                               I know it is difficult to willing accept a White
                                                            would        weigh all           higher
                     little financial idea! Personally, most vulnerable in health needs. but it seems to me
       Those withThe amount ofresources are theI femaleseriously illto No the should beco-pay into accou
3805                              Go Univerisal the profit and outin general. We
                                               Get deduction systom.
                   Total Prescription payroll Health male careNULL greed out fo Whitenational Health
       1. Rising cost of revision. to a drugs and medicalplan for all workers. need a current system. car
                                                                           right   No        the
3806                               Elective surgery, for example, should numbers of and can afford it, it ne
                                                being thefemale
                                                             MedicareNULL  available cover all who
                     care system in the U.S. is inaccess-able to large beNoto thoseAmericans. (I funded if
       The health Instead of health careExtenda commmoditysystem toexcludedWhite privately know bec
3807                               everyone regardless ofcomprehensive system for everyone
                   A more to Fewer providers   A simplified income.     and
       That it be availableunitary system to avoid confusion NULLconflicting inerpretations
                                                           male                    No        White
3808                              The wealthy could care systemNULL benefits. care joint (payment fo
                                               Implement female with drug of urgent White
                                                              have        system No
                      believe that universal health stilla nationalcosts private medical care if contributions
       The lack ofI a universal (tiered) health care systemaccess tocan be shared byclinicsthey wish to
3809                               don't payments should be least more
                                                guarantee needs medical claims willWhite government as in
                                                              provide take          health coverage why
                   Health insurance Other countries that youraffordableNocontrol overcovered. can't we?
       High premiums which None.evenGovermentfemale attoNULLpartially covered by the-health insuranc
3810                                 afford    Follow other countries example. The drug companies I mak
                   We cannotbreak. With sick. My husband has America everyone can work and a
       my family and Ineed aNULL to geta healthier work force inbeen self-employedto answer areambe
                                                           female       NULL       Yes       Decline and now
3811                              unacceptable that a (emphasis creates No as all gives away billions not no
                   Out of taxes for            Charge illegals who NULL services and other countries do do g
       It is unaffordable and tax. ALL CITIZENS.country that on citizens Response
                                                           female       steal      war from Decline to answer
                                                                                             charity care meant for
3812                              ?            Definition of and theNULL
                      Healthcare should for too entirely by implementation of a basic standard of healthc
       Basic healthcare is unavailablebe paid many Americans.
                                                           male          federal government (through taxpayer sup
                                                                                   No        White
3813                              are not
                   universal health covered                               for
                                               universal that those NULLare take the profit out of health care.
       that too many people NULLcare for all.and health carethat all!!!covered pay too much for thier ca
                                                           female                  No        White
3814                                           I see a lot male
                                                             hospital NULL practical range
                                                                        within No
                   not sure possibly higher deductibles butremodeling High cost of medication vs. low
       The ever increasing costs vs. the continousof abuse in the Medicaid program where people kno
3815                                           Get hope people universal frustrated enough that,
                                                                         getting No
                   Yes. cost I don't know. I politically involved/organized to promote of to compromise
       Accessibility andWe need a single payer plan withareNULL coverage. Short reform. we need a
                                                           female                            White
3816               Yes, we should have "socialized"emale iscare like our allies Canada, way all other firs
                                  None. The See above. health a single-payer system to Britain, a single
                                                American public
       The fact it is unaffordable for most. We should havestill being brainwashed thethink thatDenmark
                                                           f            NULL       No        White
3817                              Americans are payingfemale and to all people. Too many is should be
                                                not always moreavailable receiving less. our area and keep cos
                   Complete health andMake ---total available toavailable InInvestigatiionsnecessary t
       Health care is too expensivecare---- should behealth careall people. to allWhite itpeople are cau
                                                                        NULL       No
                                           YES!ACCESS AND EQUALITY OF COVERAGE/CARE FOR ALL A
                                                           female       NULL       No        White
3820                              I personally am willingmaletoo much of the health care spending in the P
                                               Give everybody Medicare andNo fellow citizens Medicare.
                    and not give everybody Medicare? I know hardly oftax appropriately to pay for it.ade
       The hmo's Why insurance companies consume pay so that all anybody who dislikescan have US.
                                                                        NULL         my      White
3821   NULL        NULL           NULL         NULL        female       NULL       No        Other
3822                              I'm of sure and low-income populations. for electronic appropriate. Paym
                                               Implement female whole graspsgovernment is of trade-offs and
                                                              as a
                   Some caring notcosts the publica universal platformthe inevitabilitymedical records.
       The rising cost of sharingfor ederlybetween individuals and the NoI am very concerned that Medi
                                                                        NULL                 White
3823                              I think they's The likefemale more patient program will follow. Drop t
                                               Put the emphasisto expanded Medicare program?
                    system wrong with a system corporations are kings, and all Whitestarted.
       The whole What is is out of control.be willing an payonNULLto get the patients don't matter. The on
                                                                                   No         ideas
3824                              We shouldMakenot according to run illness,
                                                 we it accessible NULL             a non-profit federal group, like
                   The system needs to be simplified, codified,eachby Yes but areifdoing based medi
       the number of uninsured childrenpay,have. female to all. Some people as ortaxed,without on ou
3825   it sucks                   NULL                       that
                                               Yes, I thinkmale every workingNo
                                                                        NULL        american should have $1 taken
3827                              unfortunately, I suspect care available to Nocare White
                                               make health many the federal Response
                   there should be without guaranteed withare unconcerned and unwilling for those w
       the large number of peoplea single pay system,access to health government payingto make any
                                                           male         NULL
3828                                think most Americans will factNULL be cost eliminate surgery such as t
                                               The system the needs to to initiated. Payments can insuranc
                     universal care for covering Andhas to willingthe wait of elective people who havep
       The lack ofA universalI systemeveryone.everyone be be changed tofor helpingthe privatecome fro
                                                           male                    No        White
3829               The bureaucracy coststhe adminstrationbore by costinsurees. from system has beco
                                  To the over are increasingly a huge the to health care.being the "empe
                                               increasingly added of health companies The Costs and extra
       Costs keep going up andturnhas Eliminate for-profit insurance care payments to a government o
                                                           male         NULL       No        White
3830                                have of idea. universal
                                                care         system, of course!No
                    is so little good healthGo to available single-payer aren't care.
       That there We shouldIadopt no single payermale to those who health wealthy or fully employed.
                                                                        NULL                 White
3831                              I which it isAmericansfemale working for Noindividuals, to employment - n
                                                organized - the be prepared
                                                             should NULL           are tied Asian
                                                                                             uninsured affordable
                   I think it's ridiculous that health care insurancepoorall to sacrifice paid freedoms inth
       The backwards way in think that Require healthbenefits are directlyoften onlysomeinand/or don'tp
3832                                don't speak forhealth have like all other modern societies.
                                               We anyone other than myself.
                   We shouldIhave millions, inadequate universal for No care,moreif other modern so
       lack of insurance for tens ofuniversalshouldmale insurance health However, allthe American pub
                                                                        NULL       millions like
3833                                             working class healthcare forNo except the or rich
                                                                                    all      Black rich.
                                  None! Theshould provide has made many trade offs TheAfrican American
       The cost. I feel the government Health care providers should not be profit drived. should be d
                                                           female       NULL
3835                              Slightly higher stay on manufacturers under that afford still below their
                                               Get the a male program to be taxes that
                    of retired persons going out ofdruggroup health programscontrol!!are quality health co
       The ability Enable retired persons to deductables. Slightly higher able to White provided bythepla
                                                                        NULL       No         were
3836                              payment to the government like have the right do be best but then I g
                                                 until grouped a claim and sick ones White
                      wonder by we couldRememberfemalewe allmedicare mightto wouldbetter,to get by pro
       you can beI covered if If insuranceall beyou have together, thethen they not theirbe coveredthe the
                                                                        NULL       No        be cared for and rid of
3837                              If is took the money business" NULL cuts care industries to what we have
                                               Make the wasted onand like No
                   The solution we business,a "big medical and health all the rich addrealizething that
       Health care has become asimple, a universal health care system.busineses thein answer their m
                                                           male           tax      for       Decline only that
3838                                           Universal HealthcareEducate people and wars American horrif
                   Universal Less money Doctors male                      payed      by
                                                              military. NULL forcommunity the and other mone
       45 million without it coverage withspend onand the healthcareNo taxes ofgetting modest peopl
3839   NULL        NULL           NULL         NULL        male         NULL       No        White
3840                              No lack health everybody Health insurance for everyone *saves* money.
                                               Get insurance fundamental--the longof who pays. society, a
                                                             in the NULL                       run we, answer
                   There is no need for any changeNULL-- *everybody* No covered. It doesn't really matte
       That so many Americans trade-offs are needed.*even though in concept Decline to as a I'm sure p
3841                                think most unable system be the lines
                                               single-payer system NULL
                   We shouldIhave a areAmericans wouldtheirhappy to eliminate                 Canadian model, for in
                                                                                   care theWhite
       The fact that many Americanssingle-payer to meet alonghealth No ofneeds.the need to pay paid
3842                                a rich are never willing to
                                               nationalize it
                   I should betheright nationalized. female a luxury                up,
                                                                         anythingNo but should
       Health care think it should be of every citizen, not giveNULL for the rich. it White be done anywa
3843                              As long monthly everyone!forcosmetic (non-reconstruction to mention the
                                                worker, am all         socailized medicine White not it medically ne
                   As a former Medicaid "luxury" Iitems likeWe end up No
       the never ending increases in as Cover premiums, co-pays andpaying more when orwouldcannot
                                                           female       NULL       deductables - if people have c
                                                                                             - even
3844   NULL        NULL           NULL         NULL        female       NULL                 Decline to answer
                                                                                   No Response
3846               I is an had the answer If the politicians on the same federally subsidized health mor
                                  Small tax increases,one!
                                                  to that maybe. On an individual care there need today, w
       Health care wish IINVESTMENT.Put we don't adequately fund health basis,for everyoneto be insu
                                                           female       NULL       No        White
3847                             Possible without any female health care. No
                                                paid employers                      Health There
                                                                                               benefits country shou
                    Health care should more taxes. type of must have health careWhite thisfor all employe
       We have too many AmericansbeLarge by employers and government. care inis health care for t
3848                             I by to FDA, can is my life, NULL than a
                                              Totally overhaul quality including anymore. pharmaceutical
                                                              high FDA,              care watch dog doesn't work.
                     is overseen don't think wecare getnothing moredon'tNo puppet for thecurrent that will
       Everything I've had access thehealth whichallfemale theand I healthuse itaunder the It group system.
3850                No.                       NULL                                No especially
                                 I of funding for necessary social programs,Response for I poor, the th
       The continued slashingdon't know if Americans are willing to consider trade-offs.thepersonally dis
                                                           female     NULL                   Other
3851                             and gov't provided for. systemNULL
                                              a nationwide
                    employers lessen nation pay more...the doctors needthe charge less and the lawyers
       prices too high and children not can buildingmale     warfare. similiar to to VA. White
3852                             one payer,Take administered NULLsometimes the private sector would h
                                               tax supported health of  care hands is Other way offs which
                    I that deprive many Americans adequate public health oflife-saving health care. w
       Rising costsbelieve a Under a properlyhealth care outandthesystemsystemonlytrade to go. This be
                                                           male                   No
3853                                 ACCESSABILITY ARE 2 KEY FUNDAMENTALS IN MY OPINION. THE
                                              BESIDES, male WHAT HAVE ALREADY ONE HUGE A SACR
                                                                      NULL        No         White
3854                NULL          costs       NULL
       The unstopable risingNULL & Ins. Co. that pay less & less, butNo
                                                           female     NULL         charge more & more to the insu
3855                illegal aliens given offs.get benefits.
                                 no trade not using natural remedies; doctor. doctors etc. to much prescri
       we need more attention shouldto more time spent with thevitamins, herbs, needtoo listen and lea
                                                           female     NULL        No         White
3856                             10 lies for Force 43 male to clean up aNo
                                              gallion       and                      waste, White
                    i pay myself for insurance congress pay $238.00the more fraud and more for and
       the cost, corruption, and cents a profitI'mhigher for gas. 5 dollarsmonth.each monthcorruptionpow
3857                               think Americans americans. a single government Save trillions cover b
                                              Have it provided by NULL
                    Should notI accessible for all would all industrializedNo      countries. for the few
       The high cost and be paid for government like give up costly extreme careprogram. to on midd
                                                           female                            White
3858                A single payer to that'sisprimary care for care, not avoiding risk.spendanswer time w
                                 I think basic the wrong one that NULL payNo Doctors ifInsurance want for
                                                   the onlymale
                                                                         We                  Decline to so little
       High cost. Lack of access systemFocus on providingallcan realistically than any other countryevre
                                                                                   more work we really companie
3859                             NULL
                    The patient should bear more risk and theNULL
       High cost with diminishing coverage    NULL         male       provider less. TheWhite
                                                                                  No          current system penaliz
3861                             NULL         NULL
                    It should be a for more than 40,000,000 NULL
       Lack of health insurance government plan as in Britain and Japan
                                                           male                   No         White
3862                               think most Americans would entire costThe factCanada's is preventive gu
                                              Adopt a health the system similar to basic
                    Yes, I thinkI government underinsured Americans. No healthWhite andwe drastically
       The large number of uninsured andshould covercaresupport necessary, that thisIfsystem of indu
                                                           female     NULL          of         care.      the only guar
3863                             Would probably accept increase in income
                                              Get the insurance industry No
                    Yes. A single payer system motive. Becoming out. tax if properly         inaccessible to middle i
       That it is an industry driven by the profitseems preferable. increasingly White structured to cov
                                                           female     NULL
3864                               thinkg Americans are sacrificing enough. ThetheWhite are so high I have
                                                American. Even companies No of small country of Costa Ric
                    I the employeers should the insurance with insurances,individuals.Have more govern
       It is beyond feel reachIof averageCutpay a share and NULL
                                                           female                  we
                                                                      so shouldout the prices The governmen
3865                                 other industrialized female harder and Being less basic services, spon
                                              WE of the working Specialization, loosing for to a nation. Muc
                                                            system NULL                      Decline those efforts. A
                    Employers Iare bowing outmust focus on and increasing giving over to tax payer not e
       Its cost, more than anythink Americans are country. prevention. getting healthy asanswer
                                                                                  No Response
3866                             make single payor system.
                                              single payormany NULL
                    I think we I think most people would be willing to pay higher taxes in to access the c
       The cost. High costsneed ait impossible forfemale low-income/uninsured peoplereturn for acces
                                                                                  No         White
3868                             Willing? Does ll need. I include verbage isof live in Central, and afra
                    National Health withAmericanAmericans think thetheNo           people much too broad. I'm So
       Lack of coverage for those Care the most public?The care that those who North, poverty do rece
                                                           female     NULL                   White
3869                              Higher taxes instead female insurance companies.and
                                               Get rid of of by the insurance companies.
                        should be all government here. paying NULL
        The lack ofItuniversal health insurance run,health insurance companies,White model a new syste
3870                             Probably, Affordable health
                                              have Universal medicare on retiredNo  best Canada, Australia, Germa
                    Yes!!!!! Why can't wefinancing. female insurance foremployees,which is
       Big businesses are increasing co-pay medical benifit NULL system likepossible care. one third of
3871                             The public Eliminate smoking onbe worthYes tradeWhite use of way doct
                                              health, to me, people are
                    Yes, though issue, that soooo many laws, athis unable to afford decent,therenewable
       that it is not a "political" it may violate monopolywouldNULL planet, improve the absolutely nothin
                                                           female                   healthcare, of
                                                                          nationalthe         off where preventive h
3872                             A My premiums for HMO coverage went No translates starting in run in
                                               Go to runfemale "calculated This is sort. Public utility--public
                                                             when NULL             up
                    Move to single payer systema single-payer system out"$80/month into far less $$pro
       Costs rising every year. single-payer system as a public utility. of somenot a government 2006. In
3874                Yes. believe that healthhave arebackcovered under Medicare. plans. It is likebackp
                                   most taken care for not and covered under the by back and Catc
       That the things I IneedDon't know. care of more servicesneck injuries caused My carrying a imping
                                                           female     NULL        No         White
3875                              should country quality health care available toby Otherthan enough mone
                                              a health care system paid for No
                    I feel there that should there one to be richest in There is yet no cost, privileges
       What concerns me is Whythisbe Make ishave of the tradeoffs?the world,moregovernment. Instea
                                                           female     NULL        totally allthe very basic
3876                             Single payer is everyone. not a for The those taxes
                                              Single necessity NULL                for
                    Single payer. Medicare for apayer in the care run.everyone who would be offset b
       No universal coverage. Health careis cheaper health longluxuryNo rise inWhite can afford it
3877                             Some countriesgovernment should help sales or luxury taxes. government
                                              The pay afemale tax, medicalNo to buy care the I think the m
                    I think is getting in this country should havecannot affordHealthfor by for everyone, lik
       Health Insurance everyone too expensive and peopleNULLhigher       either fund paid it, so they go without
                                                                                   care      White
3879   NULL         NULL         NULL         For insurance companies not No regulate and control American
                                                           male       NULL        to         Black or African health car
3881                             I personally am willingfemale to pay taxes for health care your employmen
                                              Health insurance higher employer through provided Self-e
                                                             to pay one's
                    I see no other choice but for individuals onNULLmoreNodependent onpremiums or taxe
       Having health insurance should not be dependent should not beeither offering insurance. that the
3882                               and I need ...bottom Line.
                                              OMG for all citizens question!my Grandson. I work Part empl
                                                            a loaded likeraise No
                    Run our health Luxury to live long enoughNULLMedicare, vote themselves and decre
       I have No Health careTAX care systemwhatfemale Goverment shouldforgetto allHMO,s paytime fo
                                                                                    Available the people without c
3883                             I'm not decreased administrative costs, so
                                              I I think cost current but adequate and delivery monies easi
                    Want affordability;sure.don't think can good health No that allWhite to direct healthth
       Coverage for all; a national insurance, withwethecontrols,way ofcare withreimbursement to provid
                                                           female     NULL         access the current can be if ca
3884                              it's not available to everyone. People in No areas often have American
                                              Socialized medicine!NULL
                      much and Reductions in high-cost optional procedures and drugs or African very limite
       It costs tooPayment by government alone. female                            rural      Black are fine. Increase
3885                             Cut the pork from bills measures need whileof the Pentagon's Health hassh
                                               healthcare in congress, cut part in poor cannot. budget andb
                                                             to get NULL
                    We need can get whatever procedure rid and healthcare from birth to stop problem
       The fact that the richnationalizedPreventive female theyof inequities thetheNULL
                                                                                  No           system. One person
3886                               total HC costs for Democrats, NULL only Democrats that will our to provid
                                              Vote too much propaganda about this corrupt as
                    Complete overhaul none be myself and my wife were Socialism, etc. vow monthly
       Cost. 4 years ago, theProbablywould -forgreat, but it can't pass No half as much Republican cong
                                                           male                    with      White
3887                               AND UNDERINSURED (USA) PLAN FRAUD AND NATIONAL HEALTH
                                              NATIONAL HEALTH PLAN No
                                                           male       NULL                   White
3888                We need universal see thecare for allof public by taxes fairly levied on corporations,Co
                                   do not health need male paid NULL Choise of providers is possible and e
                                              A car industry. First, the
       The corporate control Iof the healthcombinationtrade offs. Pharmecutical health education under
                                                                      for policyNo             industry's control of p
3889                             are uninsured and that lack involved. tax increases can that's what is b
                                              Free to befemalewould NULL
                                                                      wholistic No
                    Federal government needspreventive andhealth care insurance for all Americans. nee
       That so many people I think most Americansmore of agree to Let's raise taxes ifhealth care--thein
                                                                                  health care for tumble people
3890                             We are theWe needhealth in the of
                                                richest to deprivitizeworld primary should profit getting
                                                                          health No
                                                                                  care. one the
                    We need to take I have and employers outbut my equation. Otherbe it is to of it.so a
       There are several concerns HMO'sabout countrycare,NULLthe and we Takeis thatable outprovide u
3891                universal single-payer system male
       Cost and safety           don't knowsingle-payer               NULL        No         White
3892                             willing to pay
                                              preventativedeductible such as unfair to White free care to those
                    All free health (morality) their tax share, yet feels it'sNo hospitals/clinics offering it. diet
       cost, quality and honesty care should befairmale       medicine for those
                                                                      NULL          stop smoking, exercise and
3893                NULL         many         NULL
       My concern is that so NULL people have gotten usedNULL
                                                           female      to someone else paying for their healthca
                                                                                  No         White
3894                             How employment government America covers No to provide health care
                                                                       it can
                    I think in should haveno trade off? paid health afford in "Medicare for all". to eve
       Health insurance wetied to aboutExpand Medicare soNULL care,everyone.
                                                           female                   as       White
3895                               to see      Senate affordable, Small insurance for Health Plans for self small
                    I would likeNULL theTo makeapproval of NULL Businessour White is only available
       That as a self employed small business owner, healthsecure health insurance available to emplo
                                                           female                 No
3896                             Don't understand the question and companies. Decline to answer
                                               socialized femaleregular
                                                            by a
                    It can afford to be much all by governmentlikedoctor.        No other western civilizations to
       That no one should be pretty seen regularlymedicine, NULLnearly allThat the poor life shorter lives
3897                             I do that have funded male
                                               Setup care,amany necessary.No and allowed to reduce the hi
                                                               health plan pushers be White problem is bene
                                                                                  The       of the
                    Big companies not believe trade-offs areare pillshould notrootdo not attempt effective
       Price and Quality of general practioner a board to investigate, reorganize, and suggest to find ot
3899                             at this I am retired think we NULL educate people Medical
                                               universal coverage who
                                                            for those
                     health insurance should be iand pay need to wish to use this, better. should be e
       the cost of Private insurance.point none.keptfemale $424.00/month and this still does not cover ev
                                                                                 No        White
3900                                would be willing universal the doctor to No
                                               and a notfemale healthcare plan. sure that because it on ph
                                                            goto         taxes make
                    I think that Ithere should bedo of the greedyNULL when they need to every person so
       People cannot afford healthcare Get ridto pay more in insurance companies and put a cap si wo
3901                Employer paid health care has been to must differentand health services if theychild
                                   dollars aremight be able wonderful andme means of financing on allpeop
                                                 spent on administration for paperwork, rather than to
       Too many health careAmericans To begin with, welook atprovide basic my family, but manytreatm
                                                           female     NULL       No        White                   kne
3902                                                                     make No
                    it should no more tax breaks for sponsored socialized healthcare for all.
       its unaffordability be socializedgovernment the rich.NULL thme pay their fair share like every
                                                           male                            White
3903                We need aA large majority insurance carerate medical care above economic to the m
                                   national health of health program to assure quality medical care issues.s
                                                high administrative NULL of private the White ofleading for all a
       High percentage of unemployed;NationalUSfemale       citizens costs
                                                                       program No           lines
                                                                                 along insurance the Canadian
3904                              american For everyone to topay healthcare ! inWhite versus taxes goi
                                                 some people are rest of developed taxes
                    Yes ,every Fortunatelycosts be taxed HAVE for a universal system. This would be ru
       lack of it, uninsured, exponentialshould comparedto willing to pay more world, for profit system m
                                                           male       NULL       No
3905                             I don't thinkthus puttingsystem, administered by I companies,that myself i
                                                 too payertrade-offsreach insurance don't know make shoul
                                                                        are                    federal
                      think it should be a single many maleout ofNULL necessary. themillion government. W
       that it is soIincredibly expensive, Get rid of theitbloodsucking of nearly 47 White people,wethe sys
3906                                think that the healthcare coverage with a lot of uninsured peoplewhich ha
                                                and hospital settings, meet No more White citizens
                     in both the homecareProvide a needs to be Ieducated deductable the cost byhealthc
       As a nurseWe shouldIall have basic public single basic health insuranceabout provided ofand peo
                                                           female     NULL       no         for all             our ta
3907                             I think Americans are female and switch to a single payer and wouldby it
                                               SIMPLIFY!!! Get simple, payer health plan,
                                                           ready      a single No            is threatened run be w
                    Get rid of the insurance liberty, and thefor NULL single payer system that will maketh
       That our constitutional right to "life, middle system apursuit of happiness"White system because
3908                             Most Americans wantfemale careusing care plan which
                                               Universal health
                                                            a universal health No
                    YES, UNIVERSAL HEALTH without insurance. plan such as they have in Canada
       Lack of health care for many Americans CARE PLANNULLallaAmericans.White may cause a del
3909                             We have paid paying developements of modern never had forever, paid
                                               I believe American's NULL rise
                                                            for        should exsist in White advancements o
                    I I have Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's, State thatNo have medicalevery Anti-Ameri
       All of my lifereceive worked andbeen for themale everythingaid, butup andthis nationemployerwhile
3910                Yes,                       Universal health care. It's (and civilized) world now.
                                 There doesn't have the industralized a right and do it right and have univer
       It's affordability we should join the rest of tomaletrade-offs since the money that we are now was
                                                                      NULL       No        White
3911                             It is tax a be flat 3)on makingabetter flat"must."Decline to public salary
                                               Education malesystem, say  matter No Responseincome (stocks,
                                                                                 of medical services.
                      Availability of not tomatter of "willing" it isNULL for choices towards "eating."
       1) Cost, 2)Re-do the Fed coverage,aand taxAccountablity17%poor on "all"The Amanswer "must"
3912   cost                                     health affordabe and efficient.
                    We need single sharemake it care. Most countrieswith our health works well, for a rea
                                 Let's payer responsibility for our health have it, and it care professionals.
                                                           male       NULL       No        White
3913                             I believe more than one benefits that others receive. Thatup 40 hours
                                               Make prescription not job, and those Whiteadd I have a M.A.
                    Any so hard yet notsince most of the aredrugcompany bossesnewspaperstoleaders, w
       That I can workperson who has be awardedmalepart-timeads on TV or in jobscorporateillegal. F
                                                                      NULL       No           or
3914                             U can not give in nottradelife forcare. To care.
                                               Have to of offs NULL    yourself..No Response
                    Let the government take controllike the new health much $$ Decline away to
       Long term care and medicine bills. Do a betterhealthfor medicine card.. is givento answer political
3915                             not have think it would would NULL supports thelow and companies
                                               universal and payment for see universal coverage so
                    yes, but getting; lack of access coverage whichproblem topreventive middleeveryone
       how expensive it is I don'tsure, Iany answers, Ibe a major to noninsured, White medicineincomea
                                                           female                No          insurance
3916                             I health care to all 676 the cost more feasible. There are money curre
                                               Americansa   can
                    There is much evidence for HRis male obtain savingsNo efficiency of a strong public
       High quality, afordable think that Pass supportpriority and alsobenefits forWhitesamesingle-payer s
                                                                      NULL        and         the
3917                             I think Americans are female to pay insurance. It White
                                               A prescription of medical
                                                           willing                         is a well-kept secret be
                    I favor a universal, and single-payer universal reasonable plan for the whole country
       The high cost of medical care single payer formdrugs.NULLhealth care premiums (which wouldtha
3918                              access       more affordable & available healthcare White Americans.
       The cost! yes, better not sureto lower cost healthcare & better No
                                                           female     NULL       doctors for all
3919                               benefit Socialize. Doctor of NULL care. This may be OK receive the b
                                                go to the female      health No
                    We see noMinimumtothe government susidizing drug and see the specialists you ne
       The cost, of course, the abilityofwage jobs don't offer your choice companies. They for teens but
3920                             me is that there is notoindividuals.My husband adhere to healthful practice
                                               It kills me safety net. a
                    It thing for If people were encouraged/directed/forced? to of but the US government s
       The scariest should be just government andfemale thisNULL Republican, 32 years last June sudde
                                                                       as        No        White
3921                N                           about the public. would pay No
                                 Don't knowA universalmale  health NULL
       Affordability eed all government payment system. Icare system             higher taxes for more health care
3922                             I system has many faults, care.believe no yet corn system in any trade
                                               Immediately ban or NULL fructose willing to make this suga
                                                                           high not
                    The current believe the American public Itax 2. Drug program orsyrup and othercount
       1. Americans' unrealistic expectation of medical but currently is Nocompany and provider advertis
                                                           female                          White
3923                                everybody's right. afemale
                                               We need and administered health careDecline overour million h
                                                            government pay. No Response      system in 45
                    We need aHigher taxes, according many people are and administered health care s
       Health Care should begovernment fundedToo to ability tofunded under insured,to answer country.
3924                               IN AMERICA  SAME thefemale OUT HEALTH
                    yes as staed trade off's TODAY same coverage No CARE ..HOW DO WE FIX TH
       TOO MANY PEOPLENolet us ALL haveAS CANADA NULL across the board..and pay the sam    White
3925                any!         NULL          NULL
       not having why is it possible for other countries (Canada, for example) to have health care for A
                                                           female     NULL                 Decline to answer
                                                                                 No Response
3926                              in think of...who else male
                    Not that I cantoo know.    Prevention.would is NULLnot something must adresses the Drug
       It is unaffordable and I don't many cases treatmentpay? Over-billing which be addressed.casue o
                                                                                           Decline to answer
                                                                                 No Response
3927   THAT THENO                NONE          MAKE THE GOVERNMENT PAY FOR IT.
                      GOVERNMENT IS NOT FAIR. I BELIEVE ANYBODY THATBlack or African American
                                                           male       NULL       No          WORKS OR ARE SEN
3928                             Unfortunately, to quickly moving into No still prone society, offeringby
                                               care, and the American public is  -Fewer employers are care he
                    I believe we need to We Iare a health insurance. a more sponsored healthwhere qua
       -The skyrocketing cost of healthmove thinksingle-payer, government stratifiedto manipulationsyst
                                                           female     NULL                 White
3929                             NULL           should      be care NULL
                    Insurance companies NULL health "for plans they and their should choose.  patients
       The inability of doctors to implement the notfemale profit" entities. TheyWhite be something li
3930                                           Single payerbest
                    See aboveAnti-reason propaganda is the issue
       cost/benefit - the bottom line -- Universal is male for that here. I think that, presented with the
                                                                      NULL       No        Other
3931                Universal health care Universal rich doctors who take our moneies to answer
                                 NULL          program health
       Cost too much to have good care and the for all care program for everyone for "fair" care give
                                                           female     NULL                 Decline
                                                                                 No Response
3932                               We shouldeveryone. male care the sameNo of health for roads, police pro
                                                 pay for health the same boat"
                    Absolutely.Americans are ready to "inhighNULL of health care, particularly compared
       Lack of access to health care forPut everyonehave the same levelforwe pay care. quality in healt
                                                                        cost      way access and Everybody in,
3934                                benefits should notour children. We due to an illness) and be people he
                                               Cover all female years job. anything - White part of the proble
                    Health canI don't think job afterbe linked to a(or need to be sure they are without sho
       That an individual care lose his/herthat people want toNULL up That doesn't mean that getting all t
                                                                        give     No        that's
3935                             I am not sure know where to health
                                               having universal coverage.
                                                                       willing trade off where we pay for it thro
                    I think we need a hardlywhat one payerstart but to No          system but personally I would
       There are so many concers Inationalized the public isNULL careme one of the biggest problemslo
                                                           female                          White
3936                             We like the better developed NULL corporations and American, natur
                                               Move make care. health that everyMedicare for All.
                                                                         believe No          single
                    We need to you are need toto single-payerInation insurance, White a way to move to
       The fact that the richer do don'tevery other yourtradeoffs. Theand come up with wealthiest Ameri
3938                                believe employment. Medicaidonly what to much now to be assured
                                               Medicare policy is NULLat operate at a assure health have difficu
                    I insuranceuniversal health careandto paybusinesses with few employees care needs
       Health care believe a I is tied tothey are willing Small the least optionthey pay lower managementt
                                                           female                No        White
3939                                           have small portion towards No
                    it should be paid by the government, medicine health medicine
       the astronomical cost we should pay asocializedwe need socialized careWhite
                                                           female     NULL
3940                 very        NULL          We need drugsuniversal my
       Being on aNULLlimited income we find theafemale thatNULLhusbandplan for all too expencive. Wit
                                                                        health care takesNULL Americans someth
                                                                                 No          are
3941                             Certainly Americans are willing NULLon to part of White
                                               A universalfemale
                      feel that the whole system should be centralized the"choice"government and equity.
       -The great Idivide between technical and medical capabilitiesup maximize tohealth care insuranc
                                                                      to give and accessin those treatments an
                                                                                 No             efficiency (non-partisa
3942                             I believe care system is progressive
                                               Stop the perpetuatingAmerican that incremental answerall a of th
                    A single-payer system funded bymaleof thetodelusion a / health care tax on level sing
       I am concerned that our healththat the majorityfailing NULL incomedecentDecline to changesAmeri
                                                                          provide public is willing to accept are h
                                                                                 No           and humane
3943                              I don't believe any health carewould be I be treated Whitemade it a national
                                               things trade-offs needs don't knowjust we should health
                    Not sure. Simplifying Mental would in good - butcoverage between 'standard'change
       lack of access to mental health care; disparity be insurancetonecessary if thatlike any other medi
                                                           female       NULL      No            we
3944                              I think single payor access primarily funded bylimits on choices it mea
                                               Single payor system, financedaccept the
                    There for anyonewe afford and system, control and distributed government. ifEmploy
       It's too expensiveshould be a to are willing to trade is unevenly No income taxes and taxes on b
                                                           female       NULL                 White
3947                              is insecure, unjust, companies NULL for the
                                               Create discriminatory, offs Medicare wasteful single payer,
                                                           be any prepaid system. WhiteThere enough
                    Take private health not needan female trade of the No public. needof iseveryonem
       Health care financing There doinsurance to improved out segregationist,for All wherehealth careh
3948                              Right point of being female
                                                people are unaffordable toand less for(and and more. I qual
                                                             accepting less most and more benefits under m
                    I think we need anow, Get rid of the competing for employers covernot governed andon
       While the cost is rising to thesingle-payer system not NULLsystems people, theeveryone andby pro
                                                                                  No         White
3949                                and most Make of insurancefrom many people. the health insurance in
                                                            would to so to the end Employer of age or disa
                    Helath andI the inavailability disengaged gladlyemployment. regardlessprovided insur
       Cost of insurance insurance should be Medicare availableseeeveryoneof White
                                                                        NULL      No
3950                               or elimination care lawsuits NULL
                    LimitationsNational Eliminate would a full of contintes to make mistakes, they sh
       Costs driven up by lawsuits healthof lawsuits, ifbe Doctorcheating, must have tighter controls t
                                                           male                   No         White
3951                Single        none!!       health care
       I don't have any! payer national Provide health care for all Americans. White
                                                           male         NULL      No
3952                              increase the poor and working NULL Prescription Black areeveryAmerican
                                               find will guarantee poor.
                                                           to gurantee everyone a healthier or very highit insu
                                                                                   to         cost society of Ou
                    I think we need universal a way female coverage and healthcare forAfricanwhich wou
       The expense of health care for taxes health care so that accessNo can take advanatageAmerican
3954                              Payment should be scaled pharmaceutical companies health care can on
                                               Universal Health Care
                    We need Universal Health catering to for by individuals, amount based on their incom
       Our government is more interested in Care,femaleaccording to income. I think and insurance com
                                                                        NULL      No         White
3955                              Individuals Some electronic Americans. No companies that provide to ti
                                                should forfemale
                                                              initiative to be informed of White are and doses,
                                                                                  The          If you
                    More information is needed for consumer driven health care. their medical conditions
       Many things. The costs are out of reachtakemost record of conditions, medications admittedheal
3956                              Don't should letting insurance companies
                                               Stop                                Individuals and families should c
                     and increasing discrimination against employment.No dictate to the health care sys
       High costs Health insuranceknow. not be tied toindividuals with health problems by insurance b
                                                           female       NULL                 White
3957                                think most working pay anuniversal program.
                                               Come up with a amount, based TheyWhite
                    Make everyone who is Americans would gladly have their income taxedto a the prem
       Quite simply, that the Iaverage American cannot afford to get sick.on theircannot afford health ca
                                                           female       NULL      No            income, for universa
3958                               ceases get a of market enterprise No by teaching health care finan
                                                we continue business entirely.
                                                               to        responsibility
                    Government long as beoutfreethepersonalNULL polluted with bloated bureaocracy a
       I am concerned that itAsshouldto Encouragemale pander to individual self-service, ignorance, and
3960                              NULL
                    Free health care           Reduce male
       Too expensive insurance for health care cost                     NULL      No         Other
3962                                single payer R. 676 where difference between a Decline to whether insure
                                                folks, there is responsible, hard working family
                    We need aFor regularH. system -- The enhanced Medicare fortax act. answerof their in
       A serious injury or disease can financially ruin anoeveryone contributes a all and an insurance p
                                                           male         NULL      No            fixed portion
3963                              Americans Take be maletheir NULL People each
                                                should take yourself, use care. The prescription drug plan fo
                                                            of           health No
                    The government should not careof care inthemselves andsense. other, and not pills
       People Expect the government to takecareinvolvedof health. common expect miracle cures, look f
3964                              I think the American public
                                               Adopt a single payerNULL
                                                             health so financing system is is health and taxe
                    Yes- the current employer-basedcare would many peoplefinancing system. higher
       Lack of access to quality, continuing health femaleforcarebe willing to pay White archaic care unwe
3965                              willing to pay more/befemale more. I
                                               Make care taxed
                                                             of yourself.                      in the
                    YES! Universal healthcare for everyone! NULLfear suffereing from long run to be pr
       That it is too expensive to actually takeprevention a priority. It is cheaperWhite dieases or injuries
3969                              must health insurance be tied NULL the Yes
                                               Universal healthcare have
                    Yes. Why Less government spending on to employment to accept   right     individual wealth? We
       The expense and knowing that insurance companiesmilitary action. and White or deny payment
3970                                reworkingStop tryingmaleto pay people isNo dysfunctional now it can't the
                                                 coverage and other for
                    A completecan't affordof the money is needed.atItleast catastrophic it is moneyeveryo
       The high cost. Some Congress has the systemfix a system that sonot be Whitesimply becausebe
                                                                        NULL     arecan't retiring health for down
3971                              I feel care Devise a system public is willing to giveWhiteto burden of paye
                    Universal health strongly the be publicly universal No way similar central/singleprivat
       It is inaccessible to 43 million or more American offinanced incoverage withthe public water, pub
                                                           female       NULL       a          up
3975                              I'm systemI don't the it is, at Federal Government White control health
                    No, I think the not                                  would No             should
                                                  what as trade-offsNULL be. who have medical I think routi
       The cost and accessibility. sureis fine believe theleast for those For those covered, coverage. ca
3977                              The point should 2) payer we is that the NoWhy tradeoffs. If covered, to
                                               My first suggestion ALREADY
                    I is to: 1) lose coverage single receive inadequate coverage. White Congress lose all
       How easy it truly believe we need aand really be, health system. make should providers needwe
                                                           female       NULL      President and increasing costs
3978                                 how to provide healthcare in everyone public, last question. NO healthc
                                               I'm unsure female
                                                            beyond American has know who have
                     concern isSince I don't richest nation to the I saidNo Ipeoplewhat Americans call "
       My biggestI'm not sureAmerica, theknow most of thewhatworld, and the I'm not sure. I believe tha
                                                                        NULL                 White
3979                              Many should provide female & NULL military spending for withfree or - eq
                                                 are paid every up US
                                                            to give non-citizens - our federal to the same h
                    Yes, health the of usTobewillingfor andAmerican and every resident US military afford
       That all people living incare United States - citizens administered by haveWhite governmentpres
3985                                medical giving more rates to NULL who system and choose coverage
                                               We need to flexible allowing us to pick White vision. Are Cana
                    Not sure. How about systembetter have a health-care take better care of themselves n
       Affordability. Also thatMake thecoverage often does not also cover dental and like those in theyth
                                                           female                 No         more
3986                              Less care,Nationalize us drug NULL
                                                shortage ofhealth manufacturers, medical equipment, HMOs
                                                              doctors and
                    Reduce corporate profits (insurance,who have nurses, overmedication, and dominati
       High cost, inaccessibility of care for those offemale care. excellent health insurance, more care
                                                                                  No         White
3987                              The current no the above answers!!!!!!!!!!No Health Care,for people on M
                                               See healthfemale
                                                            insurance. it Universal
                    Yes It should be single payer system. CallThe decrease in White           funding call billionaires
       The numbers of people whoahave health insurance industry in this country is creating it socialize
3990                              We to be run  taken entire health As system the White
                    Business needsin cost. ourof of insurance companies. way we run Medicare a
       The outrageous increasesshouldGet ridoutthethe loop.carean export industry we see that it is -inc
                                                           male         NULL      No
3991                               not sustainable, health care payor with athe best satisfied. As co-pays w
                                                 have (regional?) is probablyNolargely White a with a like a
                                                                          No                  design
                    Some sort of single large regional payorcoverage arequasi-governmental board (app
       Our current system is Those whoSinglefair or rational.NULL country wouldway to go,system define
3992                              I think the of most willingindividual, I would costs for needed to personal,
                                               Connect the costs to for change, if theysee level health servi
                                                            an to NULL                          see
                    Yes, speaking only for myself asfemale pay a personal and society the bottom line th
       Personal economic vulnerability public is individuals on health care like to Whitenew combination- o
3993                              trade for uninsured government shouldemployers, to the use savings to
                                               require everyone,
                    all lack of accessindividuals and male including
       high cost and employers, alloff smaller role for privateNULL allNo            companies and cost.
                                                                         insurance contribute to contribute to cost
3994                                single the See second answer insuranceNo
                                                public, ever act in NULLabove. corporations media are controll
                    We need aHow will the system that andits own interest while theand resulting no inc
       Control, not in the interest of payorpublicby drugcovers everyone, with coverage for low or high c
                                                           male                              White
3995                              The american public male
                                               Insure un-insured persons No
                    Single of underinsured and more individuals. in the country. I feel that this is be
       THe large amountpayor system is needed. is not willing to make trade offs. This will have to cau
                                                                        NULL                 White
3996                              any          for all - NOfemale ELIMINATES insurance companies!
                    Universal health care universal health care for
       That we have no universal health care for allins. co's.NULLall - NO insurance companies!!!
                                                                                  No         White
3997                                think Americans to continue pay forif care thathealth care. afraid by ind
                                               We system. It seems like universal does am We are go
                    I believe inIa single-payer need guaranteed health all the premiumsI being paidtoalrea
       Being locked into a specific job in order are female tohaving health insurance.not disappear witht
                                                                        NULL      No         White
3999                a basic socialized healthcare tax to overprescribing more lower by corporations and
                                  The majority of leading
                                               Change American public is middle lack of economic class and
       power of pharmaceutical companies, theplansystem to discover andor fraud emphasis on preven
                                                           female       NULL      No         White
4000                              I think the public now recognizes that nationalizingWhitehealth insurance si
                                               Enhance thetothe of our major indicators like longevity and in
                                                                    one NULL                   the
                    Let's the most expensive systemfemale world, itscommunity by making health the av
       Despite it being consolidate these paymentsinhealthhealth insurance entity, overseen by caregov
4001                              No other can bring about
                                               federal governamentprimarily involving profit making insurance
                                                             Because ofcare payer of employers, pays are outs
                                                                            the    all,
                     people are supportcountry has male healthsingle forNo which alrteady many for almo
       45 millionaOnly federalwithout health care. a system NULL burden system unrelated to employm
4002   NULL         NULL          NULL         NULL         male        NULL      No         White
4003                Yes we should we have lost the of losingweak systemcare. Already a Medicarewill T
                                  Americans To deduct paymentsNULLhealth
                                                 universal female their Medicare held onto. No longer drop
       It is going to get worse as go to aare afraid alreadycare systemNo weanda singledoctorsmodel. w
                                                                         like                create
                                                                                   through White payer are for a
4005                              There is we doubt people is government No
                                                  are thatfemale would be aware pay a little extra in way to
                                                               we all NULL
                    It's outrageous for no manythe federalobscene. willing world this doesn't have a na
       The fact that there is nonethat soMakethe only civilized nation n the to that that is the only taxes t
4006                It needs to NULL
                                   be greatly As beginning, extend the Medicare system to everyone, then
                                               simplified by per capita, single-payer plan which will both redu
       Its lack of availabilty to everyone, itsahigh costinstituting a and the deterioration in its quality.
                                                            female      NULL      No         White
4007                              Less to see a aobve. ale manufacturers
                                               See goes to drug heatlh
                    Yes- I health expenditure10-year plan to NULL "plans"          single insurance companies, no
       Too much of totalwould likechoice among competingmove to a No and(government) payer syste
                                                            m                                White
4011                              The the individualno the kids. I pay unrealistic breaks to healthly life a
                                                EKG policyholder,NULL
                    Level the costing. An wantsshould cost thegivingreal life choices aboutGovernment st
       Cost & shifting the cost to public Start with trade off. Teachallif Yes have White deductible of $5,0
                                                            male                  you
                                                                          same my own costs, ainsurance, government
4013                NULL                       get insurance through their insurance
                                                                          provide No
                                  I would be willing to pay should higher premiums. to their full-time employ
       Many working Americans do not All employersslightlyNULL employers. Black or African American
4014                              The American Public is 676 andNULLareach Healthsystem. Medicare for
                                                putting HR ready out     put single payer White System such as
                    Yes, Medical Care is Supporthealth and go toNationalfor working families. We have
       The high cost ofChange the system completely care for aofthe pressure onCareCongress peoplea
                                                            male                  No
4015                              Somewhat is most efficient andpayers waiting goWhite
                                                  many Americans and are No
                                                                          equitable.           without it. burden by a
                    A single payer systemEliminate benefits who moresuch to if shared as a The drain on
       Lack of affordable health care forrestricted third-party NULL forcedas HMO's which are inefficien
4017                              I about it Make it Americans would not No“political or African a tax ade
                                                 fact responsibility of government do Black agenda― its citi
                    I concernedbelievetheis thethat afemale deal of be willingto receive less of American
                                                               great NULL
       I am greatly do not believe that that most a true priority andAmericans to“spoon access to ben
                                                                                             not have feed” atitem
4018                              Many without financed medical to a
                                               Single payer                coupled with adequate
                                                                                              decreases in Medicade
                    Single of peoplepeople worry about goingNULL strange doctor. The monitoring of gr
       The large numberpayer government medical insuranceinsurancewith the White program should
                                                            male                  No
4019                              Not many people and more health careNoit. I        health should be a universal he
                    I think government Create a universalof NULLbelieve there care and insurance are
       It is so unaffordable for sosureshould pay for the corporations ofplan including health insurance l
                                                            female                           White
4021                              Very high must be with could be
                    Health health care. cost proceduresa single payer No          system. with
       Not everyone has care should beItuniversal universal.NULL available only Whiteadditional premium
4022                                 pay know. downs when they are system should paid into the systemand
                    Yes have Ithat if some one the worked most on a fixed and Black or that their medica
       that the elderly I thinktodon'tspendthink has public welfareof their lifeincome and Africanit isn't fair f
                                                            female      NULL      No           be revised. American
4023                                thing theyMy between for but the costs of insurance improve job basis in
                                                 are willingmale
                                                              to share NULL
                                                                        get medical Responsean emergency
                     middle income citizens are uninsured universal health universal basediton fair and h
       Lower and We shouldIsever the link proposal employment and No care on tocare ifanswer mobility
                                                                                             Decline to    is governme
4024                              Very few... most Americans continue to wantcompanies withhold or way th
                                                 benefit offered by the insurance something for more money h
                    Payment the reducedEliminate the insurance contributions as benefits, is Americanto
       The rising costs and by individuals, buffetedmaleemployer companies ability to or Africanthe ransom
                                                                        NULL      No         Black for nothing. Any
4025                               ensure it. would if you to distributed fairly unnecessarystates or still find
                                                  the take are have it, the cost isfrom those 3to could proced
                    We shouldAmericans Allow costsmale buy generic drugsResponse
       That all Americans don't havethatEvenstatesmore steps to avoid across other youanswercountries
                                                                        NULL      No high,Decline and costly
                                                                                               and entities.
4026                              Appropriation and step up of affordable insurance for coverage
                                               National Health war care
                                                                lack     efforts health care.
                      think insurance industryof taxesfemale and system.toNo                 under
       The power Iof the our government should the fromCaeNULL for those not Whiteamericans. through
4027                 costs           support the idea of more should have to make ANY is NO offs in their an
                                               Doctors must provide preventative medical care excuse for he
       quality andPersonally II do not believe Americans socialized medicine...there tradewith education
                                                            female      NULL      No         White
4028                              I think It isUniversal coverage NULLto be paid forWhite have health Th
                                                  would be male
                                                             a willingness Americans does income-based copa
                                                                            all                by not
                    We need universal health care coverage. for couldAmerican (single-payer system). all
       Affordability and availability. thereINEXCUSABLE thatIteveryaccept possible a combination ofcar
4029                              I think clear majority private insurers, government, health all all citizens
                                               We move toof citizens would accept a on behalf of citizens fro
                                                                 a       payer No
                    Multiple systems, a provide a consistent positive system runsingle payer system run
       Our present system does noti.e.,employers,malesingleNULL level of health care forservice provide
4031                              The cost inequities (poor
                                                 cosmetic treatments and reward
                                                               prevention cost determinedWhite habits.Get heap
                                                                                   treated by those wishing such
                      health care be theofEmphasizemale peopleshould be good by by the present thetr
       The cost ofThere shouldand universal coverage with the are notNo borne fairlyincome.     health
4032                                think single-payer system: the U.S. government.insurance. national hea
                                               Institute a single-payer, comprehensive, universal Also, there
                    We should healthAmericans many be willing to payNo
       The maldistribution ofIhave a care. Too would peopleNULLwithout healthtaxes for a single-payer,
                                                            male         are       more in White industrialized na
4033                NULL          NULL         NULL                                of
       Health care for individuals that are uninsured or living at 200%No poverty or below. These indivi
                                                            female      NULL                 White
4035                NULL
       MY SUPPLEMENTALNULL                     NULL           FROM NULL
                                    INSURANCE WENTfemale $99.00 TO No             108.00 AND THEN STARTING J
4036                              Hard           since a female payer system like WeWhite "single payer" sy
                    All those entities should pay,therethe payments dialogue. funding a to educate all citi
       Fragmentation and cost. to tellMove tobutsingle been NOshould beMedicare. Universal covera
                                                                        NULL      No           need
4037                              employers should notfemale to drop health care from the benefits how
                                                 high to a government sponosored any health care and
                                                              be able NULL
                    I think that about the millions of Americans who availablehealth those who can affo
       I am most concerned Affordable,To goquality health care isdon't haveonly tocare program.they o
                                                                                  No ResponseWhite
4040                              I believe more Americans a National simple straightcan understand cho
                                               Have a national health healthNo
                    I believe that we or that if americans were nocareasystem thatWhite forward plan to and
       First, the fact that 45 million should be looking athave NULL health care system. It at least seem
                                                            male         given      care, second, that there seems
4041                                 Health care should be socialized. We, as
                                               Cut the poor and NULL
                    Absolutely. particularly forthe extremely inflated prices of prescriptions by strictly limit
       Costs and availability;Increased progressive taxes. uninsured. No a nation, are wealthy enough
                                                            male                             White
4043                                don't think I It has female
                                               The Federal Government must cost I Decline toof these method
                                                            the prohibitively well enough to all must are so
                                                                                             insurance. We
                    It high to Ibe simplified.understand this way too complex. of think and answerprovide w
       The absurdlyneedsnumbers of uninsured &become questionhigh be involved,answer.The comple
                                                                        NULL      No Response
4044                              Take one health care is all. The cost of inxurance isfortunate enough m
                                               Health of payment contributions. Those prohibitive for the
                                                               Security not
                      availability of quality source carefemale like Medicare. I don't mind paying for my m
       The lack ofThere should be the cap of Social fora rightNULLa priviledge. It should be available to
                                                                                  No         White
4046                We are                     Establish a national healthcaretaxes- can't would just be a cos
                                    think most are willing this typeincreasedNoWhy whichwe go to a National
       costs quality care theI only country that hasfemale              of system. plan! NULL
                                                               to have NULL
4047                              The the uninsured population insured uninsured individuals in the acces
                                               Make themfemale ofNULL to costs and educate them on the
                    We need to Also concerned about the number of so that theyWhite access care in app
       Cost and accessibility. getAmerican public does NOT the true pay for healthcare but wantU.S. ap
                                                                         want     No           can
4048                              Individuals Criminalewilling to pay a shareNo abrreviated fashion. federa
                                                must a MalprcticeNULL    actions an
                    Yes. Universal to those who witness the quality of care admistered from and "type" o
       The concerns are obvious coverage in becomprehensive plan.in as well as hospitals, one What is
                                                            female                           Black or African American
4049                                people don't single-payer system when they care and with people shoul
                                               Develope a decrease that covers everyone for a needed me
                    I think we should have a have anycomprehensive single-payerit. Even all reasonable
       The fact that so manyThere shouldn't be access to carein quality of needWhitemostsome people
                                                            female      NULL      No            plan
4050                              What "American public" are youWe wayNo go. This world. save and their
                                                 - system male the -istalking strong Democrat
                      not have a single payerthrough taxation restthe theabout? The would leaders - not as
       That we doA single payer systemWhat can one say!? NULLneedenlightenedRepublicans money ce
                                                                            of     to        White
4051                good          NULL         NULL          for
       the lack of no and affordable health care malepeople who areNo or unemployed. American
                                                                        NULL       self      Black or African
4052                               not available to thingsmale
                                               Until 50M+ change, NULL to civilized world. Either that or contr
                    Single payer, universal healthcare like    residents
       Basic preventive care Reduced defense spending most of the take care of yerself, live a healthy
                                                                        have      No         White
4053                              The benefits.Healthcaremaleunwilling to asNo for every service requested.
                    Changes are necessary however,is am uncertainto paywhat changes either benefits
       Increased cost, decreasedaverage American I not provided make concessions inwould be most
                                                                        NULL       to        White
4055                              We shouldn't have health
                    We need single payerExtend freeMost companies are shiftingWhitecostSenate work
                                                  anymore. Europe all our asone! and have the and most Co
                                                               medical NULL
                                                                        to every No
       The average citizen can't afford it nationalto,male for does it citizens as Canada, Australia and Cu
                                                                                  well         the
4056                 it is, easilyI accessed Eliminate of the American public,and get physicians out ofcurreh
                                    have a low opinion the insurance industry the poor. Parents the the
                                               by the
       How unfair100% government funding. wealthy and unavailable towhose complicity in should no
                                                            male        NULL      No         White
4057                                single-payer public female
                                                Make a Medicare-like plan excellent models, such as those in
                                                                in already been forced to trade off most of to prov
                      of need aThe Americanindustry,There are with private pharmaceutical firms, -- after
       The failure Wethe private insurance system.has league manyavailable for White Americansits healt
                                                                         NULL       No
4059                              No idea. Government fundingNULL             healthcare as itWhite
                     Basic healthcare should be provided by for government, for all. is unreasonably expe
       That it is NOT available to all; that health insurancetheofthe self-employedis in all other Western
                                                             male                   No
4062                              An increase and thirdmale companies money to White access. repeal
                                                provide universal health care coverage pay for premiums and/o
                       access the insurance in taxes uninsured. lack more than $200,000.00 and congre
       inadequateRegulatefor the low income and on those making of more closely. Limit the amount of
                                                                         NULL       No         without
4066                                universal, Afacts about healthcare in the No
                                                    universal, systemNULL based of access to care according to the
                                                                                      the health about
                     We need aIF there really were general knowledgeonUS today, what it costing our
       The widespread ignorance of thesingle-payersingle-payer system ofTRUTHcare. ishow sickus, th
                                                             male                              White
4068                              Don't know. people don't haveNULL
                     Everyone must contribute be top priority on the Administrationsprotection (i.e. health
       It is not universal. Thus millions Mustwhat they can afford as aNo
                                                             male                    citizen's responsibility agenda t
                                                                          financial health care legislativealthough a
4069                              I luxury rather thanbased contribution No government agree on how
                                                Income beobtainable neccessity. America to like of income
                                                                 easy get mainstream White
                     I would really like to see wouldan care to NULL by the Many peoplefor everyone an
       It's rapidly becoming a don't think it medicalfemalebe handledis only fair. A percentage myself in m
4070                                or companies beallfemale
                                                  receive tothe care NULLthat perform itWhite work if good payi
                                                                 laboratories difficult, prescriptions they issue. C
                                                                         they                    may
                      are insurance Dr's need costsmore it makes itneed. Everyone deserves those healt
       Those that Withleft outOurcan notCut toin control accountable for thebut useless experiements. Ne
4071                              NONE INTO ONE SYSTEM
                                                UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE No
                                                             OF UNIVERSAL SYSTEM White ALL OUT ALL TH
4072                                many        I have interested degree, have been working at least part-time
                      access forNULL to decent a master's in making No
       The lack ofDespite stating that they areand timely healthcare.healthcare affordable to all, many d
                                                             female      NULL                  White
4075                              Unfortunately with everyone inwhilethe costs shared among all. I thinkin;
                                                I have already said and making it veryWhite with everyone ot
                     We must go leaves out in many people it; a single many will accept no limitations
       The chaotic system thatto a system so our inidividualistic societypayer system for doctors and of
                                                             male        NULL       No           hard
4076                              I stop understand WAR against others our Response money for national h
                                                Tax those with the most lose and insurance. Also, medical pla
                     We need to don't payments tothis change,NULL           Sorry. No use that   those without.
       What health care? Every time job situations question.we money and notDecline to answer Get"pro
4078                                add an option where AmericanNULL is help co-pay insurance are and m
                                                 I think those who need care disinterested both parties in nee
                                                                with      public No
                     we need to the providers andcaregovernment could together comunity support survivi
       limited access-gettingin general, quality the male universal access with (withuntil they costs. gov
4079                              Some limitations of providers. noncitizens Response
                                                Stop all citizens
                     We have to go universal fornoncitizens. health                            Decline to services
                                                                                    and interpretative answer for ob
       The American Government paying forhealth care for NULL care No and send them home immedia
4081                                honestly we will needat profit/greed in benefits I companies (malpractice
                                                Undercut thetothis time   cuts
                     None I of personal service, impersonal relationships with providers,
       The cost, the lack canNone; butrecommendmale makeNULL of insurance think. the burden place
                                                                                    No         White
4082                                 Those whoStop companies"band-aid" change, but insurancethe proposa
                                                    are looking at risk-pool because of since at being tied t
                                                                          Canada No
                        We the uninsured, losing well-insured will resist system (similar to Medicare) that in
         The high costs, should have a single-payer, singletoNULL improvements; lookall other industr
                                                             female                            White
4084                               are the government. Every individual and cradle Decline income should re
                                                  willing is female
                                                               Universal Medicard/Medicare for to answer
                                                                                    No Response secure,reliable cove
                     Individuals People areEstablish pay guaranteed from employer withall residents of thi
       That comprehesive healthcare coverageto anot fair taxation and co-paysto grave to every legal pa
4086   NULL                                     NULL                       plans
                                  I future there will be less healthbe able toselect from. choose their health
                     I think in thethink people definitely want to NULL to No
                                                             female                   continue to So many large insu
4090                 Single       Higher taxes   coverage for all
       The uninsured payor (federal)Single payor coverage for all No
                                                             male        NULL                  White
4091                              Money andLifelong learning in this initiative, choices result in within the dis
                                                  who pays male
                                                              is not what lifestyle containing be Less incuba
                                                                                    for          never
                     Since money a 'disease central focus of solution. Money willWhite coststhe solution.
       Our system operates on seems the model' with noaend in sight No try these: Triage.health--includ
4092                              I don't know  Create a power
                     I think we should have publically female of the pharmaceutical coompanies and insuran
                                                              financed NULL care
                                                                         health                 largely
       Costs, emphasis on drugs, education, the universal health careNo for everyoneor African Americanou
                                                                                     program Black supported by
4095                              To include Make should haveNULL
                                                alternative female fora made and the owner the health care
                     I believe that the is the littleit affordable modalitiesbusiness right on to answer issue
       What concerns me the mostgovernmenteffect that mansmall smallResponse to choose healthservi
                                                                             very medicineregarding the what
                                                                                    No part hasDecline
4096                              None, we the world ifs and for aboutoneHealth most respected country
                                                Preventative if we care is it. And better research before med
                                                              paying NULL              of
                     Nationalized Health are already female buts Nationalalso themost important We just
       We live in the richest country incare!!!! No and healthwant to be No the Care coverage. subjects a
4101                                pay working class people keep what a - and stopmedicators that are se
                                                You system access Mexico are self will
                     We shouldMostthe lack ofneed to listen andus well procedurethe answers- youwe are
       Cost of medical treatment andmedicalability to to in Newunderstand that Whitecost in full before th
                                                             male        NULL       Yes          payment when would
4102                                  to a flat not universal. The patientsrecommendation. I believe it will ta
                                                I don't include should be and to trade out Some to hose
                                                                         single all             flat tax.
                     Yes - lets IAccess is American publichealthcare willingin that care the abiltykind of a
       Lack of affordability. gothink the tax andthink I have a NULL for No health White providers get sue s
4103                              I being able as some female collect as possible inbut
                                                Find few full carry a NULL amount of health as reduce benefi
                                                              way to decent          with
                     Today's employers hireto afford to time would agree all me,WhiteI believe we are an
       AFFORDABILITY: Not doubt that most Americans workersfromNo corporationsinsurance covera    order to well as individ
4104                 single-payer caretaxes inexchange for universal,comprehensive health insurance
                                  higher for adopt insurance
                                                millions of Americans
       lack of access to health national health single-payer national health insurance
                                                             male        NULL       No         White
4105                                should insurance and they provide be haveto havetopackage to their em
                                                  we trade femaletherefore Education access or seek citizens.
                     people are without be rewarded ifEducation, do not able andtake care of standards on
       That more companieswhy shouldEducation,off. We should a good healthcare better our adequateW
                                                                         NULL       No         White
4106                              Less            "social contract" under which No
                     employment. spending on the male Healthcare NOW! revoke the tax cuts for the ric
       It is tied to Yes, I believe that theEnact NationalcalledNULL in Iraq, government was created com
                                                                          "war"     our        White
4107                              I uninsured which meansthe although No benefits to
                                                A single-payer system paid bypowers do.
                                                               as that NULL          the
                     Yes, have a single-payer systemfemale other worldwe are the richest country in the w
       (1) The high number ofbelieve Americans will consider less medicalgovernment be able to afford
4108                                a trade offs needed.male allNULL
                                                Let not to all?   Give
                     A person's wealth should the affect the quality of health care access taxes to care s
       Should health care beNofree entitlementgovernment pay all the costs and raise to healthcover a
                                                                          citizens the same White
                                                                                    No         available.
4109                              Family members informed decision aboutNo caring for theeldery to be car
                                                Make should be more involvedend of life care, sick and with
                     Elderly should be cared for in their quality NULL                 in
                                                                         of life,too instead of Nursing prolonging lif
       Unnecessary human suffering, compromising homes/residencemuch focus on just Homesallowe
                                                             female                            Asian
4110                               if           Quit pretending that everyone has
                     I don't know. you can get it. Preconceptional care isNo access.prenatal vitamins sho
       Prenatal care is good Continue with health promotionNULL disease prevention at fairs, at the ma
                                                             female                  better, and
4112                                our this isMore money forand can have nots. now our they get. Wheth
                                                    case of care prevention and education, this is the key. (wh
                     Well am 28 and worka elderly the have'sand tell you rightThe care current system
       I am concerned IaboutWell growingin healthpopulationINULL the substandard rich and affluent We
                                                             female                 No         White
4113                                  not sure about poor who must of
                                                  a American amount have the greatest technology in the
                      HealthcareI should beDecrease question. NULLinfluence that the Amemrican Medical
        The tremendous number of uninsured this theright. Weare deseparte need of healthcare. worl
                                                             female                 No         White
4114                              I can if we provide good healthy.quality health for we all in this countryth
                                                   guaranteed high high ptople       people can not get trade care t
                     I think we should havepeople universal, quality health up front all, could healthoff prov
       high quality health carethink help provide to stay primary towhenNocare care toincluding dental be
                                                             female      NULL                  White
4115                              None
                     Fee for service.           Change back to                      No service
                                                               as they for service &Response programs.
       Fees for treatment/care are not competitivefemalefeewere in fee forreduce number of companies
                                                                         NULL                  Decline to answer
4116                              Willing to health care plan 0-18 and offer all mothers prenatalcoverage
                                                Cover all children primary by individual includes care.
                                                                basic     is paid No care, that
                       think we a national give children planthat NULL basic Response and business health t
       That we doI not have should have a nationalfemale thatoffers healthprimary health care catastropht
4117                              Let's just bite the quality health NULL care. I think is inexcusable in a coun
                                                 afford explore pay for it which
                     I believe we should seriouslybullit anduniversal through taxation.
       Not everyone has access or can Consider universal healthhealth care. White
                                                             female                 No
4118                              Less choice due lead inor provider.
                                                Expansion care medicare system to of national health insur
                     Government should take health malepaying and developmentWhite
       Lack of insurance coverage either oftheto cost theavailability.to No
                                                                         NULL                    all americans, with sup
4119                                  to are the only industrializedallWe
                                                The                          Americans to have a justice If all the
                     Absolutely!I don't know--we're issue is for NULL must see this asaccess, regardless
       That it is not accessibleWeeveryone. first very spoiled.nation without universal access.issue ando
                                                             female                 No         White
4121                                individuals earn make or muchper haveshould pay higher out-of-pocket
                                                   who the working poor.    for
                     In my is the cost of health care and thoseNULL publicno insurance.
       My main concernview,Those whoInsure$100Ktoo more who yearNoassistance but not enough to b
                                                             female                            Other
4122                              Higher taxes to support the care that is ALL Americans.
                                                Make good employment. It is a fundamental right of all right of
                     Health care too many be tied tofemale available to needed and even with insurance.
       That it is unavailable toshould not people and sometimes difficult to obtain should be thepeople t
                                                                         NULL       No         White
4123                              I sort of sure care available to Don;t really think there and The be is g
                                                Less papertrade concern
                     Make of Health Care theabout a female for the health carein Quality of get backa trad
       Besides the cost some am not healthmost serious off. NULL I have is thesome way. the care. to ta
                                                                           all americans workers needs to cost
                                                                                    No         White
4125                           Well, that'sfutileproblem-my health care Nothe world, yet oldoff, because, n
                                               the care. In I don't think they
                   too many to list. The Eliminate futile care.NULL this inwill make year it is patient dollar
       The overwhelming emphasis onUS has the female opinion,example, an valuble health care with m
                                                                        For       wastes 80 a trade statistically,
4131                            I uninsured and havegetsingle waiting times. These are Everyone woul
                                            should be choice NULL health
                                                              a emergency                   large
                   Absolutely.The trade-off may only insurance for all! No care system. acceptable trad
       1. how many people arethink we Heath carefemale andpayer care 2. the White amount of money
4132                             believe thethe insurance industry nurses the select faculty riseincreasing
                                                 public the number if allowed& Shortage of by in and hea
                   LegislationIto of Registered Nurses and nursing faculty.nursing their provider rates.
       The increasing shortage regulateIncreasewill pay moreof & stopNo to out of controlcaregivers lead
                                                          female       NULL                 White
4133                           I cannot speak to all be care but I what they would they
                                            Everyone Americans and not insurance.
                                                                         health No           insurance.
                   I am sure that changes need to must haveNULL am caresure what be should give
       That everyone does not have access for healthmade,oraccess to medical White willing to be. up
4134                           to high quality everyone run ALL Americans
                                            Put have care Medicare like Medicare. is set up companies
                   Should be They shouldn'thealthto make trade-offs ifNo system and administered C
       Lack of equal access single-payer governmentinfor system system paid forInsuranceproperly. by
                                                          male         NULL                 White
4139                             think the CLEAN from alternative need wellness. Have the governmen
                                             a away people seriously your to Almost aware of theare env
                   Again: pay draw people healthUP THE ENVIRONMENT! becomeALL cancers Alaska N
       Insurance is set up to Ionly whenAmericanpractitionerNULLmedicine and wellness-enhancing pro
                                                          female                  No        American Indian or impac
4140                           I review and overhaul; the involvement of so many for-profit groups make
                   Needs closesee                                      with
                                            Insurance companies and hospital product companies compan
       Affordability at retirement today's seniors struggling NULL heath care costs because thecontinue
                                                          female                  No        White
4141               NULL        NULL                         Asepsis is thing of the past. value maintaining the
       The number of hospital acquiredStaff the hospitals withaprofessionals who Lack of professional i
                                                                       NULL       No        White
4143               A involvment             Show the diffs the populationNo 2 Insurance
                               None Just show pay malemost.NULL         (paperwork)
       Government 3 way pay 1 Government all fact to on new and old Meds White Co pay the next
4144                             my employer to give femalegood all promisinga we pay for cure old your E
                                            Provide have a
                   I would of The medical must healthcaremney Americans,thatWhitecan it alreadyage. c
                                                          me the NULL that No
       The fragmentation likesupport. Youcommunity has toto jobthat they use to wepercentage healthca
                                                                                  pays large   purchase my of in hid
4145                            to not sure the third female payers careNocoverage for more or the indiv
                                            Have care.party emphasis on based on trade-offs preventive h
                                                              The                             the
                     would advocate a system that pays public ISprovide to makeWhite opposedconcessio
       Access for Iall citizensI'm quality healthAmerican for healthwillingacute care as income ofto preven
4146                              We needMandate unhealthy choices and limit We needeating care sta
                                               to pay fair pay
                                                           preventative care No which makes mandatory de
                   Absolutely!Increases to our geriatric population appalling. the advanced technology
       The care we given and regulate taxes forfor female for NULL is (example unhealthy healthyfast food
4147                           I do care, not just for the to have to anything. frevilous one of middle-clas
                                            We we need elderly but stop the We White spending decisio
                   It seems that insurance companies aretrade-off far too many of the importantrichest d
       The rising cost of medical not believeas Americansmaking for the growing Amercian the that we c
                                                          female       NULL       No         are
4148               NULL        NULL         NULL                                  Lack
       Still not enough emphasis on paid/covered preventative care. No of availability for those who
                                                          female       NULL                 White
4149                             that healthhave everyone, of NULL get the that healthcould
                                                care fine femaleshould be for mental they or medicine recom
                   Yes. I thinkTrade-offs soundcoverage you insuranceNo proceedurecare. be a smorgas
       The uninsured. Everyone shouldInsuresome form including universal. Therecan get preventive c
                                                                       can't       so       White
4150               NULL        NULL         Make health (healthNULL and No
       Rising health care costs, insurance premiumsinsurance more affordableWhite are skyrocketing
                                                          female        ins.      malpractice)that people who don
                                                                                             so that
4151                           not and the way to insuranceNULL          access Nowithout having
                                                                                            to charge on medicaid
                   A way for middle-low Atiers that have bettercompanies set up White to gomore for certa
       high cost of prescriptions sure... incomefor middle to lower income people to have access based
4152                              a true system wouldbe willing system the Lack of health maintaine
                                            A universalmalehealth care to providers Whitepromote consisten
                                                                        costs No            and
                   A universalI think the publicbetweenreduceNULL providers.gatekeeper approach if the
       Lack of coordination orpayment systemwouldhealth careto acceptthat promotes a system approac
4153                           We insurance side outpacingand prevention.
                                            Wellness wellness everything else. White
                   Stream line theneed to how it isso they areNULL coniistent. (ie forms...one standardiz
       The rising cost of health care and focus onand prevention methods. The high technology care i
                                                          female                  No
4154                           We "depression" single insurance deductibles. Thissub-optionsthe same
                                            Have a trade-offinsurance plan. There can be should be This u
                   Yes. There toalready do theor psychiatric diagnosis if the the person's disorder is ca
       The focus on defaultingshould be a nationalfemale of high plan for all American Citizens.or levels
                                                                       NULL       No        White
4155                           I be national health insurance NULL
                                               to wait     care
                   there everyone has access health insurance
       cost, quality, not shouldam willingnational forfemaleso more people can have care.
                                                                                  No        White
4156                           Less pay for healthcare minimum level system, be military or that make
                                               all on basic through our whether it it's for
                                                             a and affairs No
                   Yes, we need tospending recievefemale inexpensive service?White those humanitaria
       Cost and inequity. Why don't weProvideinternational NULL taxof healthcarethe only fair way. Wep
4157                           Healthier lifestyles. Loose  strategies for
                                                                       segments of the White
                   costs making healthcare difficult for many NULLa healthy lifepopulation
       Increasing Universal healthcare. Preventionfemaleweight, don't smoke and exercise.
4160                           for NOT believeThe working poor being Noindustry, namely hospitals, gov
                                            Our that male    NEEDS NULLsocializeduninsured. If President Bush st
                   The government needs to "subsidize" need to be greatly increased. The federal whe
       a lack of accessibility I doALL people.systemtaxesthe health caremedicine!!!The low reimbursem
4163                             think a system where be affordable on this and cost
                                            Make complicatedNULL        medicare/medicaid regulate health care f
                                                                                            all. Where people and
                   uninsured and underinsured.shouldhealth care is available to White of health care ina
       number of I would likeI to seeeach statehealth careable to taketo all Americans! Mandate the pha
                                                          female                  No
4164                           I most is that there have a formoftoSocialized without insurance and Iraq
                                                are doingfemale needofAmericans Medicine. I of healthcare.
                   Yes. Both the UK andI believe that weright now, considering the cost Pull everyone a
       What concerns me the think mostCanada are millionsNULLfocus on our country. thinkout of therei
                                                                                  No        White
4165   Cost.                                Make has made enough
                   40% of Americans have no health insurance. There needs think managed care orga
                               I think the public it more accessible.sacrifices. I to be a government assis
                                                          female       NULL       No        White
4166                               needs to provide coverage insurance scheme and policy the elderly
                                               insurance a national all citizens a just the indigent affordable
                    a national IhealthcareImplement female If you don't havenotjob Whiteoffersfor or Americ
       The lack ofGovernmentwould accept a federally run for healthcare insurancelive withan alltrade of
                                                                       NULL       No        that
4167                                           the most model of NULL   challenge.by for each 'want it all' for them
                   National This will beBasic services provided for allNoAmericans other's needs as the
       Equitable access health care! A national significantconsideration a government funded entity.
                                                          female                            White
4168                             don't thinkAmerica from preventitative medicine. White
                                                socializedmedicine NULL
                   I think we Iis keeping Socialized female willing
       That the cost for careshould go to Americansmedicine. to make trade-offs.  No
4169                           Cover is uninsured. Health
                                             right, the gap (chasm has become less at as that business
                                                             privelege really!) between vulnerable populations
                                                                                  spend White
                   Basic health care more people afemale careand should so expensiveend by our soc
       The increasing numbers of the a Close notwith basic coverage, No be treated thesuch of life for fu
4170                           I the "forms" to cut down on NULL self health White
                                            Personal accountabilitymake No
                                                            is willing to for
                   Standardizedoubt should be available administrarive tradeoffs.
       Affordability, basic healthcarethat the publicfemale to everyoneanyexpenses. The public expects
4171                           employers Ban smoking share;
                   REQUIRE Don't know; (that's the problem) (NO Wal-Marts!) White
       Cost and availability for poor       to put up their
                                                          male         NULL       No
4172                             evaluate of service money is insurance No
                                            examine female faculty and industry and find out isn't always
                   we cost tothey are not willing tolack ofanything in the system.White causing an theyin
       the ever-risingneed and decline where thethe health goingin nursing programsbest whetherincrea
                                                                       NULL       want only it certainly where our
4173                           The public preventive healthcare Required
                                                2) transfer management tradeoffs! illness - team approach
                   Monetary incentive fordoes not want medical anyforNo disease management educat
       1) lack of personal accountabilitynursing caseof to make decsion makingWhite the tradeoff will b
                                                          female       NULL        chronic I think medical professio
4174                           How can Primary good nutrition we No not upcompletely socialized s
                                             level answered? We already but not White
                                                                        so care, do           in more costly treatme
                     think we need fromthis be of universal healthcan powerfullyaimpact health. Preventi
       The lack ofI understanding someMDs howcare accessNULL don't end have affordable, nor do w
4175                           Tax for nurse both nurses dipping pay to receive.
                                            Government stop
                    nurses and poor training to havefemale andNULL into No makeWhite sure that the adul
                                                            enough nurse          Social Security to cover other pro
       lack of andState governments need scholarships andemployees increases instead of importing n
                                                                        practitioners         very
4176                           Quite my yearlier familyinsurance have aNo of I will not be already. Thos
                                               in feel the needs NULL
                    when/if I or someoneReign statement, if health care that concessionsableensure tha
       I worry thatAs mentioned in frankly, Imy in we've beenwe companies...monitor insuranceto afford t
                                                          female                  lot
                                                                       making insurance,Whitethem to company
4177                           The public Mental totofemale an insurance companythey
                                            is willing control more of
                   Having to defend patient's treatment to your own health                     representative, know
                                                                                  burden, expenses know what th
       Fragmentation of care. Being expected Health parity NULL the No careifWhite only withoutmakes
4178               NULL                     Health those who pay for insurance areWhite education that
                               I do not think that promotion and prevention. Community to pay more fors
       The high number of families which are uninsured and do not have access to health prevention in
                                                          female       NULL       No         willing
4179                              that that Increased screening and uninsured. services. instead of pe
                                            Americansfemale take the toNohealth IWhite that if the govern
                                                            would       willing               think
                   Private runI hospitals should to afford to beNULL public insurance. medsMore commun
       The number of citizensthink are unable not have healthcare andtake generic Number of obesena
4181                            caregives, Make a notadequate safety willing to have trade-offs.
                                             doctors, physician assistants,nurses and care.
                                                             sure       system No
                   The system needs to provide separate tort public net medical errors. practitioners, p
       The fact that frontline Unfortunately I am an female theNULL is forfor quality nurse The system ne
4183                              have one payer preventive health care for focuses on prevention of pay
                                               Basic infant public wants is somethinglikebe ashamed of. We
                    care system is broken. I think the mortaility rate which would Whiteto with a singleillne
       Our health We shouldUnfortunatelyOurfor basic health care it all. Iall individuals basic preventive
                                                            female      NULL      No            to
4184               I think that In order to workingthat form of nationalized to basic health of drugs, espe
                                 we should ensure class American families. The know it and Most insura
                                               have some everyone has the way we insurance. offer form
       The affordability for the average Get rid of health insuranceacess health high cost care, weamay h
                                                            female      NULL      No         White
4185               consumer shouldwilling to MDs don'twell motivateother...each in healthy many people
                                 I'd be money 22 for all talk to each people to live his or lifestyle beca
                                                directly. this ICU RN. I see so was less insurance overhead a
       driven by MD desire to makepay I'm apay yearwould care if there much waste.....soher own pract
                                                            female      NULL      No         White
4186                             Actually, the USAfor the poor and the elderly health care, more than man
                                               Keep spends a LOT and really
                   yes, socialized medicine. Quit demonizing itof money on exorbitant cost of medication
       lack of adequate health care coveragean eye on accreditation Yes look atthey are option that ca
                                                            female      NULL      agencies,White an a joke. Don't
                                                                                                it as
4187                               should be will trade Iraq for high quality No
                                                 presented female stronger
                    and poor care Non-person to person a all NULL Pharmaceutical Without the costs ch
       High costs EmployeesAmericans Food security fordecisions force to buy health insurance. Healt
                                                                        Americans.health care. focus on treating of
4188                             I what the answer thefemale
                                               Basic health coveragepublic-- No
                                                              American for to High costs
                     availability cannot basic for is, but there needsAll Americans of care and particula
       The lack ofI'm not sure of goodspeak healthcare for all citizens.be a way to make it more equitab
                                                                        NULL                 White
4189                             it and expensive to gettheoffer NULL and Noplan back. choice of we are p
                                                 leaders of to world. We need to have hardAlso why
                                                               back only          a            the to to
                   Make lose We are for employershealth benefit get part wefor benefits answera worker
       How easy it is to it mandatory theMandatory female orit! Why aren't of it inDeclinetimes.both basic to
4190                             This broken.  Make health care available to out the health not so
                   This program for the ordinary citizen. need to wipe No american citizens. complica
       It is much too expensive is system is broken. We Medicare would work if White care program as i
                                                            female      NULL      all        it were
4191                             I many Americans, public should beintoNo
                                               I we have female others expanded to cover prefer to and o
                                                             works. NULL            jobs learn about the vast amoun
                   I don't think the systemthink Medicare needs education toper capita everyone leaveco
       It is unaffordable for sothink the American and trapsWe spend more theyWhite than any otherpa
4192                             If we had aStop tellinglike the members ofthere in Germany. to be woul
                                                 system likeour citizens how 20
                   I like which exixt. Some people, femaleGerman ourbad national get fantastic covereag
       The inequalities national coverage such as we had during one, No yrs. wouldhealth coveragetrade
                                                                        NULL          congress not have
4194                             Continued Cheaper medications;Maybe there thatWhite some kind of aud
                                               use of a closer and hospital No
                                                                           the stays          they
                   The government costs takegeneric drugs;atan patients public. Accountability for g
       nursing shortage,increasing shouldof medicationslookNULL educatedshould be are paying for. A
4195               This is a tough rooms. Many patients are NULL foremergency provideawaiting educati
                                 Everyone wants education. be paid in ofNo media to provide the for bed
                                               More to befemale Utilization inthe
       Overcrowding emergency call. Healthcare has toto recieve healthcareto Whiteit is top of the Often
                                                                        held                 rooms needed. line e
                                                                                     order when
4197                             health care was wages, they on employment. White health care and al
                                               National health care NULL wouldI equalize the
                   Yes, National health higherdependent upon my job.Nohad cobra, and now I have priv
       I retired early and my If you had care, not dependentwouldn't need it as part of the employment p
4198                             don't knowthat all receive coverage
                   single-payer system
       So many citizens don't have any                      male        NULL      No ResponseDecline to answer
4200                               think the listen to nurses are currently No more universal and attainable
                                               shortages female                     it
                   follow a more socialized form of healthcare to makeexhausted issues. and encoura
       errors made because Iof staffing American public complaints about staffingby taxingAlso, reforms
                                                                        NULL                 White
4201                             I can't but I still don't favor big technology However, to accept higher
                                                   American People" and
                   I "Health Report to thebelieve informationNULL appreciate be WhiteI've oftened nature
       I've read theam a Democrat, answer for the Americangovernment.holds the promise of better che
                                                            female                would thewilling
                                                                        public. I No           interdependent wonde
4202                              services, and redmoreto be affects a population that need services the mo
                                               Focus tape that a population No wants the faster and
                   Make medical services "not for profit" individual needs instead ofpart of a wallet. stat
       The high cost, lack of There is always goingfemalestatus. Having "profit" asthingsthiermission'bett
                                                                        NULL       that      White
4203                             All health care shouldfemale care care even if just individuals People w
                                               Insure that health NULL equally. The 'token' amount, esp
                                                              be administered No             health
                   I do not all individuals should pay defraying is their medical White needs.prioritizing
       People who believe attempt to assist with cost for healathof affordable to allawelfare recepients ha
4204                             Taking system besides Medicaid where No
                                                   Failure would
                                                             the number of
                                                                         costs. to negotiate the resources can obt
                     coordination of ageneric drugsof the cutNULL health care more oncosts have welln
       The lack ofThere should becare. Increasing femalegovernment Focusing providers health and the a
                                                                                  those with drug who for the elde
4205                             I many people. America national healthNo system.cuts. does govern
                                                a single CEO's theNULL developed what
                   Yes. We should the More people need to only attention toCountry thatThe innot offe
       It is unaffordable to toothinkhavecorporatepayor is could afford to take some isIgoing in country is
                                                            female       pay       care      White have been involv
4206                             I don't our Have thatcongressmen/women,
                                               that any female
                                                            that receives inadequate or no health care walk the
                                                                                  everyoneBlack or be affordedaffor
                                                                                                any trade offs for in
                   There should be feel population however it is done, No senators etc. African American t
       There is a significant part ofsome way ourAmerican should have to makeshouldactually(in this, o
4207                             More taxation systemhighest andprovide No have White Those quality h
                                               Offer the female help grants better coverage. access to activ
                   A merit-based insurance forscholarships tax bracketsto healthcare professionals qualit
       So many people in our country are uninsured or underinsured and use toward covering whoto co
                                                                        NULL          to     so little
4208                               single payer, national one standard
                                                 One payer, for                               war
                   We need a unaffordable prescriptions the NULL of health the Whitein Iraq and employ
       Lack of coverage and1) Roll back the tax cutsystem wealthy 2) End care, nothing tied toprevent
                                                            female                No
4209                             Pts that those their own medicalcare they need. to be held answer to tha
                                               Everyone female
                                                            the health problems need It to visits need
                   have incentives for cause with insurance. More imphasis Frivillousbeunemployedbe fo
       many of the working people are not gettingneeds health insurance. needsis thetoplaced on empl
                                                                        NULL      No ResponseDecline    accountable c
4210                               single payer, nationalfor employers End for a Whiteof the western the
                                               Stop cuts health NULL                         rest
                     of need aRoll back the tax of it female care system like war in Iraq and health worl
       1) The lackWeit 2) The unaffordabilityexpectingthe wealthy;to paythethedysfunctional preventcare
4211                             Those receiving lobbyists lawsuits, process. All lobbyists- sacrifice anyth
                                               Keep continue to of benefits are not White to the AARP, AM
                   The government due to notthese unneededthis the middle income to continue to pay
       The high cost of healthcare should uneccessary outexpect unneccessarywillingand procedures b
                                                            female      NULL      No         tests
4212                             an out all the for services Hospitals blame attorneys companies and
                                               Cost reduction.          force
                   Determine Cutactual cost unnecessaryand NULL meds. Stop White and Rx benefits i
       Costs. Insurance companies blame the hospitals. tests andhospitals, insuranceoutinsurance com
                                                            female                No          giving
4213                             NULL          NULL
                     keep going care affordable for female   coverage. As
       That pricesMake health up but, you get lesseveryone.NULLa healthcare professional it concerns
                                                                                  No ResponseWhite
4214                             Delays payer, a surgeries.
                   Should be a singlein Containingmale        consts.
       The millions who are uninsured.electivela Medicare. NULL                   No         White
4215                               that frivilous malpractice adultsNULLmoreNo
                                               Force people law suits                responsible club membership
                   Yes, I thinkLess employers should incorporate a benefit for health providers.
       Childhood Obesity Depression in children andto becomeagainst health carefor their own healtho
                                                            female                           White
4216                             Why should the American public who deal to trade-off when limitations in
                                               Allow those providers concede with thesituations everyday ma
                   Yes, a system which all. allow affordable healthcare to for Decreased adminstrative u
       Access to quality healthcare for will Limitations in drug formularies all.theBlack or African Americanho
                                                            female      NULL      No            indigent,uninsured,
4217                             me is for not Americanscan beNULL
                                               All everyone should equitable. benefitsthey willing be They the
                   I think payments thathealthcare need to afford coveredResponse healthcare. available
       What really concerns I'm not sure that those who havebehealthcare and Whiteshould to make sac
                                                            female                No for basic
                                                                          excellent Healthcare go without until sh
4218                             Reorganization it existing system to they all
                                                  who available to everyone.No
                   The only answer I seeMakeform of socialized medicine. access the even though tha
       Numbers of uninsured Americansis a ofare critically illNULL serve do Americans, system. Strain
                                                            female                           White
4219                             This nurses and hospitals answer. the shortage as an excuse not Howe
                                               Hire more nurses! using No one want to trade Americans. Ho
                    are need some sort of national healthareResearch has shownWhite all anything.to hire
       That there We not enough is a difficult question tocare insurance available for when more RNs a
                                                            female      NULL      Yes          that
4220                             It should start them contribute care and our
                                                let in schools for school, as medication, also pharmaceutica
                    people who rich, and Make elementary science/Nursing/ and White dental care. Nee
       Uninsured Cut taxes to desperately need psychiatric to system.No kids are not prepared to enter
                                                            female      NULL         Reduce Medicalschools very aff
                                                                                             or force
4221                             dump the healthcare female broken standard of levelsfor all based on
                                                made profit with single
                                                             for all
                   public funded universal health care on 'bottom line' No        different care of care
       profit driven unethical decisionscurrent baseddrivena NULL system. The trade off would be the
4222                             medicine. Control costs
                     of health Higher taxes health care.
       Rising costSocializedinsurance andfor greater and more affordable accessibility.
                                                            male        NULL      No         White
4223               Yes, million citizenslong passed that mandates companiesnations provide universa
                                 None, as have no health insurance, when other employing afavors Corp
                                               Elect Democrats!!! and Republican administration profits.
        The fact that 45legislation should beas corporations This their CEOs reap in obscenecertain num
                                                            female      NULL      No         White
4225                             The public Imust withfemalepresentrecommendation,midst of a one-third a
                                                  can't care! one single Louisiana in the advantage that care
                   A affordable and accessiblemaketo cllient paying one-third, government health tri-pa
       The need for tri-pay insurance programmadethesee that its to their financialso.. 1. Fund all patie
                                                                        NULL      No         White
4226                             Higher a “commodity” NULL computerized and universal, kept in
                   Health care is not taxes strategies that and care prevention and strengthen the gene
       Government should support health for universal health should not be linked with employment or
                                                                     focus be
                                               Medical records should on
                                                            male                  No         White
4227                             If for problem failuremale
                                               From my perspective the dilemma for maintenance failure tha
                                                              to ensure as the mass media as private, a truly c
                   The solution the the escalating cost and quality creation and all 297 million Americans
       The government’s long-standingwas clearly framed ina former physician inmarketof office-ba
                                                                        NULL      No         White
4228                              drugs, not looking squeezed, paying for No taught. insurance wellness c
                                                 healthcare cause and should those according to
                                                               with                be
                   an affordable nationalPersonal responsibility more divided above them ability to pay.
       High cost, reliance onMiddle class being forfemale costs being natural cure, Health andcompanies
                                                                        NULL                 White           below the
4229                             I for all taxpayers. medical care but allow medical care personnel reaso
                                               Socialize male
                   Gov't shouldwould pay higher taxes.
       That it is not obtainable control cost of medicine, supplies, facilities, tests and service to ato mai
                                                                        NULL      Yes        Other
4230                             As long as Get needed healthcare onto aNo of abilityprofit intervention bu
                                               they are being car and regardless
                    All should have demand for pharmaceuticals and proceduresshoot your television, ne
       that advertising is creating access to out of your promised health throughWhiteto pay. We also as
                                                             male         NULL        bicycle, formedical generation by
4231                             We should strong conservative,trade-offs. it comes NULLrichest nation (not a
                                                  income. Cost. made available to all to health citizens in th
                    I have always been ofnot have make any NULL            but                  the
       Equal access for all regardlessa Make health careAccess.whenNoWe areAmerican care I thinkthe
4233                             There can MoreHealthcare tax and and again based should also forminvo
                                              be a preventitive programs medical costs.I am concerned for
                    As i said above, the costs of health care of the poor. gettingBlackchurches American
       My main concerns are the high rich should takeinsurance thisand Churcheson or African and used
                                                             female       NULL      No           the income more He
4234                             I think that Universal healthnot have access to good coverage. It is the in
                                               Americansfemale health
                      am concerned that to have universal care. look at uniservalaffordable, preventativ
       As an RN, I think the US needs many people do willing tocare coverage like every other non-third
                                                                          NULL      No         White
4235                               know and economy a a single-payer system. White
                                                a guaranteed right of citizenship.
                    Need the simplicity would have to problem having less freedom in choice of doctor o
       That access to health Icare isInotSwitchingnoof single-payer system.
                                                             male         NULL      No
4236                               think supplemental insuranceNULL to have tax dollars those lack oflevels
                                              Provide would beuninsured should be
                    I think that in the U.S. people a national healthcare Noavailable provides who can a
       The fact that so manyIprivatemost are either female willingunderinsuredthatfor spent to financeaffo
                                                                                    system and that the basic heal
4237                             The trade off to a singlesingle system.haves and have that is accessable
                                              Implement care. continued Everyone should be and more pe
                                                              a of
                    Yes. We should change is a societypayer payer cost is increasingnots. enrolled that l
       My concern is the increasing cost of health female While thehealth care systemmoreIt is not ethica
                                                                          NULL      No         White
4238                             There are first healthcare today. First, the
                                              Nurse practioner andhospitals. I Assistant sure how thisprovide
                                                                            Physician believeOther quality to will co
                    I do think there me about change for the greater isYes am of residencyshould be i
       A couple of things concernshould be class and coach NULL good. I lacknotcaregiversprograms s
4239                              uninsured Find was and payment method
                                              people andcost?   the possibility that care.
                    How much does the middle-manfemale Maybe we shoudl getWhite insurers??
       The large numbers of Less money for a rationalmore for helath No insurance will not be adequa
                                                                          NULL                   rid of
4240                             It seems Canada and most
                                                me that the Government should
                                                                 American modernhave proved, time a Single-Paye
                                                                                       nations White acceptable affo
                    It is often noted that to insurance female other peopleNo faithfully devise and time agai
       Undue influence by unrestrainedSee above.companies and pharmaceutical companies. Govern provide
4241                             it not have health insurance ccause they americaprovided It people can
                                                   is time tofemale the the level of not White30 to patients. T
                    Yes get the insurance make decisionsofhealth care incancare afford it. all is on the in
       46 million americans dois time toitcompaniesrationaboutloop. they pay about thatcents a crimedo
                                                                          NULL      No            so
4242                             They are willing pay. male system that nothing to do the health care bud
                                              Adopt a single
                    A single based on ability toto trade a should have wastes 30% of plan.
       Inequity. Rationing payer system. Employment payer, universal healthcarewith it.
                                                                          NULL      No         White
4243                             As and regarding the IHSA. paid my portion of are the biggest users of
                                              Americans don't      have Also, federal their Whitehealthcare. Make
                      have been a above for 36 who female to take control offund my healthcare insurance
       The cost isI way too muchnursecitizensyears.need contribute to the support with home health aide
                                                                          NULL      No
4244                             It sponsored healththe education andwithexpensive a Bachelor's degree in
                                              Support care plans need use less that palm also have to pay
                                                              bedside, stop            of
                    Government is time for "Pork spending" many to require than users tree planting alo
       Lack of adequate Registered Nurses at the female to NULL (i.e. No Advanced Registered Nurse
4245                             NULL         National Healthsome Insurance health care.
                    We country in the world, it's government such as we have forWhite
       For the richest need coverage from the sad femaleCare don't have for Everyone personnel from
                                                                          NULL      No            military
4246                                          Make universal just as we pay one Employers are penalized
                                 I'm willing to pay something, and priveleged few. entity. In the kids' Health
       The cost Yes. It should be accessibleitto all, not for a paid for No something for Florida, Healthy
                                                             female       NULL                 White
4247                             less
                    single affordability universal health care
       accessability and payer demand for wage increases since health careWhite most inflationary
                                                             male         NULL      No           is the
4248                             Wow, if had people female thisin the
                                                all not encourage the U.S. Nowould for for instead on healt
                                                              living       question I
                    The to health care forPromote prevention NULL health care system best buyof treatm
       Lack of access current systemI doesthe answer to in people to advocate run the political office - a
4250                             We variety of the impetus practicing RNNo surgery receiving the care.fo
                                              Put areas. malea of more cost and less White
                    Make it illeagalhave endured a patternback on the person who iabout of healthcaredo
       I have grave concerns in afor any healthcare provider to ask any question issee athe patients heI
                                                                          NULL        in        efficacy tendency of
4251                               monies we spendtoourproject NULL all. Health care in areas where there
                                              Access health       elderly.for be toned down....we no include abou
                    With all poor, our indigent spacethe War canexample, or parks should looking the bo
       Health care for our theTrade-offs? Theandonfemale care This administration hasare concernfor oth
                                                                                    No         White
4252                             have a foreign more male moreNULL is No available but rather through
                                              health careand    is accessable losing and/or unable maybe A do
                                                                           people not
                     of health care; While Withgovernment made theitAmerican Public to all to pay for larg
       Availability Unless we The sacrifice should not be provide health care benefits andcitizens. wehea
4253                             I'm of insurance care femalepromotion. and so the employers can afford
                                              Disease healthfor heath Staying after
                    Yes. The cost not sure. Maybepreventionshould care promotionduty time for these typ
       Lack of affordable medical and dental to employers childrenbe Nothe eldery. Children are our fut
                                                                          NULL      less       White
4254                              world, basic health is impediment me most. Basic health care health car
                                              The biggest concerns          charge of how they allocate their
                    In an ideal The American publiccareto withNULLto meaningful reform in our is health c
       The exhorbitant cost of evenindividuals wouldleft be inno choice in accessing affordableunafford
                                                             male                   No         White
4255                             Optional specialty infemale Health. expanded health care in California
                                              Nurse Practitioners in all states semi-rural reimbursed by a
                                                               Mental NULL          my           have
                    Yes, in California allpremiums could be added forIn Noneed toWhitecountycoverage su
       I am a Nurse Practitioner with aNurse Practitioner specialty services should becontinued recogn
4256                NULL         NULL         NULL                         After
       My greatest concern regarding health care is access.NULL working almost 30 years in hospital s
                                                             female                 No         White
4257                             NULL           the a way to homeless any way you can
                    provide ability to get health carefemale                                      poor
       Too many have no healthcare forFind poor and provide healthcare for theWhite and homeless, do
                                                                          NULL      No
4258                              access to make all health clinics selfish a are 9-5. they today the use
                                              farmworkers. the and available
                                                               are few NULL                    system.
                    I think that you could assist thecorporations pay intoYeshealth NULL continue topoor
       the inability to providenone, the most verbalfemale care system by providing a service to my friend
4260   NULL         NULL         NULL         Do the same in the US as in the rest of White
                                                             male         NULL      No          the industrialized world
4261                             We alreadyOUT whatfemale and can't
                                                 make theI can as possible.someone with NO knowledge o
                                                                  much NULL
                    Keep the governmentDon't ofenough trade-offs. do No              -
       The cost and someone else telling me let it asdemocrats try and fix it anymore!!!       White
4262                               able afford the sort all insured. No
                                              Make sure femalewe're                              current
                    I should get any.toAnd I'msome pay scale of the president, congress, system DOES
       The fact that I can't beYou could lowernot alone.of health insurance. TheWhite whatever - thos
4263                              will say, "For shame, female
                                                   every andthe richest of that the the for White number of peop
                                                                 provision countryNo
                    Yes, everyone shouldAccess survey indicates regardless of employment or financial
       Mostly, that historiansStatistically,have affordable access healthin overwhelming didn't provide ac
                                                                          NULL         care world that which means
4264                Yes, we need in this nation and the Americans betweenand kids under ONE64 and w
                                 None. Americans think public carethe "best healthages of 18 and umbrella
                                                Medicare and the on for moms the care" in the world who
       The 64 million uninsured to bringEducate the they have what's wrong with employment based he
                                                             female       NULL      No         White
4265                for          Pay more taxes it eaily
       Too costly No elderly and low income families accesible to elderly
                                                             female       NULL      Yes        White
4266                             trail are heathcare inurance companies Noto be createsearning/depende
                                              Stop the charge  doctors access has
                    The paper Maybe a dictating - Healthcare treat paycheckdictating healthcare,overloa
       The insurance companies has got to go howfemale from thepatients, andsimplified with anone part
                                                                          NULL      from based on such a and pr
4267                We need not receiving Thesystem. Everybody unaffordable (and isshould uninsure
                                   SINGLE PAYER health care for every American. Europe less defense sp
                                              insure main because it need, in my opinion they Canada and
       too many people areahigher taxes; health caretradeoff we is in one system. This andare NOT be
                                                             female       NULL      No         White
4268                               believe care in America todaywith the ultimate goal of providing adequa
                                              Provide coordinatedNULL become so White our instead of
                    The systems health be there are many places within healthgreat costsgovernmentth
       The expenses relatedI toshouldthat better a system thathave limitsthe budget ofthat many times ut
                                                             male            truly No           care
4269                             If they had Equal, excellent healthcare whatever it puts to equalize health
                                                 it the basic
                    I would love to see a workable universal health careYes
       Inaccessibility to those who needa very most. understanding,for plan thatOther people before pol
                                                             female       NULL         all.      took
4270                              the trauma center staffing shortage discussin room being used care c
                                              in the American public the occurs trade-offs and health as a
                    Working in Again put Stop putting first hand on emergencyissuesorof any American re
       The position that nurses arebefore when Iaseeband-aids canhealth caretheir workplace nature we
                                                             female       NULL      No         Black African with regar
4271                I believe healthcare thatshould a female afford insurance.only White and be governme
                                   believe those be be FOR allNULL basic employers
                                              It preventive services,indeed.Yes
                                                             right of
        Limited access to theI poor andshould who cannot ALLcitizens.The services some. the essential,
                                                                              and    Not       to should
4273                              for all americans. Manyphysician from the center and quality health care
                                              Remove the should do not have access and basic patient in
                    The government and private secter peopleNULL together to provide needhealth care,
       Access of health careWorking and non working americans want the highest place thehealthcare
                                                             female                 No         White
4274                             I hope need be elders, health care persons (45 White citizen, person liv
                                              A of willing middle aged to No
                    I truely believe weall will a national to pay aNULLsystem whereto the samewhereby ad
       Accessibility! There are thousandsnational health care system,finance this50 y/o) and youngeve
                                                             female        share       providing system high quality
4275                             This is a verydramaticquestion. inequality.appreciatelife poor knowledge
                                              A of socialized healthcare. No We say my healthcare benef
                                                               shift       Most
                     concern am healthcare in America is theNULL Americans of'healthcare for all' in o
       My biggestFrankly, I with a supporterdifficult femaleof focus from Iquantity have ato quality of life. th
4276                 access to Money always talks. scratched and start over with a moreeducation, and p
                                  health needs children and elderly. We have from scratch, end the welfa
                                              CHUCK Why do system that work hard, get comprehensive
       The lack ofThe entire systemcare forto bethe entire families and startan entire generation of wara
                                                             female       NULL      No         White
4278               One payer more outwith quality indicators this certainly needs White within reason taki
       lack of stable financing               Stable financing thatNULL                     available to
                                                                       makes health careto be
                                  system, of pocket. Note that used to measure reimbursementeveryone.
                                                          female               No
4279                             There don'tnot a topayer, it is anarchy.43 funded and be the rise
                                                 single be any trade offs. No
                                                                       care     There so much one, single-pay
                   The current system siAneed without healthNULL is There is should administered by the
       The fact that the number of Americans "system",national system million, Whiteonbureaucratic was
4280               NULL
       As senior citizens, weNULL are most concerned about (1) the quality of care that is available to us an
                                              NULL        female     NULL      No         White
4281                             and not needsto the female care..
                                              Talk for long term people investigateWhite to how care sho
                                                           american pharmacies and seem     this
                   Currently insurance companies county toNULL to and other countriesaffecting provid
       The aging population I am theirsure but ourdicatateis tryingMany issuesphysicians who are their n
4282                             Americans LET EVERYONE considerinsurance plan - charge more rates,
                                                 medicare as to health cost Response
                   YES - "uninsured" buycharged up to 10BUY MEDICAREhealth careto premium to you
       It's NOT fair - the let everyone aremust be willingtheirtimes moreNo ofhealth care than "insured"be
                                                          male       NULL        for (at different answer to pa
                                                                                          Decline compared
4284                             I is not believe that in all of
                                                            general NULL care
                                                                      health understands belong within the s
                   Health care dobeing Nationalizefemale thethe commodity. Profits that there health an
       Poor care and ultra expensive. used as a money makingpublicNo management organizations ca
4285                             Let's employees need low
                                              a universal atonational healthcareand those healthcare for all
                                                                pay into seniors
                   yes, ALL of our look seriously at femaleincome, universal system ofwith disabilities are
       the ongoing demise federalmedicaid system.ornational orthe "system" to White healthcare, instead
                                                                     NULL      No         insure
4286                              Health that and be taken out of LackNo Response incentives & training
                                              Overhaul the health NULL system, access
                   Absolutely.Perhapscare shouldwrong groups. Naturallyprovideto healthy affordable f
       Lack of accessibility for low incomeis themigrant question. the handseveryone wants all health ca
                                                          female     care        of of insuranceanswer
                                                                                          Decline to companies. E
4288                             We don’t relying maleemployment $$$ is ALL White
                    and We should NOTProvide any tradeoffs. The first basis for health care the cont
         InequitiesYes. lack of access forbeneed universal coverage asNoso alreadydrugs), andbenefits.
                                                50 million on
                                                           people, increasing a
                                                                     NULL                  Americans provide mo
                                                                                 costs (esp there to can have ac
4289                               we shouldCreateuninsured where everyone
                                                 and system citizens system.
                                                           a as
                   Yes, I thinkHealth care convertsuch single payor andNo pays White
       The large number of underinsuredextrasa tofemale face lifts,in the U.S. notsomething into the or wo
                                                                     NULL        other      threatening to life syste
4290                             We don't and it is the female expensive health drugs. We need to stop th
                                              We all ridiculous! The quality and moreWhite more people findin
                                                           most      to number of           and
                   I work in this system all need need variable quality, No people involved in authorizing
       The rising costs (especially medications!), theaccess NULL tests and care. I am very interested
4291                             I'm not      Make prevention malpractice so
                                                                        of       reform. White
                   It should the cost sure. However, need outpriority. No that none of way people thin
       Lack of access and be affordable to all. Costs aretheNULLhandMust change thethe payors can a
4292   NULL        NULL          NULL         NULL        female     NULL      No         White
4294   Cost        NULL          NULL         That everyone has access to it.
                                                          female     NULL      No         White
4295                             Increased taxes for inmale distribution of health coordinated universal hea
                                              Universal access to premiumsNo
                   A single payor National Health insurance standardized heathWhitethe at a cost that o
       There is a marked and growing inequality decreased that deliverand acare in careUnitedmedicatio
                                                                     NULL         standarized and the States i
4296                              general make get health insurance at No
                   Everyone making cuts other affordable care                  a
       Cost of health care inshould be able to it than healthfor everyone reasonable cost no matter who
                                                          female     NULL                 White
4297                             not sure      but don't expenses and
                   Changes are needed,stop Imedicaid abuse,specific suggestions except that suit scare
       COSTS-medicaid abused, drug companies female anyNULL charges, suit have to pay something
                                                                        everyone should White public, Medicaid
                                                                               No         happy
4298                             Buy Health the system. a National
                                              Health care/coveragein and just give often basics - exams, ba
                                                                        should be Service. from employment.
                   I'm for National your ofInsurance, or WaitsNULL HealthseparatedThe US does not ran
       Cost and the cumbersomenessown transplant coverage,Dr. office's areus the long. My colonosc
                                                          female               No         White
4299                             Less luxurious
                                              Prevention costs
                   Need a plan for the working poorfemale less.
       The high cost; uneven distribution. bullshit.that actually delivers.
                                                                     NULL      No         Black or African American
4300                             I believe that of American public is willing to reduce accept the factbe ass
                                              Quality care is lack of minimum standards of that and that h
                   I believe that some form thegovernment insurance care access for care all persons
       I am concerned re: rising health care costs and critical; health program toWhite the unmust underi
                                                          female     NULL      No           assure
4301                             I do with a minor complaint and is payNo allowed to pay their Increase t
                                              Increase the availablity of health care concerns me health car
                   I think persons not do not have health care should beto make any trade-offs for tha
       Emergency Room anytimethatthink the American publicnot willing What professionals.most isacce
                                                          female     NULL                 White
4302                for its paid.             A uniform health decreasing. they the to keep standard scarifi
                                 Those amount of coverage willNULL    do what No
       Rising costHowcoverage, thein need of insurance care program for can USA. A it. They'll cost/e
                                                          female                          White
4303                             For who who health female do NULL
                                              NULL         care
                   Is it individualsthose are uninsured, toon employers? forhealth of Therewill reduce c
       The number of fair to lay the costs of can affordthus not getting No I think not. their benefits costs
                                                                      so, paying
                                                                               the more care that should also
4305                             There should notthe physiciansNULL elderly. Medicare medicalpatient
                                              Allow be trade-offs. to order No cost of medications care an
                     health care and prescriptions for the retired andon the medications D is turning intona
       The cost ofThe government needs to set some parametersaging deserve goodthat the and some
                                                          female               the        White
4306                             Increase availability neighborhood nurse-managed health access rea
                                              Promote of generic NULL Policies meaningful
                                                                     higher No              Individuals most
                   Government and employers should and has minimal to noshould mandatecannot hea
       The high % of the population that is uninsured pay a drugs. percentage. White centers. tocons
4308                             a citizens Provide fullfemale
                                              are having to money prescription medications. What a crime fo
                                                           coverage of can be foreign aid and put it into hea
                                                                       we        for
                   Yes, issue Why not cut some of thepay forNULL sendNoused each time for senior citiz
       The extra money seniordebt card to every American that prescription medications to doctor visits
4315                             We take support from start for making Nodollars White glasses.We think
                                                look at health care NULL disease buying their healthcare
                                                                      much                 about
                     is getting little to no more responsibilitylooking atvitalwe domanagement of the top 5 s
       Home carePeople need toneed toWe need to Congress,and likedecisionsare being removed from
4319   decreasingyes                          Increase reimbursements
                                                           public forced make resourcesthen there is
                                 None, If the organizations provide to No Response
                     support for health careAmericanfemale tois NULL adequatetrade offs,to for patients no
                                                                                          Decline answer
4320                              providers, get the services I ofNULL
                                              level of care receivednetwork No providers White necessary, willin
                   Individuals pay more HAVE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL AMERICANS, if peopleI would
       Prices, restrictions on In order to in co-pays and outwant and where I want them I would be receiv
4323                             NULL         NULL
                   we keep looking facing to pay for care rather than NULL       reevaluate the reasons for the th
       the over bloated regulationsat wayshospitals are driving the cost of health care. It is estimated ri
                                                          female     NULL                 White
4324                             I really feelWe needAmerica. All persons in Americasimplify have future to
                                               that in to should be created
                     equal standard system ofthe american public on plans to makeshould in the equal a
       The lack ofYes. Aaccess to healthcarebilling start working is willingorder White
                                                          female     NULL      No for healthcare the in order o
                                                                                          to trade-offs amount t
4326                             NULL         accessibility, quality,NULL
                    am very concerned with the 4.4% reduction of continued decrease in CMS we hav
       My concerns focue on the issue of access in the settingin Medicare reimbursement thatpaymen
                                                          male                 No         White
4327                             I think to perform of the middleNULL
                                              Get rid invasive or assessments;Response unregulated, where,
                   Provide medical service believed without strings orWAS Wide to who,answer unmonit
       Use of unlicensed personnelpeople accounts Medicare Part D drug / the tradeoff they were makio
                                                          female                limitations
                                                                      people: No medical equipment/large co
                                                                                          Decline to what,
4337                             important. Consider single-payer universal We White system, with not
                   All equally I'm not optimistic . be available universally.health care on treatment, opti
       Access. I believe basic health care should afemale            NULL      No         focus
4338                             This is thing straight, the average personRIGHTcare many people don't ha
                                              about The silly advertising a drug that for
                   First, let's losing coverage. trade-off's. It's aboutby healthworksThat living the right o
        The cost and fear of get one not We need afemaleparadiem for No and White astress is very aw
                                                                     NULL         who      insurance companies.
4339               basic careNULL             socialized medicine with
                                  for lower middle the government strict requirements for participation i.e
       lack of access tohealth care funded by employed legal citizensNo
                                                          female     NULL                 White
4340                             I have no by while you're working but They coverage. It would offer qu
                                              The government is more interested in how as easy poor the
                   This is all well and goodthe current government. forcare middle class and can benefi
       The way the elderly are treated problem with socialized health No see them changes targets. con
                                                          female     NULL                 White
4342                             That's healthfocus more on regulating theshift away from care little discu
                                              a need male fundamentally
                   The for deliveringjust We care isquestion. Obviously you aren't talking veryservices ao
       That the model government shouldstrange to create aNULL flawed. Andof health insurance towar
                                                                       paradigm costs I've seen about money
                                                                               No         White
4343                               More than All Americans require affordable by ever-growingthe single of p
                                                 4.25% ofmale
                                                            rising, not affordable health care. A a 4.25% co
                   1) All individuals system...alwaysadjusted (and BUSINESS!) will supportnumbers pay
         The fragmented insurancepay in80% of consumers NULL 2) All employers matchbinding resolu
                                                                               No         White
4344                             Health careselect groupremoved in our No
                                                 should beset up health the away Allyou a job all and insu
                   I is only available to aTake the control oflike fromcare connection employers havepriva
       Health care think health insuranceshould befemalepeoplesocial security.from Americansabtain to p
                                                                     NULL      country. If to do not together.
4345                              and all with a public does less based this stage tests would be that m
                                              Cost containment, NULL
                                                           of payment procedures trade-off
                                                                                on          of ie.
                     end of lifeTHe terminal care or femalenot understand earnings. life.Someonebe mad
       The cost ofHealth Care for American systemfutile treatments at Nothe andWhite that wouldordered
4346                             This is difficult to answer arecare. Physicals anually, weight reduction me
                                              Preventive female
                                                           health If that is No           Black insurance that pro
                   National System that everyone who into.employed.be possible an or African American
       The large number of uninsured Americanspaysco-pay should not base on individual afforability.
4347                             This is probably specialists ofNULLpeople. That includes willingthan 45 m
                                              Create a answerableuniversalNo
                   I think primary care and to not program insurance with individual Ipremiums suppleme
       Lack of access towe should have universal male by poor a generalization. modeled onto pay a
                                                                       as        health care am more the Med
4348                             longer time not presence
                   single procedures but for appointments. physician
       reimbursment for payor system single payor of theNULL
                                                          female               No         White
4349   NULL         NULL        NULL         NULL        female      NULL       No          White
4350                            We Americans don't wan't Taiwan do thatwe I still tell you I care. Or the
                                             I health care & answer to it? but
                    how does Canada,Britain,Germanyand the people that just want healthhave a to cal
       The fact that most don't have any don't know the any trade-offsNo do can can't afford to gososho
                                                         male        NULL                   White
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