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					                   Q&A from the PS Fall Forum at UW Bothell
                                        September 27, 2011

We would like to thank Jim Pilon for helping us coordinate our presentation at UW Bothell. We
appreciate the warm welcome by your team and the positive nature of the group!

Here are a few of the questions that came up during our session:

       Supplier Registration Portal:
       Question:     When do you need to do this?
                     Answer:        This is designed for new suppliers who are not in the Vendor
                                    File in PAS. This does not apply to Procard or eProcurement
                                    Suppliers, only suppliers going through the PAS process.

       Tools & Templates:
       Question:    I like the Personal Services Sole Source form. Its very thorough. Will the
                    other be like this?
                    Answer:         Yes. We hope this will be an improvement and you will provide
                                    us with feedback.

       Question:       When are you expecting this to roll out?
                       Answer:       This is coming soon. Our hope is to deliver by the end of the

       UW Contracts:
       Feedback:     This is really great! Its huge! This will help reduce a lot of calls and email.

       Question:       Do all orders over $3500 still need buyer approval?
                       Answer:         First, make sure your purchase falls within your departmental
                                       guidelines. If you are using eProcurement, there are no limits
                                       we’ve set and no competition required. If you are going
                                       through Procard, then your individual limits apply.

                                       Jim Pilon asked his group to continue to send all orders over
                                       $3500 (with the exception of eProcurement) through him first.

       Procurement Desktop Reports:
       Comment:    Julie is coming to UW Bothell on October 14th for a more in-depth
                   Procurement Desktop Reports Training session.

       Question:       Who can see this?
                       Answer:       It is open to all UW Faculty/Staff with a UW NetID.

       Feedback:       This is a useful way of finding mystery procard charges. We really
                       appreciate this!!
            Q&A from the PS Fall Forum at UW Bothell
                                September 27, 2011

NonRIP Changes:
Comment:    Since folks can see NonRIP info on PDR, Laura reminded everyone that
            Bothell folks do not need to print the PDR report for their BAR

Business Diversity Program:
Feedback:    We’ve found buying from the local suppliers in the Bothell area has had an
             important and powerful impact on the local economy.

NonPO Invoice Payments:
Question:    Which invoices require a PO?
             Answer:       Invoices under $3500 where you already have the product in
                           hand and don’t need a sole source, seek competition, etc. It is
                           also perfect for memberships and registrations.

Question:      What about new suppliers?
               Answer:      New suppliers will still need to go through the registration
                            process through the new Supplier Registration Portal.

Question:      How long would you estimate it takes a vendor to be registered in the new
               Answer:      About 4 days.
                            Feedback:       Wow!!!!

Direct Deposit
Feedback:     “Yay!” was heard when we announced this was coming in October.

Question:      How will I know if faculty outside my area has direct deposit?
               Answer:       The system will default to direct deposit. If that person is not
                             set up in the system for direct deposit, it will switch to a paper
                             check that is delivered to the BOX number listed.

Question:      What is the point where you make the payment when the person is in
               transition (ie: new hire receiving moving expense reimbursement)?
               Answer:          The person will receive a paper check until they are set up for
                                direct deposit. Julie will talk with Jim after the meeting to
                                bring additional information to Teresa about eTravel.

Procard: What’s ahead?

               No Feedback or Questions
            Q&A from the PS Fall Forum at UW Bothell
                                September 27, 2011


Feedback:      The taxability chart is a great site for checking the object / sub object codes.
               UWB has had challenges with obj/sub obj codes in the past and needs to
               work on that as a compliance issue.

Comment:       If the appropriate object code is used, the procard system is sophisticated
               enough to charge tax, or not, correctly. Tax is difficult to correct if
               mischarged. There are certain thresholds where a tax correction will not be

Question:      When do I use the new 1631 and when do I use a 1632?
               Answer:        The new UoW 1631 (revised 08/2011) is a one page form used
                              for Honoraria for Invited Guest Speakers engaging in a one-
                              time speaking event.

                               The UoW 1632 is used for Independent Contractors for provide
                               goods/services to UW. This service can include guest speakers
                               who provide ongoing speaking engagements.

Paper Reduction:
Question:    After I reconcile monthly procard transactions, can I scan and save the
             Answer:         Laura keeps the official auditor copy at Bothell. There is no
                             need for individuals to keep a copy for themselves.

                               Jim keeps similar documentation for PAS transactions
                               centrally. There is no business need for individuals to keep this
                               documentation as well.

Feedback:      Bothell is doing a great job going green. They have already changed to
               receiving office supply deliveries 3 times/week.

New Systems coming to UW Bothell:
By Jim Pilon: Bothell is moving toward the Purchase Path system. This will allow them to
              be able to track their reqs with more ease. This system should blend well
              with PDR. They are currently working out the approved budget lists and
              approvals before rolling it out to campus. Their tentative timeline is to roll
              this out around the end of October.

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