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Japan Online Advertising Industry Growth and Forecast 2016



In 2010, the advertising industry accounted for around 34.4% of the total
service sector revenues and online/ digital advertising is a major part of this
industry. Online advertising industry is being driven by the increasing
broadband penetration, education, income, rising number of internet users as
well as popularity of social networking websites. During the recent economic
slowdown, a reduction in marketing expenditure by companies was
witnessed, of which advertising cost was the highest and marketers began
opting for low cost and effective advertising mediums, thereby, driving the
growth of the online/ digital advertising market. The online advertising
industry is of various forms, but the most popular are digital search
advertising, followed by display and classified advertising.

The online advertising industry has been in existence in Japan for around ten
years and has grown to become larger than many traditional formats of
advertising such as print, radio, etc. Although, in 2009, the industry
registered a slowdown in growth, in 2010 the Japanese internet advertising
started registering recovery and the market grew 8.30%. Japanese online ad
market is at a major point of transition, in 2005 while the display category
accounted for more than 50% of the market share, it is predicted that in
coming years, the search and mobile will take a greater share of the market.
Key Findings

* In 2007 & 2008, Japan's online advertising market registered a small
growth and in 2009, the industry was worth an estimated USD ~ billion.
* In 2010, the expenditure on online advertising increased 8.30% YTY, to
USD ~ billion. Internet advertising placements increased 10.17%, despite the
slowdown in growth in 2009 due to the global economic downturn.
* In 2010, web advertising (PC-based Internet) grew 8.80% compared to 2009,
to USD ~ billion (including search engine advertising)

Table of Contents :
1. Global Advertising Industry

     1.1. An Overview

     1.2. Japan Online Advertising Industry: Overview

2. Japan Online Advertising Market Size

     2.1. Online Advertising by Category

     2.1.1. Search Advertising

     2.1.2. Display Advertising

     2.1.3. Mobile Advertising

     2.2. Online advertising demand by Industry

3. Industry Trends and Developments

     Dentsu and Skype to launch display advertising offering in Japan

     Popularity of Mobile internet in Japan

     Industry Competition

     Japan’s Online Display Advertising Leaders

4. Growth Drivers
     4.1. Rising Number of mobile Phone users and demand for Mobile

     4.2. Internet users

     4.3. Broadband connections

     4.4. Japan Ecommerce Market

5. Macro Economy Factors

     5.1. Gross Domestic products

     5.2. Population

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