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Quick Facts about Herbalife by CZ4Dna


									                                 Quick Facts about Herbalife

Tell Mark Hughes Story
*24 years in business and in 59 countries around the world
*Herbalife was the pioneer in meal replacement with Soy Protein
*Herbalife works because we are able to personalize everyone’s program
*Today’s science now supports the Herbalife product and approach to nutrition
*65% of Canadian and US population is considered overweight to obese
*Soy products are great for losing weight and dealing with many issues that women face i.e.:
*Development of a Dr Q/A site for Doctors to learn more about the product will be soon
launched by Dr. Jamie McManus
*Mark Hughes is committed to developing studies to support and give creditability to all of the
Herbalife products.
*Over 40 of the top doctors, nutritionists in the world on our Medical Advisory Board - putting
these products together (Including Best Dr in America Award winners and Nobel Prize winner)

                            Quick Facts about the World's health

*FACT: adults get 5 colds per year
*65% of Canadian and US population is considered overweight to obese
*90% of type 2 diabetes is as a result of weight – it is 100% diet controlled! There are
300 million diabetics around the world – India, Africa and Latin America are the fastest growing
in these areas because of the development of fast food places.
*80% of deaths are due to heart disease
(1.2 million people died in the US from this last year – 650K were women) –
*Women are 12 times more likely to die of the first time heart attack then men.
*25 million American’s live with heart disease – if they lose weight, problem would not exist
*30 to 50% of kidney failure – only people with Kidney failure have to watch how much protein
they take in – an increase in Soy protein will not cause kidney failure or problems because your
body can easily break it down
*50% of high blood pressure and stroke are related to obesity
*ALL CANCERS are more likely to happen to people that are overweight than not overweight
*90% of all cancers are related to diet – other 10% is related to environment and genetic.
* Skin conditions are a result of digestive system

Weight loss drugs have been on the market and off the market NONE of them have stuck
because of the side effects and the FDA eventually pulls them off.

                              NO Carb vs. Lower Carb FACTS:

*Research Strongly Shows: Low carb program one may loose weight faster but there is a greater
risk of putting the weight right back on. Research shows that after 6 months low carb vs. a
Herbalife balanced approach show the exact same weight loss results. FDA is looking closely at
the low carb diets and supplements and into pulling these products because they are misleading.
Carbohydrates cause insulin levels to go up which sends message of “I am still hungry”

You still MUST have some carbs every day in your diet, you just want to limit them to: Fresh
fruits, vegetables and dark grains – which is a healthier source.

Dr. Atkins had an ingenious idea - and was completely right about the importance of protein in
our bodies - but his approach was COMPLETELY wrong. Animal and vegetable proteins are
much less effective than soy protein.

Benefits of Soy Protein:

Protein helps control appetite by fighting carbohydrate craving, assisting with calorie burning
and gives highest safety.

SOY protein is also 100% digestible & absorbable - straight into your muscles for building lean
muscle tissue, which will in turn raise your resting metabolism. Making it a permanent solution
for weight loss.

Vegetable protein is much better for your body than animal protein.

Men and Women need different amounts of protein – 100 grams for women and 150 grams for
mean on average - per day.

When not taking in enough protein, your body stores everything as fat.

Proper Amino acid levels are key - they are what trigger the "I'm hungry" signal to the brain.
Proper amounts of protein is what will release the amino acids to for the "I am NOT hungry"

Meal Replacements – 10 years of publications in high quality journals demonstrating efficacy
and safety

*Green tea and Soy protein help control the loss of bone mass

*American Heart Association states – eat fish 2 times per week and if you can’t - it is essential to
have a supplement of Omega 3

"Dieting" - Myths

Those who "diet" by cutting back to nothing but fruits, salads & veggies are actually doing more
harm than good - your body will actually start eating away muscle, due to lack of soy protein,
and will in turn store everything as fat.

Something as simple as one missed meal per day can send your body into the "starvation mode"
which will cause the entire next meal to be turned into fat. This is why many people cannot
figure out why they're not losing weight when they are not eating properly.
Shapeworks -- how it works - SIMPLE

1) Reduce calorie intake
2) Increase lean protein intake
This will allow you to burn 1 pound of access fat per week!

The concept:
1) Know your body - have a body analysis done to determine your RMR, BMI, and proper
levels of calorie intake and protein needs
2) Enjoy the Ideal Meal - High in nutrition, low in calories & fat - designed to curb hunger and
keep you feeling full - with formulas 1, 2, 3.
3) Optimize Your Success - targeted nutrition products and support that fit your lifestyle

GARDEN 7 - the product

Eating the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits & veggies every day can be quite challenging -
who honestly eats that much? And how much would you pay for that grocery bill? You're
looking at easily spending $10 per day in vegetables to fulfill that 5-9 servings!

Garden 7 is just over $2 per day - WITHOUT the MESS of cleaning and prep!

This product provides the phytonutrients similar to those found in colorful fruits & veggies.

Taken daily, the tablets boost many benefits from the 7 key color groups!

Don't like brussell sprouts or broccoli? Not a problem anymore!

NITEWORKS – the product

1998 Dr Ignarro – awarded the Noble Prize for the research of this product
*Cholesterol attaches to the lining of the walls in your arteries and becomes a plaque that can
clog and cause heart attacks – improving diet, reduction of free radicals, and increasing nitric
oxide levels in your blood – keep the arteries flexible which causes better blood flow. It also
helps protect the endothelium (which is the protective wall of the artery)

*Niteworks contains ingredients that allows for your body to increase the production of nitric
oxide – various amino acids.

Benefits: circulatory support, better sleep, better energy

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