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              Upgrades and replacements of existing PBX telephone system
                             James F. Byrnes High School

  By 1:00 PM on Thursday, June 16, 2011, please provide your best price to meet
                          the following specifications:

District Five Schools of Spartanburg County will accept WRITTEN QUOTES for providing a
Vertical Communication System Wave IP2500 or acceptable equivalent hybrid system for James
F. Byrnes High School.

The system shall provide and support, at a minimum, the following:

       A. Telephone service to offices reusing existing Vertical (Comdial) Communications
          Impact 8012s/8024s. System must provide growth for addition of 110 analog ports.

          System must not be Vertical MP5000/FXII due to these systems being End-of-Life
          products. All submitted equivalent system products will be reviewed for End-of-Life

       B. System must provide, at a minimum:
                90 digital ports
                16 analog ports
                32 trunk ports

       C. System must also allow for SIP technology including, but not limited to
                 SIP trunks
                 SIP networking for multiple site connectivity

          SIP products must adhere to TCP/IP standards set forth for SIP products.

Analysis of submitted quotes

       All components of the system must be user friendly and must be able to accommodate
       all of the needs described above. Vendors are encouraged to submit equipment that will
       accommodate advancements in technology and have flexibility for growth. All
       equipment submitted for consideration must be totally compatible with existing
       equipment which will remain in place. Any submitted equivalent system products will
       also be reviewed for End-of-Life status.

       The successful vendor must document current certification and factory training on all
       equipment submitted. The successful vendor must present a current business license
       for review at the time of award.

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