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					        Halcyon Landing

       EARLY               bird
      A publication by Halcyon

                                                                                                    January 201 1
                                                                                                    November 2011

                                            Marvellous Marcoola
                                             Only two remain in Foundation Release

    Already living the dream
    Equipsum at. Laore feum dolob
    ‘Supa’ shopping plans
    oreet, consed mincillum consed
    for Bli Bli er sum alit page ?
    mincillum nibh
                                 page 2

    Upgrade for local centre
    Meet Foundation home                                                            The Marcoola

    owners, the Elliotts
                                 page 3
                                          Halcyon takes ‘Retirement
                                          Living’ to a new level
                                          Each new Halcyon lifestyle community             homes feature both an upper and lower
                                          delivers something new and at Halcyon            levels. Downstairs it’s all about space for the
                                          Landing the list is extensive. Once again, the   ‘toys’ with room for up to three vehicles, or
                                          design team have come up with something          two vehicles and extra room for hobbies or
                                          special, and it’s completely unique to           storage. Brush off the sand and head to the
    Dio consectem quis dolor              Halcyon Landing.                                 upper level and immediately you’re struck by
    Equipsum at. Laore feum dolob
    Local legends surround
    oreet, consed mincillum consed        The striking Marcoola featured above, is one     the sensation of space. The spacious open
    Halcyon Landingalit
    mincillum nibh er sum                 of the new Coastal series homes, created to      plan layout was designed to take advantage
                                 page 4
                                          make the most of the local conditions with       of the northerly aspect, capturing both the
                                          ease of living and lifestyle in mind.            views and breezes that flow through this
    Halcyon Landing  BLI BLI
                                          In the true spirit of the beach house, the       contemporary beach house.

1       Life beginsatHalcyon.com.au
EARLY                   bird
                                                  From $369,000
                                                  the price is right
                                                   Even with the Foundation Release already

       Halcyon Landing                             more than 50% sold out, you can still grab
                                             B L I B L I slice of paradise, and access the Early

                                                   Bird discounts and incentives on offer. What’s
                                                   more, there are still some great homes and

                                                   sites available in this first release at Halcyon
                                                   Landing. Priced from just $369,000 our two
                                                   bedroom, one car garage home represents
At a time when household budgets are
                                                   excellent value for money while our new
under the microscope, it’s nice to know
                                                   Coolum design with two bedrooms plus
that Halcyon aren’t just building award-                                                              The Atoll a popular choice in the Foundation Release
                                                   study and one and a half car garage has really
winning homes, but are building homes
                                                   struck a chord with buyers. Popular favourites     really will never be a better time to buy at
that are rated the most energy efficient
                                                   like the Atoll and the Marengo have also           Halcyon Landing. So like the pioneer home
of their kind on the Sunshine Coast.
                                                   attracted a lot of interest with a steady stream   owners in other Halcyon Communities… the
To obtain the coveted 8-Star rating,
                                                   of enquiry on availability.                        early bird really does catch the worm! For
the homes at Halcyon Landing will be
built using state of the art products such         With special Early Bird discounts and              more information on the Foundation Release
as CSR Hebel, and will feature energy              incentives, and no stamp duty payable, there       call Chris on 1800 050 050.
saving solar panels on every roof…

                                                   Supa plans for Bli Bli
another first by Halcyon in an over 50’s
lifestyle community.

                                                   News of the redevelopment of the River
                                                   Markets Shopping Centre has received a
                                                   big ‘thumbs up’ from Foundation Release
                                                   members. They agree that the centre will
                                                   not only be a positive for Bli Bli, but love
                                                   knowing that they can pop down to the
                                                   shops and be back before the kettle has
What this means for future home owners
                                                   even boiled.
is more money back in their pockets to
                                                   The redevelopment will include a Supa
spend on household items. Halcyon
                                                   IGA store, new shops which are already
have embraced the notion that building
homes that have a minimal impact on                leased and a major facelift for the existing
                                                                                                         An artists impression of the new River Markets
the environment not only helps to save             shops. The comprehensive redevelopment
our planet, but will also save our home            project is also great news for Bli Bli. The        planned infrastructure work and several new
owners substantial sums of money year              town has been in the development spotlight         residential developments that will, overtime,
after year. It’s a win-win situation!              lately as the focus of millions of dollars of      lead an urban transformation.

    Life beginsatHalcyon.com.au                                            2
                                                                                                     Life begins at Halcyon

                                                  Early Bird Elliotts
                                                  are rapt in
                                                  Halcyon Landing
                                                  the Elliotts will actually be up-sizing! With
                                                  the range of choices available, they were
                                                  immediately drawn to the Coolum home
                                                  design for its contemporary lines and a handy
                                                  one and a half car garage that’s perfect for
                                                  the bike. “We’re really looking forward to
                Irene and Ken Elliott             living in the open plan layout,” said Ken.

                                                  Having spent a number of years in Sydney
Another of the couples
                                                  before taking early retirement at 55, the
to take advantage of the                                                                            helped a friend move into Halcyon Waters at
                                                  Elliotts initially moved to the Sunshine
‘Early Bird’ discounts                                                                              Hope Island a few years ago. Back then we
and incentives on offer                           State before ‘un-retiring’ to work together       were really impressed with what we saw, so
in Halcyon Landing’s                              overseas. The couple managed a business           we couldn’t believe our luck when we found
Foundation Release is Ken                         supplying and servicing generators in             out they were building a new community on
and Irene Elliott.                                Bangladesh for two years and then went            the Sunshine Coast.”
                                                  on to help train nationals in small business
With Irene overseas on a special holiday with                                                       Another reason the Elliotts chose Halcyon
                                                  development among less advantaged
one of the couple’s grandchildren, we caught                                                        Landing was for the location right in the
                                                  communities in Bangladesh, India, Egypt and
up with Ken for a chat about moving to                                                              centre of the Sunshine Coast. “It’s so central
                                                  Thailand amongst others.
Halcyon’s latest lifestyle community.                                                               and close to everything we need.”
                                                  Describing this period of their lives as both
Put simply, the Elliotts are literally counting                                                     As for the future, Ken is looking forward to
                                                  “rewarding and a great experience,” they
down the days until their new home is                                                               long rides through the beautiful Sunshine
                                                  were keen to come back to Brisbane to set
completed and they can move in. “We’re                                                              Coast hinterland. Then it’s home to safely
                                                  up a new home base with a view to spending        garage the bike before catching up with new
absolutely rapt in the whole concept at
Halcyon Landing, and we’ve already met            time doing more of the things they wanted.        friends and neighbours at the Rec Club.
about half a dozen of our new neighbours,”        After eleven years on and off living in a villa   Irene loves the idea of being part of a new
said Ken. So excited about this new phase         complex at Carindale, the Elliotts got itchy      community and plans to get involved in
in their lives, Ken loves nothing more            feet again, this time focussing their attention   special interest groups, and enjoy some long
these days than suiting up in his leathers        on the Sunshine Coast.                            walks with their Bichon Frise ‘Jazz.’
and jumping on his BMW Sports Tourer,             Then about six months ago while on a              Another reason the Elliotts
heading up the Highway to check out the           weekend drive scouting around the Sunshine        chose Halcyon Landing was
latest progress at Bli Bli.                       Coast, Ken and Irene spotted a billboard for      for the location right in the
Funnily enough, when they move into               Halcyon Landing. “Straight away we both           centre of the Sunshine Coast.
their Coolum design home, one of the all-         thought this could be for us,” said Ken. “We      “It’s so central and close to
new designs unique to Halcyon Landing,            knew about Halcyon because we actually            everything we need.”

  Halcyon Landing

 EARLY                bird
      A publication by Halcyon

Local Legends
Just minutes up the road from Halcyon
Landing is possibly one of Queensland’s, if
not Australia’s, most picturesque beaches.
It’s also possibly one of the Sunshine Coast’s
best-kept secrets and the locals here wouldn’t
                                                                                     The mystical Old Woman Island
have it any other way! As if the 1.8km stretch
of sandy pristine beach and natural vegetated     While one legend tells the story of an old         The waters and reefs around Mudjimba

dunes weren’t enough, there’s one thing that      woman who grew into old age after being            Island attracts both divers and surfers

sets Mudjimbah Beach apart from the rest.         stranded on the island, another has it that        who share a mutual respect for its natural

1km off the beach lies Mudjimbah Island, or       the island was the result of an epic battle        treasures. In fact, when the swell and

Old Woman Island. Whether it’s silhouetted        between two men, Coolum and Ninderry,              conditions line up precisely, a perfect wave

by the early morning sun or lit up by the last    and a woman called Maroochy. The battle            peels around either side of the island

                                                  resulted in Coolum’s head being knocked            following its contour and nearly meeting
rays as the sun sets, the island defines this
                                                  off and ending up in the ocean, creating           up on the Western side! Surfers access the
naturally stunning beach. Home to a large
                                                  Mudjimba Island. Mount Coolum, 7 kms to            island by boat or take on the grueling 30
breeding colony of mutton birds (wedge-tailed
                                                                                                     minute plus paddle each way.
shearwaters), the uninhabited island is of high   the North of the Island, can be seen from
significance to the indigenous population.        Halcyon Landing and features a distinctly flat
Aboriginal legends abound about the island.       top due to the lack of a head.                        Register your
                                                                                                        interest today
Drop into the                                                                                           Ph 1800 050 050
                                                                                                        If you’re interested in living at Halcyon’s

Sales Office                                                                                            latest lifestyle community at Bli Bli on
                                                                                                        the Sunshine Coast, visit the website at

Construction of the latest lifestyle                                                                    Life beginsatHalcyon.com.au or
community is progressing on schedule                                                                    phone 1800 050 050 and speak to Chris

and due to the high level of interest that                                                              or Adrian.

Halcyon Landing has generated online,
plans have been moved forward and the
Sales Office will be opening this month.
Located just up from the River Markets
                                                  into the new digs on site next year. Why              Halcyon Landing
Shopping Centre and literally on the                                                                    Freecall 1800 050 050
                                                  not drop in for a cuppa or cool drink, say
roundabout at the junction of David Low                                                                 Halcyon Parks
                                                  hello and catch up on the latest news.                42 Meridan Way, Caloundra Qld 4551
Way and Bli Bli Roads, you can access the                                                               Freecall 1800 007 280
                                                  Chris, Adrian and Tracy will be on hand
Sales Office via the access road shown on                                                               Halcyon Waters
                                                  to assist you with anything you need. The
the mud map.                                                                                            1 Halcyon Way, Hope Island Qld 4212
                                                  Sales Office will be open between 10am                Freecall 1800 626 488
As there is heavy machinery on site, this         and 4pm Monday to Friday, so drop in                  Photographs and illustrations are intended to be a visual aid only. Halcyon gives no warranty and makes
                                                                                                        no representation to the accuracy or sufficiency of any description, illustration, photograph or statement

will be a temporary home until the move           any time or call us on 1800 050 050.                  contained in this publication and accepts no liability for any loss suffered by any person who relies wholly
                                                                                                        or partly upon the information presented. All information is subject to change without notice.

    Life beginsatHalcyon.com.au                                         4

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