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									                                        Daily Checklist

        All employees have visible name badges
        Check and complete temperature logs in the nourishment rooms
        COW carts clean and sani-wipes available
        COW carts free of medication and patient information (check drawer for medications)
        Nourishment Room/fridge- Expiration dates are all present on all patient nourishment
        items and no expired products are present
        Nourishment Room/fridge- no staff food and drink
        Nourishment Room/fridge- no open containers
        Crash carts have been checked daily
        No HIPAA violations/patient information left out
        No food/drinks at nurses station
        No cardboard boxes on floor or anything stored above 18" red line
        Housekeeping carts/chemicals secure
        No door stops or door props present
        All O2 tanks are properly stored and O2 signs are present (if no sign remove O2)
        Nothing stored under hand sanitizer dispensers
        Nothing within 36" of electrical panel
        Appropriate hand hygiene
        Appropriate use of PPE
        Linen carts covered (clean and soiled)
        Soiled linen and trash are stored in the appropriate places (no soiled linen on top of the
        linen cart or on floor)
        All utility rooms have clear access to doorway, hopper, sink, etc.
        No trash overflowing
        No meds stored inappropriately or left out
        No paper signs
        No egress issues (no blocked fire extinguishers, fire pulls, hallways or doorways)
        Call bells answered promptly
        Telephones answered within 3 rings
        No dietary carts left in the hallways
        Daily chart audit completed

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