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                                2       business
                                                               41              u what’s    in a name?

                                                                               Nelson is named after English
Our Kind of Place                2   Business Resources                   42
                                                                               Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson who
Lifestyle, Location, Leisure     3   Immigration                          45   famously defeated Napoleon at
                                                                               the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
A Rich and Varied Region         4   Employment                           46
                                                                               Tasman is named after the Dutch
By the Numbers                   6   Business Development Opportunities   47   explorer Abel Tasman who, in
                                     Foreign Direct Investment Regime     48   1642, became the first European
                                                                               to sail into Golden Bay.

                                     Export Trade                         49
                                                                               Nelson is the region’s only city,
    lifestyle                        Research                             50   with the satellite suburb of Stoke
                                     Commercial Property                  52   and town of Richmond. The
                                                                               name Nelson also applies to
Arts and Culture                 8   Infrastructure                            the whole province but, since
The Great Outdoors              10   Sea, Land and Air                    53   the Tasman District Council was
                                                                               formed 20 years ago, the name
Sport and Recreation            12                                             Tasman is also used for the local
Professional Services           13   Advertiser Index                     56   authority area that stretches from
                                     URL Directory                        56   Murchison to Farewell Spit, and
Health and You                  14                                             to the city boundary with Nelson -
 aori                           16                                             this includes Richmond, Motueka,
                                                                               Brightwater, Wakefield, Takaka,
Education                       18                                             Nelson Lakes, Golden Bay and
Buying or Renting               20                                             the Waimea Plains.

Council Services                22                                             Nelson enjoys a close relationship
                                                                               with neighbouring Marlborough
Electricity                     24                                             and some organisations, such
                                                                               as the District Health Board,
Transport                       25
                                                                               cover the whole of the Nelson,
                                                                               Tasman and Marlborough regions,
                                                                               colloquially known as the Top of

                                                                               the South (Island).
    economy                                                                    The original name for Nelson is
                                                                               Whakatu, which means ‘to set
                                                                               up’. Taranaki iwi pronounce the
Overview                        27                                                                             ¯
                                                                               name without the ‘h,’ as Wakatu.”
Economic Sectors                                                               The Top of the South is Te Tau Ihu
   Horticulture                 28                                             ¯          ¯
                                                                               o te Waka a Maui, often shortened
   Pastoral                     30                                             to Te Tau Ihu (the prow) of the
                                                                               canoe of Maui, the legendary
   Forestry                     31
                                                                               adventurer and explorer.
   Tourism                      33
   Seafood                      35
Developing Industries           37

                                                                        Whether you are thinking of moving
                                                                        to or investing in the Nelson
                                                                        Tasman region, just visiting, or
                                                                        recommitting to this wonderful part
                                                                        of the world, this publication will
                                                                        help you appreciate our diversity
                                                                        and the opportunities on offer.

    welcome kia ora

               elson Tasman has an enviable
               climate protected from cold
               southerly weather, and a
               landscape that ranges from
    sandy beaches to rugged mountains.
    We are proud of our vibrant arts scene,
    with a year round calendar of events
    offering celebrations for our residents and
    attractions for visitors.
    The climate and lifestyle have historically
    drawn artists to this region - add the
    growth in wine-making over recent
    decades to our famed seafood and fruit,
    plus our galleries and boutique shops,
    cafés and restaurants and you go well
    beyond what you would normally expect
    to find in a provincial setting. With a
    huge range of outdoor activities, sporting
    facilities, parks, reserves, beaches and
    a ski field - we can honestly say there is
    something here for everyone!

    Robust economy
    Nelson Tasman has a broad economy
    based on the export of goods from
    the horticultural, forestry, seafood and
    agricultural sectors. These have kept
    pace with changing market trends and
    the drive to add value to create wealth in
    our region. Tourism is now up there with
    the big earners as the rest of the world
                                                                           u sustainable     future
    discovers us. Other emerging industries
    make the most of new technologies and
                                                                           The Nelson City and Tasman
    the growing emphasis on health, wellness
                                                                           District councils work to ensure
    and sustainability. The Nelson Tasman          Nelson Mayor
                                                                           everyone in the region can
    business environment is one of expansion,      Kerry Marshall
                                                                           enjoy what it has to offer. We
    diversification and innovation.
                                                                           are committed to ensuring our
                                                                           favoured lifestyle is preserved
    Our people                                                             into the future - each council
    The people make Nelson Tasman the                                      has a long term community
    appealing region it really is. Family values                           plan that oversees the social,
    and a strong sense of local community                                  economic, environmental and
    underpin day-to-day life in the region.                                cultural wellbeing of the region
    We value our history and tradition, but we                             and our residents. These plans are
    also welcome newcomers and the rich            Tasman Mayor
                                                   Richard Kempthorne      regularly updated in consultation
    diversity they bring to our lives.                                     with business, community groups
    Read on and see Nelson city and the                                    and individuals to make sure we
    Tasman region come into focus - and we                                 are on the right track.
    look forward to getting to know you better.

                                                                                          The Nelson Tasman region offers
                                                                                          a seductive blend of relaxed
                                                                                          Kiwi lifestyle, a safe and positive
                                                                                          environment, diverse scenery, a
                                                                                          year-round favourable climate and a
                                                                                          central New Zealand location.
                                                                                          From our rich, colourful history

        lifestyle location                                                                to the stable local economy and
                                                                                          an exciting future with growing
                                                                                          numbers of people from all over

                                                                                          the world, who choose to call
                                                                                          Nelson home, the result is a vibrant,
                                                                                          innovative and dynamic community.

HIGH                                             Compact regional geography; stunning
                          highest                                                                                   Three beautiful
                                                 and diverse scenery from mountains,                                and very different
                                                                                                                    national parks:
LIGHTS                    hours in New           lakes, beaches and coastal walkways to
                                                                                                                    Abel Tasman,
                          Zealand                native bush, the Boulder Bank and                                  Nelson Lakes and
IN FOCUS                                         Farewell Spit                                                      Kahurangi

huge range of outdoor activities                                       More than 350        Huge choice in
sea kayaking, mountain biking, tramping,                               working              dining from
seal swimming, rock climbing, white water                              artists with         relaxed cafés
                                                                       galleries and
rafting, trail running, skiing, nature tours .                                              to fine dining
                                                                       studios around
. . and much more
                                                                       the region

                          33 wineries            Boutique                                   Young,                  Fabulous fresh
                          many with cellar       breweries and                              innovative              seafood, berries,
                          door tastings          award                                      fashion                 apples, and locally
                                                 winning olive                              designers               made gourmet
                                                 oils                                                               foods

Award winning                                    famous Saturday       Regular local        lively downtown
festivals and                                    Market in Nelson      markets in           shopping centre
events - from the                                city, crammed with                         and the Richmond
Arts Festival to the                             local food,                                Mall - the biggest
Christmas                                        incredible crafts                          in the Top of the
Lantern                                                                Motueka and
                                                 and quirky fashions                        South
Spectacular                                                            Richmond

                          A regional art         Nelson                                     ASB Aquatic             live
                          gallery - The          School of                                  Centre in               performances
                          Suter Te               Music - New                                Richmond with           at the Suter and
                          Aratoi o                                                          lane swimming
                                                 Zealand’s oldest                                                   The Hub
                                                                                            and wave pool
                          Whakatu                music school

Riverside                 Nelson                 Tahunanui             thriving                                     World class
Pool in the               Provincial             Beach and the         nightlife and                                trout fishing in
centre of town            Museum                 Maitai River          exciting youth                               the Buller and
with lane                 Pupuri Taonga o                              culture                                      Motueka River
swimming, fitness         Te Tai Ao, in the                                                                         catchments
                          city centre                                                                                                  3
centre and spa
    a rich and
    varied region

                                                   and a range of shops, theatres, galleries     on the West Coast. The river valley is
                                                   and restaurants, all boosted by a healthy     mainly native beech forest with some rimu
                                                   tourism industry. Farming, forestry and       and rata.
                                                   horticulture offer opportunities for rural
                                                                                                 Murchison has a population of around
                                                   living on lifestyle blocks and in outlying
                                                                                                 700. Outdoor adventure and tourism
                                                                                                 activities now feature strongly alongside
                                                   Richmond has a rapidly growing                farming in this mainly rural economy. The
                                                   population, currently around 12,000, and      town has an information centre, a new
                                                   falls within the boundaries of the Tasman     hospital, the recently opened Murchison

                                                   District Council, one of New Zealand’s        Sport, Recreation and Cultural Centre and
              elson city is the port and           fastest growing districts with a population   a shopping centre with motels and cafés
              business centre of the Nelson        of around 45,000. Richmond has two            serving Christchurch-Nelson travellers.
              Tasman region. From Murchison        primary schools, an established state         Walkways around Murchison explore
              in the south to Golden Bay in        co-ed college, a Catholic primary school,     vantage points, old gold workings and
    the west, the many distinct communities        and a Catholic co-ed college. It also         beech and podocarp forests.
    provide an appealing sense of ‘small           has an expanding retail base, including
    town’ familiarity, within a range of                                                         The coastal highway from Nelson to
                                                   the region’s largest shopping mall, an
    geographical diversity.                                                                      Motueka passes through the main apple
                                                   aquatic centre, cafés, library, retirement
                                                                                                 growing area of the region, past vineyards
    For visitors to the region, or for locals,     complexes, and health services.
                                                                                                 and olive plantations. This route has
    there are as many reasons to explore the       The low mountain range rising behind          numerous studios, galleries, cafés and
    landscape as there are settlements tucked      Richmond forms part of Mount                  wineries. Rabbit Island offers a large
    away in beautiful locations. The map on        Richmond State Forest Park. Adjacent          picnic area and 11km of sheltered sandy
    the inside front cover will show you the       river valleys with excellent swimming         beach with safe swimming.
    location of our townships.                     spots are popular for picnics, walking and
    Nelson was founded in 1842. As one             mountain-biking.
    of New Zealand’s earliest European             Brightwater and Wakefield are further
    settlements. The city is home to New           west of Richmond, both with growing
    Zealand’s oldest school of music and           populations sitting now at around 2,000.
    oldest state secondary school, Nelson          They are strong communities with
    College. Nelson city is known for              excellent primary schools, all within an
    contemporary arts and crafts, with an          easy commute to Nelson.
    innovative commercial sector, supported
    by the strength of primary production in       Further south, Lake Rotoiti, Lake
    the rural hinterland. Nelson is a popular      Rotoroa and the surrounding mountain
    lifestyle and holiday destination for          ranges form the Nelson Lakes National
                                                                                                 At the southern end of Mapua is a picnic
    international visitors and Kiwis.              Park, a popular area for alpine tramping,
                                                                                                 area and the Mapua wharf. This was
                                                   skiing, bird watching, fishing, boating
    The central business district of Nelson                                                      once a busy part of the coastal shipping
                                                   and picnicking. About 200 permanent
    city has a compact layout and is simple                                                      network but is now home to cafés, a
                                                   residents live in the township of
    to navigate and enjoyable to walk. Sea                                                       small museum, art gallery, aquarium and
                                                   St Arnaud, where there is a lodge style
    views, historic buildings, Queens Gardens,                                                   boutique shops. Mapua is a growing
                                                   hotel, an outdoor education centre, a
    the Cathedral, the Maitai River, Rocks                                                       residential area with a population of more
                                                   nearby ski area, and a Department of
    Road and Tahunanui Beach are all striking                                                    than 2,000, its own school, medical
                                                   Conservation office with their nature
    features of the city.                                                                        centre and small shopping mall. Tourism
                                                   recovery project.
                                                                                                 operators offer boat trips and tours on the
    With a population of around 43,000             The Buller River is a rugged and scenic       Waimea Inlet.
    Nelson is well served with health and          river providing some of the best kayaking,
    hospital services, excellent educational                                                     The coastal highway continues along
                                                   white water rafting and trout fishing in the
    facilities from early childhood to tertiary,                                                 through the settlements of Ruby Bay
                                                   country. It flows from Lake Rotoiti through
    extensive sports and recreation areas                                                        and Tasman, past the tidal flats of the
                                                   mountainous country to the Tasman Sea

                                             “Living in the country, especially on
                                             one of the oldest farms still held by
                                             the same family, is very special. Our
                                             region depends on forestry, grapes,
                                             horticulture, beef, deer and sheep
                                             farming and the employment and
                                             financial benefits each of these brings.
                                             The rural communities provide the
                                             productive base of an economy that is
                                             well served with roads, good schools,
                                             medical facilities, and communication.”
                                                                             Marilyn Gibbs
                                                                          Wakefield resident

Moutere Inlet. Kina Peninsula lies
on the far side of the inlet and has a
picnic ground and boat launching area,
while there is a reserve at Ruby Bay for
picnicking and camping.
The alternative route between Nelson and
Motueka is the Inland Highway, which
cuts across the Waimea Plains and the
Moutere Hills, which are the two major
winegrowing areas in the region with many
attractive wineries to visit.
Motueka and the smaller townships
at Brooklyn, Riwaka, Marahau and
Kaiteriteri add another 1,200 to the
regional population. Surrounded by
hop gardens and orchards, Motueka’s
population swells during the apple-picking
season (February to May). Kaiteriteri
Beach is famous for its golden sands,        a new heritage centre and a range of
attracting thousands of visitors each        accommodation and tour operators                      u sustainable     future
summer.                                      offering guided trips to Farewell Spit.
Marahau offers cafés and services for        Farewell Spit, or ‘Onetahua’ in M¯  aori, is          Nelson and Tasman communities
kayakers and other visitors heading into     an internationally important bird sanctuary           and the Nelson Regional
the Abel Tasman National Park. The           with more than 90 species of sea bird.                Economic Development Agency
Motueka Valley is one of the main entry      Every spring, hundreds of thousands of                (EDA) are working to ensure the
points to Kahurangi National Park.           waders, including godwits, knots, curlews             lifestyle enjoyed in this favoured
(More information in the Great Outdoors      and turnstones, arrive from Siberia to join           region today will be enhanced well
on page 10)                                  other birds, whose permanent home is                  into the future.
                                             the Spit. Access to the Spit is restricted,
The population of Golden Bay is around       but there are walking tracks to the base of           In addition, the Nelson Tasman
5,000 including the rural areas and          the dune area and four-wheel-drive tours              Regional Economic Development
smaller townships, with 1,200 in the main    make regular trips out to the lighthouse.             Strategy (REDS) sets out to
town of Takaka. Just out of Takaka is                                                              maintain and develop the Nelson
the famous clear water Waikoropupu           Puponga Farm Park at the base of                      region as a ‘smart sustainable
(Pupu) Springs and in the other direction    Farewell Spit combines farming with the               region’. There is more on REDS in
is Paynes Ford, with some of the best        protection of archaeological sites, rare              the Economy section on page 27.
limestone crag climbing in Australasia.      native plants and natural features. There is
While dairy farming is still a mainstay in   a café, a former pa site at Puponga Point,            Nelson and Tasman are active
the local economy, tourism is growing,       and dramatic West Coast surf beaches                  in environmental awareness,
with cafés, craft outlets and homestays      such as Wharariki.                                    with local initiatives including
now serving many visitors to the region.                                                           Transition Nelson - a community
                                             Whanganui (Westhaven Inlet) is a large                driven programme networking
Golden Bay is known for its natural,
                                             estuary on the West Coast, now protected              and enabling the community
healthy lifestyle and its strong sense of
                                             as a reserve, with its surrounding coastal            to respond to peak oil and
                                             forests. The road continues along                     climate change challenges and
Gold was discovered in the Collingwood       the shoreline of the inlet to the small               opportunities.
area in 1856, sparking New Zealand’s         settlement of Mangarakau.
first gold rush. Now, with a population of
                                             Note to population data - the figures given are from
around 200, this seaside township has        the 2006 census. See comment on regional growth
a general store, pub, cafés, galleries,      over the page.

    by the numbers

    Population and Climate                                                  Occupation of those working over 15 years of age
    The 2006 census gives the population as:                                                                     Nelson        Tasman              NZ
    •   Tasman District        44,625 people                                Managers                             13.81%         19.03%         17.15%
    •   Nelson City            42,891 people                                Professionals                        19.27%         13.37%         18.85%
    Nelson is growing at 3%, and Tasman at nearly 8%, while the rest        Technicians & Trade                  12.53%         11.90%         12.18%
    of NZ is growing at 5.4%.
                                                                            Community & Personal Service 8.64%                    7.45%         7.88%
    Based on the current rate of population increase Tasman and             Clerical & Administrative            11.52%           9.56%        12.13%
    Nelson will each reach a population of 50,000 in 2021.
                                                                            Sales                                9.18%            7.84%         9.37%
    Ethnic Groups                                                           Machinery Operators & Drivers 5.60%                   6.11%         5.76%
                               Nelson               Tasman            NZ    Labourers                            14.82%         19.68%         11.03%
    European                    75.0%                 77.6%        67.0%    Source: Census 2006, Statistics NZ

    NZ Maori                     8.0%                  7.0%        14.6%
                                                                            Qualifications (Highest) by Age
    Pacific Islands               2.0%                  1.0%         6.5%
                                                                                                             No quals         Level 1-4 Level 5-10
    Asian                        2.0%                  1.0%         9.2%
                                                                            Nelson                                 23%              41%          23%
    Other                       13.0%                 14.0%         2.1%
                                                                            Tasman                                 25%              43%          20%
    Source: Census 2006, Statistics NZ
                                                                            Expressed as a percentage of the working age population.
    Age Distribution                                                        Source: Census 2006, Statistics NZ

                               Nelson               Tasman            NZ
                                                                            Climate (Nelson city)
    Median Age                      39                       40       34
                                                                                                                              1971 - 2000 normals
    Aged 65 and over            19.2%                 21.5%        21.5%
                                                                            Annual rainfall                                                    942 mm
    Aged 15 - 65                66.0%                 65.0%        66.0%
                                                                            Sunshine hours per year                                        2,405 hours
    Aged 15 and under           14.5%                 13.6%        12.0%
                                                                            Overall Nelson is New Zealand’s sunniest region.
    Source: Census 2006, Statistics NZ

                                                                            Temperature (oC)
                                                                                                                                    max           min
                               Nelson               Tasman            NZ
                                                                            Summer                                                    22           13
    Unemployment Rate            2.8%                  1.7%         3.5%
                                                                            Spring                                                    17            8
    Source: Census 2006, Statistics NZ
                                                                            Winter                                                    13            3
    Income: Wage and salary earnings 2007                                   Autumn                                                    18            9
                               Nelson               Tasman            NZ    Source: NIWA

                              $39,560               $36,710       $42,640
    Source: Statistics NZ, Linked Employer-Employee Data
                                                                            In 2006 there were 4,682 business enterprises in Nelson and
    Average rent per week, Three bedroom house                              5,428 in Tasman. The Nelson Tasman Regional Economic
                                                                            Development Strategy (REDS) gives the figure as slightly higher at
                               Nelson               Tasman            NZ    around 10,500.
                                  $298                     $294     $300    Source: Statistics NZ, February 2006 business demographic survey
    Source: Department of Building and Housing
            The Nelson Tasman lifestyle is about:
            •   appreciating quality time and a relaxed pace of life
            •   strong family values and a sense of local community
            •   national and international influences, cultures and customs
            •   a can-do spirit, producing innovative pioneers in science, technology and arts
            •   a friendly yet dynamic business environment and a diverse economy
            •   enjoyment of the seasons and fresh food from the land and sea
            •   sunshine and outdoor recreation

lifestyle   •
                community celebrations
                a feeling of pride and providence


                             arts & culture

                             The Suter, Te Aratoi o Whakatu                Technology’s School of Arts and Media           as well as a fascinating historical record
                             The Suter, Te Aratoi o Whakatu is one         takes a leading role in the region’s arts       of gold mining and the town’s pioneer
                             of New Zealand’s oldest established           and media education and makes a major           history.
                             public art galleries. The collection          contribution to the strength and vibrancy
                                                                                                                           The Motueka Museum features displays
                             includes historical and contemporary          of the Top of the South arts’ sector. Many
                                                                                                                           relating to the history of settlement in the
                             works by Nelson and New Zealand               successful artists, musicians, writers
                                                                                                                           area, farming and the tobacco industry,
                             artists. A lively programme of exhibitions    and designers are graduates from these
                                                                                                                           as well as running regular exhibitions and
                             showcases national and local visual arts,     programmes.
                                                                                                                           displays on special topics.
                             complemented with floortalks and events;
                                                                           Programmes at certificate, diploma and
                             school groups are inspired through hands                                                      The Takaka Museum, in the heritage
                                                                           degree level cater for a wide range of
                             on arts education programmes and the                                                          building that was once the town’s Post
                                                                           interests and different levels of experience.
                             after school Suter Kids Club.                                                                 Office, has a comprehensive collection
                                                                           Students can pick and mix from a
                                                                                                                           featuring local history including trade, iron
                             The Suter Café has an outlook over the        variety of courses including: Visual Arts
                                                                                                                           works and explorer Abel Tasman, plus
                             picturesque Queen’s Gardens, there is         and Design, Creative Writing, Graphics
                                                                                                                           exhibition space for feature exhibitions.
                             quality Nelson arts and craft in The Suter    and Multimedia, Digital Media and
                             store and art house movies at The Suter       Contemporary Music (in partnership with         Regional museums offer mainly historical
                             Theatre, all part of the complex situated     Nelson School of Music).                        displays in Rockville, Havelock and
                             between Albion Square and Queen’s                                                             Murchison. There is a steam and transport
                             Gardens on Bridge Street.                     Nelson School of Music                          museum at Pigeon Valley, Wakefield and a
                                                                           The Nelson School of Music was                  Heritage Centre that has recently opened
                             World of WearableArtTM and                    established over a century ago and is the       next to the Collingwood Museum.
                             Classic Cars Museum                           oldest music education institution in New
                             The WOW® Gallery celebrates the               Zealand. Today it is a community-based          Nelson Markets
                             originality and creativity of the Montana     performing arts and music education             Famous even beyond New Zealand,
                             World of WearableArtTM Awards Show,           centre, from preschool to adult levels.         Nelson’s eclectic Saturday Market has
                             which ‘takes art off the wall and on to the   More than 150 concerts are presented            the best of the region’s foods including
                             moving body’ and enables works of art         each year in its famed auditorium, ranging      fresh fruit, berries, vegetables and flowers,
                             to perform onstage. The gallery provides      from the Nelson Symphony Orchestra to           seafood, cheeses and meats. Jewellery,
                             an opportunity to see creations from the      visiting jazz groups and a Winter Festival      crafts and fashion sit alongside colourful
                             annual awards performance in a theatrical     in July.                                        pottery, wholegrain breads, handmade
                             atmosphere with music and lighting.                                                           soaps and possum fur slippers. The
                                                                           Nelson Provincial Museum, Pupuri                Nelson Market is a great place for coffee
                             The Classic Car Gallery is a tribute to
                                                                           Taonga o Te Tai Ao                              and people watching, and reflects the
                             automotive design and performance, with
                                                                           The Nelson Provincial Museum opened             multi-cultural mix of the city - try Dutch
                             themed sets and feature exhibitions.
                                                                           in the central city in 2005, showcasing         doughnuts, German bratwurst and
                             The complex also includes the Reflections      the natural and human history of Te Tau         satay chicken. Saturdays 8am-1pm
                             Gallery, Museum Shop and Café.                Ihu (Top of the South). The permanent           Montgomery Square. Motueka’s Market
                             Open 7 days 10am - 5pm.                       regional exhibition is the gateway to the       is on every Sunday 8am-1pm, Decks
                                                                           other museums and art galleries in Nelson       Reserve Carpark, with all of the above.
                             Adam Chamber Music Festival                   Tasman, and there is an exhibitions gallery
                             Every two years, Nelson hosts the Adam        for touring shows.
                                                                                                                               u sustainable       future
                             Chamber Music Festival, in the beautiful
                                                                           At the museum’s Isel Park research
                             and acoustically perfect locations of the
                                                                           facility in Stoke the public can access
                             Nelson Cathedral and School of Music                                                              There is a Farmers’ Market in
                                                                           one of New Zealand’s largest regional
                             auditorium. Classical and contemporary                                                            Nelson on Fridays at Founders
                                                                           photographic collections (1860 onwards),
                             works are performed by top international                                                          Heritage Park, Atawhai Drive,
                                                                           as well as archives relating to the
                             musicians and the New Zealand String
                                                                           settlement of the region over the past              4-7pm in summer and 3-6pm in
                             Quartet. The next festival is in 2009, and
                                                                           thousand years.                                     winter. The Richmond Farmers’
                             again in 2011.
                                                                                                                               Market is on Saturday mornings in
                                                                           The Murchison Museum holds records,
                             School of Arts and Media                      images and a newsreel video of the                  Sundial Square, from 9am.
                             The Nelson Marlborough Institute of           aftermath of the severe 1929 earthquake,

                                                “Nelson’s landscape, climate and

                                                                                                                                 LIFESTYLE - ARTS & CULTURE
                                                quality of light make the region a
                                                magnet for artists - with the result
                                                that there is a very supportive
                                                framework for those who work in the
                                                arts, and a wealth of enriching arts
                                                experiences for locals and visitors.”
                                                                                Jane Evans
                                                                               Nelson artist

Performing Arts
A large multi-use venue for large                                                              u want    to know more?
conferences and major theatrical and
musical performances is planned near
the Rutherford Hotel. The Suter has a                                                          World of WearableArtTM:
small theatre used for visiting and local                                            
performances, The Independent is a newly
opened venue for ‘alternative’ theatre, and
                                                                                               Chamber Music:
The Playhouse (off the Coastal Highway)
                                                Arts Council Nelson (ACN)            
offers regular professional theatre and
entertainment. The Theatre Royal in             ACN is a community arts focused
Nelson city was built in 1878 and is            organisation providing free support            Nelson Marlborough Institute of
currently closed for a major refurbishment.     and advice for groups and individuals          Technology (NMIT):
The Village Theatre in Takaka brings live       undertaking local arts and cultural  
performance and movies to Golden Bay.           projects within the Nelson, Richmond and
                                                Waimea areas. It administers Creative          Nelson School of Music:
Nelson Arts Marketing                           Communities funding for local arts   
The comprehensive guide to Nelson               projects through bi-annual and monthly
artists and craftspeople is the Nelson Art      funding rounds. ACN administers
                                                                                               The Suter Art Gallery:
                                       and offers free
Guide. Produced by Arts Marketing and                                                
established by artists in 1993, the guide       information and promotional opportunities
creates an environment for the arts to          for local exhibitions and events.
                                                Supported by the Nelson City Council,          Nelson Arts Marketing:
flourish in the Nelson Tasman region. Arts                                            
Marketing works with many sectors of            ACN also assists emerging artists and
the arts from fashion to photography and        community groups with exhibitions.
                                                Motueka and Golden Bay also have               State Cinema:
painters to potters, assisting artists and
helping to make Nelson a region known           Community arts councils.             
for its creativity and events.
                                                Cinemas                                        Artloop:
Dealer Galleries                                Nelson city’s State Cinema complex   
Red, Catchment and the Rutherford               has nine cinemas, a café and family
Gallery in the city offer regular exhibitions   entertainment centre all on the same           Found Directory:
by emerging and significant local and            premises in Trafalgar Street, and runs an
national artists, while The Refinery has a       art-house cinema at The Suter Theatre
more community based focus. The region          and another cinema in Motueka at the
                                                                                               Events Strategy:
has numerous other art and craft galleries      Recreation Centre. Motueka has the
                                                art-house Gecko Theatre and Takaka has
and studios.
                                                the Village Theatre.
                                                                                               Farmers Market:
Strategic Directions                                                                 
The Nelson Events Strategy aims to              Join In
develop events that will enhance the            There are many ways to get involved
                                                in the regional community. Whether             Arts Council Nelson Inc:
region’s identity and stimulate visitor
                                                your interest lies with sport, religion, the
numbers in the traditional off-peak season.
Events that align with main regional areas      environment, outdoor recreation or service
of activity - maritime, seafood and the         clubs, it all starts here!                     Tasman District Council:
creative arts sector - are encouraged within    With around 2,000 community and      
the strategy.                                   sporting organisations, the Nelson region
                                                offers plenty of reasons to join in and        Nelson Tasman Tourism:
During 2008 the community has been                                                   
involved with developing the Nelson             get involved. Contact information for
Tasman Regional Arts Strategy, under            organisations, community recreation clubs
the leadership of the Nelson Regional           and local facilities is available at:
Economic Development Agency.


                                 the great outdoors

                                 National parks, reserves and
                                 The Nelson Tasman region has three
                                 national parks within 90 minutes of each
                                 other, and two of New Zealand’s Great
                                 Walks - the Abel Tasman Coast Track
                                 and Heaphy Track. Great Walks are the
                                 Department of Conservation’s premier
                                 walking tracks, through some of the best
                                 scenery in the country.
                                 The region’s national parks draw visitors
                                 from all over the world. The Abel Tasman
                                 coastline is famed as a ‘must do’ on foot
                                 or by kayak, but there are many other less
                                 famous places where you will meet fewer
                                 visitors. Find out more at the Department
                                 of Conservation counter at the Nelson
                                 Visitor Information Centre in the central
                                 city, or see the online reference for visitor   and drop-offs for walkers. Department of       Kahurangi is home to New Zealand’s
                                 information in the ‘Want to Know More’          Conservation campsites and huts need           largest species of snail, the carnivorous
                                 panel on the next page, or at DOC offices        to be booked over summer. Because              Powelliphanta superba prouseorum,
                                 in Motueka and Takaka.                          there are pockets of private land within       which measures up to 90mm wide. These
                                                                                 the park there are also some stylish           are the Sumo wrestlers of the snail world,
                                                                                 accommodation options.                         weighing in at 90g. They eat earthworms,
                                 Abel Tasman National Park                                                                      are a threatened species and one of the
                                 At 22,530 hectares it is the country’s                                                         many oddities of New Zealand’s unique
                                 smallest national park and is renowned          Nelson Lakes National Park
                                                                                 Nelson Lakes National Park is located          evolution that was free of mammalian
                                 for its golden beaches, native bush,                                                           predators.
                                 swimming with the seals, bird life, coastal     south of Nelson. It is home to the
                                 walking track, and waters that are ideal        northernmost peaks of the Southern Alps.
                                 for swimming and sea kayaking. Abel             This 102,000ha park is centred on two          Trout fishing
                                 Tasman’s easy, undulating 51km coastal          beautiful alpine lakes, Rotoiti and Rotoroa,   Nelson and Tasman rivers and lakes are
                                 track stretches between Marahau and             both surrounded by steep mountains             famed worldwide among the elite fraternity
                                 Wainui Bay and can be walked from either        with shoreline coverage of dense beech         of trout fishers, who find it hard to believe
                                 direction - independently or guided. Most       forest. You can find more on challenging        the many locations you can fish without
                                 visitors take three to five days to complete     tramping and well serviced huts at the         another person in sight. Please take note
                                 the full length, though you can take a          Department of Conservation visitor centre      of information boards about stopping the
                                 water taxi part of the way. A number of         at St Arnaud.                                  spread of Didymo.
                                 tourist boat operators offer day excursions
                                                                                 Kahurangi National Park                        Sea fishing
                                                                                 Kahurangi means ‘treasured possession’,        Right in the city, from Rocks Road or
                                                                                 ‘precious jewel’, ‘pale greenstone’ and        Tahunanui’s Back Beach you can cast
                                                                                 ‘blue sky’. The remote and rugged park         a line and take home a snapper for
                                                                                 was created in 1996, and encompasses           your tea. Nelson has high rates of boat
                                                                                 the Mount Arthur Range and the Heaphy          ownership and the Tasman Bay Scallop
                                                                                 Track from Golden Bay to the West              Enhancement project means these juicy
                                                                                 Coast. Kahurangi, at 452,002ha, is New         shellfish are popular on barbecue menus
                                                                                 Zealand’s second-largest national park. It     over summer. There are boat launching
                                                                                 contains New Zealand’s most extensive          ramps at the Nelson Marina and on
                                                                                 forest, stretching from the coast to the       Wakefield Quay.
                                                                                 mountaintops of the Mount Arthur Range.

                                                                                                                            LIFESTYLE - THE GREAT OUTDOORS
“There are endless outdoor sporting
opportunities here and it’s all so
compact - as well as the national
parks there’s the Buller for kayaking,
Paynes Ford for climbing and we have
some of the top mountain bike rides in
the country.
There’s a good network of clubs, a
growing list of events and plenty of
sunshine to enjoy it all.”
                          Nathan Fa’avae
                         Events Promoter

   u sustainable      future                                                            u want    to know more?

                                                                                        Check out these links:

                                                                                        Department of Conservation:

                                                                                        Fish and Game:

                                                                                        Found Directory:
                                                                                        The comprehensive Found
                                                                                        Directory database features more
                                                                                        than 2,000 local community
                                                                                        groups and
   •   At Lake Rotoiti a ‘mainland              south of Nelson near Cable Bay.
       island’ nature recovery project          Divers may see crayfish, triplefins,      Nelson Visitor Information:
       has seen the kaka population             goatfish, blue cod, blue moki, 
       blooming and the return of kiwi to       terakihi, as well as sponges and
       the area.                                brightly coloured ambush starfish.       Nelson Marina:
   •   Swim with the seals or snorkel       •   The Brook Waimarama           
       among the fish at Tonga Island            Sanctuary is located in the             marina.aspx
       on the Abel Tasman coastline.            Brook Valley just a few minutes
       This reserve covers an area              from the Nelson city centre in          ASB Aquatic Centre:
       of 1835 hectares and is being            what was the city’s original water
       monitored for wildlife recovery.         catchment reserve. An entrance
       You can usually spot little blue         building opened in 2007 and an          Rainbow Ski Area:
       penguins and dolphins.                   enthusiastic group of volunteers
                                                work on tracks, trapping, and
   •   The Horoirangi Marine Reserve
                                                fundraising to fence the area           NZ Rugby and local clubs:
       was gazetted in 2006. It is just
                                                against predators. The reserve
                                                is expected to become a major
                                                visitor attraction, as it will create   Cycling:
                                                a ‘wildlife corridor’ to encourage
                                                more tui and other native birds in
                                                city gardens.                           Brook Sanctuary:
                                            •   Councils and other organisations
                                                work to enhance river
                                                environments and streams and to
                                                restore habitats for fish that are
                                                native to New Zealand, such as
                                                the kokupu.

                                                                                                                           “As a professional basketballer

                                                                                                                           I’ve travelled all over the world and
                                                                                                                           experienced many different lifestyles,
                                                                                                                           but nothing compares to Nelson.
                                                                                                                           It’s a great place for sportspeople
                                                                                                                           and is well set up with sportgrounds
                                                                                                                           and other facilities. Add to this the
                                                                                                                           lifestyle benefits and it’s a wonderful

                                 sport &
                                                                                                                           place to live. I have two young children
                                                                                                                           and Nelson has a lot to offer the
                                                                                                                           younger generation.”

                                                                                                                                                           Phill Jones
                                                                                                                               Basketball Professional, Nelson Giants

                                 The climate is right, the locations and facilities are great - it’s no wonder the Nelson Tasman region has a high level of
                                 sports participation, both formal and informal.

                                 Sporting Events                              Golf
                                 The Nelson region hosts several high         Nelson has a seaside 18 hole golf course
                                 profile sports events, such as the Rainbow    as well as several rural 18 and nine hole
                                 Rage - a mountain bike race where 1,500      courses and a driving range. The Nelson
                                 cyclists traverse the rugged terrain from    City Council Waahi Taakaro golf course
                                 the Rainbow Valley to Hanmer Springs;        in the Maitai Valley offers possibly the
                                 the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic run; and     cheapest casual game of golf in the world.
                                 the Rollo’s 24 Hour Adventure Race that      Murchison has a delightful nine hole
                                 involves sea kayaking, running, trekking,    course on the banks of the Buller River,
                                 navigation, orienteering and mountain        and there are also courses at Golden
                                 biking.                                      Downs, Takaka, Richmond and Motueka.         aboard facilities. Jet boating and water
                                                                              Tasman Golf course at Kina is pretty         skiing are popular activities at Lake
                                 The popular entry level Taylors Nelson                                                    Rotoiti, and the Seresin Estate Classic
                                 Women’s Triathlon is matched by the                                                       Boats Show is held there every March.
                                 Port Nelson Blokes Day Out and the                                                        See the companion publication Nelson by
                                 more challenging Buller Gorge Marathon.      Rugby
                                                                              Nelson’s enthusiasm for rugby goes           the Sea for more information.
                                 Mountain bike events include the Marble
                                 Mountain Challenge on the Takaka Hill        right back to hosting the first ever rugby
                                 and the Maungatapu Gold Murderers’ Trail     game played in New Zealand in May            Active Retirement
                                 on the hill between Nelson and Pelorus.      1870, between the Nelson Football Club       Nelson is a popular choice for retirement
                                 Murchison hosts the Teva Bullerfest every    and Nelson College. The Tasman Makos         with many options for recreation including
                                 March, a national kayaking event in the      have represented the region in provincial    50-plus walking groups, Tai Chi, dance,
                                 Buller Gorge.                                competition.                                 fitness classes, and more. A bi-monthly
                                                                                                                           magazine, Mudcakes and Roses, is
                                                                              Swimming                                     produced by the two Councils and covers
                                 Outdoor Recreation                                                                        senior generation action and issues.
                                 Tasman has some of the best rock             The ASB Aquatic Centre in Richmond
                                                                              is a modern facility with a wave pool,       Call 00 64 3 543 8758 to subscribe.
                                 climbing, tramping, caving, white water
                                 rafting, river and sea kayaking areas of     toddlers’ pools, spa pools, lane swimming
                                 anywhere in New Zealand. If you take a       and hydrotherapy pool. Nelson city has
                                                                              the Riverside Pool and the summer-only          u sustainable       future
                                 chopper, it is even possible to ski at the
                                 small and friendly Rainbow skifield at St     Nayland Park Complex. Sea swimming
                                 Arnaud in the morning and kayak on the       is popular in summer in Nelson Haven.
                                 Abel Tasman coastline in the afternoon.      River swimming is a great alternative           Walking and Cycling
                                                                              throughout the district in the warmer           Not into organised sports? From
                                                                              months. Motueka has free saltwater baths        the city centre to the beach and
                                 Ball Games                                   near the port.
                                 Hockey, rugby, basketball, soccer,                                                           hillsides, Nelson and Tasman offer
                                 squash, tennis and netball are well                                                          a varied range of well-managed
                                 represented in Nelson at senior level,       Boating                                         walkways and cycleways. Walk
                                 with high age-group participation            Tasman Bay, Golden Bay and the                  Nelson, Bike Nelson, Walk Tasman
                                 through clubs and schools. Saxton Field,     Marlborough Sounds provide a safe               and Bike Tasman are handy little
                                 between Nelson and Richmond, covers          sheltered area for recreational boating,        guides you can buy from Council
                                 73 hectares and is being developed as a      rowing, fishing and kayaking. The                offices and visitor information
                                 complex with 40 playing fields including      combined Nelson-Marlborough region is           centres. Brochures include Urban
                                 cricket, soccer, archery and all-weather     the second biggest recreational boating         Links for Nelson, Richmond and
                                 softball, netball, hockey and athletics      area in New Zealand, after the Bay of           Motueka and a sculpture walk of
                                 tracks.                                      Islands-Hauraki Gulf. The Nelson Marina         Nelson city public art.
                                                                              offers over 500 berths with some live

“Whether you want to work for

                                                                                                                                                     LIFESTYLE - PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
yourself or within a larger practice
or business, as a professional in
the Nelson region you are never
short of choices.
It’s easy to be a living example
of work/life balance here - with
everything the region has to offer,

it’s finding the time for work that
is the challenge!
Our central position and frequency of scheduled flights make
commuting to main centres entirely practical.”
                                                 Bronwyn Monopoli
                                   Accountant and Company Director                       services

          elson Tasman’s growing               experiencing growth for the next 25
          economy is built on a core of        years, and this will lead to an increased
          professional services that are       demand for professional services.
          well resourced, networked and        Lawyers and health professionals have
arguably among the best in New Zealand.        set up either new business enterprises
                                               or opened additional company branches
Many professionals, servicing national
                                               in Richmond to cater to the continued
and international markets, make the
                                               population surge.
lifestyle choice to live in Nelson. Leading
international business-people and
organisations have sizeable investments
in the region, which means the local
business community can draw on a range
of expertise, experience and contacts,
beyond the usual for a provincial centre.
Nelson Tasman is expected to be one
of the top three regions in New Zealand

   Baldwins                                                                  Knapps Lawyers

   Telephone: 0800 BALDWINS (0800 225 394)                                   Contact:      Gary Stocker, Ian Turner
   Email:                                                           & Gerard Praat (Partners)
   Website:                                               Address:      22 Oxford Street,
                                                                                           Richmond, Nelson
                                                                             Telephone:    00 64 3 544 7888
                                                                             Fax:          00 64 3 544 4617

                                                                             Knapps Lawyers - your specialist property and business law firm.
                                                                             When you move to this beautiful part of the world, we'll help you
                                                                             buy that business, farm, lifestyle block or home. We offer local
                                                                             knowledge and a team of staff with specialist legal skills. We can
                                                                             also assist with property development work, particularly in the area
                                                                             of resource management, and general business advice and personal
                                                                             legal affairs.

                                                                             We are an established, well respected local firm and one that can
                                                                             make your move to Nelson as 'stressless' as possible.


                           health & you

                           Nelson offers a healthy lifestyle with opportunities for physical activity while balancing work and play. This same lifestyle
                           attracts top-class health professionals to the region. Nelson Marlborough District Health Board is the funder of public
                           health services in the region and is also the major provider of hospital-based health and disability services.

                           Specialist Health Board Services                                                                Private providers also offer community
                           Nelson Hospital is an acute regional base                                                       support services for aged care, mental
                           hospital offering emergency, medical,                                                           health and disability.
                           surgical, obstetric, maternity, child health,
                           and oral health services.                                                                       Nelson Wellness Cluster
                                                                                                                           The region has developed a cluster of
                           The Mental Health Service provides a
                                                                                                                           like-minded individuals and organisations,
                           crisis response and support service, as
                                                                                                                           to ensure community wellbeing and to
                           well as in-patient services for children,
                                                                                                                           promote wellness opportunities to visitors
                           adolescents and adults with mental
                                                                                                                           to the region. Nelson has a number of
                                                                                                                           practitioners of alternative therapies and
                           Health services for the elderly include                                                         two centres in the city where a range of
                           in-patient, day-patient and community                                                           these practitioners are based. Information
                           assessment and support. Alexandra                                                               on the Nelson Wellness Cluster is on
                           Hospital provides a residential service                                                         page 40.
                           for elderly people with special needs and
                           a community team for the assessment                                                             Air and Water Quality
                           and care of the elderly with mental health                                                      The region is actively addressing issues
                           issues.                                                                                         of air and water quality. An Air Quality
                                                                                                                           Plan for Nelson city required open fires
                           A community support service is available
                                                                                                                           to be replaced by the end of 2007. Both
                           for people who have an intellectual
                                                                                                                           councils have environmental plans in
                           impairment, including day services and
                                                                                                                           place to protect coastal and river waters.
                           community residential services.
                                                                                                                           See also Council Services on page 22.
                                                                           or those who have shifted here but don’t
                           A comprehensive Public Health Service
                                                                           yet have a GP, and it covers GP calls after
                           includes control of communicable disease,
                                                                           hours for Nelson city and rural areas to
                           food hygiene and safety, environmental
                           health, nutrition and health promotion.
                                                                           Wakefield and Mapua.                                u want     to know more?
                                                                           Telephone: 00 64 3 546 8881.
                           Community hospitals are located in
                                                                           Other rural areas have rosters for after
                           Motueka, Murchison and Takaka.                                                                     For information on vacancies in
                                                                           hours care - accessed by directions on
                                                                           GPs’ answer-phones.                                the health sector visit
                           General Practitioners                                                                    
                           The region has a good network of General
                                                                           Other Health Resources
                           Practitioners (GPs) who provide a wide                                                             For teen health services visit your
                                                                           Pharmacies, dental practices and many
                           variety of services from immunisation
                                                                           other primary health care services are             GP or
                           programmes, management of minor
                                                                           available, and you can find these details in
                           accidents and injuries, to care of people
                                                                           the telephone directory.
                           with terminal illnesses. Most people in
                           the Nelson area are enrolled with a GP,         The Nelson Region Hospice Trust offers             For primary health services
                           allowing them to access lower fees and          residential and home support hospice     
                           medication charges for groups such as           care.
                           children and the elderly.                                                                          Nutrition and Physical Activity
                                                                           Manuka St Trust Hospital provides a
                                                                           range of surgical procedures. It is a private
                           After Hours Care                                facility operating under a Charitable Trust
                           The After Hours and Duty Doctor operates
                                                                           Deed for the people of Nelson.
                           from 96 Waimea Road, Nelson; seven                                                                 Nelson Wellness Cluster
                           days a week from 8am to 10pm, with              Nelson is well served with aged residential
                           a duty doctor on-call after 10pm. This          care facilities and privately owned
                           service is available for visitors to the area   retirement homes throughout the region.

                                                    “You’d be struggling to find a place

                                                                                                                                                                  LIFESTYLE - HEALTH & YOU
                                                    that’s better for your own health, and
                                                    to practice as a health professional
                                                    than Nelson! The pace of life is relaxed
                                                    and easy and the pressures are lower.
                                                    Nelson has the most diverse range of
                                                    health providers anywhere. It is a very
                                                    supportive environment to practice
                                                    your health profession whatever that
                                                    might be, and for locals that means
                                                    a wide range of talented and skilled
                                                    professionals offering services.”
                                                                                  Annette Milligan
                                                                      Independent Nursing Practice

u sustainable         future

The Nutrition and Physical Activity
Programme is a five year Nelson Marlborough
District Health Board initiative - with input
from councils, government agencies and
community groups.
The aim is to improve the wellbeing of the
Nelson Marlborough community through
coordinating and supporting nutrition and
physical activity initiatives, including working
with Councils to make walking and cycling
more attractive.

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board                                              Manuka Street Trust Hospital

Contact:   Nelson Marlborough DHB                                                     Contact:      Graeme Smith - Manager
Address:   Board Office, Braemar Campus, Waimea Road                                  Address:      36 Manuka Street, Nelson
           Private Bag 18, Nelson                                                     Telephone:    00 64 3 548 8566
Telephone: 00 64 3 546 1800                                                           Fax:          00 64 3 548 2767
Fax:       00 64 3 546 1747                                                           Email:
Email:                                          Website:
                                                                                      Manuka Street Trust Hospital - providing a full range of surgical
                                                                                      procedures for the benefit of the greater Nelson community, using
                                                                                      the latest in Medical technology.

Nelson Marlborough DHB is responsible for implementing the                            Providers of services to all New Zealand Health Insurance Companies.
Government’s health and disability policy in the Nelson Marlborough                   Manuka Street Trust Hospital operates under a Charitable Trust
district.                                                                             Deed - its aim to provide alternative surgical facilities for the people
The DHB’s three main functions are:                                                   of Nelson. Dedicated to healthcare, not profit. Surplus earned is
1.   Funding many health and disability services.                                     used for the improvement and maintenance of hospital assets,
2.   Governance and administration of health funds.                                   providing patients with the very best in care.
3.   Providing health and disability services in community settings                   Manuka Street Trust Hospital - Committed to Excellence
     and in Public Hospitals in; Nelson, Blenheim, Motueka,
     Takaka and Murchison.
The DHB has a special relationship with local Iwi as the Manawhenua
o Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Maui.


                    m aori

                    There are more than 3,600 M¯ aori in the Nelson city area, with the majority originating from other parts of the country.
                    The Nelson M¯aori population has nearly doubled in the last 10 years, and has been described as the fastest growing
                     aori community in the country.

                              ix iwi (tribes) are ‘tangata           kakariki were just some of the birds that       cater for larger groups and hui.
                              whenua’, or people of the land,        provided sustenance. The abundance of
                                                                                                                     The kawa (protocol) is Tainui. It is the
                              in Whakatu/Nelson city. These
                                           ¯                         seafood, birds and favourable gardening
                                                                                                                     southernmost marae associated with
                                       ¯              ¯  ¯
                              are Ngati Kuia, Ngati Rarua,                           ¯
                                                                     conditions for kumera made this land
                                                                                                                     the Kingitanga movement centred in the
                        ¯                           ¯
                    Ngati Tama, Te Atiawa, Ngati Koata, and          sought after.
                                                                                                                     Waikato. The marae brings together six
                    Ngati Toa Rangatira. Over recent years,
                                                                     Most villages were on the coast, close          mana whenua iwi (local tribes): Ngati  ¯
                    iwi and their entities have developed
                                                                     to river valleys. The location of each                     ¯             ¯
                                                                                                                     Koata, Ngati Kuia, Ngati Toa Rangatira,
                    their capacity to invest in a range of Top
                                                                     settlement was planned with both                     ¯   ¯         ¯
                                                                                                                     Ngati Rarua, Ngati Tama, and Te Atiawa.
                    of the South business and community
                                                                     transport and food in mind. Waka                The common ancestor for the six iwi is
                                                                     (canoes) were used around the coast             ‘Kakati’ and the Whare Tupuna (Ancestral
                    Outstanding among these is the Wakatu            and up river valleys. Information on the        House) is named after this ancestor. The
                    Incorporation, which has an asset base of        traditions of tribes who lived in the region    marae also has Kopuawai Te Kohanga
                    $250 million, is a major landowner and is        before and up to the 1820s has been             Reo (preschool), six whare kaumatua (flats
                    involved in fishing, acquaculture, tourism        difficult to document in detail, in part         for the elderly). A kokiri (office/training
                    and viticulture. It is also active politically   due to the displacement of tribes. Ngati ¯                                   ¯
                                                                                                                     centre) houses Whakatu Marae Health
                    at regional and national levels, trades                     ¯
                                                                     Tumatakokiri were settled over the whole        and Social Services, providing health,
                    with other indigenous people and is              district from Whakapuaka to Karamea by          social, education, employment and legal
                    recognised for innovation and leadership         the time Abel Tasman arrived in 1642.           services as well as whanau (community/
                    in Maori economic development. Ngati      ¯                                                      family) services.
                                                                     There are many good resources that
                    Koata has diverse business interests;
                                                                     describe the early Maori settlement and
                                                                                           ¯                                         ¯
                                                                                                                     Contact Whakatu Marae for services,
                    and Ngati Tama is looking at a visitor
                                                                     subsequent European colonisation. The           bookings or enquiries:
                    development on coastal land north of the
                                                                     information here is from the overview
                    city. Treaty settlements have the potential                                                      Telephone: 00 64 3 546 9097
                                                                     given in ‘Nelson A Regional History’ by
                    to make Maori entities some of the larger
                                                                     Jim McAloon. The book ‘Te tau ihu o te          Website:
                    investment enterprises in the region.
                                                                     waka: A history of Maori of Marlborough
                    For more information visit:                      and Nelson. Vol. 1, Te tangata me te            Motueka
                                             whenua’ published by John and Hilary            Te Awhina Marae in Motueka was
                                                                     Mitchell in 2005 provides the most                                       ¯
                                                                                                                     established on an old pa site (fortified
                    Settlement                                       in-depth history of pre-European times.         village) that dates back to
                    Legends tell of Uruao, the first of the                                                           pre-European settlement. Te Awhina
                    Polynesian voyaging canoes to land in            Marae                                           Marae stands proudly under its two
                    Nelson. Although the archaeological                        ¯
                                                                     Whakatu Marae in Nelson, Te Awhina              maunga (mountains), Pukeone and Tuao
                    record is sketchy and the first settlement        Marae in Motueka and Onetahua Kokiri            Wharepapa.
                    date debated, carbon dating indicates            Marae in Golden Bay are community
                    that, like the rest of New Zealand, Nelson       centres for cultural, social and recreational   The Motueka River runs swiftly, bringing
                    was first settled around the ninth century.       activities for people of all ethnic groups.     life and nourishment to the district. The
                    Gardens were quickly established                                                                 tangata whenua in Motueka (people of
                    throughout the region, including alongside                                                       the land) are Te Atiawa and Ngati Rarua.
                                                                                                                                                     ¯     ¯
                                                                     Nelson City                                     To incorporate these iwi, the kawa
                    the Waimea River, and in Motueka and                      ¯
                                                                     Whakatu Marae on Atawhai Drive is the
                    Riwaka, Mapua and Parapara. Hunting                                                                                                  ¯
                                                                                                                     (protocol) for Te Awhina is Tae Nga Kawa
                                                                     focal point for the Maori community in          (a combination of two protocols).
                    and gathering, along with cultivation of         Nelson city. The kaupapa (basis) of the
                     umera (sweet potato), were vital to these       marae is manaaki nga manuhiri, aroha            The first modern building on the site was
                    early settlers and excavations show that         ki te tangata (the hosting of visitors).        Te Ahurewa Church, built in 1897. Church
                    a variety of fish were also consumed.             Whakatu Marae has a new wharekai
                                                                              ¯                                      services are held on the third Sunday of
                    Seabirds, ducks, pukeko, kaka, tui and           (dining hall) that has enabled the marae to     each month.

                                                                                                                                               LIFESTYLE - MAORI
                                                  “He mihi tenei ki a koutou o te Ao whanui, tena
                                                  koutou katoa.
                                                  Nelson and the region of Te Tau Ihu is inspirational as
                                                  it is our ancestral place to stand as Iwi.
                                                  As guardians of the resources and the plentiful
                                                  bounty nature has to offer it is our responsibility to
                                                  ensure these resources will be here for now and future
                                                  generations to enjoy.
                                                  From the mountains to the sea the idyllic landscape,
                                                  the climate and the natural foods on offer make it a special place to live, work,
                                                  raise a family and a place to call home.”
                                                                                                         Jane Du Feu, Iwi - Tangata whenua

The wharekai (cooking and eating house)
was opened in 1958 to provide a facility
for the Maori community and, in particular,
for seasonal workers who had come from
all over the country to harvest tobacco
and hops.
Te Awhina’s carving school, the only one
in the region, was established in 1987 to
carve the wharenui (meeting house) and
provide training in the traditional art of
Te Awhina’s wharenui (main meeting
house) is named Turangapeke, and the
marae also has kaum¯  atua flats, which
provide housing for the elderly and
enhance marae life.
The marae offers the following services
•   Counselling Services
•   Mental Health Support
•   Quit Smoking Coach
•   Whanau Ora Nurse, incorporating               Mohua Golden Bay                              using local harakeke (flax). It is a popular
    Family Planning Service                       Onetahua Kokiri Marae is a small marae        marae that is in constant use by students
                                                  based in Pohara, Golden Bay, and is           and other groups.
•   Kohanga Reo (Maori Language Nest)
                                                  named after the significant local landmark
                                                                                                Onetahua Marae
•   Business Administration and                   Farewell Spit (Onetahua). It is the home
    Computing L2 and Te Ataarangi                 marae for three local iwi: Ngati Rarua,
                                                                                ¯    ¯          Telephone: 00 64 3 525 9484
    language courses                                 ¯
                                                  Ngati Tama, and Te Atiawa, but it operates
                                                  as a multi-iwi marae with the wider
Te Awhina also caters for the Motueka,
                                                  involvement of the whole community. The
Nelson and Marlborough communities,                                                             Mataa Waka Ki Te Tai Aorere
                                                  protocol is Taranaki Kawa.
other groups throughout New Zealand                                                             This newly formed group (people from all
and touring parties wanting to have a             The wharenui (meeting house) was opened       canoes) has been set up to support and
marae experience. Prior bookings are              in January 2001, and is named ‘Te Ao          represent non-local Maori living in the
essential.                                        Marama’ meaning a new light, referring to     Nelson region.
                                                  a new (inclusive) way forward. The inside
Above all, Te Awhina is a ‘living’ marae.                                                       Contact:
                                                  of the wharenui is a mix of traditional and
It is vibrant in its learning, and enthusiastic
                                                  modern styles, as befits a relatively new,     Chairman, Don Manunui,
in its teaching.
                                                  community marae. Whales (tohora) are
Te Awhina Marae                                   a strong theme and reflect the regular
                                                  stranding of these animals in the area.
133 Pah Street, Motueka
                                                  Onetahua Marae specialises in hui
Telephone: 00 64 3 528 6061
                                                  (workshops) involving natural materials
Facsimile: 00 64 3 528 8995                       and has become a centre for making and
                                                  playing traditional musical instruments and
                                                  painting with rock-derived colours. The
Website:                marae has a weekly weaving hui usually



                        Pre-school Education                                  primary (years 1-8) student rolls. However    standard of tuition at all levels, starting
                        The Nelson Tasman region has 70                       that was not the case in secondary            from pre-school. For several years the
                        facilities offering care for very young               schools with almost two thirds of all         school has offered a practical hands-on
                        babies through to school age. The                     regions showing growth in years 9-13          tertiary level programme of one year’s
                        range covers child-care, Playcentres,                 student rolls. The Tasman region had          fulltime study, mainly focusing on rock,
                        Montessori, Kindergartens and Christian               a four percent increase in secondary          pop and related music styles, now run in
                        pre-schools. All New Zealand pre-schools              students between March 2006 and               collaboration with NMIT.
                        have to meet high government standards.               March 2007 (see table below).
                        Nelson and Tasman both score well on                                                                Employment Training
                        attendance with nearly 80% of the pre-                Nelson Marlborough Institute of               A variety of training providers in the region
                        school population attending state funded              Technology (NMIT)                             offer employment related courses in areas
                        preschools in Nelson and 70% in Tasman,               NMIT is the largest tertiary education        such as computing, hospitality, arts and
                        a measure seen as an indicator of how                 provider in the top of the South and          outdoor education. Most of these courses
                        well a child will do throughout the school            focuses on serving the fast-growing areas     are available at no cost to people who
                        years.                                                of Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough.            meet the eligibility criteria, such as those
                                                                              It plays a significant role in training an     with no or low qualifications. For further
                        Schools                                               appropriately skilled workforce for local     information visit
                        Nelson and Tasman have a total of 58                  industries and retaining young people
                        primary, intermediate, and secondary                  in the region, as well as attracting
                                                                                                                            Locally based training providers are
                        schools, including New Zealand’s                      students from elsewhere. With over
                                                                                                                            identified on the Nelson Regional EDA’s
                        oldest state secondary school, Nelson                 3,000 equivalent full time students and
                                                                                                                            website at
                        College, established in 1856; and one                 some 300 staff, NMIT makes a major
                        of the newest co-educational Catholic                 contribution to economic growth and
                        secondary schools, Garin College at                   prosperity.
                                                                                                                            Industry Training
                        Richmond. The average socio-economic
                                                                              NMIT has developed programmes that            Many of the local industry sectors are
                        decile of schools in the region is 7 (10
                                                                              sustain the region’s infrastructure as well   involved in industry training that focuses
                        being the highest status). The Nelson
                                                                              as specialised programmes in niche areas      on workplace learning, to raise employee
                        region has higher than the national
                                                                              including aviation, arts, conservation,       skills and boost business competitiveness.
                        average levels of university entrance
                                                                              tourism, viticulture and wine and fisheries.   Workplace learning can be on-job, off-job
                        qualifications among school leavers
                                                                                                                            or a combination of both and is supported
                        (2006 census).
                                                                              Nelson School of Music                        and overseen by Industry Training
                        Almost all regions in New Zealand have                The Nelson School of Music is known           Organisations (ITOs). To find out more visit
                        recently experienced a decrease in                    throughout New Zealand for its high 

                                                         total number of s tud e n t s b y r e g i o n a t 1 J u l y : 2 0 0 6 - 2 0 0 8

                                            2006              2007         2008           Difference        % Difference      Difference         % Difference
                                                                                           2006-07            2006-07          2007-08             2007-08

                            Tasman          7,430             7,584        7,610              154                2.1%             26                  0.3%

                            Nelson          8,610             8,399        8,333             -211               -2.5%             -66                -0.8%

                        ˚Source: Ministry of Education

“Right across our sector, an ethos of innovation and

                                                                                                                                             LIFESTYLE - EDUCATION
collaboration has fostered groundbreaking initiatives
such as the award-winning LOOP (see below). There are
also cutting edge initiatives that foster Education for
Enterprise, the smart use of data and ensure valid
educational pathways for all our young people.
Dedicated teachers, great facilities and huge
community support also enable us to offer outstanding
opportunities in sport, the arts, culture and leadership.”
                     Charles Newton, Principal, Nayland College

Modern Apprenticeships                                   Diploma in Aviation Science programme.
Government backed apprenticeship                         Nelson Aviation College has trained pilots    u want    to know more?
includes a specific Modern Apprenticeship                 for overseas airlines and internationally
scheme which adds to existing                            recognised helicopter companies;
opportunities. Designed to give young                    graduates are employed by a number            For details of individual Nelson
people not just a job, but access to                     of aviation companies and airlines within
                                                                                                       schools, refer to Te Kete Ipurangi
workplace learning that offers them a                    New Zealand and overseas. Website:
quality career, increasing numbers of the       or                  (TKI) Internet site, run by the
region’s youth are on track to successful                             Ministry of Education:
futures in a diverse range of areas                                                          
including tourism, retail and printing.                  Short Courses                                 You can search by school name
Further information is available at                      Many of the colleges, NMIT and private                       training establishments offer day and         or location, and review school
                                                         evening courses on a variety of subjects      websites.
English Language Tuition                                 from Te Reo to watercolour painting.
English language schools in Nelson                       Contact colleges or providers and ask         For cultural learning experiences:
provide top-quality education through                    about their programmes.
experienced and qualified teachers,                       Creative Tourism offers a range of short
preparing students for English language                  courses (half day to residential) from bone
International English Language Testing                   carving to cheese making.                     For more information on education
System (IELTS) and Cambridge                                                                           in Nelson, especially English
examinations. In addition to the Nelson                  Connectivity                                  language opportunities, go to the
English Centre and NMIT, there is a home                 Through the Top of the South LOOP,
                                                                                                       local education website:
based language school in Richmond, an                    schools in the Nelson region have the
international middle school and a German                 fastest internet communications systems
language support service for secondary                   of any schools in New Zealand and
and other students.                                      communications speeds better then
                                                         those available to most New Zealand
Nelson Aviation College                                  businesses. Connection to the LOOP
The Nelson Aviation College in Motueka                   allows schools to share resources, interact
offers helicopter and fixed wing training to              and collaborate on projects, it allows
commercial pilot level students, approved                teachers to adapt to the interests of
and accredited by the New Zealand                        individual students and it enables schools
Qualifications Authority. In conjunction                  to access the best of overseas teaching.
with NMIT, the college has developed a

   Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

   Contact:   Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
   Address:   322 Hardy Street, Private Bag 19, Nelson 7042
   Telephone: 00 64 3 546 9175 or 0800 4 CAREER (0800 422 733)
   Fax:       00 64 3 546 3325
   Email:      Website:
   NMIT is the largest tertiary education provider in the Top of the
   South Island offering over 80 programmes at certificate, diploma
   and degree level. The Institute has developed programmes that
   sustain the region’s infrastructure as well as specialised programmes
   in niche areas. Around 2,800 equivalent full time students study
   at NMIT every year.


                                buying or

                                Over the past five years the Nelson
                                Tasman property market has been
                                extremely buoyant, with demand fuelled
                                by overseas immigrants, the strong local
                                economy, and low unemployment. The
                                median house price in mid 2008 was
                                $334,000 in the city and $382,000 in
                                Richmond. The market remains positive
                                with the attractions of the lifestyle
                                continuing to make Nelson property a
                                good investment. Opportunities still exist
                                for developers with vision.

                                Housing New Zealand expects a
                                continued demand for rental homes due
                                to the increase in the region’s population
                                and the significant rise in property values
                                in recent years. These factors also
                                leave limited opportunities for low and
                                modest-income families to own a home.         demand for retirement complexes and              coastal belt from the Waimea Plains to
                                Department of Building and Housing            smaller, easier to maintain homes. At the        Mahana and the coastal fringe of Golden
                                statistics give the 2007 rental for a three   2006 census 14.5% of Nelsonians were             Bay are favoured locations but there is
                                bedroom house in the city at just over        older than 65, compared with 12.3% for           also demand for bush blocks, particularly
                                $300 per week, while at the upper end         all New Zealand. By 2026, 22% of the             where these adjoin a river or stream. The
                                a three bedroom apartment may cost as         population in the Nelson will be older than      Mapua, Kina and Moutere Hills areas
                                much as $500 per week.                        65 and 24% in Tasman.                            continue to be a high growth triangle for
                                                                                                                               the region.
                                                                              Source: Census 2006 and Statistics New Zealand
                                Sections                                      Population Estimates and Projections.            The impact of the Nelson Resource
                                Sections are available from Atawhai                                                            Management Plan is evident with
                                through to the southern Richmond              Apartments                                       increased areas available for the
                                foothills. Sizes range from the average       There has been a boom in apartments              development of lifestyle blocks. Tasman’s
                                residential section of 600-800m2 through                                                       Resource Management Plan has also
                                                                              on the Nelson waterfront, with several
                                to 3,000m2, and can be found on both                                                           allowed for more subdivisions of rural land
                                                                              complexes completed on Wakefield
                                flat or elevated locations. Land prices                                                         - an attractive option for owners of older
                                                                              Quay. Nelson city also has a number
                                have also increased in recent years and                                                        orchards with less favoured export apple
                                                                              of apartment blocks, either completed
                                the median section price in Nelson is now                                                      varieties. Prices vary according to locality
                                                                              or under construction, and there is a
                                $207,000.                                                                                      and are stronger close to the city or other
                                                                              new retail and apartment complex in
                                                                                                                               service centres.
                                Source: REINZ, June 2008.                     Tahunanui.

                                                                                                                               Home Ownership Education
                                Retirement                                    Lifestyle Blocks
                                Nelson has historically been a popular
                                                                              The lifestyle move to Nelson by people
                                                                                                                               For people thinking about buying their
                                retirement choice for people from further     from outside the district accounts for a
                                                                                                                               first home this government-funded course
                                south in New Zealand, and is increasingly     continued demand for small rural blocks.
                                                                                                                               gives advice and runs in Nelson and
                                a lifestyle option for people (not just       Prices are determined by location,
                                retirees) from bigger northern centres and    views and amenities, with coastal land
                                overseas. The proportion of older people      particularly sought after. The lower             Refer to
                                is increasing and is expected to drive        Waimea Plains, Richmond foothills, the           for more details.

                                                       “Our region seems to weather the

                                                                                                                                                                   LIFESTYLE - BUYING OR RENTING
                                                       ups and downs of the housing
                                                       market better than other parts of
                                                       the country and the Nelson Tasman
                                                       lifestyle and climate continues to
                                                       attract new residents. Fortunately,
                                                       we are still able to offer first home
                                                       buyers the opportunity to enter the
                                                       property ladder, and the local market
                                                       is diverse enough to satisfy those
                                                       looking for rural, lifestyle or executive
                                                                                     Jeff Rackley
                                                                               Real Estate Agent

First National Real Estate                                                           Haven Realty

                                                                                     NELSON         18 Bridge Street
WE PUT YOU FIRST                                                                     Telephone:
                                                                                                    00 64 3 548 0200
                                                                                                    Nelbay Land Ltd (a Member of the Haven Realty group) MREINZ

                                                                                     RICHMOND 8 McGlashen Avenue
                                                                                     Telephone: 00 64 3 544 4202
                                                                                                Bunbury Ltd (a Member of the Haven Realty group) MREINZ
                                                                                     The high personal profile of Haven Realty people is of real benefit
                                                                                     to their clients in making what is often one of their biggest investment
                                                                                     Choosing the team at Haven Realty means working with people
                                                                                     who are proven in the industry and committed to Real Estate
                                                                                     excellence as their chosen career.

Nelson City Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 00 64 3 548 1500

Richmond Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 00 64 3 543 9900

Motueka Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 00 64 3 528 8881

       w w w. f i r s t n a t i o n a l . c o . n z                                       


                                                                                                                               The Nelson and Tasman Councils
                                                                                                                               provide comprehensive services,
                                                                                                                               ranging from community events to
                                                                                                                               environmental monitoring.
                                                                                                                               Following changes to the local
                                                                                                                               government sector, councils
                                                                                                                               throughout New Zealand now play
                                                                                                                               a broader role in promoting the
                                                                                                                               social, economic, environmental

                               council services                                                                                and cultural wellbeing of their

                                        he Councils’ approaches have            conference centre in Nelson City and
                                        sustainability at heart. Nelson         representatives from Tasman District              u sustainable      future
                                        and Tasman Councils differ              council are liaising with the performing
                                        from most councils around               arts working group.
                               the country - as Unitary Councils                                                                 Water: The Nelson City Council
                                                                                The Nelson City Council runs the
                               they have responsibility for planning                                                             has invested in a $26 million
                                                                                annual Nelson Arts Festival, with an
                               for environmental issues like pest                                                                ultra-filtration water treatment
                                                                                emphasis on community involvement                plant that delivers quality water to
                               management, transport and flood control,
                                                                                as well as bringing top national shows           Nelson residents and to important
                               as well as the usual local services like
                                                                                to Nelson. The Summer Festival with its          food processing industries. The
                               water supply, sewage disposal and street
                                                                                finale Sealord Opera in the Park draws            Council has an Ab grading for the
                                                                                thousands of opera and music fans.               city’s water supply (A - top score
                               The councils’ maintain partnerships with                                                          for source and treatment and b
                               government agencies and they play an                                                              for distribution) from the Public
                                                                                Tasman District Council
                               active role in environmental protection.                                                          Health Service. Another huge
                                                                                Several large-scale developments                 benefit of the treatment plant is
                               This includes monitoring and enforcement         have been recently completed in rural            its improved drought security. The
                               of measures to keep Nelson’s                     communities. Upper Moutere now has               plant can treat an additional one
                               environment in good health, for local            its own sport and community centre               million cubic metres of water in
                               residents and the region’s visitor sector.       complete with a spacious display foyer,          the lower levels of the Maitai Dam,
                                                                                a large wooden-floored court for sports,          significantly increasing the volume
                               Working for the Community                        dancing and arts performances, and a             of stored water available for use.
                               The Nelson and Tasman councils                   function room - plus playing fields and           The Tasman and Nelson Councils
                               work together on many development                upgraded tennis courts. A community              are working with water users, iwi,
                                                                                                                                 Fish and Game and the Department
                               projects and annual events that enhance          function centre has been opened in St
                                                                                                                                 of Conservation to investigate the
                               community life. These include:                   Arnaud for sports such as basketball and         feasibility of building a dam in the
                                                                                to host arts and cultural performances.          Lee Valley. This has the potential to
                               •   The annual Ecofest expo of
                                                                                A $2.99 million Sports, Recreation               provide for regional needs for the
                                   environmental products, education
                                                                                and Cultural Centre has just opened in           next 50 years.
                                   and issues
                                                                                                                                 Green Region: Tasman has a wide
                               •   Regional facilities, like the Saxton Field                                                    range of ecological habitats and
                                                                                The region’s water sports enthusiasts
                                   sporting grounds                                                                              supports a diverse range of local
                                                                                can enjoy the ASB Aquatic Centre near
                               •   Civil Defence and Emergency                  Richmond.                                        flora and fauna, making it one of
                                                                                                                                 New Zealand’s richest districts
                                                                                                                                 biologically. The complex geology of
                               •   Joint shareholder ownership of Nelson        Libraries                                        the area, including unique limestone
                                   Airport and Port Nelson                      The Elma Turner Library in the central           and marble landscapes, underpin a
                                                                                city is a modern facility with an internal       region rich in environmental features.
                               •   Joint funders of Nelson Tasman               garden, activities room and computer
                                                                                                                                 Closer to urban areas, Tasman
                                   Tourism, the region’s destination            suite. The Stoke Library and Nightingale         District Council has worked with
                                   marketing arm                                Library Memorial in Tahunanui serve the          community groups to restore and
                                                                                suburban areas. There are libraries in           protect areas such as Reservoir
                               •   Supporting the Nelson Provincial
                                                                                Tasman’s four main centres - Richmond,           Creek in Richmond, and to
                                                                                Motueka, Murchison and Takaka.                   encourage landowners to assist
                               An impressive Visitor Information Centre                                                          with pest management projects.
                                                                                In August 2008 a 12 month trial began of
                               (Taha o te Awa) is sited at the Millers Acre                                                      Both Councils support Ecofest,
                               Centre, gateway to the central city and          reciprocal use of both Council libraries,
                                                                                waiving joining charges for all residents of     and environmental projects are
                               home to organisations promoting regional                                                          highlighted each year through the
                               economic and business development,               Nelson and Tasman.
                                                                                                                                 Environmental Awards. Nelson City
                               arts, tourism and international trade.                                                            is a member of the Communities for
                                                                                                                                 Climate Protection Programme.
                               Nelson City Council is developing a
                               concept for a performing arts and

                                                                                                      LIFESTYLE - COUNCIL SERVICES
Nelson City Council Facilities

                                     Nelson City Council
                                     Civic House, PO Box 645, Nelson 7040
                                     110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson 7010
                                     Phone: 00 64 3 546 0200 (all hours)
                                     Fax: 00 64 3 546 0239

Tasman District Council Facilities


                                     Main Office - Richmond           Golden Bay Service Centre
                                     189 Queen Street, Richmond       78 Commercial Street, Takaka
                                     Private Bag 4, Richmond 7031     PO Box 74, Takaka
                                     Telephone: 00 64 3 543 8400      Telephone: 00 64 3 525 0020
                                     Fax: 00 64 3 543 9524            Fax: 00 64 3 525 9972
                                     Motueka Service Centre           Murchison Service Centre
                                     7 Hickmott Place, Motueka        92 Fairfax Street, Murchison
                                     PO Box 123, Motueka              Telephone: 00 64 3 523 1013
                                     Telephone: 00 64 3 528 2022      Fax: 00 64 3 523 1012
                                     Fax: 00 64 3 528 9751

                                                                                                                             Network Tasman Limited, based at

                                                                                                                             Richmond, distributes power to most of
                                                                                                                             the region, excluding Nelson City, which is
                                                                                                                             served by Nelson Electricity Limited.
                                                                                                                             The electricity distribution companies
                                                                                                                             transport power to end-users on behalf of
                                                                                                                             the electricity retailers, who sell the power
                                                                                                                             to customers.
                                                                                                                             A range of national electricity retailers
                                                                                                                             trade on the local networks. Most
                                                                                                                             domestic users in Nelson City buy their
                                                                                                                             electricity from TrustPower and in Tasman

                                                                                                                             from Contact Energy.

                           u sustainable          future

                           Solar City Nelson’s average 2400 sunshine hours a year make it ideal for solar power and the Nelson City Council is working to
                           make Nelson New Zealand’s first Solar City. Nelson-based alternative energy company EnergyShift Ltd and the council are sharing a
                           $40,000 feasibility study on how to make solar hot-water affordable.
                           The project aims to provide a loan scheme paid back through Council rates that reduces the upfront cost of solar systems. It would
                           also drive down the cost of solar units through bulk purchases and through selling the project’s combined carbon credits to trading
                           banks for cash savings for homeowners.
                           There is potential for the Solar City project to reduce the region’s reliance on “imported” electricity and solve issues around security
                           of supply. Money saved by residents will stay in the community and the increase in the number of installations will create business
                           and jobs.
                           It is also envisaged that the resulting regional solar expertise could be exported.

                          Network Tasman                                                                 Powertech Nelson

                          Contact:      Network Tasman Limited                                           Contact:     Powertech Nelson
                          Address:      52 Main Road Hope 7020                                           Address:     10a Forests Road, Nelson
                                        PO Box 3005, Richmond 7050                                       Telephone:   00 64 3 547 2109
                          Telephone:    00 64 3 989 3600 or 0800 508 098                                 Fax:         00 64 3 546 8466
                          Fax:          00 64 3 989 3631                                                 Email:
                          Email:                                         Website:
                                                                                                         Powertech Nelson New Zealand Limited Power Contractors, 100%
                          Network Tasman Limited - the local consumer trust owned electricity
                                                                                                         locally owned and operated. Specialising in power cabling to new
                          distribution company distributing electricity to over 35,500 consumers
                                                                                                         and existing properties within the Nelson region.
                          over 10,800 square kilometres in the wider Nelson and Tasman
                          areas, including Golden Bay, Kaiteriteri, Springs Junction, Murchison,         Suppliers of
                          Nelson Lakes and Tapawera (excluding Nelson City).                             • Builders temporary power supplies
                          If contemplating setting up in business or developing land, particularly       • New connections and metering
                          in rural areas, we urge you to contact our customer services                   • Overhead line construction
                          department to ensure there is sufficient supply capacity in your               • Street light maintenance and design
                          chosen area.
                                                                                                         • Electrical reticulation
                          To report loss of power or public safety issues phone our                      • Electrical supply to rural sections
                          24-hour faults only hot line 0800 508 100.                                     • Substation construction
                                                                                                         • Network maintenance
                                                                                                         • Power supply cabling
                                                                                                         • Cable sales
                                                                                                         • Traffic light systems
                                                                                                         • Parking meter maintenance
                                                                                                         • Electrical Inspections
                                                                                                         • Electrical Engineers

                                                                                                         Nelson Electricity and Network Tasman approved contractors.

“Nelson is lucky to have a range of

                                                                                                                                                LIFESTYLE - TRANSPORT
urban cycling and walking areas as well
as opportunities to head out of the
city on a mountain bike. Our climate is
perfect for encouraging regular cycling
and walking - with health benefits to
individuals and the community. Cycling
is good for the environment, uses no
fossil fuels, has no exhaust emissions
and is quiet. The extra bonus is that
bikes and shoe leather are cheaper
than running a car!”
      Margaret Parfitt, Transport and Road
    Safety Coordinator, Nelson City Council               transport

Transport in and around the region
Nelson city has developed into a hub,             u sustainable          future
with many commuters travelling from
Richmond and further out of town to work
each day. Current roading networks can            Cycleways: Nelson’s climate lends itself to
be slow during peak times.                        cycling and the Nelson City Council has a
                                                  growing network of cycleways for school
For some who are transport                        students, commuters and recreational use.
disadvantaged, accessing community
services and recreation can be difficult.          Nelson’s railway reserve, where trains used
Public transport is a solution to many            to run prior to 1956, provides a highly used
transport hassles, encouraging cycling is         green strip from the city to Stoke with pleasant
another positive step, and work is under          cycling and walking conditions. In 2008 a
way to enhance the roading links into the         newly constructed shared off road path to the
city as well as increasing the cycleway           north of the city was opened. This runs from
network.                                          Trafalgar Street to Clifton Terrace School.
                                                  The Trafalgar Cycleway opened in October
The BUS                                           2005 to mark the 200th anniversary of the
A public transport bus service operates           Battle of Trafalgar. The cycle-walkway now
on four main routes around Nelson from            runs from the Atawhai right through to the
Monday to Saturday:                               Nelson Marina, part of Nelson’s extensive
                                                  network of cycleways.
•   Toi Toi / Hospital
•   Atawhai
                                                                                                Park, Broadgreen House, World of
•   Brook / Maitai                            The Late Late Bus                                 WearableArtTM and Classic Cars Museum,
                                              Safe and affordable transport between
•   Washington Valley / Port Hills                                                              Natureland and the Nelson waterfront. Get
                                              Nelson and Richmond on Friday and
                                                                                                your tickets from SBL terminus, 27 Bridge
The main city terminus is in Wakatu           Saturday nights from 10pm until 3am,
                                                                                                Street, the Nelson Visitor Centre (iSITE) or
Square - between Ajax Avenue and              leaving Trafalgar Street on the hour. The
                                                                                                pay the driver on board.
Bridge Street. Stops are marked along the     outbound service travels via Tahunanui
routes but drivers will collect anyone who    and stops as required at designated,
waves them down as long as it is safe         well-lit stops. The inbound service leaves        Transport in the Future
to do so. The service is operated by the      Richmond on the half hour and travels             A successful transport system is a
Suburban Bus Lines (SBL) Group                into the city via Bishopdale. There is no         prerequisite to ensuring Nelson
00 64 3 548 3290.                             midnight service. The fare is $3.                 continues to be a healthy and successful
                                                                                                community. Nelson’s Regional Land
                                                                                                Transport Strategy identifies future
Nelson to Richmond by bus                     The Double-Decker Experience
                                                                                                transport needs and sets out a plan for
SBL operates regular bus services             Two circuits per day
                                                                                                ensuring access for users to the places,
between Nelson, Stoke and Richmond.           currently operate from
                                                                                                people and activities that are important to
These services operate seven days a           Wednesday to Sunday
                                                                                                them, and that services are provided for
week via Tahunanui, and Monday to             year round. The bus
                                                                                                moving goods into, out of and around the
Friday via Waimea Road and Bishopdale.        departs from the
The main terminus is in Bridge Street.        SBL depot at 11am
                                              and 1pm and does a                                All indications point to the continued
The contact phone number is
                                              circuit taking in Miyazu                          growth of freight volumes, more people
00 64 3 548 3290
                                              Gardens, Founders                                 seeking to visit and live here, and a
SBL website:          Heritage Park, The                                general increase in economic prosperity.
                                              Suter, the Nelson                                 The strategy recognises this will lead
                                              Provincial Museum,                                to a likely increase in vehicle numbers,
                                              South Street, Isel                                particularly private motor vehicles.

               The Nelson economy is founded on a diverse and robust industry base.
               The ‘big four’ sectors are farming (horticulture and pastoral), tourism,
               seafood and forestry. Operators in these sectors have improved efficiency
               and productivity in the past five years and provide the region with its strong
               financial base of export earnings.
               Total value-added Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the region is estimated
               at $3.2 billion, in the most recent stats available (2006). The ‘big four’ drivers

               make up 30 percent of the region’s GDP, with other important contributors
               being construction, health, education, natural products, arts and culture,
               engineering, business services, aviation, and the retail sector.

                                                                                                                                                ECONOMY - OVERVIEW

The Cluster Concept                           established in 2004, funded by Nelson           The colonial period brought unjust
The contribution of each of the drivers to    City Council. It is now supported by both       disenfranchisement of tangata whenua
the regional economy has been analysed        councils and eligible for project assistance    that included individualisation of title, land
using the cluster concept, which pulls        from central government and other               alienation and statutory discrimination.
together all of the components that make      sources.                                        In light of this, Maori survival and
up the industry from the various industrial                                                   development is impressive.
                                              u Sustainable Future: The mission of
sectors, including downstream businesses
                                              the EDA is to facilitate smart sustainable
such as processors and service industries.
                                              economic growth of the region and
                                                                                              20th Century Growth
                                                                                              By the late 19th century the settlers’ farms
                                              enhances economic vitality and diversity,
Driver Clusters of the Nelson                 taking into account the region’s cultural
                                                                                              and orchards had developed, despite
Tasman Regional Economy                       and environmental values.
                                                                                              Nelson lacking large pastoral runs, the
                                                                                              region’s proximity to New Zealand’s capital
Significant export-driving clusters in the     In 2007 the Nelson Tasman Regional              (Wellington) by sea provided a market for
regional economy are:                         Economic Development Strategy (REDS)            the extractive timber industry based on
• horticulture                                was updated to incorporate sector               native forests, for apples in season and for
• pastoral farming                            changes and new emerging clusters.              fish sent daily by the overnight passenger
• forestry and wood products                  Nelson and Tasman both have Long-term           ferry.
• tourism                                     Council Community Plans as required
• seafood                                                                                     Over time, the region developed extensive
                                              under the Local Government Act. The
                                                                                              market gardens, orchards and berryfruit
Developing industries are:                    research undertaken for REDS, and
                                                                                              farms. Today this produce is exported
• engineering technologies                    the strategic aims identified during that
                                                                                              worldwide, as are an increasing number
• arts and craft                              process, feed into these plans.
                                                                                              of secondary products such as wine and
• aviation                                                                                    olive oil. Forestry products and seafood
• wellness                                    The Economy - Historical                        have remained important throughout.
• natural products                            Foundation
• research and science                        From as early as the ninth century iwi in Te    The tourism sector based its domestic
                                              Tau Ihu had a custodial and occupational        marketing on the slogan ‘Sunny Nelson’
Employment by Sector                          relationship with the land and seascape         for most of the 20th century and offered
Nelson Tasman has a strong                    that remains fundamental to their identity.     beach carnivals and camping grounds for
concentration of employment in the                    ¯
                                              Early Maori valued the region’s productive      holidaymakers.
primary production industries of pastoral     fishing grounds, safe harbours, fertile land
                                                                                              Today industries are using modern
farming and horticulture, forestry and        and prized argillite quarries.
                                                                                              technology, communications and
logging, commercial fishing and in the         When the settlers arrived in the mid-           marketing to sustain and enhance the
secondary sector of seafood processing.       nineteenth century, mutually beneficial          Nelson Tasman economy.
There is also a high concentration of                             ¯
                                              trade began with Maori.
employment in the secondary industries                                                        Iwi of Te Tau Ihu are expecting a Treaty
of food and beverage, and wood and            The first European settlers were the             settlement and are predicted to grow as
paper product manufacturing. The              pioneers of the New Zealand Company’s           investors and managers of the region’s
tourism industry employs a large number       planned settlement of Nelson, which             resources.
of people in accommodation, cafés,            began in 1842. As with the colony’s other
restaurants, arts and retailing. The          settlements, the first task was to become
downstream impacts of high population         self sufficient in food. The staple diet
growth and the strong housing market          included pork, potatoes, fish, pumpkins,
are shown in the performance of the           cabbages and melons.                                u want     to know more?
construction sector where employment
                                              Entrepreneurial tangata whenua soon had
increased by 47% between 2001 - 06
                                              fleets of ships trading regionally, nationally
and the value-added GDP increased by a                                                            Get hold of the award winning
                                              and internationally. Extensive gardens
massive 60%.                                                                                                  ¯
                                                                                                  history of Maori-European contact,
                                              supplied produce and Maori were involved
                                                                                                  Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka Volume II,
                                              in all of the key industries, including flax,
Regional Economic Development                 timber, gold and fishing. Tangata whenua             Te Ara Hou The New Society, by
The Nelson Regional Economic                  embraced new technology and adapted it              John and Hilary Mitchell.
Development Agency (EDA) was                  to add value to the tribal economy.



                         Horticulture is the largest cluster industry in the region, occupying over 6,000 hectares of land centred on the fertile
                         Waimea Plains, the Moutere area and the Motueka/Riwaka plains.

                                  ruit orchards and vineyards           Horticultural exporters are well served       in New Zealand, harvesting 5,190 tonnes
                                  dominate the horticultural scene,     with packing and coolstore facilities. The    in the 2007 vintage with a 35% increase
                                  in terms of both income earned        industry is now using new technology,         to 7,000 in the 2008 vintage. In 2008,
                                  and numbers employed. The             such as shade cloth, to increase colour       Sauvignon Blanc accounted for over half
                         horticulture sector is a major contributor     and size and reduce water and chemical        of all production at 3,693 tonnes. Pinot
                         to the local economy, accounting for an        use. In addition, water management            Noir production has risen rapidly from 356
                         estimated $325 million in Gross Domestic       including monitoring soil moisture is in      tonnes in 2005 to 1,207 tonnes in 2007.
                         Product (GDP) in 2006. However,                place. On the marketing side, internet        Nelson had the third highest harvest of the
                         percentage increase in GDP for this            communication provides direct contact         wine regions for Riesling, with 448 tonnes,
                         cluster since 2001 is 13%, less than the       with international customers.                 and was fourth for Chardonnay with 772
                         forestry, tourism and pastoral sectors.                                                      tonnes harvested and for Pinot Gris with
                         This reflects the low grower returns and        Berryfruit                                    556 tonnes harvested in the 2008 vintage.
                         market demand over the past few years.         Berryfruit is another significant crop. The
                         The horticulture sector is consolidating as    region is the export centre for the New       Hops
                         growers leave the industry. New varieties      Zealand berryfruit industry, exporting        New Zealand’s entire hop crop is grown
                         have been planted, which should see            70-80 percent of fruit produced. A            in the Riwaka area, parts of the Waimea
                         increased grower returns.                      high proportion of blackcurrant and           Plains and in the Motueka River Valley.
                         Note: One hectare (ha) = 2.47 acres.           boysenberry crops are located here and        Hops are exported to the USA, Asia and
                                                                        the berryfruit crop is still expanding, as    Europe, with a growth in demand for
                                                                        Nelson growers brand their fruit and          organic hops.
                                                                        develop an international market profile.
                         Apples are still the main crop, contributing                                                 The hop industry has invested in a CO2
                         more income to the region than all other       Most apple and other fruit processing is      extraction plant that allows the hops to be
                         horticultural and agricultural sectors         carried out at the Frucor plant at Stoke,     marketed as dried pellets or concentrated
                         combined. There was a significant               where all of New Zealand’s berryfruit         extract. The extraction plant can also be
                         increase in apple crops in Tasman up to        concentrate is processed. Although the        used for the extraction of essential oils
                         2000, but since then orchardists have          region has a long history of fruit and        to create oil-based essences, natural
                         removed trees due to declining market          vegetable processing, many established        oils and fragrances used in the natural
                         returns. The main factors behind this have     firms have moved and Nelson now has a          medicines industry. The hop flower is in
                         been global over-supply of commodity           relatively small processing industry.         season for only three weeks of the year,
                         varieties, increasing competitiveness from                                                   so there is potential to process other
                                                                        A decline in kiwifruit cropping occurred
                         other southern hemisphere countries                                                          crops in the down season.
                                                                        up until 2000 and, although there has
                         and increasing on and off shore costs,
                                                                        recently been a significant increase
                         especially shipping costs.
                                                                        nationwide, it has not occurred in Nelson.
                         However, Nelson still accounts for             The yellow-fleshed kiwifruit called ZespriTM
                         about 30 percent of the nationwide pip         Gold now accounts for about 20 hectares
                         fruit crop. In spite of the downturn in        of Nelson’s 680 hectares in this crop.
                         apples there have been some significant
                         plantings of new varieties such as             Wine Growing
                         JazzTM, Pink Lady® and Tentation®. These       Grape growing for wine production
                         plantings, being on dwarf rootstock, will      continues to expand. Around 60 growers
                         come into production much earlier, have        have 800 hectares of grapes planted
                         higher yields per hectare through intensive    in the region, compared with only 55
                         planting and should have lower labour          hectares in 1990. Wine production has
                         costs due to smaller tree size.                also increased significantly, with 28
                                                                        producing wineries. Nelson is the fifth
                                                                        largest wine producing region by volume

                                                          “I’ve travelled to a lot of other countries in

                                                                                                                                                                ECONOMY - HORTICULTURE
                                                          the last few years in my roles with the apple
                                                          and pear industry and nowhere is as good
                                                          to come home to as the Nelson region. We
                                                          have the best work/life balance available.
                                                          With our temperate oceanic climate, nestled
                                                          from most inclement weather and regular
                                                          record sunshine hours, it just doesn’t get
                                                          better. From the relaxing Abel Tasman Park to
                                                          the mountains of Kahurangi and the Nelson
                                                          Lakes, we have nature at our doorstep - it’s a
                                                          great place to work and play.”
                                                                                                     Ian Palmer
                                                                                 Chairman Pipfruit New Zealand

Olives have developed as a new crop over                                                                                 u sustainable        future
the past 15 years, with around 60,000
trees currently planted. Production is
mainly of cool climate extra virgin olive                                                                                Apple Futures is a nationwide
oil, and Nelson brands have already been                                                                                 government funded project
rewarded with gold medals in international                                                                               responding to consumer demand
competitions in Italy and the USA.                                                                                       for nil-residue fruit, which gives
Table olives are also produced in small                                                                                  New Zealand apples a market
volumes. The region has three large olive                                                                                edge over low cost South
oil presses, one of which is for certified                                                                                American produce. The project
organic oil production. Nelson Olives Ltd                                                                                was rolled out in Hawkes Bay
is a private company of 12 olive growers                                                                                 with Nelson orchardists joining the
who market under the labels Mahana and                                                                                   scheme in the 2009 season.
Oriwa; other larger producers are Tasman
Bay Olives and Moutere Grove.

    key fruit growing activities in nelson horticulture

    Crop                                                             Hectares planted 2000                               Hectares planted 2008 estimate

    Apples                                                                      3,820                                                  2,438

    Pears                                                                        287                                                    263

    Nashi and other sub-tropicals                                                 66                                                    21

    Kiwifruit                                                                    604                                                    614

    Boysenberries                                                                151                                                    288

    Raspberries                                                                   89                                                    54

    Blackcurrants                                                           not available                                               573

    Vegetables                                                              not available                                               432

    Flower and nursery                                                      not available                                               185

    Hops                                                                         420                                                    254

    Grapes                                                                       424                                                    805

    Olives                                                                        70                                                    148

Source: MAF, Statistics NZ 2007 Census, Pipfruit Industry Statistical Annual 2007, 2007 NZ Winegrowers Statistical Annual, Agfirst

                                                                                                                    “Nelson Tasman is one of the best

                                                                                                                    regions in New Zealand for lifestyle,
                                                                                                                    but one of the most challenging
                                                                                                                    regions to farm. Despite low soil
                                                                                                                    fertility, we have a wonderful climate
                                                                                                                    and often experience long periods
                                                                                                                    of settled weather during the year.
                                                                                                                    There’s excellent access to recreation
                                                                                                                    facilities across the region and we
                                                                                                                    are well supported by transport and
                                                                                                                    logistics infrastructure.”

                                                                                                                                                Stuart Bryant
                                                                                                                                 Farmer and Tasman Councillor

                     Nelson Tasman is geographically separate from its neighbours, with productive lowlands, ample water, and a warm,
                     sunny climate, all providing a fertile growing environment for plants and animals.

                               astoral production has long been       actively evaluating potential marketing and   Deer, Goats and Pigs
                               one of the backbone industries         structural solutions. Farmers continue to     Deer numbers went through a period of
                               in the Nelson Tasman economy.          look at strategically timed applications      rapid expansion, but growth has tapered
                               Family-run farms are still a strong    of fertiliser and other farm management       off in the last couple of years. Below
                     feature in this area. International              practices to improve both livestock           average venison returns in recent years
                     trading and more intensive competition is        productivity and quality. Despite changes     are requiring deer farmers to look at
                     seeing the industry move progressively           on and off shore, the pastoral sector still   alternative management practices and,
                     from dependence on large scale                   remains a dominant player in this region’s    where possible, alternative production
                     commodity processing to value-added              diversified economy.                           systems.
                     foods. There are new developments in
                                                                      Alliance Group Ltd, based in Stoke,           Goat and pig farming are relatively small-
                     processing customised foods, specialist
                                                                      dominates the meat processing industry in     scale agricultural activities in the region.
                     extracts and bio-chemicals.
                                                                      the region.                                   While meat and fibre processing for
                     The pastoral cluster includes beef, dairy                                                      goats is not at a premium, these animals
                     and sheep farming together with meat and         Dairy                                         still play a significant role in conditioning
                     dairy processing. Downstream suppliers           Estimates of pastoral and livestock           the farmland and keeping weeds under
                     of animal feeds, fertiliser and pesticide        production indicate that dairy production     control. Pig farming is mainly aimed at the
                     manufacturing, contract services and farm        have increased by about 20 percent since      domestic market, with outdoor production
                     machinery wholesaling are included in the        1996, while sheep and beef production         benefiting from the temperate Nelson
                     cluster. This sector is a contributor to the     has declined over this period. Nationally,    climate.
                     local economy, accounting for about $106         cattle numbers are expected to continue
                     million in GDP (2006).                           to rise, but at a slower rate. External       Specialist Suppliers
                                                                      influences like the exchange rate and          Specialist suppliers in the region provide
                     Pastoral Production                              changing market preferences continue          agricultural services and contractors,
                     The majority of pastoral production in           to influence farm profitability. Since 2001     fertiliser and pesticide, animal feeds,
                     the region is based on livestock farming,        dairy cow numbers have increased by           packaging and agricultural machinery.
                     despite this land use decreasing in recent       7% to 72,000, beef cattle have increased      In recent years there has been some
                     years. In 2007, about 120,000 hectares of        11% and sheep numbers have declined           consolidation in this area in recent years,
                     land was classed as grazing, compared            by 21% to 328,000.                            including the conversion of the local
                     with about 145,000 hectares a decade                                                           fertiliser manufacturing facility into a
                                                                      About 20,000 tonnes of milk products
                     ago. This change in land use is due in part                                                    sophisticated mixing plant.
                                                                      are made each year by Fonterra, New
                     to transfer of land to the Department of
                                                                      Zealand’s dominant dairy processor, at its
                     Conservation estate.                                                                           Exports
                                                                      facilities at Takaka and Brightwater. Dairy
                     There have been significant changes in            production for export is consolidated and     Export products from the agricultural
                     land use from sheep and beef to dairy,           shipped through Port Nelson.                  sector include meat, small goods and
                     deer, planted forest and horticulture. The                                                     dairy foods. Wool and hides are sent
                                                                      A significant lift in the payout price per     outside the region for processing.
                     move to other viable land use options
                                                                      kilogram of milk solids could well see
                     is likely to continue. Some farmers have
                                                                      dairy farmers clear debt and spend on
                     also sold off land for lifestyle/rural blocks,                                                 Farm Employment
                                                                      deferred maintenance. Tasman, compared
                     with sea views in areas like Golden Bay                                                        Employment for the agricultural sector is
                                                                      with other areas in the South Island, has
                     commanding premium prices.                                                                     stable at 4,816 full time equivalents with
                                                                      been relatively slow to convert to dairy.
                                                                                                                    an additional 898 employed in services to
                     Farmer sentiment today is more positive          The recent prosperity of the dairy sector,
                     towards the dairy, beef, cropping and            however, may see the next generation
                     deer markets. There is ongoing concern           make this change.                             Source - Labour Department.
                     about the lamb, sheep and crossbred
                     wool markets, however, the industry is

“Nelson was one of the first regions to

                                                                                                                                          ECONOMY - FORESTRY
get into sustainable Radiata pine
forestry, back in the 1920s. The
forestry sector has come a long way
and today is a modern industry with
all the infrastructure to support
processing, from sawn timber to our own
GoldenEdge MDF and NelsonPine LVL.
Our research and development team is
working on resin technology and reducing
emissions and we are pleased to have
just achieved Environmental Choice
certification for our MDF.”
            Paul Dalzell, Nelson Pine Industries                                                        forestry

Forestry is a mature sector with competitive advantages of a moderate, sunny climate, stable soils, a well-developed
processing capability, and proximity to processing and port facilities. Around 40% of the volume shipped through Port
Nelson derives from forestry and wood processing. Virtually all the Nelson forests are within 50km of the port.

            he Nelson Tasman region has            The performance of the sector in the five
            an estimated 99,800 hectares in        years from 2001 to 2006 reflects that           u sustainable          future
            plantation forest dominated by         of other primary sector areas within the
            Radiata pine (87%), and Douglas        region; increased efficiencies through
fir (10%).                                          applied technology, management                 Nelson’s sustainably managed
                                                   practices and labour force training were       radiata forests provide a wood
The industry cluster comprises                                                                    resource that allow our native
                                                   largely negated by the high NZ dollar. The
two highly interwoven industries:                                                                 forests to remain as an important
                                                   sector recorded a 5% increase in total
forestry and logging, and panel/wood                                                              habitat for indigenous species.
                                                   employment to 1,960 full time equivalents
product manufacturing. Panel/wood
                                                   in 2006.                                       The proposed New Zealand
manufacturing is the larger of the two
industries, accounting for 64% of the              Sixty-six percent of the region’s planted      Emissions Trading Scheme
employment. Increased processing                   production forests are owned by two            (once passed into law) may
capacity and harvest volumes have fuelled          organisations; Global Forest Partners          allow owners of new forests
employment growth. Between 2001                    owns 46% of the forests and Crown              planted after 1989 to receive
and 2006 there was a 16% increase in               forest licences and Hancock Forest             carbon credits and liabilities for
employment in the forestry, logging and            Management (NZ) Ltd own 30% of Nelson          the increase and decrease in the
wood processing industries in the region.          forest planting. Other forest owners           forests’ carbon, from 1 January
                                                   include Nelson Pine Industries, the            2008, based on the area of
Harvest volumes in Nelson Tasman                                                                  forested land use in existence in
                                                   Tasman District Council, individuals and
have averaged about 1.6 million m3 from                                                           1990. The Government has also
2001 to 2006. MAF Wood Availability                                                               introduced an Afforestation Grant
Forecasts indicate that, over the next ten         The Carter Holt Harvey Ecopine sawmill         Scheme where foresters can
years, harvest levels are expected to be           at Eves Valley dominates sawn lumber           receive a government grant for
in the range of 1.3 to 1.4 million m3. In          production (more than 50% of the               planting new forests on land that
the region, yearly fluctuations in harvest          sawmilling), along with Waimea Sawmillers      was un-forested at 31 December
mainly reflect the intentions of the large          Ltd and South Pine (Nelson) Ltd, owned         1989. These two initiatives may
forest growers. The wood availability from         by Canterbury-based McAlpines.                 help to increase the level of new
the small forests is fairly constant.                                                             planting.
                                                   Nelson forestry and wood production
In the panel/wood manufacturing sector,            industries are well supported by               *Source: Ministry of Agriculture and
Nelson Pine Industries has the world’s             engineering and transport services. Most       Forestry 2008, REDS 2007.
largest single site Medium Density                 forestry work is carried out by contractors,
Fibreboard (MDF) processing plant.                 including planting, cultivation and logging.
The Nelson Pine LVL (laminated veneer              The contracting work force in the region is
lumber) production facility came on-               stable and well established, as are forest
stream in 2002, with capacity to produce           management regimes.
100,000m3 of LVL annually, adding
                                                   Overall, the future for the coming decade
significant value to forestry sector exports.
                                                   is for a stable level of harvest as present
Sawn timber production increased from              forests mature. Over the last three years
301,400m3 (March 2001) to 361,157m3                there has been little increase in new land
(March 2007). For the year to March 2007           planting that would increase the area of
617,000m3 of logs were exported from               forest for future harvest.
Port Nelson, plus 147,575m3 of sawn
Opportunities in value added wood
processing continue to increase.


                     forestry continued

                      Nelson Pine Industries                                                Nelson Management Ltd

                      Contact:     Nelson Pine Industries Ltd                               Contact:      Nelson Management Ltd
                      Address:     Lower Queen Street, Richmond, Nelson                     Address:      58a Gladstone Road, Richmond, Nelson
                      Telephone:   00 64 3 543 8800                                         Telephone:    00 64 3 543 8115
                      Fax:         00 64 3 543 8890                                         Fax:          00 64 3 544 5789
                      Email:                              Email:
                                                                                            Nelson Management Ltd - the forest products company growing
                      Nelson Pine Industries Ltd - innovative leaders in the world of       and harvesting 65,000ha of forests in the Nelson/Marlborough
                      wood processing.                                                      region. They also own the Kaituna Sawmill that produces high
                                                                                            quality products from pruned and unpruned logs.
                      Nelson Pine Industries Ltd is one of the worlds largest single-site
                      producers of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), their GoldenEdge        Nelson Management’s forests include Golden Downs, Rai Valley
                      MDF recognised as the leading brand in New Zealand and worldwide      and Wairau. They employ up to 300 staff and contractors in the
                      export markets. 2002 also saw the opening of the NelsonPine LVL       Nelson/Marlborough region and engage the services of many local
                      plant at Richmond, manufacturing Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).       industry suppliers and providers.
                                                                                            People values and principles are foremost in achieving this goal,
                      Nelson Pine Industries Ltd - adding value to the Nelson regions
                                                                                            with health and safety, customer service, and an aim to practice
                      sustainable, renewable resource of Radiata Pine through the           sustainable forestry and environmental stewardship.
                      manufacture of GoldenEdge MDF and NelsonPine LVL.
                                                                                            The future is growing.

“My family has lived in the Nelson

                                                                                                                                         ECONOMY - TOURISM
region for seven generations. We can’t
find a reason to leave this ideal
climate and spectacular scenery.
My ancestors were some of the
merchants, sailors, farmers, engineers
and builders who created the diversity
that forms the region’s economy.
Today, being tourism operators, we
share our heritage and favorite places
with visitors, whilst preserving the
stunning environment that is the
Abel Tasman National Park.”
  Darryl Wilson, Wilson’s Abel Tasman Ltd                                                            tourism

Art, wine, scenery, outdoor adventure, cafés and boutique shopping, culture, history, climate . . . Nelson has it all.
On a practical note, it also enjoys the best air access of any region. The home base of Air New Zealand subsidiary
Air Nelson, Nelson has the country’s fourth busiest commercial airport.

           elson Tasman is a major
           destination for New Zealanders
           and visitors from all around the
           world. Nelson Tasman Tourism
is the region’s tourism organisation
responsible for destination marketing,
destination management and visitor
information services.
People who visit the region are typically
looking to enjoy unique cultural
experiences, rather than participating in
large package tours. International visitors
to Nelson are often on their second visit
to New Zealand. Having already seen
such icons as Rotorua and Queenstown,
they may make Nelson their base for a
long stay, exploring the top of the South.
Nelson’s climate and the wide variety of
accommodation - especially boutique
and self catering. International marketing
of the region is done in conjunction with
Marlborough, with Nelson Marlborough
being one of nine international marketing     Segments offering potential for future        and this is expected to rise as visitor
alliances throughout the country working      growth in domestic visitor numbers and        numbers increase. Of all the region’s
with Tourism New Zealand to market the        yields are the conference sector and          main drivers, tourism has had the largest
country offshore.                             short break leisure market, primarily         increase in employment (30%), along with
                                              from Wellington, the nearby regions of        a 20% increase in GDP in value added
Almost 2 million visits were made to the
                                              Marlborough, and Auckland. Events are         businesses (now at $134 million).
Nelson region in 2006, with international
                                              also an important trigger to travel and a
overnight travellers accounting for
                                              strategy is underway to further develop
535,000 of these. The total international
                                              events for the region.                           u sustainable        future
and domestic visitor spend was estimated
at $350 million.                              Investment possibilities include
                                              non-weather dependent indoor
Domestic visitor numbers peak from late                                                        The Nelson Tasman Regional
                                              attractions, such as art experiences,
December to mid-January, when New                                                              Tourism Strategy, developed in
                                              and hotel developments of four star
Zealanders take their traditional summer                                                       2007, envisions that by 2016
                                              standard and above. There are other
holiday break. February and March are                                                          Nelson Tasman will be recognised
                                              infrastructural assets planned, including
the peak months for international visitors.                                                    as a leading region in developing
                                              a performing arts and conference centre,
During the shoulder seasons and winter                                                         New Zealand’s position as a
                                              redevelopment of The Suter art museum
period, conference activity, business                                                          sustainable, world class tourism
                                              and the Theatre Royal, that will help boost
travel, event-based tourism and domestic                                                       destination.
                                              capacity for winter and shoulder season
short break activity predominate. Most
                                              events.                                          Source: Nelson Tasman Tourism,
domestic and business tourists come
                                                                                               REDS 2007
to Nelson from Canterbury, Wellington,        Around 2,200 people are employed in
Auckland and the lower North Island.          the visitor/tourism industry in the region,


                    tourism continued

                     NELSON TASMAN TOURISM

                    Tourism Properties                                                    u want    to know more?

                    Contact:     Nick and Justine Lambert, Tourism Brokers
                    Mobile:      00 64 21 661594 OR 00 64 27 3030813                      Nelson Tasman Tourism official regional tourism website:
                    Office:      0800 367 642 (0800FORNICK)                     
                    Address:     PO Box 227, Nelson 7040, New Zealand
                    Website:                                Official NZ Tourism site:
                    Tourism Properties Nelson offers professional services to buyers
                    and sellers of tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses from
                    Nelson to Christchurch. We specialise in hotels, motels, management
                                                                                          NZ Tourism online:
                    rights, backpackers, bed and breakfasts, resorts, holiday parks,
                    luxury lodges, country pubs, taverns, cafés, restaurants and bars.

“We host many distributors, resellers,

                                                                                                                                                ECONOMY - SEAFOOD
food-writers and consumers from
overseas and elsewhere in NZ so they
can see for themselves the care,
innovation and attention we invest in our
process that seek to provide the world’s
best salmon products. The pristine and
supportive environment that Nelson
and Marlborough exhibit, along with the
unabashed passion with which local
chefs embrace King Salmon, underpin the
premium value represented. The perfect
protein from paradise.”
      Paul Steere, New Zealand King Salmon                                                           seafood

Nelson has the largest fishing port in Australasia, catering for fishing vessels that range from small local inshore boats
to large factory trawlers.

            ew Zealand seafood exports
            are worth around $900 million,
            making it one of the biggest
            New Zealand export earners.
In Nelson seafood contributes $268
million in GDP, mainly through seafood
However the wider seafood cluster
- which includes catching and farming,
processing and support services, boat
building and ship repair, seafood research
organisations based in the region,
packaging and container manufacture and
wholesale operations; also contributes to
the total income generated from seafood
production in the region.
The deepwater fishing fleets of two of
New Zealand’s largest fishing companies,
Talley/Amaltal and Sealord, are based at
Port Nelson. Processing of wild-caught
fish (mostly hoki) make up the bulk of
operations in the city, although the hoki     The overall New Zealand seafood industry       •   Research into the perception of
quota has been reduced recently.              strategy in which Marlborough, Nelson              the seafood industry to provide
                                              and Tasman are key players looks to                background for other public education
Aquaculture                                   achieve consistent quality and supplies,           initiatives; followed up with seafood
Marine farming is an important contributor    coupled with innovation and niche                  related feature articles in the Nelson
to the economy in the wider Nelson            marketing, targeted at high-value premium          Mail and a primary school ‘adoption of
Marlborough region. A significant              markets.                                           a fishing vessel’ scheme
tonnage of GreenshellTM mussels from
                                                                                             •   Research into the hoki fishery
the Marlborough Sounds and all the            Nelson Seafood Cluster
king salmon farmed there are processed        The Nelson Seafood Cluster was formed          •   Research into the contrast in
in Nelson and either shipped from             with the overall aim of increasing the value       impact of sea and land based food
Port Nelson or airfreighted to overseas       of seafood through a focus on training,            production on the environment
markets.                                      education and research. In addition to its     •   Initiatives related to marketing and
With hoki quota reductions and other          role in providing some co-ordination, the          value added scientific research.
issues such as fuel prices affecting          cluster has initiated projects including:
commercial fishing, aquaculture has the                                                       Source: NZ Seafood Industry Council, Department
                                              •   New seafood and maritime related           of Labour, Nelson Seafood Cluster, REDS 2007.
potential to fill the gap.
                                                  courses at the Nelson Marlborough
                                                  Institute of Technology (NMIT)
The combined factors of the strength of       •   Postgraduate seafood courses being             u want     to know more?
the New Zealand dollar, quota cuts, fuel          offered at the University of Canterbury
prices and the relative cost of labour have       and at the University of Otago as an
reinforced the need to rationalise, which         avenue to increase postgraduate                Visit:
has recently led to some reduction in             education and research of relevance
numbers of people employed.                       to the seafood sector


                    seafood continued

                    Sealord Group Ltd                                                         Solander Maritime Ltd

                    Contact:      Sealord Group Ltd                                           Contact:      Solander Maritime Ltd
                    Address:      Vickerman St, Nelson                                        Address:      Cross Quay, Port Nelson
                    Telephone:    00 64 3 548 3069                                            Telephone:    00 64 3 545 9650
                    Fax:          00 64 3 546 9041                                            Fax:          00 64 3 545 9651              Delivering the finest Pacific Seafood

                    Website:                                           Email:
                    New Zealand’s largest deep sea fishing company and a global
                    enterprise with operating bases and alliances around the world.           Solander Gourmet Seafood:
                    Owned by the Maori people of New Zealand and Japanese fishing             Solander provides Gourmet seafood fresh and frozen to order.
                    company Nissui.                                                           Almost any seafood you are after can be delivered overnight to
                                                                                              order via courier throughout New Zealand.
                    Sells hoki, orange roughy, oreo dories, shellfish and other seafood
                    to foodservice and wholesale customers world wide.                        Available on site we have a large range of gourmet fresh & frozen
                                                                                              seafood including;
                    A New Zealand market leader in canned, frozen and chilled seafood.
                                                                                              • Big Eye Tuna                 • Alaskan King crab
                    Its fleet includes modern factory freezer trawlers, fresh fish trawlers   • Prawns                       • Calamari
                    and long liners.                                                          • Scampi                       • Live Crayfish
                    Sealord has two processing sites in Nelson and employs about              • Live Paua                    • Swordfish
                    one thousand people in the Nelson region.
                                                                                              Solander - Export:
                                                                                              Solander is medium size fishing company
                                                                                              with a deep sea trawler and a long line
                                                                                              fleet targeting tuna in the pacific. Solander
                                                                                              has established itself as a supplier of high
                                                                                              quality export grade fish to all its
                                                                                              international customers. The emphasis on
                                                                                              quality is achieved through owning and
                                                                                              operating their fishing vessels. Solander’s
                                                                                              quality control starts at the ocean.

“The processing that goes into

                                                                                                                                                      ECONOMY - DEVELOPING INDUSTRIES
adding value in the forestry, fruit and
fishing sectors gives Nelson a solid
base in engineering infrastructure,
maintenance skills and personnel.
We have a climate with relatively few
rain days, a modern port facility, the
expertise of the Nelson Marlborough
Institute of Technology and an
engineering sector that is prepared
to pull together - the combination
makes Nelson an attractive option for
industry from outside the region. “
              Kerry Hill, Managing Director
                         Trinder Engineering
                                                 developing industries

Supporting the core driver industries of forestry, tourism, seafood, farming and horticulture are specialist services
emerging in their own right, along with other new sectors that are attracting investment and skilled people to
Nelson Tasman.

Construction and Engineering                   Nelson Engineering Cluster                                provide a wide range of workshop
Nelson’s property boom has seen a              The Nelson Engineering Cluster was                        and machine shop facilities, access to
big increase in people employed in this        incorporated in 2003, and comprises many                  slipways and dry docks, and a network
sector. Construction and engineering           engineering companies and service businesses              of professional, technical and support
infrastructure continue to support projects    working together to grow and promote the                  services.
against a background of sustained growth       engineering capability of the region.
                                                                                                         The versatility of the Nelson Engineering
in Nelson and Tasman.                          Traditionally the marine industry has                     Cluster was further enhanced in 2006,
                                               been the major source of work. While                      when six Cluster members formed a
Although there has been a shift away
                                               new builds, refits and servicing of a wide                 company, Engineering Nelson Consortium
from building luxury accommodation
                                               variety of commercial and recreational                    Limited to streamline the pooling of
and apartment construction, the building
                                               vessels have been core business, the                      resources to undertake major projects.
industry is still busy with medium to
                                               Cluster members are also experienced
high priced housing construction and
                                               in all manner of structural and general
commercial work. There are also a              engineering, supply and installation of                        u want    to know more?
number of infrastructure projects for          plant and machinery, and general repair
local authorities underway, including          and maintenance services.
wastewater upgrades, drainage and                                                                             For more information on the
water supply.                                  The skills and experience of Cluster
                                                                                                              business capabilities of either the
                                               members extends to design and
Population growth, immigration and a                                                                          cluster, or the consortium, please
                                               installation of refrigeration systems and
strong property market have supported                                                                         contact the Business Manager at
                                               electrical control systems, as well as
job growth in the building construction        engineering design, build and servicing              
industry. In 2006, the construction sector     in the logging, transport and horticultural                    or mobile 00 64 27 222 2354.
in Nelson City and Tasman District             industries. Collectively the Cluster can
combined employed 3,390 people
compared to 2,300 in 2001.
New dwelling consents have been                    Nelmac
growing since 2001, and the rate of
growth has been consistently above the            Address:      8 Vickerman Street, Port Nelson, Nelson            Email:
national average. In the year to June 2008        Telephone:    00 64 3 546 0910                                   Website:
there were 358 residential consents in the        Fax:          00 64 3 546 2064
city and 272 in Tasman, with a combined           Nelmac is a Nelson City Council owned company serving
value of $155m, plus 64 non-residential           the people and businesses of the region in a wide range
consents in the city and 215 in Tasman,           of ways. Nelmac have specialist skills in amenity horticulture
with a total value of $78m.                       (Parks and Recreational area maintenance), landscape
                                                  architecture and construction, property maintenance, water
All trades associated with building               and waste services, rubbish and recycling, carpentry and
construction are experiencing high                engineering. Nelmac’s team of qualified and experienced
demand: plumbers, painters, electricians,         staff operate a fully equipped vehicle fleet and specialized
carpenters, wood and aluminium joiners,           equipment, providing top-quality service for any job
                                                  large or small.
tilers and concrete placers, concrete
frame workers, steel layers, pavers and
In addition, subdivisions throughout
Nelson Tasman have required more
roading, landscaping and earthmoving


                                  industries continued

                                  Information and Communications                                                                Commercial Developments
                                  Nelson Information Communications                                                             In addition to a rapidly developing
                                  Technology (ICT) has seen significant                                                          communications sector, there has been
                                  growth over the past decade, with                                                             expansion in information technology (IT)
                                  more people employed, more income                                                             in software engineering, computer and IT
                                  generated, and a rising tide of export                                                        consultancy, web design, e-commerce
                                  generation.                                                                                   and associated services.
                                  The Nelson Marlborough Inforegion                                                             While IT companies may be based in
                                  (NMi) is a joint venture initiated between                                                    Nelson, they are often now catering to
                                  the Nelson Regional EDA and the                                                               a national and international market. In
                                  Marlborough Regional Development Trust.                                                       addition, local e-business is growing,
                                  NMi’s core focus is to bring together key                                                     as technology is harnessed to provide
                                  Top of the South ICT initiatives for the                                                      business-to-business solutions for
                                  benefit of all three regions. The project                                                      everything from online stock ordering,
                                  team is working with Network Tasman,                                                          distribution logistics, to payment.
                                  which is extending the fibre optic cable
                                                                                                                                Port Nelson now offers a cargo tracking
                                  network across Nelson, Tasman and
                                                                                                                                system to its clients and, in horticulture,
                                  Marlborough to include Picton.
                                                                                                                                there is big potential for exploiting
                                  Household access to the internet in                                                           technology for variety selection, tree
                                  Nelson is third highest in the country after   developed, NMi is working with the             planting, picking and packing for end
                                  Auckland and Wellington. The region has        Municipalities, University, Schools and        consumers.
                                  high speed connectivity that is the envy of    Hospital (MUSH) Group made up of the
                                  other New Zealand cities. Tasman Fibre         three local authorities that are building
                                                                                 metropolitan networks to house various         Looking Ahead
                                  Networks (TFN) the communications arm                                                         The foundation is laid for a robust, high-
                                  of Network Tasman, the region’s lines          layers of regional information. NMIT has
                                                                                 campuses in all three regions, the LOOP        income industry in the region, however,
                                  company, has laid a network of fibre optic                                                     the sector is still going through an early
                                  cable that joins Nelson, Stoke, Richmond,      (a project providing up to 1GB broadband
                                                                                 connectivity to schools), and the Nelson       growth stage.
                                  Brightwater, Motueka, Blenheim, Picton
                                  and Waikawa, making it the largest             Marlborough District Health Board which
                                  independent regional fibre network in           also has facilities in each province.
                                  New Zealand, and opening the way for a         NMi provides an example of the outcomes
                                  truly competitive communications market.       the Government is seeking with its 2005
                                  TFN lease dark fibre directly to larger local   Digital Strategy and is working closely with
                                  organisations such as the District Health      a number of Government agencies.
                                  Board and Nelson Marlborough Institute
                                  of Technology, which can provide their         Regional Network
                                  own equipment to light up the fibre             The next stage in developing the region’s
                                  they lease.                                    ICT infrastructure involves the creation
                                  A local company,, has 24         of a Nelson Marlborough regional
                                  transmission sites in Nelson, Tasman Bay       network operating company that will be
                                  and Golden Bay. These provide wireless         responsible for linking regional networks
                                  high-speed internet services for residents     into a hybrid network architecture based
                                  in most parts of the region.                   around a Nelson Internet Exchange (NIX)
                                                                                 that will not only provide a local open
                                  Strategic View                                 access peering point, but also link the
                                  An important project is the development of     region into the growing network of internet
                                  an ICT Strategy for the Top of the South,      exchanges around NZ.
                                  and an ICT Atlas has been produced as
                                  a first step. While this strategy is being

                                                                                                                                                 ECONOMY - DEVELOPING INDUSTRIES
Training resources have been
strengthened with the Nelson
Marlborough Institute of Technology’s
Bachelor of Information Technology
A working group has been investigating
the establishment of an ICT Technology
Park in the Nelson region. The goals of
this Tech Park include attracting and
developing existing Information and
Communications Technology businesses,
as well as providing an incubator
environment for start-up and emerging
companies. The feasibility of this project
is being assessed with interested parties,
however the Nelson Regional Economic
Development Agency, which has been
facilitating the initiative, welcomes interest   artists in 1993 to create an environment         charter services and maintenance and
from other potential parties.                    for the arts to flourish in the region. The       engineering facilities, flight training
                                                 Trust assists the creative community by          and rescue air services. Nelson is the
Arts and Creativity                              providing training, facilitating relationships   permanent engineering base for Air
The Nelson region’s climate, clays and the       and undertaking initiatives that build new       Nelson, Nelson Helicopters, which
natural environment have attracted artists       markets for the creative sector.                 undertakes all aspects of helicopter
since the 1930s, including the noted             For comprehensive information on the             operations and Helicopters New Zealand,
painters Sir Toss Woollaston and Colin           creative sector, pick up a copy of the           which maintains a large fleet undertaking
McCahon in addition to numerous well             Nelson Art Guide.                                contracts from Antarctica to Asia.
known craftspeople. Today the creative                                                            Emergency services also rely heavily
sector plays a vital role in tourism and is      Aviation                                         on the local aviation industry in a region
increasing its contribution to the region’s      The aviation sector has emerged as an            that is mountainous and highly used for
economy.                                         important player supporting the region’s         recreation.
                                                 economic drivers. As well as being
The Nelson Bays Arts Advocacy and                                                                 Investment in the aviation industry has
                                                 home to Air Nelson, the national regional
Marketing Trust was established by                                                                seen the introduction of more modern
                                                 feeder airline, the region has several
                                                 flight training providers, helicopter and         aircraft and equipment, and productivity in
                                                 fixed wing general charter operators,             this sector continues to rise.
                                                 aircraft maintenance and restoration
                                                 providers, avionic and aeronautical
                                                 accessory providers, sport and recreation
                                                 participants and a dedicated rescue                  u want     to know more?
                                                 As the fourth busiest commercial airport
                                                                                                      Information and Communication
                                                 in New Zealand, Nelson Airport is an
                                                 important gateway for people and freight.
                                                 It is used by around 550,000 passengers
                                                 annually plus the same number of people
                                                 either meeting or farewelling them.
                                                                                                      Arts and Creativity
                                                 A variety of aviation related operations   
                                                 are based at Nelson Airport, including
                                                 fixed wing and helicopter general


                                                                                                                                “My mission in life is to inspire others
                                                                                                                                to make quality food choices and
                                                                                                                                enjoy the art of cooking, with a food
                                                                                                                                philosophy that’s about enjoyment
                                                                                                                                and balance: ‘choose quality foods
                                                                                                                                and do not deny oneself’ is my motto.
                                                                                                                                I’m particularly passionate about

                                                                                                                                eating local and with the changing
                                                                                                                                seasons, makes Nelson a great place
                                                                                                                                for me to live.”

                                  industries continued
                                                                                                                                                            Nicola Galloway
                                                                                                                                             food writer and member of the
                                                                                                                                                           Wellness Cluster

                                  Nelson Wellness Cluster
                                  The range of activities and services in
                                  Nelson, from health education, nutrition,
                                  accommodation, therapy, spa and beauty,
                                  to outdoor recreation, means the region
                                  is ideally placed to promote itself as a
                                  wellness centre. Members demonstrate
                                  professionalism in their businesses,
                                  adherence to the Nelson Wellness Cluster
                                  code of ethics, as well as recognising the
                                  value of working collectively. For further
                                  information check

                                                                                u sustainable       future

                                                                                Natural Products: about a dozen companies in the region are involved in the
                                                                                manufacture of products for the complementary medicine and alternative health
                                                                                market, drawing on natural resources such as GreenshellTM mussels; the native
                                                                                shrub horopito which has anti-fungal properties; bee propolis and pollen; mussel oil
                                                                                (Lyprinol) from freeze dried mussels used to treat inflammation and aid in controlling
                                  Research and Science                          asthma.
                                  Growing from the historical base of the
                                  Cawthron Institute, established in 1919,      Nelson is an ideal place for this range of production as many raw materials are
                                  and developing through research services      available within the province. A multimillion-dollar supercritical fluid extraction plant
                                  to the rural sector, Nelson now has offices    serves this emergent, smart and sustainable industry. It is used to manufacture
                                  of key national research organisations        both hop extract for the brewing industry and a range of natural medicines. There
                                  such as NIWA, Landcare, HortResearch          are also other high-tech processing and encapsulating facilities in the region. On
                                  and Crop and Food Research.                   the research side, the Cawthron Institute is a New Zealand leader in antimicrobial
                                                                                assays to ensure product purity and safety.
                                  The shift to value added activities within
                                                                                Potential exists for more companies to set up in this growth area, drawing on raw
                                  many of the local industries, such as
                                                                                materials from the dairy, marine, agriculture, horticulture and honeybee industries
                                  the development of seafood extracts for
                                                                                of the region. Processing infrastructure in Nelson is already being used to extract
                                  the complementary health market, has          astaxanthin from dried algae flown here from Hawaii, and to process other raw
                                  increased demand for scientific research       materials such as colostrum from sources outside the region.
                                  and product development. This will
                                  encourage further growth in research          Crop and Food recently received $6.3 million in new funding to lead a project on
                                  activities and employment. Full information   developing new marine products for use in nutraceuticals, food ingredients and the
                                  on this sector is included in the Business    cosmetic industries; investigating the use of enzymes to make subtle and specific
                                  section on page 50.                           changes to the molecules to make them more healthy and useful.

                                                                                            ECONOMY - DEVELOPING INDUSTRIES
           Nelson Tasman has a vibrant and diverse business environment made up of
           10,500 business units (2006). These businesses employ more than 40,000
           Full Time Equivalent staff (FTEs).
           The region’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2006 was $3,250 million,
           which is an 18 percent increase from 2001. The population growth of the
           region, especially in Tasman, continues to fuel both consumer demand and
           service provision, with increases predicted to continue.
           Both councils support the Nelson-Tasman Regional Economic Development
           Strategy (REDS), with its core values of smart, sustainable development.
           The strategy centres on maintaining economic diversity and preserving

           lifestyle, alongside the need to develop value-added industry. REDS was
           reviewed and updated in 2007 after significant consultation with industry, key
           stakeholders and the community.


                       business resources

                       Nelson and Tasman’s many useful resources for new and established businesses, with highlights, are listed below.

                       Business Development Company                  values. The EDA’s website highlights the     Nelson Tasman Business Trust
                       Lead provider of New Zealand Trade and        many activities the agency manages and       Free, confidential assistance including:
                       Enterprise funded courses                     is involved in helping drive the region’s
                                                                     economy.                                     •   Individual consultations with business
                       •   Business skills training, advisory and                                                     owners
                           advice, including the government-         Telephone:   00 64 3 545 6858
                                                                     Email:                  •   Business Mentors New Zealand -
                           funded Enterprise Training Programme
                                                                     Address:     PO Box 370, Nelson                  mentoring from experienced business
                       •   Business assessment and review            Website:                       people
                                                                                                                  •   Business Health Check - from
                       •   Support and information to assist with    Employers and Manufacturers’                     experienced business executives
                           growth and development                    Association
                                                                     Assistance with Human Resources,             •   Talent Team Referrals for a one-
                       •   Business Network - development            occupational health, employment law,             off appointment with a business
                           of sector/clusters in a variety of key    employee relations                               consultant
                           industries to enhance their businesses
                                                                     Telephone:    00 64 3 548 4528               •   Training for people with a business
                           and provide growth opportunities
                                                                                                                      idea or start up
                       •   Post training/follow-up coaching
                                                                     Nelson Tasman Tourism                        •   Business Network meetings for new
                       Telephone: 00 64 3 545 6566                   Nelson Tasman Tourism’s mission is               and established businesses
                       Email:                    to market and develop the region as
                                                                     a visitor destination while providing        •   Nelson Business Directory Database,
                                                                     a quality experience to visitors and             promoting Nelson products and
                                                                     achieving economic and social benefits for        services
                       Nelson Tasman Chamber of
                       Commerce                                      suppliers, businesses and the community.     List your company and products on
                       A membership-based service for Nelson         Telephone: 00 64 3 546 6228        
                       and Tasman promoting local businesses,        Email:                 Address      PO Box 1278, Nelson
                       networking and offering business              Website:                    Email:
                                                                                                                  Telephone:   00 64 3 539 0824
                       Telephone: 00 64 3 548 1363                   Nelson Enterprise Loan Trust                 Website:
                       Email:               Provides loans to small businesses and
                       Website:                  community ventures.                          Richmond Unlimited
                                                                     Telephone: 00 64 3 548 7284                  Markets and promotes Richmond as an
                       Management Focus                              Email:                  attractive and convenient destination for
                       An online resource with a range of            Website:                     shopping, service and/or to establish a
                       materials and tools covering leadership,                                                   new business.
                       systems, customer expectations, using
                                                                     Nelson Marlborough Institute of              Telephone: 00 64 3 544 4898
                       information effectively, working with staff
                                                                     Technology                                   Email:
                       and utilising new technologies.
                                                                     Part-time to full-time degree, diploma and
                                                                     certificate courses.                          Our Town Motueka
                                                                                                                  Promotion, business and community
                       Nelson Regional Economic                      Telephone: 00 64 3 546 9175
                                                                                                                  development in Motueka.
                       Development Agency (EDA)                      Email:
                       The EDA’s mission is to facilitate smart      Website:                      Telephone: 00 64 3 528 4488
                       sustainable economic growth of the                                                         Email:
                       region that enhances economic vitality
                       and diversity taking into account the
                       region’s cultural and environmental

                                                                                                                                                  BUSINESS - RESOURCES
Uniquely Nelson
Supported by Nelson City Council and                      u sustainable     future
city businesses to promote and enhance
the vitality and commercial viability
of Nelson city. Offers networking and                 Nelson Environment Centre
communication opportunities and co-                   A base for advice and information on a range of ‘green’ initiatives, including:
ordinates special promotions and events.              •    Sustainable Business Network - nationwide business advisors on all matters
Telephone: 00 64 3 546 8405                                relating to sustainability from electricity to the procurement of your vehicle fleet.
Fax:       00 64 3 546 8403                           •    Waste Education Services - contracted to local councils to work with businesses,
Email:                         schools and community to educate, set up systems for waste reduction and
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Business support and export advice.                   •    Carbon Reduction and Reward Scheme - rewards householders, schools,
                                                           businesses, and community groups to take action to reduce their carbon footprint.
Telephone: 00 64 3 546 8084
Website:                             E: • T: 00 64 3 545 9176 • W:

   Nelson Regional EDA

   Contact:     Nelson Regional EDA
   Address:     Millers Acre Centre - Taha o te Awa
                39 Halifax Street, Nelson
                PO Box 370, Nelson
   Telephone:   03 545 6858

                                                                                                                     Bill Findlater
                                                                                                                     Chief Executive
                                                                                                                     Nelson Regional EDA


                       Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce                                        Business Development Company (BDC)

                       Telephone: 00 64 3 548 1363                                              Telephone:   00 64 3 545 6566
                       Fax:       00 64 3 546 8373                                              Fax:         00 64 3 546 8373
                       Email:                                          Email:
                       Website:                                           Website:

                       At times running a business can seem like a bit of a juggling act.       Business Development Company provides professional business
                       While managing the everyday facets of your business, you still           training, individual coaching, publications and referral services.
                       need to find time to make the connections and secure the
                                                                                                BDC offers a range of programmes and services to assist and grow
                       relationships that will ensure the long term success of your business.
                                                                                                small and medium businesses (SMEs) in the Nelson and Tasman region.
                       The role of the Chamber of Commerce is to inspire and influence          We are also the designated regional provider for the New Zealand
                       business vitality in the Nelson Tasman region. This help comes in        Trade and Enterprise, “Enterprise Training Programme” - a free
                       the form of five business boosters, a collection of services that will   programme to assist and develop small businesses.
                       improve the vitality of your business, b heard, b connected, b fit,
                       b global and b ahead with the Nelson Tasman Chamber of
                                                                                                Keeping training Smart - Sharp - Local

                       Contact:      Andrew Stanton
                       Address:      52 Main Road Hope
                                     PO Box 3005
                                     Richmond Nelson
                       Telephone:    00 64 3 989 3600 or
                                     0800 508 098
                       Fax:          00 64 3 989 3631

                                                                                                                 Opening the way for a truly
                                                                                                              competitive communications market
                                                                                                                   in the Top of the South

                                                                                                                                                      BUSINESS - IMMIGRATION
    u want      to know more?

    Immigration information:

    Nelson Multi Ethnic Council:

    Work in Nelson


New Zealand’s immigration policy generally seeks to maintain and enhance the attributes that make this country an
attractive place to live and work.

Four main objectives support this policy:         A report, ‘Settling In Nelson Tasman’,                Email:
                                                  was published in early 2006, based
•   build New Zealand’s human capital
                                                  on information gathered from refugee                  Skill Shortage Lists
•   strengthen international linkages             and migrant communities. A central                    The Department of Labour has two
                                                  government initiative through the                     occupational shortages lists for potential
•   encourage enterprise and innovation           Department of Labour, Settlement                      migrants.
•   maintain social cohesion                      Support NZ, has been introduced around
                                                  New Zealand, including Nelson, and                    The Immediate Skill Shortage List helps
Prospective migrants are considered for           is working to ensure new migrants are                 with approval of temporary work visa and
residence under three streams:                    welcomed and looked after. The Nelson                 permit applications.
•   the Skilled/Business Stream                   Multi Ethnic Council and other agencies               The Long Term Skill Shortage List
    (assessed under a points system)              have a key role as an accessible service              identifies those occupations where there
                                                  for people to access support and                      is an ongoing shortage of skilled workers
•   the Family/Sponsored Stream                   information for new migrants coming                   both globally and throughout New
                                                  to live in Nelson. The Nelson Regional                Zealand. People who gain employment
•   the International/Humanitarian Stream.
                                                  Economic Development Agency has a                     in one of these areas may be granted
Source: Department of Labour - Migration Trends   database to promote the skills of migrants            a work permit, enabling them to apply                         to employers.                                         for residence after two years, with some
The Local Scene                                   For more information regarding Settlement
Nelson Tasman had a total of 17,000                                                                     Note that these are not the only
                                                  Support in Nelson contact Sonny Alesana,              entry criteria for migrants. For further
new arrivals from 2001-06, offset by a            Community Liaison Advisor - Settlement
similar number of people departing the                                                                  information check the Department of
                                                  Support in Nelson.                                    Labour Immigration Service website at
region. Much of the population growth
experienced in the past decade has come           Telephone: 00 64 3 546 0305                 
through migration into the region, running
ahead of natural growth. The greatest
proportion (two thirds) of inward migration          Fletcher Vautier Moore Lawyers
to the region has come from other regions
in New Zealand and one third has come
from overseas, particularly from the United          Contact:   Chris Royds
Kingdom.                                             Address:   PO Box 90, Nelson, Fletcher Vautier Moore House
                                                                126 Trafalgar Street, Nelson
Nelson is an attractive destination for              Telephone: 00 64 3 5481469
overseas nationals seeking residency                 Fax:       00 64 3 548 2994
in New Zealand, due to its climate,                  Email:
landscape, lifestyle, stable economy                 Website:
and cohesive community that does not
have the social problems of larger urban             Contact us for immigration advice or assistance including:
                                                     • Residence applications eg. investor category, family, work to residence
With a rapidly expanding population,
Nelson Tasman is increasingly becoming               • Long term business Visa/entrepreneur category
a multicultural community welcoming                  • Visitor and work permits
new residents from all over the world. The
region continues to attract a high number
of overseas immigrants, with 18 percent
of the population born overseas, the third
highest proportion of immigrants in
New Zealand (Census 2006).



                        The Nelson Tasman lifestyle helps attract skilled workers from other parts of the country and internationally, assisting in
                        workforce stability.

                                   he regional unemployment rate           March 2006). Source: Statistics NZ, Linked   Workforce and training issues have
                                   was 3 percent in the year to            Employer-Employee Data (LEED)                been researched by the Nelson Regional
                                   March 2008. While it has grown                                                       EDA with support from the Ministry of
                                                                       •   In 2006, the property and business
                                   slightly from the record lows                                                        Social Development and the Nelson
                                                                           service sector was the largest
                        recorded in 2007, this rate is still                                                            Marlborough Institute of Technology.
                                                                           employer in Nelson, with 38% of the
                        one of the lowest in the country and well                                                       A number of key initiatives have been
                                                                           city’s workers. Source: Department of
                        below the national average. Employment                                                          undertaken to improve Nelson’s labour
                                                                           Labour, Annual in-depth regional report
                        growth in both Nelson and Tasman                                                                market and further collaborative work is
                        exceeds the labour force growth, resulting     •   Agriculture, retail and manufacturing        in place to ensure employers and industry
                        in falling unemployment. Two-thirds                account for over 50% of employment           can engage appropriately skilled staff in
                        of the working-age population was in               in Tasman. Source: Department of Labour,     meaningful employment.
                        employment in Nelson and Tasman at                 Annual in-depth regional report
                                                                                                                        These can be accessed at
                        2006 census time.
                                                                       •   Wage and salary earnings of people in
                        Source: Department of Labour Annual in-depth       the Nelson Tasman region from June
                        regional report.                                   2005 - March 2007 were $39,560               Employment Profiles
                        There has been a shift in the numbers              (Nelson) and $36,710 (Tasman).               The publication ‘Into The Future’
                        working in traditional industries like             Source: Statistics NZ, Linked Employer-      provides an overview of the employment
                        agriculture, fishing and forestry, to the           Employee Data.                               opportunities and conditions in key
                        growth sectors of retail trade, property                                                        regional industries. Outlining occupations,
                                                                       •   An informal survey based on job
                        and business services and manufacturing.                                                        pay conditions, skill requirements and
                                                                           listings on the TradeMe website
                        In Tasman, the largest employing                                                                training pathways along with case
                                                                           showed Tasman recorded the fifth-
                        industries are agriculture, retail trade and                                                    studies of people in various occupations,
                                                                           highest jump in salaries nationwide in
                        manufacturing.                                                                                  these profiles are a valuable source of
                                                                           the first half of 2008, with a 12% rise
                                                                                                                        information for students making career
                        A large part of the region’s employment            lifting the average salary to $44,263.
                                                                                                                        choices and people wanting to know
                        growth has been in highly skilled                  In Nelson, the average advertised
                                                                                                                        about employment in the region. See
                        occupations such as legislators,                   salary was higher, at $46,003, a 5.7%
                                                                                                                        online at
                        administrators, managers, professionals            rise.
                                                                                                                        or pick up copies from the EDA or Nelson
                        and technicians and this is where skill                                                         City Council.
                        shortages are predicted in the future.         Workforce Development Strategy
                                                                       As part of Nelson Tasman’s Regional
                        The notion of Sunshine Wages is not a          Economic Development Strategy, the
                                                                                                                        Mayors Taskforce for Jobs
                        reality and most employers recognise                                                            Nelson Tasman Connections has been
                                                                       Workforce Development Strategy aims to:
                        the need to offer competitive wages to                                                          developed locally to meet the National
                        recruit and retain appropriately skilled       •   provide accurate knowledge of the            Mayors Taskforce for Jobs objective of
                        staff. However, the median hourly wage             labour market and skill shortages            having all 15 to 19 year olds engaged in
                        rates for Nelson Tasman region are slightly                                                     education, training, work or other options
                                                                       •   ensure an appropriate labour market
                        below the national median, largely due to                                                       that will lead to long term economic
                        the high numbers working in low wage                                                            independence and well-being. This
                        industries and seasonal work.                  •   ensure training is meeting industry          service is available to any young person/
                                                                           needs                                        school leaver under 20 who would like to
                        Facts and Statistics                                                                            be linked to support from a youth service
                                                                       •   communicate relevant labour market           provider. More information at
                        •   In March 2007, the total number of             information to employers, the labour or ring the
                            filled jobs for Nelson was 22,870 (up           force, and training providers                coordinator phone 00 64 3 546 2446 or
                            2.1% from March 2006), the number          •   make the region an attractive place to       email:
                            for Tasman was 15,440 (up 0.1% from            work.

                                                                                            BUSINESS - EMPLOYMENT
Fanselow Bell Ltd

Contact:     Fanselow Bell Ltd
Address:     38 Buxton Square, PO Box 1128, Nelson
Telephone:   00 64 3 546 8649
Fax:         00 64 3 546 6776
Fanselow Bell is the Top of the South’s leading HR company
providing customised high quality human resource solutions.
•   Recruitment Services
•   Temps, Locums and Leasing
•   HR Consultancy
•   Change Management
•   Employment Agreements
•   Outplacement and Career Counselling
•   General Business Consulting
•   Business Mentoring
•   and More . . .
For all your HR support give Fanselow Bell a call.
We’re happy to help!

    business development opportunities
Venture Accelerator Network
The region has a number of opportunities to invest in niche sectors with potential for
attractive returns. The Venture Accelerator Network (VAN) is an initiative of the Nelson
Regional EDA with support from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and WHK
West Yates.
VAN aims to bring together key Nelson entrepreneurs and investors and facilitate
a range of interesting speakers who can raise the awareness of the potential and
know-how for businesses to significantly grow. Regular meetings are held to highlight
best practice models to businesses and entrepreneurs and to prepare them for
presenting an investment proposal to potential investors.

“We began producing a range of organic and allergy sensitive cakes and
cookies after seeing how hard it was for people to find food that met their
dietary needs. The Venture Accelerator Network was a wonderful networking
opportunity and provided great business ideas and assistance. When you
start talking with potential investors you can be proactive in offering ideas
about how the business can be managed for success, which is what both
parties want.”
                                                              Rebecca Douglas-Clifford
                                                                      Eat Right Foods


                                                                                                                                u want     to know more?

                                                                                                                                Overseas Investment Commission:

                                                                                                                                Investment New Zealand:

                                foreign direct
                                investment regime

                                New Zealand welcomes and encourages foreign direct investment (FDI) from most countries. The Overseas Investment
                                Act 2005 establishes the framework for the administration of Government policy on foreign investments. The public
                                policy objectives of the Act include encouraging foreign investment into New Zealand, providing rules that recognise
                                the importance of foreign direct investment and ensuring that the value of sensitive New Zealand assets are recognised
                                and enhanced by an overseas owner.

                                        he Overseas Investment Office          •   the introduction of new technology or     for overseas investors. Other government
                                        (OIO) is tasked with regulating           business skills                           departments and agencies, such as
                                        New Zealand’s foreign investment                                                    Tourism New Zealand, the Ministry of
                                        regime. While one hundred percent     •   increased exports                         Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry
                                overseas ownership can be approved in         •   added market competition, greater         of Economic Development are also active
                                all industry sectors, some New Zealand-           efficiency or productivity                 in promoting foreign investment.
                                based companies have restrictions
                                relating to foreign ownership.                •   additional investment for development     Information about the overseas investment
                                                                                  purposes                                  regime can be found at
                                Controls, in the form of a screening and                                          
                                monitoring process operated by the OIO,       •   increased processing of primary
                                are maintained over investment regarded           products                                  New Zealand’s Tax System
                                as ‘significant’ - i.e. where an overseas      2. Whether there will be adequate             Different income tax rates exist in
                                person acquires or establishes (or               mechanisms in place for:                   New Zealand for different entities. For
                                acquires a 25 percent or more ownership                                                     example, the company tax rate is 30%,
                                or control interest in):                      •   protecting areas of significant            but personal tax rates are scaled with the
                                                                                  indigenous vegetation or indigenous       highest being 39%.
                                •   Business or non-land assets in New            fauna
                                    Zealand worth more than $100 million                                                    Inland Revenue has several resources
                                                                              •   protecting or enhancing significant        useful to anyone setting up in business,
                                •   Non-urban land over five hectares              habitats of trout, salmon, wildlife and   available at, or by phoning
                                •   Any land on most offshore islands or          game and providing walking access to      Inland Revenue on 0800 377 774 and asking
                                    land that is or includes the foreshore        those habitats by the public              them to post the information.
                                    or seabed                                 •   protecting or enhancing historic          Every business needs an IRD number and
                                •   Land over 0.4 hectares, which                 heritage within the relevant land         a GST (Goods and Services Tax) number
                                    includes or adjoins certain ‘sensitive’   •   providing walking access over the         if the annual turnover will exceed $40,000.
                                    areas                                         relevant land or a relevant part          The IR365 booklet ‘GST - do you need
                                                                                                                            to register?’ explains the advantages
                                •   Land over 0.2 hectares which adjoins      3. If the relevant land contains foreshore,   and disadvantages of registering, and
                                    the foreshore.                               seabed, or a bed of a river or lake,       includes a GST registration form. For
                                Applications involving land will be              whether it has been offered to the         any information on GST, phone Inland
                                approved only if the investor is intending       Crown                                      Revenue on 0800 377 776. Inland
                                to reside in New Zealand indefinitely or if                                                  Revenue also has tax advisory notices
                                                                              4. Whether the overseas investment            that may be able to help when setting up
                                the investment benefits New Zealand or a          will benefit New Zealand - e.g
                                group of New Zealanders. In the case of                                                     a business. They can be requested when
                                                                                 sponsorship of community projects          registering for GST or by phoning Inland
                                rural land the benefits must be substantial
                                and identifiable.                              5. Whether the investor is a key person       Revenue on 0800 377 774.
                                                                                 from a country where New Zealand           The Smart Business booklet IR 320
                                A range of factors are considered in             will benefit from having improved
                                determining whether an investment will,                                                     contains information about record-keeping
                                                                                 relations.                                 requirements, income tax, provisional tax
                                or is likely to, benefit New Zealand. These
                                include:                                      New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is the       and other information.
                                                                              New Zealand Government’s economic             For those in Australia considering
                                1. Whether the investment is likely to        development agency. Its specialist unit,
                                   result in:                                                                               doing business in New Zealand, further
                                                                              Investment New Zealand, works to attract      information is available on the New
                                •   the creation of new job opportunities     investment into New Zealand with wider        Zealand Inland Revenue website,
                                    in New Zealand or the retention of        benefits to the economy, and can help
                                    existing jobs                             identify sustainable business prospects       australian/business-australian-index.html.
                                                                              and develop tailored investment solutions

“The sunny temperate Nelson climate

                                                                                                                         BUSINESS - EXPORT TRADE
assists in growing some of the best
apples in the world, and the region
also has some of the best technical
expertise in the country available
to us. LuvYa exports pipfruit to the
UK, Europe, the USA and Asia - the
support of local businesses from the
Cawthron Research Institute to the
port company help us to deliver the
best fruit in the world to customers
                         Brendon Osborn
                    Heartland Fruit NZ Ltd                                        export trade

New Zealand is a trading nation, and exports play a significant role in the Nelson Tasman regional economy. The region
has a strong and diversified export sector, with developing clusters in aviation, information technologies and natural
products, as well as the traditional economic drivers of agriculture and horticulture, tourism, forestry and seafood.

            ew Zealand has moved from
            a protected market economy
            and is now one of the most
            open economies in the western
world, with most tariffs on imports
removed or minimised. New Zealand’s
status as an exporter of commodities
(dairy, meat and wool) has expanded to
include raw and value-added products
in forestry, horticulture and seafood.
Manufacturing and tourism have also
become increasingly important foreign
currency earners.

New Zealand’s GDP:
NZ$177.5 billion (March 2008).
Total merchandise exports ending
March 2008:
NZ$38.722 billion, totalling 22% of New
Zealand’s GDP.
Total exports ending March 2008:
NZ$51.422 billion, contributing 29% of
New Zealand’s GDP.
The top five largest export markets
end of June 2008 were Australia, the
United States, Japan, the People’s
Republic of China and the United
Kingdom, representing over 54% of total
merchandise exports.                         regional economies, and delivering
                                             economic development assistance to           u want   to know more?
Australia, China, Japan, South Korea         industries and individual businesses.
and the United Kingdom were the top          As a global organisation, NZTE uses its
five markets (respectively) by growth in      knowledge and contacts in overseas           New Zealand Trade and
absolute value of exports in 2008. This      markets to connect New Zealand               Enterprise:
was generally a result of higher global      businesses with trade and investment
commodity prices that benefited New           opportunities. With ten offices in New
Zealand dairy and meat exporters.            Zealand, including a regional office in       Ph 0800 555 888
                                             Nelson covering the Nelson/Marlborough
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise             area, NZTE is well placed to work
(NZTE)                                       collaboratively with New Zealand’s regions
NZTE is the government’s national            to stimulate and grow their economic
economic development agency. It works        base.
to stimulate economic growth by helping
                                             Source: NZTE, Nelson 2008
to boost export earnings, strengthening



                      The Nelson Tasman region has scientific knowledge and expertise available to ensure the environment remains
                      sustainable and to support a range of ventures, including those that rely on natural resources.

                                ong established research bases       Seafoods & Marine Extracts Group                shellfish species, and working
                                include the Cawthron Institute,      This is part of the New Zealand Institute       with partners to develop new food
                                HortResearch and Landcare            for Crop & Food Research Ltd and                ingredients, cosmetic products or
                                Research. Specialist activities in   undertakes fish production, harvesting           industrial chemicals from seafood
                      the region are served by other research        and post-harvest research and                   processing discards.
                      organisations, including the National          development on behalf of the seafood
                                                                                                                 The Seafoods & Marine Extracts Group
                      Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research      industry, with support from seafood
                                                                                                                 currently has 24 staff in Nelson and six in
                      (NIWA), and the Seafood Research Unit          companies, Seafood Innovations Ltd
                                                                                                                 Auckland, and is backed up by another
                      of the New Zealand Institute for Crop &        and FRST.
                                                                                                                 300 staff nationwide with expertise in
                      Food Research Ltd. The shift in economic
                                                                     Focus of research                           plant, food and nutrition science.
                      activity to value-added activities is
                      increasing the demand for research and         Understanding the fundamental properties    Source: Crop & Food Research, Seafoods &
                      product development within the region,         of commercial finfish, shellfish and           Marine Extracts Group
                      encouraging further growth in research         crustacean species, and developing novel
                                                                     processes and higher value seafoods         Website:
                      activities and employment.
                                                                     and by-products from New Zealand’s key
                      Funding Assistance
                                                                     seafood resources.                          Cawthron Institute
                                                                                                                 The Institute is a community owned,
                      The New Zealand government invests             Current projects
                      in research and development (R&D),                                                         independent research organisation that
                                                                     The group uses its science strengths in
                      with 70 percent of this funding through                                                    has been operating since 1919.
                                                                     physiology, biochemistry, microbiology,
                      the Foundation for Research, Science           food chemistry and process development      Focus of research
                      and Technology (FRST) which invests            to conduct research and development in      Science and technology solutions
                      over $530 million annually to achieve the      the following areas:                        for sustainable management and
                      government’s economic, environmental                                                       development of New Zealand’s marine
                      and social goals.                              • The physiology and biochemistry of live
                                                                                                                 and freshwater systems and resources.
                                                                        finfish, shellfish and crustacea, and
                      FRST supports building R&D capability             developing technologies, products        Current research projects
                      and significant R&D projects in companies
                                                                        and protocols to facilitate the rested
                      through Technology NZ.                                                                     •   Production of GreenshellTM mussels,
                                                                        (stress-free) and humane harvesting,
                      So if you are:                                    transport and slaughter of live and          Pacific oysters, paua and micro-algae,
                                                                        chilled seafoods.                            including hatchery technology and
                      •   a technology or sector leader                                                              selective breeding programmes
                                                                     •   Bacteria associated with live fish and
                      •   a high growth company                                                                  •   Effects of changes in river flow on
                                                                         seafood processing environments,
                      •   globally competitive                           and developing techniques to                trout and new indicators for assessing
                                                                         minimise microbiological hazards            river health
                      •   growing new technical capability
                                                                         associated with seafood products.       •   Seafood safety, risk assessment and
                      And you have:                                                                                  management of bacterial and viral
                                                                     •   The physiological, biochemical and
                      •   a credible pathway to markets                  microbiological changes that occur          pathogens and biotoxins

                      •   the ability to deliver with good, strong       during the harvesting, handling,        •   ‘Integrated Catchment Management’
                          project management                             processing and storage of commercial        - what happens to water as it travels
                                                                         seafood species, and developing             from the mountains to the sea?
                      •   evidence of realistic investment               protocols and technologies to help
                          returns                                        companies produce consistently safe     Consulting Services
                                                                         and high-quality seafood products.      Cawthron provides a range of
                      Talk to the Foundation or one of its
                                                                                                                 environmental consulting services
                      Regional Technology Partners.                  •   The intrinsic composition of            to help clients address issues of
                      Website:                          economically important finfish and        sustainability and compliance to the

                                                                                                                                        BUSINESS - RESEARCH
Resource Management Act. They                 •   freshwater hydrology and river gauging
include: wastewater characteristics and                                                     u sustainable        future
                                              •   sanitation and harvesting criteria for
impacts, habitat mapping and monitoring,
                                                  the aquaculture industry
sustainable shellfish production,
ecosystem modelling, fisheries and marine      •   identification skills for marine fishes     Many of Nelson’s research
farm assessments and management,                  and invertebrates                         organisations are engaged in
biosecurity risk assessment and aquatic                                                     environmental intiatives.
pest management, non-market resource          •   biosecurity surveys to detect and
valuations and in-shore fin fish stock              control unwanted organisms.
                                                                                            Landcare Research
assessment.                                   Staff                                         (Manaaki Whenua)
Analytical testing services                   Twenty staff in Nelson, but access to the     The Nelson office of Landcare
The Cawthron Institute also provides          entire NIWA staff skill-base of over 650      Research, a Crown Research
a comprehensive range of analytical           employees.                                    Institute, carries out government-
testing and method development                Website:                       funded research and consultancy
services throughout New Zealand; for                                                        services relating to sustainable
food and organic, GMP/nutraceutical,                                                        land and water management.
microbiological, biotoxin, and                HortResearch at Riwaka provides               Focus of research
phytoplankton testing.                        essential research for local and national     Ecology of native plants and
Staff                                         fruit growers and forms part of a             animals, the effects of introduced
170 scientific, technical, field, and           nationwide network of HortResearch            species, soil science, and
administration staff.                         orchards and laboratories.                    integrated land and water
Website:                  Focus of research
                                              Pipfruit, hops, kiwifruit, and berryfruit.    Current research projects
National Institute of Water &                 Current research projects                     •   The Integrated Catchment
Atmospheric Research Ltd                                                                        Management project (with
                                              •   Plant breeding and crop production
Work carried out at the Nelson regional                                                         Cawthron Institute and
                                                  for apples and pears, berry fruit
office of NIWA is more or less equally                                                           Tasman District Council) based
                                                  (particularly raspberries, blueberries,
divided among projects supported by                                                             in the Motueka catchment and
                                                  and boysenberries), hops and kiwifruit
contestable public good science funding,                                                        Tasman Bay
contracts to the Ministry of Fisheries, and   •   Methods to control pests through
consultancy services for a wide range of                                                    •   Soil survey, irrigation suitability,
                                                  integrated fruit management to
commercial and government clients.                                                              water allocation
                                                  decrease pesticide use and provide
                                                  tools for successful organic production   •   Impact of introduced weeds
Focus of research
Anything associated with fisheries,            •   Improved production methods               •   Ecological studies of
aquaculture, the atmosphere, marine and           for pipfruit, particularly enhancing          invertebrates, lizards and birds
freshwater environments.                          precocity and fruit quality.                  (including Antarctic penguins)
Current research services:                    Staff                                         •   Impact and management of
                                              27 permanent staff.                               introduced wasps and ants
•   Marine ecological services for resource
    consents, aquaculture and port            Website:               •   Contracted ecological surveys.
    developments, or environmental
    assessments                               New Contact details                           Staff
                                              HortResearch                                  Nine permanent staff and three
•   marine reserve, marine habitat            Old Mill Road, RD 3, Motueka 7198             research associates.
    mapping, and conservation                 Telephone: 00 64 3 989 7595
    research                                  Facsimile: 00 64 3 989 7596                   Websites:
•   stock assessments for customary,                                              
    commercial and recreational fisheries,
    and shellfisheries



                                                                               The Nelson City Council is working on a                 Croucher Street has recently been
                                                                               strategy for unified development of the                  redeveloped to give central Richmond
                                                                               inner city. It aims to better co-ordinate               a focal point for community gatherings
                                                                               development, deliver the sustainable                    and events, with Sundial Square. In
                                                                               urban design that residents expect and                  surrounding areas land is still available
                                                                               look more broadly than just the central                 for commercial development. Residential
                                                                               business district to the waterfront and the             properties continue to be converted for
                                                                               valleys.                                                commercial uses. Demand for new or
                                                                                                                                       larger premises appears to be coming
                                                                               Richmond - Retail and                                   mainly from owner-occupiers. There has
                                                                               Commercial Overview                                     also been some demand from small office
                                                                                                                                       tenants, which has led to the conversion
                                                                               Richmond has the region’s only shopping
                                                                                                                                       of industrial premises into small office
                                                                               mall with more than 70 shops, including
                                                                               two supermarkets, a food court,
                                 Nelson City                                   department stores and specialty stores.                 Beyond Richmond, the growth in
                                 Nelson’s inner city retail area is one        This has led to Richmond becoming a                     population and tourism has fuelled the
                                 of the most attractive in the country.        shopping destination, with the added                    development of ‘experiential’ tourism
                                 Overlooked by the Nelson Cathedral            attraction of free parking.                             destinations including cafés, giftware,
                                 at the top end of the main street, the                                                                art glass and consumables. In Stoke
                                                                               The Richmond retail shopping strip has
                                 inner city provides an attractive setting                                                             several buildings have been removed to
                                                                               been extended by the redevelopment of
                                 for cafés with many offering alfresco                                                                 make way for the extension of an existing
                                                                               several buildings at the western end of                 supermarket while ‘big box’ retail choices
                                 dining. The Nelson Provincial Museum
                                                                               Queen Street. Richmond has a diverse                    expand in the Stoke environs.
                                 adds to the contemporary streetscape of
                                                                               retail base, with national retail chains and
                                 upper Trafalgar Street, while the Visitor
                                                                               franchises, ethnic dining, homewares,
                                 Information Centre has enhanced the river
                                                                               specialty and bulk goods stores.
                                 frontage at the lower end of the street.
                                 There are now more specialist retail
                                 outlets operating in the main centre,
                                 including the recently completed Fashion
                                 Island precinct. Growth in retail rents has
                                                                                  Richmond Mall
                                 slowed but continues to show increases
                                 along the prime shopping areas, with             Contact:   David Hill, Manager
                                 modest growth in fringe areas.                   Address:   Cnr Queen, Croucher &
                                                                                             Talbot Street, Richmond
                                 New inner city developments include              Telephone: 00 64 3 544 6259 • Fax: 00 64 3 544 6250
                                 two retail or office complexes, one in            Email:
                                 Wakatu Square and the other in Achilles          Website:
                                 Avenue. Construction has commenced
                                 on an office building on the corner of            All Under One Roof
                                                                                  Richmond Mall offers the largest shopping
                                 Halifax and Collingwood Streets and other
                                                                                  experience under one roof in the Top of the
                                 fringe commercial properties are being           South covering more than 20,000 square metres.
                                 redeveloped or extended. Still, demand           It includes three large anchor tenants and 70
                                 for office space has declined slightly due        specialty stores, the region’s only food court
                                 to the economic downturn.                        and more than 800 free car parks. It has one
                                                                                  of the largest marketing budgets in the region
                                 The quality and diversity of visitor
                                                                                  and has an extremely high brand awareness
                                 accommodation on offer has increased             and community connection. Richmond Mall is
                                 with the upgrade of The Rutherford               the only retail mall in the Nelson/Tasman district
                                 Hotel in Nelson and a range of options           and has quickly become the premier shopping
                                 from boutique accommodation to luxury            destination for the entire region.

                                                                                                                                                BUSINESS - SEA
    u want     to know more?

    Port Nelson
    10 Low Street, Port Nelson
    PO Box 844, Nelson 7040
    Telephone: 00 64 3 548 2099
    Facsimile: 00 64 3 546 9015


Port Nelson Ltd
Port Nelson is a busy regional port, with
a reputation for efficiency and innovation.
The port is an essential part of the regional
facility economy, handling major export
cargoes including pipfruit, seafood and
forest products, as well as imports, mainly
fuel. Port Nelson Ltd is jointly owned by
the two local authorities, Nelson City
Council and Tasman District Council.
Port Nelson handles more than 2.6 million
tonnes of cargo every year and liaises
with all its major customers to ensure their
future shipping needs are met.

Facilities at the Port
The Port has five cargo wharves, with
three wharves having over 50 tonne
axle loading capacity. To cater for larger
vessels, dredging has been carried out
to give the main shipping channel a
guaranteed minimum 9.8 metre draught.
                                                Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) from               Nelson by the Sea
                                                Nelson Pine Industries account for 40% of        A sister publication of Nelson in Focus,
Maintaining the schedules of visiting ships     Port Nelson’s total throughput.                  Nelson by the Sea, provides specialised
requires fast, efficient turnaround. Port                                                         information on the local marine scene.
                                                Seafood: Cuts to the national hoki quota
Nelson uses Liebherr Mobile Harbour                                                              It contains information on the Nelson
                                                have seen fish volumes through the port
Cranes, a fleet of lifting plant, and                                                             Marina, harbour navigation, customs
                                                stabilise. The development of aquaculture
other support infrastructure including                                                           regulations, biosecurity, marine
                                                export volumes is helping to offset wet-
computerised cargo tracking and a                                                                engineering, fishing regulations and
                                                fish reduction.
business unit (QuayPack) that packs                                                              maritime history. Phone 00 64 3 546 0221
containers.                                     Fruit: The pipfruit industry has a growing       to request a free copy. Further information
                                                emphasis on using containers to transport        on the Nelson Marina can be found in
Land acquisition has allowed Port Nelson
                                                produce to export markets, as part of a          the Sports and Recreation section of
to enlarge the container yard, and to shift
                                                world wide trend towards containerisation.       this publication on page 12; and on the
log yards away from residential areas to
                                                                                                 Engineering Cluster on page 37.
rationalise cargo storage and handling.
Undercover storage, primarily for forestry
products, is now 18,000m2.
                                                   u sustainable      future
A three-berth lay up facility for ship repair
work is used by the Nelson fishing fleet
and for refitting of vessels from overseas,         Environment
fish unloading and vessel refuelling. A             Port Nelson has had an Environmental Consultation Committee since 1994,
floating pontoon berth for super yachts             working with residents, businesses and environmental groups on issues such as
up to 60 metres is included in this facility.      air and water quality and noise. There is now a separate Noise Committee working
These repair berths free up space at the           with the port to resolve issues associated with noise carrying to the residential area.
wharves for cargo vessels.
                                                   In 2007 Port Nelson became the first port in New Zealand to attain the
                                                   independently audited ISO 14001 certification for continuous environmental
Cargo Throughput
Forestry: Logs and sawn timber plus
Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and



                             elson and Tasman are highly                    via either the beech forest of the Lewis
                             dependent on the road system,                  Pass or the coast route through Kaikoura.
                             due in part to the lack of a rail              The Buller Gorge offers spectacular
                             network. Road freight is crucial               scenery between Westport and Nelson.
                  and the region is well served with freight                Entry to Nelson from the east traverses
                  companies offering daily and overnight                    farmland, forest, the Whangamoa hills and
                  services north and south. Passenger                       the adjoining scenic reserve. Travellers
                  services have diversified in recent years,                 from Picton can opt to approach Nelson
                  with a number of coaches and shuttles                     via Queen Charlotte Drive, which winds
                  offering a range of options.                              around the Marlborough Sounds.

                  By road, Nelson is 113km from Picton,                     The sense of ‘being in another world’ that
                  117km from Blenheim, 230km from                           characterises Golden Bay is due largely
                  Westport and 438km from Christchurch.                     to the Takaka Hill, a spectacular 25km
                                                                            highway that is Golden Bay’s only road
                  The road from Christchurch to Nelson is                   link with the rest of the South Island.

                      Getting around our region

                                                                                                                                                    km       driving time
                         Cape Farewell                 Farewell Spit                                                  Picton to Nelson city         113      2 hrs
                                                                                                                      Westport to Nelson city       226      3 hrs 15 mins
                                                                                                                      Christchurch to Nelson city   424      6 hrs
                  ganui Inlet                                                                                         Nelson city to Motueka         51      45 mins
                                               Golden Bay                                                             Motueka to Marahau             18      20 mins
                                                                                                  Island              Nelson city to Takaka         109      1 hr 30 mins
                                   Collingwood                                                                        Takaka to Collingwood          27      35 mins
                                                        Separation Point
                                                                                                                      Nelson city to St Arnaud      109      1 hr 30 mins
                                          Pohara          Totaranui                                                   St Arnaud to Picton           125      1 hr 45 mins
                                                                                                  French Pass
                                 Takaka                      Awaroa                                                   Nelson city to Murchison      129      1 hr 50 mins

                                               Abel Tasman Torrent Bay
                                               National Park Anchorage
                                                              Kaiteriteri                                 Okiwi Bay
                                Upper Takaka                                      Cable Bay
                                                                                              6     Rai Valley
                                                                    Tasman                                                      Picton                     Cook Strait
                                                                      Mapua                                                                               Ferry Services
                                                  61                            Richmond
                                                                       Wakefield                                                Blenheim

                                                                                                                                            BUSINESS - AIR
Travelling to other centres by
air, Nelson is just 80 minutes

from Auckland, 35 minutes from
Wellington and 45 minutes from

             elson Airport is the fourth      the region include 50-seat Dash 8 Q300s,      and a number of smaller aviation servicing
             busiest commercial airport in    and 19-seat Beech 1900Ds. These aircraft      companies are also based at Nelson
             New Zealand, with flights from    offer high frequency services with direct     Airport.
             6.30am to 10.30pm daily. Over    flights to and from Wellington, Auckland,
half a million passengers use the airport                                                   The region’s reputation as a major
                                              Christchurch, Hamilton, and Palmerston
annually. The runway is 1,347m by 45m                                                       arts centre is promoted at the airport,
                                              North; there are good connections to all
and runs in a north/south direction. There                                                  with a gallery of local work exhibited in
                                              other regional airports in New Zealand.
is visitor information and a café.                                                          the main terminal as well as sculpture
                                              Associated activities at Nelson Airport       and architectural features outside the
The main provider of scheduled services       include rental car operators and aviation-    terminal and in the airport grounds. Pilot
is Air Nelson, operating as Air New           related servicing. Service industries         training and general aviation activities are
Zealand Link, which supplies regular          cater for both fixed wing aircraft and         undertaken at Motueka Airport, including
feeder services for international airlines    helicopters.                                  sport aviation activities.
as well as domestic links throughout New
Zealand. Smaller operators also provide       Air Nelson services its Q300 turboprop        There are also outlying airstrips at Takaka,
limited domestic services. Helicopter and     fleet from its aircraft engineering facility   Awaroa and Nelson Lakes, where gliding
light aircraft fixed-wing charter and scenic   in Nelson. Helicopters New Zealand            activity and cropping based activities take
flights are also available. Aircraft serving   operates an extensive maintenance facility    place.

   Nelson Airport Limited

         We deliver Nelson to New Zealand and
         New Zealand to Nelson 90 times a day!

                    Airport of the Year 2008

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                                                                                                              Published November 2008

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                                                                                                              of Technology                                            19
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                                                                                                              Powertech Nelson                                         24
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                                                      Health Board                                  15        Richmond Mall                                            52
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                                                      Nelson Pine Industries                        32        Sealord Group Ltd                                        36
     Fletcher Vautier Moore Lawyers         45
                                                      Nelson Regional Economic                                Solander Maritime Ltd                                    36
     Haven Realty Limited                   21        Development Agency                            43
                                                                                                              Tasman District Council facilities                       23
     Knapps Lawyers                         13        Nelson Tasman Chamber of                      44
                                                      Commerce                                                thelink                                                  44
     Manuka Street Trust Hospital           15
                                                      Nelson Tasman Tourism                         34        Tourism Properties                                       34
     Nelmac                                 37
     Nelson Airport Limited                 55        Network Tasman                                24

     Business Resources                 Council Services                          Health and You                             Research
     Business Development Company       Nelson City Council                       Nelson Marlborough District Health
     (BDC)                                   Board                                                                               Seafoods & Marine Extracts Group
                                        Tasman District Council                                                    
     Nelson Tasman Chamber of                            Manuka Street Trust Hospital
     Commerce                                                                               Cawthron Institute                Developing Industries -
                                        Construction and Engineering              Immigration                      
     Nelson Regional Economic           Nelmac                                    Fletcher Vautier Moore Lawyers
     Development Agency                                                                                                      Niwa
                                        Nelson Wellness Cluster                   Immigration Service
     Nelson Enterprise Loan Trust                              HortResearch                                                                                               
                                        Education and Learning                    Join In
     Nelson Tasman Business Trust                                                                                            Seafood
                                        Nelson Marlborough Institute of           Community Organisations                                                                    Sealord Group Ltd
     New Zealand Trade and Enterprise                            aboutnelson.htm                                                             New Zealand Maori Tourism                  Solander Maritime Ltd
     thelink                            Network Tasman                                            Nelson Wellness Cluster                    Tourism
                                                                                           Nelson Tasman Tourism
     Buying or Renting Property         Powertech Nelson                                                           
     Haven Realty                             Professional Services                                                        Baldwins                                   Tourism Properties
     Mapua First National               Fanselow Bell Ltd                                           Fletcher Vautier Moore Lawyers
     Motueka First National             Workforce Development Strategy                     Knapps Lawyers
     Nelson City First National         Mayors Taskforce for Jobs                           Regional Infrastructure - Air
     Richmond First National            Export                                    Nelson Airport Ltd     New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
     Stoke First National                                                         Regional Infrastructure - Sea          Foreign Direct Investment                 Port Nelson
     Home Ownership Education
     Commercial Property
                                        Nelson Pine Industries
     Richmond Mall


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