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					                                                    WebQuest Outline - Oil as an Energy Source

           Essential Question: How is drilled oil used as a source of energy and what are some      potential alternative sources to using crude oil
and refined oil products.

                      The Gulf Oil spill has been in the news every day for months. While we are all hopeful that the leak can be stopped and
            measures can be made to prevent a similar accident again, it is important to understand why companies drill for oil in the first place
            and how important is it to our way of life.


            The class will have an opportunity to review the “How stuff works” links prior to class. Students will be held accountable for being
prepared for class. Students will be responsible for paying attention during the video presentations during class. Students will be expected to
participate actively in the class discussions.


Prior to class, read/review the information in the following links:
      1. How geological oil deposits form
      2. How Oil Drilling works
      3. How a Power Plant Works
      4. How an Electric Generator Works
      5. How Electrical Energy gets to your home

In class, watch the following videos with your instructor:
     1. How a Coal Power Station works
     2. How an Electric Generator works

       - Write a short paragraph describing the transformation of energy form oil to electricity using the Law of Conservation of Energy.

       - In class, participate in the discussion.

 After this discussion, watch the following videos as a group with your instructor:
     1. National Geographic video link, “Alternative Energy”
     2. National Geographic video link, “Energy Conservation”

-      Write a short paragraph discussing one alternative source of energy (other than oil)
-      Write a short paragraph discussing pros and cons of energy conservation.

-      In class, participate in the discussion.

How stuff Works:

How an electric generator works:

How a Coal power plant works:

National Geographic videos (Alternative Energy, Energy Conservation):

            The students will be asked to openly discuss what they learned from the web links and videos. Students should be able to describe the
steps in the energy conversion process – stored energy, thermal energy, mechanical energy, electrical energy. Students should also be able to not
only propose several potential sources of alternative energy, but to also describe what changes would occur in the energy conversion process, and
discuss the pros and cons of using such sources.

                 Task                   Excellent                  Good                    Fair                         Poor
                                   Very well prepared       Showed good           Not completely            Little to no preparation
                                                            preparation, but      prepared
           Preparation for                                  some lack of
               Class                                        understanding
                                   4 pts                    3 pts                                           1 pt
                                                                                  2 pts
                                   Very attentive           Pays attention most   Good attempt but          Little attentiveness
        Attentiveness                                       of the time           easily distracted
        during videos                                       3pts                  2pts
                                   4pts                                                                     1pt
                                   Active, makes            Active makes some     Average participation,    Little to no participation;
                                   several insightful       good points           but shows confusion       shows little
           Class Discussion        points                                                                   comprehension
            Participation          8pts                     6pts                  3pt                       1pt
                                   Well written, shows      Shows some            Good attempt, but         Poorly written, poor
                                   understanding of         understanding of      poorly written and        attempt at proper
                                   key points               key points            shows some confusion      completion
         Written paragraphs                                                       2pts
                                                            4pt                                             1pt

            The main take away from this Webquest is for students to understand both the pros and cons of using alternative sources to oil to meet
the current and future energy needs of the United States. By using physics concepts learned in class, they should be able to see how energy is
produced and be able to intelligently discuss all alternatives.

Teacher Page/Standards
This Webquest covers topics required for the New York State Regents Physics Exam. Students are required to understand the following NYS
Science Standards:

II.1 When work* is done on or by a system, there is a
change in the total energy* of the system.

II.2 Work done against friction results in an increase in
the internal energy of the system.

II.4 All energy transfers are governed by the law of
conservation of energy.*

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