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Courses and events          Safeguarding                 Reports, guidance             People and               Other
                                                         and consultation              improvement

1. Artsmark (P,S)                                        4. Artsmark Application       8. HR Business Partner   1O. Low Carbon School
                                                         Information (P,S,SP)          Contacts (P,S,SP,N)      Pilot (P,S,SP,N)
2. Integrated Services
Training Programme                                       5. Changes to                 9. Teachers Maternity    11. New Contact Email
2012 (P,S,SP,N)                                          Performance Tables            Scheme (P,S,SP,N)        Address for Warrington
                                                         (P,S,SP)                                               Schools' Art and Culture
3. New Ofsted                                                                                                   Service (P,S,SP,N)
Framework (P,S,SP,N)                                     6. Headteacher
                                                         performance                                            12. NQT Handbooks
                                                         management                                             (Updated) (P,S,SP,N)
                                                                                                                13. NQT Registration
                                                         7. Important School                                    Forms 2011-2012
                                                         Census Data Checking                                   (P,S,SP,N)

                         School Phase Key      -    P = Primary    S = Secondary       SP = Special   N = Nursery
1. Artsmark                                                                                                     Audience: Headteacher,
                                                                                                                Heads of Music, Art, Drama,
Artsmark Approved Training sessions are designed to support Artsmark schools accredited in Round 8              Dance, Arts Co-ordinators
and 9 of Artsmark to successfully complete the Round 12 online Application Form by January 2012.

      Arts Assured Heads Training Letter                                                                       Action: Note Artsmark
      Artsmark R12 Heads Memo and proforma                                                                     Round 12 Approved Training
                                                                                                                Dates and Venues
Contact: Ann Brian, 07515 730712
                                                                                                                Due date: asap before end
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2. Integrated Services Training Programme 2012                                                                  Audience: All Staff,
                                                                                                                Headteacher, SENCO,
Integrated Services training is for all staff who work with children, young people and their families. Module   Teacher, Teaching Assistant
1 gives a complete overview of the Warrington Family Support Model, Module 2 concentrates on the
Common Assessment Framework (CAF), and Module 3 explores the role of the Lead Professional.
                                                                                                                Action: To book places on
      2012 Programme - Jan to Jun                                                                              any of the courses, please
                                                                                                                contact Anna Zammit by
Contact: Anna Zammit, 01925 443162
                                                                                                                email at
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                                                                                                                Due date: To guarantee a
                                                                                                                place on a selected date,
                                                                                                                please book at least one
                                                                                                                month in advance.

3. New Ofsted Framework                                                                                         Audience: Headteachers,
                                                                                                                Senior Leaders, Governors
The Learn Together Partnership (LTP) is running 3 briefing sessions on the new Ofsted framework on 10 th
November                                                                                                   Action: return application
                                                                                                           form if you wish to attend one
      Flyer                                                                                               of the briefings

Contact: Simon Moore, 01925 443158                                                                                   Due date: 21 October 2011
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4. Artsmark Application Information                                                                        Audience: All Staff

Artsmark applications were suspended for 1 year, pending a full review of the award. Further details for
                                                                                                           Action: Please note that
schools interested in applying for Round 12 of the award are now shown on the Artsmark website.
                                                                                                           further details with regard to
Schools should refer to the information stated on the Artsmark Website.                                    applying for Artsmark Round
                                                                                                           12 are now on the Artsmark
Contact: Janice Pounds, Arts Adviser, 01925 443290 / 07825 844065                                          website -                                                                        

Back to the top                                                                                            Due date: Applications are
                                                                                                           invited for the next round of
                                                                                                           Artsmark. The deadline for
                                                                                                           receipt of applications is 12
                                                                                                           January 2012

5. Changes to Performance Tables                                                                           Audience: Headteachers,
                                                                                                           Senior Leaders, Exams
Changes have been made to the contents of the performance tables due to be published in December           Officers
2011(KS2) and January 2012(KS4)

      Performance Tables                                                                                  Action: Note the changes to
                                                                                                           performance tables and
Contact: Simon Moore, 01925 443158                                                                         ensure the school has
                                                                                                            analysed data accordingly.

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                                                                                                            Due date:

6. Headteacher performance management                                                                       Audience: Headteacher,
                                                                                                            Teacher, Senior leader with
The government has signalled the clear expectation that in 2011 governing bodies will have the duty to      curriculum development
appoint an external adviser to provide them with advice and support in relation to the management and       responsibility, Governors
review of the performance of headteachers.

It will be up to governing bodies to decide who to appoint to provide this advice. The external adviser     Action: Governing bodies
MUST be experienced in performance management processes and/or accredited to undertake this work            have the duty to appoint an
either through SIP accreditation or other training.                                                         external adviser to provide
                                                                                                            them with advice and support
The recruitment process for an external adviser by the governing body should be fair, open and              in relation to the management
transparent. External advisers MUST not become involved in decisions over pay.                              and review of the
                                                                                                            performance of
If a school has subscribed to ‘Aspire’, Warrington senior advisers will be able to support governors with   headteachers.
headteacher performance management via the Mutual Learning Bank.

For this, schools will be able to request advice, guidance and support either from a named adviser (a
former SIP or current school’s link adviser) or a SERCO/Aspire approved external adviser.                   Due date: HT performance
                                                                                                            management to be completed
Contact: Barbara Dutton, Senior Adviser, 01925 442994                                                       by Dec 31 2011.

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7. Important School Census Data Checking                                                                  Audience: School Secretary
                                                                                                          and School Census contact
The attached document has been created to help identify any gaps or differences in data to help produce
an error free census return and to reduce the number of queries and errors that need to be resolved.
                                                                                                          Action: Please read the
      School Census Data Checking                                                                        attached document and
                                                                                                          check data in SIMS.
Contact: Deborah Robinson, 01925 442975

Back to the top                                                                                           Due date: As soon as
                                                                                                          possible in preparation for the
                                                                                                          School Census

8. HR Business Partner Contacts                                                                           Audience: Headteacher

For all your HR queries please contact your designated HR Business Partner:

Helen Ferguson:         01925 442945                                                                      Action: For information

Amanda Hopwood:        01925 442941                                                                                Due date: N/A

Sarah Whittaker:         01925 443871

Michael Wafer:          01025 442742

Contact: Emma Duddle

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9. Teachers Maternity Scheme                                                                              Audience: Headteacher,
                                                                                                          SENCO, Teacher
The Teachers Maternity Scheme has been updated with the latest statutory updates and a few additions to
make the content clearer in relation to who is eligible for OMP and SMP.
                                                                                                          Action: For information
      Teachers Maternity Scheme

Contact: Amanda Hopwood, 01925 442941
                                                                                                          Due date:
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10. Low Carbon School Pilot                                                                               Audience: All Staff

Information for schools about the launch of the low carbon schools service pilot program.
                                                                                                          Action: No Action - For
      Low Carbon School Service Article.
                                                                                                          information only
Contact: Laura Stanley, 01925 442615
                                                                                                          Due date:
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11. New Contact Email Address for Warrington Schools' Art and Culture Service                             Audience: All Staff

Please note from immediate effect any enquiries relating to the Warrington Schools' Arts and Culture
Service should be directed through the following email address
                                                                                                          Action: N/A
Contact: Janice Pounds, 01925 443290

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12. NQT Handbooks (Updated)                                                                        Audience: Headteacher,
                                                                                                   Induction Co-ordinators
Please note that the NQT Handbooks for NQTs, Induction Tutors and Headteachers have been amended   /Mentors & NQTs
this year. A copy is enclosed for your guidance.

      Headteacher Handbook 2011
      Induction Tutor Handbook 2011                                                               Action: For information.
      NQT Handbook 2011

Contact: NQT Admin, 01925 442949                                                                              Due date:
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13. NQT Registration Forms 2011-2012                                                               Audience: Headteachers
                                                                                                   NQT Induction Tutors
Please complete and return a Registration form and 10% Timetable Reduction form for each NQT
commencing a period of induction in school.
                                                                                                   Action: Induction Tutors
Please provide a copy of the QTS certificate for each NQT in addition to copies of any previous    should complete and return a
assessment forms completed.                                                                        Registration form and 10%
                                                                                                   Timetable Reduction form for
      NQT Details Form
                                                                                                   each NQT commencing a
      NQT 10% Timetable Reduction Form
                                                                                                   period of induction in school.
Contact: NQT Admin, 01925 442949                                                                              Due date: As soon as possible
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