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									                          TRANSFERS – IMMEDIATE
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            and guidelines.

                                    Office of the Engineer-in-Chief (Admn.Wing)
                              Irrigation & CAD Dept., Errum Manzil, Hyderabad

  Proced. No. Rc/ENC/C /8107-D/Transfers/2011-1 ,               Dt: 28-05-2011

            Sub : Establishment – I & CAD Department – PUBLIC SERVICES
                  – Transfers and postings of employees – Lifting of ban on
                  transfers – publication of list of Deputy Executive Engineers
                  to be transferred(Annexure I) and Vacancies(Annexure II) –
                  exercising of preferences-Reg.
            Ref : Rc/ENC/C/R/H/8107/incumbency/2011-2 , Dt: 16-05-2011


            In continuation to this office circular Memo cited, the list of DEEs
(both request & Long standing ) proposed to be transferred and list of
vacancies to be arised      are here with displayed in the Annexure – I ,
Annexure – II.

    (i)     Omissions / Inclusions/ Errors if any may be brought to the notice of
            the Under signed on or before 31-05-2011 for rectification.
    (ii)    The unit Officers/superintending Engineers are requested to
            intimate   variations of vacancies notified in Annexure II if any
            before 31-05-2011.
    (iii)   Suppression of information of candidates, noticed at a later date
            will be Viewed very seriously and action will be initiated on the
    (iv)    All the candidate shown in Annexure – I are requested to exercises
            three(3) preferences to the vacancies in Annexure II through
            email of encaw_irrigation @yahoo.com duly mentioning the
            transfer id issued to each candidate before 02-06-2011 in the
            EXCEL format shown below:
Transfer Name Date          Present place of        Option 1 Option2        Option3
id No.              of      working circle Zone Vacancy Vacancy Vacancy
                    Birth                           Id No        Id No      Id No

    (v)       Hard copies of the options shall be submitted through their
              Superintending Engineers, so as to reach this office before

     (vi)     If the candidate do not exercise any option, the candidate will be
              posted suitably, as per the requirement of the department.
     (v)      Any candidate can give the preference to the vacancies on MDPs &
              State Level Offices.
     (vi)     Only local candidate of a particular Zone can exercise preference to
              the Vacancies available in that particular zone.
     (vii)    In case of seeking retention under spouse case (Services of
              spouses working in State Government and Central Government
              and Government undertaking shall only be considered as spouse
              cases),candidates shall submit a service certificate issued by the
              competent authority. They should also exercise option for three
              places in the same station.
     (viii)   Options shall be exercised as per para(IX) of G.O.Ms.No. 93 , dt:
              14-05-2011 only.

              Therefore , all the Unit Officers/Superintending Engineers are
     requested to communicate this circular instructions to the candidates
     figured in the transfer list and submit their preferences.
     Enclosures : 1. Annexure-I
                  2. Annexure-II
                                                       Sd/- M.K. Rahaman
                                                  Engineer-in-Chief (Admn.Wing)

  To all the Unit Officers / Superintending Engineers.

              Please browse WWW.irrigation.ap.gov.in       and      also
              http//irrigationhrms.cgg.gov.in for upto date instructions
              and guidelines.

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