Intro to Family and Consumer Science Syllabus by 8tQO827


									                                       Gwinnett County Public Schools
                                       FCS Pathway Essentials Syllabus
                                        Peachtree Ridge High School

Instructor: Mrs. Bobbi Cox
School phone #: 678-957-3100

Course Description:
    Exploring FCS Pathway Essentials will provide the student with an introduction to the Family and
    Consumer Sciences Careers Pathways that include Culinary Arts, Nutrition and Food Science, Early
    Childhood Education, Teaching as a Profession, Consumer Services, Interior Design, Fashion, and
    Family, Community, and Global Leadership.

Prerequisite: none
Textbook: Applying Life Skills
Contribution: $16.00

Academic, Knowledge and Skills:
       Analyze the knowledge, skills, and practices focused on career pathways: Early Childhood Education, Teaching,
       Culinary Arts, Nutrition and Food Science, Consumer and Finance, Interior Design, and Fashion.
       Analyze human growth and development and demonstrate the integration of knowledge, skills, and practices of
       the caregiver-educator roles.
       Demonstrate food preparation and service knowledge and skills.
       Apply principles of food science, food technology, and nutrition and their relationships to growth, development,
       health, and wellness to support informed decision-making that promotes good health.
       Identify and discuss social and financial skills needed to develop personal independence and interpersonal
       Analyze factors (social, psychological, economic, cultural) affecting consumer and management decisions for
       individuals and families and how those decisions impact society.
       Analyze factors (social, psychological, economic, cultural) affecting housing and interior design decisions for
       individuals and families and how those decisions impact society.
       Analyze factors (social, psychological, economic, cultural) affecting textile and apparel decisions for individuals
       and families and how those decisions impact society.
       Demonstrate teamwork, leadership skills, and knowledge to become leaders in the family, workplace, and

Course Outline:
           1st 4.5 weeks            Careers
                                    Early Childhood Development
             2nd 4.5 weeks          Culinary Arts
                                    Nutrition and Food Science

             3rd 4.5 weeks          Consumer Services and Finance
                                    Interior Design
             4th 4.5 weeks          Fashion
                                    Family, Community, and Global Leadership
Evaluation Techniques:                                              Grading Scale:
      Tests, Quizzes, and Projects                  45%             100-90       A
      Daily Work/Labs                               35%             89-80        B
      Written Final Exam                            10%             79-74        C
      Performance Evaluation Final Exam             10%             73-70        D
                                                                    69-0         F

            It is your responsibility to get all makeup work in on time. Please refer to the Make-up
             Work policy on page 18 of the PRHS Agenda book.
            Classroom attendance and participation is very important in this class.
            All quizzes and tests will be announced ahead of time. Makeup tests will be after
             school. If you miss the scheduled makeup test, you will receive a “0” for that test,
             unless prior arrangements have been made.

      Materials: The student must have a pen or pencil, paper and a folder for work which are to be
      brought to class each day.

      Classroom Expectations: Rules in the Agenda book will be applied in this FCS classroom.

      It is the policy of the Gwinnett County School System not to discriminate on the basis of race,
      color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability in any employment practice, educational
      program, or any other program, activity or service. If you wish to request an accommodation or
      modification or to make a complaint due to discrimination in any program, activity or service,
      contact the Office of Internal Resolution, 437 Old Peachtree Road, NW, Suwanee, Georgia
                                FCS Pathway Essentials

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