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					HALLS 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
 & CONFERENCE                                                                                         X05
                                                                                                                           152                                 X03
                                                                                                                                                                               150                                                               HALL 1
                                                35 23 19 12
                                                1H11      1G11     1F11          1E11
                                                                                                                                 MAINS        5
                                                                                                                                            1C11      1C10
                                                                                                                                                                              1B10     1A11


                                                                 1G20                   1F20
                                                                                                             1E20                                   1C20


                  1J28     1H29
                                         104 107
                                                                                                             69 66
                                                                                                             1E26   1D27

                                                                                                                                            1C31                              1B28


                                         89 62
                                        1H34    1G33
                                                                                                             14 17
                                                                                                             1E30   1D31
   1J33           1J32

                                         116                                                                 95


                                                                                                                                 1D40       1C41

   103            1J44
                                         99 94
                                         1H44    1G45
                                                                 1G48     1F49          1F44

                                                                                                             68 61
                                                                                                             1E44   1D45

   125                                                                                                                                      98      20                                                                                              ENTRANCE
                                                                                                                                            1C49    1C50
                                         119                                            72
                                                                                        1F52 1E49

                                         1H58                    51

                                         123                                            1F58                        1D49         1D58
                                                                 1G58                   111                         100          101        1C59
   137                                             1G57


   1J61           1J60                   1H60                    1G60

   1J65                                                                                                                                                                                                                     45

                                                                                        1F62   1E65
                                                                                                             83 93
                                                                                                             1E64   1D65

                                                                                        1F64                                     1D78
                                                                                                                                            105                               77 81
                                                                                                                                                                              1B66    1A67
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    56 34
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1A65     1A63

   131                                                                                                       78 53
                                                                                                             1E72   1D71

                                                                                        109 87
                                                                                                                                                    38 33
                                                                                                                                                    1C70       1B71

                                                                                        1F66   1E73

                                                                                                                                                                                                  96 74

                                                                                        1F68   1E79
                                                                                                             120                            1C79                                                                   1A74

                                                                                        122 130

   110            1J80                   1H80    1G81            1G80     1F81
                                                                                                             59 71
                                                                                                             1E80   1D81
                                                                                                                                                    43 40
                                                                                                                                                    1C80      1B81
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 39 32 24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1A82     1A81     1A80

                                         1H84    1G85            1G84     1F85                                  1D85             1D84
                                         121                                                                 115102
                  1J90     1H91
                                                                                        133 1E89
                                                                                            132                                             63

                                         136 138 1G89            1G88     1F89
                                                                                                                                            127     1C96
                                                                                                                                                    108                       67
                                                                                                                                                                              1B92   1A91
   141                     1H99
                           140           1H92                    1G92                    92 85
                                                                                        1F90   1E91
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1A90               Offices
                                         114 1G93                         1F93


          1J100    1J102    1H101    1H102             1G101
                                     148 1H104 147
                                         149                                            Internet Café
                                                                                                                                                                      143                     1A104
                                                                                                                                                                                              146 1A102 1A100
HALL 2     HALLS 3 & 4                                                 HALLS 3 & 4        HALLS 3 & 4

                                                                                                                                    HALLS 5 & 6
         225                     224 2E154 2D150 2C151
                                     228 220 221                             2C150
                                                                             215                          2B150
                                                                                                          212                    OUTSIDE EXHIBITS
                                                                                                                                 DEEP WATER ZONE
         227                                                                                                      2A140    X60    & CONFERENCE
                                                        217                  2C140
                                                                             211                 2B140
                                                                                                 209              205      235

                           222                                               2C132               2B132
         2E141                                                                                   210


         2E129             2E130                        2D130                2C130                        2B120
         229               216                          213                  207                                  2A120
         2E125                                          2D120    2C121                                            2A110
         226                                            208 206
                           2E120                                             2C120
                           214                                               203
         2E121                                                                                                    2A104
         218                                                                                                      201               HALLS 5 & 6
                                                                                                                                 OUTSIDE EXHIBITS
                           2E110                2C111                        2C100             2A109              2A100
                                                                                                                                 DEEP WATER ZONE
                                                 202                         199               223                197      X50
                                                                                                                           234    & CONFERENCE
                           2E100                                                               2A101
                           204                                                                 198                2A96

                           2E90                  2C91                        2C90       2A91                      2A90
                           189                   186                         183        177                       173      X40
                                                 2C81                                   2A81
                                                                                                                                    HALLS 5 & 6
                                                                                                                                 OUTSIDE EXHIBITS
                                                                                                                                 DEEP WATER ZONE
                           2E70                         2C79
                                                        195                  2C60
                                                                                                192               166      X30
                                                                                                                           232    & CONFERENCE
         184                                                                                                      181
                           2E60                     2C61
                                                                                                                                    HALLS 5 & 6
                                                                                                                                 OUTSIDE EXHIBITS
         194                   2E54      2E56           2C57       2C55      2C50
                                                                             164                   2A49
                                                                                                   187                           DEEP WATER ZONE
                               188                                 185                                            2A44
                                                                                                                  168      X20
                               2E52          2E50       2C51       2C53
                                                                                                                                  & CONFERENCE
                                             174                                                   2B40
                               2E46      2E48    2C49 2C47        2C45

                               2E44     2E42               2C41 2C43
                                        178                                                                                X10
         193                                                                                                               230
                           2E36         2E38    2C39 2C37        2C35        2C30
         2E31                                                                161                                  2A34
                           2E34       2E32      2E30 2C31       2C33                                              2A30
                                                                                                                  155               HALLS 5 & 6
                                                                                                                                 OUTSIDE EXHIBITS
                                                                                                                                 DEEP WATER ZONE
         2E19                  2E24       2E26       2C27       2C25         2C20
                                                                                                                  154             & CONFERENCE
                           2E22          2E20        2C21        2C23
         179                                                                                                      2A10

                   2E02          2D07            2D05
                                 176              169
                Sales Office

                                                                                          HALL 1
                                                                                     & MAIN ENTRANCE
       HALL 4                                                                      HALL 4                                                                       HALL 4                                                                                   HALL 4                                                                                                     HALL 4                                                                         HALL 4

3E11            3E21   3E25          3E35          3E41      3E51
                                                                                       253 263 258
                                                                                       3E61           3E65
                                                                                                 264 261 265          3E71       3E75   3E81    3E85         3E91
                                                                                                                                                                       308 287
                                                                                                                                                                               3E105               3E111
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   294311 299
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   3E121       3E123             3E131
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               327 314334
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             3E141     3E145             3E151     3E155
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    319 322 348 328 336345
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    3E161        3E165     3E171    3E175     3E179         3E181   3E191      3E195          3E199
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      3E201                      3E211         3E221

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               293     303 312
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               3E220   3E230   3E240

         240                                                                                                        255                 256 259                      272                                            286                  295                 302                                      343           316                                                     324               331
3E10     3E20                                      3E40                               3E60                          3E70                3E80     3E90                3E100                         3E110            3E120                3E130               3E140                  3E150             3E158         3E160                                                   3E180           3E190                     3E200

                                                                                                                                        257 260
                                                                                                                                        3D81          3D91



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               3D221   3D231


3D10     3D20             3D26         3D30        3D40   3D42     3D46     3D48      3D60      3D62     3D68
                                                                                                                                        3D80          3D90           3D100         3D106         3D110              3D120               3D130                3D140                                                  3D160
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3D190         3D198
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3D230   3D240

                                                   3C41   3C43     3C47     3C49      3C61      3C63     3C69

                                                                                                                                                                                         3C106     3C110                                             3C136
         3C20                                      3C40   3C42     3C46     3C48
                                                                                      3C60     3C62          3C68     3C70       3C78   3C80                         3C100                                          3C120      3C124     3C130
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              318 346 270 274
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3C190             3C198   3C200       3C210

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3C230   3C240

                                                                                                                                                                     3B101     3B103     3B107                      3B121     3B125      3B131       3B137
                                                   3B41                     3B49                                                 3B79
                                                          3B43     3B47               3B61     3B63          3B69     3B71                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    3B199

                                                                                                                                                                                         3B106                                3B124                  3B136
                                                            3B44          3B48                3B64                           3B78
                                                                                                                                                        250                                                                                                              335 292
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             278306329 290                                                                                                                               342                                                           280 289
         3B20                                      3B40                               3B60                                              3B80           3B90          3B100                               3B110      3B122                                    3B140       3B144     3B148           3B150    3B158   3B160                3B164    3B170     3B176           3B180     3B190              3B196        3B200            3B210                   3B220   3B230   3B240

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3B120                           3B138                                                                                                          3B178

3A11                                                                                  3A65                                   H                                       3A101                             3A111
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      271                                                325       3B148                    3B156
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    3A161        3A167                      3A179
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      341 344

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                307    283
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         3A145                     3A151
                                                   3A41     3A45          3A49
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             3A141                                                                                                                                       3A199                                                 3A221

                                                                                                                                        244                   248
                                                                                                                                        3A81                  3A91                                                  3A121                            3A139
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             3A125       3A131                                                                                                                                                                                                                         3A231
                                                                                      3A61                                   3A71
                                                                                                                                                                                           3A107                                                                                   3A149                    3A159                         3A169
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3A163                      3A175


                3A20          3A26
                                            3A30   3A40
                                                                        262 254
                                                            242238 239247
                                                            3A44          3A50        3A60    3A64     3A68         3A70     3A74
                                                                                                                                        3A80   3A84
                                                                                                                                                              3A90   3A100     3A104
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      3A120     3A124
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3A130            3A140
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    279 332 288 313
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 300 305
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 3A144     3A150   3A154    3A158   3A160                3A164      3A170
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               3A174        3A180
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       321 304
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3A184     3A186     3A190
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              266 268
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                276 301
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3A200   3A204    3A210
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3A216           3A240

                                                                                                                                                                         X80                                           L1                                         L3                                   L5                   L6                     L7                                                    L9              L10

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Meeting Room                             Meeting Room                                                                   Meeting Room

                                                                                                                                                                                                   HALLS 5 & 6                                                                                                                                         HALLS 5 & 6
                                         HALLS 1 & 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                DEEP WATER ZONE
                                                                                                                                                                                                DEEP WATER ZONE
                                       MAIN ENTRANCE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 & CONFERENCE
                                                                                                                                                                                                 & CONFERENCE

                       4E31    4E33           4E41           4E51          4E61    4E71             4E75       4E81   4E83                          4E101      4E105        4E111           4E121    4E123   4E125       4E131      4E141               4E145       4E151   4E155       4E161   4E163     4E165     4E171     4E175      4E181     4E185                                 4E201    4E205    4E207
                       364             4E35
                                       376    368            370            374                     385        379             4E99
                                                                                                                               387                  407 440415                              423 454
                                                                                                                                                                                              435 429                               437                 463 441
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              471                       450 476
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          465                                            468 483                     4E195

                              4E30            4E40   4E50                  4E60                               4E80    4E90                          4E100   4E108           4E110            4E120                   4E138          4E140                       4E150   4E158           4E160                        4E170              4E180                      4E190       4E194     4E200
       Café                   360 382 4E38
                                                                    383 372
                                                                    4D49              4E70
                                                                                      375                     377378                                  456 408                                414                     479            428                           484
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                436                     443                          448                458                                                                                                 4E220

                                                                                                              380                4E89
                                                                                                                                                    433                                      4D127
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 4D131                                      4D151
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   477         4E196
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    413                     4E224
                                                                                                                 384 386

                              361 373
                              4D31            4D41                         4D61                                       4D85                                                                                                          4D141                                               4D161      4D169
                                              363                          371                                4D81                                  4D101
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        446                                                                        4D191       4D195

4D11     4D20                 4D30            4D40                         4D60      4D70                     4D80      4D90    4D94     4D98       4D100   4D106           4D110            4D120                         4D138    4D140   4D148                                       4D160                        4D170      4D178   4D180                      4D190       4D199     4D200    4D206             4D210   4D216
         355                                                                                                                                        396                                                                    470      424 475                     4D150       4D158
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        488 453     457 490                                                                                 451             4D220
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        4C184    4C189                         4C195
                                                                                                              4C84      4C90            4C98        4C104
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            472489                                                       4C202    4D205

                                                                                                              381                            4C99
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    422 474
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                4C155       4C156
358                                                                                                                     4C93                          455
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                459 466                           4C167              4B171
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     439    442 478 473 4B181     4C185
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    4C214   4C219
                                                                                                                                                                                             4B121      4C131
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4C200    4C201
                                                                                                                        4B91     4B95
                                                                                                                                        4B99                                                                                        418                         4B151                             4B169
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  462 449          4B191
                                                                                                                                                                                                         410 434
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                425                                                                                                                      4B201

         4B20                 4B30            4B40                         4B60      4B70                     4B80
                                                                                                              367                                   4B100
                                                                                                                                                                    4B108           4B110
                                                                                                                                                                                    393      4B120      4B130
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            4B136   4B140
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    411 467  4B148              4B150
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                412 469     4B158       4B160
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        427        4B164          4B168     4B178
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            481         4B180            4B190
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          445 485      4B198             4B200
350      4A21                                                                                                                                                                                4A121
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            4A151               4A159

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    409                         420                                                         4A179
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4A191         4A199
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       487                                                                  4A215
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        4A161           4A165     4A169

                4A20           4A24           4A40    4A44          4A50    4A60     4A70    4A72    4A74     4A80                    4A90          4A100       4A104               4A110   4A120                4A126     4A130    4A140       4A144    4A150      4A154               4A160             4A164     4A174               4A180              4A184           4A190         4A198   4A200    4A202    4A204
349             351            359353 4A30
                                              354 362 356 357                                                 365                     366           388 402 389                                                  431                403             430                                 417                 447
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          444                           432                 461                          482 397
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           391 406                                  4A210

                                      HALLS 1, 2 & 3                                                         HALLS 3, 4, 5 & 6                                                               HALLS 3, 4, 5 & 6                                                                           HALLS 3, 4, 5 & 6                                                                              HALLS 3, 4, 5 & 6
                                                                                                            DEEP WATER ZONE                                                                 DEEP WATER ZONE                                                                             DEEP WATER ZONE                                                                                DEEP WATER ZONE
                                                                                                             & CONFERENCE                                                                    & CONFERENCE                                                                                & CONFERENCE                                                                                   & CONFERENCE
                        HALLS 3 & 4
                                                                             HALLS 3 & 4                                                    HALLS 3 & 4

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             DEEP WATER ZONE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              & CONFERENCE
        5D21           5D23                                              5D65
        504             512 5D25 5D31
                            523 510       5D41
                                          514             5D51
                                                          517       5D61
                                                                     526 531              5D71
                                                                                          527           5D75     5D81   5D85
                                                                                                                        533 5D91
                                                                                                                            530             5D101      5D111
                                                                                                                                                       548                         5D121
                                                                                                                                                                                       549      5D131
                                                                                                                                                                                                550          5D135

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  HALL 6
 5D04                          5D30     5D40                      5D60     5D66                  5D70          5D80                 5D100                      5D110             5D120               5D130
                                        508       5D50
                                                  513             518 532                                                           541                        546

 5C05          497
 507                                                                                                                                5C101
                                                                                                                                                               5C111                                                 5C135
                                                  5C51            5C61                                                                                         545                                                   552

                                                                                                                                    5C100                  5C110       5C120                 5C130
                                                         506                                                                        538                    543         547
                                                                  5C60                    5C70                 5C80
                                                                  515                     520                  525
 5B09                                                                                                                                                      551
                                                                                                                                    5B101      5B111
                                                                                                                                    539        540

 5B04          491             5B30
                               493      5B40
                                        498                       5B60             5B70                        5B80     5B90
                                                                                                                                    536                                        5B120

 516                                                                                                                                5A101                5A120

                      5A24                 5A40   5A44     5A50     5A60          5A64
                      501                                  496      500           522 5A70 5A74
                                                                                      505 528                   5A80
                                                                                                                511      5A84
                                                                                                                         529 5A90
                                                                                                                             519             5A100
                                                                                                                                             534 5A104 5A110
                                                                                                                                                 544 537

HALLS 1 & 2
                   HALL 6
                           DEEP               CONFERENCE /
                           WATER              PRESENTATION
                          FEATURE                 AREA


                           6A41        6B41   6C42
                                              564    6C41          6D45



                   6A28    6A29        6B29          6C29
                                                     571    6D28
                   567     568         570

                   6A20     6A27

                                       6B27   6C26   6C27

                   565                 6B23   6C24
                           6A21                      6C23
                   6A14                       6C22
                                              558                  6D15

                   6A10                6B21          6C21
                   554                                             6D11
Exhibition Halls

 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5


                                   CATERING AREA
                   Your ‘Show Planner’ shows the search results from the product categories that you
                   have selected. These exhibitors are highlighted on the #showname# floorplan. You can
                   also find information on the opening hours of the event and venue information towards
                   the end of this document.


540) 3M UK Plc                                                                                         5B111

      3M - the innovation company that never stops inventing, because we’re passionate about making
      progress happen. Utilizing our global energy operations coupled with our local knowledge and
      technical experience of the North Sea, we harness the power of collaboration, working on ingenious
      technologies for the Energy Market today and tomorrow.

369) A&P Group                                                                                             4B81

      A&P Group has progressed from its traditional business of ship repair and conversion to providing
      offshore marine fabrication services across a number of sectors. The broad range of services offered
      in marine and fabrication engineering are setting global standards for competitive prices, efficiency,
      safety, environmental control and quality of work.

49)   a1 envirosciences                                                                                    1E43

      a1-envirosciences supply a full gas detection product range to the oil & gas industry including Gastec
      detector tubes, portable & fixed gas detectors and PID.

      Our wealth of market and product knowledge helps our customers meet their health and safety
      requirements in ensuring the safety of personnel and facilties.

156) Aberdeen City Council                                                                              2C20

      Aberdeen is a global energy hub with a dynamic outlook. Aberdeen City Council supports the
      development of this key industry sector along with exciting infrastructure projects that encourage
      international investment and market growth. Business opportunities exist for those with an
      entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach. Join us on stand 2C20.

25)   Able Instruments & Controls Limited                                                                  1E40

      ABLE will be showcasing the latest technological innovations for process measurement in the oil and
      gas industry. Our stand will include measurement and control solutions for: level, flow, pressure,
      temperature, Mercury hazards. New products include ABLE's v-Trakka valve position transmitter
      and details of our Multiphase non-intrusive flow technology.

46)   ABS                                                                                                  1B82

      ABS has an unparalleled level of experience in the provision of classification services to the offshore
      sector. Acknowledged by the industry as a technology leader, ABS offers practical standards for the
      design, construction, operation and maintenance of the next generation offshore drilling and
      production units, offshore terminals and support vessels.

479) Abtech Limited                                                                                       4E138

      With over 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality enclosure
      solutions for hazardous areas, Abtech has expanded the range to include lighting and cable
      glands.Abtech is your ideal partner for all your hazardous area requirements.

30)   Acal BFI UK Limited                                                                                  1C25

      ACAL-BFi a European specialist technical distributor offering a wide portfolio of embedded
      computing, electronic and photonics components, as well as value-added design, manufacturing and
      test services, across a broad range of technologies. Offering a portfolio of products allowing us to
      offer solutions which meet requirements within the most demanding applications.

154) Accura Measurement Ltd                                                                                2A20

      Accura Measurement Ltd provide turnkey test & measurement and instrumentation solutions to the
      Oil and Gas industry. A single source for all your test equipment requirements:

          q   SALES
          q   RENTALS
          q   REPAIR & CALIBRATION

29)   ACE Winches                                                                                          1H20

      ACE Winches is a global leader in the design, manufacture and hire of hydraulic winches and marine
      deck machinery for offshore oil and gas, and energy markets. ACE offers clients the total winch and
      lifting solution from project inception to design, manufacture, test, installation, commissioning,
      operation and ongoing customer support

182) Advanced Actuators Ltd                                                                                2E43

      Advanced Actuators has 40 years experience in acuator and control solutions, serving the oil and gas
      industry. The complete portfolio includes hydraulic, electric and pneumatic actuators, in linear,
      stepping or rotary formats. A multi disiplined team ulitizing the latest technologies will design and build
      the optimum package to suit the customer requirements.

484) Aerzen Machines Ltd                                                                                  4E158

      Aerzen – a global market leader supplying Roots type blowers and screw compressors for Process
      Gas applications. Oil-Free and oil-injected machines to ATEX and API standards, single and multiple
      stage compressor arrangements, options for various materials of construction plus drives,
      instrumentation and noise reduction techniques to suit specific application requirements

415) Aggreko UK Ltd                                                                                       4E111

      Aggreko provides critical temporary power solutions to oil and gas companies around the world.
      During shutdowns or planned or emergency projects, Aggreko’s DNV containerised or crash framed
      generators are available for short or long term hire. This is complemented by a range of loadbanks,
      multi-tap transformers and dedicated off-shore support.

132) Air Charter Service Plc                                                                               1E89
      A leading supplier of aircraft charters to the oil and gas industry worldwide. ACS has access to a full
      range of cargo and passenger aircraft to support your on-shore and off-shore projects, including crew
      movements, remote locations logistics, medevac, VIP, rapid response, hazardous goods, spare parts
      and vital machinery movements.

318) Air Products PLC                                                                                  3C190

      Air Products supplies total gas solutions to the offshore industry globally. With considerable expertise
      and market knowledge, our global offerings, comprising gases such as nitrogen, helium and diving
      mixtures, bring you improved quality and safety. Customers worldwide use our offshore technology
      for exploration, saturation diving, fabrication, production and subsea IRM.

251) Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services                                                                     3D71

      Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services, a Vp plc business, is a long established oilfield equipment rental
      supplier with a unique international base network. Airpac Bukom provides air and steam solutions to
      well testing, maintenance, pipeline dewatering and drying, product transfer, underbalanced drilling
      UBD, cuttings movement and LNG pipework testing markets globally.

42)   AJT Engineering Ltd                                                                               1G40

      A comprehensive engineering service is offered from AJT's Aberdeen facility, complemented by heat
      treatment and metal finishing services from their BHT and BMT divisions in East Kilbride and Port
      Glasgow respectively. Full details of the company's resources, including examples of our Cold
      Extrusion capability, will be available on the stand.

265) Alnmaritec Ltd                                                                                      3E85

      Alnmaritec specialises in the design and build of aluminium alloy workboats including workboats for
      the offshore oil and gas industry, crew ferries, RIBs, hose and line handling tugs, logistic supply
      vessels, patrol boats, wind farm support boats, oil spill response boats, landing craft and workboats
      for the aquaculture industry.

520) AMEC                                                                                               5C70

      AMEC is a leading supplier of consultancy, engineering and project management services to the
      world’s oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets.
      AMEC designs, delivers and maintains strategic and complex assets for its customers, employing
      more than 25,000 people in around 40 countries worldwide.

409) Angle Ring Co.                                                                                    4A141

      Angle Ring are the UK's largest steel bending & high quality welding engineers offering a large range
      of sections, pipe & plate curving facilities and drum manufacture. Plates formed in thicknesses up to
      200 and lengths up to 10 metres and pipes / tubes up to 914mm diameter

209) ANSYS UK Ltd                                                                                      2B140

      Engineering simulation software from ANSYS enables oil and gas engineers to create virtual
      prototypes and capture knowledge about equipment and processes. Simulation has opened new
      frontiers, enabling engineers to test designs for ultra deep sea environments and physically remote
      terrains without the high cost and risk associated with physical experiments.

506) Applus RTD                                                                                         5C50

      Applus RTD is an international leading provider of integrity services, inspection management, NDT
      services & rope access to the oil & gas, petrochemical utility & power generation industries. With a
      strong reputation built upon innovation technology, properly trained client focused employees.

206) Apply Altra Limited                                                                             2C121

      Apply Altra is the centre of excellence within Apply for process,technical safety with backing of
      Apply Sorco and other Apply companies, Apply Altra has a unique flexibility to undertake both small
      and larger projects. Services include multi discipline facilities engineering, Greenfield,Brownfield
      developments and modifications in cooperation with Clients.

477) AquaPower                                                                                       4E192

      Aquapower supplies water jetting guns, foot valves, tools, nozzles, controls and accessories for:
      Surface Preparation - Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting - Cleaning tubes, pipes, vessels, tanks – Safety
      Equipment – Stoneage Tools Approved Service Centre® – Turtleskin® - SpinCat® - visit us to find
      your safest, most productive, waterblast solution.

     Arcadion                                                                                4E141, 4E140

      ARCADION specialise in Offshore & Marine Accommodation Solutions. ARCADION provides a
      complete engineering package for all accommodation requirements from Design, Engineering,
      Procurement, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance. Whatever the need, if it is within the
      accommodation box, we can deliver an innovative cost effective solution. Come and see for yourself.

58)   Arrowdawn                                                                                       1C81

      Arrowdawn provides a portfolio of Cisco products, from IP telephony to data network infrastructure
      and security, with one objective in mind: making sure your business is communicating with maximum
      efficiency. Arrowdawn was named Cisco Scottish Commercial Partner of the Year 2010 and Small-
      Medium Business Partner of the Year in 2009.

565) Atkins                                                                                           6A18

      Atkins is one of the world’s leading consultancies. Atkins is uniquely positioned in the oil & gas
      industry having breadth and depth in process, subsea, fixed and floating systems, thereby providing
      true multidiscipline engineering capability. Our highly skilled teams are responding to the most
      technically challenging projects across the globe.

355) Atlas Copco Compressors                                                                          4D20

      Atlas Copco will be showcasing its latest compressor, generator and booster products, available for
      rental or purchase, and demonstrating its bespoke engineered packages for the offshore industry. For
      example, the XATS 1020, Zone 2, containerised compressor, an ATEX-zoned Z oil-free rotary
      screw compressor, and the new Hurricane B7-41/1000 booster. visit:

246) ATP Instone Marine & Corporate Travel                                                            3D70

      ATP Instone is the worldwide travel specialist for shipping and energy companies. We truly
      understand the complexity of moving ships crew. Together with our multinational buying power for
      marine and corporate fares, 24/7 emergency service and local expertise, makes us the best partner
      for your ‘mission critical travel management’.

480) ATR Group                                                                                       4D158
      The ATR Group are long established equipment rental and services company focused on the
      provision of tool, plant and equipment management services to the Oil and Gas industry worldwide.
      ISO 9001 accredited providing a comprehensive and responsive service fully compliant with the
      regulatory and certification requirements of this demanding industry.

15)   Autodesk Ltd                                                                                       1B60

      Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Customers across the
      manufacturing, architecture, building, construction and media and entertainment industries, including
      the last 16 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects, use Autodesk software to design,
      visualize and simulate their ideas. For more information visit

95)   Aveva Solutions Ltd                                                                                1E38

      AVEVA provides the world's oil & gas industry with best-in-class design, construction and asset
      management solutions for onshore and offshore facilities. Proven in the world's most demanding
      projects, the AVEVA solutions enable highly efficient execution, handover and operation of every
      type of production, refining and conversion facility.

234) Axiom Process Ltd                                                                                   X50

      Axiom Process Ltd have been manufacturing the AX-1 Shale Shaker™ and associated AX
      Screening System™ for the past 10 years and these products have revolutionised the performance
      deliverable by shale shaker technology. For OE 2011 Axiom introduce the next generation of
      technology to the industry.

350) Balltec Ltd                                                                                         4B10

      Balltec design, manufacture, test and supply the highest integrity mechanical connectors for the
      harshest environments. Boasting a 0% failure rate and with products in service across the world,
      Balltec have secured their place as the world leaders in Ball and Taper innovation.

202) Balmoral Offshore Engineering                                                                    2C111

      With 30+ years’ experience in syntactic foam and polymer engineering design, Balmoral provides
      global services from concept development through design, manufacturing and testing. Products
      include thermal insulation; rigid and dynamic riser buoyancy; ROV and subsurface buoyancy; cable
      protectors; bend restrictors/stiffeners; VIV strakes; riser protection guards.

270) Barr + Wray                                                                                      3C200

      Specialising in the supply of Pumps, Filters, Disinfection & Water Treatment systems Our Range
      Includes (but not limited to): Positive Displacement/Centrifugal/Chemical Injection/Air
      diaphragm/Reciprocating & Immersible/Submersible pumps Cartridge,Bag & Strainer Filtration
      Potable water & Waste Water Treatment systems for tank washings & oily water Survival training
      pool design & install

162) Baseefa                                                                                            2A60

      World-renowned certification body, principally concerned with electrical and mechanical equipment
      intended for installation and use in potentially explosive atmospheres. One of the most respected
      bodies in Europe for the ATEX Directive. Accredited by UKAS, a Notified Body for the European
      ATEX Directive and have global acceptance within the IECEx Scheme.

106) Bauer Kompressoren UK                                                                               1E49
      Bauer Kompressoren UK offers a range of High Pressure air and gas compressors including
      Breathing Air, Inert Gases, Instrument Air and CNG units. We specialise in the design and
      construction of Containerised units, either diesel or electric drive, and zoned electrical units. NItrogen
      Generation and boosting, air and gas storage.

64)   Baumer Ltd                                                                                          1A84

      The Baumer Group is an international leading manufacturer of sensor solutions. The long lasting
      success is built on high customer focus as well as the innovative and diversified product range of the
      four product segments Sensor Solutions, Motion Control, Vision Technologies and Process
      Instrumentation. Approvals include UL, ATEX, IECEx, DNV.

345) Beauford Engineers                                                                                  3E195

      Beauford Engineers specialise in the design, manufacture and commissioning of Technical Fabrications
      and Structural Assemblies. The company takes pride in its ability to undertake high tolerance
      fabrication work in a variety of materials to meet the exacting standards required in the Oil and Gas,
      Process and Nuclear Industries.

347) Belleville Springs Ltd                                                                              3B199

      Springing forward with a range from 0.1mm to 50mm The Springmasters Group, incorporating Valley
      Spring and Belleville Springs, is one of the leading and most diverse manufacturers of springs in the
      UK. Our product range includes Compression, Extension & torsion spring's, Disc Spring's & wire

542) Bodycote                                                                                            5B120

      Thermal processing solutions for the offshore industry Downtime caused by component wear can be
      expensive and time-consuming. Come and talk to the world’s leading provider of thermal processing
      services and find out how we can make your products work harder for longer.

556) Bowtech Products Ltd                                                                                 6D11

      Bowtech Products design, manufacture and supply market leading products to the subsea ROV,
      AUV, Defence, Nuclear and Leisure markets. Our Underwater Cameras, Video Systems and Lights
      operate in harsh, hazardous and underwater environments, to any depth. We supply remote
      intervention solutions for all oceans and harsh environments worldwide.

192) BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd                                                                 2A79

      BP operates at the frontiers of the energy industry. We use world-class assets, technology, and
      capability to meet energy needs and deliver long term value.

89)   Brady Corporation                                                                                   1H34

      Brady helps customers create and maintain safer work environments and comply with regulatory
      standards. Brady high-performance materials clearly identify products and assets even in the most
      extreme conditions. Brady helps identify people and enhance security by ensuring the right persons
      are in the right places at the right time.

84)   Brevini UK Ltd                                                                                      1D38

      Brevini Power Transmission supply a comprehensive range of gear units and winches that are being
      used extensively in the Marine and Offshore market. Supplying reliable and innovative solutions for
      Winches, Cranes, Cable Handling and Drilling Machinery. Brevini will be showing their range of
      products including hydraulics from Brevini Fluid Power.

169) British Valve & Actuator Association Ltd                                                            2D05

      British Valve and Actuator Association represent the interests of over 100 British manufacturers,
      distributors, repairers of valves, actuators and related products. We are a not-for-profit organisation
      providing a number of invaluable services such as in-house desktop exhibitions, technical and legal
      support and training courses.

168) Buchan Technical Services                                                                           2A44

      Buchan Technical Services, part of the James Fisher Group, specialises in the provision of rental
      equipment and day rate personnel for the oil and gas industry. The company's key areas of expertise
      include pump rental; powered umbilical reels; project management and recruitment.

33)   Buck & Hickman                                                                                     1B71

      Buck and Hickman are the UK’s leading distributor of Tools, Maintenance and Health & Safety
      products with a massive range of over 60,000 products. We have a proven track record of supplying
      leading names in the UK Oil and Gas industry many of whom are supplied from our Aberdeen

311) Bureau Veritas                                                                                     3E123

      From its Aberdeen base, Bureau Veritas provides its offshore clients with Independent Verification,
      QA/QC Vendor Inspection Services, Risk and Safety Consultancy, Asset Integrity Management and
      NDT services, HSE Auditing, Fugitive Emission Monitoring and Notified Body Services.

40)   BW Technologies by Honeywell                                                                       1B81

      BW Technologies by Honeywell develops, manufactures and markets gas detection instrumentation
      to protect personnel and facilities around the world. Reliable, technology-driven instruments provide
      cost-effective solutions for your gas detection needs. BW’s portable detectors range from zero-
      maintenance single-gas to feature-rich multi-gas units.

191) Caledyne Ltd                                                                                        2A96

      Caledyne Limited is an innovative service company, headquartered in Aberdeen, with an extensive
      Engineering resource. Products Ranges Safety Valves Isolation Valves Flow Control Intervention
      Equipment Completion Equipment Metal to Metal Seals Solutions Gas Well Dewatering Well
      Abandonment Artificial Lift Enhanced Oil Recovery HT/HP Geothermal Well intervention Heavy Oil

302) Cammell Laird                                                                                      3E140

      Our business specialisation is in the commerical repair, conversion, heavy fabrication and military refit
      market places, facilities include four dry-docks of up to 289m x 42.7m x 11.5m and 25000 m2 of
      workshop space including a 120m x 120m module fabrication workshop with overhead craneage of
      up to 260 tonnes.

118) Carlson Wagonlit Travel                                                                             1D78

      For more than 20 years, Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has provided a global network with local
      expertise to support the distinctive travel needs of Energy Services companies with: • Our specialist
      team in Aberdeen • 24/7 service • Safety and security through instant traveller tracking Contact CWT
      Energy Services:
296) Castle Metals UK                                                                                3D230

     Castle Metals UK: the global name for Metals UK, Loks Plasma, E Harding and Sons and KKS
     Stainless. Speciality metal stockholder and profiler supplying 52 countries throughout the world.
     Supplying a range of Stainless Steels, Duplex, Super Duplex and Nickel Alloys from stock with full
     added value processing capabilities in-house

181) Cathelco                                                                                         2A64

     Cathelco are world leading manufacturers of corrosion protection systems (ICCP) for semi-
     submersibles, FPSOs and offshore wind turbines. These systems are also supplied for ships ranging
     from VLCCs to offshore supply vessels. Cathelco also manufactures marine pipework anti-fouling
     systems to protect seawater pumps on offshore structures.

549) Cavotec UK Limited                                                                              5D121

     Cavotec MSL is a leader in supplying innovative power supply solutions that enable operators to
     improve their efficiency and sustainability. All design and manufacture of Cavotec systems take place
     at our specialized engineering Centres of Excellence with a strong emphasis on quality and innovation.

444) CCG Cable Terminations Ltd                                                                      4A164

     CCG is recognised as one of the major specialised manufacturers of cable glands and junction for
     industrial/hazardous areas. Discerning engineers recognise CCG's products for their time saving and
     safety features. The simplicity of the design means that whenever CCG products are installed, all the
     parts are correctly fitted.

291) CD-Adapco                                                                                       3D221

     CD-adapco is the world's largest independent CFD-focused provider of engineering simulation
     software. We have over 30 years of experience in delivering industrial strength engineering simulation.
     The scope of our activities extends well beyond software development to encompass a wide range of
     CAE engineering services in both CFD and FEA.

513) Centrica Plc                                                                                     5D50

     Centrica is a FTSE 25 energy company with businesses in the UK and North America. Upstream we
     source, generate, process, trade and store energy. Downstream we supply gas and electricity to
     millions of homes and businesses and offer distinctive ranges of home energy solutions and low
     carbon products and services.

261) CGTech Limited                                                                                   3E81

     CGTech’s VERICUT® CNC Machine Simulation, Verification and Optimisation software protects
     CNC machine tools against potentially disastrous collisions by providing a virtual machining
     environment for prove-out of post processed CNC code. VERICUT is used to increase the
     efficiency of complex 5 axis machining centres and Mill/Turn machines.

218) Chalmit                                                                                         2E121

     Chalmit is a world-leading supplier of premium quality LED, HID fluorescent luminaires for use in
     hazardous area, industrial and marine environments. To meet the demands of global project
     specifications we can provide a complete product range for both IEC and NEC certified applications
     that comply with all international codes and standards.
288) Chemical Injection Utilities Ltd                                                                 3A160

      CIU are specialists in all aspects of chemical metering. Standard and customised chemical injection
      packages are available for sale and rental. Authorised distributors for Williams Milton Roy pumps and
      Kenco Engineering gauging equipment. Elimamatic AODD transfer pumps available. Servicing,
      repairs, training, technical support and offshore personnel also provided.

522) Chesterfield Special Cylinders                                                                     5A64

      Chesterfield design and manufacture high-pressure seamless steel cylinders for offshore applications –
      particularly the ultra-large energy absorbing vessels in anti-heave and riser-tensioner systems. When
      revalidation for these vessels becomes necessary, a worldwide in-situ testing service is available, with
      full certification supplied, regardless of whether Chesterfield was the original manufacturer.

455) ClerkMaxwell                                                                                     4C109

      ClerkMaxwell, a Costain Group company, delivers feasibility & conceptual engineering, front end
      engineering, detailed engineering and operations support for projects in the upstream sector, including
      subsea, topsides and onshore. Costain, the international engineering and construction group, acquired
      the oil & gas engineering consultancy earlier this year.

6)    Coates Offshore                                                                                   1D10

      Coates Offshore is a leading global provider of offshore equipment rental solutions to the oil & gas
      industry. Our experience extends to supply and service of air compressors, steam generators, dryers,
      boosters, heat exchangers, sand filters and offshore engineers to the world’s leading oil and gas
      operators and service companies.

416) Columbia Metals Ltd                                                                              4C131

      Supplying the world with high performance alloys for critical applications since 1961. Specialising in
      Copper based and Nickel Alloys our range also comprises Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Titanium,
      Copper Beryllium in a wide range of specifications, forms and sizes. Trademark Alloys include
      Nibron®, Colsibro®,Colphos 90®, Coldur A®, Colduplex®, Amazon256®, SAF2507® and

73)   CompEx (JTLimited/EEMUA)                                                                          1D90

      EEMUA's CompEx is the world’s leading international certification scheme recognising core
      competency for safe working by electrical and mechanical craftpersons in potentially hazardous
      flammable or explosive atmospheres. JTL, the CompEx Certification Body, is approved as a UKAS
      Accredited Certification Body No 0270 for ISO/IEC 17024 - Competency of Persons.

109) Contact Singapore                                                                                  1F66

      Contact Singapore is an alliance of the Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of
      Manpower. It aims to attract global talent to work, invest and live in Singapore. Contact Singapore
      actively links Singapore-based employers with global talent and provides updates on career
      opportunities and industry developments in Singapore.

341) Control Valve Solutions                                                                          3A197

      Control Valve Solutions Ltd (CVS) based in Aberdeen offers clients bespoke repair, service and
      supply of control valves and related products including isolation valves and valve instrumentation.
      CVS is able to offer fast turnaround on workshop repairs as well as 24 hour mobilization of
     experienced valve engineers.

370) CorDEX Instruments                                                                               4E51

     CorDEX Instruments Ltd, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of high quality hand-held
     inspection & NDT devices for use within hazardous (potentially explosive) environments. With in
     house design capability, all products are manufactured in line with a BS EN13980:2002 registered
     manufacturing system, ensuring the utmost quality and repeatability.

138) CP Cases (Scotland) Limited                                                                      1G89

     Manufacture of bespoke flight transit cases and tailored internal foam insert protection. Amazon cases
     and racks. 19 inch rack cases and enclosures. Peli,Zarges and Hoffbauer cases sales stockist. Export
     packing and associated services.

379) CPD Limited                                                                                      4E81

     Market leader in the development of innovative technology solutions.‘iSurvey’, Asbestos Manager
     successfully utilised offshore and onshore globally. iSurvey has been developed with clients and
     industry experts, and fully complies with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 and the latest
     HSG guidelines. Emergency response management solution also available.

530) Craftsman Tools Ltd                                                                              5D91

     Craftsman Tools is a multi-award winning UK precision engineering company specialising in
     toolholding, workholding and sub-contract services and solutions. With world-class personnel and
     technology, Craftsman Tools invests heavily in both people and machinery to ensure it remains highly
     competitive and at the forefront of manufacturing excellence on a global level.

505) Craig International Supplies                                                                     5A70

     At Craig International Supplies,we have a highly experienced team of buyers and offer a bespoke
     client-specific, e-cataloguing system. With a turnover of £35M, we offer a diverse and flexible service
     from low-value industrial supplies through to large-scale turn-key projects and have storage and
     distribution centres strategically placed around the world.”

564) CRI Reels                                                                                        6C42

     CRI Reels Ltd is the international operation of Cox Reels – manufacturers of the industry leading and
     most comprehensive range of hose and cable reels. With its headquarters in the UK, CRI Reels are
     positioned to supply hose reels direct to Europe the Middle East and Africa.

411) Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd                                                               4B140

     Crowcon Detection Instruments specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative,
     reliable and cost-effective flammable and toxic gas detection equipment. The company was formed in
     1970 and has constantly led the field with products designed for safety and environmental monitoring.

489) Cullum Detuners Limited                                                                        4C189

     With over sixty years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of gas turbine acoustic
     packages, Cullum Detuners can offer a complete solution to both onshore and offshore installations.
     From detailed conditional inspections through design to final installation our products include
     enclosures, combustion air intake systems and combustion exhaust sytems.

553) Cutting Underwater Technologies Ltd                                                            5D135
      TS Tecnospamec established Cutting Underwater Technologies Ltd (CUT), headquartered in
      Aberdeen, with the mission to market and operate their Diamond Wire Cutting Systems worldwide.
      Today the CUT Group of Companies, the current market leader in Sub-Sea Diamond Wire cutting
      Operations, successfully operates from Aberdeen UK, Norway, USA, Singapore and Brazil.

308) Dassault Systemes                                                                                3E105

      Dassault Systèmes provides PLM application software/services that support industrial processes and
      provide 3D vision for entire product lifecycles from conception to recycling. The portfolio consists of
      CATIA: designing virtual products, SolidWorks: 3D mechanical design, DELMIA: virtual production,
      SIMULIA: virtual testing, ENOVIA: collaborative lifecycle management and 3DVIA: online 3D
      lifelike experiences

61)   Dean Group International Ltd                                                                     1D45

      For over 35 years Deangroup International have serviced Oil and Gas OEM, with automated
      manufacturing facilities specialising in the lost wax/investment casting process. dgi are NACE
      Compliant; 3.2 Certificate Complaint. Registered to ISO9001:2008 and TS accredited. Technology
      and Environmental award winning manufacturer in UK and China. Visit
      stand 1D45

74)   Deep Casing Tools                                                                                1A76

      Deep Casing Tools specialises in the development and manufacture of casing and completion tools
      that enable Drilling and Completion Engineers to land first time at target depth in the increasingly
      demanding wellbore conditions faced by today's Oil & Gas Industry.

22)   Denholm Oilfield Services Ltd                                                                    1C60

      Denholm Oilfield Services combines the experience, knowledge and skills of a number of Denholm
      owned companies working together to deliver high quality support to the oil and gas industry across a
      wide range of products and services.

538) Department of Energy and Climate Change                                                          5C100

      The Department of Energy and Climate exists to tackle the challenges to our environment, our
      economy, and the future security of our energy supplies. The Energy Development Unit promotes and
      regulates all aspects of the UK's oil and gas industry from exploration to decommissioning and also
      promotes UK Supply chain capability.

150) Designation Limited                                                                                X02

      Our product range covers a wide spectrum of layflat hoses for use in offshore, exploration and
      seismic drilling applications. Available in up to 12" bore and 25 bar pressures in non-conductive or
      anti-static properties. Lengths of up 200 metres maximum.

461) Dewar Brothers Ltd                                                                               4A184

      For further information please visit our stand.

166) Dialight                                                                                          2A70

      Dialight is a world leader in applied LED technology. Carrying five-year warranties, its products are
      manufactured to ISO standards plus many other third party accreditations, such as ATEX and
      IECEx, to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the demanding markets they address. These
     include industrial, commercial and hazardous areas worldwide.

114) Digital Edge Subsea Ltd                                                                         1H92

     Digital Edge Subsea Ltd manufactures a digital video inspection system for use in the offshore
     marketplace. The EdgeDVR is successfully being used within the oil and gas industry, assisting the
     ROV,diving and inspection teams on their various projects. We have a new range of products
     launching in 2011.

509) DNV                                                                                              5B51

     DNV is a global provider of leading risk management competence. We help customers safely and
     responsibly improve their business performance, and turn risks into rewards. DNV is an independent
     organisation with dedicated risk professionals in more than 100 countries.

282) DOF Subsea                                                                                     3D220

     DOF Subsea provides Project Management, Engineering, Subsea Construction, IRM, Survey and
     ROV services. DOF Subsea utilise a large fleet of 'owned' modern subsea vessels to undertake
     projects in the Oil and Gas, Marine Telecommunications and Renewables markets which involve
     complex and challenging engineering in an international environment.

163) Downhole Products Plc                                                                           2A06

     Downhole Products was founded in 1994 and is internationally renowned as the market leader in
     casing accessories and completion tools, including centralisers, reamer guide shoes and the very
     successful Pen-O-Trator reamer shoe.

8)   Draeger Safety UK Ltd                                                                            1B40

     Offering a complete global health and safety solution locally, Draeger Safety understands the safety
     risks for those working offshore. Visitors to the stand can see the latest safety technology whilst
     finding out how Draeger can help to look after personnel, protect assets and achieve both individual
     and corporate safety goals.

449) Dresser-Rand                                                                                   4B191

     Dresser-Rand is among the largest global suppliers of custom-engineered rotating equipment for the
     oil, gas, petrochemical, process and power industries. Our service offering combines our industry-
     leading technology, worldwide service centre network and product expertise. We offer integrated
     solutions that help our clients maximise returns on their production.

492) Dril-Quip                                                                                       5C20

     Dril-Quip, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of offshore drilling and production
     equipment that is well suited for use in deepwater applications. The Company designs and
     manufactures subsea, surface and offshore rig equipment for use by oil and gas companies in offshore
     areas throughout the world.

523) Drilling Connection                                                                             5D25

389) Dynamic Ceramic Ltd                                                                            4A110

     Dynamic-Ceramic is the UK's leading producer of Advanced Ceramic materials. Our components
     are used extensively within the Oil and Gas sectors. Their increased use is firmly rooted in the
     excellent erosive wear and corrosion resistance of our materials combined with our quality of service.
213) EagleBurgmann UK                                                                                2D130

      EagleBurgmann With almost 5,500 employees and over 60 international subsidiaries, EagleBurgmann
      is among the most successful seal manufacturers. The company provides seal technology worldwide
      for virtually all sectors of industry. The name EagleBurgmann stands for innovative technology,
      customer orientation and employee commitment.

57)   ECITB                                                                                           1F60

      The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is the statutory organisation, national
      training provider and awarding body with responsibility for the training and development of the UK’s
      engineering construction workforce. Acting on behalf of the industry, the ECITB works closely with
      employers to attract, develop and qualify engineering construction personnel.

321) ECOM Instruments UK Ltd                                                                         3A184

      The experts in ATEX certified rugged Engineering equipment. The ecom instruments portfolio of
      hazardous area equipment includes ATEX certified laptops, handheld computers, mobile phones,
      torches, laser thermometers and calibration equipment. Our range of innovative solutions can be
      tailored to fit a range of applications and budgets.

11)   Ecosteel / NorthEast Steel / Bridgeforth Engineering                                            1C40

      Rolled rings, open & closed die forgings, forged bar. New Chinese facility. New UK facility.
      ISO9001. China, steel

504) EFD Induction Ltd                                                                                5D21

      A total solution provider for all heat assisted applications, including shrink fitting, removal and
      replacement of bearings, sprockets, coupling hubs and power turbine shafts. EFD equipment is used
      for everything from weld treatment at spooling bases to overland and subsea pipe laying.Our mobile
      systems are well suited for these challenges.

550) Ekspan                                                                                          5D131

      Ekspan is the UK's leading Sliding Support specialist offering quality service - design, manufacture,
      inspection, installation and site maintenance or replacement work. We supply bearings for: Bridges;
      Ship Topsides; Oil Platform Linkspans; RO-RO Linkspans; Sea-Terminals and Pipelines to service a
      range of applications e.g. heavy industrial bearings in harsh environments.

131) Electron Beam Processes Ltd                                                                       1J75

      Electron Beam Process Ltd, specialists in electron beam and tungstan inert gas welding, Non
      Destructive Testing including X-Ray-level III status, Precision Machining-prototype and production.
      Offshore Europe 2011 will be EBP Ltd's debut event as an exhibitor, nevertheless, our experience
      within the Oil & Gas sector spans many years.

378) Endress+Hauser Ltd                                                                               4E90

      Endress+Hauser is a global supplier of process instrumentation, engineered solutions and added value
      services. Working closely with customers to increase plant efficiency, productivity and profitability;
      Endress+Hauser offers comprehensive process control and automation solutions in level, pressure,
      flow, temperature, analysis, data acquisition and digital communications throughout the oil & gas
471) Energy Institute                                                                                4E155

      With a global membership of over 14,000 individuals and companies, the Energy Institute (EI) is the
      chartered professional membership body for the energy industry. Promoting the safe, responsible and
      efficient use of energy, the EI offers a scientific and technical research programme for industry. For
      more information visit

186) ENERMECH LTD                                                                                        2C91

      EnerMech is an established international provider of mechanical services solutions to the energy
      services sector. We provide our customers with innovative and cost effective solutions with an
      uncompromising focus on safety and service excellence.

39)   Enhydra Ltd                                                                                        1A82

      Enhydra Ltd is dedicated to providing the best expertise for Oilfield Produced Water Treatment and
      Water Injection Systems. Enhydra brings to the market the most up to date technologies including the
      latest high efficiency Deoiling and Desanding Hydrocyclones, a revolutionary Compact Flotation Unit
      (CFU) and the ultimate Absorption Media PS-85.

143) Enviroco Limited                                                                                1B101

      Enviroco are one of the UK's leading waste management companies and are the leading provider of
      such services to the Oil and Gas sector. We offer total waste management, PSV and industrial
      cleaning, NORM treatment, container rental, offshore decommissioning, drill cuttings management
      and training and advice.

400) ESS Support Services Worldwide                                                                  4B130

      ESS Support Services Worldwide are market leading providers of integrated Catering, Hotel
      Keeping and Facilities Management Services Offshore. As part of the Compass Group Eurest have
      links in over 90 countries and representation in all offshore markets.

18)   European Springs & Pressings Ltd                                                                   1A61

      Manufacturer of precision Coil Springs, Flat Metal Pressings. Comprehensive stock catalogue
      includes Gas Springs, Circlips, Disc Springs and Die Springs. 2 UK manufacturing sites, supported
      by a further 19 manufacturing and sales facilities worldwide. We supply Aerospace, Automotive,
      Medical, Renewable Energy, Electrical Switchgear industries plus many more ISO 9001:2008.

470) Evenort LTD                                                                                     4D138

      Evenort has 5 products in the processing of Stainless and Nickel Alloys. Including, Flanged product,
      Bar Processing,Advanced Manufacture,Plate Processing and Closed die forgings to 750KG.

569) Exceed (XCD Limited)                                                                                6C27

      Exceed: a leading deepwater drilling specialist and performance improvement consultancy that
      delivers real results. Combining 1,000+ years’ experience, our “prospect to production” deepwater
      project management solution delivers well quality and data integrity at optimal cost. Our Performance
      Improvement service lifts performance through leadership engagement, teamwork, ownership and
      iVision™ visual learning.

207) Expro                                                                                           2C130

      Expro's business is well flow technologies and specialised services. We provide a complete package
      of services and products to assist our customers across the lifecycle of a well. Expro’s expertise is
      offered through: Well Testing & Commissioning, Production Systems, Wireline Intervention,
      Connectors & Measurements and Deepwater Intervention.

344) Extronics Ltd                                                                                       3A199

      Extronics is a leading global designer and manufacturer of intrinsically safe and explosion proof
      equipment. From our UK headquarters, we serve customers that work in potentially explosive
      environments, particularly oil and gas. The company has considerable expertise in vision technologies,
      engineered solutions and wireless technologies for the hazardous area market.

203) ExxonMobil                                                                                          2C120

      We were among the first to search for oil and gas in the North Sea. Since exploration began in 1964,
      we have invested some £31 billion at today’s prices in the UK offshore oil and gas industry. Today,
      we have an interest in nearly 50 producing offshore fields.

426) F.I Technologies                                                                                    4A215

      Suppliers of purpose built curing ovens, heating systems and VOC abatement plants. Utilising gas
      catalytic, infrared technology. Systems are purpose built and designed suitable for hazardous (ATEX)
      areas and non-hazardous areas. Suitable for a wide range of applications such as, Coat curing, space
      heating, ice defrosting, VOC abatement, etc.

487) Faro Technologies UK Ltd                                                                            4A199

      FARO’s portable measurement equipment permits high-precision 3D measurements and comparisons
      of parts and compound structures within production and quality assurance processes. Principal
      products include FARO Edge, CMM FARO Gage, the FARO Laser Tracker ION and the FARO
      Laser Scanner Focus3D. Worldwide, 10,000 customers are operating 20,000+ installations of
      FARO systems.

125) FAST CDI Seals                                                                                           1J47

      CDI Seals is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and processing of quality, high-
      performance oilfield seals, oilfield elastomers, packing, fluoropolymers, and high-performance resins
      for demanding applications in a wide range of markets. With manufacturing located in Texas,
      Germany, and the U.K., seals can be manufactured to any international size standard.

41)   FCm Travel Solutions                                                                                    1E60

      With over 30 years experience, handling thousands of crewing movements monthly, FCm Marine
      already works with leading worldwide Marine and Off shore companies. Our global presence,
      together with rates specifically sourced for the industry and our proven superior service means we
      deliver the service you need on time, every time.

     Ferguson Group                                                                                X40, 2E132

      The Ferguson Group employs more than 150 people worldwide through its divisions serving the
      offshore container rental and accommodation modules markets. The group, based at Inverurie,
      Scotland, has operations in all major global oil and gas locations to ensure the best service for its

81)   Fibergrate Composite Structures                                                                     1A67
      Fibergrate Composite Structures, Inc is a global manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
      products for industrial and recreational use. Fibergrate sets the standard for composite products with
      proven product performance.

279, 283, 290, 300, 305, 306, 307, 325, 329, 330, 333, 335)
      Fife Council
         Aisle, 3B158, 3B156, 3B150, 3B148, 3B146, 3B144, 3A159, 3A154, 3A151, 3A150, 3A149,
                                                                               3A145, 3A144

      At Offshore Europe 2011, Invest in Fife will be showcasing the capabilities and expertise of Fife
      companies across a range of energy sectors. Committed to quality and excellence supported by
      heavy investment in plant, equipment and training Fife's engineering sector is well placed to meet and
      exceed customer's requirements

252) First Point Assessment                                                                              3D80

      Established in 1996, FPAL was designed in response to an industry requirement for a centralised
      supplier management system and procurement service. Today, FPAL is the direct route to business in
      the oil and gas industry and aims to find the perfect supplier for every buyer. For more information

552) FisCal Instrumentation Ltd                                                                       5C135

      * Fiscal Instrumentation Ltd was formed in 2006. Our objective is to provide high accuracy flow
      measurement products and services to the Oil and Gas upstream Industry.

397) Fischer Connectors Ltd                                                                           4A202

      Fischer Connectors,a leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-
      performance connectors and cable assembly solutions. Known for their reliability, ruggedness and
      excellent sealing, our products are suited for demanding environments. They are used in high end
      electronic equipments in the offshore industry, sensor & test or instrumentation devices.

396) Flir Systems Ltd                                                                                 4D100

      FLIR thermal imaging is an essential predictive maintenance and condition monitoring tool in the
      process industries. Its scope spans applications in electrical / mechanical inspection / energy
      management / building maintenance through to gas imaging. FLIR will show new cameras in all
      application areas from entry level to the sophisticated.

167) Flotech Solutions Ltd                                                                               2A34

      Flotech Solutions are the exclusive U.K Distributors for Brooks Instrument Ltd and Brodie
      International. Flotech will be exhibiting Brooks Instruments high pressure flowmeters suitable for well
      injection applications. Also on show will be the range of Brodie double helix Positive displacement
      flowmeters suitable for many hydrocarbon and fiscal applications .

14)   Flowmaster Ltd.                                                                                    1E30

      Flowmaster Ltd. provide software solutions to simulate thermo-fluid systems quickly, simply and
      accurately; reducing cost, risk and downtime. Flowmaster’s powerful 1D Computational Fluid
      Dynamics (CFD) software investigates pressure surge & drop, flow rate, temperature and system
      response times, allowing users to troubleshoot and design out problems such as pressure surges.

198) Forsyths Ltd                                                                                     2A101
      Forsyths design and manufacture skids and modular units; large diameter cable, umbilical and flexi
      riser reels; tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and pipework; steelwork and fabrications in
      carbon, stainless and austenitic steels. Quayside assembly shops. We can also provide
      shotblasting/painting and electrical instrumentation. FPAL : ISO 9001.

501) FoundOcean Ltd                                                                                      5A24

      FoundOcean is the subsea and offshore grouting specialist for the global energy construction
      industries. Its primary business is securing structures to the sea bed by foundation grouting.
      FoundOcean also provides structural repair services for subsea and offshore structures, as well as
      pipeline and cable support and protection services.

210) Framo Engineering                                                                                 2B132

      Total System Supplier of leading technology in subsea processing, multiphase boosting, and wet gas
      compression, for the worldwide oil and gas industry. Our firm commitment to the industry, and focus
      on HSE are demonstrated through advanced facilities established for the engineering, manufacture and
      life-of-field support of systems and products we deliver.

343) Fuchs Lubricants (UK) Plc                                                                          3E158

      The unique demands of the Offshore Oil and Gas industry requires lubricant suppliers who can
      provide high performance specialist lubricants accompanied by exceptional levels of technical support
      and trained engineers - which is exactly what FUCHS Lubricants (UK) plc offers to all its clients to
      ensure maximum plant performance.

323) Fugro Group                                                                                       3D181

      Fugro collects, processes and interprets data related to the earth's surface and the soils and rocks
      beneath and provides advice based on the results. Fugro's local in-depth experience and broad
      capability is used to maximise its client's investments by providing comprehensive and appropriate
      solutions tailored to suit clients' requirements.

92)   Futurelink Group                                                                                   1F90

      Futurelink has been providing specialist payroll solutions to businesses and contractors in the oil and
      gas industry since 1996. We currently payroll more than 300 contractors in this sector every week
      and work with over 100 clients. Along with a specialist insurance broker, we offer comprehensive
      cover for all contractors.

446) GA Engineering (Scotland) Ltd                                                                     4D161

      Since 1992 G A Engineering has been growing its business and reputation by offering clients the latest
      manufacturing techniques allied to the finest craftsmanship, supporting a diverse customer base within
      oil and gas, chemical, computer, nuclear, medical and machine tool industries.

9)    GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd                                                                                1C30

      GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd is involved in the exploration for and production of oil and gas in the
      Southern and Central North Sea and West of Shetland area. The company holds around 50
      exploration licences (19 as an operator) and 16 producing fields located in the UK North Sea.

173) General Cable                                                                                       2A90

      General Cable is one of the world's leading cable manufacturing companies. Through innovation and
      technology General Cable is present in the development and evolution of society. With sales of over
      3,000 million euros, 47 manufacturing locations and over 11,000 workers we provide service to a
      global network of clients worldwide.

339) General Carbide|UK                                                                                    3E165

      General Carbide|UK finishes and assembles tungsten carbide trim sets for severe service valve
      assemblies. We offer superior corrosion resistant grades and our unique GenFixx mechanical
      assembly technique which provides a more reliable assembly method than brazing for joining
      dissimilar materials such as tungsten carbide to stainless steel/Inconel.

77)   George Fischer Sales Limited                                                                          1B66

      With over 200 years of manufacturing expertise George Fischer, manufacture pipes, valves and
      fittings, in a wide range corrosion resistant plastic materials with international approval for use in the
      offshore and marine industry. For hot & cold water, heating and cooling services in accommodation
      and catering areas.

216) GL Noble Denton                                                                                       2E130

      GL Noble Denton is a leading global independent technical advisor to the oil and gas industry. With a
      presence in over 80 countries, we help our clients to plan, design and develop, operate and optimise,
      and assure a wide range of assets, from seabed to city gas main.

346) Gleaner Oils Ltd                                                                                     3C198

      Gleaner Oils are your local link to total a comprehensive range of high performance offshore Shell
      lubricants and greases, specialising in supply lubricants for hydraulics, pumps, gearbox, ROVs and
      compressor applications. Gleaner Oils are UK distributors of the Oil Safe Lubrication System.

115) Go Health Services                                                                                     1E86

      GO Health Services is the brand name for NHS Grampian Occupational Health Service. We offer a
      wide range of clinical and managerial skills to support employees and managers in achieving a healthy,
      productive and effective workplace. We support employers throughout Grampian with fitness to
      work and attendance management.

200) GO Science Ltd                                                                                       2A120

      "GO Science is a mobile sensor grid SME company that operates in Exploration, Environmental
      Science, Defence & Homeland Security sectors. We supply clever technology services and
      innovative products to blue chip customers in UK and overseas, where we operate from signals
      within the medium, to information on graphical displays."

278) Goratu UK Ltd                                                                                         3B140

      Manufacturers of Geminis Oil Country Lathes & Lagun Bed Milling Machines, giving a
      comprehensive pictorial description of our products with references to some major installations in
      companies such as KSW Engineering, Glenrothes, Furmanite Areo, Dowty Propellers, Accura
      Group, NOV Downhole, Neptune Deeptech & Weatherford to name but a few.

382) Grampian Continental Ltd                                                                               4E38


303) Grampian Fasteners                                                                                     3E230

      Grampian Fasteners is a specialist supplier of bolting and components to the global oil and gas
      industry. We are FPAL registered / ISO certified and committed to making fastener procurement
      SIMPLE - offering a range of high quality standard and non-standard fasteners; customisable supply
      chain solutions; and fast, reliable service.

111) Guardian                                                                                                1F58

      Guardian design and manufacture downhole Cased Hole Logging tools. A full range of production
      logging tools is complimented by industry leading addressable release cable heads and other safety
      systems designed for tractor and perforating operations. With many tools unique to Guardian it's no
      surprise that they supply most service companies.

107) Hach Lange                                                                                             1G29

      HACH LANGE sets the industry benchmark for on-line analysis in the power industry and delivers
      best solutions in process analysis and quality monitoring worldwide. Products: Dissolved gas/O2/e-
      chem analysers, Spectrophotometers, Portable Laboratory Kits, Turbidimeters, pH, Conductivity
      Meters, Reagents and Samplers Brands: Orbisphere, GLI, Anatel, Polymetron, HIAC, Met One,
      Buhler, HACH LANGE.

27)   Hadar Lighting Ltd                                                                                    1D32

      Design and manufacture of lighting products for hazardous (Zone 1 & 2) areas and industrial use.
      World leader in development of LED floodlights for hazardous areas with specific reference for
      offshore and petro-chem use. Specified exclusively for Australia's Gorgon project.

451) Ham-Let UK                                                                                             4D216

      HAM-LET specialise in the design, development, production, and marketing of high quality
      instrumentation valves, actuators, manifolds and fittings, in a wide variety of materials, for high
      pressure, temperature and vacuum applications. An accent on quality, combined with ongoing
      research and development, has given the company an international reputation for excellence.

342) Hamworthy Plc                                                                                          3B196

      Hamworthy is an innovative, market leading, global company providing high technology products,
      systems and services to the oil & gas industry. Our solutions benefit offshore facilities engaged in
      every stage of oilfield development, from exploration and drilling to production and transport,
      including fixed and floating production platform and shuttle tankers.

211) Harris CapRock Communications                                                                          2C140

      With over three decades of service to its customers in over 140 countries, Harris CapRock
      Communications is the world’s largest provider of fully managed communications to extreme
      environments, including the energy, government and maritime markets.

517) Harrison Goddard Foote                                                                                 5D51

      HGF Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys and HGF Law form one of the fastest-growing, full-service
      intellectual property firms in the UK. The firm’s reputation has grown by providing clients with
      exceptional levels of service, commercial acumen and technical understanding.
70)   Haskel Milton Roy                                                                                    1J21

      Haskel offers the most complete range of models: Pressure and Flow on Demand & in Safety for a
      wide variety of fluid & Gas applications. Haskel is a global organisation leadership in the design and
      manufacture of high pressure: - air driven liquid pumps, - gas boosters - air amplifiers, - packaged

512) Hatlapa Marine Equipment                                                                             5D23

      All our products, such as deck machinery, compressors and steering gear, derive from our long
      history of activities in the marine field. With highly motivated staff that can make decisions quickly, we
      provide reliable quality; excellent service and expert product development, making HATLAPA
      unique in the market.

87)   Hays Oil & Gas                                                                                      1E73

      At Hays, we are the experts in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people across the full
      lifecycle of oil and gas, from exploration, project development and construction to asset operations
      and maintenance. Our clients represent some of the industry’s leading names, from global super
      majors to specialist niche consultancies.

319) HCL Fasteners Ltd                                                                                   3E161

      Specialists in Offshore Clamping Solutions. Smart Band Offshore Banding System. Suitable for
      diverse array of clamping applications including: - VIV Strakes - Riser & Caisson - Fairings -
      Piggyback Pipe & Riser Clamping - Cable & Flowline Protection - Marine Pile Protection - Flowline
      Buoyancy and many more......

255) Health and Safety Executive                                                                          3E70

      HSE's Offshore Division (OSD) regulates health and safety for work in the UKCS. We ensure
      adequate control of risks in the upstream petroleum industry and also cover upstream,
      onshore/inshore diving at-work throughout the UK. OSD want industry improvements made in safety
      culture, leadership, asset integrity and competence. Details at

466) Hempel Special Metals Group                                                                         4C156

      The Hempel Special Metals Group is represented by Hempel Wire Ltd and Hempel Special Metals
      UK Ltd. Hempel Wire produces Round and Profile Wire in Stainless Steel and Nickel based Alloys.
      Hempel Special Metals UK Ltd stock all Titanium, Nickel Alloy Round & Flat products.

383) Hertel                                                                                               4D49

      Hertel are a dynamic Industrial Services Provider, operating for over 115 years. Through our
      Aberdeen office we provide a complete offshore/onshore solution to our clients, from FEED studies
      and Accommodation Services to Fabric Maintenance, Specialist Cleaning and Access Solutions.
      Your success is our priority ensuring quality delivery with zero accidents.

456) Hertz Kompressoren Ltd                                                                              4E108

      Hertz Kompressoren Ltd, Established a UK Base in Bury, Manchester April 2009 and Stock from
      2.2kw upto 75kw Industrial Air Compressors with Spare Parts and Ancilliary Equipment to support
      our Centre of Excellence. We offer 24/7 Contact,5year Warranty, Nationwide Distributor Network
      UK and Ireland Pride ourselves on good Customer Service
45)   Hilti (GB) Ltd                                                                                    1A64

      Hilti provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Hilti products, systems and
      services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. The
      offshore and energy industries are covered by a team of specialists and engineers supporting your
      global project with local presence in more than 120 countries.

244) Hima-Sella Ltd                                                                                     3A81

      FPAL registered specialist independent designer and supplier of programmable and hard-wired
      safety-critical integrated control and automation systems: We will be featuring our HIPPS solution and
      demonstrating how we deliver Independent Control and Safety Systems (ICSS). Also featured is
      HIMax, HIMA’s latest Programmable Electronic System (PES). CASS and ISO 9001 certified.

467) Hire Torque Limited (H.T.L)                                                                       4B148

      We specialise in the sale / rental of hydraulic / pneumatic bolt torquing and tensioning equipment. We
      also offer calibration, servicing and repair of these products. Our portfolio demonstrates the wide
      variety of maintenance equipment we offer; ranging from bolting, flange working, cutting, lifting
      equipment and general hydraulics.

349) Hohner Automation Ltd.                                                                             4A10

      We manufacture a range of rig instrumentation. All of them can be integrated with our intrinsically safe
      wireless technology and software to provide a nice simple drilling package.

226) Hone-All Precision Ltd                                                                            2E125

      Fully approved to BS EN 9100, ISO 9001:2008 & SC21 standards, Hone-All specialise in Deep
      Hole Boring, Deep Hole Drilling, CNC Turning, and CNC Honing. Continual investment and
      improvement combined with a commitment to excellent customer service, flexibility and absolute
      quality, contribute to our ongoing success within the petrochemical industry.

60)   Houghton Offshore                                                                                 1A66

      Houghton International Offshore formulates and supplies, Motion Compensation, B.O.P and SubSea
      Control Fluids. Houghton products comply with all environmental regulations, many achieving the
      highest status. Houghton’s field proven products are being used by major Drilling Contractors and Oil
      Production companies, and include Stack Magic, Houghto-Safe and Aqualink SubSea control fluid

65)   HS Pipequipment (Aberdeen) Ltd                                                                    1B38

      HSP is a leading supplier of valves to the global Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries. We
      provide a total service for the supply of manual and actuated valves from our UK and Middle East
      offices to End Users, Contractors, Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors.

113) Huxley Associates                                                                                  1D87

      Huxley Associates Energy & Natural Resources division draws on its local and international expertise
      to provide specialised contract and permanent recruitment services to its global client base in the
      following industries: - Commodities - Oil & Gas - Renewables - Power Generation.

457) Hydac International                                                                               4D190

      With 5,500 employees Hydac is one of the leading manufactures of fluid technology, hydraulics and
      electronics worldwide. Our wide range of products, combined with our expertise in development,
      manufacturing, sales and service enables the oil and gas industry worldwide to overcome the most
      diverse problems.

293) Hytorc (Unex) Ltd                                                                                   3E220

      Hytorc has been trusted for 40 years, the world leader in professional bolting solutions, invented
      every major improvement in hydraulic bolting tools. In sales, rental, repairs, safety training. Our office
      in Aberdeen & Northumberland have the equipment and expertise to accomodate your every bolting

403) IHC Engineering Business Ltd                                                                        4A140

      IHC EB delivers tailored pipe lay systems and cutting edge subsea trenching technology. Projects
      include the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke systems including pipe lay equipment,
      trenching machines and handling systems. IHC EB’s scope of supply ranging from engineering design,
      modifications or upgrades, to complete turnkey integrated ship systems.

5)    IHS                                                                                                 1C11

      IHS (NYSE: IHS) is the leading source of information that shape today’s business landscape: energy,
      economics, geopolitical risk, sustainability and supply chain management. Businesses and
      governments rely on our comprehensive content and expert independent analysis to make high-impact
      decisions and develop strategies with speed and confidence.

71)   IMarEST                                                                                             1D81

      The IMarEST is the leading professional body for the global marine community. Activities include
      Professional Membership; Corporate Membership (Marine Partners); Young Members Network;
      policy consultations, advocacy, and expert forums. The IMarEST publishes books, magazines,
      technical journals. Organises technical conferences; provides accreditation or approval of company
      training and academic courses.

82)   imorph Limited                                                                                       1F80

      Established in 2005 and based in Aberdeen and Houston, imorph has global renown for its 'Brilliant!'
      training and change programmes in the maintenance and operations arena. imorph deliver training to
      multi-national oil and gas companies and work with technical training providers to improve the overall
      standards in technical training

196) Impact Fluid Solutions UK Ltd                                                                         2E69

      Impact Fluid Solutions specializes in the creation of innovative upstream drilling and production
      solutions for Operating and fluid companies around the world. Our portfolio includes products that
      reduce damage to producing formations by minimising fluid and pressure invasion and provide class-
      leading shale inhibition in WBM, OBM and SBM.

312) Impalloy Limited                                                                                    3E240

      Impalloy Limited are a global leader in sacrificial anodes. We have over 40 years experience in the
      design, manufacture, testing and supply of sacrificial anodes to a wide range of industries. These
      include: Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Shipping & Marine and Ports & Harbour. DNV &
      FPAL accredited.

112) Independent Data Services                                                                            1H29

      IDS provides secure on-demand “Software as a Service” applications for Drilling/Geological data
      reporting and supply chain services to the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry. IDS' latest release -
      DataNet2 captures and delivers data to unlimited users. Datanet2 covers the full lifecycle of the well
      and provides 24/7 technical support.

197) Infield Systems Limited                                                                             2A100

      Infield Systems is an independent energy research and analysis firm that provides accurate and up-to-
      date data, market reports, mapping and forecasts for the offshore oil and gas and associated marine
      industries. In addition Infield Systems provides market intelligence analysis, business strategy services,
      commercial due diligence and M&A transaction advice.

110) Innate Resource Management Software                                                                   1J81

      Innate, the resource management software company helps to optimize the utilization of multi-
      disciplinary resources. Alongside resource planning, we track time, costs, progress and expenses, so
      that productivity and cost performance can easily be measured. A well established business, our
      clients include Petrofac Engineering Services and engineering consultancies such as Atkins.

328) Inoapps Ltd                                                                                         3E181

      Inoapps is the leading Oracle Applications specialist and authorised reseller in the UK. We provide
      consulting and implementation and Managed Services for Oracle E-Business Suite,CRM On Demand
      and Oracle Technology products. Inoapps recently won Oracle’s EMEA Accelerate Partner of the
      Year 2010 and GB Applications Partner of the Year 2011.

353) iNPIPE PRODUCTS Ltd                                                                                  4A30

      iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ established 1984 produces unrivalled products in terms of quality,
      performance and delivery. By providing effective solutions we have gained a significant reputation
      with major operators and contractors worldwide. Our product range includes Pipeline Cleaning Pigs,
      Pig Signallers, Weld Testing and Isolation Tools along with an extensive hire fleet.

50)   International Energy Skills & Training Alliance                                                     1D80

      The International Energy Skills & Training Alliance is your central hub for energy sector training
      excellence. A unique association of both commercial & academic training providers, IESTA provides
      complete workforce development programmes and competency development solutions for the energy
      sector worldwide.

539) Interwell                                                                                           5B101

      Over the last 12 years Interwell has delivered the slimmest retrievable bridge plugs & straddles to the
      upstream oil & gas sector. Their range of other intervention products includes low profile gauge
      hangers and they utilise their HPHT engineering expertise to deliver solutions tailored to client specific
      well challenges.

309) Invensys Operations Management                                                                      3E231

      Invensys is a leading provider of automation and information technology, systems, software and
      services to the oil and gas industry. Our solutions are delivered under prominent industry brands,
      including Avantis, Eurotherm, Foxboro, IMServ, InFusion, SimSci-Esscor, Skelta, Triconex and
      Wonderware and used by 40,000+ clients around the world in 200,000+ facilities.

34)   Invest Caithness                                                                                    1A63

      Caithness is on the shores of the Pentland and Moray Firths and is the closest mainland location to the
      West Shetland. Our region's business strengths are in engineering and technical innovation. Invest
      Caithness is a comprehensive information service promoting the rich wealth of technical expertise,
      skills and key developments.

126) IOM Consulting Limited                                                                               1E88

      IOM Consulting is one of the UK’s leading independent providers of services related to workplace
      health, hygiene and safety. From our offices in Edinburgh, London, Chesterfield and Stafford, we
      offer a comprehensive service in asbestos consultancy, occupational hygiene, occupational health,
      human factors and health impact assessment.

124) Irvon Press & Shear Ltd                                                                               1J65

      Irvon have the largest steel and alloy plate processing facility in the UK, offering new possibilities for
      both UK and international fabricators and engineers. Our capacities in brief: Plate Rolling rolling up to
      170mm depending on diameter Press Brake 12.5 metres 1300 tonnes Plasma Cutting Latest Hi-
      Definition system offering bevel cutting up to 50mm.

53)   ITB Competence Assurance Ltd                                                                        1D71

      ITB Competence Assurance Ltd provides flexible and friendly training and Competence Management
      Systems support to companies worldwide. We are an accredited SQA, ILM, City & Guilds and
      OPITO approved training provider that can train and assess various Competence Assessor and
      Verifier qualifications.

137) J-Flex Rubber Products                                                                                1J59

      J-Flex Rubber Products is a market leader with over 25 years experience in the manufacture and
      supply of elastomeric products that Protect, Insulate, Seal & Repair. Supplying a wide range of
      industries worldwide including offshore oil & gas; power generation; utilities and renewables.

273) James Walker                                                                                        3A221

      James Walker® is a global supplier of sealing technology and engineering solutions for oil and gas
      applications. The company’s stand features new generation RGD resistant elastomers; Moorflex
      specialised metal machining and Moorside® API ring joints; RotaBolt® bolted joint engineering;
      Tico® pipework supports and vibration control plus Devlon® engineered plastic solutions.

54)   JCE Group                                                                                           1A38

      JCE Group is a global organisation specialising in the design & manufacture of high quality,
      internationally approved Ex control systems for applications in hazardous & non-hazardous areas.
      From its various manufacturing facilities we build, install and commission simple junction boxes to
      complex control projects, meeting customer's specific requirements. E: W: Stand 1A38

548) JD Neuhaus Limited                                                                                  5D111

      J D Neuhaus are recognised globally as a dedicated provider of lifting solutions in the harshest
      environments for over 265 years. From our new facility in Aberdeen and strategically positioned
      locations worldwide, JDN provide sales, service and rental packages to industry with particular
      emphasis on oil and gas related activities.

495) Jet-Lube (UK)                                                                                        5A05

      Founded in 1949, Jet-Lube is the premier manufacturer of high quality oilfield thread compounds,
     valve lubricants/sealants, and specialist greases and anti-seizes. From our industry leading Kop’r-
     Kote thread compound, to our “E” and “Yellow” rated award winning environmentally friendly
     biodegradable ECF family of products, Jet-Lube is the one to call.

448) Jetstream Europe Ltd                                                                             4E170

     Jetstream Europe is your waterblast solutions provider, offering Jetstream high pressure water pumps
     and spares. We are a European distributor for Stoneage parts. We offer rental services in the UK
     and Germany.

100) John Bell Pipeline Equipment Company Ltd                                                          1D49

     John Bell Pipeline Equipment Co. Ltd, based at Inverurie, is a stockist of Scotland's largest range of
     pipes, fittings, flanges & valves. In addition to this, our composites division, JBP Structured
     Composites supplies and installs GRP access products to the most harsh & corrosive environments.

159) John Crane UK Ltd                                                                                 2B40

     John Crane is a global leader in design, development and manufacture of products and services for
     the world’s energy markets. Providing a complete selection of seals and fluid control systems, an
     expanding range of bearings, filters and couplings, supported by global sales and service network.

195) Jotun                                                                                             2C79

     Jotun is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance coatings for offshore and subsea
     structures, support vessels, drilling rigs and FPSOs. Specialities are corrosion protection and passive
     fire protection of steel.Providing an extensive range of proven high quality products based on many
     years experience and knowledge.

363) Kardex Systems (UK) Limited                                                                       4D41

     Kardex will be showcasing their hugely popular Shuttle XP with Pick-To-Light technology and
     PowerPick software. Kardex’s products achieve: • Up to 90% floor space savings • Stock accuracy
     levels of up to 99.9% • 400% improvements in productivity • 99% accuracy in pick rates • 80%
     reduction in physical activity

171) Keltec                                                                                            2E31

     Keltec People, a worldwide provider of personnel to the oil and gas industry, equipped with intimate
     industry knowledge, recruiting from expansive and proven networks. Our areas of recruitment
     expertise include: • Drilling, Completion and Well Intervention • Subsurface • Subsea • HSEQ •
     Supply Chain Management • Project Services • EPC, Operations and Maintenance

510) Kelvin TOP-SET                                                                                    5D31

     Kelvin TOP-SET offers world–leading incident investigation courses, software and investigation
     services. The TOP-SET system can be used to investigate incidents of any size in any location and
     produces consistent results every time. Kelvin TOP-SET helps organisations improve safety
     performance, learn from past incidents and ultimately increase overall corporate profitability.

386) Kluber Lubrication GB Ltd                                                                         4E89

     Speciality lubricants: development, consulting, sales and service worldwide. The product portfolio for
     the marine and offshore industries comprises oils, greases, high-performance compressors fluids, as
     well as readily biodegradable lubricants for propellers and thrusters; cranes, winches and deck
     equipment- all supported by the enhanced KluberServiceSystem.
183) Kongsberg Maritime Ltd                                                                             2C90

      Global source of marine and offshore electronics Kongsberg Maritime delivers systems for
      positioning, surveying, navigation and automation to merchant vessels/offshore installations. We are a
      market leader in dynamic positioning systems, automation and surveillance systems, process
      automation, satellite navigation and hydroacoustics. Important markets include countries with large
      offshore/shipyard industries

348) Kopex-Ex                                                                                          3E179

      Kopex-Ex part of Thomas and Betts manufacture and supply electrical conduit systems, glands,
      stopping plugs, thread converters, and accessories to the hazardous area markets including: Mining
      Oil and Gas Kopex-Ex products are truly global approved to world standards including
      ATEX/UL/IECEx, and CSA, for Exe, Exd, Extb applications

274) Krohne Ltd                                                                                       3C210

      KROHNE designs and supplies products, systems and engineering services to the measurement,
      metering and monitoring sector of the Oil and Gas industry, from design and engineering to start-up
      and commissioning. We provide complete integrated flowmetering systems using any desired
      technology, complete with instrumentation, piping, sampling systems, supervisories, and meter

38)   L&N (Scotland) Ltd.                                                                               1C70

      L&N is an engineering company ideally located in Aberdeen to service the Oil & Gas industry. We
      offer a comprehensive range of products/services including: Subsea Control Services, Weld Cladding,
      Valve & Actuator Supply and Fabrication Services. New for OE 2011: Control Line Routing
      Services Welding Development and Inspection Services

338) Lamerholm Electronics Ltd.                                                                       3D246

      Lamerholm Electronics vast experience of damage deterrent equipment, and its ShockLog brand, has
      revolutionised self-contained shock and vibration data recording instruments. The launch of the new
      ATEX, IECEx and CSA class1 and Zone1 approved ShockLog provides essential monitoring and
      control of critical environmental factors for the oil and gas industry.

398) Langley Alloys Ltd                                                                               4A121

      Langley Alloys is a manufacturer and stockholder of a family of superior strength, high corrosion
      resistant materials. These include the leading superduplex stainless steel, FERRALIUM 255-SD50,
      and the MONEL nickel alloys. Copper alloys include HIDURON high strength cupronickels, and
      HIDUREL and HIDURAX bronzes. Product forms available are bar and forgings.

146) Lapmaster International Ltd                                                                      1A104

      For a better finish start with Lapmaster. Leaders in the manufacture of single and dual face lapping,
      polishing, fine grinding machines and bore honing and special purpose machines. Lapmaster also offer
      a comprehensive range of Spares and Consumables, Servicing, training, contract lapping and
      polishing services.

481) Laser Cladding Technology Ltd                                                                     4B178

      A Technogenia joint venture company specialising in the application of patented Spherical Tungsten
      Carbide particles to extend the life of parts subject to extreme wear conditions. Laser application of a
      variety of materials to protect against corrosion & erosion and refurbishment / rebuild of worn parts
      back to original specification.

52)   LeBus International Engineers Ltd                                                                1E52

      LeBus is an internationally renowned company that specialises in the design and manufacture of
      grooved drums/sleeves, spooling systems and purpose built deck machinery for use in the offshore
      and marine industries. Products include R.O.V. Handling Systems, Umbilical Spoolers, LARS
      Winches, Subsea Intervention System Reelers and General Lifting Equipment.

122) Link Associates International                                                                     1F68

      LINK is widely acknowledged as a specialist training and consultancy provider for the Oil and Gas
      sector. We provide a range of courses including the assessment of OIMs and deputies to OPITO
      standards. Our associates use their extensive offshore experience to customise simulation exercise
      programmes that meet client requirements.

199) Lloyd's Register                                                                                 2C100

      We provide independent technical and business assurance to companies operating high-risk, capital-
      intensive assets in the energy and transportation sectors. We work to enhance the safety of life,
      property and the environment by helping our clients to ensure the quality construction and operation
      of critical infrastructure.

225) Locker Heatshielding Ltd                                                                         2E151

      World Leaders in the Design and Manufacture of Heatshielding, Weather shields and Flare Deck
      panels with over 75,000m² installed worldwide. All panels are bespoke and can be made into any
      shape to suit the application. Other Products include cable tray protection, Window Guards, Woven
      Wire Cloth and Filters.

490) Lyngsøe Rainwear ApS                                                                             4D199

      Lyngsøe Rainwear Aps have been producing high quality rainwear since 1999 and their garments
      used extensively in the European Oil & Gas markets. They are proud to showcase their new range of
      FR & Antistatic Rainwear at Offshore Europe 2011, all of which are certified to new standard

391) M P FILTRI UK LTD                                                                                4A200

      MP Filtri has more than 45 years experience in the hydraulic filtration market. They supply a range of
      filtration, and accessory products worldwide. MP Filtri UK is the condition-monitoring wing of the
      group, designing and manufacturing quality instrumentation for industry. Market sectors include
      Offshore, Aerospace, Renewable Energy and BioFuel.

142) Macaulay Scientific Consulting Limited                                                           1A100

      Macaulay Scientific Consulting Ltd provides a comprehensive range of analytical laboratory and
      scientific services to industry with emphasis on the oil and gas sector to which we supply bespoke
      solutions to meet the challenges of unforgiving reservoirs, optimising production processes and
      monitoring waste emissions through exploration, production and decommissioning phases.

284) Macdermid Offshore Solutions                                                                     3E201

      MacDermid Offshore solutions have been supplying Subsea Production Control Fluids, BOP fluids
      and Motion Compensator fluids to the offshore oil and gas industry for over 25 years. As the market
      leader, The Oceanic and Erifon fluids offer the best balance between technical and environmental
      solutions for hydraulic operations offshore.

177) Maersk Drilling                                                                                     2A91

      Maersk Drilling provides high efficiency drilling services world-wide. The fleet includes jack-ups,
      deepwater semi-subs and barges. Strongly focussed on advanced engineering, our in-house
      specialists develop newbuildings and modify existing units to ensure that our equipment matches our
      customers’ needs. We strive to always be at the forefront of technological development.

422) Maher Ltd                                                                                         4C141

      Maher Ltd is a steel stockholder specialising in high-strength, high-performance alloys. Maher holds a
      range of nickel and copper based alloys, maraging steels, titanium and PH grades. Product forms
      supplied include bar, billet, plate and forgings. In-house NDT testing and first stage machining are also
      available at short lead times.

21)   Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)                                         1G20

          q   MATRADE is the principle government agency responsible for promoting the exports of
              Malaysian manufactured and semi-manufactured products and services.
          q   Services include: Providing information on Malaysian products and services available for
              export, organizing business matching and facilitating visits of foreign buying missions and
              individual foreign buyers into Malaysia.

248) Marex Marine and Safety Services                                                                    3A91

      Global market leader in safety cases for the offshore drilling industry. The multi-disciplined team of
      master mariners, chief engineers, mathematicians, risk and safety engineers carry out ship/rig auditing,
      accident investigation, bow tie risk assessment, marine consultancy, SMS, rig moves and technical
      authorship of manuals for offshore and on vessels worldwide.

127) Marine Technical Limits                                                                             1C99

      MTL is the specialist FPSO integrity and repair management company, providing stuctural integrity
      management, on-station FPSO repair and naval architectural solutions. MTL's extensive experience
      of FPSO structural and marine issues allows it to develop innovative solutions, tailored to meet both
      your short- and long-term business needs.

13)   Master Flo Valve Co (UK) Ltd.                                                                      1E20

      Master Flo Valve designs and manufactures choke valves and specialty control valves for both
      surface and subsea applications. Master Flo's choke valve design is ideal for any production, injection
      or dump applications where product performance and valve reliability are crucial.

90)   MASTER LOCK Europe S.A.S                                                                           1J41

      Master Lock provides a full range of safety equipment to help prevent accidents during maintenance
      and repair. The Safety Series lockout and tagout products are designed to perform the highest
      standards of protection that keep workers safe at work.

157) Matchtech                                                                                           2A40

      Matchtech are a technical and professional recruitment company providing a high quality employment
      service for contract, temporary and permanent jobs. Matchtech’s Oil & Gas team are a market
     leader with over 20 years of experience working in association with Operators, Contractors and
     Service Companies providing a professional and reliable service.

368) Materion Brush Performance Alloys                                                                 4E41

     Materion Brush Performance Alloys (formerly Brush Wellman Inc.) manufactures high strength, non-
     magnetic, corrosion resistant copper based alloys including Brush Alloy 25 (Copper Beryllium) and
     ToughMet (CuNiSn spinodal alloys),with excellent bearing performance. Product forms include
     rod/bar/tube, honed instrument housings, drill collars, subs, custom forgings, complex near-net-shape
     castings and finished components.

473) Maxon Motor UK Ltd                                                                              4C194

     maxon motor are a market leading manufacturer of dc motors, brushless motors, gear heads and
     electronic motor controllers. maxon have developed a heavy duty 240watt motor to run in
     temperatures up to 200 degC and pressures up to 1700bar which is ideal for the oil and gas industry.

419) MB Air Systems Ltd                                                                              4D220

     mb air systems ltd serving the Aberdeen Oil & Gas Industry for almost 40 Years We specialise in
     Compressed Air, Industrial & Offshore Lifting, Power Tools, Pneumatics and Product Finishing
     Systems. Introducing our Zone II compressed air system, designed and built for the oil & gas and
     offshore industry.

237) McNair Engineering Limited                                                                       3A30

     Manufacture and Refurbishment of all types of Rig Skidding and BOP Handling Systems.
     Manufacture of Hurricane/Typhoon Lock Down Systems.World Wide Service.Specialist Turbine
     Grinding Facilities. Long Shaft Turning and Grinding.

533) McNulty Group Holdings Ltd                                                                       5D85

     Leaders in the Design, Procurement, Construction and Hook up of Offshore Jackets,Topsides and
     Modular Buildings. McNulty Group companies' experience includes FPSO's, Process Modules,
     Subsea Structures, PAU's and PAR's, and Accommodation Units. Situated in Aberdeen and
     Newcastle McNulty Group offers ready access to the North Sea and wider global markets.

322) Metool Products Ltd                                                                             3E171

     Metool is one of the worlds major companies for drag chain solutions, cable chain and complete
     assemblies for platforms, material handling and automation applications. Servicing the industry for
     over 40 Years, as part of Tsubaki Kabelschlepp we offer world wide support.

155) Michell Instruments                                                                              2A30

     Michell Instruments brings more than 35 years experience to the field of instrumentation and control.
     Michell’s process analysers measure moisture levels in gas or liquids and hydrocarbon dew point in
     natural gas. The new range of Oxygen analysers suit applications from monitoring blanketing gas to
     combustion efficiency.

285) Milltech Precision Engineering Ltd                                                              3A241

     Specialised CNC machining and assembly sub-contractors with particular expertise in topside and
     subsea valves and manifolds.

130) Mines Rescue Marine                                                                               1E79
      Mines Rescue Marine is the nations leading authority on enclosed spaces. A new series of training
      courses have been designed specifically for the marine, offshore and oil and gas Industry as well as
      establishing an equipment and consultative service. Our website has
      a full listing of available services.

327) Mo and Co                                                                                        3E145

      Mo and Co is a leading provider of Personal Protective Equipment, Leisurewear and Promotional
      Items. In-house facilities such as embroidery, heat-sealing & badging ensure a fast and efficient
      service second to none. Our dedicated staff provides a high standard of workmanship and we never
      compromise on quality or our integrity.

47)   MSA (Britain) Ltd                                                                                1H40

      MSA (Britain) Ltd. a leader in the Safety and Gas Detection field. Our range includes one of the
      widest selections of Gas and Fire Detection Systems available, for use in multiple industries and
      applications. We are dedicated to delivering Sales & Service to the hightest levels of quality and

570) MSCM Limited                                                                                          6B29

      Design and manufacture of offshore hydraulic distribution equipment supplied to the subsea controls
      and wellhead vendors. Products: ROV Stabplates,Umbilical termination heads,Hydraulic Flying
      leads,Hydraulic couplings,ROV Mono couplings,Gas lift/Methanol couplings, Directional control
      valves,Shuttle valves,Block & Bleed valve Manifold assemblies and In line Check valves.

421) MTL Group Limited                                                                                4C104

      We handle fabrication contracts for customers who manufacture large structures for the offshore and
      renewable energy sectors. Our Head Office and main facility is in Rotherham, South Yorkshire and
      offers 30,000 Sq.m of manufacturing space, our Blyth site in Northumberland offers fabricated
      assemblies up to 400 tonnes.

277) Narec                                                                                            3E101

      The National Renewable Energy Centre has developed a capability and proven track record of
      working with the subsea industry, by adapting our dry docks and dockside site facilities. Our subsea
      and shallow water testing/development facilities are ideal for marine testing, demonstration, and
      factory acceptance trials within a saltwater environment.

24)   National Instruments                                                                             1A80

      National Instruments ( is transforming the way engineers and scientists design, prototype
      and deploy systems for measurement, automation and embedded applications. NI empowers
      customers with off-the-shelf software such as NI LabVIEW and modular cost-effective hardware,
      and sells to a broad base of more than 30,000 different companies worldwide.

214) Neptune                                                                                          2E120

      Neptune provides a full range of asset management solutions to the global offshore energy industry.
      From its regional headquarters in Aberdeen, Neptune delivers a portfolio of specialised capabilities,
      including subsea engineering, hydrographic survey, ROV services, manufacturing, testing and
      assembly and the proprietary dry underwater welding technology, NEPSYS.

227) Netzsch Pumps Ltd.                                                                               2E145
      NETZSCH offers progressing cavity and rotary lobe pumps for transfer, injection, separator feed,
      artificial lift, metering and dosing applications suitable for on-shore and off-shore installations.
      NETZSCH pumps are used extensively in the Oil & Gas sector for pumping oil, oily water mixtures,
      liquids containing solids, MEG/TEG slurries and multiphase products.

228) Noratel UK Ltd                                                                                  2E154

      Noratel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of transformers, chokes and reactors and is a
      recognised supplier to many companies in the offshore market place. Technical support is available
      from our UK office in Nantwich where we can provide a complete design and development service.

372) Norbar Torque Tools Ltd                                                                          4E60

      The world's torque specialist providing global support.Five Accredited Calibration Laboratories on
      four continents. Norbar tools and instruments are now commonly used in the harshest environments.
      Experts in the field of high torque, low weight gearboxes including the integration of torque
      measurement. UKAS Accredited Calibration Service up to 108,500 N.m

366) Northern Lighthouse Board                                                                        4A90

      The Northern Lighthouse Board has responsibility for the provision of general Aids to Navigation
      (AtoNs)and the superintendence of all other local AtoNs in the waters of Scotland and the Isle of
      Man. The Board offers solutions for the marking of decommissioned offshore structures and the
      deployment of navigation buoys.

417) Nylacast Ltd                                                                                   4A160

      Nylacast supply a large number of engineering plastic components to manufacturers and suppliers
      within the Offshore Industry. We have worked for over 40 years alongside many large blue chip
      company's in developing applications for special equipment and machinery.

99)   Ocean IRM Ltd                                                                                   1H44

      Ocean IRM Ltd specalises in Inspection, Repair and Maintenance solutions to the Oil, Gas and
      Renewable Energy Sectios across the globe. The company had acquired a reputation for delivering
      the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency to its customers.

223) Oceaneering International. Inc.                                                                2A109

      With offshore oil & gas engineered services and products as the basis of its development and more
      than 30 years experience in providing subsea cable systems, Oceaneering is a global subsea solutions

410) Oceanscan Ltd                                                                                   4B131

      Founded over 20 years ago, Oceanscan still has it's routes firmly in Subsea but now offers an array of
      services across many industries. From professional personnel to the latest ground breaking rental
      products along with designing and manufacturing our own sonar products. Oceanscan continues to
      react to market demand.

478) ODU                                                                                            4C185

      Connector manufacturer for many different industries with over 75 years of experience in problem
      solving.High power, Hermetic and deep usage connectors are a speciality and a number of special
      development projects are undertaken for customers each year. Worldwide coverage ensures good
      support and attention to detail.

546) OGN Group                                                                                          5D110

      OGN Group is a main contractor to the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors providing EPC and
      EPIC contracting services. From OGN’s Hadrian Yard Newcastle, structures in excess of 10.000
      tonnes have been constructed for the oil & gas industry. For renewables, OGN capability includes
      foundations and transformer platforms.

204) Oil & Gas UK                                                                                  X01, 2E100

      Oil & Gas UK is the leading representative body for the UK offshore oil and gas industry.
      Membership is open to all companies active in the UKCS; from super majors to large contractors
      businesses and from independent oil companies to SMEs working in the supply chain.

120) Ltd                                                                           1E78

      Oil and gas job search is the world's premier oil and gas industry job site. Visit us at stand 1E78 for: -
      Free copy of our comprehensive global oil and gas industry salary guide 10,000 jobs new jobs per
      month Free relevant job alerts We look forward to meeting you!

66)   OLAER Fawcett Christie Hydraulics                                                                   1D27

      Olaer Fawcett Christie has experienced continual growth, particularly in the last 18 months, since we
      launched our own brand Piston Accumulators. To accommodate the new cleaning assembly and
      hydro-testing facilities in-house, we have recruited a dedicated team of engineers and skilled fitters,
      resulting in a 20% increase in workforce.

295) Oliver Valves                                                                                       3E130

      The Oliver family of companies comprises of; Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek and Oliver Twinsafe
      Valves, and between them we supply globally a wide range of valve products for surface and subsea
      applications. All surface products are fully certified with PED/CE marking and fire tested, meeting the
      requirements of international standards.

399) Olympus Industrial                                                                                 4B111

      Olympus is renowned as the leading manufacturer and supplier of non-destructive testing and remote
      visual inspection equipment for engineering and maintenance applications throughout the world. Now
      also offering a new range of XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) analysers, please come and see us, and our
      range of products at stand 4B111.

507) Omega Completion Technology Ltd                                                                      5C05

      Omega Completion Technology is an innovative well completion, intervention and manufacturing
      company. We focus specifically on the implementation of bespoke technologies which provides our
      clients with reliable and more importantly effective solutions. Many of our products offer the rare
      combination of mechanical and electronic systems.

250) OPUS                                                                                                 3B90

      The results we achieve has helped us become the leading provider of integrated Separations,
      Produced Water Treatment and Specialist Environmental Services to the world’s Oil and Gas

119) Osiris Marine Services Ltd                                                                           1H48
      Osiris Marine Services supply underwater engineering services on an international basis to onshore
      and offshore sectors. With personnel cross-trained in diving, tower access, rope access, confined
      spaces, Rigging and ROV’s, Osiris can provide a skilled and versatile crew with capabilities to meet a
      wide variety of project requirements.

434) Ovako Limited                                                                                       4B135

      Demanding applications in oil & gas require special steels. Ovako has such steel in shape of Tubes,
      Rolled Rings and Bars for eg, Connectors, Pup joints, Mud motors, Perforating guns, Bearings and
      Hydraulic cylinders

260) Owen Oil Tools U.K. Ltd                                                                              3D91

      Owen Oil Tools is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of perforating systems. We
      manufacture over six million explosive products and a million feet of perforating carriers each year.
      Also, we provide some of the best in class Thru-Tubing and Casing Patch products and services.

374) P.P. Group of Companies                                                                              4E61

      The P.P. Group of Companies are the UK Material Processing Specialists: - P.P. Profiles Ltd -
      Integrated Profiling Services - P.P. Plasma Ltd - The Advanced Profiling
      Centre - P.P. ProTube Ltd - 3D Tubular Profiling Services - P.P. Processing - All Metal Forming Services

62)   Palisade Europe                                                                                     1G33

      Palisade’s risk and decision analysis solutions, including @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite,
      integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Excel to bring techniques such as Monte Carlo simulation,
      optimisation, neural networks, and decision trees to your desktop in a familiar and intuitive
      environment. Free trials of the software are available at

390) Pall Corporation                                                                                    4B100

      Pall provides filtration and separation technologies for the oil and gas industry, to offshore operators,
      refineries, alternative energy and petrochemical plants. Our products and services enable customers
      to meet regulatory requirementS and increase output while also helping to lower operating costs and
      minimizing waste.

514) Panasonic Computer Products Europe                                                                   5D41

      Panasonic Toughbook was established 15 years ago engineering highly customisable ruggedised
      mobile computing solutions for a range of applications. Today, the market leading range boasts
      powerful computing specification, untiring battery performance and reliable remote operation; ideal
      for the demands of E&P programmes.

436) Panolin                                                                                             4E150

      PANOLIN are showcasing a new range of Ospar Compliant biodegradable hydrocarbon free
      lubricants for offshore applications such as ROV's, LAR's and Wellhead Control Systems.
      ATLANTIS oils have been developed over a 5 year test programme and are the product of 25 years
      of experience within the Environmentally Considerate Lubricants market.

447) Paradigm Flow Solutions Limited                                                                     4A174

      Paradigm Flow Solutions Ltd provide world class, leading edge technologies and flow solutions for
     subsea and topsides systems. We provide life of field solutions and technologies to Locate – Remove
     – Prevent blockages and restrictions, enabling clients to cost-effectively re-establish or maximise
     production and safeguard asset integrity.

518) Paradigm Oilfield Services Ltd                                                                       5D60

     Paradigm Oilfield Services specialises in the innovation, design and manufacture of drilling tools for
     the global oil and gas industry. Paradigm will be showcasing a number of anti-stick/slip solutions,
     offering improved ROP in horizontal wells and its patented expandable drilling reamer. Paradigm has
     a growing international customer base.

316) Parker Hannifin Ltd                                                                              3E160

     Parker Hannifin is the world’s largest manufacturer of motion and control technologies. Our products
     range from tough and reliable fluid connectors and hoses, to advanced filtration, condition monitoring,
     instrumentation and drive systems. Our products are engineered to meet the demands of the offshore
     sector, supported globally by our technical centres.

235) Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Ltd.                                                                   X60

     Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Ltd is dedicated to the development of truly innovative instrumentation
     product solutions. We can help you and your company achieve Faster, Cleaner, Smarter and Safer
     engineering processes. With the quality of Parker Manufacturing you’re in safe hands. To find out
     more, visit us on stand X60.

362) PCM                                                                                                  4A44

     PCM’s unique position as inventors of Progressive Cavity Pump technology 80 years ago provides a
     wealth of expertise in its development and application. Whether it’s Transfer at the surface, or
     Artificial Lift, PCM’s patented solutions tackle today’s challenging and unconventional applications
     involving Multiphase, hot, viscous, abrasive, corrosive and solids laden fluids.

476) PCMS Engineering Ltd                                                                             4E165

     PCMS Engineering provide Reliability Improvement and Maintenance Optimisation services. Their
     expertise in condition monitoring has been rewarded with significant contracts in the UK and USA .
     They provide remote monitoring services for Gulf Offshore and James Fisher and were recently
     awarded a £2 Million four year support contract at Sellafield.

551) Peli Products (UK) Ltd                                                                          5C114

     Peli Protector Cases are watertight, dustproof and corrosion-proof, ideal for the transportation of
     specialised industrial equipment. These rugged cases have proved to be durable and dependable
     whatever the environment. Peli professional torches are compact, rugged and include helmet/head
     lamps, intrinsically safe versions (ATEX Zone 1 and 0) and hands-free models.

194) Pepperl & Fuchs GB Limited                                                                           2E49

     Pepperl+Fuchs, the worlds leading supplier of Intrinsic safety (I.S) interface devices will be
     showcasing their I.S. interfaces using fieldbus and conventional technology. Displays will include
     Fieldbus, Profibus, Remote I/O Systems, IS Barriers and their operation & observation HMI
     (“Extec”) EX monitors & intelligent displays.

385) Perfect Bore Manufacturing Ltd                                                                       4E75

     Perfect Bore provides singular and turn-key solutions to both internal and external surface machining
      operations through its gundrilling, deep-hole boring, honing, superfinishing and CNC turning
      capabilities. The company is accredited to AS9100 and is committed to providing aerospace,nuclear
      and oil and gas markets with bore solutions to highly critical parts.

536) Petrofac                                                                                                5B100

      Petrofac is a leading international provider of facilities solutions to the oil & gas production and
      processing industry, with a diverse customer portfolio including many of the world’s leading
      integrated, independent and national oil & gas companies.

172) Petroleum Experts Ltd                                                                                   2A81

      Petex develops the IPM suite of petroleum engineering modelling tools: RESOLVE, GAP,
      PROSPER, MBAL, REVEAL, PVTP, as well the real time field management system IFM. This
      year, Petex released its latest product IVM - Integrated Visualisation Management. These tools are
      the standard with most international majors and some 350 clients.

187) Petrolink Services                                                                                      2A49

      Petrolink has provided IT and communications solutions to oil and gas operators whether super
      majors, or smaller independent operators for more than 15 years. Petrolink has adapted and evolved
      its solutions and services to suit the needs of its customers in this technology driven service sector.

86)   PetrolValves (G.B.) Ltd                                                                                1A86

      PetrolValves is one of the world’s largest independent valve and actuator manufacturers. PV
      Specialise in high temperature, high-pressure, severe-service equipment for the most demanding
      applications - including topsides and subsea products for HIPPS, OPPS, Isolation, Throttling,
      Control, DBB and Anti-Surge Headquartered in Italy, PV offers direct-presence support

340) Pipe Coil Technology                                                                                    3E246

      PCT design and supply several types of coiling, handling and winding machinery for use in the
      manufacturing and installation of flexible risers, flexible flow-lines, control umbilical and power cable.
      Equipment areas include: Carousels & Loading Arms Large drum handling & Spooling machines
      Production line machines Spooling machines & Umbilical Winches

483) PIPE Ltd                                                                                                4E185


442) Pipeline Engineering & Supply Company                                                                   4B181

      PE provides products and services for pipeline pigging and flow assurance; these include pipeline
      pigging products, quick opening closures, pig signallers, pig launchers and pig receivers, subsea cable
      protection, project management, engineering consultancy, pigging consultancy, production cleaning
      and pre-inspection cleaning services, decommissioning services, pipeline blockage detection, pipeline
      cleanliness assessment.

     Plexus Ocean Systems Ltd                                                                        4D61, X03
      The Plexus Group is an established oil and gas engineering, and service business based in Aberdeen.
      The Plexus Group has developed and patented a method of engineering for oil and gas field wellheads
      and connectors, named POSGRIP™, which involves deforming one tubular member against another
      to effect gripping and sealing.

19)   Polar Media                                                                                         1F11

      We specialise in producing 3D animations and visualisations for the oil and gas industry. With a
      background in TV and corporate film we deliver the highest visual values to engage audiences for
      clients including BP, Shell, Castrol, KBR, JPKenny & Tracerco. For examples of our work visit

384) PolyEurope International Limited                                                                    4D85

      PolyEurope International is a brand new modern equipped UK manufacturing company founded by
      IK Group Stavanger and PolyEurope bv Netherlands. It provides standard and bespoke pigging
      products and tailored solutions using AutoCad Inventor technology. It also operates a comprehensive
      hire fleet of weld testers, high pressure plugs and isolation tools.

148) PRD Fasteners Limited                                                                              1H102

      "In house Manufacturing, Heat treatment, Testing and Inspection facilities" enables PRD Fasteners to
      TESTED, CERTIFIED & TRACEABLE in line with the leading OEM and Oil producers exacting
      requirements. European Steels used include B7/L7, 2H/G7, B7M/L7M etc... Proudly manufactured
      in the UK

256) Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd                                                                    3E80

      PPE Aberdeen (formerly Aberdeen O-rings & Seals) stocks and distributes one of the widest range
      of sealing components in Scotland. Well known for rapid response times, PPE Aberdeen has many
      years expertise and industry 'know-how' to help solve the most demanding sealing challenges.

497) Premier Oil UK Ltd                                                                                  5C21

      Premier Oil is a growing FTSE 250 oil and gas exploration and production company with current
      interests in the North Sea, Middle East/Pakistan and South East Asia.

407) Process Measurement & Analysis Ltd                                                                 4E101

      Process Measurement & Analysis (PMA) Ltd have supplied water analysis instrumentation, chemical
      reagents and oil in water (OIW) monitoring equipment to the UK marketplace for 35 years. PMA
      Ltd offer OIW, BOD, COD, TOC, Ammonia, Glycol, Sludge Density & level, Coagulation/Dose
      controllers and much more to all market sectors.

462) Prosaw Ltd                                                                                         4B183

      Prosaw have 48 years experience offering solutions to companies cutting materials from carbon steel
      to nimonics, with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic bandsaws. With particular expertise in
      the oil and gas industry, Prosaw can offer high production machines for all cutting applications along
      with material handling systems to suit

375) Proserv Limited                                                                                      4E70

      We are a leading provider of life of field products and services to the international energy industry.
     Our operating divisions offer specialty hydraulic valves, subsea trees and installation services, test and
     control equipment, instrumentation and calibration equipment, oil and gas sampling, pipeline inspection
     and repair, cold cutting, and flushing services.

472) Q.A (Weld Tech) Ltd                                                                               4C184

     QAWT specialises in the welding and fabrication of complex high pressure pipework and weld clad
     components for the offshore industry. With over 50% of its production going for export the company
     is a world leader in the manufacture of flowbends built to demanding tolerances for subsea equipment.

360) Quickflange                                                                                         4E30

     Via operations in UK, Norway, Brazil & UAE, award-winning cold-pipe connection system
     “Quickflange” now offers topside ASME/DIN & “hub” flanges, up to 12” 900, in all common
     materials, including Cunifer & Duplex. New for 2011 is Quickflange subsea, delivering the unique
     third-party accredited, safe, and cost-saving technology to subsea operations.

418) R.Stahl Ltd                                                                                       4B141

     R.Stahl leads the offshore industry for the design, manufacture & supply of automation and electrical
     products and systems for hazardous locations. We cover I.S. interfaces, Fieldbus, HMI’s, Cameras,
     switchgear & distribution boards, lighting, sounders and alarms, plus a full engineering service for
     custom built Zone 1 & Zone 2 housings.

395) RAE Systems UK Ltd.                                                                               4B201

     RAE Systems is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable sensor networks that enable
     customers to identify safety and security threats in real-time. Products include multi-sensor chemical
     detectors, wireless gas detectors and radiation detectors. Our core markets include energy
     production and refining, industrial and environmental safety and governmental/first responder sectors.

404) Rapid Heat Systems                                                                                4B220

     Rapid Heat Systems Ltd provide a range of On-shore and Off-shore industrial services
     predomonately to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. The company disciplines are centred on
     Heat Treatment Services using innovative new Induction Heating Technology. RHS can carried out
     almost any Heat Treatment requirement.

365) RD Taylor Ltd                                                                                      4A80

     R.D.Taylor are dedicated suppliers of a full range of Adhesives,Sealants,Lubricants,Tapes and
     Abrasives.We hold AS9120 Approval status operating from offices throughout the UK and provide
     sales and technical support for 3M, ACC Silicones,Dow,Molykote,Loctite,Devcon,Huntsman,Shell
     and other leading brands for offshore industries.

280) READ Well Services                                                                                3B230

     READ Well Services is an independent downhole technology specialist providing high quality drilling,
     completions and well intervention services to the international oil and gas industry. RWS’s core
     expertise is in cased hole services (data acquisition and analysis), Development and Engineering and
     the ground breaking, patented Hydraulic Expandable Tubular Systems (HETS).

103) Red Rooster Industrial                                                                              1J43

     Red Rooster specialise in the sales, repair and rental of air hoists, electric chain hoists, wire rope
     hoists, air winches, electric winches, hydraulic winches, load measuring equipment, snatch blocks and
      wire rope spoolers. The products are tried and tested in some of the most demanding applications in

555) Reef Subsea                                                                                       6A40

      Reef Subsea is an international Group providing cost-effective integrated subsea services to the oil &
      gas and renewables industries. Its subsidiaries - Technocean, Reef Subsea UK, S³, Scanmudring -
      provide operators, contractors, energy companies with experienced personnel, key subsea
      technologies, modern construction support vessels and new trenching & burial tools.

352) Reelcraft International Inc                                                                       4B11

      Reelcraft’s European division has many years’ experience supplying hose reels to all types of industry.
      Our hose reels are used in many applications, including but not exclusive to general industry,
      automotive, transport, manufacturing, military, food processing, offshore and petrochemical. Reelcraft
      also offers bespoke hose reel design applications.

193) Reggiana UK Ltd                                                                                   2E39

      Reggiana are leading manufacturers for Planetary Reduction Technology. Producing technically
      advanced, highly reliable gear units and drive systems for Winches, Cranes, Cable laying, Tensioners,
      Carousels, pipe laying and other associated applications. We will be exhibiting a number of offshore
      drive applications we have resently provided.

258) Reliance Precision Limited                                                                        3E71

      Reliance is an independent, UK-based, specialist engineering company with over 50 years'
      experience of providing high reliability, custom built, precision instrumentation. Core areas of
      expertise include gears and geared assembly, electro-mechanical, opto-mechanical, clean and high
      vacuum assembly. Services include design, development, test, prototyping, manufacturing and

72)   Rhopoint Components Ltd                                                                          1F52

      We specialise in Sensors and Passive Components for Oil and gas, Subsea, Space , Instrumentation,
      Power, Measurement and Renewables. For 37 years we have helped our customers with solutions
      via our 'design in' approach to their needs. Areas of knowledge : Temperature, Pressure, Humidity &
      Fibre Optic Sensors, Precision components.

145) Richard Irvin Services Group                                                                    1C101

      Richard Irvin Services Group have traded since 1871 and have grown the business organically and
      through acquisition.We seek continuous improvement across all of our operations and strive to deliver
      value for money to all our clients.Our commitment is to deliver quality services and products on
      time,within budgets.

469) Rigtech Independent Limited                                                                      4B158

      Rigtech Independent Limited is an engineering consultancy company whose core business is the
      inspection and maintenance of drilling units. Our specialist services include: Project management
      related to drilling units of all types. Commissioning, Acceptance testing, Condition evaluation, Rig
      maintenance, Electrical maintenance, Thermal imaging, On/Off hire survey, Pre-purchase inspection.
      Technical Training.

531) Rimor                                                                                             5D65
     For more than 30 years, Rimor has had a well established position in the subsea Oil & Gas sector,
     supplying the major UK based International OEM’s. Rimor offers a total project managed
     manufacturing solution including high precision machining, technical fabrication, assembly and pressure

438) Rockwell Automation                                                                             4D151

     Rockwell Automation can help companies to apply integrated information, control, power and safety
     solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of automation, industry expertise and our extensive partner
     network will help you to respond to global demand for affordable energy, meet stringent government
     regulations and drive down costs.

257) Rohrback Cosasco Systems UK Ltd & John Mayes Engineers Ltd                                        3D81

     Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS) is the world leader in corrosion monitoring technology and
     services. Since 1950, RCS has provided leading-edge corrosion control solutions for such diverse
     industries as oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical,
     and utilities.

287) Rolled Alloys                                                                                    3E111

     Rolled Alloys was founded in 1953. Our products are available through our divisions in US, Canada,
     Europe, Singapore and China. We offer an extensive inventory in plate, sheet, bar, pipe, fittings,
     flanges and welding materials and provide complete cutting and processing services including laser,
     waterjet, plasma, shear, gauer, and saws.

482) Sage Construction                                                                               4A198

     Sage Construction offers asset rental and business management software specifically designed for
     companies supplying equipment, personnel and services to the onshore and offshore industries,
     including oil and gas. From independent contractors to multinational plc's, we can help with:
     financial/operational management - handling contracts/subcontractors - estimating, cost planning and
     post-contract valuations.

272) Sandvik Material Technology UK                                                                   3E100

     A manufacturer & distributor supplying seamless/ welded pipe, tube, fittings, flanges, solid bar, hollow
     bar, billet, strip, wire and welding consumables, in stainless steel, duplex, super duplex. Also special
     grades, Sanicro 28™, Titanium, Zirconium & other high temperature grades. Part of Sandvik group,
     300 companies based in 130 countries worldwide.

380) Sandwell UK Ltd                                                                                   4D83

     Sandwell Uk Ltd is a specialist shot peening and coatings company working with high end engineering
     companies ranging from Formula 1, automotive, marine, renewable technologies and oil and gas
     industries. It is a company run by engineers providing quality service with many customer approvals
     and ISO 9001 accreditation.

123) Sarco Stopper Ltd                                                                                 1H58

     Established as a quality manufacturer since 1877, Sarco has a global reputation for its pneumatic
     pipeline stoppers and under pressure bag deployment systems. Holding BSI Kitemark,
     ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and FPAL registered to deliver under pressure maintenance
     solutions for fire ring mains and vapour barrier stopper bags for welding operations offshore.

459) Saudi Aramco                                                                                    4C155
      Saudi Aramco is a world leader in exploration and producing, refining, distribution, shipping and
      marketing, employing a multinational workforce of more than 55,000 people. The company manages
      the largest proven reserves of conventional crude oil, and the fourth-largest gas reserves in the world.
      For further information visit

12)   Scotia Instrumentation Ltd                                                                              1E11

      Scotia the Prime Source for Instrumentation Technology. Sales of data logging solutions (SDAS)
      including Subsea and wireless systems, distributors for GE Measurement and Fluke UK amongst
      others. Hire of test equipment for pressure testing and plant commissioning. Calibration and repair of
      multidiscipline equipment including UKAS pressure, temperature and electrical.

158) Scottish Development International                                                                       2E10

      Scottish Development International (SDI) is a joint venture between the Scottish Government, the
      government in Scotland, and Scottish Enterprise, the economic development agency of government in
      Scotland. Headquartered in Scotland with in-market offices throughout the world, Scottish
      Development International is responsible for attracting and supporting trade and investment into

420) Scrabster Harbour Trust                                                                             4A151

      Scrabster Harbour, the most northerly port on the British Mainland is Perfectively Positioned for the
      Atlantic Frontier. Facilities and services, available 24hrs, include water, bunkers, cranage,
      stevedoring, security, secure storage, engineering & fabrication and agency. Deep Water berths from
      180m @ 8m chart datum to 90m @ 6m chart datum.

526) Seacon (Europe) Ltd                                                                                  5D61

      SEACON (europe) Ltd, part of the SEA CON® Group of companies are designers and
      manufacturers of underwater electrical and fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies. On display
      will be our full range of products in addition to a number of new product developments including dry
      and wet-mate optical connectors.

230) Seal-Tite UK LLC                                                                                         X10

      Seal-Tite International provides engineered leak analysis and repairs. Seal-Tite uses a proprietary
      pressure-activated sealant technology to cure leaks downhole, subsea and on control systemswithout
      a rig. the process is HOCNF & CEFAS approved for use in all well components, whether platform
      or subsea. Seal-Tite has local offices throughout the world.

276) SECC Oil and Gas Limited                                                                            3A204

      We are a subsea and marine connector company specialising in break away couplings. Our
      connectors are designed to break away in emergency situations without any fluid loss into the
      environment. Applications include intervention, gas lift, pipeline testing, chemical & gas injection,
      flowlines and all marine pipe and hose connections.

189) Senergy                                                                                                  2E90

      Senergy is a global energy services company delivering high performance energy services and
      solutions, combining unrivalled technical know-how, skills and technology with innovative commercial
      arrangements and the ability to integrate resources. We apply our skills to deliver energy affordably
      and sustainably.
443) Severn Glocon Group                                                                            4E160

     Severn Glocon Group plc designs and manufactures bespoke severe service control and choke
     valves, that provide performance excellence and asset optimisation for global energy markets. With
     over 50 years experience, the company also provides technical leadership and engineering services
     that deliver World-class quality, reliability and safety.

525) Shell U.K. Limited                                                                              5C80

     We are a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with around 93,000 employees in
     more than 90 countries and territories. Our innovative approach ensures we are ready to help tackle
     the challenges of the new energy future.

101) Ships Electronic Services Ltd                                                                   1D58

     Ships Electronic Services one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Marine Electronic Systems will be
     showing a range of equipment for the offshore industry, including Hazardous areas CCTV, Public
     Address, Intercom, Communication & Navigational Systems. Ships Electronics staff will be on hand
     to offer information and advice on these systems.

7)   Sikla UK Ltd                                                                                    1A32

     Framo 80 - Box Clever! Framo 80 is our innovative framing system for strong, flexible frame
     assemblies used in industrial pipework and cable management construction. With only three
     components all common frame and carcass constructions can be achieved. Simple thread-forming
     shakeproof connections. Non-welded and no hot works required.

147) Silver Fox                                                                                     1G101

     Silver Fox manufacture innovative, easy-to-use and durable labelling solutions. New for the show is
     our unique double-sided ferrule marking print system for Heatshrink and Non-shrink. Also see our
     tie-on cable labels print via any standard office laser. All our labels are independently tested for
     high/low temperature, salt mist and H2S.

376) Sims Systems Ltd                                                                                4E35

     Specialists in the provision, service and repair of Navigation Aids systems for safe and hazardous
     area locations. Bespoke designs including Standby Power and UPS systems for mobile and fixed
     offshore structures. Comprehensive and experienced technical staff supported by a commitment to
     quality through ISO: 18001, 14001 & 9001.

424) Sira Test & Certification Ltd                                                                  4D140

     Sira, a CSA International Company, is a world leader in the conformity assessment solutions field,
     specialising in explosion safety of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX,
     IECEx & CSA).

275) SKF (U.K.) Limited                                                                             3D200

     SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has been working closely with upstream and downstream
     customers for 30 years as both a global supplier and technical partner. Developing solutions within
     rolling bearings, seals, linear motion, lubrication systems and services to help increase production,
     reduce maintenance, extend machine service life and lower costs.

359) SLD Limited                                                                                     4A24
      SLD is a subsea laser and imaging technology company based in Aberdeen, providing on a global
      basis to oil and gas operators, subsea inspection companies, marine operators, unique sensor
      technologies on a global basis for subsea inspection. SLD's suite of technologies including cameras,
      offers clients with rapid and cost effective inspection.

324) Snap-On Industrial                                                                                3E180

      Snap-on Industrial creates advantages in the challenge to provide reliable, quality tools which
      simultaneously increase productivity, cut downtime and costs. Snap-on’s quality of products and
      innovative programmes, that include Tools @ Height, Level 5 Tool Control and TC Max asset
      management systems, consistently answer the needs of the Offshore industry.

208) Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd                                                                         2D120

      SMD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of remote intervention equipment. We engineer and
      build the world’s largest range of work-class subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and
      specialist trenching, cable lay and burial vehicles. SMD is based near Newcastle, with offices in
      Yorkshire, Singapore, the US and Brazil.

334) Spartan Solutions Limited                                                                         3E155

      Spartan Solutions is unveiling the latest version of their Phalanx software at OE11. Phalanx delivers
      easy to use operational processes using mobile technology, barcodes and RFID that improve safety
      and reduce operating costs while improving contract profitability. Phalanx’s seamless integration to
      existing enterprise systems ensures complete and accurate equipment information.

388) Special Quality Alloys Ltd                                                                        4A100

      Manufacturer/Distributor of bars and forgings in nickel based superalloys, duplex, super duplex,
      F6NM, 17/4PH, 410 and special steels. Facilities include over 45 heat treatment furnaces, forging
      capabilities, world-class mechanical and chemical testing laboratory plus NDT. Products cover tubing
      hangers, rings, forged/rolled rounds and flats. ISO 9001 & 14001.

499) Specialist Equipment Solutions                                                                     5C04

      SES, specialists in plant and equipment management, is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of
      temporary plant and equipment to the UK oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors. Delivering high quality
      equipment rental, management and consultancy services, SES has over 16 years experience in
      meeting the demands of these industries.

562) Specialist Subsea Services Ltd                                                                     6A34

      Specialist Subsea Services (S3) is a recent name in the offshore subsea sector which comes with a
      strong lineage of experience, offering turnkey Survey, ROV and Intervention ‘life of field’ Services to
      the Oil and Gas, Renewable and Telecom Industries.

141) Speedy Services                                                                                     1J89

      From our nationwide depot network we supply a range of services from equipment hire to the
      provision of training, repair and maintenance services, as well as offering advisory services in areas
      such as health and safety, environmental and regulatory compliance. We also have depots overseas
      including the Middle East.

91)   Springtech                                                                                        1C75

      Sprigntech based in Aberdeenshire & Buckinghamshire specialise in the design, manufacture of spring
     technology. Specialist knowledge of super-alloy materials such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel,
     Nomonic, Tantalum, Titanium and traditional materials are used in a wide range of spring types
     including Compression, Torsion, Extension, Garter and Wave springs.

286) SPT Group Ltd                                                                                        3E120

     SPT Group is the leader in dynamic modelling for the oil and gas industry. With more than 200 highly
     skilled professionals in 15 offices worldwide, we deliver advanced software and consulting services to
     help our customers solve multiphase flow and reservoir engineering challenges.

2)   SPX Flow Technology                                                                                   1B20

     SPX Flow Technology is a leading manufacturer of fluid process solutions, metering and blending
     systems and industrial equipment. Brands include APV, Bran+Luebbe, Copes-Vulcan, Plenty
     Mirrlees, GD Engineering, JP Pumps, Plenty Filtration, LIGHTNIN/Plenty Mixers & M&J Valve.
     Product lines include pumps, valves, mixers, chemical injection equipment, heat exchangers and
     dispersion equipment.

135) Stahlwille Tools Ltd                                                                                   1J85

     Stahlwille manufacture Quality Tools, Torque Wrenches & Calibration Equipment in their own
     European Factories, Foundries and Laboratories ~ quality guaranteed. Stahlwille UK provide
     technical support and specialise in providing bespoke Tool Kitting Services. For peace of mind and
     great value products and services call Stahlwille.

439) STAUFF                                                                                               4B171

     STAUFF UK LTD is part of a Global organisation dedicated to the supply of quality hydraulic
     pipework, components, accessories and related services. Our extensive range of products
     incorporates the world renowned Stauff Clamps and Tube Supports, designed to exceed the
     requirements of pipework applications.

229) Steatite Ltd                                                                                         2E129

     Steatite designs and builds custom battery packs. a supplier of rugged computer technology and
     power solutions, through to fully integrated communication systems. International strategic channel
     partners for Electrochem, offering a full range of their cells with our in house full design, build and test
     capability specific to customer requirements.

429) Stemcor Special Steels Ltd                                                                           4E131

     Stemcor Special Steels is a quality driven market leader in the stockholding and supply of special
     steels. We bring a wealth of supply chain experience, technical know-how, state of the art systems &
     logistics along with solid financial strength to deliver long term supply strength and reliable metals

175) Steute                                                                                                 2E05

     .steute has a global reputation for producing switching & sensing devices for the Oil & Gas industry.
     Areas of business include Extreme, Wireless and Trapped Key Valve Interlocking Safety Systems.
     All Offshore and Onshore sensing and switching is catered for from Europe's largest manufacturer of
     IEC/Ex certified switching devices.

463) Stewart Buchanans                                                                                    4E145

     Stewarts Manifolds and Gauges We have one of the most comprehensive selection of instrumentation
      equipment including, valves, manifolds, gauges and accessories available from any manufacturer and
      are always pleased to discuss and advise on the design and construction of special applications.

170) Stork Technical Services                                                                              2C60

      Stork Technical Services is a global provider of knowledge-based Asset Integrity Management
      services for the Chemical, Oil&Gas and Power sectors. We provide innovative solutions and
      integrate thinking and doing in the areas of asset integrity, consultancy, maintenance concepts, repair,
      renovation, new construction, relocations, services and other related complex projects.

231) Survival Craft Inspectorate                                                                            X20

      Survival Craft Inspectorate serves the oil, gas and merchant shipping sectors as world leader in the
      inspection, testing and servicing of lifeboats, fast rescue craft, release and retrieval systems, winches
      and davits. We also manufacture conventional and freefall lifeboats, FRCs, winches, davits, and our
      unique Safelaunch release and retrieval system.

431) Swinton ElectroPlating Ltd                                                                          4A126

      Our coatings provide corrosion and/or wear resistance for most applications – new or repair – splash
      zone, underwater, downhole – aggressive drilling environment or safety critical hydraulics.
      Manchester based, servicing UK and Overseas; with Customs authority for temporary imports with
      the largest UK capacity for Hard Chrome and Electroless Nickel Plating.

401) Swire Oilfield Services                                                                              4B211

      Swire Oilfield Services is the world's largest supplier of specialist offshore cargo-carrying units to the
      global energy industry. We are a leading specialist in modular systems, helicopter refuelling systems
      and chemical handling. We offer standard, specialised and bespoke products certified to DNV 2-7.1
      and EN12079 for rental or sale.

83)   TAM Airlines                                                                                         1E64

      TAM Airlines (, including Pantanal, operates direct flights to 51 destinations in
      Brazil and 18 cities in South America, the United States and Europe. TAM flies from London
      Heathrow Airport to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

217) TAQA Bratani Limited                                                                                2D140

      TAQA Bratani, the UK subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA), is an
      oil and gas operator with assets in the Northern North Sea. TAQA also operates the Brent Pipeline
      System on behalf of itself and its partners.

406) TBT UK Limited                                                                                      4A204

      The answer to all your deep hole drilling/gundrilling requirements. We specialise in gundrilling complex
      oil industry components with off-centre, compound angled holes and deep gundrilled ports.
      Employing the latest gundrilling technology, enables us to remain market leaders and to meet the ever
      more challenging demands of the petro-chemical industry.

259) Team Humber Marine Alliance                                                                           3E90

      Team Humber Marine Alliance is a collaboration of expertise and experience made up of more than
      100 companies from around the Humber region. Members of THMA have come together to provide
      a comprehensive supply chain offer to the oil and gas industry, as well as renewables, commercial
      shipping and inland waterways.
503) Tech27 Systems                                                                                      5B05

     Tech27 Systems is a global software and engineering company Products • ReadMax - Asset
     Optimisation & Tracking • Inspectron – Risk Based Inspection Systems • Infonix GBT – Game
     Based Learning • iString – Riser Management • DMS – Deck Management System Services •
     Engineering Design • Concept Design • Finite Element Analysis

     Technip                                                                                       5C60, X04

     Technip is a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy
     industry. From the deepest Subsea oil & gas developments to the largest, most complex Offshore and
     Onshore infrastructures, our people are constantly offering the best solutions and most innovative
     technologies to meet the world’s energy challenges.

136) Teekay Couplings Ltd                                                                                1H88

     Teekay Couplings are a fast and cost-effective means for joining or repairing pipework without the
     need for welding, flanging or hot work. Teekay Couplings have a full range of type approvals and are
     available for application up to PN20 (300psi).

317) Tekla                                                                                              3A174

     Tekla will be exhibiting their world class structural 3D modelling solutions for the offshore industry.
     Showcased alongside their industry leading steel and concrete solutions will be new functionality
     specific for the offshore industry, including new construction management configuration, PLM
     (Project Lifetime Management) and CNC links.

561) Tekmar Subsea                                                                                       6C23

     Tekmar Subsea are world-leading designers and manufacturers of pipeline repair clamps, tether
     management systems, deployment systems (LARS) and module handling systems. Tekmar pipeline
     repair clamps provide a field proven solution for sealing subsea pipelines using split sleeve technology
     having hundreds of pieces of equipment in service with major operators world-wide.

545) Tendeka BV                                                                                         5C111

     Tendeka is a provider of completion, monitoring and control products and services to the upstream
     oil and gas industry. Our technologies help operators better manage and monitor reservoir
     performance and increase overall recovery. Local expertise, engineering, manufacturing and logistics
     allow Tendeka to meet unique demands anywhere in the world.

108) Tentec Limited                                                                                      1C96

     Tentec are an innovative producer of bolt tightening equipment with a high level of focus on quality.
     No matter what your preference for bolt tightening, Tentec have it covered. We offer world class
     hydraulic bolt tensioning tools and innovative ranges of hydraulic torque wrenches.

     Tercel Oilfield Products                                                                     2E61, 2E60

     Tercel Oilfield Products is a designer and manufacturer of leading-edge products and is the only
     globally diversified oilfield service company based in the Middle East. Tercel is constantly seeking to
     accelerate the oilfield to save time and increase returns on drilling, completion, and production
268) Terrington Data Management                                                                            3A210

      Our mobile computing and software systems enable users to implement effective maintenance and
      inspection strategies to improve asset integrity and reliability, whilst demonstrating compliance with
      increasing legislation. Proven to significantly increase resource availability, Terrington software utilises
      the latest technology to enable efficient collection and management of safety critical data.

301) Thales UK                                                                                             3A216

      Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, addressing Aerospace and Space,
      Defence and Security markets worldwide. We develop and deploy field-proven mission-critical
      information systems and share a common base of technologies across our civil and military business
      with a single objective: the security of people, property and nations.

458) The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing                                                      4E180

      The British Institute of NDT is the professional body for those engaged in non-destructive testing and
      condition monitoring. The Institute promotes the science and practice of non-destructive
      testing,diagnostic engineering and all other materials and quality testing disciplines. Visit us and some
      BINDT member companies on stand 4E180.

402) Therco Ltd                                                                                            4A104

      Sheffield-based Therco is a market leading designer and manufacturer of Air Cooled and Tubular
      Heat Exchangers. Sister company Vessco, based in Bridgend, designs and manufacturers pressure
      vessels and columns. Both Therco and Vessco are key suppliers to the global Upstream and
      Downstream Oil & Gas sector.

26)   ThinJack Ltd                                                                                          1C51

      ThinJack™ is a unique service that effectively separates flanges, pipeline coatings and other heavy
      components. ThinJack is a steel envelope, less than 3 mm thick, inserted between the flanges
      requiring separation. The envelope is inflated hydraulically and expands, generating forces of many
      hundreds of tonnes.

474) ThyssenKrupp VDM UK Limited                                                                           4C149

      The ThyssenKrupp VDM Group offers you a comprehensive range of nickel alloys, titanium and
      zirconium alloys and worldwide service to meet your challenges. Our portfolio of high-performance
      materials include: Nickel alloys Titanium and titanium alloys Special stainless steels Zirconium Cobalt-
      based alloys

336) Titanium Engineers                                                                                    3E191

      Titanium Engineers specialises in the manufacture of titanium and nickel alloy downhole,offshore and
      subsea components. Parts can be manufactured on a turnkey basis for both prototype and
      production. High strength Titanium 6-2-4-6, Grtade 19 (Beta-C) and Incoloy 945 meeting NACE
      requirements are available from our Birmingham and Houston facilities.

68)   TMS CADCentre (SolidWorks in Scotland)                                                                 1E44

      TMS CADCentre provides CAD Software Solutions to businesses operating in Scotland using the
      power of SolidWorks 3D Design Software.

1)    Total Access Ltd                                                                                      1B10
     Total Access (UK) Ltd is a multidisciplinary training, operating and equipment supply company who
     specialise in working at heights and confined spaces. The company is based in the Midlands and has a
     facility in Hull to support our growing offer to the offshore oil, gas and expanding renewables market.

493) Total E & P UK Ltd                                                                                 5B30

     TOTAL has been present in the United Kingdom since 1962. The Group’s production is
     about 220, 000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

             TOTAL E&P UK Limited is one of the main oil and gas operators on the UK
             Continental Shelf where it continues to invest heavily. Employing around 750 staff at
             its Aberdeen headquarters, the company’s portfolio includes operatorship of the
             Alwyn Area fields, the high pressure/high temperature Elgin and Franklin fields and
             the St Fergus Gas Terminal, together with a number of non-operated fields. More
             information is available on

263) TRac Oil & Gas                                                                                     3E65

     TRAC Oil & Gas is a market leading global provider of engineering support services for the
     inspection and maintenance of offshore and onshore assets. We provide our established products and
     services to the very highest of standards and lead the industry in developing and delivering new
     technologies to the workface.

     Tracerco                                                                                  2A140, 6A10

     Industrial technology company providing unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and
     measurement solutions. Our technical innovations bring significant benefits to our customers in the oil
     and gas industry. Our promise to customers is simple and clear: we add value to your business by
     increasing revenue, decreasing costs and saving time.

364) Tradebe                                                                                            4E31

     Tradebe is a waste management company specialising in the disposal of hazardous and problematic
     wastes. Fawley High Temperature Incinerator provides a sustainable solution for the treatment of
     wastes containing NORM. Best available technology (BAT) for treating oily sludges, filters,
     contaminated PPE, etc.

373) Transvac Systems Ltd                                                                              4D35

     Transvac is the World's leading supplier of custom designed Ejector solutions for flare gas recovery,
     production boosting, subsea processing and sand slurry handling. With over 40 years experience and
     a world class test facility, Transvac continues to turn innovative designs into proven solutions.

314) Tratos Limited                                                                                   3E151

     Tratos Ltd/Tratos Cavi Spa is one of the major European manufacturers of Electrical, Fibre Optic,
     Oil & Gas, Offshore & Marine and Renewable Energy cables. Our major clients include some of the
     most important and recognised Oil and Gas companies and their sub contractors.

394) TSC Offshore Ltd                                                                                 4A111

     A global company serving onshore/offshore drilling industries worldwide. TSC's comprehensive
     product lines include drilling equipment, mechanical handling equipment, solids control equipment,
     power control and drives, tensioning and compensation systems for semi-submersible rigs and drill
     ships as-well as designing and building offshore deck cranes for both drilling rigs and production

281) Turner EPS                                                                                    3C220

     Turner EPS; one of the largest Diesel & Gas Engine equipment companies in Europe offer a global
     and comprehensive range of engine driven products and services from locations throughout the UK
     and Europe. Turner EPS can meet your exact requirements for New Engines, Packaged Power
     Units, Spare parts and Technical Services.

176) TWMA                                                                                           2D07

     TWMA is an environmental waste management company providing drill cuttings containment,
     handling and processing services to the global oil and gas industry. TWMA’s technologies, including
     the award-winning TCC RotoMill and TCC RotoTruck, reduce the environmental impact of
     offshore/onshore drilling campaigns by treating wastes at source for reuse or recycling.

508) Tyco Flow Control                                                                              5D40

     Tyco Valves & Controls is a leading manufacturer and marketer of valves, actuators, and controls
     providing market-leading products, services and solutions for the most challenging applications
     throughout the energy and process industries. We endeavor to deliver the highest quality products and
     value-added services that improve our customers' business efficiency.

535) UK Trade & Investment                                                                         5A101

     UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is the government department that helps UK based companies
     succeed in the global economy and assists overseas companies to bring their high quality investment
     to the UK. For more information visit our website -

568) Universal Engineering                                                                          6A29

     Activities range from front end design to system fabrication, assembly, commissioning, testing and
     Project Management. Universal Engineering has a proven track record for producing fabrications to
     the highest quality standards, including: Subsea Distribution Units; Umbilical Terminal Assemblies;
     Hydraulic Distribution Modules; Electrical Distribution Units; Subsea Control Module Bodies; SCM
     Guide Funnels

212) Vahterus                                                                                      2B150

     Vahterus are market leaders in Plate and Shell heat exchangers. they are both highly efficent and
     compact. Key applications : Well Fluid and Crude Oil Heaters and Coolers. Gas Heaters and
     Coolers Amine coolers and interchangers Produced Water Exchangers Heat Recovery Systems with
     operating pressures up to 200 bar

326) Vector Supplies Ltd                                                                           3D190

     Vector Supplies specialises in oil & gas production testing equipment and spares, with a
     comprehensive stockholding, calibration laboratory, rental pumps and recorders. European distributor
     of BALON ball, check and needle valves. UK distributor of IFG DEWIT pressure & temperature
     equipment and Scottish distributor for RESATO High Pressure Pumps & Fittings.

405) VEGA CONTROLS LTD                                                                             4D101
      VEGA will have a range of products on the stand including the VEGA ‘ProTrac’ nucleonic level,
      interface, and density systems, VEGAPULS and VEGAFLEX radar level sensors, VEGADIF 65 dp
      transmitters for level, flow and pressure, MAGFLEX dual technology level systems. Various
      application solutions will also be on display.

264) Vibrotech Reliability Services Limited                                                            3E75

      Vibrotech are a specialist company who offer a vast range of Reliability Products and Services to
      help operators improve Reliability, Efficiency and Production. Products and Services available are
      Laser Alignment, both geometric and shaft, Vibration Analysis including In-situ Balancing and
      Resonance testing, Thermography, Oil Analysis and Commissioning. SERVICE – SALES - HIRE

245) Victor Lighting                                                                                   3A90

      Victor Lighting are a manufacturer of HID, LED and Fluorescent luminaires for use in hazardous and
      industrial area applications. Hawke International offer a range of cable connection and termination
      products specifically designed for hazardous locations and hostile environments.

337) Victrex Polymer Solutions                                                                        3A186

      Victrex Polymer Solutions, a division of Victrex plc, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high
      performance Polyaryletherketones. Victrex works with customers and end users to deliver technology
      driven solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities they face and help them to achieve new
      levels of cost savings, quality and performance.

559) Viking Moorings                                                                                   6A25

      Viking Moorings is an international market leader in the provision of mooring solutions for the Oil &
      Gas industry. Our range of services inculde; Mooring Equipment sale and rental, project support,
      marine services, inspection and repair & engineering and design. OFFICES: UK-NORWAY-

79)   VisitScotland                                                                                    1H33

      VisitScotland - Providing information and inspiration to Visitors to Scotland. Make the most of your
      stay in Aberdeen City and Shire and discover all the great things to see and do whilst here. Aberdeen
      Convention Bureau offers a free comprehensive and impartial service to support conference

48)   Vogelsang                                                                                        1B91

      Vogelsang are an internationally recognised supplier of Rotary Lobe pumps and inline macerators.
      Equipment is supplied to API 676 standards - and to meet prevailing ATEX requirements. The
      pumps, which occupy a small footprint, will repeatedly self prime from up to 8 metres, and are largely
      insensitive to dry running.

544) Walker Technical                                                                                 5A104

      We are world leaders in composite technology for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.
      Through our Technowrap™ technology, we provide and maintain bespoke solutions to integrity
      management problems related to pipelines, piping systems, structures, caissons and risers and vessels
      in a range of conditions, with little or no downtime.

134) Wall Colmonoy Ltd                                                                                 1F89

      Wall Colmonoy Ltd manufacture nickel, cobalt and iron based alloys designed to enhance
      performance in wear and corrosive environments such as directional drilling and flow control valves.
      Alloys powders or castings can be supplied in either hardfacing powders or castings. Progressive
      Collaboration for Superior Performance.Worldwide.

357) Wandfluh Uk Ltd.                                                                                   4A60

      Wandfluh supply hydraulic and electronic solutions around the world. We specialise in proportional
      technology, standard and miniature valves, explosion proof solenoid operated valves, working
      pressures up to 350bar, and flows up to 1,200lpm. Wandfluh UK also design, test, and supply
      manifolds to customer requirements from simple units to complex assemblies.

96)   Wartsila UK Ltd                                                                                   1A78

      Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets.
      By emphasising technological innovation and total efficiency, Wärtsilä maximises the environmental
      and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its customers. The company has
      operations in 70 countries around the world.

425) WEG Electric Motors                                                                                4B151

      WEG is one of the premier suppliers of automation, control and distribution equipment to the world
      market. WEG is best known for its electric motor products, however WEG is also a major systems
      supplier, providing motors, inverter drives, soft starters, PLCs, high and low voltage switchgear,
      transformers and systems software.

367) Weir Oil & Gas                                                                                      4B80

      Weir Oil & Gas designs and manufactures pumps and ancillary equipment for the global upstream and
      downstream oil and gas markets and provides aftermarket service and support activities.

460) Welding Alloys Ltd                                                                                 4D127

      Welding Alloys is a UK-based manufacturer of fully automated welding machines and flux-cored
      welding wires (Cladding, Hardfacing & Joining applications). We will exhibit our MultiSurfacer ST™
      stabliser machine, as well as internally clad pipes welded by our MultiSurfacer XT™ Orbital Welder

563) WFS Subsea                                                                                         6C24

      From construction to decommissioning, a range of applications can be
      wirelessly-enabled using WFS products; including monitoring of risers and
      pipelines, back-up for control modules and as a tool for AUVs/ROVs. Using
      radio, acoustic and inductive power transfer technologies, our expertise in
      wireless connectivity provides assurance to the global Subsea industry.

128) Wild Well Control Ltd                                                                               1J38

      Wild Well Control is the worldwide leading provider of well control, training and engineering services
      for onshore and offshore operations. Non-emergency services include well modeling, contingency
      planning, relief well design and industry-accredited well control training. Specialized marine services
      include platform decommissioning, subsea well intervention and abandonment, and unconventional
      well abandonment.

253) Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd                                                                           3E61

      Established in 1883 - manufacturers of anti-corrosion and sealing systems for the protection of
      exposed, buried and submerged steel and concrete in aggressive environments including marine.
      Many of our systems are surface tolerant and offer long-term protection of 35+ years. Peace of mind
      warranties are available.

351) Wolf Safety Lamp Company Ltd                                                                         4A20

      Wolf Safety Lamp Company specialises in the supply of ATEX Temporary Lighting systems, offering
      a lighting solution for every hazardous area application to many industry sectors including oil & gas,
      petrochemicals, marine, & offshore. Products include Link Ex Fluorescent Leadlamp, high power
      LED Floodlite and Rechargeable LED Worklite.

161) Wood Group                                                                                           2C30

      An international energy services company with $5.5bn sales, 35,000 employees and operating in 50
      countries worldwide. The Group's three businesses - Engineering, Wood Group PSN and Gas
      Turbine Services - provide a range of engineering, production support, maintenance management and
      industrial gas turbine overhaul and repair services.

20)   Yokogawa UK Ltd                                                                                     1C50

      Yokogawa provides control and instrumentation solutions for the oil and gas industry. We are a
      global player and a preferred supplier of Shell, BP, Chevron and Total for their field-of-the-future
      programs. Our solutions are world class and we are respected as a reliable partner.We are

297) Zetechtics Ltd                                                                                     3C240

      Jupiter – Advanced Subsea Control Solutions Zetechtics supply bespoke Subsea Control Solutions,
      Jupiter Subsea Control System for the Tooling Intervention Market, sate of the art Subsea Torque
      Verification Systems as well as a wide range of battery powered Subsea Sensors that can be fitted to
      Subsea equipment.

129) Aberdeen Airport Ltd                                                                                 1J29

      Aberdeen Airport is a vital part of business in the North East of Scotland. Around 3 million people
      used the terminal in 2010, with almost 500,000 going on and offshore. An ever expanding route
      network and great hub connectivity make the airport critical to the success of the whole region.

413) Aiken Group                                                                                         4E210

      Aiken Group is a leading and innovative supplier of integrated, out-sourced and solutions-based
      engineering and specialist services principally accommodation; engineering, construction, modification,
      technology and project management. Aiken Group provides services across many disciplines and
      applications covering fixed and floating installations. For further information visit or call (01224) 244300.

31)   Air Partner Plc                                                                                     1D60

      Air Partner organises worldwide aviation charter solutions flying urgent freight, passenger groups and
      individuals on aircraft of every size globally. Established in 1961, the company provides fast, reliable,
      personal and confidential 24/7 services from 20 international offices. Supplementary divisions include
      emergency planning, travel agency services and aviation operations.

543) AKE Group Ltd                                                                                      5C110

      AKE is a leading international security and risk mitigation company, distinguishing itself from other
      firms by taking a pro-active, intelligence-led approach to assessing and protecting against risk. AKE
      helps the energy industry work in challenging operational environments around the world, allowing
      companies to realise business opportunities without compromising employee safety.

249) Alco Valves Ltd                                                                                    3C71

      Alco manufacture a complete range of valves for high-pressure instrumentation, pipeline and Sub Sea
      applications. Approved by most of the world's largest companies. A Worldwide reputation for high
      quality products and commitment to servicing the offshore, petrochemical and power generating
      industries is backed by ISO 9001 accreditation.

32)   APEM Ltd                                                                                          1A81

      APEM is a science-based aquatic consultancy. With over 80 scientists, we are well equipped to
      undertake environmental studies for the energy industry. APEM specialists have extensive experience
      of marine, estuarine and freshwater ecological investigations for all energy projects and are committed
      to providing a professional, client-focused service.

51)   Autoy Ltd                                                                                         1G50

      Autoy Limited is a CNC precision engineering company based in Preston. We specialise in sub-sea
      components upto 4 metres in size and in all materials in our State of the Art 24 hour facility. We offer
      Fast Quotation and Accurate Lead Times, with Quality & On-time delivery.

393) Bactec International Ltd                                                                          4B110

      BACTEC Group comprises of leading EOD/Mine Action companies operating world wide from
      strategically located offices. BACTEC provides a comprehensive range of high quality services in
      areas contaminated with ordnance/explosives both on land and underwater. BACTEC is accredited
      to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

332) Bardex (UK) Ltd                                                                                  3A158

      Bardex Corporation provides heavy load handling solutions for offshore and shipyard industries
      globally. We invented and developed Linear Chain Jacks for mooring and SCR/pipeline pull-in
      systems; the BarLatch™ Fairlead Stopper minimises chain wear, bending and fatigue for permanently
      moored production vessels and the Hydraulic Gripper Jack for skidding systems.

392) Barnshaws Section Benders Ltd                                                                    4A210

      With a New Induction bending machine, Barnshaws can now form pipe/tube up to 28” diameter by
      30mm wall to a tighter radii. Added to that, are RHS, SHS, Beams and columns in both X-X and Y-
      Y planes. Materials ranging from S355, API5L, A106 through to Duplex and 304 Stainless steel.

464) BEKA Associates Ltd                                                                              4C219

      BEKA design and manufacture indicators and displays for use in hazardous or non-hazardous areas.
      Remote field and panel mounted products certified to IECEx, ATEX and FM. Conventional 4-20mA
      Loop powered process indicators, flow rate totalisers, batch controllers plus the latest economical
      and sophisticated displays for Modbus, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus.

56)   Belzona Polymerics Ltd                                                                            1A65

      Belzona is a global leader in repair composites and protective coatings to repair protect and improve
      buildings structures machinery and equipment. Featuring on 1A65 is Monti MBX®, a manufacturer of
      mechanical blasting tools. Belzona offer the MBX® Bristle Blaster® a safe versatile tool for a variety
      of surface preparation tasks.

491) BG Group                                                                                             5B20

      BG Group plc is a world leader in natural gas. Active in over 25 countries, our broad portfolio
      includes exploration and production, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and transmission and distribution
      business interests. We combine a deep understanding of gas markets with a proven track record in
      finding and commercialising reserves.

356) BPP-TECH                                                                                             4A50

      “BPP-TECH is an independent engineering consultancy providing high quality engineering services
      and products to the offshore energy and marine industries. Core business areas include:

          q   Project management
          q   Risk & Reliability
          q   New product development
          q   Design & analysis
          q   Riser Management System
          q   Subsea dynamic power cable”

485) Bredero Shaw                                                                                        4B198

      Bredero Shaw is the global leader in pipe coating solutions. With more than 80 years experience, the
      largest team of dedicated pipe coating professionals and the most extensive network of strategically
      located plants worldwide the company has protected more pipelines in virtually every environment
      than anyone in the industry.

468) BS & B Safety Systems (UK)                                                                          4E181

      BS&B Safety Systems is a leading manufacturer of Buckling Pin Relief Valves, Rupture Disks,
      Explosion Vents and Explosion Suppression/Isolation Technology. BS&B is an ISO-9001 certified
      manufacturer with manufacturing facilities and sales locations worldwide.

133) BUPA International                                                                                   1F88

      Bupa International, a leading international health insurance provider has been caring for the insurance
      needs of over 420,000 members around the globe for 40 years. For more information, please visit

453) C.C. Jensen Limited                                                                                 4D180

      Want to save some money? CC Jensen Oil Maintenance products offer one solution to three main
      problems; dirt, water and oxidation. Maintaining the oil in good condition will extend the life of the oil
      and machinery, reduce costs for oil renewal/disposal and reduce maintenance costs, including the risk
      of breakdowns.

75)   CALDER GROUP                                                                                        1E54

      CALDER GROUP is a £165m pan-European engineering group. Three of our subsidiaries
      stand 1E54. These companies have impeccable reputations supplying SPECIALIST RAW
      and processes, to the O&G sector.
408) Calder Ltd                                                                                        4E110

      Calder is a leading supplier of high and ultra-high pressure packaged engineered solutions. We
      design, manufacture, and install cost effective and environmentally responsible pumping solutions for
      safe and hazardous areas. Our experience is in building robust pump packages for onshore and
      offshore process and water-jet pumping applications worldwide.

494) Caledonian Industries Ltd                                                                          5B04

      Caledonian are promoting Caltrex™ DCMS PEEK and CNC machined components. DCMS is a
      novel low stress process requiring little annealing and cost efficient, Near-net-Shape production.
      CNC lathes are used for the manufacture of seals and components in materials such as PEEK, PTFE.
      Typical applications are within down-hole tools

320) Castrol Offshore                                                                                  3D180

      Castrol Offshore; one of the leading specialist lubricant suppliers covering Surface Production,
      Subsea and Drilling. Dedicated research, product performance teams and global supply capability
      combined with products covering 15 applications and the latest testing facilities ensure that Castrol
      Offshore’s products and services are some of the best in the world.

139) CCC                                                                                                 1J79

      CCC specialises in turbomachinery control; serving customers in a range of industries including, oil,
      gas, chemical, petrochemical, refineries, LNG, pipelines, steel mills, pharmaceutical and power
      generation facilities. Having solved thousands of complex control problems for every application type,
      our new and retrofit turbomachinery controls operate over 8,000 machine trains globally.

55)   Cetix Group                                                                                       1A29

      The Cetix Group comprises Cetix Ltd and Cetix AS. Cetix Ltd (UK) is acknowledged as one of the
      UK's top independent Systems Integrators specialising in safety critical industrial control systems.
      Cetix AS specialise in ROV Launch and Recovery Systems, Active Heave Compensation Winches,
      BOP Control Units and Choke Control Systems.

440) Charles Thompson Ltd                                                                              4E105

      Charles Thompson Ltd deliver integrated fabrication services to the international Oil & Gas market.
      Established in 1969 the company specialise in the mechanical design and manufacture of bespoke
      pressure vessels, heat exchangers, filtration equipment, pipework systems, pre-assembled units,
      structures and complete process skid packages.

117) Check Electrical Solutions Ltd                                                                     1G57

      Check Electrical Solutions Ltd is an Electrical company that has Industrial Graphics & CMYK
      Photo-Graphics within the core company. Industrial Graphics covers all Engraving Laser Etching &
      Industrial Signage, CMYK Photo-Graphics covers Commercial & Domestic Photography and
      Graphic photo printing we have ATEX & COMPEX .

450) Ciglow Flameless Cigarette Lighters                                                               4E161

      Ciglow Flameless Cigarette Lighters protect potentially hazardous environments from the risks posed
      by fire. Ciglow safe area lighters reach a warm glow without flammables, eliminating naked flames.
      Units range from IP45 indoor lighters up to fully weather proof IP65 marine grade units. Available in
      110volt, 230volt, 12volt and battery operated.
516) Colson Industries Ltd                                                                               5A09

      Colson Industries Ltd. is a well established and most highly respected valve manufacturer of Ball,
      Needle, Check, Manifold and Double Block and Bleed valves in sizes from 1/4" to 4” based in the
      UK with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, and reliability.

267) Cordstrap Ltd                                                                                     3A120

      Cordstrap will be displaying and demonstrating their range of Germanischer Lloyd certified polyester
      strapping and Cordlash load securing systems.In addition Nolco-Flex will be on display.Nolco-Flex
      is a high performance transit damage protection system designed to protect valuable and/or sensitive
      products.Nolco-Flex is particularly suitable for protecting large drums of cable.

534) Cromarty Firth Port Authority                                                                     5A100

      The Cromarty Firth is a premier deep water Port in the Highlands of Scotland offering sheltered
      waters and deep water quays for oil rig, subsea and barge activities. The Port has a long history of
      IRM / Subsea fabrication, being able to handle large and complex projects.

236) Crosby Europe                                                                                       3A11

      Manufacturer of complete range of chain, wire rope fittings & lifting equipment. Manufacturing to
      ISO9001 procedures, audited by DNV, products are guaranteed, as to their quality, workmanship
      and performance under arduous conditions. A technical team and 3,000+ professional distributors are
      constantly at our partners disposal. Crosby, McKissick, Lebus, National, Western, Bullard, IP

220) Davall Gears Ltd                                                                                  2D150

      Davall Gears specialise in the design, prototyping and manufacture of custom gears and gearboxes.
      We are able to design/manufacture all geometries of gearing including spiroid (Spiradrive).
      Applications have included the design and manufacture of downwell drill head gearboxes (with high
      aspect ratios) to well head hoist gearbox module.

149) Decom Engineering                                                                                 1H104

      Decom Engineering, formed in 2010, specialize in the design and manufacture of a range of cutting
      equipment aimed specifically at the Onshore and Offshore decommissioning sector. Exhibiting at the
      Decom stand is our latest Onshore Decommissioning tool- The C6 Radial Saw.

121) ERIKS UK                                                                                            1H84

      ERIKS UK is a leading supplier of Industrial products and engineering solutions, world-wide the
      ERIKS group supplies over 90,000 customers including the offshore industry with valves, seals and
      drives (EX and ATEX). Our passion for technology has improved reliability and cost effectiveness for
      our customers.

93)   Faststream Recruitment                                                                             1D65

      Faststream are a specialist recruitment agency to the Oil and Gas sector. With 10 years’ experience
      and the ability to deliver search and selection, contingent and contract solutions. We offer a highly
      consultative approach which is best demonstrated than wrote about.

4)    Flowline Specialists Ltd.                                                                          1B11

      Flowline Specialists manufacture and hire tensioners, self-loading under rollers for flexible pipe, and
      umbilical reels; 300Te modular reel carriers, powered reels for ship to rig transfer, turntables, subsea
      pallets, reels, flexible pipe, umbilicals and buoyancy modules. We also carry out plastic welding and
      pressure testing of flexible pipes.

63)   Friatec Technical Ceramics                                                                        1C91

      The FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT division of FRIATEC AG specialises in high-performance ceramics -
      used in all applications where metal and plastic reach their limits. Our special ceramics are
      extraordinarily resistant to heat, corrosion and chemical agents, as well as extremely dimensionally
      stable and wear-resistant – making them widely used in challenging applications.

37)   GAI-Tronics, a division of Hubbell Ltd                                                            1F40

      GAI-Tronics' systems offer life-critical alarm notification and emergency evacuation for Zones 1&2
      and industrial areas. All PAGA, intercom and ATEX/IEC telephones are designed and built in-house.
      Gleason Reel- Designing and manufacturing Drag chains, Cable and Hose Reels and Festooning for
      the Harsh & Hazardous industries for 100 years

412) GEA Westfalia Separator UK Ltd                                                                    4B150

      GEA Westfalia Separator, design & manufacture Centrifugal Separation Systems for the separation
      of Liquid/Liquid & Liquid/Solid streams on both Onshore and Offshore installations. Applications
      include; - Drilling Mud Treatment - De-Oiling of Drains Water - Crude Oil Dehydration - Diesel Oil
      Dehydration - Bilge Water Treatment - Lube Oil Treatment - MEG Regeneration

557) Geoprober Drilling                                                                                 6C21

      Geoprober Drilling provides new technology and innovative solutions to the offshore oil and gas
      industry, particularly in the areas of drilling and well intervention.

67)   Glenair UK Limited                                                                                1B92

      Glenair is a leading supplier of interconnect solutions to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. We
      specialise in providing harsh environment connectors, backshells, connector accessories and sealed
      harnesses for a wide range of high reliability applications. Please visit us on stand 1B92 to discuss
      your specific interconnect requirements.

511) Global Energy Group Limited                                                                        5A80

      As a leading service and contracting company, the Global Energy Group support the international
      energy industry with a broad competence in the construction, upgrade and maintenance of energy
      sector assets. As execution partners, we work in our core markets of drilling, production,
      petrochemical/process, power generation/ utilities and renewable energy.

215) Government of Western Australia                                                                  2C150

      Aims to promote Western Australia as a world-class centre for oil and gas production and a range of
      supporting service sector activities including heavy fabrication, subsea engineering and maintenance
      and research and development. Current exploration and production activities provide significant
      business development opportunities for international involvement in Western Australia.

496) Harland & Wolff Heavy Industries Ltd                                                               5A50

      EUROPE'S BIGGEST DRY DOCKS Extensive Docks/Quays are suitable for the
      Repair/Conversion of Semi-submersible Units, Jack-ups, Oil Tankers up to ULCC size, Deepwater
      Offshore Barges, Dry Cargo Passenger/Cruise Vessels and Dry Cargo Vessels. Company facilities
      include Open Grit Blasting and 1500m3 Slops Facility.
144) Hayley Group                                                                                      1C100

      With 31 branches within the UK & Europe, Hayley Group, supply the Petrochemical Industry an
      ever expanding product range, including Bearings, Springs, 'O' Rings & Seals, a machine shop. We
      offer a 24 Hour, 365 day service to remain one of the industries' leading supplier of ENGINEERING

310) HB Bearings                                                                                        3E141

      HB Bearings are one of the largest independent UK special bearing manufacturers, with an in-house
      technical design facility. Bearings are manufactured in an extensive range of materials including
      corrosive resistant. Many hard to source standard bearings delivered on shorter lead times than major
      manufacturers. Capacity up to 940mm diameter.

445) Heatric                                                                                           4B190

      Heatric designs and manufactures Compact Diffusion Bonded Heat Exchangers. Major benefits
      include: four to six times smaller and lighter than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure
      capability in excess of 600 bar (8700 psi), a temperature range from cryogenic to 900°C (1652°F),
      reduced relief system requirements and multistream integration.

35)   HPC Gears                                                                                          1H11

      HPC Gears manufacture gears 3mm to 1½ metre diameter along with worms and wheels, pulleys and
      belts, sprockets and chain, bevel gears, anti-backlash gears and many more. We also offer a wide
      range of precision components which include gearboxes, leadscrews, couplings, bearings, oilite
      bushes, motors, springs, clamps, collars and fasteners.

59)   Hunt&Palmer Plc                                                                                    1E80

      With its global network of offices, Hunt&Palmer’s expertise in private aviation charter extends across
      all continents. One of our key strengths is that we understand personnel rotation logistics and how
      important safety and security is when moving employees or equipment, however remote the location.

153) Hydratight                                                                                          2A10

      Hydratight is the world leader in specialist bolting and connection products and engineering services
      to the world’s energy industries. We provide the safest, most secure connections possible in critical
      components and some of the best tools and service worldwide. That’s why we are first choice with
      the world's leading companies.

387) Igus UK                                                                                             4E99

      At this year’s Offshore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen, igus® UK will be launching the latest
      additions to its industry-leading e-chain® cable carriers and chainflex® continuous-flex cables
      developed specifically for mechanically and environmentally challenging offshore applications, as well
      its maintenance free range of plain, spherical and linear bearings.

76)   IMCA                                                                                               1D64

      IMCA is the international trade association for offshore, marine and underwater engineering
      companies. IMCA issues guidance on marine and diving operations, procedures and equipment;
      safety; the environment; legislation; training; certification; and competence. IMCA promotes
      communication and discussion on all aspects of the safety, efficiency and prosperity of marine
17)   Johnson Elevanja Ltd                                                                                   1D31


529) JP Knight (Caledonian) Ltd                                                                              5A84

      The JP Knight Group owns and operates four offshore anchor handling/towing vessels from its
      Lowestoft base, on contract to the UK MCA. From our Invergordon base harbour, coastal towage
      and offshore services are provided with four modern ASD tugs of between 60 and 89 tonnes Bollard

224) Kroy (Europe) Ltd                                                                                     2E150

      Kroy provides identification systems and labelling products to a diverse range of applications
      including the offshore, nuclear, electrical, H&S industries. We distribute a range of printers all
      producing temperature resistant, high performance labels, heat shrink tubing markers, self laminating
      cable markers, rating plates, and Health & Safety signage etc.

298) Latchways PLC                                                                                       3A350

      Latchways plc-world leaders in the design and manufacture of ManSafe fall protection systems-
      provide cost effective safety products for personnel working at height. Latchways' range of Self
      Retractable Lifelines, includes the ManSafe Sealed SRL which has been designed specifically for use
      in the harshest of marine environments.

201) Lee Products Ltd                                                                                    2A104

      Lee Products will be exhibiting its range of high pressure miniature hydraulic components ie Lee
      Plugs, AFO plugs, single and multi-orifice restrictors, check valves, relief valves, shuttle valves,
      solenoid valves, flow controls and safety screens.

541) Lerwick Shetland                                                                                    5D100

      With deep-water quays and anchorages, Lerwick Harbour provides modern, evolving facilities
      supporting the offshore oil & gas industry in northern waters, with around 40 years’ experience
      servicing exploration, production and development and, now, also decommissioning onshore and
      offshore. See: AF Decom Offshore; Lerwick Port Authority; Peterson SBS/Veolia Environmental
      Services (UK)

358) Lionweld Kennedy Flooring                                                                               4C13

      Lionweld Kennedy, a leading secondary metalwork, steel grating, GRP grating and handrailing
      specialist serving the offshore, construction and engineering industries; with exeptional products
      solutions and services. Contact Sales on 01642 233299 or email

500) Litre Meter                                                                                             5A60

      The VFF range of positive displacement rotary piston flowmeters have been manufactured by Litre
      Meter since 1985. They are extensively used topsides and subsea for the measurement of chemical
      injection fluids. Low flow and high pressure flowmetering is our flow speciality. We can now supply
      Coriolis mass flow meters.

80)   Marks & Clerk - Intellectual Property Services                                                       1F62

      Marks & Clerk is the UK’s largest firm of specialist Intellectual Property advisers. Our Oil & Gas
      Group features IP professionals with technical backgrounds who advise on maximising the value of
      new technologies across the spectrum, from exploration to processing. We also regularly conduct IP
      due diligence for M&A.

294) Maxiflo Technologies Ltd                                                                             3E121

      Exhibiting the Maximator range of ATEX approved air driven liquid pumps, amplifiers, gas boosters,
      pressure test units, high pressure valves, fittings and tubing for pressures to 150000psi. Maximator
      offer a global presence in all key Worldwide Oil and Gas markets through their Global Partner

488) Maxim Power Tools (Scotland) Ltd                                                                    4D178

      Reliable, high quality ATEX Air Saws for cutting thin material to 635mm dia. Pipes, Fans 300 to
      600mm dia. capacity 12,000 Cfm and a range of hand held Air Tools plus NEW Spitznas
      Underwater Hydraulic Peanut Grinder and Hammer Drill and full range of Blades and Clamps. Free
      technical advice.

78)   Merchant                                                                                             1E72

      Merchant is a leading marketing and communications consultancy providing fresh creative thinking
      and ideas to companies in the oil and gas industry. We work closely with our clients providing
      creative services such as marketing consultancy, digital marketing solutions, design, print, event
      management, public relations and social media.

315) Metal Improvement Company                                                                            3E241

      Metal Improvement Company offers high quality and cost effective processes to solve or prevent
      material failure modes such as fatigue, galling, fretting, SCC, corrosion and friction. Services include: -
      Controlled shot - Laser peening - Engineered coatings - On-site processing worldwide Approvals
      include: FAA, AS9100, NADCAP, ISO 9001:2008

23)   Micro Spring & Presswork                                                                             1G11

      MSP are industry leading specialist manufacturers of a huge range of springs, presswork and
      wireforms for some of the world’s harshest environments and partner some of the biggest names in
      high tech manufacturing. Vast range of materials – Wire diameter 0.1mm to 20mm – Presswork up to

97)   Motion Software                                                                                       1J33

      Motion Inspect – on & off line inspection software. Atex compliant Handhelds & RFID solutions.
      Working in the Energy industry in LOLER, DROPS, Pipeline, EX Equipment, Structural & general
      inspection environments. Contract completed in a Wind Turbine application. Microsoft Gold Partner
      offering custom solutions focusing on mobile applications.

475) National Metals Technology                                                                          4D148

      The National Metals Technology Centre provides support for metals producers, processors and
      users through a comprehensive programme of market access, technology and skills development.
      Members benefit from an extensive agenda of commercial and technical seminars and conferences
      covering a wide range of advanced engineering and materials topics.

361) Newburgh Engineering Co Limited                                                                     4D31

      Newburgh is a progressive FPAL registered contract manufacturer of high specification engineering
      component parts and assemblies. We offer a large production capability over two manufacturing sites
      combined with a highly skilled workforce. We deliver significant business benefits to our customers
      through our long-term manufacturing partnerships and project dedicated production cells.

331) NOF Energy                                                                                         3E190

      NOF Energy is a business support organisation for oil, gas, nuclear and offshore renewables sectors.
      Offering six core services including networking and events and member to member business, we
      encourage intertrading between businesses and have helped members secure £140 million in new
      business over the past three years.

43)   Non Standard Socket Screw Ltd                                                                      1C80

      Our self contained manufacturing facility has the ability to produce parts to your exacting standards
      from either drawing or samples. With a wide range of hot forging presses, CNC lathes, miller and
      thread rollers, we are capable of manufacturing products from M3 to M64 (1/8” to 2 ½”)all

269) Nord-Lock Ltd                                                                                     3A130

      NORD-LOCK washers are a unique bolt securing system using tension instead of friction. They are
      the ideal solution to anyone wanting to combat loosening through vibration or dynamic load. NORD-
      LOCK washers achieve maximum safety and are fully re-useable. Please visit our stand for a
      technical demonstration and further information.

433) Northern Oils                                                                                     4D105

      Northern Oils is Scotlands Premier Lubricants Distributor with 5 depots covering all of Scotlands
      major ports and cities. Our Depots are fully equipped to support our customers requirements 24
      hours per day 365 days a year. Northern Oils carry a substantial quantity of stock for same day/next
      day delivery.

537) Northsound Radio                                                                                  5A110

      Northsound Radio is a commercial radio station serving Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland.
      30 years worth of strong ties with the local community provide the backbone of the stations
      programming and Northsound Radio prides itself on having the best mix of music, local news,
      entertainment and information.

560) Oceantools Ltd                                                                                      6D22

      Do you have a subsea or underwater engineering problem? OceanTools may have the solution in our
      extensive range of standard products which includes the HDO high definition video overlay and the
      OceanSENSE leak detection system. Alternatively, our highly experienced engineering team can
      provide you with a custom designed solution.

441) Offshore Contractors Association                                                                   4E151

      The OCA is the lead representative contracting body, looking after the interests of companies
      involved in wide-ranging activities: mechanical, electrical, construction, maintenance, design/project
      engineering, fabrication and decommissioning. Combined member turnover is in excess of £3B; a
      workforce of over 20,000 employees and a presence on virtually every UKCS installation.

85)   Oil and Gas People                                                                                   1E91

      Oil and Gas People is the industry's most popular job site. We offer a recruitment solution that is
      better for candidates and recruiters alike. Visit our stand to find out how we can help with your

527) Orcina Ltd                                                                                            5D71

      Orcina is a professional engineering software house. Our main product is OrcaFlex, the market
      leading numerical simulation program for modelling a wide range of offshore dynamic systems,
      including flexible and rigid risers, moorings, cable and pipe lay, pipeline pull-in, towed arrays,
      installation analysis and many other systems.

98)   Osiris Projects                                                                                      1C49

      Osiris Hydrographic & Geophysical Projects Ltd (Osiris Projects) are an independent UK based
      company providing high quality marine survey services to a broad range of clients from the Oil & Gas,
      Renewable Energy, Utilities, Ports, Harbours and Private Sector Industries.

313) Parkburn Precision Handling Systems                                                                3A164

      Parkburn designs and manufactures rugged, reliable and efficient surface and deepwater marine
      deployment and retrieval systems for specialist offshore applications. State of the art technology
      utilising compact electric drives and digital controls provides precise speed & tension control
      capabilities, which significantly reduces product/payload risk and handling system installation costs.

221) Peterhead Port Authority                                                                           2C151

      Peterhead is one of the UK's most versatile ports, providing exceptional all-weather, deepwater
      berthing and servicing all aspects of the offshore oil industry. Users enjoy congestion free access, no
      city centre rush hour delays and a positive approach to customer service to get their job done quickly
      and efficiently.

105) Pittsburgh Corning                                                                                    1C69

      Pittsburgh Corning’s FOAMGLAS cellular glass insulation gives unrivalled long-term insulating
      performance. 100% closed-cell FOAMGLAS is the oil and gas industry’s first choice to prevent
      corrosion under insulation (CUI), and to give industry-leading fire protection and safety.
      Prefabricated, factory-coated systems include FOAMGLAS Terostat and the FOAMGLAS® XP
      jet-fire protection system.

104) PolyComm Ltd                                                                                          1H28

      PolyComm announce the World's first 150ºC, plug ‘n’ play, closed loop 100 Watt, 25Kpsi mud
      turbine for demanding MWD/LWD applications. This turbine is completely self regulating,
      programmable, operates over a wide flow range and was successfully field tested in April 2011. See
      our turbines on Stand 1H28.

519) Port Services (Invergordon) Ltd                                                                       5A90

      Port Services Group is a leading integrated logistics support service company operating from a
      number of strategic locations in Scotland. We serve the needs of the biggest oil, gas and renewable
      energy companies in the world and have built a reputation for quality service and the provision of
      tailor-made solutions.
304) Power Torque Engineering Ltd                                                                        3A190

      Power Torque is a supplier of Zone 2 and standard engine power packs, to the Offshore and
      Petrochemical industry. We offer a range of Zone 2 units conforming to ATEX and other standards.

558) Pulse Structural Monitoring                                                                          6C22

      Pulse Structural Monitoring (an Acteon Company) is the world’s most experienced company in the
      marine structural monitoring field, including drilling applications, which comprise of in-house
      developed instruments and software. Pulse have an outstanding track record of reliability and
      advanced engineering toolbox that gives us in-depth understanding of subsea monitoring challenges

452) Responsive Engineering Group                                                                        4E224

      Through one portal, cusomers can access high precision 5 axis CNC machining, specialist welding
      and fabrication, pressing, assembly and test operations as well as profiling using the latest Waterjet
      and Laser cutting technologies. We are manufacturing partners to numerous OEM's for down hole
      products and subsea equipment.

10)   Righton Limited                                                                                     1C31

      Righton provide the offshore, oil & gas industries the ultimate supply package of special alloys for
      high integrity and safety critical applications. These alloys are specified for their high strength and
      corrosion resistant characteristics and include high grade stainless steel, copper & nickel alloys in bar,
      forgings, pipe & fittings.

116) RigQuip International                                                                                1H38

      RigQuip International is an alternative source for drilling equipment, complete drilling rig packages,
      parts, aftermarket and engineering services such as concept and detailed engineering. RigQuip
      collaborates with and represents three of the best US based drilling equipment companies,
      LeTourneau Drilling Products, Loadmaster Derrick & Equipment and Fluid Systems Inc.

432) Saab Seaeye Ltd                                                                                     4A180

      Saab Seaeye is world’s leading electric ROV manufacturer. With over 600 systems supplied
      worldwide Saab Seaeye has extensive experience in supplying ROV solutions to the Oil and Gas
      industry. Using innovation, technology and knowledge to supply the world’s leading ROV operators
      with an immensely successful range of electric ROV systems.

381) SAACKE Combustion Services Ltd                                                                       4C84

      As a systems partner for shipyards, offshore contractors and engineering companies, SAACKE
      designs, plans and manufactures turnkey plants for heat generation on board ships and for offshore
      technology, from conception to commissioning, maintenance and lifetime service support. We are
      your systems partner for heat generation, emissions control and energy efficiency.

241) Santon Switchgear Ltd                                                                                3A80

      Manufacturers of the Sidunn Air Circuit Breaker retrofit solution. Sidunn can replace most
      manufacturers obsolete ACB's. To remove the existing, replace with a Sidunn takes between 2 to 4
      hours, fixed and withdrawable. Santon also manufacture EExd Atex isoltor/disconnector switches
      with positive flag indication. Santon Superior Switch Solutions.

140) Sapa Profiles UK Ltd                                                                                 1H99
      Sapa Profiles are manufacturers of extruded aluminium profiles with a range of in-house services
      including design, machining, welding, cutting, bending,and finishing. We can produce profiles up to
      620mm wide x 50mm high, or 300 x 300mm with a weight of 65kg/m and a maximum length of 26m.

465) Scorpion Oceanics Ltd                                                                            4E163

      Scorpion Oceanics offer the following subsea products;- Birns & Souriau - Underwater Electrical &
      Fibre Optic Connectors Cortland Cable - Underwater Cables and High Modulus Fibre Ropes. High
      Tech, Inc. - Hydrophones and Marine Sensor Systems. Cable Harnesses and Mouldings in
      Polyethylene, Polyurethane and Neoprene. Accessories including Polyurethane Twinpacks, Cable
      Grips, Mould Tools etc.

36)   SELEX Elsag                                                                                      1C61

      For over 100 years, SELEX Elsag have been leading providers of Marine Communications,
      Navigation, Safety, Security, Welfare and Support solutions. Previously known as Marconi Marine,
      they are the only business to have been continuously involved in the provision, implementation and
      support of communications equipment, since the inception of marine radio.

435) Skegness Springs Ltd                                                                             4E123

      Skegness Springs design, develop and manufacture a complete range of precision springs for the oil
      and gas industry using stainless steels, Inconels, Elgiloy and other alloys. Compression, extension and
      torsion springs, bow springs and other flat metal parts are all made-to-order. Low-volume specialists.
      Emergency manufacturing service available.

44)   Sleeve It Ltd                                                                                    1D34

      SLEEVE IT LTD - Silicone tubes,profiles,sheeting. Protective sleeving. Flexible electrical insulation.
      CUSTOM COMPOSITES LTD Manufacture and machine composite tubes. Materials include
      Woven Glass,Carbon Fibre,Cellulose Paper & Cotton Fabric reinforced with Epoxy,Silicone &
      Phenolic resins.

566) Society for Underwater Technology                                                                 6D15

       SUT is an international learned society promoting the development, dissemination, exchange of ideas,
      information and technology relating to the underwater environment. Founded in 1966, the Society
      unites organisations and individuals regarding technology, science, offshore engineering, with branches
      in Aberdeen, North of England, Rio, Houston, Perth, Melbourne, Malaysia, Africa, Norway,

354) Stakapal Ltd                                                                                      4A40

      Stakapal are leading UK manufacturers of a comprehensive range of storage equipment supplying the
      industry with storage solutions for over 40 years. As members of SEMA (Storage Equipment
      Manufacturers Association),our purpose built factory in Cannock, Staffordshire manufactures
      Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking, Vertical Storage plus a range of ancillary products.

430) Stephenson Engineering                                                                           4A144

      ISO 9001 approved. All major work undertaken within the company. Large capacity CNC and
      conventional machine shop. High integrity fabrications by coded welders. Lifting capacity 35 Tonnes.
      Profiling for both customer and internal use, utilising large steel stocks. Painting and shot blasting
      facility. Non destructive and proof load testing unit.
102) Sterling Relocation                                                                               1D85

      Sterling are global relocation service providers to some of the world’s leading companies. Through
      our service delivery hubs in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific, we help clients achieve their goals
      by alleviating the operational challenges of workforce mobility. Sterling is committed to quality,
      delivering impeccable services in every location.

266) Subsea Asset Location Technologies (SALT) Ltd                                                    3A200

      SALT produces SonarBell®, the highly efficient passive sonar reflector which facilitates the marking
      and simple relocation of underwater assets. Compatible with almost all active sonars, SonarBell®
      provides subsea operators with a real alternative to transponders in terms of time, cost and

179) Summit Engineering Ltd                                                                             2E15

      Summit Engineering is a sub-contract machining company to the Oil and Aerospace Industries. Full
      machining capabilities, include CNC turning, up to 13ft long, plus a number of CNC Milling
      centers.Summit have installed equipment necessary to rubber wrap 18ft pipe for Casing Patch and

3)    Telesis Marking Systems                                                                          1A30

      Telesis is the leader in Product Identification and Traceability Technology. Our wide range of
      permanent, programmable Pinstamp Marking Systems and Lasers are relied upon in thousands of
      manufacturing environments every day, throughout the world. A global network of knowledgeable
      sales and service professionals back all Telesis systems.

232) Thern Lifting Services                                                                              X30

      Thern Lifting Services Ltd are please to be exhibiting Offshore Europe, we will be displaying our
      award winning range of derrick personnel winches together with a complete range of powered
      winches and davit cranes from Thern Inc, we look forward to welcoming new and existing customers
      to our stand.

299) Total Carbide                                                                                    3E131

      Total Carbide is the European leader for the design and manufacture of Tungsten Carbide wear parts.
      The company has more than 50 years of experience in Tungsten Carbide grade and product
      development and provides wear part solutions to many of the leading Oil and Gas companies.

69)   TRAC Global                                                                                       1E26

      TRaC are experts in the fields of • Explosive Atmosphere Assessment & Testing • Gas Pipeline &
      Infrastructure Analysis • Seismic Vibration Testing & Analysis • Environmental Testing & Analysis •
      Vibration & Shock testing, measurement and analysis • Legislative Approvals & Certification – CE
      Mark, ATEX & IECEx

521) Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions                                                                  5C61

      Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions are experienced market leaders in the provision of life safety
      services including fire protection, fire detection, environmental solutions and audio communications as
      well as maintaining asset integrity through our metering and wellhead process and control offering to
      the energy industry worldwide.

377) Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd                                                                             4E80
      Variohm Eurosensors are a specialist supplier of sensors to monitor:- Position, Pressure, Load,
      Temperature. These sensors are proven in a wide range of Offshore Applications.

567) Viper Subsea Ltd                                                                                     6A28

      Specialising in subsea hydraulic, electrical and optical distribution systems, a range of innovative
      products are offered. These include the high performance, high reliability, V-LOCK® range of
      stabplates and the V-LIM™ & V-SLIM™, which are surface and subsea modules for monitoring
      and analysing the electrical integrity of umbilicals and subsea equipment.

423) Wallwork Heat Treatment                                                                            4E121

      Wallwork Heat Treatment / Tecvac Ltd operate a high quality, comprehensive heat treatment and
      hard coating service from centres in Manchester, Birmingham & Cambridge. The group offers a full
      range of vacuum, sealed quench, Tufftride and salt processes, as well as thin film and bore coatings.

88)   Water Weights                                                                                       1C39

      Water Weights' water filled bags provide safe, practical and economical alternative to testing with
      solid weights. They are ideal for use in Offshore Oil & Gas and Marine environments. Bags can be
      use to test crane, davits, derricks, lifeboats etc and inaccessible lifting points deemed impossible by
      any other method.

454) Western Tydens                                                                                     4E125

      Western Tydens manufactures, in the UK, a range of diesel engine spark arresters for use in
      hazardous areas. We will be showing our new and expanded ranges covering 1 to 1000HP engines,
      all certified to ATEX EN1834.

219) Wireline Engineering Ltd                                                                           2E140

      Wireline Engineering is an innovation company with primary expertise in the wireline and well
      intervention sector. We provide original products and solutions to Oil & Gas Companies and major
      Service Companies in sixty countries around the world. The world leader in wireline conveyance and
      high deviation intervention solutions.

256) Aberdeen O-rings & Seals Ltd                                                                         3E80

441) Adept Knowledge Management                                                                         4E151

441) AG Technical Solutions                                                                             4E151

270) Amazon Filters Ltd                                                                                 3C200

414) AMC Global Group                                                                                   4E120

394) Ansell Jones Limited                                                                               4A111

428) Aramark                                                                                            4E140

502) ASCO Numatics                                                                                        5C40

356) BPP-Cables                                                                                           4A50

84)   Brevini Fluid Power                                                                                 1D38

11)   Bridgeforth Engineering Ltd                                                                         1C40
238) Bridon International Ltd                                                                           3A50

75)   CALDER INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS LTD                                                                   1E54

185) Clyde Healthcare                                                                                   2C55

      Clyde Healthcare provides drug and alcohol testing to the largest maritime training company in the
      UK as well many UK shipping companies. We also provide occupational health services covering
      everything from health checks and lifestyle assessments to health talks and attendance management.

185) Clyde Marine Consultants                                                                           2C55

      Clyde Marine Consultants recruits some of the industries finest talent for shore-based roles within the
      worldwide marine and oil and gas sectors. We supply candidates of all levels, and from a broad
      spectrum of disciplines, to agencies or to companies direct.

185) Clyde Marine Training                                                                              2C55

      Clyde Marine Training is largest maritime training provider in the UK, recruiting approximately 50%
      of the annual trainee intake for the British Merchant Navy. We have also worked with oil companies
      to select top MN graduates for positions offshore. We also deliver tailored short courses, including
      STCW, throughout the UK.

174) Clyde Safety                                                                                       2E50

185) Clyde Travel Management (IMTG member)                                                              2C55

174) Clyde Uniforms                                                                                     2E50

38)   Cofim Limited                                                                                     1C70

472) Con Mech Group                                                                                   4C184

44)   Custom Composites Ltd                                                                             1D34

475) Cutting and Wear Resistant Devl ltd                                                              4D148

259) Danbrit Shipping Limited                                                                           3E90

502) Daniel Measurement and Control                                                                     5C40

538) Decom North Sea                                                                                  5C100

571) DPS Offshore                                                                                       6C29

121) Econosto UK Ltd                                                                                    1H84

11)   Ecosteel Ltd                                                                                      1C40

502) Emerson Asset Optimization                                                                         5C40

502) Emerson Network Power - Chloride                                                                   5C40

502) Emerson Process Management Wireless                                                                5C40

503) Enhance Energy Services Ltd                                                                        5B05

165) Eztek Ltd                                                                                          2E30
190) Farris Engineering                          2E91

156) Federation of Small Businesses             2C20

317) Ficep UK Ltd                               3A174

502) Fisher Regulators                          5C40

502) Fisher Valves                              5C40

37)   Gleason Reel Corporation                   1F40

174) Global Pipe Components                      2E50

427) Harmonic Drive UK Limited                  4B160

523) Haven Automation Limited                   5D25

304) Hawke International                        3A190

75)   Helander Precision Engineering Ltd         1E54

270) Hidrostal                                  3C200

38)   HIPPSCO                                   1C70

259) Holderness Ship Repairers Limited           3E90

259) HOTA                                        3E90

522) Hydratron Ltd                              5A64

185) IMTG (International Marine Travel Group)   2C55

472) Induction Pipe Bending UK Ltd              4C184

413) InPro Systems Limited                      4E210

538) ITF                                        5C100

270) ITT Lowara                                 3C200

161) J P Kenny Group                            2C30

11)   KLS Holdings Ltd                          1C40

213) KT Hydraulics Ltd                          2D130

174) Leser UK Limited                            2E50

11)   Lothian Steel Services Ltd                1C40

165) Mackellar Sub-sea Ltd.                      2E30

543) Max and Co                                 5C110

7)    MCP UK                                    1A32

161) MCS Kenny                                  2C30
524) Merpro Ltd                                                                                         5B90

502) MicroMotion                                                                                        5C40

174) Midland ACS                                                                                        2E50

203) Mobil Industrial Lubricants                                                                      2C120

161) MSi Kenny                                                                                          2C30

486) Muirhead Aerospace                                                                                4E195

161) Mustang Engineering                                                                                2C30

292) Noble Installation AS                                                                            3B160

11)   North East Steel Services Ltd                                                                     1C40

40)   North Safety Products Europe                                                                      1B81

259) North Sea Ventilation Limited                                                                      3E90

      North Sea Supply Base is a unique terminal on the River Tees. A fexible and independant facility
      offering Fabrication space, Priject cargo handling, Heavy lifts, Supply vessel mobilisation and support.

165) Northlink Ferries Freight                                                                          2E30

190) Nova Swiss High Pressure                                                                           2E91

161) ODL                                                                                                2C30

295) Oliver Twinsafe Valves Ltd                                                                        3E130

295) Oliver Valvetek Ltd                                                                               3E130

538) OPITO                                                                                            5C100

325) Opportunities Fife                                                                               3B156

414) P-Quip Ltd.                                                                                       4E120

374) P.P. Profiles                                                                                      4E61

242) PEI-Genesis UK Ltd                                                                                 3A44

571) Perry                                                                                              6C29

475) Plasma Coatings Ltd                                                                              4D148

259) Point Engineering (Hull) Limited                                                                   3E90

148) PRD Precision Engineering Ltd                                                                    1H102

174) Precious Associates                                                                                2E50

543) R2S Return to Scene Ltd                                                                          5C110

502) Remote Automation Solutions                                                                        5C40

502) Rosemount                                                                                          5C40
502) Rosemount Flow                            5C40

547) Schilling Robotics Ltd                    5C120

168) Scotload Ltd                              2A44

289) SeaOcean Ltd.                             3B240

165) Serimax United Kingdom                     2E30

388) Sheffield Quality Forge                   4A100

259) Sioen UK, Mullion Manufacturing Limited    3E90

428) SKY                                       4E140

190) Solent & Pratt                             2E91

388) Special Steels Ltd                        4A100

388) Special Testing Ltd                       4A100

571) Specialist ROV Tooling Services Ltd       6C29

40)   Sperian Protection (UK) Ltd               1B81

347) Springmasters Ltd                         3B199

475) Stainless Steel Fasteners Ltd             4D148

204) Step Change in Safety Ltd                 2E100

571) Sub-Atlantic                              6C29

538) Technology Strategy Board                 5C100

423) Tecvac Limited                            4E121

532) Teledyne Cormon                           5D66

532) Teledyne Oil & Gas UK                     5D66

502) TESCOM                                    5C40

528) TFC, Ltd.                                 5A74

347) The Valley Spring Co Ltd                  3B199

502) Topworx                                   5C40

475) TW Metals LTd                             4D148

571) UKPS Offshore                             6C29

270) Vee Bee Filtration UK Ltd                 3C200

231) Viscom Aberdeen Ltd                        X20

571) Visualsoft Ltd                            6C29
161) Wood Group GTS                                                                                    2C30

161) Wood Group Integrity Management (WGIM)                                                            2C30

161) Wood Group Kenny                                                                                  2C30

161) Wood Group PSN                                                                                    2C30

164) Workstrings International                                                                         2C50

165) ZE1 Global                                                                                         2E30

541) AF Decom Offshore (UK)                                                                            5D100

     AF Decom Offshore is your leading partner in offshore decommissioning. Our service portfolio

         q   Project Management
         q   Feasibility Studies
         q   Offshore decommissioning services
         q   Onshore disposal services

     AF Decom Offshore has an established decommissioning facility in Norway and has partnered with
     Lerwick Port Authority for development of a facility in Shetland, UK.

243) Amarinth                                                                                          3C60

     Amarinth is a leading manufacturer of API 610 centrifugal pumps for general industrial, chemical and
     petrochemical applications. We provide engineered-to-order solutions, according to the highest
     international industry standards including API 11th edition. We have a vast experience in the
     manufacture and supply of pumps with a dedication to customer-oriented solutions.

331) Attric Limited                                                                                    3E190

     Attric is a leading UK consulting and service company specialising in the development, management
     and delivery of technical information, procedural documentation, asset/maintenance management and
     engineering support services.

307) Avenue Scotland Ltd                                                                               3A145

     Avenue Scotland have built an enviable reputation over the last 18 years for leading the way in
     temporary and permanent recruitment as well as strategic HR solutions over a diverse range of
     market sectors throughout the UK.

329) Burntisland Fabrications Ltd                                                                      3B148

     Burntisland Fabrications Ltd. operates from 3 quayside locations throughout Scotland offering high
     quality construction facilities and personnel to undertake your most demanding construction
     requirements within the Oil & Gas and Renewables Energy sectors. We operate with 1000 skilled
     personnel. Our client base includes, BP, ConocoPhillips, Nexan, FMC & Scottish Power.

178) Caletech International                                                                             2E42

     Caletech has implemented accounting and business intelligence solutions since 1991 across a wide
     variety of industry types, at home in Scotland, the rest of the UK, North America, Australia and
     Europe We develop close, long-standing customer partnerships. Visit our stand to discover how to
     enhance your company information technology

240) Certex Offshore                                                                                    3E20

     The offshore division is unique in offering innovative solutions to the management of lifting equipment.
     With dedicated facilities in Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth and Montrose enabling Certex to deliver the
     total package with outstanding service. Our engineers are highly trained and qualified to perform your
     most demanding tasks throughout the world.

290) Cluistrom Ltd                                                                                    3B150


247) Cooper-Crouse Hinds (UK) Ltd                                                                      3A64

     Part of COOPER Industries, COOPER Crouse-Hinds is a leading company in the manufacturing of
     technologically innovative electrical products for use in the field of Harsh and Hazardous
     environments. Our brand names of CEAG and MTL are synonymous with safety, quality, service,
     and most importantly reliability, enhancing safety and productivity worldwide!

239) Darchem Engineering                                                                               3A60

     Darchem designs and manufactures Passive Fire Protection systems for onshore and offshore
     installations. Solutions offered, Hydrocarbon Pool fire up to 180 minute, Jetfire protection and include
     Darmatt flexible mattress and Darshield rigid enclosures, Radiant Heat Shielding for the protection of
     personnel, equipment and structures from radiant heat and fire.

262) DPS Global                                                                                        3A68

     DPS are a dynamic and innovative multi-disciplined engineering solutions company with particular
     strengths in process engineering. With a strong commercial and technical ethos we also have a vast
     amount of experience in the design, supply and commissioning of integrated process systems,
     packages and technologies.

331) Ecco Finishing Supplies Ltd                                                                      3E190

     Ecco Finishing supply Customers here in the UK and around the World with all of their Blast
     Cleaning and Paint Spraying requirements. We supply our Customers with all of their needs to ensure
     the job get’s done.

165) Encode Software Solutions                                                                          2E30

     Encode Software Solutions helps oil&gas companies save time and money. Our software, Dynamics
     Platform, shows key business information, allowing quick decision-making. Managers can check if
     staff, equipment, money etc are available so contracts can be fulfilled without delay, and where
     shortfalls might be. Dynamics Platform allows you to do all this and more…

498) ENI International Resources Limited                                                                5B40

     Eni International Resources Limited (EIRL) is a specialist recruitment and global career management
     Company of Eni SpA, which is an integrated energy Company. Based in London, EIRL has a strong
      business focus to identify, recruit and develop technical and management resources. For exciting
      opportunities visit our Recruiters in booth 5B40.

333) Fife Fabrications Ltd                                                                          3A159

      Fife Fabrications Ltd (FiFab). We supply precision sheet metalwork, precision machined components
      and electro-mechanical assemblies worldwide. We are recognised as a “Concept to Component
      Provider” to OEM’s/CEM’s worldwide. Our 106,000-sq.ft facility houses one of the most advanced
      manufacturing sites in the world. Accredited to ISO9001:2008 & ISO14001.

307) Forth Ports Limited                                                                            3A145

28)   GNC ApS                                                                                         1A18

      Contact with authorities and legal assistance Plannig and consultancy Construction project planning
      Construction implementation Camp construction and operation Personel and cargo transportation
      Land, lake and sea surveys with GPS Drilling and blasting tasks Metalworks and machining
      Mechanics Manpower

325) Invest in Fife                                                                                  3B156

331) ISIS Fluid Control Ltd                                                                          3E190

      Manufacturing Represented: Hydraulics: HydraForce, Stucchi, MHA, Wika & Fox. Process:
      Flowserve-Worcester/Norbro,ASCO Pneumatics & Oliver. Steam: Valsteam Adca, Mival &
      Tosaca. Complete Technical Support and rapid delivery from extensive stocks guaranteed.

279) Lamond & Murray Ltd                                                                            3A150

      Lamond and Murrray Ltd has been manufacturing gears for over 80 years up to 2.5m diameter. We
      specialise in small to medium quantities and offer an excellent breakdown service. We also refurbish
      all types of gearboxes and are able to reverse engineer worn parts.

541) Lerwick Port Authority                                                                         5D100

      With several decades' experience servicing all phases of offshore industry activity in the northern
      waters, Lerwick Port Authority has a vital role in providing and operating modern facilities.
      Continuing infrastructure development, including addition deep-water berthing and improved access,
      enhances support, including for the evolving onshore and offshore decommisioning market.

156) MandOS                                                                                           2C20

      For safety, risk, compliance - PROMANADE software improves performance, cuts costs. Easy to
      use - generates a complete electronic management system with sophisticated process mapping using
      industry-standard “RACI” methodology. Clear, concise, consistent - used globally in the energy and
      engineering sectors and by risk management, HSEQ and business change consultancies.

165) McGeoch Marine Limited                                                                              2E30

      MML supply accommodation modules that are designed for use on offshore platforms. We are also
      major suppliers of marine, watertight and offshore doors, A60 doors, blast doors, windows and
      hardware to the offshore industry.

188) Monitor Management Control Systems                                                                  2E54

      Time is money, learn how you can save both! Our project management software allows project
      delivery on time, within budget every time. Our integration applicatiation enables information exchange
      between SAP, Primavera, Maximo etc. again, saving time. Trained staff are effective staff, visit us and
      see how our courses can help.

305) Parsons Peebles Generation Ltd                                                                     3A154

      Parsons Peebles Generation Limited is a bespoke manufacturer of Medium and High Voltage motors
      and generators, primarily for the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries. With the largest
      installed base of HV motors in the North Sea, PPGL also provides an aftermarket service covering
      spares, repairs, rewinds and spare machines.

541) PetersonSBS Ltd                                                                                    5D100

      PetersonSBS Ltd are located at strategic locations around the North Sea, providing logistic support,
      Material and Inventory Management, Marine support services and Decommissioning facilities and
      capability to our customers.

300) PhotoSynergy Ltd                                                                                   3A144

      PhotoSynergy Limited (PSL) has developed and patented a unique lighting solution utilising optical
      fibre called LIGHTPATH; a continuous line of light up to 150 metres that carries no electrical power
      and includes a wet-mate Optical Pozi Lock connection system. Applications: passageway stairwells
      confined spaces umbilical lighting in air or water

160) Pisys Limited                                                                                       2C21

      Pisys is a Scottish software company which creates and delivers specialist software products and
      services worldwide. From its origins in the North Sea oil industry Pisys has developed extensive
      experience of creating mission critical software capable of operating reliably in harsh environments
      Our software is robust, user friendly and leading edge.

331) PPSI Manufacturing                                                                                 3E190

      Immediate capacity available for machining of: fabrications, castings, forging & bar selections (15
      Tons Max.). All types of materials - plastics to jet steels.

325) Quality Precision Technology                                                                       3B156

      Provider of sub-contract manufacturing services to a range of globally recognised OEM’s. A
      complete range of services are provided from CNC Machining, Turning, Electro Mechanical
      Assembly and test, Surface Mount Electronics Manufacture and Hydraulic test through to a turnkey
      design and build service including the manufacture of special purpose machines.

165) Safequip                                                                                             2E30

271) SORMEC MARINE CRANES                                                                               3B120

      Sormec is a company leader in design, development and construction of oildynamic lifting systems,
      was born in 1989 and is specialized in the production of marine crane for vessels, pontoons and
      offshore services.

94)   Stalatube Oy                                                                                       1G45

      Stalatube is known worldwide as the manufacturer of stainless steel hollow sections. The head office
      is in Lahti, Finland, and our sales offices are located in the United States, the Netherlands and India.
      To help you stay competitive, we provide cutting-edge technology, over 600 products and a full
     range of services.

333) Steadvale Air Systems Ltd                                                                         3A159

     Steadvale are leaders the Reciprocating Compressor Servicing and spare parts supply for 30 years in
     Broomwade and Belliss & Morcom Compressors. Services include :- Compressor servicing /
     Refurbishment Valve Manufacture / Refurbishment Spare parts stocking Warehouse Steadvale have a
     Manufacturing Division allied with Sub-Contract work - machining components supporting many
     Industries on/ off shore.

306) Surface Heating Systems (Kirkcaldy) Ltd                                                           3B144

     Encompassing over twenty years experience in the Trace Heating Industry, SHS have become
     synonymous with their practical cost effective approach to the design, supply & installation of quality
     surface heating products, advancements in fully developed exclusive insulated heated jacket designs
     for complex pipe work arrangements & satellite frost protection systems.

254) Synectics Industrial Systems                                                                       3A74

     Synectics Industrial Systems has more than 25 years experience designing, manufacturing, installing
     and commissioning complex, highly versatile, value added CCTV systems solutions to the O&G
     Industry, both onshore and offshore especially hostile and hazardous environments. Synectics
     manufactures the COEX™ range of camera stations, SynergyPro™ network video management
     system, etc

331) TTI Group                                                                                         3E190

     Heat Treatment, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and Surface Engineering Services. Component
     requirement solutions: strength, toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, antigalling, zero
     porosity castings, fast flexible services, ISO 9001:2008 plus industry sector quality and prime
     contractor approvals.

541) Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc                                                            5D100

     Veolia Environmental Services offers decommissioning and waste management services to the
     offshore industry. We are strategically placed to decommission end-of-life structures from the North
     Sea, whilst also offering supply vessel tank cleaning services and offshore waste services from our
     base in Aberdeen.

157) Barclay Meade                                                                                      2A40

     Barclay Meade specialises in procurement, supply chain & logistics, finance & accounting, financial
     services, HR, marketing, sales and executive search. With a proven track record in the energy sector
     and strategic office locations including Aberdeen & London we are able to provide a consultative,
     efficient approach to meet your recruitment needs.

259) Best Service (Europe) Limited                                                                          3E90

     Best Service Europe offer a professional, high quality service to the Oil & Gas Industry throughout
     Europe. We have an in-depth understanding of Marine Equipment, Satellite, Internet and
     Entertainment systems. Best Service is a main supplier of Sky Offshore Subscription cards We are an
     ISO accredited Company - ISO 9001:2008

488) Cengar Ltd                                                                                        4D178

     A range of the best quality ATEX certified Air Saws in the World for cutting all types of metal and
      GRP up to 300mm diameter. Low vibration, air consumption and weight. Fast cutting and powerful.
      Cengar brand shatterproof Reciprocating Blades and Green Oil. Local stock in many countries.

273) Devol (James Walker Devol)                                                                      3A221

      James Walker Devol has built a strong and enviable reputation as a leading innovator in the design
      and development of advanced engineering thermoplastics. The company’s Devlon® range of
      thermoplastics is used throughout the oil and gas industry for proprietary products including valve
      seats, riser clamps, pipe-in-pipe centralisers and spacer bundles.

348) Furse                                                                                            3E179

      Furse is a world leader in earthing and lightning protection and electronic systems protection –
      providing a renowned total solution of quality products and technical support. New products include
      the ultra slim 7mm ATEX /IEC Ex approved ESP SL Xsurge protector – ideal for compact
      protection of large numbers of lines.

22)   GE Energy Masoneilan and Consolidated                                                            1C60

      Masoneilan products include process control valves, actuators, instruments, and associated software
      solutions. Products and services are provided globally with worldwide manufacturing and sales
      offices. Consolidated are the world leader in safety valve solutions. Designing, engineering,
      manufacturing, marketing and servicing the critical equipment that forms the backbone of pressure
      relief management.

273) Moorflex (James Walker Moorflex)                                                                3A221

      James Walker Moorflex has unrivalled experience in the supply of precision machined proprietary
      components and metallic gaskets to the global oil and gas industry. Licenced to API 6A and 17D
      Moorflex components have achieved universal acceptance for sealing applications where extreme
      mechanical and thermal performance demands are considered routine.

173) NSW Technology Ltd                                                                                2A90

      NSW Technology Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSW GmbH and the General Cable
      Corporation. From our headquarters in Germany we manufacture umbilicals and cables for the
      offshore industry. - Power & Control Cables - ROV Main Lift & Tether Cables - Plough & Trencher
      Umbilicals - Fibre Optic Data Cables

270) RAM Pumps Ltd                                                                                   3C200

      Ram Pumps is a world leader in supplying specially engineered reciprocating pump packages to Oil,
      Gas, Process & RO industries. The company has ISO9001:2008 accreditation and provides
      equipment according to EC PED, ATEX, Stoomwezen, Norsok, Gost, Achilles & Lloyds standards.

16)   Roballo Engineering Company Ltd.                                                                 1D40

      Roballo Engineering Co Ltd is a Rothe Erde company, which is the worldwide leading manufacturer
      of slewing bearings (including ball and roller bearing slewing rings and wire-race bearings). Other
      product ranges include the supply of seamless rolled steel and non-ferrous metal rings, turntables and
      structural elements.
273) RotaBolt (James Walker RotaBolt)                                                                 3A221

      RotaBolt® tension control fasteners have been used to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies
      and improve design performance for more than 25 years. In use on vessels, cranes, pipe work,
      wellheads and specialised engineering applications they assure the reliability and integrity of bolted
      joints throughout the global oil & gas industry.

270) Seepex UK Ltd                                                                                    3C200

      As an established global supplier of progressive cavity pumps and engineered products for fluid and
      solids handling, seepex know what is required to deliver pumping solutions. Typical applications
      include: Low NPSHa (e.g.0.5m) Produced water Closed/open drains Enhanced Oil Recovery Solids
      control/drill cuttings Multi Phas liquids (99% gas content)

348) Thomas & Betts Cable Tray                                                                        3E179

      Thomas & Betts is a global leader in the design, development and supply of cable support and
      management systems. Ideal for a wide range of industrial projects Thomas & Betts Cable
      Management Systems include Cable Tray, Channel Tray and Perforated Tray.

273) Tiflex (James Walker Tiflex)                                                                     3A221

      Tico® pipe support and machinery mounting products have been developed for the most demanding
      environments. Recognised for their performance and high quality manufacture, these products are
      widely used by the offshore and petrochemical industries to isolate pipework from shock and
      vibration or ensure swift and safe mounting of plant.

348) Ty-Met                                                                                           3E179

      Ty-Met stainless steel ties are the ultimate solution to install cables in extreme conditions and
      hazardous environments. Available in corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel, an uncoated
      version for high temperature applications or fully coated with halogen free polyester. The range also
      includes a durable identification system.

348) Ty-Rap                                                                                           3E179

      With vastly superior strength inherent in the stainless steel locking barb and an excellent resistance
      against vibration & external shock Ty-Rap cable tie remains the benchmark for excellence and
      innovation in wire management. Available in an extensive choice of special materials, sizes and colours
      Ty-Rap also features an extensive range of approvals.

Offshore Europe will take place from Tuesday 6th September to Thursday 8th September 2011 at the
Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, Ellon Road, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB23 8BL.

Tuesday 6th September 2011                 09:30 to 18:00
Wednesday 7th September 2011               09:00 to 18:00
Thursday 8th September 2011                09:00 to 16:00

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