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					In Los Angeles, motorcycle defects are more dangerous than in any other cities in the United States. Los Angeles is famous for its busy, high speed and dangerous roads and freeways. Motorcycle defects add to the risks that may result in another accident. A helmet that is defective may not protect its owner in case of an accident just as defective brakes will not stop on time to prevent a collision. Simple mistakes by manufacturers can lead to a huge tragedy for the drivers. That is why if you believe that your motorcycle has a safety defect, it is your obligation to report the alleged defect to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA for Investigation. The NHTSA, a federal agency under the Department of Transportation, is charged with the duty to investigate alleged defects, issue safety standards for vehicles and require manufacturers to recall all vehicles that do not meet safety standards. Investigating Motorcycle Defects The NHTSA sets the federal motor vehicle safety standards. It sets the minimum performance requirements for all parts of a vehicle (cars, motorcycles, etc.) that is related to its safe operations. It covers motorcycle parts like brakes, tires and other parts that protect the driver from harm like helmets. Here are some examples of common safety-related motorcycle defects found by NHTSA: ? Accelerators that stick ? Seat defects ? Cracked or broken wheels ? Fuel system problem After an alleged motorcycle defect is reported, the information provided will be used by the NHTSA to investigate and determine if a recall is necessary. This is also used by the NHTSA to inform the public about the potential safety issues they are looking into. The Office of Defects Investigation under the NHTSA conducts a 4 part investigative process: ? Screening ¨C This is an initial review of the complaints received from motorists and other information about the alleged motorcycle defect. This is to decide whether an investigation is to be started.

? Petition analysis ¨C This is a review and analysis of petitions that calls for an investigation of an alleged motorcycle defect and /or safety-related recalls. ? Investigation ¨C Performed in two phases: preliminary evaluation and engineering analysis. ? Recall management ¨C This is the monitoring of all safety recalls. This is to ensure that the scope of recall is appropriate and that the recallcompletion together with the remedial measures is appropriate. After the investigation, the NHTSA releases the final decision of whether to issue a recall or not. The manufacturers are free to challenge the decision in federal district court, although, manufacturers¡¯ usually voluntary initiate recalls without the NHTSA being involved. Recall of Motorcycles with Safety Defects The manufacturers must file a public report describing the following items in case of a need to do a safety recall: ? The safety-related defect ? The involved vehicle/equipment population ? The major event that caused recall ? The description of the remedy ? The schedule of the recall Strict Liability If you are injured in an accident because of a motorcycle defect, you may be able to pursue a strict liability case against the manufacturer of the motorcycle. Consult a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to know your options.

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