; feminine singular
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feminine singular


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									                                      feminine singular
                             feminino singular/femenino singular
              women growing up through life-writing in the luso-hispanic world
                                      6 and 7 May 2011
               Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London

Friday 6 May 2011

9.00-9.30            Registration and Coffee

9.30-11.30           Panel 1 – Childhood/Adolescence

11.30-12.00          Coffee

12.00-1.30           Panel 2 – Self-writing as a genre

1.30-2.30            Lunch

2.30-4.00            Panel 3 – Autobiography and the domestic space
                     Panel 4 – Diaries, anti-diaries and Scrapbooks

4.00 -4.30           Tea and Coffee

4.30-5.30            Keynote 1 – Anna Caballé

6.00-6.30            Wine reception

6.30-8.00            Esther Tusquets – Coffin Reading + Entre escritoras with the Instituto

Saturday 7 May 2011
10.00-11.30         Panel 5 – Writing to/the other

11.30-12.00          Coffee

12.00-1.00           Keynote 2 – Clara Crabbé Rocha

1.00-2.30            Lunch (own arrangements)

2.30-4.00            Panel 6 – Autobiography and the domestic space
                     Panel 7 – Memoirs: From private to public

4.00-4.30            Break

5.30-6.00            Panel 8 – Old Age

6.00-6.30            Break

6.30-8.00            Coffin Reading – Hélia Correia

8.00-9.00            Wine Reception
Keynote Speakers:

Anna Caballé: "La escritura cautiva: intimidad, erotismo y represión en clave femenina"
      [Writing as captive: intimacy, eroticism and repression in a feminine key]

Clara Crabbé Rocha: “Two Aristocrats in the Convent: The Autobiographies of Antónia
       Margarida de Castelo Branco and the Marchioness of Alorna”

Coffin Lectures

Esther Tusquets: Entre escritoras [Amongst writers] – a talk on Ana Maria Matute, followed
       by a reading from her own work

Hélia Correia: Readings from her latest novel Adoecer [Falling Ill]


Friday 6th May

Panel 1

Diego Fabián Arévalo            Colombia                         “Saliame a los Ríos y
Viveros                                                          Soledades a Llorar”:
                                                                 Autobiography and
                                                                 Language in the Life of
                                                                 Francisca Josefa Del Castillo
Sofia Maniscalco-Mason          Nottingham                       Trauma and Adolescence in
                                                                 Olga Alonso’s Testimonios:
                                                                 Women’s life-writing from
                                                                 Revolutionary Cuba
Margaret Anne Clarke            Portsmouth                       Digital Storytelling by Young
                                                                 Women in Brazil: Issues of
                                                                 Genre, Creative Agency and
                                                                 Social Participation
Rosa Maria Martelo              Porto                            Childhood memories in
                                                                 Adília Lopes’ poetry
Panel 2

Nora Levinton         Madrid                        Alejandra Pizarnik:Too self
                                                    absorbed (‘demasiado
Laura Freixas         Madrid                        Publicidad y secreto. Los
                                                    criterios de publicación del
                                                    diario íntimo
María Fanjul-Fanjul   Nottingham Trent University   British and Spanish Readers’
                                                    Responses to Isabel Allende
                                                    in Paula: from Reading Paula
                                                    to Women’s Everyday Lives

Panel 3

Deidre Finnerty       Limerick                      The experience of
                                                    motherhood in early postwar
                                                    Spain in the life-writing of
                                                    Carlotta O’Neill, Nieves
                                                    Castro, Juana Doña and
                                                    Angeles Maldona.
Shelley Godsland      Birmingham                    Autobiographical testimonial
                                                    responses to domestic
                                                    violence in contemporary

Suzan Bozkurt         Birmingham                    Ana Luísa Amaral’s A Carta
                                                    A Minha Filha: A
                                                    Relationship in Verse

Panel 4

Raquel Ribeiro        Nottingham                    The everyday practice of the
                                                    (woman) writer: Maria
                                                    Gabriela Llansol’s books of
Pepa Anastasio        Hofstra                       Julia Fons: Scrapbook of a
                                                    Chorus Girl
Fátima Marinho        Porto                         The Anti-Diary (on Os
                                                    Guarda-Chuvas Cintilantes by
                                                    Teolinda Gersão)
Panel 5

Gustavo Rubim               Universidade Nova de        A balance of incoherences:
                            Lisboa                      Natália Correia in search of

Teresa Araújo               Universidade Nova de        “This confusing letter -
                            Lisboa                      written to pieces - hopefully
Claire Williams             Oxford                      Portrait of the Artists:
                                                        Agustina Bessa Luis’s
                                                        biographised narrative on
                                                        Vieira da Silva

Panel 6

Maite Usoz de la Fuente     King’s College London       Autofiction as life writing:
                                                        Elvira Lindo’s Lo que me
                                                        queda por vivir
Rosa Maria Goulart          University of Azores        A Woman’s voices:
                                                        narratives of life and the
                                                        (re)invention of the Self
Alison Ribeiro de Menezes   University College Dublin   Critiquing the foundations of
                                                        (male) life-writing: El año de
                                                        Gracia by Cristina Fernández

Panel 7

Carina Carmo                Universidade do Algarve     Construing female resistance
Dário Borim                 UMass Dartmouth             When Dream-Like Reality
Silvia Roca Martínez        Indiana University          (De)Constructing the
                                                        Discourse of Nationhood in
                                                        Isabel Allende’s Memoir Mi
                                                        País Inventado
Panel 8

Nuala Kenny         NUI, Maynooth   Josefina Aldecoa’s En la
                                    distancia: An
                                    Autobiographical Approach
                                    to the Novels La fuerza del
                                    destino and Hermanas
Maria José Blanco   IGRS, London    Remembering the good
                                    times: Esther Tusquets’
                                    Confesiones de una vieja dama
Paula Morão         Lisboa          Fernanda de Castro, Ao fim
                                    da memória – Memoirs of a
                                    Portuguese Century

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