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									                                                                         Volume V, Issue 2
       FAMILY HISTORY NEWSLETTER                                         February 2011

       York, Pennsylvania                                                       6 pages

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Since Ancestry changed hands, we have been         them. Center directors and high councilors
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This is the letter sent to family history          PLACES WHERE ROOTSMAGIC IS TAUGHT
Dear Family History Center Director:               Either Bruce Buzbee, I, or one of his employees
                                                   teach on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the
FamilySearch is pleased to announce an             UVPAFUG in Provo.
agreement with Ancestry.com that will provide      http://blog.uvpafug.org/ I'll be at RootsTech
family history centers an opportunity to           next week so one of his employees will be
combine the tremendous resources available         teaching. I teach them at the Riverton
from both organizations. Under the new             FamilySearch Library on a regular basis. I teach
partnership, patrons at English-speaking family    a two-hour weekly class (5 weeks) that is fairly
history centers around the world will have         indepth. Class #1 starts next week again. Then I
access to the library edition of services from     will also be teaching some very simple 1:10
FamilySearch and Ancestry.com.                     person mini classes that will be hands on and
                                                   requires registration. You can get to the
A link to the Ancestry.com library edition is      schedule        from       my       blog       at
now available on the Family History Center         http://granitegenealogy.blogspot.com/. Click on
(FHC)        Portal,      accessed      from       the link under the title that says Riverton.
http://www.fhc.familysearch.org/.       FHC        Here's the direct link to the Riverton classes.
computers must have LANDesk installed in           https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/Riverton_Famil
order to access the FHC Portal and                 ySearch_Library
Ancestry.com.                                      I also teach a one hour class at the Riverton
                                                   Saturday Seminars every couple of months. This
If you experience any problems using or gaining    class is "Using nFS with RootsMagic".
access to the FHC Portal or Ancestry.com, shut
down and restart your computer. If that does not   Thanks,
resolve the problem, go to                         Sue Maxwell
     FREE INFORMATION FOR                         and how to use the Progress Chart
                                                  Duties of High Council Adviser over Family
Just Added!                                       History – ppt

Items needed by HPGLs                             Duties of Bishop for Family History – ppt

For first meeting with new FH Consultants         Duties of High Priests Group Leader – ppt

Plus Six new power point programs for FH          Overview of Member’s Guide to Temple &
Training                                          Family History – ppt

Bob’s Ward Family History Progress Chart          (Designed to be used as a fifth Sunday
And Spreadsheet Program                           presentation)

With a cumulative Quarterly Report                Duties of Family History Consultants – ppt

Bob, with the help of some friends, has           Plus Bob’s Bare-Bones Action Check List
developed a computer program to help High
Priests Group Leaders (HPGL) and Family           ALL MATERIALS ARE FREE!
History Consultants track Family History
progress within the ward and then easily create   To request a copy of the program, email us
a simple report for the HPGL and the bishop.      at: res@ida.net

You can add and delete family names as they       PLEASE INCLUDE Name, Email address, City
move in and out of the ward and add and           and State in your first email requesting the
remove notes for each family as needed.           program

You will be able to actually measure Family       "These program is not produced by Family
History Progress in your ward and see             Search or the LDS Family History Department"

What has happened and What still needs to
                                                  President Brigham Young, J.D. 9:317, July 13,
Designed for the free program, Open Office, but   1862, said:
can be converted to work on Microsoft Excel
                                                  "The gospel is now preached to the spirits in prison,
                                                  and then the time comes for the servants of God to
Without some kind of report, it is impossible
                                                  officiate for them, the name s of those who have
for the HPGL to fulfill his calling               received the gospel in the spirit will be revealed by
                                                  the angels of God and the spirits of just men made
Plus         an        Indexing          Flyer    perfect; also the places of their birth, the age in
This will provide information & inspiration to    which they lived, and everything regarding them
your ward members so they will want to try        that is necessary to be recorded on earth, and they
Indexing                                          will then be saved so as to find admittance into the
                                                  presence of God, with their relatives who have
                                                  officiated for them."
Overview of Family History

   View Elder Scott’s RootsTech                      pantsuits (no dresses or skirts required) for
      Devotional Live Online!                        women.

Dear Family History Consultants, Center              We look forward to an enjoyable session with
Directors, Priesthood Leaders, and Family            Elder Scott.
History Enthusiasts:
We have previously announced that Elder              FamilySearch Support
Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve
Apostles will be presenting a devotional             NEW   YORK   STATE  ARCHIVES
                                                     PROMOTES   NEW   TOOLS   FOR
address to all of the family history consultants
                                                     GENEALOGISTS AND RESEARCHERS
in attendance at the RootsTech conference. We
are now pleased to announce that anyone with         The New York State Archives recently
Internet access will be able to see a live video     announced the creation of two tools, called
stream of his devotional address.                    "pathfinders," to help genealogists and
                                                     researchers locate naturalization and probate
The devotional will take place on Saturday,          records created throughout New York, from the
February 12, 2011, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon     colonial period to the present.
MST. Those wishing to attend in person must
register (click here); those wanting to view the     Naturalizations grant the full legal rights and
devotional over the Internet can go at 11:00 a.m.    privileges held by native-born individuals to
MST to rootstech.org and then click on the link      someone born in another country. Legal
under the headline “FREE Live Presentations          jurisdiction over naturalization has changed
                                                     repeatedly since the colonial period, so the
                                                     records can be found in various locations. They
                                                     may be in the county clerk's office, the New
The format of the devotional will include time       York State Archives, the National Archives
for Elder Scott to answer some questions from        branch in New York City, or U.S. District Court
the audience. We would encourage you to e-           clerk's office. The pathfinder highlights books,
mail your questions ahead of time to                 links to indexes,and directories where
branchout@familysearch.org. Those who plan           researchers can find more information about an
to view the program on the Internet can also e-      ancestor and the places that may hold these
mail in their questions.                             naturalization records.

Times for the consultant training on Thursday,       Probate records include wills, estate inventories,
February 10, 2011 have changed; consult the          letters of administration, and other documents
Research Wiki for the latest information.            relating to the administration and settlement of a
                                                     deceased person's estate. The State Archives
                                                     holds probate records created or compiled by
And finally, just a reminder that for all sessions
                                                     predecessor       courts     that    had     legal
at RootsTech, including this devotional, the         jurisdiction over probate matters prior to 1787.
preferred attire is business casual. This means
slacks and button-down shirts (no ties required)      A limited number of probate records after 1787
for men and nice slacks and blouses or               are held by the Archives because they are
                                                     filed and retained by the Surrogate's Court in

each county. For that reason, the probate            This is a woman whose life was fraught with
pathfinder is divided into two chronological         one disaster after another.        The first one
sections: before 1787 and after 1787. This           occurred after she and Joe Kinnan married, and
pathfinder identifies collections within the State   they had their first son. Joey Douglass Kinnan
Archives as well as books and links to               was a perfect little blond-haired boy, but within
guides and locations that may help researchers.      3 days of his birth in 1955, he suddenly turned
                                                     blue and stopped breathing. What a tragedy
The pathfinders, which simplify very complex         burying their first child was for my sister and
records, are getting significant use by              our family. We had all been looking forward to
researchers. In the past six months, each tool has   our oldest sister‟s baby. Little did we know that
been viewed approximately 2,000 times,               he was the angel that would lead us to the true
demonstrating their utility.                         Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The pathfinders can be found on the State            The couple could no longer face the nursery and
Archives' website at                                 the reminders, so they packed all of their
http://www.archives.nysed.gov/a/research/res_t       belongings and moved from Pennsylvania to
ools_pathfinders.shtml.                              Kent-Ravenna, Ohio. There they moved close
                                                     to one of Joe‟s relatives who were Mormons.
                                                     My sister Ele was so disconsolate that Joe‟s
Best wishes,                                         cousins told her that she would some day be
Emily Allen                                          allowed to see and even raise Joey Douglass.
NYS Archives                                         This got her interested, and before long she and

The link given by Emily Allen didn't work for        Joe had taken the discussions for The Church of
me, but by "backing off" to the home page and        Jesus Christ and had been baptized.
then finding research tools > pathfinders, I
found the link to the naturalization and probate     That was the opening for over 100 of my family
pathfinders:                                         members to become Mormons. The missionaries
                                                     came to our remote farm and taught my family,
http://www.archives.nysed.gov/a/research/res_t       and my parents and 6 of their 9 children joined
ools_pathfinders.shtml                               the church.

SYLVIA’S GENEALOGY CORNER                            Soon we learned that the Latter-day Saints
                                                     (Mormons as a nickname) do family history.
From the time she was a young girl, my sister        Our mother and our grandfathers had kept
Eleanor was a genealogist as well as a staunch       family history for many years, even though they
member of The Church of Jesus Christ of              were not members of the church. The concept
Latter-day Saints. I have never appreciated her      that the Lord had made a way for people who
family history endeavors so much as I have           never had the chance to hear the Gospel in this
since she died in 2005. Right before her death,      life and who had never been baptized made
she gave me so many genealogical records that        perfect sense to us, and we took up the crusade
we had to build a walk-in closet with shelves to     to find and baptize our direct ancestors.
house all of them. I have typed about 5 of the
books into new FamilySearch, but there are           The research took an amazing amount of time.
more to go. I look at the work and wonder how        Mother and Eleanor, or any other daughter who
she found time.                                      would go, went from cemetery to cemetery or

from court house to historical society all over     As Joe lay dying, Eleanor and Joe put together
God‟s creation. It was a noble work but what I      his family history, and she began to send his
call grunt work. I remember stooping in front of    work to Salt Lake City for temple work.
a tombstone to copy information in some
overgrown cemetery close to a place where we        Joe‟s single brother Bill took Ele under his wing
went to swim. The only problem was that I had       and helped to provide for her and her 5
on a bathing suit, and I ended up with chiggers     remaining children, but in May 1979 he died of
all over my soon-to-be inching, blotchy red         a heart attack at a young age. Following this,
bottom.                                             our sister-in-law Lorrie developed cancer of the
                                                    spine, and Ele visited her until she sadly died in
Mother would transcribe the information onto        June 1979. Our mother had also developed acute
long family history sheets and send them to Salt    leukemia, and Eleanor spent a lot of time with
Lake City, where they would be scrutinized and      her until she died in July 1979. That whole year
returned for corrections. Very seldom did one       was very difficult for our family, but at that
pass the test. I cannot imagine how Mother          point Eleanor inherited all of mother‟s
accomplished all the temple work she did by         genealogy, including photos, and she began to
hand (with a manual typewriter) in the 1960‟s.      organize and record the work.
My sister Eleanor worked by Mother‟s side,
learning the skills of doing genealogy.             In 1985 our father died and in 2003 our brother.
                                                    Eleanor took both of those deaths very hard, but
Meanwhile Eleanor and Joe had Jeff and Karen,       even worse was the fact that in the early 1990‟s
but for the next few years, her life was filled     Eleanor was diagnosed with diabetes. The
with one tragedy after another. In 1959, Susan,     disease took its toll on her because she lost her
her 4th child, was born with an open spine, and     kidneys and had to go on dialysis. Then she had
the doctors advised her to leave her in the         a kidney transplant and also a toe amputation.
hospital, and they would withhold food so that      She subsequently lost her transplanted kidney,
she would die. But Eleanor took her home and        and she had to go back on dialysis until her own
nursed her open wounds and loved her for the        death in 2005. Did I mention that through all of
14 days that Susan lived. Then from 1961 to         this she continued to contact family members to
1965, Ele and Joe increased their family total to   update our family history and to fill our family
7 children.                                         group sheets by hand? My husband Jack gave
                                                    her an old computer, and we taught her how to
Then in 1971 Eleanor‟s mother-in-law got            input names into PAF – the Church‟s family
cancer of the stomach, and they did not have the    history program. Unfortunately, she never got
means to send her to a care facility, so Eleanor    the chance to type all her work although we
watched her in the home. The cancer eventually      would do some and she would do some, and
ate through her mother-in-law‟s stomach, and        Jack would merge our information on floppy
Ele had to dress her open wounds until Mrs.         disks. As a team, we were able to begin to
Kinnan died.                                        submit names to the temple, and Jack and I
                                                    would go to the temple to perform the
Two years later Eleanor‟s husband Joe               ordinances.
developed cancer of the esophagus, and it was
terminal, but Joe came home and she looked          Eleanor eventually had to go into Laurel Crest
after his wounds and cared for him until he died    Care Facility, and both her eyesight and her
in 1974.                                            health were failing. One day in 2005 when I
                                                    went to visit her, she said, “Sylvia, while you

are „home,‟ I want you to go out to the house      In all her ten years of illness, she never wavered
and get all the genealogy and photos and take      in her testimony of the Gospel. She seldom
them back to York with you. What a blessing        complained about her poverty or her illness.
that was to me as originally they were to go to    Instead, she used the last days of her life to
one of her children. My green van was filled in    compile our family history – to serve others and
every space except the driver‟s seat. It took me   to endure to the end. And now, we carry on her
weeks to sort and organize the tubs and three-     work and our mother‟s work. And we hope that
ring binders. Below is a photo of some of the      as our kindred accept the Gospel, she and
records both my mother and then my sister          Mother are having a grand reunion as our loved
compiled along with some of my own. My             ones join them in Paradise. She was told in a
niece Vicki has even borrowed one of the large     blessing that God would welcome her home,
family records, so there is even more than is      and I feel assured that He opened his arms and
seen here.                                         said, “Well done, thy true and faithful servant.”

My tribute goes to my sweet sister Eleanor
Kinnan. Even though her life was fraught with
tragedy after tragedy, she trudged ahead as a
Savior on Mount Zion to her family members
afflicted with the ravaging pains of disease and
cancer and to her ancestors that she
painstakingly collected information about and
entered their names in her binders so that I
could receive them and carry on with her work.

In the end she chose not to continue with her
dialysis because of the intense pain she had in
                                                    This is part of my walk-in closet that houses the records
her spine. The day the doctor told her that she     compiled by my mother, my sister Eleanor, and Jack
had an inoperable cancerous tumor in her spinal     and me (my family only). Ele did most of it while she
column, she chose to go Home. She talked to         suffered from kidney failure and was taking dialysis 3
all of her family members and said goodbye to       days a week.
us. She said me, “I will be all right.” In other
                                                   This newsletter has been written and compiled by
words, I was not to worry about her choice to
pass. Her former bishop came to her bedside
                                                   Jack Sonneborn jsonneborn@verizon.net or
and told her in a blessing of comfort that her     Sylvia Hott Sonneborn slysyl@verizon.net
death would be swift and pleasant. She was
prescribed morphine for pain. At that point the     For copies of Genealogy News, go to
nurse on duty mistakenly misread her               http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~payork/
prescription for morphine and gave her an over     York2Ward/
dose, which caused her to have respiratory
failure, but she was also comatose and probably    Thanks to Don and Jeanine Hartman of
was not aware of her death. Eleanor passed         Utah for posting the newsletter.
away the next morning in sweetness and glory.
Her death was swift and painless as promised.                 http://familyhart.info
And while the family was not happy about the
circumstances, there was still a relief that she
did not linger and suffer in pain.
                                                               That’s All , Folks!


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