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                  Frequently Asked Questions

  Question: I want to see my child’s information; however, results manager is not an
option when I log on. The only options are classroom and quickstart.

Answer: You are logged in as a student - login with your username and password. If
you don’t remember this, please email

  Question: When my child tries to pull up the courses, it is blank.

Answer: Make sure that he/she is logged in using his/her Student number and the
password learn (1-5) or aaaaa (k). If he/she doesn’t remember the number, email

  Question: I have two students using the program. How is the system setting
learning paths for each child? I’m not getting prompted to Log-in a student.

Answer: Each child will login with his/her own unique number. Each login is
associated with courses the students receive.

  Question: When I go online to generate a report, nothing shows up except an
empty blue box and a window, which tells me to click the icon if I am done viewing
the non-existent report.

Answer: Check to see if you have a popup blocker installed. The report
does "popup" in it's own window. Turn off the popup blocker to view the report.
Also, check to make sure that you are using Internet Explorer. You may have to
download Crystal Smart Viewer for ActiveX.

  Question: When I click on the course name I get a yellow screen and nothing else

Answer: When you see only a yellow screen, click on the task bar and switch
between programs (if you can't see the task bar, click on the Flying Windows
button or present Crtl + esc buttons together). When you switch between programs
you should now see the program.

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