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					                                 Knightly News
Volume 2 Issue 81                                                                                              January, 2008

            As you can see from the above photo, Council 9199 has purchased a new Nativity Set for our parish. Thanks to the
 initial leg work of Bill Branch and delivery service of Jim Zellner and Bill Hessemer, the new set was delivered to the annex
 on Friday December 28th. Jim Carroll, Ken Howley, Bob Perri, Tom Gockel and Jim Zellner helped place the new set at the
 manger site on Saturday December 29th. The council and parish appreciate the work of all involved.
            Thanks go out to all for the busy month of December. Frank Brzychcy chaired the Ladies Appreciation Night and
 all that attended had a wonderful time, particularly the ladies. Thank you, Frank! Brian Pado, Dennis Gorman and Bob
 Hornyak ran the annual Wreath and Blanket sale. A lot of time and energy goes into this affair and it’s a good fund raiser for
 our council. We especially want to thank Ann Marie Pado, Alan and Eric for their assistance and those great center pieces
 we had this year. Again thank you all.
            The children’s Christmas Party went over well for the young ones. We had 24 children attending and all had a good
 time, especially the children. A special thanks to Santa Claus (Frank Sr.) for making the day a joyous one for the Children.
            The council hosted the annual Holiday breakfast for the CCD teachers of Our Lady of Peace Parish on January 6th.
 Deacon Bill Mc Gann thanked the Knights for their kindness and generosity. Breakfast consisted of eggs, sausage, potatoes,
 juice, coffee and bagels.
            Our council is once again sponsoring a bus trip to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life. The bus will leave the
 annex building on Tuesday, January 22nd at approximately 7:45 AM. Coffee and buns will be served at the annex following
 the 6:30 AM mass at Our Lady of Peace. Anyone interested in joining us can call me at 732-738-1266. As usual, the bus will
 be stopping at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore for dinner on the return trip. Hope you can join us!

                                                                                            Tom Devane, Grand Knight
                                                                           Prayer for the Sick
Dear Brothers and Sisters,                                                 Watch, O Lord, with those who wake,
          This month is all about Jesus! On January 1st we celebrate       or watch, or weep tonight, and give
the Motherhood of Mary [the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin
Mary, the Mother of God], which is a Holy Day of Obligation. She           your angels charge over those who
was chosen by God to be the vehicle through which He became                sleep.
human, beginning the opportunity for mankind’s eternal salvation.
She was holy and blameless in his sight. Still she had to say “yes” to     Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
God: “let it be done to me as you have said” was her free will
                                                                           Rest your weary ones.
choice reply to the Archangel Gabriel at the Annunciation.
          On Sunday, January 6th we celebrate the Epiphany of the          Bless your dying ones.
Lord, when Mary and Joseph revealed the Christ to the Magi an-             Soothe your suffering ones.
nouncing the Presence of God’s Son to all in the world. The Scrip-         Pity your afflicted ones.
tures tell us that even then treachery loomed for Jesus as Herod tried     Shield your joyous ones.
to find out all he could about the Child so that he could kill Him.        And for all your love's sake. Amen.
          The Baptism of the Lord will be celebrated on Sunday,
January 13th recalling when our Lord humbly asked John the Baptist
to baptize his Savior in the Jordon River. “Behold the Lamb of             The good of the Order…….
God,” John proclaimed, “He who takes away the sins of the world.”
John knew that Jesus would live up to his Name which means “He
who saves.”                                                                Knights:
          January 22nd is also about Jesus! On that Tuesday will take
place the Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of            Leo Carisiti, Patrick Kay, Mike Zelicskovics,
thousands will show up to bear witness to the important value of           Bob Gawroniak, Deacon Sal Gagliano, Vince
motherhood. Like Mary, women who are blessed by God with con-              Didia, Tom Gianni, Sr., Ed Witos, Tom
ception of a child are asked by Him if they will accept his gift, and      Gianni Jr. and Hugh Harkins
fully engages them to answer “yes” as did Mary. Our Blessed
Mother at the time did not understand why she was chosen or what           Columbiettes:
her Child might become, but she trusted the message from God that
He wanted her to bring to the world not just life, but life for all        Joanne Porter, Joan Romano, Mary Muehl-
mankind. We must pray that prospective mothers will have the will          bauer, Sylvia Flores, Bernadette Lukacs,
and generosity and faith to bring their gift into the world.               Adeline Smith, Barbara Halek, Janet Ziemba
          Each birth of a child is a sign to all that God is present; He   and Mae Witos
shows this by the miracle of conception and birth. Each time it is a
renewal of his Epiphany, and, yes, there is still that dangerous
treachery committed by those who would kill a child.
          The Lord’s public ministry began with his baptism in the
Jordon. He continues to minister whenever a child is baptized,
cleaned of Original Sin, and given a new identity by name as a
Christian. Jesus continues to save by taking away the sins of the
world. It’s just very sad when a child is denied his or her baptism
because of abortion. However, we know that God doesn’t punish
the innocent. Surely, He saves them too.
          Let us continue to pray for the unborn as well as for all
those whose lives are threatened by others born and unborn. It is
sometimes obscured by politics and people’s selfishness and fears,
but real headway is being made to love and protect all lives. Since
perseverance is a fundamental element of prayer, it behooves us to
be constant and vigilant in our respect for human life. It is God’s
gift, one that we all presently enjoy.

                               Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Zamorski

Dear Sister Columbiettes,
          Happy New Year and welcome to 2008! May                             January 19th 2008 - Team G
this year bring you good health and peace.                       Jim Miller, Chris Carlucci, Rich Fetzer and Steve Kelly
           New beginnings are both exciting and challeng-
ing. We can look forward to all the good we will accom-                      January 26th 2008 - Team A
plish this year. Remember our anniversary is January 14.            Henry Wasowski, Mike Gironda and Tom Genova
It is hard to believe that our auxiliary is 12 years old.
You should be happy with all we accomplished during                          February 2nd 2008 - Team B
those years as well.                                                 Mike Chundak, Mark Stegura and Bob Chundak
          If you have not yet paid your $15 dues for 2008
please mail your check to P.O. Box 463 Fords, NJ 08863                        February 9th 2008 - Team C
as they are now due. If you attend our January meeting,             Tony Ferrazzano, Stan Bonczek and Lowell Aube
you will receive your travel card at that time. If you can’t
make the meeting, it will be mailed to you. I hope you                       February 16th 2008 - Team D
come to help us celebrate our anniversary.                             John Warshany, Joe Claffy and Tom Devane
          We are still collecting food for our food drive.
Think heavy. In January we are asking for cans or bottles
of juice but any food item is welcome.
          We are still collecting school supplies and toi-
letry items for the needy. Cut off all your cancelled
stamps from your Christmas cards and remember your
soda can tabs.
          We always have a good time working on our
Spring Auction. We need new, unused items of any size.
You can bring them to any meeting or call Kathy Dona-                  Woodbridge 1st Annual Chili Contest
hue at 732-826-3881 to arrange for them to be picked up.              Hosted by JJ Bitting Brewing Company
You can also call Kathy if you would like to help or need           Sunday February 17, 2008 from noon to 2 PM
more information. We are counting on your support to
make our Spring Auction a success.                               First Place $300 / Second Place $150 / Third Place $100
          We will be serving the refreshments for the chil-
dren's First Penance service on Wednesday Jan. 16 and          Registration is limited, so please Secure your spot today
could use your help. Please call me at 732-738-0073.                           Rules and Regulations (Briefly)
          In February, we are hosting the Chapter meeting      1. Chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of
which is the baby shower. If you have any baby items           meats that is cooked with red or green chili peppers, various
that you wish to donate you can bring them to the Janu-        spices and other ingredients, Meat pasta dishes are not
ary or February meetings.                                      considered chili.
          We have to decide on a charity for Chapter. You      2. Contestants are responsible for supplying any and all of
may bring your nominee to our February meeting. If we          their ingredients.
have more than one, we will take a vote.                       3. Chili is to be cooked prior to the cook off and transported
          Don't forget our Seminarian project. You may         to JJ Bitting's on the day of the event in your own crock pot.
contact Joan Deyak at 732-738-4879 for a list of items or      4. Each contestant is required to cook a minimum of 2 gal-
you may make a monetary donation.                              lons of chili.
          We will be having another 10 week social.            5. You must provide your ingredients with the registration
Maria Frey will be selling the tickets at our meetings in      form As well as at the contest. Please rate the heat of your
both January and February. You can also call her at 732-       chili on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the hottest.
548-8566.                                                      6. Comment cards will be provided and presented to the
           Remember in your prayers our sick brothers          public upon their entry at JJ Bitting's
and sisters. May God bless each one of you.
                                                               Please see Grand Knight Tom Devane at either of our Janu-
                            Agnes Gorzka, President            ary meeting's or call him for an application (732-738-1266).
                                                                                        Good Luck!

                                                                       The Mangers Rangers hit the beach hard on Saturday, Dec
                                                             15. Frank Bryzchy Jr. provided the transportation vehicle and the
                                                             Rangers quickly loaded up the target. PGK George Mazzarella took
                                                             the lead, getting the ball rolling with his excellent leadership quali-
                                                             ties. George even provided materials (gloves) for those who were
                                                             lacking supplies. John Burke had a wardrobe malfunction by forget-
                                                             ting to bring his wife's Marie's garden gloves which have been a
                                                             staple part of his Ranger wardrobe. John explained “Marie was us-
                                                             ing the gloves". Gardening is apparently very popular at the Burke
                                                             house in December!
          The newest member of the Manger Rangers is Jim Kelly. Jim showed up in a Telephone Company lineman's helmet
and really was a great addition to the squad. PGK's Jim Carroll and Joe Beninato (The Fabulous Joey B) went at it with a
steady banter of insults at each other. They both were in great form and provided entertainment for the troops. Rations (coffee
and donuts) were provided by GK Tom Devane and, as always, appreciated by the gang. War Correspondent Anthony
Girgenti did a bang up job photographing the hams, of which there were many. Oddly enough, The Fabulous Joey B was right
in the middle of the team photograph (go figure). Ed Delaney kept up the team morale with his jokes. Tom Gockel was a key
figure in getting the Manger stocked with the Nativity figures. He is a steady, long time member of the Rangers and is always
reliable. Finally, Jim Carroll Jr. almost made the milk carton but showed up in the nick of time, providing George with invalu-
able help in setting up the "Keep Christ in Christmas" sign (see above). Monsignor Bob was there bright and early and even
provided a sentry Saint Bernard dog. A few of the Rangers are still out at the sight trying to find the brandy cask that St. Ber-
nard's are famous for carrying. I would also like to mention four of the Rangers who were excused from the mission due to
other important military ventures. Those exemplary men are: Tom Robinson, Ed Witos, Ed Joyce, and George Smith.
          Shortly after this mission, the manger statues were all replaced. Due to the great ingenuity and resourcefulness of GK
Tom Devane, Bill Branch and Jim Zellner, we were able to improve the nativity scene. The team of Devane, Zellner, Tom
Gockel, Ken Howley, PGK Jim Carroll and Bob Perry completed the revised installation on Saturday morning, Dec 29.
          Once again, I would like to thank all the highly skilled manger installers for a job well done.

                                                          Ken Howley (Sgt. Smoothie), Manger Ranger Commander

                St. Cecelia’s                                                 Music by DJ Charlie Dimaggio
           Saturday February 23rd                                           from Perfect Choice Entertainment
                                                                                for your dancing pleasure.
                   100% of proceeds                                              Bring your dancing feet.
                     go to charity!

              Cocktails 7:00--8:00 PM                                                 Contacts are:
            Dinner 8:00--12:00 Midnight                                  Jerry Bellino - 732-574-3570 for tickets
            Full course sumptuous buffet
              Bar--Open bar all night                                      to place an ad in Ad book contact
                    Cost--$35.00                                            John Warshanny - 732-738-0605
                                                                         Remember, 100% of profits go to charity
                                                                                     See you there!

                                                      Santa arrived early this season when Monday, December 17, became
                                            “Christmas at the Annex.” Santa thrilled more than 80 of our finest special people. The
                                            Knight's room was packed to capacity as the Christmas spirit was running rampant.
                                            Diane and Teresa of our program provided wonderful and holy Yuletide music on the
                                            electric organ. The world famous Pizza team of Bill Branch, Bill Hessemer, Frank
                                            Brzychcy, Carol Deluca, Samantha Deluca , and Brian Pado whipped up over 20 spe-
                                            cial order pizzas. The entire Kelly family and Pado family worked extremely hard all
                                            night, providing our gang with excellent service and attention. These two families are a
                                            credit to the community and exhibit tremendous love and care to some people who
really can use a break in their lives. I am proud to know these people and marvel at the dedication that they showed to help
make this Christmas party a huge success.
          Santa was very generous and everyone went home happy. As always, great friends of the One on One stop by to help
make the party special. GK Tom Devane, PGK Jim Carroll, PGK Anthony Girgente and PGK Jack Bolan were among the wel-
comed guests of our gala affair. The party ran smoothly thanks to the wonderful efforts of Michele Berrocal, Kate Devane,
Terry Zappulla, Ann Marie Howley, Mary Hopf, Denise Toryk, Doris Balland, Jim O'Halloran, Sean Mac Arthur, Jack Deffler,
Hope O'Hara and Kahuna Berrocal. Special thanks to Jack Deffler for his special performance - as always. The night was
capped off by the presentation of a giant Christmas cake which, amazingly, was completely devoured by all of our happy par-
ticipants. A marvelous effort was put forth by Carol and Samantha Deluca to produce this super culinary delight.
          I will close this report by thanking all my brother Knights who do the fund raising that allows us to have these great
events. Once again, I want to express my gratitude to Grand Knight Tom Devane for his tremendous support this year.

                                                                                    Ken Howley, One on One Coordinator

           In our September Newsletter, I mentioned that Bishop Paul has                  Top Ten Ways
declared the upcoming Ecclesial year in the Diocese of Metuchen as a        to dispose of unwanted holiday fruitcake
year devoted to prayer and awareness to vocations to the Priesthood and
Religious Life. Incorporated in this special year devoted to prayer for
vocations will be an increase in Eucharistic Holy Hour in many Parishes.                    Catapult
Bishop Paul has requested the assistance of the Knights in the Diocese to
assist in transporting of the Monstrances from parish to parish.             Donate to Dennis Kucinich to use a riser
           Our Lady of Peace Parish will have its First Holy Hour on Sun-               for his debates
day February 3 at 1 PM. I’ve contacted the Diocese Office regarding
transportation of the Monstrances from Sacred Heart parish in New           Donate to FEMA to fill in damaged levies
Brunswick to Our Lady of Peace in Fords. The council is looking for
volunteers to transfer the Monstrances from New Brunswick to Fords on       Forward to a Pathmark butcher to use as a
February 2. Please see me at one of our upcoming meetings if interested.                meat tenderizer

                                       Tom Devane, Grand Knight                 Slice thin for use as roofing tiles

                                                                                   Chew Toy for Great Dane

                                                                            Return to Home Depot claiming it’s a de-
                                                                                     fective Dura-flame log

                                                                             Give to road crew to fortify the Route 1
                                                                                  overpass by Amboy Avenue

          Thanks to Ray Gromodski for all his hard work running this        Give to Tony’s Service to use as a carjack
years Christmas party! With DJ Chuck Leonard and a great buffet of
food, we all had a great time. Keep February 23rd open, as that is the      “Hey Agnes….there’s a package for you!”
date of the Bob Lewis Charity dance (see ad in this newsletter). A lot of
worthy charity’s benefit from this event. While the Lenten Linguini
nights at OLP are in full swing, St Cecelia’s will be having their fish
fry’s with a portion of that money going to the fourth degree. St Ce-
                                                                                       Anthony Girgenti, Editor
cilia’s Assembly Officers wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

                                            Mike Favor, Navigator

               Sponsors are needed.
    Send business card and annual fee of $125 to
Knights of Columbus P.O. Box 333 Fords, NJ 08863
             Renewals are due June 1st
    Current sponsors please send in renewals.
      Ads run from June 1st thru May 31st














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