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					Rao V.N., Doctoral Student, MBA, MCA.
Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Programme Leader for the Masters Programme in Computer Science offered with University of
Greenwich, UK.
E-mail     ,
                     Doctoral Student (2008-to date), Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership with
                     specialization in Information Systems and Technology.
                     M.B.A. (2009) in Management of Information Systems, IUKB, Switzerland.
                     Consultancy Project: IT Policy: Case of University of New York Tirana
                     M.C.A (2001), Osmania University, India
                     Final Project: Implementation of Payroll System with advanced reporting system using Visual Basic.
                     B.Sc. (1998) in Computer Science, Andhra University, India
                     Effective Online Tutoring, Department of Continuing Education, Oxford University, U.K.

                     Microsoft Certified Trainer (2010), Microsoft Corporation
                     Cisco Certified Network Associate (2010), Cisco Systems
                     Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (2008), Microsoft Corporation
                     Microsoft Certified Application Developer (2008), Microsoft Corporation
                     Microsoft Certified Professional (2008), Microsoft Corporation
                     Sun Certified Java Programmer (2006), Sun Micro Systems
                     Oracle Certified Associate (2006), Oracle Corporation
                     Completed training and certification programs on Embedded Systems and .NET from KICIT, India
                     Completed training and certification programs on PHP, ADO.NET, CCNA, WPF and WCF from
                     Logic India.
                     Completed two live projects based on ASP.NET and C#.NET: Social Networking and COM+
                     Banking from Logic India.
                     Human Resources Strategy course, University of New York Tirana School of Graduate Studies.
                     Introduction to XML, O’Reilly School of Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                     University of New York Tirana: Rao leads and teaches Introduction to Programming, Web
                     Programming with PHP, Database Systems, VB.NET, C#.NET, VC++.NET at under-graduate
                     level and teaches Database Tools, .NET technologies, E-Commerce and Database Concepts at
                     Masters level, has also taught Java, XML Web Applications, Data Structures, C++ and Computer
                     Applications at under-graduate level and Information Systems for Managers at Masters level. Rao

                     has also handled several projects for senior students at under-graduate level and some projects for
                     students at Masters level, (2006-present).
                     Mogadishu University: Rao lead and taught Visual Basic, Database Systems, C,C++, Data Structures,
                     Software Engineering, Java and Operating Systems at under-graduate level. Rao has also handled
                     several projects for students at under-graduate level, (2005-2006).
                     ISO Degree College: Rao lead and taught Database Systems, C, C++ and Java at under-graduate
                     level, (2001-2005).
                     Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing and impact of culture, Knowledge Sharing in Small and
                     Medium Scale Enterprises in Eastern Europe, Management of Information Systems, E-Commerce

                     and E-Business.

                             1. Regional Editor for Albania: Journal of Computing and Applications
                             2. Editor for International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology and Advances in
                             Information Sciences and Service Sciences

                             3. Associate Editor for SCICON: The International Association of Science & Engineering Congress
                             4. Reviewer for Journal for Information Systems Education
                             5. Member of ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
                             6. Member of IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
                             7. Member of AIS – Association for Information Systems
                                          Rao V.N.- Rojba.G. (2011), Role of Knowledge Sourcing in Albanian Small- and Medium-Sized
                                          Enterprises, Management Knowledge and Learning International Conference, MakeLearn 2011,
                                          Celje, Slovenia.

                                          Biba, M., Rao V.N., Raju, M. – Ballhysa, E (2010).A Novel Structure Refining Algorithm for
                                          Statistical-Logical Models, 2010 International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software
                                          Intensive Systems, CISIS, Krakow, Poland, CISIS, IEEE.
   Publications & Key Conference Papers

                                          Rao, V.N., Raju, M – Rawat, M. (2010), Cyber Ethics in Developing Countries: The Case of Albania,
                                          Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business, Volume 5, Issue Year: 2010.
                                          ISSN: 1313-2555

                                          Rao V.N. – Ballhysa E. (2009), Interrelation between Albania’s emerging economy and enterprise multi-tier
                                          applications, Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business, Volume 4, Issue
                                          Year: 2009. ISSN: 1313-2555

                                          Rao V.N. (2007), Peer Reviewed Professional Journal Article on “3D Graphics Tools for Java”
                                          Computer Graphics and Geometry Journal, Vol. 9, Issue Year: 2007. ISSN: 1811-8992. Link:

                                          Rao, V.N. (2007), Article on Top Five IT Skills in Albania titled “Punesimi ne fushen e IT, pese
                                          fushat me ne mode’ published in Shekulli dated 29 October 2007, Vol XI. No. 2093(3464).

                                          Rao V.N. (2007), “Shembulli Indian Tecknologjia nể shkollể” published in Koha Jone dated 23
                                          September 2007, Vol.11, No. 252

                                          Rao, V.N. (2007), “IT Outsourcing: Prospects in Albania” published in Tirana Times on July 20,
                                          2007. Vol.3, No.122

                                          Doctoral Students' Workshop on Writing Scientific Articles for International Journals, 24-25 June

                                          2011, International School for Social and Business Studies, Celje, Slovenia.

                                          Attended a two month training program on Embedded Systems at KSET, India.

                                          Attended a two month training program on VB.Net at KICIT, India.
   Training Programs

                                          Completed training in PHP from Logic India.

                                          Completed training in ADO.NET from Logic India.

                                          Completed CCNA training from Logic India.

                                          Completed training in WPF and WCF from Logic India.

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