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					                     More Experience. More Time on the Water. More Fun.

                                                                                                               Successfully helping people discover sailing since 1962
Tradewinds Sailing
 School & Club

                                                                          T rade win ds Sa ilin g
                                                                          S chool & C lub
                                                                          Tradewinds Sailing School and Club
                                                                          2580 Spinnaker Way
                                                                          Richmond, CA 94804
        More Experience. More Time on the Water. More Fun.
      American Sailing Association Courses                                                                            Marina Bay Yacht Harbor
                                    More Experience.                                                                                 More Sailing.

Basic Keelboat                      Coastal Navigation
3 Days of Instruction               (Home Study) $195 ($175)                                                         Tradewinds has the best location on The Bay!
$595 ($495)                         ASA 105 certification
ASA 101 certification
                                    This home study course on charts
BKB is taught on 25 foot Cata-      and navigation includes an ASA                                  We are located at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond, a sailing club facility with a
lina Capris. You will learn the     certified test administered in our
basics of sailing, how to get the
                                                                                                    view over looking the harbor surrounded by waterfront homes, restaurants, parks and the
                                    office. The home study option is
boat moving, terminology,           more difficult than it sounds.                                  Bay Trail.
basic rules of the road, docking    Coastal Navigation is a requirement                             This area is known as the ‘Richmond Riviera’ with smooth waters and warm breezes.
and more. Typically three 8         for taking Advanced Coastal Cruis-                              Marina Bay has several grassy areas, parks with barbeques and walking paths throughout
hour days of class with almost      ing class.                                  Save                the area. We enjoy the great weather and the large protected basin.
all of your time in the boats on
the water.                                                                   $200 to $500
                                                                                                    Our beginning sailors find the protected waters sheltered by Tiburon and Angel Island
                                    Coastal Navigation                                              make it an easy, fun and safe area to learn in.
                                    (Instructed) $295 ($275)                 Sign up for a 2 or 3
Basic Coastal Cruising              ASA 105 certification                       class package
3 Days of Instruction                                                                               For more advanced sailors, the most challenging parts of the Bay are a short sail away
$795 ($695)                                                                                         and you won’t have to wear foul weather gear just to leave the dock!
                                    The same material and test as the           BKB & BCC
ASA 103 certification               home study course above, but                  $1195
                                    taught by an instructor. In this 2 day
BCC is taught on 27 to 30 foot      class you will learn charts, plotting,
boats, with inboard diesel en-      set and drift. Coastal Navigation is        BCC & BBC
gines. You will learn more          a requirement for taking                      $1,495
advanced sailing, docking,          Advanced Coastal Cruising class.
anchoring, rules of the road,
navigation, weather and more.                                                BKB, BCC & BBC
                                    Advanced Coastal Cruising                     $1,895
                                    3 Days of Instruction
Bareboat Charter                    $1,295 ($1,195)                              Class prices
3 Days of Instruction               ASA 106 certification                    include ASA books
$995 ($895)
ASA 104 certification            ACC is taught on a large ocean
                                 yacht. This class covers advanced
BBC is taught on 31 to 40 foot ocean sailing including navigation,
boats and includes an overnight standing watch, night-time MOB
at anchor somewhere on the       and much more. Three days and 2
Bay. You will learn advanced nights, you’ll typically go out the
sailing techniques, high wind    Golden Gate and turn left, spend a
sailing, dual anchoring, naviga- night in Half Moon Bay, sail around
tion, boat systems and more.     the Farallone Islands and anchor the
                                 second night in Drakes Bay.

      All Tradewinds Club members receive discounts on ASA and specialty classes.
                                                                                                    • 800-321-TWSC (8972) • 510-232-7999
                            (Member prices listed in blue.)
                          Fleet Membership                                                                  Tradewinds Specialty Courses
                         More Time on the Water.                                                                                 More Experience.

                   Monthly Rate - Unlimited Charter Use*                                    Radar for Mariners                   Women only classes
                          *prices based on a twelve month agreement                         3 Days of Instruction
                                                                                            $295 ($275)                          ASA Basic Keelboat
               Bronze                                             $155                      ASA 120 certification                $595 ($495)
                                                                                            Classroom setting, for sailors       ASA Basic Coastal Cruising
                Silver                                            $235                      and power boaters. Use radar
                                                                                                                                 $795 ($695)
                                                                                            for navigation and collision
                                                                                            avoidance. Learn how to inter-
                                                                                            pret the display. Unlock the full    ASA Bare Boat Chartering
                Gold                                              $315                      power of your radar’s tradi-         $995 ($895)
                                                                                            tional tools and the latest fea-
              Platinum                                            $395                                                           We understand that women some-
                                                                                                                                 times learn differently than men, so
                                                                                            Advanced Anchoring                   we provide you with the option to
This program is a Tradewinds exclusive. The Fleet program is perfect for skippers who                                            take courses with other women,
want to sail more than one day a month. You pay for one day of charter, then you can        1 Day of Instruction                 taught by women. We are a relaxed
sail the rest of the month for free. The more you sail, the better the deal. Most sailors   $195 ($175)                          sailing school. Our focus is not
find this hard to believe, but at Tradewinds More is More.                                                                       racing, but cruising.
                                                                                            Learn the trick of single and
                                                                                            double bow anchoring. Medi-
                                                                                                                                 Experience the joys of sailing, or
                                                                                            terranean mooring, Bahamian
                                                                                                                                 improve your skills and comfort
                                                                                            anchoring, bow and stern an-
                                                                                                                                 level in a non-judgmental, relaxed
                                                                                            choring, and the uses and pur-
                                                                                                                                 atmosphere. Spend time focusing
                                                                                            poses of different anchor types.
                                                                                                                                 on good communication skills, crew
                                                                                                                                 safety and solid sailing fundamen-
                                                                                            Advanced Docking &
                                                                                            1 day of Instruction                 Ladies Sail Day
                                                                                            $195 ($175)
                                                                                            ASA 118 certification                One of our most popular Club
                                                                                                                                 events for women only. Held of the
                                                                                            You will become comfortable          4th Tuesday of the month in April,
                                                                                            with tight quarter boat han-         May, June, July, August, September
                                                                                            dling, spring lines, fairway         and October. Leave the dock at
                                                                                            rotation skills, back and fill       10am, sail somewhere on the bay
                                                                                            skills, backing in a straight line   for lunch, and arrive back at the
How do I get started? For those who want to learn to sail and join the club, ASA
                                                                                            in adverse conditions and back-      club about 4pm depending on the
classes are available. Once you have completed the class and are certified , you are then                                        weather and currents. Everyone
                                                                                            ing into slips.
able to charter the sailboats you are certified on.                                                                              gets a chance to skipper and crew.
                                                                                                                                 Free for members ($30 charge for
For those with years of sailing experience who want to join the club, a simple challenge                                         non-members.)
of sailing skills will help determine what fleet works best for you.

                 More Experience. More Time on the Water. More Fun.                                               The wind can take you anywhere you want to go.
                Tradewinds Fleet                                               Club Membership Benefits
   Boat Name                                 Make
                                                                 Tradewinds members receive discounts on our classes and on yacht charters
                                                            worldwide. Membership not only allows you to sail, but it gives you access to our fleet
Tradewinds Alpha                        Catalina Capri 22    of sailboats, crew and seminars. In addition, you can participate in our group sailing
Tradewinds Bravo                        Catalina Capri 22             vacations with some of the most wonderful people in the world…
                                                                                         other Tradewinds members.
Tradewinds Charlie                      Catalina Capri 22
Tradewinds Delta                        Catalina Capri 22    Online access provides the list and dates of our fun social events. This year we offer
                                                             to members Saturday night sails, Friday evening racing, and Movie nights. We also
 Tradewinds Echo                        Catalina Capri 22
                                                                   have Sailing Poker Runs, Raft-ups, Angel Island BBQ’s, monthly crew
Tradewinds Foxtrot                      Catalina Capri 22            Socials, and BBQ’s where you can meet other Tradewinds members.
 Tradewinds Golf                        Catalina Capri 22
   Bullwinkle                              Ericson 27
                                                                                   Mate’s Membership
    Windfall                               Catalina 27                            Membership Fee is $30 a month *
    Toba Leah                              Ericson 28                                 *prices based on a twelve month agreement

     Robbie J                              Catalina 30      The Mate membership is ideal for those who want to crew only. You will have access
      Risky                                Catalina 30      to all the club membership benefits listed above. You will also meet other Tradewinds
                                                            members and skippers to sail with, through our exclusive online crew message board.
 Amazing Grace                            Newport 30
      Asilo                                Catalina 30
     Kallisto                             Du Four 31
                                                                                 Skipper’s Membership
       Clio                                  Cal 31
    Lionheart                                Cal 31                                Membership Fee is $45 a month *
                                                                                       *prices based on a twelve month agreement
                                                            The Skipper membership is ideal for those who only sail occasionally (less than 8 times
    Megalina                              Beneteau 31       a year.) Skipper members pay a daily rate each time they charter a boat. Our rates are
    Santorini                             Beneteau 32       the best value in the area, typically below the other charter fleets in the San Francisco
                                                            Bay area.
      Orion                               Beneteau 32
     Na Mara                              Beneteau 34                                   Half-day charter (6hrs) Rate               Full-day charter Rate
   Black Pearl                             Catalina 38
                                                                     Bronze                           $105                                 $155
    Pink Slip                              Catalina 34
                                                                      Silver                          $155                                 $235
      Lucy!                               Beneteau 34
    Redeemed                               Hunter 35
                                                                      Gold                            $210                                 $315
   Home Free                               Catalina 36
      Galen                               Beneteau 42
                                                                    Platinum                          $265                                 $395    510.232.7999