Warden Gambits by linzhengnd


									                                  WARDEN GAMBIT CHEAT SHEET
Spear Gambits                        MH = main-hand weapon damage                                   DoT = damage over time
Lvl   Name                   Combo Effect                                                           Note
0     Deft Strike            RR    MH + small bonus                                                 -
8     Offensive Strike       RY      2x MH, +threat                                                 Adds threat
3     The Boot               RG      Low damage, 25% daze chance, interupt                          Daze chance, interupt
20    Combination Strike     RYR     2x MH + small bonus                                            -
22    Onslaught              RGR     3x MH, interupt                                                Interupt
16    Power Attack           RGY     MH + medium bonus, DoT                                         -
52    Reversal               RYG     MH + small bonus, -1 corruption                                Removes corruption
31    Boar's Rush            RYRY    Medium damage, high chance to crit & chance to stun Chance to stun
54    Adroit Manouver        RYGR    MH + small bonus, -20% attack duration                         Attack speed buff
32    Wall of Steel          RGRG    3x MH, parry buff for 20s, interupt                            Parry buff, interupt
30    Mighty Blow            RGYR    MH + large bonus, heavy DoT                                    -
50    The Dark Before Dawn RGRYR     2x MH + medium bonus, +power                                   Usable below 50% morale
60    Warden's Triumph       RYGRY   MH + large bonus, +10% melee for 20s                           Melee damage buff

Shield Gambits                       Threat steal = Transfers threat from group members to warden   HoT = self-heal over time
Lvl   Name                   Combo Effect                                                           Note
2     Defensive Strike       GG    MH + small bonus, block buff for 20s                             Short block buff
9     Impressive Flourish    GY      Light damage + DoT, small HoT                                  Light damage
6     Perservere             GR      MH + small bonus, small HoT                                    -
23    Maddening Strike       GYG     Low damage, small threat steal                                 Threat transfer from group
17    Safeguard              YRY     Low damage, medium HoT                                         -
18    Shield Up              GRY     Block/Evade/Ranged Block buff for 30s                          Short defense buff
37    Celebration of Skill   GRGR    MH + small bonus, medium HoT                                   -
41    Dance of war           GYGY    Evade buff for 30s, moderate threat steal                      Short evade buff
36    Shield Mastery         GRYG    Block/Evade/Ranged Block buff for 60s                          Long defense buff
58    Conviction             GYGYG MH + small bonus, moderate threat steal, medium HoT              Threat transfer from group
46    Restoration            GRGRG MH + small bonus, large HoT                                      Big self-heal

Fist Gambits                         #xAoE = Area of Effect affecting # targets                     ToT = threat over time
Lvl   Name                   Combo Effect                                                           Note
4     Goad                   YY    3xAoE Light damage + DoT, moderate threat + ToT                  Big threat
12    Precise Blow           YR      MH + small bonus, threat + ToT                                 -
13    War-cry                YG      10xAoE light DoT, small threat + ToT, small HoT                AoE light DoT
19    Brink of Victory       YGY     Heavy light damage + DoT, small threat                         Light damage
21    Fierce Resolve         YRG     8xAoE morale steal over time                                   -
25    Piercing Strike        YRY     MH + small bonus, medium light damage, threat                  -
42    Resolution             YRGY    10xAoE, large morale steal                                     AoE morale steal
43    Spear of Virtue        YRYR    MH + medium bonus, medium light damage                         -
38    Surety of Death        YGYG    MH + large bonus, large light DoT, moderate threat             Big single target damage
39    Defiant Challenge      YRYRY   10xAoE 5s force attack, threat, reflect damage for 30s         Legendary trait
56    Desolation             YGYGY   3xAoE large light DoT, chance to apply fear for 16s            Light AoE
48    Exultation of Battle   YRGYG   10xAoE moderate morale steal over time + ToT                   Big AoE morale steal

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