A. Introduction
   1. This effort is to support the Command Religious Program with musical program aboard Blinder
       Memorial Chapel, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA. The contractor shall provide the
       level of support required to meet the Government needs in accordance with Statement of Work
       (SOW). The level of support varies depending on the Government’s needs.

B. Background.
   1. Music is an integral part of Gospel worship services. The technical expertise needed to provide
      these services is beyond the capabilities of present government personnel.
   2. The requirement is anticipated to be for a base period with (112) sessions, with one option period
      of (112) sessions.
      i. Sessions include: (52) sessions for Sunday gospel service, (52) sessions for rehearsals, and (8)
           sessions for special services.

C. Objectives.
   1. The contractor shall provide a quality music program during the periods listed in this SOW with
      emphasis on, but not limited to:
      i. leading worship by providing music accompaniment;
      ii. accompanying singers, choirs, and musicians;
      iii. training and rehearsals of volunteer singers

D. Requirements
   1. The contractor must be able to pass all requested security and background checks necessary to
      fulfill the requirements of the contract. The contractor can, but is not required, to obtain a
      RAPIDGATE pass and if doing so must be able to meet all of the requirements for eligibility.
   2. Summary of Qualification: the contractor shall have the following qualifications:
      i. Intermediate proficiency level in playing various gospel music styles, including, but not
           limited to: preludes, introits, psalms, responses, hymns, praise songs, choruses, anthems, and
           postludes that are appropriate for gospel worship and tradition.

E. Task: The contractor shall perform the following tasks:

     1.   Provide accompaniment for choirs, musicians, soloists with the organ and/or piano, during gospel
     2.   Sing and lead worship during the gospel services.
     3.   The contractor shall conduct at least one rehearsal per worship service to ensure the volunteer
          vocalist and instrumentalists are properly prepared.
     4.   Rehearse with volunteer singers to lead congregational singing during gospel services.
     5.   Provide piano/organ and/or instrumental accompaniment for special religious observances in the
          Gospel Protestant worship tradition.
     6.   The contractor shall submit for timely inclusion a list of congregational songs for Sunday Gospel
          Protestant worship to the COR for use in the worship bulletins.
     7.   The contractor shall notify the COR no later than (2) days of any maintenance problems or
          acquisition needs concerning the government-owned piano or organ.
     8.   The contractor shall notify the COR with in two weeks when unable to provide services as
          outlined in this statement of work.
     9.   The contractor shall be responsible for providing qualified substitute when unable to provide
          services as outlined in this statement of work. The contractor shall be responsible for ensuring the
          substitute is qualified and paying for the services rendered by the substitute.

F.   Special Services:
     1.   In addition to regularly scheduled services, the contractor shall perform no more than (8) sessions
          for special services to include, but not limited to, Christmas service, Martin Luther King service,
          New Year service, Lent, and Good Friday.

G. Government Furnished Property:
   1. Adequate work spaces that include rehearsal area and furnishings will be provided for the
      individual assigned to this contract.
   2. The Government will provide organ and piano at the designated Chapel.
   3. The Government will provide a work space that include utilities, custodial services, refuse
      collection, pest control services, government-centralized mail distribution of interoffice mail, and
      military police and fire protection at the level.
   4. Telephone service, fax machine, and reproduction machine in or near occupied facilities.
   5. Government forms, publications, and documents, if required.

H. Place of Performance: The contractor shall perform the service in the following location:
   1. Blinder Memorial Chapel, Bldg 202863, Camp Pendleton, CA.
   2. For special occasions only, contractor may be requested to provide services at alternative locations
       as an outreach of the gospel service.

I.   Period of Performance: The period of performance of this procurement will be a base period of one
     year and one option year.

Year                                                     Period of Performance
Base Year                                                15 Nov 2010- 30 September 2011
Option Year 1                                            01 October 2011- 30 September 2012

J.   Schedule:
     Gospel Service: Sunday 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
     Rehearsal: Monday 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Rehearsal
     Special Services: Schedule of special services as described in section (F) is tentative and subject to

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