September 2009

Dear Loganville-Springfield Parents/Guardians:

        On behalf of all the staff members, I would like to welcome everyone to Loganville-
Springfield Elementary School. It is hard to believe that summer vacation has come and gone,
and the school is once more filled with the bright faces and excited voices of our children.

        Entering my ninth year as Loganville-Springfield’s principal, it continues to be my
absolute privilege to work with our fantastic staff and students. I am especially excited to
welcome a few new staff members to our school family.

        As another school year begins, I would like to encourage you to become actively
involved in your child’s education. I certainly realize that many of you lead busy lives.
However, taking just a few minutes in the evening to read to your child, talk with your child
about school, or simply see that your child is organized for the next school day can have great

       I am confident the 2009-2010 school year will be filled with both challenges and
triumphs. The Loganville-Springfield faculty is a hard-working, dedicated group of professionals
committed to providing the children with a quality education.

         The items on the following pages are important pieces of information. Thank you for
taking time to read these pages. Enjoy the beginning of the school year and all the excitement it
brings! Please do not hesitate to contact any of us at Loganville-Springfield should you have a
question or concern.


                                                                  Scott A. Carl

       The official school day starts at 8:50 AM when students are to be in their
classrooms ready to begin. A bell rings at 8:50, and students who are not in their
classrooms are marked tardy (unless a bus is late). Students arrive on buses between 8:30
and 8:45 AM. Car riders and walkers should also arrive between 8:30 and 8:45 AM.
***Parents are reminded that students are not to be dropped off or walk to school
before 8:30 AM. There is no supervision of students by school personnel prior to
8:30 AM.

       Students who are walkers or car riders will be dismissed at 3:25 PM. Students
who ride buses will begin their dismissal at approximately 3:30 PM.

        If you plan to pick up your child before the end of the day, you need to come to
the office where the secretary will call your child from his/her room. Sending a note to
your child’s teacher in the morning helps in getting assignments ready before the student

       In order to make arrival and dismissal procedures as safe as possible,
parents/guardians who drop off and pick up their children need to adhere to the following
                                         DROP OFF:

        As parents pull into the campus from Main Street, they should follow the arrows
on the blacktop and “loop around” the main parking lot to the side of the building.
Parents should wait in the car line and should not release their child(ren) until the car has
reached the sidewalk area at the side of the building (next to the school’s mailbox). Once
the parent has reached the sidewalk area, the child(ren) can get out of the car and walk
into the building. There will be a staff member standing at the side of the building to
make sure these guidelines are followed and the students walk safely into school.

          Parents, please do not drive around the bus loop in front of the building.
                 This loop should be used exclusively by our busses.

                                       PICK UP:

        Parents should park in a parking space in one of our two parking lots!

        For safety reasons at dismissal, cars should not park along the side of the
building, in the back lot next to the gym, or along the tree-lined area at the entrance
to the school campus. Parents should park in a space in one of our two lots and come to
the front lobby (doors are unlocked at dismissal) to pick up their child(ren). Parents
should walk carefully with their child(ren) back to the car. Students should not walk to
their cars without being accompanied by a parent/guardian.

       A reminder that our handicapped parking spaces are reserved for our handicapped

       Everyone is reminded to drive with extreme care and caution during arrival and
dismissal times. These are busy times and, as always, the safety of the children must
come first.

      An extremely important source of information for you is the student and parent
handbook. Procedures and policies are provided to answer your questions.

       *For grades K – 1, this handbook is a separate booklet.
       *For grades 2 – 5, this handbook is inserted at the beginning of your child’s
       assignment book.

        When you review the handbook with your child, please call special attention to
the following sections:

           Bus Rules and Regulations
           Electronic Devices
           Dress Code for Elementary Children
           Weapons
           Attendance
        (Parents, please note changes under “Excessive Absences.”)

IMPORTANT! - Please complete and return the following forms (located at the end
of the handbook) with your child as soon as possible:

               1. Handbook Review Form
               2. Safe Homes Application (optional)

        Please review the conduct rules found in the Dallastown Area Bus Schedule with
your child. This schedule can be found on the district’s website at www.dallastown.net
If you would like a paper copy of the rules, please contact the office.
        Riding a school bus is a privilege that can be revoked. Student behavior on the
bus is an important part of the total school program. The school bus is an extension of
the classroom and the driver is in charge of the bus and students. Children should follow
our three school-wide expectations while riding the bus – BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL,

        As you review the handbook’s dress code section with your child, please know
that shorts may be worn during September and October and following April 1st. All
shorts must be of reasonable length.
        Please also remind your child of the following items in the dress code section:
*No hats may be worn inside the school building.
*Items of clothing or accessories worn in such a way as to attract undo attention will be
avoided (i.e. – pants need to be worn around the waist area and not dragging on the
*Painting hair unnatural colors is not permitted.
       Loganville-Springfield Elementary will have a few new faces in the building this
year. We welcome the following staff members to our school family:

              *Mrs. Louise Lubaszewski – guidance counselor (gr. K – 2)
              *Mrs. Jen Kuhn – 1-1 paraprofessional
              *Miss Christine Kemper – first grade teacher
              *Mrs. Jennifer Hartman – first grade teacher (filling in for Mrs. Croyle
                                       during the first marking period)

     Additionally, third grade teacher Jennifer Mastervich was recently married and is
now Mrs. Jennifer Prieber.

        Finally, former fifth grade teacher Alison Roperti will now be serving as our
school’s administrative assistant. Mrs. Roperti recently earned her Master’s Degree in
Educational Leadership from York College. I had the privilege of working with her last
year as she completed her internship assignments. I look forward to leading Loganville-
Springfield Elementary this year together with Mrs. Roperti.

        Our teachers certainly want to hear from you throughout the school year. Your
questions, concerns, and compliments are important to us. The teachers will do their best
to respond to your communication as soon as possible. However, please remember if you
email a teacher or leave a voice message for him/her, you might not receive an immediate
response. The teachers are working directly with the children for most of the school day
and may not respond to your email or voice message until the end of the day or beginning
of the following day.

        All parents are invited and encouraged to attend Loganville-Springfield’s
orientation evenings. These evenings will give our teachers the opportunity to discuss the
upcoming year with parents.

                  Kindergarten and First Grade Parents – Aug. 24th

       Kindergarten and first grade parents will have their orientation evening on
Monday, August 24th. Kindergarten parents should report at 6:30 PM, and first grade
parents should report at 7:30 PM. The sessions will be held in your children’s

                       Second – Fifth Grade Parents – Sept. 2nd

        Our orientation evening for grades two through five will be on Wednesday, Sept.
2nd. Two sessions for grades 2 and 3 are scheduled for 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM. The same
information will be shared at both sessions. Pick the time that works best for you. Two
sessions for grades 4 and 5 are scheduled for 7:30 PM and 8:00 PM. Again, both
sessions will contain the same information. Pick the time that is most convenient for you.
Please report directly to your child’s homeroom. Your attendance will mean a great deal
to your son/daughter!

   Please check our district’s calendar and the Loganville-Springfield’s website for
additional information and announcements of upcoming events. Our school’s website is
      a link on the Dallastown Area School District website: www.dallastown.net


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