Broiler Balancer Premix

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					                                                     Broiler Balancer Premix
                                                                        for Organic Poultry Production
                                                                       Dietary Balancer Premix For Broilers

                                                          GUARANTEED ANALYSIS
Crude Protein      (min) ------------------2.000 %        Calcium (Ca)           (min) ------------- 11.000 %       Selenium (Se)       (min) ----------------- 4.4 PPM
Lysine             (min) ------------------0.105 %        Calcium (Ca)           (max) ------------- 13.000 %       Vitamin A           (min) --------- 140,000 IU/LB
Methionine         (min) ------------------9.000 %        Phosphorus (P)         (min) ---------------9.000 %       Vitamin D3          (min) -----------40,000 IU/LB
Crude Fat          (min) ------------------1.500 %        Salt (NaCl)            (min) -------------- 9.000 %       Vitamin E           (min) ---------------200 IU/LB
Crude Fiber        (max) ------------------3.000 %        Salt (NaCl)            (max) ------------- 10.500 %

                                INGREDIENT STATEmENT

      This product contains only certified organic agricultural products or ingredients that
   conform to the NOP’s national list of materials acceptable for organic livestock production.

Dicalcium Phosphate, Organic Alfalfa Meal Dehydrated, Monosodium Phosphate, Organic Kelp Meal, Diatomaceous Earth,
Calcium Carbonate, Salt, DL-Methionine, Choline Chloride, Ferrous Sulfate, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Manganese
Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Selenium Yeast, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3, Natural Source
of Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl acetate), Pantothenic Acid, Calcium Iodate, Biotin, Organic Potato Starch, Organic
Dehydrated Eggs, Organic Dried Tomato Pomace, Organic Dried Whole Milk, Organic Linseed Meal, Organic Aloe Vera
Gel Concentrate, Organic Soybean Oil, Organic Oat Flour, Lecithin, Organic Wheat Middlings, Organic Sugar, Potassium
Chloride, Attapulgite Clay, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Ferric Choline Citrate Complex, Zinc Choline Citrate
Complex, Copper Choline Citrate Complex, Manganese Choline Citrate Complex, (MSBC) Source of Vitamin K, Vitamin
B12, Thiamine, Magnesium Oxide, Sodium Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Carotene, Ascorbic Acid, Yeast Culture, Lactobacillus
Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Casei, Bifidobacterium Thermophilum, Enterococcus Faecium, Organic Sources of (Cayenne
Pepper, Peppermint, Garlic, Parsley, Dandelion Root Extract, Elder Flowers, Dandelion Extract, Ginger Extract, German
Chamomile, Lemon Grass Extract, Thyme, Sweet Fennel Extract, Sweet Basil, Sage, Cloves), Natural Tocopherols.

                                              DIRECTIONS fOR mIXING BROILER RATIONS
                                                     Broiler Starter 0-3 Weeks                 Broiler Grower 3-5 Weeks              Broiler Finisher 5 Weeks - Finish

                                               38% Full     48% Soy        Non Soy        38% Full     48% Soy        Non Soy       38% Full    48% Soy       Non Soy
                                                 Fat         Meal        Concentrate        Fat         Meal        Concentrate       Fat        Meal       Concentrate
                                                                          (463ORG)                                   (463ORG)                                (463ORG)

   Broiler        Broiler       Broiler
   Balancer       Balancer      Balancer        50 Lbs.      50 Lbs.      50 Lbs.         50 Lbs.       50 Lbs.      50 Lbs.         50 Lbs.     50 Lbs.       50 Lbs.
   Premix         Premix        Premix

 Yellow Grain   Yellow Grain   Yellow Grain
     Corn          Corn            Corn                     1,593 Lbs.
                                               1,481 Lbs.                1,350 Lbs.       1,586 Lbs.   1,661 Lbs.    1,468 Lbs.   1,681 Lbs.   1,716 Lbs.     1,559 Lbs.

 38% Full Fat                    Non Soy
    Cooked      48% Soybean
   Soybeans        Meal                        450 Lbs.      340 Lbs.     582 Lbs.        350 Lbs.     275 Lbs.      470 Lbs.       255 Lbs.     222 Lbs.     380 Lbs.

  Calcium        Calcium        Calcium
  Carbonate      Carbonate                     15 Lbs.       13 Lbs.       3 Lbs.         12 Lbs.      12 Lbs.       10 Lbs.        12 Lbs.     12 Lbs.       8 Lbs.

     DUA           DUA            DUA
  (101ORG)      (101ORG)       (101ORG)          4 Lbs.      4 Lbs.        3 Lbs.          2 Lbs.       2 Lbs.       3 Lbs.         2 Lbs.       2 Lbs.       3 Lbs.

Note: follow label directions, the addition to feed of higher levels of this premix
containing selenium is prohibited.
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897ORG50BAG                                                                      Net Weight 50 Pounds (22.73 kg)
 Disclaimer: Every effort has been exhausted in order to meet organic and natural protocol to the best of our knowledge. Helfter feeds, Inc. ® accepts no
         responsibility for the performance, failure or misuse of this product or changes of organic and natural protocol that we are not aware of.