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					                                                                The Kentucky Ready-Mixed
                                                                  Concrete Association
                                                                  1 HMB Circle ▪ Frankfort, KY 40601 ▪ PH (502) 695-1535 ▪ Fax (502) 695-9499

PRESIDENT        Brian Wells
                 The Wells Group, LLC
                 West Liberty, KY

                 George Owens
                 Harrod Concrete & Stone
                 Frankfort, KY
                                                   September 1, 2010
TREASURER        Bud Ruffing
                 Hilltop Basic Resources
                 Cincinnati, OH                    TO: KENTUCKY HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELORS
SECRETARY        Jody Allen
                 Kenway Concrete of KY, LLC
                 Bowling Green, KY
                                                   FROM: R. Finley Messick
                                                   RE: 2010-2011 KRMCA – Wm T. Robertson High School Essay Contest
                 Wm. T. Robertson, Jr., IMPP
                 Concrete Materials Co., LLC

                 Shad Daubard
                 Irving Materials, Inc.            This program was conceived in an effort to better educate young people about the
                 Chad Deters
                 Advance Ready Mix, Inc.
                                                   concrete industry. This essay contest is an opportunity for young people to learn
                 John Ernst
                 Ernst Concrete
                                                   about the importance of our industry and what concrete contributes to society.
                 Jim Freytag
                 Moraine Materials

                 Tom Glasscock                     The winner of the 2010-2011 KRMCA Essay contest will receive a $1,000
                                                   scholarship to the winner’s school of choice. Our winning essay will then be
                 Lowe’s Concrete Products

                 Brian Harper
                 Pearce Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.

                 Eileen Harrod
                                                   forwarded to our National association where the essay will have a chance of
                 Harrod Concrete & Stone
                                                   winning the national scholarship of $5,000 if they enroll for freshman year in a
                 Jonathan Holloway
                 Quality Stone & Ready Mix         concrete-rated curriculum such as the Concrete Industry Management
                 David Humphrey
                 Federal Materials Co.             programs offered at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, New
                 Jerry Long
                 The Walker Company                Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, California State University at Chico,
                 Greg Middleton
                 Grant County Concrete
                                                   and Arizona State University in Phoenix and Texas State University in San
                 David Reeves
                 Albany Redi-Mix
                                                   Marco. Other eligible program would include those at Alpena College in
                 Sharon Schlatter                  Michigan or Rhodes State College in Ohio, or other majors directly related to
                 Kentucky Concrete

                 Eddie Webster
                                                   the concrete industry, such as those for construction materials
                 Irving Materials, Inc.

                 Ben Yost
                                                   science/engineering.. Should the winner not choose to enroll in a concrete-
                 Ernst Concrete
                                                   related curriculum, he or she will receive a $2,000 scholarship for the freshman

                 Scott Barry
                                                   year at the college of his or her choice. The winner of the National Contest will
                 W. R. Grace & Co.

                 Steve Church
                                                   be flown, along with a parent or guardian, to NRMCA’s 2011 convention, in
                 Logan Lavelle Hunt Ins.
                                                   Las Vegas, Nevada in March.
                 Bob Day
                 Broughton Construction

                 Barry Hornback
                 Liter’s Quarry, Inc.              The contest is open to students who will be between the ages of 16-18 at the
                 Carl Howard
                 Fly Ash Direct
                                                   beginning of the 2010-2011 school term. The contest rules:
                 Toby Knott
                 Lehigh Cement Co

                 Jeff Lentz
                                                       Open to all high school students aged 16-18 at the beginning of the school
                 James Render                           term
                                                       An entry form (see attached) must be included with all essays
                 Essroc Cement

                 Victor Toneatti

                                                       Essay must be postmarked by October 30, 2010 at:
                 Lafarge North America

             C. Edward Glasscock

                                                                          KRMCA - 1 HMB Circle, Frankfort, KY 40601
              R. Finley Messick
                                                       Entrees must be typed, double spaced and not exceed 600 words
                                                       Essays will be judged on content and writing ability (grammar, style,
              John McChord, P .E.

              Joe S. Wells
              Robert Zapp
                                                        clarity and creativity)
                                                    Possible themes include: Possible themes include concrete's benefits to society;
              Bill Bucher               1991
              David Harrod              1994
              Larry Glasscock           1995
              Kevin Swaidner
              Scott Wells
              Kim Agner
                                                   how concrete affects the environment; and using concrete to build homes,
              Don Snow
              Bill Zapp
                                                   commercial buildings, bridges or roads. Essays should demonstrate a student's
              Brad Slabaugh             2003
              Joe Robertson             2004
              Dewell Gossett            2005
              Chris Bright              2006
              Camilla Schroeder         2007
              Tim Condo                 2008
              Robbie Robertson          2009
The Kentucky Ready-Mixed Concrete Association                                                   Page 2 of 3

       awareness of concrete's role as a building material in homes, commercial buildings, streets and

       The State winner, his/her parents will be KRMCA’s guest at our Annual Convention Awards
       Banquet, February 4, 2011 at the French Lick Resort in French Lick, Indiana.

       Entries received will be judged by an impartial committee of industry executives. Judges will
       not be given the names or home addresses of the contestants during judging process. The
       winning essay will be submitted to the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association for
       consideration for the 2010-2011 National Essay Contest Award.

       Entries received by KRMCA or NRMCA reserve the right to publish the winning entry in whole
       or part. All entries become the property of KRMCA. The winning entry will be publicized in
       KRMCA’s monthly newsletter and website.

       For additional information contact KRMCA at (800) 737-1535 or by email


       R. Finley Messick
       KRMCA - Executive Director
The Kentucky Ready-Mixed Concrete Association                                                      Page 3 of 3

            KENTUCKY Ready Mixed Concrete Association
               High School Essay Contest Entry Form
       Entry Date:___________________________________________________

       Student Name:________________________________________________

       Parent or Guardian's Name:_____________________________________

       Street Address:_______________________________________________

       City, State, ZIP:_______________________________________________

       Home Phone:_________________________________________________

       Student's Birth Date:___________________________________________

       School Presently Attending:______________________________________

       School Contact (Name and phone number of a teacher or school official
       familiar with the student):________________________________________

       I have read the rules of the 2010-2011 National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Essay Contest and
       agree to abide by them:

       Student signature                                                                            Date

       I have read the rules of the 2010-2011 National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Essay Contest and
       agree to abide by them:

       Parent or Guardian signature                                                         Date

                                      Please return essay and entry form to:
                                                    1 HMB Cr.
                                               Frankfort, KY 40601

                            ENTRIES MUST BE POSTMARKED BY: (October 30, 2010)

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