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									                                                                                                     List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    2003                  Location                                                                                Approved                         Date
Course Date         City      State/Province                              Title of Course                          CEUs         Submitted by     submitted
Jan 13-14 or 15-16                  MT         2002 MT Farm Bill Forums                                               8      Greg Kennett        18-Dec-02
Jan 27-29     North Platte          NE         2003 Efroymson Fellowship Program-Prairie Workshop I                  12      Robert Self         11-Dec-04
Jan. 21       Albuquerque          NM          2003 NM SRM Annual Meeting                                            10                           1-Feb-03
Jan 6-8       Oklahoma City         OK         2003 OK Agricultural Aviation Assoc Annual Convention                  5      Ronnie Courtney     29-Sep-03
Jan 15-16                           MT         2003 State Winter Grazing Seminar                                      7      Carla Lawrence      27-Jan-03
8-Jan         White River           SD         24th Annual Ranchers Workshop                                          4      Elton Hawk Wing      1-Apr-03
Jan. 16-18                          TX         Academy for Ranch Management                                          16      Dr. Mort Kothmann    4-Feb-03
Jan 14-16     Sacramento            CA         Calfed Science Conference                                             16      Kent Reeves
Jan 14-16     Laughlin              NV         Desert Tortoise Habitat Mgmt-2003 Winter Mtg-AZ/NV Sections            7
Jan 22-23     Burns                 OR         Eastern Oregon Native Seed Workshop                                    7      Nora Taylor         31-Jan-04
Jan. 22       La Grande             OR         Economic & Ecological Consequences of Fire                             5      John Tanaka         30-Jan-03
Jan 28-29     Weyburn               SK         Forage & Silage Production Days                                       12      Michel Tremblay     26-Apr-04
Jan 29-30     Montrose              CO         Grazing Conference III                                                 9      Robert Kilian       22-Jan-03
Jan 23        Hayti                 SD         Hamlin County Winter Grazing Workshop                                  4      John Lentz           1-Jan-03
Jan 27-23     Hannibal             MO          Heart of America Grazing Conference                                    7      Dee Vanderburg      10-Dec-02
Jan 27-31     Boise                 ID         Integrated Pest Mgmt & Pesticide App Cert                             16      Kelly Sparks
Jan 21-23     Sarasota              FL         Introduction to Fire Ecology & Effects                                16      Ken Lackmann        24-Jan-03
Jan 6         Kailua-Kona           HI         Invasive Species-A Comparison of HI & CA                               7      William Frost       19-Nov-02
30-Jan        Kelvington            SK         Kelvington Regional Forage Mtg                                         4      Michel Tremblay     26-Apr-04
Jan 21-22     Butte                 MT         MT Weed Control Assoc Mtgs                                             8                          22-Dec-03
                                                                                                                             Reggie Clark-no agenda
Jan. 6 - 10   Chico                 CA         Natural Resources Communication Workshop                              16      Carolyn E. Grygiel 23-Sep-02
22-Jan        Towner                ND         NDSU CGREC Grass-N-Beef Research Review                                4      Paul Nyren           8-Jan-05
29-Jan        Ruidoso              NM          NM Agricultural Aviation 28th Annual Conference                        2      Jodie Stockett
Jan 27-28     Ruidoso              NM          NM Crop Production Association (NMCPA) Conference                      2      Jodie Stockett
Jan 22-23                          NM          NM SRM Winter Meeting                                                 10      Brenda Simpson      17-Dec-03
Jan. 7-9      Boise                 ID         Nonpoint Source Water Quality Monitoring Results Workshop             16      Ron Blake           21-Jan-03
Jan. 14 or 23 San Angelo            TX         Prescribed Burn Refresher training                                     5      Charles Anderson     1-Apr-03
Jan 15-16     Meridian              TX         Prescribed Burn Training                                               8      Kent Ferguson       30-Jan-03
Jan 22-23     Jacksboro             TX         Prescribed Burn Training                                               8      Kent Ferguson       30-Jan-03
Jan 13-17     Stillwater            OK         Prescribed Burn-Tall Grasses                                          16      Mike Stellbauer     23-Jan-03
Jan. 16-18    Albuquerque          NM          Quivira Coalition Second Annual Conference                            16      Ben Creighton       24-Mar-03
Jan. 28       Gettysburg            SD         Rancher's workshop                                                     3      Jeff Vander Wilt    29-Jan-03
Jan 26-Feb 1 Billings               MT         Ranching for Profit Course                                            16      Reggie Clark        22-Dec-03
Jan 14-16     Seibert               CO         Rangeland Drought Impact                                               3      Kristi Gay          10-Dec-03
Jan 14-16     Albuquerque          NM          Rangeland Infra Training                                               9      Sue Preece
Jan 19-21     Medicine Hat          AB         Rangelands & Ranching: Achieving a Viable Future                      13      Darlene Moisey
28-Jan        Phoenix               AZ         Restocking after Drought - Tonto NF and Gila Cnty Cattle Growers       4      W. Walter Meyer      4-Apr-03
28-Jan                              SD         SD 2003 Commercial Application Recertification Training                2      Robert Novotny      28-Jan-03
14-Jan                              FL         Soil Quality Assessment and Applications - FL                         16      Ken Lackmann
Jan. 13                UT   Survival Tools for Todays Ranch              6   Rogar Barton
Jan 14-16   Laughlin   NV   SWIAA 15th Annual Conference                10   Joseph Hiller
Jan 9-10    Dillon     MT   Western Ag Conference and Expo-Univ of MT    9                       18-Jan-03
                                                                             Barbara Landgraf-Gibbons
Jan. 31                CA   Yellow Startitistle Management               4   Bill Frost
ation Units (CEUs)

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                                                                                   List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

      2003                     Location                                                                             Approved                         Date
  Course Date           City          State/Province                            Title of Course                       CEU's      Submitted by      submitted
Feb 10, 12 or 14                            MN         2003 Alfalfa & Forage Crop Strategies                            3        John Gunderson
20-Feb           Rapid City                 SD         2003 Weed & Pest Conference                                      7          Craig Beckner 15-Feb-03
Feb 25-26        Omaha                      NE         3rd Annual Native Seed Quality Workshop                         12        John Gunderson 7-Feb-03
Feb 28-Mar 1 Seguin                         TX         4th Annual South Texas Farm & Range Spring Forum                 9           Phillip Wright
Feb. 5           Artesia Wells TX                      5th Annual Prescribed Burning Seminar-Chaparral WMA              4           Chip Ruthven
Feb. 2           Casper                    WY          Carbon Sequestration I                                           3       Goerald Schuman
Feb. 3           Casper                    WY          Carbon Sequestration II                                          3           Justin Derner
Feb 24-25        Casper                    WY          Cheatgrass Awareness Conference                                 10          Steve Hannan 24-Feb-03
Feb. 5           Casper                    WY          Conservation Easements                                           3
Feb. 3           Casper                    WY          Coordinated Resource Mgmt Workshop (CRM) -Full Day               6         Dennis Phillepie
Feb 19 or 20                                UT         Drought & Range Mgmt Seminar                                     2           Roger Banner 26-Feb-03
27-Feb           Beatrice                   NE         Drought Risks & Mitigation on the Agricultural Landscape         6          Lora O'Rourke 3-Mar-03
Feb. 6           Wheatland                 WY          Grasshopper Control Workshop                                     3         James R. Webb 15-Feb-03
Feb. 5           Casper                    WY          Grazing Management                                               3           Tracy Brewer
27-Feb           Baker City                 OR         Grazing Systems for Rangeland Health & Productivity              1             Greg Kuehl 6-Oct-03
Feb              Univ of Idaho Ext          ID         Growing and Utilizing Annual Forages workshop                    2              Ron Blake 14-Feb-03
Feb. 4           Casper                    WY          Indicators of Sustainable Rangelands                             3                 Bartlett
Feb. 3           Casper                    WY          Invasive Species I                                               3           Tom Whitson
Feb. 2           Casper                    WY          Invasive Species II                                              3             Scott Votan
Feb. 3 & 4       Casper                    WY          Journey to Change 1 & 2                                          3
Feb 4-5                                     KS         Kansas Association of Independent Crop Consultants               4          Jodie Stockett
Feb. 4           Casper                    WY          Livestock Distribution I                                         3
Feb. 4           Casper                    WY          Livestock Distribution II                                        3
Feb. 25-28       Tucson                     AZ         Low Cost Cow Calf School                                        16             Scott Engle 22-Mar-03
Feb. 4           Casper                    WY          Managing Towards the Past                                        3          Duncan Patten
 Feb. 2          Casper                    WY          Monitoring & Measurement I                                       3             Sherm Karl
Feb. 3           Casper                    WY          Monitoring & Measurement II                                      3             Meg Bishop
Feb 11-13        Corvallis                  OR                                                                         16
                                                       Native Plant Restoration & Mgmt on Public Lands in the Pacific NW              Nora Taylor 31-Jan-04
Feb. 11-13       Mandan                     ND         ND Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Mtg                   16          Michael Haupt
Feb. 25                                                NUTBAL Pro Training                                              6         Kevin Blomquist 6-Mar-03
Feb 11-13        Richfield Field Office     UT         Nutrient & Pest Mgmt Training                                   16          W.B. Walbeck 5-Mar-03
Feb. 27          Santa Cruz                 CA         Oak Ecosystems - Santa Cruz Mtns                                 4              Larry Ford 6-Mar-03
Feb. 3           Casper                    WY          Other Grazers I                                                  3         Wendell Gilgert
Feb. 4           Casper                    WY          Other Grazers II                                                 3
22-Feb           Amarillo                   TX         Panhandle Livestock Assn. Winter Convention                      4          Jodie Stockett   3-Sep-03
7-Feb            Riddle                     OR         Pasture Management Calendar Workshop                             5
8-Feb            Salem                      OR         Pasture Management Calendar Workshop                             5
Feb. 4           Minot                      ND         Pesticide Recertification Training                               6              Mike Rose
Feb. 3           Casper                    WY          Planned Grazing & System Response                                3             Floyd Reed
Feb. 2       Casper            WY   Plant/Animal Interactions I                         3       Sheldon Atwood
Feb. 5       Casper            WY   Plant/Animal Interactions II                        3        Jim Waggoner
Feb. 3       Casper            WY   Post Fire Ecology & Mgmt I                                    Kimberli Stine
Feb. 3       Casper            WY   Post Fire Ecology & Mgmt II                          3
Feb. 6       Casper            WY   Powder River Tour                                    3            Joe Hicks 27-Feb-03
20-Feb       San Angelo        TX   Prescribed Burn Refresher training                   5    Charles Anderson 1-Apr-03
Feb. 18-21                          Prescribed Burning-NEDC                             16       Pat L. Shaver
Feb. 5       Casper            WY   Professional Ethics in Range Mgmt Forum              3
Feb 25-27    Portland          OR   Range Administration and NEPA training              16        Web Madison      7-Mar-03
Feb. 2       Casper            WY   Range Dept. of Future                                3       Leonard Jolley
Feb. 2       Casper            WY   Rangeland Birds & Ecosystems I                       3      Dave McDonald
Feb. 3       Casper            WY   Rangeland Birds & Ecosystems II                      3      Andrea Cerovski
Feb. 3       Casper            WY   Rangeland Birds & Ecosystems III                     3
Feb. 3       Casper            WY   Rangeland Ecology I                                  3          Blaine Horn
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Rangeland Ecology II                                 3         Levi Benyles
Feb. 6       Casper            WY   Rangeland Health-Panel Discussion-Afternoon          3          John Likins
Feb. 6       Casper            WY   Rangeland Health-Techl Session-Morning               3          John Likins
Feb. 3                              Rangeland Infra for Managers                         3           Ray Suazo
Feb. 10-14   Sacramento        CA   Regional Ground Based Pesticide Training            16         Gail Durham 10-Mar-03
28-Feb       Hot Springs       SD   Regional Range and Pasture Meeting                   5       Robert Novotny 7-Mar-03
24-Feb       Mobridge          SD   Regional Range and Pasture Meeting                   5         Paul Drayton
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Restoration Ecology I                                3
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Restoration Ecology II                               3     Gerald Schuman
Feb. 5       Casper            WY   Riparian Buffer Zones & Water Quality                3     Quentin Skinner
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Riparian Ecology                                     3        Mark Gorges
Feb. 2       Casper            WY   Sage Brush Ecosystems                                3      Berry Perryman
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Seed Source Selection in Ecological Restoration      3
Feb. 3       Casper            WY   Social Science                                       3
             College Station   TX   Soil Survey Conference                              11        Richard Jones
Feb. 28      South Texas       TX   South TX Farm and Ranch Forum                        9         Phillip Wright 6-Mar-03
Feb. 5       Casper            WY   State & Transition Ecology-Theory & Application      3   NRCS Range Team
Feb. 11-13   Maudon            ND   The Wildlife Society                                16           Tim Phalen
Feb 13-15    Waco              TX   TX Chapter-The Wildlife Society Annual Mtg          12           Brian Hays
Feb 26-27                           USDA-NRCS Prescribed Burn Training                   7     Tony A Garcia, Jr
20-Feb                         UT   Utah Weed Control Assn Conf                          2       Michael Ralphs 27-Feb-03
Feb. 3       Casper            WY   Water Quality I                                      3
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Water Quality II                                     3         Sue Noggles
Feb. 26      Dumont            TX   Western Rolling Plains Range & Wildlife Field Day    3         Dwayne Day
Feb. 3       Casper            WY   Wild Horse & Burro Mgmt (BLM)                        3        Brian Waldron
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Wildlife Habitat I                                   3      Andrea Cerovski
Feb. 5       Casper            WY   Wildlife Habitat II                                  3
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Wildlife on a Fragmenting Range I                    3
Feb. 4       Casper            WY   Wildlife on a Fragmenting Range II                   3      Nathan F. Sayre
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      2003                       Location
Date of Course              City          State/Province
April 25-29      Browns Valley                  CA
April29-May 1    Fort Worth                     TX
April 27-29      Lafayette                      LA
29-Apr           Cascabel                       AZ
4-Apr            La Copita Ranch                TX
April 7-11       Davis                          CA
15-Apr           Bishop                         CA
April 7-11       Williams Lake                  BC
April 15-16      Elko                           NV
1-Apr            St George                      UT
April 7-11       Denver                         CO
25-Apr           Tucson                         AZ
18-Apr           Missoula                       MT
12-Apr           Burneyville                    OK
April 29-30                                    OR
10-Apr           Mission                       SD
22-Apr           Albuquerque                   NM
April 1-3        Ogden                         UT
9-Apr            Tucson                        AZ
April 28-29      Prineville                    OR
Apr 8-9          Rapid City                    SD
April 1-2        Spokane                       WA
April            Elko                          NV
Apr 14-18        San Diego                     CA
17-Apr           Browns Valley                 CA
1-Apr            Morro Bay                     CA
16-Apr           Patterson                     CA
17-Apr           Waldeck                       TX
April 25-26      Nuevo Laredo-Mexico           MX
              List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                                                                 Approved        Submitted
                              Title of Course                     CEU's              by
2003 CA Grazing Academy/Low Stress Livestock Handling School        16     Joyce Wood
2003 Rangeland NRI Training                                         10     Pat L. Shaver
AFGC Annual Meeting                                                  4     Mort Kothman
Assessing Watershed Condition of Rangelands                          6     Deborrah Smith
Brush Mgt Field Day                                                  3     Bruce Healy
Conservation Planning Training (pt II)                              16     Rob Pearce
Dept of Cons Legacy Proj & Permitting Wkshp for Range                2     Rob Pearce
Fundamentals of Prescribed Burning                                  16     Darren Bruhjell
GPS Training                                                        12
How to manage the NEPA Process                                       8     Joe Jenson
Integrated Pest Mgmt & Pesticide App Cert                           16     Kelly Sparks
Land Mgt in a Changing Climate                                       6     Meg Bishop
MODIS Land Products Workshop U Montana                               7     Don Bedunah
Noble Foundation 2003 Field Day                                      4     Michael Porter
NRCS training Intro to Water Quality                                16     Mike Stirling
PNW Section Summer Tour                                                    John pmr 1
                                                      Tues am 2/pm 4; Wed am 4/ Breese
Range and Forage Day                                                 3     Eddie Farmer, Jr
Rangeland Infra Training                                             9     Barry Imler
Rangeland Infra Training                                             9     Sue Preece
Rangeland Mgmt & Drought Recovery Wkshp-Safford                      3     Kim McReynolds
Rangelands & Rainbows                                                6     Alan Bahn
Regional Grazing Lands Mtg                                          14     Kim Stine
Repairing PNW Rangelands-Reality Checks & Realistic Tools           10     James Dobrowolski
Riparian Ecology & Restoration Workshop                              9     John Speck
The GWS/CR2003 Joint Conf-Protecting Our Diverse Hertige            16     Luis Florez
UC Beef & Range Field Day-SFREC                                      4     Mike Connor
UC Oak Woodlands Conservation Workgroup-Monitoring Hardwood Rangelands Larry Ford
Westside Ranchers Meeting                                            5     Larry Ford
Wildlife Activities & Practices Workshop VII                         4     Brian Hays
XV Congreso Nacional de Ganaderia Diversificada                      6     D.L. Drawe
Submitted    Email address for submitter
28-Mar-03    patrick.shaver@orst.edu
  7-Mar-03   bruce.healy@tx.usda.gov
  4-Apr-03   kelly_sparks@blm.gov

13-Feb-03 dobrowol@wsu.edu
25-Apr-03 jmconnor@ucdavis.edu
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                                                                                                           List of Approved Courses for Continuing Educatio
2003                                        State
Course Date                    City        Province                                         Title of Course
Mar 27-May 8       Steamboat Springs         CO Colo Mnt Coll-Land Stewardship 101
March 26-27        Moses Lake                WA CRM Local Solutions for Resource Mgmt Workshop
4-Mar              Wray                      CO Drought Impacts on Livestock
21-Mar             La Junta                  CO Drought Planning & Survival Seminar
March 25           Camp Verde                 AZ    Drought recovery workshop
Various            Various                   NE     Drought Risks & Mitigation on the Agricultural Landscape
25-Mar             Boise                      ID    Ecosite Description Workshop
March 25-April 2   Tucson                     AZ    Fire in Ecosystem Mgmt
11-Mar             Idaho Falls                ID    Idaho Nutrient Mgt Planner Workshop
March 27-28        Browns Valley             CA     Jnt UCCE Rangeland Watershed Wkgrp/Calpac Sec Mtg-SFREC
2-Mar              Hereford                  OR Juniper Control & Mgmt Workshop
March 20-22        Elk Creek                 CA     Land EKG Clinic
March 10-20        BLM NTC(Phoenix)          NV     Leadership Communications & Coordination BLM course 1730-15 BLM NTC
6-Mar              Wheatland                 WY Living on a Few Acres Workshop
7-Mar              St. Cloud                 MN Minnesota Forage and Grassland Council
7-Mar              Davis                     CA     Multivariate Statistics in Ecological Community Analysis
March 6            Colville                  WA Noxious Weeds in the Cnty-Why Where What & How to Cntrl-Stevens Cnty AM
March 17-18        Davis                     CA     NRCS Comprehensive Nutrient Mgmt PlanningTraining
Mar 24-28                                           NRCS NEDC Prescribed Burning-Short Grass
Mar 10-14                                           NRCS NEDC Prescribed Burning-Shrub Grass
Mar 25-28          Fort Worth                 TX    NRCS NEDC Trng Course-Rangeland Ecol II-New Paradigm for Eval Change on Rangelands
March 25-26                                  MT NRCS Training-Stock Water Planning & Design
March 5-6          Buffalo                   OK OK Nutrient Mgt Planning Cert Course
19-Mar             San Angelo                 TX    Prescribed Burn Refresher training
18-Mar             Arnold                    NE     Prescribed Burn School
5-Mar              Rocky Ford                CO Rangeland Drought Workshop
6-Mar              Springfield               CO Rangeland Drought Workshop
Mar 18-20          Laramie                   WY Rangeland Infra Training
Mar 25-27          Delta                     CO Rangeland Infra Training
March 12-14        Chihuahua                 MX Rangeland Mgt Shortcourse - Universidad Autonoma De Chihuahua
March 13-14        Petaluma                  CA     Riparian Proper Functioning Condition Training
Mar 19-20          San Francisco             CA     San Francisco Area Network Vital Signs Workshop
5-Feb              Woodhull                   IL    Taking the Next Step in Grazing
9a3c661e-26ba-42ac-aae9-ed2e01514888.xls                        12/4/2011

23-Mar          San Antonio                TX   TX and SW Cattle Raisers Assn Wildlife & Cattle Mgt
14-Mar                                     MT   Veg Dynamics Workshop
March 13-14     Albany                     TX   Wildlife Appreciation Event
Mar. 23         San Antonio                TX   Wildlife Track & Cattle Management
March 26-27     Casper                     WY   WY Watershed Conference
            9a3c661e-26ba-42ac-aae9-ed2e01514888.xls                                 12/4/2011

d Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                Approved                               Date
                 CEU's          Submitted by         submitted Email address for submitter
                   16            Jean Petersen        2-Feb-03
                   10            Linda Hardesty      12-Apr-03
                    5            Mary Schrader        8-Mar-03 mary.schrader@ne.usda.gov
                    2             Ben Berlinger       1-Apr-03
                    5               Jeff Schalau               jschalau@ag.arizona.edu
                    6            Lora O'Rourke        3-Mar-03 lorourke@fs.fed.us
                    8              Jim Cornwell       1-Apr-03 jim.cornwell@id.usda.gov
                   16            Patricia Hanley      7-Apr-03
                    6           Trina Johansen       14-Mar-03
                   10             Mike Connors       27-Feb-03
                    2                 Alan Bahn
                    8               Loretta Metz     25-Mar-03   loretta.metz@ca.usda.gov
                   16               Kelly Sparks      4-Apr-03   kelly_sparks@blm.gov
                    2            James R. Web        12-Mar-03
                    2          John Gunderson        17-Mar-03
                   16               Gail Durham      10-Mar-03   gdurham@fs.fed.us
                    5            Terry Swagerty       1-Jan-03   swagerty@wsu.edu
                   16         Charlette Sanders       7-Apr-03
                   16                Pat Shaver       2-Apr-03   patrick.shaver@orst.edu
                   16                Pat Shaver       2-Apr-03   patrick.shaver@orst.edu
                   16          George Peacock         4-Apr-03
                   11              Matt Ricketts      7-Nov-03
                    8        Veronica O'Donnell      26-Mar-03
                    5         Charles Anderson       1-Apr-03    charles.anderson@tx.usda.gov
                    6               Kristin Miller   25-Mar-03   kristin.miller@ne.usda.gov
                    2             Ben Berlinger       1-Apr-03
                    2             Ben Berlinger       1-Apr-03
                    9                Sue Preece                  spreece@fs.fed.us
                    9                Sue Preece                  spreece@fs.fed.us
                   16             Ron Sosebee         1-Aug-03
                    7         Stephanie Larson       18-Mar-03
                   10             Ray Budzinski      20-May-03
9a3c661e-26ba-42ac-aae9-ed2e01514888.xls                        12/4/2011

       7         Donald Bedunah
       8             Ricky Linex 17-Mar-03 ricky.linex@tx.usda.gov
       8           Melanie Tittor 3-Nov-02
      14           Phil Gonzales 1-Apr-03

                                                                                                          List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (C

    2003                      Location                                                                                                Approved
 Course Date             City         State/Province                                 Title of Course                                   CEU's
May 20-22      Rapid City                   SD         2003 Rangeland NRI Training                                                       10
14-May         Baker City                   OR         2nd Annual Whitetop Wipeout                                                        4
20-May         Hot Springs                  SD         4H Range and Pasture Field Day                                                     4
13-May         Lafayette                    LA         AFGC (Amer Forage & Grazing Council)                                              16
8-May          Edmonton                     AB         Defining an Alberta Approach for Biodiversity                                      6
4-May          Wray                         CO         Drought Impacts on Livestock & Range Mgmt                                          5
May 20-21      Enterprise                   OR         Grazing Management For Riparian Areas Workshop                                    16
May 12-14      Spearfish                    SD         Helping Hands United We Stand-Rosebud Sioux Tribe & SD Farm Svc Agency             4
May 21         Corpus Christi               TX         Improving Ranch Economics & Health                                                 5
May 24         Angleton                     TX         Master Urban Ranger Training-Artificial Wetlands & Native Plants                   3
May 15-21      Jackson Hole                WY          Mountain Lion/Elk and Deer/Moose Workshops (any 2 of the 3)                       16
May 5-16       Athens                       GA         Natural Resource Policy, Values, and Economics - Univ of Georgia                  16
13-May         Washington                   DC         Natural Resource Societies Science Day                                             7
May 13-15      Rapid City                   SD         NRCS Range Mgmt Specialist workshop                                               16
May 13-14      Canton                       TX         NRCS Silvopasture Training                                                         5
May 1          Browns Valley                CA         Oak Regeneration Field Day                                                         3
May            Ennis                        MT         Pasture Management Class, Ennis High School                                        3
13-May         Raleigh                      NC         Pastureland Ecology 1 - NRCS training - NCSU                                      16
28-May         Johnson Valley               TX         Pesticide Applicator Training-Brush Busters                                        5
May 13         Vail                         CO         Post Fire Rehabilitation Treatments - IECA                                        11
May 13-15      Alice                        TX         Range Mgmt Training (La Copita Rsrch Ranch)                                       15
May 11         Mohave Cnty                  AZ         Range Monitoring Wkshp                                                             7
May 14         Mohave Cnty                  AZ         Range Monitoring Wkshp                                                             7
May 20         Worland                     WY          Rangeland/Cheatgrass Control tour                                                  4
May 13         Boise                        ID         Rangeland/Cheatgrass Control tour                                                  4
May 28-29      Malad                        ID         Riparian Proper Functioning Condition Assessment Training                          8
May 21-22      Sheridan                    WY          Sharing Solutions for Successful Plantings in the Northern Great Plains Area      11
May 15         Lawton                       OK         SW OK Brush Mgmt Seminar Expo                                                      4
May 13-15      San Angelo                   TX         Total Resource Mgmt Workshop                                                      16
May 15-16      Brownwood                    TX         West Texas Deer Study Group                                                       10

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                Submitted by           submitted    Email address for submitter      Web site
                    Pat L. shaver      28-Mar-03    patrick.shaver@orst.edu
                       Alan Bahn       19-May-03    alan.bahn@or.usda.gov
                  Robert Novotny       11-Jun-03
                 Mike Willoughby        3-Feb-04
                   Mary Schrader        8-Mar-03
                   Sandy Wyman           9-Jul-03
                  Eddie Farmer Jr      31-May-03
                Wayne Hanselka         10-May-03    c-hanselka@tamu.edu
                       Brian Hays      21-Aug-03
               Dr. Carolyn Grygiel     21-Mar-03    carolyn.grygiel@ndsu.nodak.edu
                     Erick Walker      28-May-03
                        Deen Boe        8-May-03
                   Michael Stirling    16-May-03
                   Mike Stellbauer     15-May-03    mike.stellbauer@tx.usda.gov
                  Doug McCreary        12-May-03    ddmcreary@ucdavis.edu
                     Matt Ricketts      9-Dec-03
                           Jill Eply
                     Mike Savage       25-Sep-03
                      John Fusaro      23-May-03 john.fusaro@co.usda.gov
                      Bruce Healy       1-May-03 bruce.healy@tx.usda.gov
                   Rob Grumbles        15-May-03 grumbles@ag.arizona.edu
                     Grace Brock        23-Apr-03
                  Lealand Schoon
                  Lealand Schoon

                   Phil Gonzalez 3-Apr-03
                   Chuck Stanley 8-May-03 charles.stanley@ok.usda.gov
                          Bill Fox         w-fox@tamu.edu
                Charles Anderson 22-May-03 charles.anderson@tx.usda.gov
       2003                   Location
   Course Date         City         State/Province
June 22-26       Phoenix                  AZ
June 22-25                                MT
June 8-11        Harrold                  SD
25-Jun           El Dorado Springs       MO
June 10-12       Reno                     NV
June 23-25       Morris                  MN
Jun 17-20        Amidon                   ND
June 3-6         Billings                 MT
June26-27        Logan                    UT
20-Jun           Lincoln                  NE
Oct 17-18        Bridgeport               CA
June 10-13       Saskatoon                SK
June 18-19       Rockglen                 SK
June 9-13        Stillwater               OK
June 5-6         Roosevelt                UT
6-Jun            College Station          TX
5-Jun            Hamlin                   SD
11-Jun           Amarillo                 TX
Various          Various               Various
Jun 16-20        Rock Springs            WY
13-Jun           Jiggs                    NV
June 24-27
Jun 20-22        Dillon                  MT
June 11-12       Dickinson               ND
25-Jun           Streeter                ND
June 16-20       Des Moines              IA
Jun 10-12        Milwaukee               WI
21-Jun           Blooming Grove          TX
16-Jun           Fort Worth              TX
June 11-12       Lemhi Grange            ID
Jun 10-11        Saskatoon               SK
19-Jun           San Francisco           CA
June 3-6         Sturgis                 SD
June 24-25       Gettysburg              SD
20-Jun           Wall                    SD
17-Jun           Ardmore                 OK
10-Jun           Stonewall               TX
11-Jun           Wichita Falls           TX
June 28-July 3   Junction                TX
June 27-28       San Antonio             TX
June 17-26       Logan                   UT
June 3-4         Provo                   UT
16-Jun           Lovington               NM
                                                      List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                                                 Title of Course
2003 ADSA-ASAS-AMPA Joint Annual Mtg
2003 Ag Lenders
2003 Ag Lenders Range Camp (7th Annual)
2003 KS/Southern Section Mtg-Patch Burn Grazing Seminar & Tour Wah'Kon-Tah Prairie
2003 Rangeland NRI Training
2003 VMAM/MACAI Annual Education Wkshp-Thinking Outside the Box on Managing Vegetation
2003 Youth Range Camp
9th Billings Land Reclamation Symp & 20th AM of American Scty of Mining & Reclamation
BEHAVE Train the Trainer Workshop
Brush Creek Ranch Conference and Field Day
CalPac Section Meeting
Canadian Society of Animal Science AM
Discovering the Big Muddy Badlands
Ecological Site Workshop
Forage & Range Mtg
Forage Field Dat
Grazing Mgt Session
Grazing Mgt Workshop - Potter county TX
Greenline Training
Improvement & Mgmt of Sagebrush Communities in WY
Interagency Rangeland Vegetation Monitoring Workshop
Interpreting & Measuring Indicators of Rangeland Health
MT Native Plant Society Annual Mtg
ND PGLC 2003 Summer Tour (6/11 2 CEUs, 6/12 3 CEUs)
NDSU CGREC 22nd Annual Field Tour
NOPHNRCSE & HEPM Natl Trng Conf-Welcoming the Challenges of Consvtn Opportunities
NRIS Terra v1.1.1.1 Training Invasive Plant Inventory
Quail & Turkey Mgmt Workshop
Rangeland Ecology 1 - NRCS
Riparian Proper Functioning Condition Assessment Training
Saskatchewan Pasture School 2003
Scientific Mgmt of Fire Hazard in our Local Forests-Fuel Reduction & Complications Posed by Sudden Oak Death
SD Range Camp
SD Rangeland Days
SD Salt Cedar meeting
Sport Fish Mgmt in Ponds Workshop
Studies in Conservation of Natural Resources-Teachers Workshop
TX Council SWCS Annual Meeting tech tour
TX Section SRM Youth Range Workshop
TX Wildlife Assoc18th Annual Convention
USU NRCS Plant-Herbivore Short Course
Utah Section SRM Summer Tour
Weaver Ranch SARE wkshp - Range Mgmt & Bird habitat
ducation Units (CEUs)

            Approved                              Date
             CEUs            Submitted by     submitted   Email address for submitter
               16          Randy Rosiere     17-Feb-04
               10            Matt Ricketts    7-Nov-03
               10            Dave Steffen     19-Jul-04   dsteffen@gwtc.net
                6           Jeff Davidson    25-Aug-03
               10           Pat L. Shaver    28-Mar-03    patrick.shaver@orst.edu
               10        Dwayne Stenlund     27-Feb-04    dwayne.stenlund@dod.state.mn.us
               16        Michael Humann       14-Jul-03
               16            David Nilson    13-Aug-04
                6           Roger Banner     27-Jun-03
                8             Pam Murray     17-Mar-03    pmurray1@unl.edu
               12                             3-Nov-03
               16       Mike Schellenberg    20-Jun-03    schellenberg@agr.gc.ca
                9       Michael Tremblay     23-May-03
                7           Mark Moseley
               12              Jim Brown     11-Jun-03
                6            Joe Schuster     8-Sep-03
                2              John Lentz
                4                J.R. Bell   11-Jun-03
               16           Steve Hannan     25-Mar-05
                5              Dan Dallas    11-Aug-03 ddallas@fs.fed.us
               12             Kelly Sparks             kelly_sparks@blm.gov
                4       Robert/Katie Bump    14-Jan-04
                5              Mike Brand    22-May-03 mbrand@state.nd.us
                2              Paul Nyren     8-Jan-05
                4            Rich Stewart     6-Jun-03
                7           Clare Hydock     16-Aug-04 chydock@fs.fed.gov
                3              Brian Hays    21-Aug-03
               16        George Peacock      23-Jun-03
                9         Michel Tremblay    26-Apr-04
                3                             3-Nov-03
               16          Rick Peterson      21-Jul-03
                6        Jeff Vander Wilt     28-Jul-03
                2         Robert Novotny     11-Jun-03
                5             Mike Porter    30-Mar-05
                8             CA Cowsert      2-Aug-03    charles.cowsert@tx.usda.gov
                2            Jerry Pearce    24-Jun-03
               16       Charles Anderson       7-Jul-03   charles.anderson@tx.usda.gov
               16           Joe Schuster      8-Sep-03
               16          Roger Banner       2-Feb-03    frws@cnr.usu.edu
                2         Ron Torgerson       11-Jul-03   rontorgerson@utah.gov
                5            Dwayne Day      19-Jun-03    dwayne.day@nm.usda.gov
     2003                     Location
 Course Date            City         State/Province
July 26-30      Spokane                   WA
July 20-23      San Antonio                TX
July 1, 2003    Unity                      OR
July 18, 2003   Belle Fourche              SD
July 11, 2003   St Onge                    SD
July 18, 2003   DeSmet                     SD
Various         Various                 Various
24-Jul          Sweet Grass Ranch          MT
July 26, 2003   Hidalgo Cnty              NM
July 16-17      Davis                      CA
July 10, 2003   Bismark                    ND
July 11-12      Austin                     NV
July 11-12      Rancho Blanco              TX
Jul 10-11       Hailey                     ID
July 16-17      San Angelo                 TX
July 16-17      Chamberlain                SD
July 29-31      Sinton                     TX
July 28, 2003   Spokane                   WA
July 21-23      Milnor                     ND
July 26-Aug 1   Durban SA
July 15-18      Jasper Natl Park           AB
                           List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                                                               Approved                         Date
                         Title of Course                         CEUs     Submitted by        submitted
2003 Annual Conference-Soil & Water Conservation Society          16               SWCS
2003 Natl Assoc of Resource Cons & Dev Councils Natl Conf          8          Mark Donet     30-Jul-2003
Annual Range Field Day - Oregon State                              7        Mike Borman      10-Apr-2003
Grazing Excellence Tour - Heart Tail Ranch Tour                    2       Cheryl Nielsen    10-Jul-2003
Grazing Excellence Tour - Reddick Ranch Tour                       2       Cheryl Nielsen    10-Jul-2003
Grazing Excellence Tour - Stout tour                               2          John Lentz      3-Jul-2003
Greenline Training                                                16
History of Area & Sweet Grass Ranch-Tour                           3        Matt Ricketts     7-Nov-2003
NM Section Summer Tour-Gray Ranch                                  5      Ed Fredrickson      7-Aug-2003
Nonnative Invasive Species Adaptive Mgmt Wkshp                     4      Craig Thomsen       28-Jul-2003
NRCS Rangeland Health Training Session                             4          Mike Brand     23-Jun-2003
NV Section Summer Field & Range Tour                               2    Chuck Saulisberry
Quail Mgt Field Day                                                3          Brian Hays     21-Aug-2003
Riparian Proper Functioning Condition Assessment Training          8
Saltcedar & Water Resources in the West Symposium                 12 Charles R. Anderson      21-Jul-2003
SD Grassland Coalition Grazing Tour                                6       Dave Schmidt       7-Aug-2003
Summer Prescribed Burn Workshop - Welder Wildlife Refuge          16     Homer Sanchez         1-Jul-2003
SWCS Special Concurrent Session                                    2     George Peacock      23-Jun-2003
TNC GIS Training-Intro to ArcView                                 14         Robert Selft    11-Dec-2004
VII International Rangeland Congress-Rangelands in the New Millenium              L Jolley    6-Jun-2003
Willow Workshop                                                   16     Mike Willoughby      3-Feb-2004
Email address for submitter

     2003                   Location
 Course Date          City        State/Province
Aug 14-15      Pine Valley Ranch Park CO
Aug 11-12      Kearney                  NE
Aug 2-7        O'Neal Basin             NV
Aug 14-15      V Bar V Ranch            AZ
August 6-7     Prineville               OR
20-Aug         Austin                   TX
Various        Various               Various
27-Aug         Whitman                  NE
27-Aug         Phoenix                  AZ
Aug 13-15                               KS
29-Aug         Wray                     CO
Aug. 19-21     Sinton                   TX
August 11-12   ISU                      ID
August4-5      Abilene                  TX
August 7-8     Alpine                   TX
21-Aug                                  ND
Aug 11-12      Burns                    OR
Aug 19-21      Lubbock                  TX
Aug 6-8        Sioux City               NE
                                                                 List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units

                                  Title of Course                                        CEUs
2003 High Altitude Revegetation Summer Field Tour                                    5 (3 Th, 2 F)
2003 NE Grazing Conference                                                         10/2 day 5/1 day
2003 Stockmanship School-Cottonwood Ranch                                                   16
AZ Section Summer Mtg-Drought Mgmt for Sustainable Range Resources                   8/full 4/1 day
Browse Evaluation by Analysis of Growth Form                                                12
Conservation Easement Workshop for Public Agencies                                           6
Greenline Training                                                                          16
Gudmundsen Sandhills Lab 4th Annual Open House                                               5
Invasive Plant School                                                                       12
KS Range Management School-Adv Session 2003                                                 16
Livestock Handling & Facility Design Workshop                                                4
Prescribed Burn Training - Welder Wildlife Foundation                                       16
Rangeland Research Workshops                                                                 7
RAWHIDE                                                                                     10
RAWHIDE                                                                                     10
Riparian/Hardwood Draw Tour                                                                  3
Sedge Identification Workshop                                                               10
TTU-NRCS Workshop-Lubbock, TX                                                               12
TWS & NE Chapter Annual lMtg - Wildlife Cons Issues in Riverine Systems                      7
r Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                       Submitted by      submitted     Email address for submitter
                           Gary Thor       20-Aug-03   garythor@lamar.colostate.edu
                       Dana Larsen          4-Aug-03   dana.larsen@ne.usda.gov
                         Scott Engle       12-Jan-04
                          Jeff Schlau       7-Aug-03   jschalau@ag.arizona.edu
                     Sandra Wyman          14-Aug-03
                     William Conrad         7-Aug-03   william.conrad@ci.austin.tx.us

                    Mitch Flanagan        10-Sep-03
               Maricopa County Ext.       20-Jun-03
                       Bruce Wells         5-Aug-03    bruce.wells@ks.usda.gov
                         Julie Elliott    28-May-04
                       Stan Reinke        25-Sep-03    stanley.reinke@tx.usda.gov
                        Kim Colling         7-Jul-03   kimberly@isu.edu
                        Mark Donet          7-Jul-03   mdonet@sulross.edu
                        Mark Donet          7-Jul-03   mdonet@sulross.edu
                        Mike Brand
                        Nora Taylor         1-Mar-04 fntaylor@centurytel.net
                      Ron Sosebee           8-Aug-03 ron.sosebee@ttu.edu
                 Arnold Mendenhall          1-Sep-03 amendenhall@galaxycable.net
     2003                    Location
  Course Date           City       State/Province
4-Sep            San Angelo              TX
Sept 16-18       Fort Mills              SC
25-Sep           Elko                    NV
Sept 25-26       Montrose                CO
25-Sep           Comanche Cnty           TX
16-Sep           Baker City              OR
Sept (various)   Various                 OK
24-Sep           Philip                  SD
30-Sep           Hardee Cnty             FL
Sep 4-6          Rapid City              SD
Sept 16-18       Fargo                   ND
8-Sep            Prescott                AZ
Sept 25-26       Cheyenne                OK
9-Sep            Albia                   IA
26-Sep           Canyon                  TX
11-Sep           Miami                   TX
Sept 9-11        Oacoma                  SD
25-Sep           Ardmore                 OK
Sept 6-10        Burlington              VT
                                                           List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEU

Title of Course                                                                         CEUs
30th Annual Sheep & Goat Field Day                                                        4
Behavioral Educ For Human Animal Vegetation & Ecosyst Mgmt Wkshp(BEHAVE)                 16
Biodiversity & Rangeland Production - Bob Budd                                            2
CO Section Fall Tour-The Davis Family                                                     3
Comanche County Forage Tour                                                               4
Fall Conservation Tour                                                                    3
Farm Management Planning                                                                  4
Field Day-Cottonwood Research Station                                                     5
Joint Mtg of the FL Pres Fire Councils/Central FL Prescribed Fire Council AM              5
National GLCI Steering Committee Fall Mtg                                                 3
Native Plant Summit VII                                                                  16
Noxious Weed Seminar                                                               4(3 am, 1-tour)
OK SRM Annual Meeting                                                                     8
Pasture Weed Mgmt Mtg                                                                     6
Randall Cnty Crops Tour & Ag Show                                                         3
Range Field Day                                                                           3
SD Grazing School-Managed Grazing Pathway to Profit                                      16
The Noble Foundations 10th Annual White-Tailed Dear Mgmt Workshop                         6
The Wildlife Society - 10th Annual Conference                                            16
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                Submitted by         submitted   Email address for submitter
                         Don Cox      10-Nov-03 dcox@utsystem.edu
                   Michael D Hall       2-Jul-03
                      Dan Dallas      24-Sep-03 ddallas@fs.fed.us
                       Bill Bethel     3-Nov-03
                      Greg Kuehl      12-Sep-03
                 Mark Klimkowski      10-Oct-03
                  Leland Schoon       13-Oct-03
                  Ken Lackmann        29-Oct-03
                        Kim Stine     28-Oct-03
                    Krecia Leddy        2-Jul-03
                     Jeff Schalau      7-Sep-03 jschalau@ag.arizona.edu
                        Kim Stine     29-Oct-03
                   Jodie Stockett     29-Sep-03
                   Stan Bradbury      23-Aug-03 stanley.bradbury@tx.usda.gov
                      John Lentz       30-Jul-03 john.lentz@sd.usda.gov
                      Mike Porter     30-Mar-05
                      Mike Porter     30-Mar-05
                                                                                                                    List of Approved Courses for Continuing Educatio

       2003                       Location
  Date of Course             City         State/Province                                      Title of Course
14-Oct             North Creek Ranch            TX         2003 Jack Cnty Range Tour
Oct 27-30          Atlantic City                NJ         2003 Wetland Workshop (6th)
Oct 16-18          Bridgeport                   CA         CalPac Sec Fall AM-Environ & Econs in the Eastern Sierra-Hunewill Ranch
22-Oct             Gail                         TX         Deer Appreciation Day
Oct 15,16          San Ramon                    CA         Firewise Communities Workshop
Oct 6-9            Ardmore                      OK         Grazing School
Oct. 2,3           Sacramento                   CA         Habitat Restoration Workshop - UC Extension
23-Oct             Elko                         NV         Historic Porter Canyon Meadow Restoration Project
Oct. 1-2           King Ranch                   TX         King Ranch Symp-Ranch Mgmt-Wildlife Cattle & Range
14-Oct             Oklahoma City                OK         Livestock School
9-Oct              Devine(Medina Cnty)          TX         Medina Cnty Fall Range & Wildlife Tour
Oct 6-8            Scottsbluff                  NE         NE NRCS Range Forum
Oct 15-17          Kearney                      NE         NE Section SRM 2003/NE Sustainable Ag Society Joint Annual Meeting
Oct 20-21          Ardmore                      OK         Noble Foundation Prescribed Burn School
Oct 23-25          Ritzville                   WA          PNW Section Fall Meeting & Tour-Riparian Toolbox
23-Oct             Moncrief Ranch               TX         Pond Management Field Day
Oct 20-22          Nebraska City                NE         Practice of Restoring Native Ecosystems Natl Conf
9-Oct              Apache Pass                  AZ         Rangeland Soils Field Tour-What You Should Know About Dirt
Oct 30-Nov 1       Tucson                       AZ         Santa Rita Expermntl Range Conf.-100 Yrs of Accomps & Contributions Symp & Fld Day
Oct 7-8            Murdo                        SD         SD Section Annual Meeting
Oct 15-17          Wichita Falls                TX         TX Section SRM 2003 Annual Meeting
Oct 28-30          Richfield                    UT         UT State Range Workshop
31-Oct             Mustang Ranch                TX         White-Tailed Deer Mgmt Clinic
Oct 21-23          Denver                       CO         Wildland Fire Impacts on Watersheds
d Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

             Approved                                    Date
               CEUs              Submitted by          submitted Email address for submitter
                  3                   Tony Dean          28-Oct-03
                 16                Tommy Wright          15-Oct-03
        10/mtg, 2/tour, 12 ttl
                  6                   Kevin Wright      10-Nov-03
                 10                      Rod Tripp       27-Apr-04
                 16                    Mike Porter      30-Mar-05
                 12                      Rod Tripp       27-Apr-04
                  6                  Kent McAdoo          8-Dec-03
                  8                    D. L. Drawe      25-Jun-03
                  4              Mark Klimkowski         28-Oct-03
                  6                  Phillip Wright     19-Sep-03
                 13                   Dana Larsen       25-Sep-03     dana.larsen@ne.usda.gov
           7(tour only-1)              Scott Willet       8-Sep-03    scott.willet@ne.usda.gov
                 12                    Mike Porter      30-Mar-05
            5 (tour =3)              Mike Borman        26-Aug-03
                  2                    Earl Hogan       25-May-04
                 16                Carolyn Grygiel        30-Jul-03   carolyn.grygiel@ndsu.nodak.edu
                  5              Kim McReynolds         16-Sep-03
         8-30 & 31/Nov 1-2       Mitchel McClaran          3-Jul-03
                  4               Yvonne Haefner        30-Sep-03
         15(5-W,6-TH,4-F)            Ron Sosebee          7-Sep-03    sosebee3@cox.net
                 15                   Larry Ellicott      3-Nov-03    larry.ellicott@ut.usda.gov
                  3                   Bruce Healy       25-Sep-03
                 16                  C. Diane Matt       27-Oct-03
       2003                    Location
    Course Date          City       State/Province
Nov 16-20         Orlando                 FL
Nov 3-7           Ft Lauderdale           FL
Nov 3-6           San Diego               CA
11/19             Norman                  OK
11/3              Gardendale              TX
Nov 19-20         La Copita Ranch         TX
11/7              Lethbridge            Alberta
Nov 19-20         College Station         TX
11/24             Oklahoma City           OK
Nov 19-20                                 TX
Nov 3-7           Fort Lauderdale         FL
Nov 19-20         Lawton                  OK
Nov 12-14         Edmonton              Alberta
11/1              Tucson                  AZ
11/14             Ardmore                 OK
Nov 4-6           Alpine                  TX
Nov 2-6           Denver                  CO
11/18             Fort Stockton           TX
Nov 6-7           Provo                   UT
Nov 13-14         Thermopolis            WY
Nov 4-6           Cheyenne               WY
                                                   List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                                     Title of Course                                 CEUs
2nd Intl Wildland Fire Ecol & Fire Mgmt Congress                                      16
7th Intl Conf on the Ecology & Mgmt of Alien Plant Invasions                          16
Amer Water Res Assn 2003 Annual Water Resources Conf                                  16
Crossroads of America Cow/Calf Conference                                              5
Fall Livestock Seminar by TX Cooperative Extension                                     4
Forage Options & Mgmt for South TX Grazinglands                                        3
International Mountain Section SRM Fall Meeting                                        4
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems                                         8
Oklahoma Forage and Grazing Council AM                                                 3
Plant Herbivore Interaction                                                           16
Plants in Natural & Managed Systems
Prescribed Burning 101 Wkshp-Introductory Training                                    10
Rangeland Management Workshop-A New Chapter                                           16
Santa Rita Experimental Range Field Tour (conf. for sep. credit-Oct 30-31)             2
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Cooperator Tour                                    4
Trans-Pecos Ecological Site Description Workshop (ESD)                                11
Tri Society Annual Meetings (ASA-CSSA-SSSA) - Denver CO                               16
Turf & Ornamental Education Workshop                                                   4
Utah Section Meeting of SRM                                                           11
WY Sect/WY Chpt of the Soil & Water Cons Scty-Rangeland Innovations & Advances        14
WY Weed & Pest Conference & Business Mtg                                               7
ontinuing Education Units (CEUs)

               Submitted by       Date submitted Email address for submitter
                     Dave Engle        14-Oct-03
              Mike Schellenberg        17-Nov-03
                   Joseph Hiller       10-Jan-04
               Mark Klimkowski         20-Nov-03
                  Donald Q Cox         21-Nov-03
                    Bruce Healy        23-Sep-03
                 Dr. Barry Irving       6-Oct-03 barry.irving@ualberta.ca
                   Amy Ganguli
                  Ron Courtney         28-Nov-03
                Homer Sanchez          24-Nov-03 homer.sanchez@tx.usda.gov
                                       30-Dec-04 walnutsp@cfw.com
                  Chuck Stanley        24-Nov-03
                 Darlene Moisey        12-Dec-03

                     Mike Porter     30-Mar-05
                    Judith Dyess     10-Nov-03

                       Jed Elrod     23-Oct-03 djelrod@ag.tamu.edu
                     Kurt Robins     28-Nov-03
                      Joe Hicks       5-Nov-03 jhicks01@fs.fed.us
        2003                 Location
    Course Date       City      State/Province
Dec. 7-10         Nashville    TN
12/3              Ord          NE
Dec 3-4           Fort Collins CO
12/3              Fort Collins CO
Dec. 10-11                     CO
12/1              Prineville   OR
Dec 8-9           Denver       CO
12/8              Seibert      CO
12/11             Maple Creek SK-CA
Dec 4-5           Boise        ID
Dec 3-5           Saskatoon SK-CA
                                                                        List of Approved Courses for Continuing Educ

                            Title of Course                      CEUs        Submitted by
2nd Natl Conf on Grazing Lands                                    16     John Peterson
Cedar Mgmt Workshop                                                3     Robert B. Mitchell
CO Section Mtg                                                     8     Leonard Jolley
CO Section Mtg - TSP Workshop                                      4     Leonard Jolley
CO Weed Mgt Assn Annual Conference                                10     Roger Baker
Cows & Creeks II-Managing for Healthier Watersheds                 6     Mike Borman
Fire Mgmt Planning Training                                        8     Jim Webb
Forage Options for Ltd Irrigation & Dryland Production             4     Kristi Gay
Forage Seminar                                                     5     Michel Tremblay
                                                               8 (4/day) Impacts on Rangelands
Idaho Sect AM-Rangeland Values-Mon/Managing Rangland Ecosysts, Tues/Rec. Joyce Hanson
Western Canadian Forage & Grazing Conference                      14
pproved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

             Date submitted     Email address for submitter
                  3-Dec-03 ljolley@rangelands.org
                  3-Dec-03 ljolley@rangelands.org
                 22-Dec-03 ljolley@rangelands.org

                 20-Nov-03 remembrance@clearwater.net

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