A Recipe for a Better Life

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					A Recipe for a Better Life

With only one to live, who does not want the best out of life? I'm sure that is a
question people around the globe ask themselves on a regular basis. But how many
people do you think actually take any action to make their life better? I guess it's
easier to grumble and stumble through blaming everything and everyone else.

Unfortunately, up to this point, you may have led less than a stellar life. Sure. You
are doing okay. You have a job. You have a stack of bills, but at least they are
getting paid on time. You have a car that is 10 years old, but it still gets you from
point A to point B, if you keep fixing it and get yet another bill. But, you want more.
Could someone please give you a recipe for a better life?

Yes. You can have a recipe for a better life. Like others who have gone before, you
can realize monetary wealth, love, and happiness. With a positive attitude and a
heart full of gratitude, you can manifest a better life for yourself.

But, like any good recipe, you need to add the ingredients in the proper order or you
will not be able to accomplish what you really desire in your future. For example,
people that successfully manifest have a certain time and place to religiously go
through the steps necessary to create an atmosphere of expectation.

Also, if you have a lousy attitude about life, you cannot expect to receive the good
things you desire. Have you ever notice that what you expect, or look for, is exactly
what you will get out of life. For example, people who get up in a foul mood in the
morning often have a bad day. Why? From the off, anticipations for a good day are
already negative. So, chances are extremely good the rest of the day will not be the

However, if you wake up with an attitude of gratitude and positive expectations, you
are well on your way to manifesting a better life. Sometimes, blessing will seem to
drop right in your lap. At other times, you will find open doors to opportunities to
have what you want out or at least point you in the right direction to get it.

No, it is not hocus-pocus. Following the six steps to manifesting success in your
future is simply a recipe for a better life. But, you cannot realize any goal, if you only
have half a heart for the process. You cannot be a bystander in life and expect to
reap its blessings. Remember, if you truly want a recipe for a better life, you must be
willing to put some effort into mixing the ingredients for success and the right

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