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Daily Warm-up Stretching Routine 2011


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									                         DAILY WARM-UP
1 - Pre-stretching Routine (Form & Blood Flow)
          A. "Fast" walk (down & back)
          B. "High Knees" (down & back)
          C. "High Knees, Grab 'n' Pull" (down & back)
          D. "Calf-raises Step-ups" (down & back)
          E. "Slow Karioka" (down & back)
          F. "Slow Side Shuffle" (down & back)
          G. "Form Jog" (down & back)

2 - "Head-to-Toe" Stretching (Captains Lead) - "10" Count - SLOW
         A. Neck Rolls
         B. Arms/Shoulders/Chest/Wrists
                  1. Arm reaches high
                  2. Pulls across chest - Left & Right
                  3. Triceps - Left & Right
                  4. Hands behind waist with elbows forward
                  5. Behind Back with Thumbs Down
                  6. Wrist Stretches - Left & Right (fingertips up & fingertips down)
                  7. Arm circles: side (fwd/bkwrd), swings (fwd/bkwrd), up (right/left)
         C. Side twists
         D. Trunk Bends/Rotations
         E. Quads: left & right
         F. Calves: left & right (or both at same time)
         G. Shins: toe lifts (left & right)
         H. Lower Back Twists (left & right)
         I. Groin: butterflies, etc.
         J. Hamstrings: standing/seated legs together (left & right)
         K. Ankle Rolls - Left & Right

3 - Cals/Core Strength (30 seconds)
          A. Push-ups (good form)
          B. Crunch Sit-ups
          C. Bicycle Sit-ups
          D. Planks: Belly down, Right arm down, Left arm down

4 - Daily Agilities
          A. Light Form Run (down & back)
          B. Karioka (down & back)
          C. Side Shuffle (down & back)
          D. Skipping (down) & Quick Skipping (back)
          E. Hip Swivels (left/right)
          F. Quick Feet (5 - 10 yards)
          G. Run to 1B (down & back)

5 - Daily Conditioning
          Varied: Will vary daily

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