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									Gregory O. Cummings
3464 Peach Tree Way, Oceanside CA 92054
Home Phone:(760) 721-3979
Cell Phone:(619) 913-1195
url: see resumes.

AAS Computer Technology, MCP Micro Soft, HP Certified Computer Systems Technician

Dear Sirs
I am writing to express my interest in working with your technical group.

 I have 7 years in the systems support/management and also 8 yrs Electronics/Computer Technician

I have worked at Hewlett Packard in various positions from Assembly to Electronics Technician to
Computer Systems Technician. HP divisions were: Computer Systems Divisions, Oscilloscope, Logic
Analyzer, Telecommunications. And at SONY Corp a Digital/Analog Cable TV Broadcast Tech/Eng.

 I have taught Logic Analysis classes at HP. I was considered (by HP/SMO management) a technical
resource assisting technicians and engineers with troubleshooting and design issues.

In the last 7 yrs I have managed and supported both W2K /NT4 (sv/wk), MS Exchange, MS Outlook, MS
Office Suite, Novell 4.11 NDS and HP/SUN/AIX/DG UNIX/RedHat and Sun LINUX both full time and
part time (temporary assignments). I have a MicroSoft NT/MCP certificate from Palomar College and a
Novell4.11 CNA course at Vortex Data Systems.


Title: Digital-Analog Cable Broadcast TV HeadEnd Technician/Engineer, install and maintain
instrumentation and cabling needed to support HeadEnd Digital /Analog Broadcasting TV systems. Duties
included tracking and troubleshooting channel signaling, Conditional Access and Entitlement control
servers (Streaming media, Multicasting, ACL’s and VPN’s) in conjunction with MN20 channel
multiplexers , The DiviCom® TRANsend Digital Broadband Delivery System (Video-on-demand),
InterSeCt® Set Top Box Controller and DiviCast Data Broadcasting Solutions all managed by THESYS
SNMP-based network management system. Interview venders and evaluate leading edge hardware and
software pertaining to HeadEnd Digital Cable and Analog Broadcasting systems.

1990-1996: Title: Product/Process/Technician/UNIX
HPUX Administration of H.P. 9000/8xx Business Servers and Apollo Domain (UNIX) Admin of 3/4000
Apollo workstation test beds. Create Troubleshooting database using C/K-Shell programming. Network
Admin of Ethernet, TokenRing, wiring closets and cluster of test beds. Troubleshoot and repair to
component level H.P. 9000/8xx Business Servers, H.P. 9000/7xx and Apollo 3/4000 workstations including
Motherboard resources, VLSI, ASIC, PAL's and GAL's, Memory chips (dimms/simms), Video controller,
Video Frame buffers, I/O cards (rs232, lan, parallel ports, scsi controllers), MMU’s, DMA and Interrupt
controllers and on board disc/RAID controllers, etc. Troubleshoot using Emulators, Logic Analyzers, and
Digitizing Oscilloscopes. Streamline process. Tech write new troubleshooting procedures.

 Product Technician- Troubleshoot (to component level), repair and calibrate H.P. 64xxx Processor
Development Systems: (Motorola, Intel, HP-RISC and MIL Spec processors) including Processor Emulator
cards, Software development cards, and Timing & State analysis cards. Atomic level state tracing to spot
mulexc deadlocks of time sliced running processes on system (IC) resources. Understand rise/fall times,
edge/level triggering, synchronous/asynchronous bus timing, bus controllers/arbitration units, PAL’s,
GAL’s, state machines, big/little endian addressing, and utilization of Manufacturer IC data books.
Troubleshoot H.P. 54xxx digitizing oscillo-scopes, 86xx signal generators.
Write Pascal database program to track quality. Quality Control, bundled and ship new analyzer products to
customer specification. Operate and Maintain 3065 automated testing station. Wire and assembly of P.C.
boards, power supplies other electronic assemblies.


HP/SUN/DG/AIX UNIX, RedHat/Solaris LINUX, Windows NT(MCP)W2K/NT4/95/3.1, Active Directory
BDC User/Group Admin, Novell 4.11, ROI's MANAGE2000 (ERP/EDI), SAP R/3(working knowledge).

Microsoft Office Suite, MS Exchange Svr, MS Outlook, Remedy Help Desk App., Visio. PC Anywhere,
Macafee Virus Scan, WRQ Reflections. Some Oracle and Vetri Image Database Admin.

UX NFS, Windows NT, Novell Admin, Win32 TCP/IP, WRQ Reflections Suite, EtherNet, Token Ring,
LAN, WAN, ISDN, FrameRelay, NDS, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Cisco(ACL,VPN) Terminal Servers, Routers,
Switches, Hubs, Fiber Channel, RAS, Patch Panels, Wiring Closets, UPS, System backups, Cable Plant.

UNIX K/B & C shell (awk,nawk,sed) script, C, hands on (XML, VB6, VC++5, Java (entry level)), Pascal,
Basic, HTML, Machine Coding (Intel, Motorola, HP-PA and MIPS RISC).

HP and WD (Wandel&Golterman) Network Protocol Analyzers, H.P.165xx and 1240 Tektronix Logic
Analyzers (state and timing analyzers) , H.P. 64xxx Processor Development Systems w/ Processor
Emulators cards for Intel, Motorola, HP-RISC and MIL-Spec Processors, 54xxx Digitizing Oscilloscopes,
H.P. 30xx Automated Testing Stations, HP Spectrum Analyzers, VTM’s etc.

National University – BS Information Technology 2007
Mira Costa College, Oceanside CA. - Novell 4.1, Cisco CCNA program
Palomar College (ROP) San Marcos CA - Windows NT4/MCP
Vortex Data Systems, S.D. - Novell 4.ll CNA
American River College, Sac CA - UNIX, UNIX Shell & C programming, Novell 3.x
Sierra College, Sac, CA - Oracle, C & I/O programming.
Pikes Peak Comm Coll, Colo. Spgs, CO - A.A.S. Electronics Technology
HP Tech Apprenticeship program - Certificate of Training (ET)
DeVry Tech, Dallas - Electronics Technology (ET)
ToastMasters of America (Public Speaking Club)

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