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					                                              Amy Woodward
                                 San Francisco, California -- (415) 235-8938

                To secure a challenging software development or analyst position, which will utilize my
                 technical, communication and leadership skills.

Summary of Qualifications

                American Citizen
                Seven years development experience. Strong background in C, C++, and Java/J2EE in
                 high-pressure environments.
                Independent and effective; good at problem solving, prioritizing and delivering on tight
                 schedules; experience with all stages of structured development process
                Graduated summa cum laude from one of Canada’s best computer engineering programs
                Excellent communication and teamwork skills complement a strong technical background

Technical Skills

                Strong background in Java (including J2EE, Swing, and web applications), C, and C++
                Experienced in OO design principles and design patterns
                Languages: Pascal, Perl, TCL, scripting, HTML, XML, XSL, PHP, cgi, SNMP, SOAP
                Web applications: COM, .NET, JSPs, javascripts, ASPs
                Technically-involved code: multi-threading, TCP/IP protocol experience (L2, L3; multi-
                 casting), socket programming, real-time code, embedded systems, operating system design,
                 QOS over IP design
                Extensive Solaris, HPUX, Linux, NT, XP, 2000, Win98, and RTOS experience
                Experience with SPSS, MS Access, Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, including data modeling
                 and stored procedures; IIS, Apache, Netscape, iPlanet; large projects with CVS, Ant, make

Work Experience

Nov '02 to present     Software Engineer (Part-time), Dust Incorporated, Berkeley, CA
                      Architected and developed flexible java GUIs for wireless sensor networks
                      Created one-click installation packages for the corporation's software

Apr’02-Sept ’02          Software Engineer (Part-time), CubeWerx, Ottawa, Canada
                         Research and prototyping of components for new Web Services products
                         Researched relational database management techniques for complex geospatial data

Feb '02-Mar '02          Web Application Architect (Short-term Contract), McMaster University, Canada
                        Created high and mid-level design documents for an innovative medical database
                         web application
                        Worked with multi-disciplinary team to create requirements documents, set
                         priorities, and create work schedule for three person team
                        Expanded and restructured prototype using javascripts, JSPs, ASPs, servlets, IIS,
                         SQL server, and Apache.
                        Researched commercial search engines (build vs. buy)
                        Created database table designs and forms; created queries and stored procedures

July ’01-Sept ’02        Consultant, (Freelance), A. Woodward Consulting, Toronto, Canada
                         Freelance Java, C++, and web application development work
                         Clients included several departments at McMaster University, MSU Daycare
                          Center, CubeWerx
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Jan '00-July '01       Software Engineer, Texar Corporation, Ottawa, Canada
                       Designed components for high-availability, high performance, and highly scalable
                        security system: Schedulers, storage layout, proprietary protocols, and GUIs.
                       Included table and query design in Oracle and MS-SQL, multi-threading, OS / file
                        systems calls, Perl scripting, and socket programming; used CVS
                       Worked on two separate code areas; one high-level (in Java) and one (in C/C++)
                        using hooks into UNIX kernel and Windows OS; both multi-threaded
                       Created test harnesses for component-level and distributed system testing
                       Created developer API for customer use
                       Acted as R&D liaison with marketing; worked closely with professional services

Aug '99-Jan '00         Quality Assurance Engineer (Contract), Nortel Networks, Ottawa, Canada
                       Created test plan, set up test environment and performed multi-platform testing on
                        new product.
                       Liaised with development team and tracked down and repaired bugs. Beta
                        performed flawlessly at milestone demonstration
                       Contributed directly to business plan (intended for external spinout)

Internship Positions While Completing Degree

May '98-Aug '98      Software Designer, Nortel Networks, Ottawa, Canada
                     Created tools for the network management of LAN Emulation over ATM (LANE);
                     Application was written in Java, JRB, and RMI using a client-server architecture
                     Participated in the development of the specifications and coding of Quality of
                      Service (QoS) over IP for a high-speed multiplexer.
                    Was demonstrated as a potential product in October 1998

May '97-Aug '97      Network Manager, National Research Council (NRC), Canada
                     Created custom tools for HP OpenView for network management of wireless
                      components of heterogeneous LAN
                    Presented new wireless LAN technology to representatives of local companies
                    Investigated range, bandwidth, and security issues

Feb '97-Apr '97        Software Designer, for Dr. D.L. Parnas, McMaster University
                       Modified and expanded a custom database research program in C and C++
                       Used formal code verification and software engineering practices throughout

May '96-Aug '96        Software Designer, National Research Council (NRC), Canada
                       Graphics programming on UNIX using C++, XView, and Xlib
                       Modified a 100K line program to enhance user movement within a 3-D modeled
                        environment. Program was used to investigate human-computer interaction

July-Aug, 1995      Software Designer, Engineering Physics Department, McMaster University
                    Converted software, designed for the Pt. Lepreau nuclear power plant, to monitor a
                     1/20th scale physical model of that plant
                    Extensive agent-based programming in C++/XWindows

May '95-June '95     Lab Assistant, Nuclear Medicine, McMaster University
                     Created informal business plan; Contacted suppliers and potential clients to do
                      informal market research
                    Designed and ran tests to determine the feasibility of commercially producing a
                      medical isotope at McMaster’s nuclear reactor. Project included calculating desired
                      time in reactor and expected yield and comparing to experimental results
                     Completed in two months project expected to take four
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Sept '94-Apr '99    McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
                    Graduated summa cum laude with five-year B.Eng.Scty. degree (Computer
                      Engineering and Society)
                    Second thesis, 3 seminars, numerous presentations, self-directed learning and
                      extensive groupwork required for Engineering and Society Option
                    Offered Canada and Ontario's largest graduate scholarships, NSERC and OGS (‘99)
                    Recipient of prestigious $33,000 National Research Council WES scholarship
                    In final two years alone: Chair of IEEE student branch; organized 100+ person
                      conference on campus; volunteered as mentor and on walksafe team; played soccer
                      and softball

 References Available Upon Request