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					        The Vitiligo Research Foundation


The International School of
  Vitiligo & Pigmentary
 Barcelona, Spain 2-5 November 2011
   Who we are?
   Firmly committed to curing Vitiligo, the VR
    Foundation is a
    philanthropic organization funding and fast-
    tracking medical research globally.
   Creating Synergy for Expedited Research. The
    world is now your R&D department. See for more details.
                    VRF Leadership Team
                                      Mr. Dmitry Aksenov established the
   Mr. Dmitry Aksenov            
                                      Vitiligo Research Foundation as
    MSc, MBA                          a continuation of his medical- research
                                      initiatives. He joined with leading
      VRF Founder and President
                                      physicians and scientists in launching the
                                      vitiligo research alliance to advance progress
                                      against this annoying skin disease.
                                      Recently, he formalized his philanthropic
                                      activities by founding the VR Foundation,
                                      which has become one of leading supporters
                                      of vitiligo research and treatment. As an
                                      entrepreneur, Mr. Aksenov is often said to
                                      have revolutionized Russian real estate
                                      development market and created thousands
                                      of jobs. He has introduced the first energy-
                                      efficient and affordable house to the local
                                      market in 2010. He graduated with highest
                                      distinction and earned his Master of Science
                                      degree in 1989.
                   VRF Leadership Team
   Torello Lotti, MD,               Full Professor of Dermatology, Dept
                                      of Dermatological Sciences, University
    Professor of Dermatology
                                      of Florence, Italy. A world-renown
    VRF Scientific Director and       expert on vitiligo, a key note lecturer at
    Chairman , Executive              major dermatology meetings, visiting
    Scientific Committee              professor at several universities in
                                      homeland Italy and abroad, chairman
                                      and director of dermatology societies, a
                                      co-author , among many, of
                                      comprehensive book “Vitiligo:
                                      Problems and Solutions”, Professor
                                      Torello Lotti provides top scientific
                                      advisory to the VRF.
                       VRF Leadership Team
•      Jana Hercogova, MD,
          PhD                       President-Elect of the European
                                    Academy of Dermatology and
          Scientific Director       Venereology, President of International
                                    Congress of Dermatology, Chair of the
                                    Communications Committee of
                                    International Society of Dermatology,
                                    Professor Jana Hercogova is best known
                                    for her excellence in research, education
                                    and training. A top presenter at key
                                    professional events, she is providing top
                                    scientific advisory to the VRF.
                 VRF Leadership Team
   Yan Valle, MSc, MBA         Dr. Yan Valle specializes in
                                 commercial applications arising
                                 from advanced technologies for
    VRF Executive Director       almost 20 years. He currently leads
                                 our Cloud Medical Research and
                                 Management project and oversees
                                 all VRF operations. Prior to joining
                                 the VRF, he was a Director of
                                 Business Development at a leading
                                 technology company in Toronto.
                                 Before 00’s, he co-owned a
                                 consulting company that served
                                 Fortune 500 companies,
                                 governments and venture funds in
                                 emerging markets of EEMEA and
   Master Class Venue and participants

              Hotel Onix Fira
      Llançà, 30 - 08015 Barcelona
       Tel: +34 93 426 00 87 Fax: +34 93 426 19 81
   Speakers:
   Prof. Augustin Alomar (Spain)
   Prof. Jana Hercogova (Czech Republic)
   Prof. Torello Lotti (Italy)
   Dr. Yan Valle (Canada).

   Participants:
   Residents of Dermato-Venereology of all European
                   Preliminary Program

   DAY ONE :
   November 2nd, 2011 (Wednesday)

   Arrival
   18:00-18:30 Presentation of the Vitiligo Research
   18:30-19:00 Presentation of the participants
   19:00-19:30 Master Class vision and mission
   19:30               Welcome cocktail and dinner
                        Preliminary Program
    November 3rd, 2011 (Thursday)

   Am agenda:                            Pm agenda:
   Skin pigmentation: basic principles   Vitiligo: part I

   8:30-9:00 Case presentations
   9:00-9:45 Biology of melanocyte       15:00-15:45      Epidemiology,
   9:45-10:30 Patophysiology of                  pathophysiology
                melanocytes               15:45-16:30      Clinical
   10:30-10:45 coffee break              presentation and classification
   10:45-11:30 Color of the skin         16:30-17:15      Differential
   11:30-12:15 Quality of life in        diagnosis of hypomelanoses
    pigmentary skin disorders             17:15-17:30      coffee break
   12:15-13:00 Case presentations        17:30-19:00      Case presentations
   13:00-15:00 Lunch                     21:00            Dinner
                      Preliminary Program
   DAY THREE                              Pm agenda:
   November 4th, 2011 (Friday)            Hypermelanoses
   Vitiligo: part II                      15:00-15:45        Melasma – epidemiology,
                                            classification, pathophysiology
   Am agenda:
                                           15:45-16:30        Melasma differential
   8:30-9:00     Case presentations
   9:00-9:45     Medical treatments       16:30-16:45      coffee break
   9:45-10:30    Surgical treatments      16:45-17:30      Melasma and
   10:30         coffee break              hypermelanoses medical treatments
   10:45-11:30   Physical treatments      17:30-18:15      Melasma and
   11:30-12:15   Combination               hypermelanoses physical treatments and
                  therapy                   combination therapy
   12:15-13:00   Case presentations
                                           18:15-18:00      Case presentations
   13:00-15:00   lunch
                                           21:00            dinner
                     Preliminary Program
   November 5th, 2011 (Saturday)
   Naevi and melanoma

   8:30-9:00     Case presentations
   9:00-9:45     Melanocytic naevi
   9:45-10:30    Melanoma – epidemiology, etiopathogenesis and prevention
   10:30-10:45   coffee break
   10:45-11:30   Diagnosis – clinical and instrumental
   11:30-12:15   Therapeutic approach to melanoma
   12:15-13:00   Controversies in melanoma
   13:00         Closing ceremony and participations certificates
   13:30         Farewell lunch
   Departure
   Organizers :

   - Chair of Local Organizing Committee:
    Prof. Augustin Alomar (Spain)

   - Chair of the Intersocieties Liaison Committee:
    Prof. Jana Hercogova (Czech Republic)

   - Chair of the Standing Scientific Committe:
    Prof. Torello Lotti (Italy)

   - Chair of the Standing Committee for Investigation on Pigmentary
    Dr. Yan Valle (Canada).
   Organizing secretariat:

              Vitiligo Research Foundation
                     VR Foundation, Inc.
                   1, Penn plaza, suite 6205
                   New York, NY 10119 USA
              Toll free Phone: 1-855-966-3555
   To participate to the selections of the invited Residents, please
    reply by September 30, 2011 by email, enclosing CV, to:

                      Alessandra Fabbri Palmieri
                     VRF secretariat- Italian office
                               Via G.Giusti, 7
                               50121 Firenze
                         Mobile +39 328 6214588

                           Meet us on Facebook :!/profile.php?id=100002867053350

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