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									Introducing the New Range of
 PC-based Ion-Analysers
ELIT 9801 – ELIT 9804 – ELIT 9808

                             NICO 2000 LTD.
A Multitude of Applications for Ion Analysers


WATER MONITORING                        PRODUCTION

TREATMENT                          FISHERIES


                      BLOOD TESTING

                                                     NICO 2000 LTD.
1.    Introduction to Ion Measurement
2.    pH Measurement
3.    Product Description
4.    Features – Benefits – Advantages
5.    Applications
6.    Hardware Details
7.    Software Details
8.    Using the ISE / pH Ion-Analyser
9.    Using the 4- & 8- Channel Analysers
10.   The NICO 2000 Product Range
                                            NICO 2000 LTD.
                                Introduction to Ion
        Ion-selective Electrodes (ISEs) allow                                An Ion-Analyser or Ion Meter is
        us to determine the concentration of a                               required to convert the electrical
        specific ion in aqueous (& in rare                                   signal from the ISE into a relevant
        cases non-aqueous) solutions.                                        unit of concentration (ppm or

Measurements with ISEs are
temperature sensitive. An exact
temperature compensation for                                                          The measurement made is not
measurements taken at different                                                       an absolute one but rather a
temperatures is not possible. Therefore,                                              comparison of a sample
calibration and sample measurement                                                    measurement with a calibration
should be done within the same                                                        measurement (calibration curve)
temperature range (+/- 10).

                                   The calibration procedure uses Ion-
                                   Standards (solutions with a precisely defined
                                   ion concentration) and specifically diluted
                                   calibrating solutions. Usually, 1:10 serial
                                   dilutions from a 1000 ppm ion-standard.                  NICO 2000 LTD.
Typical ISE Calibration Graph
NB: X-axis units are the logarithm of the Molar Activity of the Ion

                                                                      NICO 2000 LTD.
ISE Measurement with ELIT ISE/pH Ion-Analyser
For educational purposes, sample results are plotted on the Calibration Graph

                                                                          NICO 2000 LTD.
                                            pH Measurement
                                     with ELIT ISE/pH Ion Analyser

•   pH is a measure of the Acidity or Alkalinity of a solution.

•   Actually measures the concentration of Hydrogen Ions.
                                                                              2-Channel pH Display
                                                                               “Virtual Instrumentation”
•   Is based on a logarithmic relationship between the sensor
•    signal (mV) & the Hydrogen ion concentration (mol/L).

•   Calibration standards for pH measurements are called
•   Buffers due to their ability to keep the pH value stable when small
    amounts of acid or alkaline substance added.

•   The most common Buffers are pH 4, pH 7 & pH 10.

•   Like all Ion-selective measurements, pH measurements are
    influenced by temperature changes. Therefore, instruments have
    manual or automatic temperature compensation facilities.

•   To simplify the handling of results of pH measurements,
    the 14 decades of hydrogen ion concentration are converted
    into a linear (pH) scale from 0 to 14 using the
    Soerensen equation:
    pH value = negative Logarithm of the Hydrogen ion concentration.
    pH 0 is extremely acidic, pH14 is extremely alkaline & pH 7 is neutral.               NICO 2000 LTD.
                 1N HCl

                                    0 1
                 Battery Acid

                 Lemon Juice
                 Vinegar / Cola
                 Acid Rain

                 Pure Rain
                 Pure Water

                 Human Blood
                                    6 7 8
                                                         pH Scale

                 Baking Soda

                 Milk of Magnesia
                                                                    Typical pH Values


                 1N Caustic Soda
                                    9 10 11 12 13 14

NICO 2000 LTD.
                      Product Description
•   3 Types of Ion-Analyser are available:
    ELIT 9801 = ISE/pH Ion-Analyser
    ELIT 9804 = 4-Channel Ion-Analyser
    ELIT 9808 = 8-Channel Ion-Analyser
•   They are powerful tools for measuring & monitoring Ion Concentrations,
    pH, Redox (ORP) & Temperature
•   They contain high quality Electrode Amplifiers, High Resolution Analogue-
    to-Digital converters, a Powerful Microprocessor & a state-of-the-art
    opto-isolated Serial interface
•   They are primarily PC-based Instruments - but the hardware is also
    compatible with any computer with a serial port (RS232)
•   They are powered by sophisticated software which runs on any Microsoft
    Windows Operating System; - Windows 98 or later (2000, ME, XP).
•   Menu-driven software guides the user reliably through the measurement
    process & supports GLP effectively.
•   They can perform Single Measurements,on a series of samples or
    Continuous Monitoring of changes in individual solutions .
•   Acquired data is displayed online in Tables and Graphs.
•   Data are stored as ASCII text files which are easily Exportable to other
    software packages such as Excel, Labview etc.
                                                                    NICO 2000 LTD.
                          Features & Benefits
•   Compared to many other analytical methods, Ion-selective measurements are remarkably
    analyte -specific, very cost effective & suitable for continuous monitoring of time dependent
    changes in analyte concentration.

•   ELIT Ion-Analysers incorporate the Latest Technology & enable the user to realise the full
    potential of Ion-Selective measurements.

•   ELIT Analyser software ensures error-free data acquisition, storing & processing, and
    provides the user with reliable and clear guidance during the measuring process.

•   ELIT Multi-channel Analysers connect up to 8 Electrodes to one computer.

•   During Continuous Monitoring, the Sampling time can be varied over a wide range.

•   An Averaging Algorithm smoothes unstable and noisy measurements.

•   ELIT ISE/pH Analyser:-
    - Enables the detection limit to be significantly lowered by using three different
     algorithms to obtain optimal results in the non-linear range of the calibration curve.
    - Allows the user to select the most suitable method from:
     Direct Potentiometry; Standard-Addition; Sample-Addition.

                                                                                         NICO 2000 LTD.
                                Worldwide Applications
                                          Pollution Control
                                          pH of acid rain, soil, surface water     Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Industry
                                          Contamination of surface water and       Fluoride & pH of Tooth Paste
                                          ground water with ammonium and nitrate    pH of Hair shampoo
Water Quality Monitoring                  Contamination of waste water with        Many other Ions determined in Pharmaceutical and
pH, Calcium & various ions in            Cyanide, Cadmium, Mercury & Copper        Cosmetic Research & Development
surface water (rivers, lakes & ponds)
Ammonium in ground water
pH, Ammonium & Nitrate in fish                                                                Industrial Production
tanks & fish ponds                                                                             Salinity & pH of Boiler feed water
                                                             The ELIT                          Cyanide in Plating baths
                                                                                               Process-specific Ions
Food Quality Control                                         Range of
Nitrate & Nitrite in meat & vegetables
Chloride, Sodium, Nitrate & Nitrite in                    Ion-Analysers                             Waste Water Treatment
baby food                                                                                            pH, Ammonium, Nitrate & other
Fluoride & Calcium in milk & other                                                                  Ions used during processing
milk products
Cadmium in fish                                                                               Research & Education
                    Agriculture & Fishery                                                      pH, Redox in Higher Education
                    Soil & Fertilizer Analysis for                                            All types of Ion Measurements &
                    Nitrate, Ammonium & Potassium to       Medical Diagnosis                   Continuous Monitoring in Schools
                    optimize the use of fertilizer (cost                                       and Colleges
                                                           & Hygiene Control
                    savings & highest yield)               Potassium in urine
                    Dissolved Oxygen and pH in            Contamination Control for various Ions
                    Ponds for Fish Breeding
                                                                                                           NICO 2000 LTD.
                             Hardware Details
•   Solid all-ABS plastic enclosure ensures     •   Supplied with data cable and adapter for
    good resistance to corrosive spills and         connection to 25-way or 9-way serial port on
    atmosphere.                                     the computer (RS232).

•   Plug in AC / DC Power Adapters with         •   Optional special “active” cable for
    country-specific plugs.                         connecting to USB ports on the computer

•   Optional small Battery Power Pack           •   Stainless steel temperature sensors with
    for use in the field.                           optional Teflon coating.

•   BNC connectors for Electrodes.              •   Electrode Amplifiers guarantee the best
                                                    results with all types of ion-selective & pH
                                                    electrodes (standard, special & micro).
•   3.5mm connectors for Temperature sensors.
                                                •   Powerful Microprocessor allows high
•    2mm connectors for external Reference          resolution measurements & wide range of
    electrodes (if required).                       sampling times for continuous monitoring.

                                                •   Signal ground completely isolated,
                                                    therefore no Ground Loops.

                                                                             NICO 2000 LTD.
                              Software Details
•    State-of-the-art, User-friendly
    “Virtual Instrumentation” using the power
     of modern computing for operator
     convenience, efficiency and data
                                                 •   Very Flexible 2D & 3D Graphical Data
                                                     Display (ELIT 9804 & 9808)
•    Storage of up 100,000 data points for one
     continuous measurement
                                                 •   Online Data Display
     (ELIT 9804 & 9808).
                                                 •   Selectable Smoothing of noisy
•    Easy to integrate into Laboratory               measurements by selecting the
     Management Systems (LIMS).                      Averaging number.
•    Acquired Data well presented in Graphical   •   Good suppression of 50 Hz & 60 Hz
     & Table format.                                 interference

                                                 •   Easy-to-implement Communication
                                                     Protocol if Ion-Analysers are
                                                     connected to operating systems other
                                                     than MS Windows

                                                                        NICO 2000 LTD.
Using the ISE / pH Ion-

                     NICO 2000 LTD.
Calibration Procedure

                    NICO 2000 LTD.
Calibration Curve

                    NICO 2000 LTD.
Incremental ISE

                  NICO 2000 LTD.
Typical Graphical display from 4 or 8-Channel Analyser
NB: Options Menu allows plotting of mV, Mol/L, pH or Temperature
     and any combination of Channels; individually or together.
    Graphic Tools enable wide range of options for graph styles,
             e.g. 3D, bar chart, labels, axes, ticks, etc.

                                                          NICO 2000 LTD.
3D Display of Data

                     NICO 2000 LTD.
3D Bar Chart Data Display

                            NICO 2000 LTD.

                NICO 2000 LTD.

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