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									                                                                           Certificate III Small Business Management
                                                                                   Code No: 2304ACC December 11
                                                                            Western Business Enterprise Centre VUT
         Newspapers are the medium most often used by retailers because it covers identifiable
         circulation areas and many readers use newspapers as a shopping and entertainment guide.
         The choice of newspaper will depend on how well its circulation covers the trade areas of the
         business. For example, a suburban newspaper may be ideal for advertising a home lawn
         mowing service, but a neighbourhood chemist shop in suburban Melton may be spreading its
         message too broadly to be advertising in the Herald-Sun.
                  Radio and Television are media which also need to be evaluated for cost-effectiveness
                  and trade coverage. Using discounted time zones and advertising packages have made
                  radio and television much more accessible to small business.
                  Direct Mail has been a rapidly growing form of advertising in the last decade. It offers the
                  ability for a business to give a personalised message to potential customers, and total
                  control over the presentation, image and content of that message. The widespread use
                  of computers among small businesses has contributed greatly to the growth in direct mail
                  advertising for two main reasons:
                              1. Businesses can compile their own computerised data base or mailing list of
                                 customers/potential customers
                              2. Word-processing allows the business to produce professional letters or
                                 brochures, individually labelled to each person on the direct mail list.
                  Journals are specialised publications such as trade/industry journals, which reach an
                  identifiable audience, for example, rural papers which reach farmers, or building
                  magazines which are read by architects.
                  Magazines reach a diverse audience, with particular magazines aimed at specific types
                  of readers, for example the Women's Weekly attracts a female audience, Business
                  Review Weekly a business audience.
                  Brochures and pamphlets detail the features and benefits of the product/service
                  Telephone Directories include the White and Yellow Pages. Looking up the Yellow
                  Pages is often the first step customers take in searching for a product/service.
                  Trade Directories create an awareness of the existence of a business and provide
                  information regarding its location for specific audiences.
                  Community Directories are a localised Yellow Pages
                  Cinema can be an effective means of creating awareness among a particular audience.
                  The added visual impact of a large screen is a communication advantage, however it is
                  an expensive advertising medium.
                  Outdoor advertising includes static advertising such as billboards, posters, bus shelters,
                  sporting complexes, advertising on buses, taxis, trains, etc. It can be an economical way
                  of creating an awareness of a business name and image, or to highlight a business'
                  existence in a particular locality.
                  Point of Sale Displays provide the opportunity to demonstrate the feature and benefits of
                  a product/service directly to the customers who may be in a position to make an
                  immediate purchase.
                  The Internet is an advertising medium with the potential to reach an unlimited audience.

                                                                  Certificate III Small Business Management
                                                                          Code No: 2304ACC December 11
                                                                   Western Business Enterprise Centre VUT


                             Message       Television/ Radio Magazine Newspaper Direct Mail
             Demonstrate a Product              ***        *        **          *              **
             Convey Prestige/Elegance           ***        *        ***         *             ***
             Convey Quality                      **        *        ***         *             ***
             Appeal to Imagination              ***       ***       **          *              **
             Sex Appeal                         ***        *        ***         *              **
             News                                **       ***       **         ***            ***
             Price Specials                      **        **        *         ***             **
                                Legend:       ***   Excellent medium
                                              **    Good medium
                                              *     Not the best choice
               There is no "hard and fast" success formula for how much to spend on advertising, even
               seasoned business managers are never quite certain whether they have the right budget
               and expenditure for advertising.


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