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									                                             Importing QCA Optional SATs Analysis Grids

QCA Optional SATs
Nottingham City has created a number of Optional SATs Analysis grids which are
available to download from the website and be imported for use in Performance

We would recommend their use for those schools that have attended the
Performance Analysis training at Sandfield during this Summer term. This course
content will ensure the user is familiar with the module and has some knowledge of
how these grids can be further adapted for their use within the school.

In addition these grids will only work for those schools that have recorded their
optional SATs results in Assessment Manager using the Capita supplied templates
as described in the End of Keystage Instructions.

To download these grids for use with the optional sats only:

Access www.nottinghamschoools.co.uk
Click Schools, Administrators, Information Management, SIMS
Click Instructions, Assessment Manager
Right click on Optional SATs Analysis and choose Save target as
Navigate to c:\program files\sims\sims.net\ampa\Performance Analysis\ Grid
Click Save. Close the Internet

To import these grids in to Performance Analysis for use with optional sats

Open Performance Analysis. Select Tools | File Transfer | Import from the menu
bar and then select the Import Analysis Grids radio button.
Click the Next button, navigate to the c:\program
files\sims\sims.net\ampa\Performance Analysis\ Grid Analysis folder and open the
Optional SATs Analysis.xml file.
Click Next and Select all the grids:

Click Finish and confirm that you wish to import the grids;
An activity log is displayed at the end of the process. Click the Close button.

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                                           Importing QCA Optional SATs Analysis Grids

Using the Group Analysis for Optional SATs

Enter the Group Analysis focus and select any of the QCA Mean Grades analyses
as required
Click on Rows and select the required pupils. Please note that more than one group
can be selected e.g. different classes, different year groups.
Click on the Group Filter button and ensure the Group Membership Date Range is
Click the Populate Grid button to calculate the results.

These figures show the average grade for the selected group. This can be further
broken down by gender, class etc. However it is not possible to create graphs from
mean grades.

However graphs for individual aspects can be created by using the QCA Y3 Reading
grid. This grid can be cloned and by using the Result Filter button other QCA
optional SATs aspects can be selected.

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                                            Importing QCA Optional SATs Analysis Grids

Using the Optional SATs Aspect Analysis

Enter the Aspect Analysis focus       and select the QCA Grades analysis as
Click on Group and select the required pupils and ensure that the Group
Membership Date Range is set to the correct academic year.
Click the Populate Grid button.

Experiment with the Graphs

Select the Male or Female radio buttons in turn to view the analysis by gender.

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