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									                                     Girl Scouts of Maine
                                 POSITION DESCRIPTION

REPORTS TO:      Camp Director

PURPOSE:         The Health Care Manager/Nurse will oversee health and safety in camp.

  1. Ensures that each staff member and camper has a current health history and
     examination form on file.
  2. Prepares a check-in system for health screening for arriving campers and staff.
  3. Conducts an inventory of supplies at the beginning and end of each camp season.
  4. Submits requisition orders to Camp Director for equipment and supplies when needed,
     ensuring timely arrival of materials.
  5. Establishes and follows appropriate medical procedures including record-keeping in the
     daily medical log, disposal of medical waste, managing and safeguarding medications,
     and utilizes approved standing orders.
  6. Posts daily hours for daily medications and health calls.
  7. Makes appointments, when necessary, with medical/dental personnel in the community.
  8. Develops and maintains first aid kits to be issued to unit leaders - one for each campsite,
     program area, kitchen/dining hall, and camp office.
  9. Participates in and leads specific areas of staff training pertaining to camp health and
     safety, CPR, first aid, and universal precautions for infection control.
  10. Keeps accurate accident/incident reports that can be used for risk-management control.
      Gives a copy to the Camp Director.
  11. Monitors health of all camp staff including kitchen staff during camp season.
  12. Assists in packing all materials and supplies for winter storage at the end of the season.
  13. Formally evaluates medical staff at least twice a season, conducts other evaluations as
  14. Prepares a summary and evaluation of the camp season including inventories, staff
      evaluations, camper reports on health problems, and makes recommendations for the
      following season.
  15. Monitors/evaluates camp procedures, facilities and conditions in the camp.
  16. Other duties as assigned by Camp Director.

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Health Care Manager/Nurse
Position Description
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          Acceptance of and adherence to the purpose and principles of Girl Scouting as
           embodied in the promise, law, and program goals
          Willingness to become a registered member of the Girl Scout organization
          Twenty-one years of age
          Valid driver’s license, car, and a clean driving record
          Licensed as a registered nurse in the state of Maine
          Experience with children and young adults desirable
          Ability to originate, update and monitor health care, maintains records, and implements
           the health care plan
          Current CPR and first aid certification

Girl Scouting is open to all girls. Membership is also open to all interested and qualified adults who are willing to
become registered members and accept the principles and beliefs of the Girl Scout organization. Volunteer
opportunities in Girl Scouting are open to all qualified adults who are willing to accept the principles and beliefs of the
Girl Scout organization and become a registered member.

Treasa Wheeler
Camp Natarswi Director
Girl Scouts of Maine
359 Perry Road Ste B
Bangor, ME 04401-6723
T: 207-989-7474 ext. 319
F: 207-989-7478


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