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Extension of Notice H Early Warning System for Multifamily Housing Projects - 1995 by CommunityPlan


									            U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
                              H O U S I N G

Special Attention of:                      Notice H 95-70 (HUD)

All Secretary's Representatives            Issued: August 7, 1995
All Directors of Housing Management        Expires: August 31, 1996
All Chief Loan Management Officers
Director, Multifamily Housing             Cross References: 4350.03,
                                          4370.02, H 91-22, H 91-79
                                           , H 92-61, H 93-59, H 94-60

Subject:Extension of Notice H 94-60, Early Warning System for
Multifamily Housing Projects

The expiration date of Notice H 94-60 , issued 8/10/94, is extended to

                                  Assistant Secretary for Housing-
                                  Federal Housing Commissioner

HMHO: Distribution: W-3-1,W-2(H),W-3(A)(H)(P)(OGC)(ZAS),W-4(H),R-1,R-
2,R-3-1, R-3-2,R-3-3,R-6,R-6-2,R-7,R-7-2,R-8,R-9

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