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									Abraham Lincoln
                             FAMOUS LEADERS
Was the 16th President of
the United States. He led
his country through the
American Civil War and
helped to end slavery. He
was killed by a man (1865)
who was upset that he
wanted Voting rights for
black people.
Vladimir Lenin
                               FAMOUS LEADERS
Was the leader of a
revolution to change Russia.
He became the first Head of
the Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics (USSR).
He died in 1924
Emmeline Pankhurst             FAMOUS LEADERS
fought for women’s rights
and helped to set up the
Womens Social and
Political Union. This was an
Advocacy organisation for
women, based on action
not words. In 1918 women
over 30 were given the
right to vote.
Mahatma Gandhi                FAMOUS LEADERS
Was the Leader of the
India Independence
Movement. He got people
to disobey the Government
and to be peaceful in their
protests. He inspired many
others in the struggle for
freedom. He was killed in
Adolf Hitler                      FAMOUS LEADERS
Was the leader of the Nazi
Party and became ruler of
Germany from 1933 to
1945. They invaded Poland
in 1939 which led to World
War 2. In the war they
killed 17 million people,
including 6 million Jews –
this was called the ‘holocaust’
Winston Churchill              FAMOUS LEADERS
was the Prime Minister on 2
occasions, the 1st time was
during the 2nd World War. He
led Britain to victory over
Germany and was known for
his great speeches. He was
involved in politics for 50
years and died in 1965.
Ernesto ‘che’ Guevera       FAMOUS LEADERS
Was a ‘freedom fighter’
who believed that money
& selfishness made
people poor. He was a
leader in the fight for a
new Government in
Cuba. He died after
helping people in Bolivia
to fight for freedom in
Martin Luther King Jr.
Was a Minister and the
                                  FAMOUS LEADERS
Leader of the Civil Rights
Movement. He worked to end
racial discrimination using
peaceful means (inspired by
Gandhi) and was awarded with
the Nobel Peace Prize. He is
famous for his ‘I have a dream’
speech and led marches for the
right to vote, which became
law in 1965. He was killed in
                                   FAMOUS LEADERS
John F Kennedy
became the 35th President
in 1962. He wanted people to
be ‘active citizens’. He led
America during the Cuban
Missile crisis, which nearly led
to War and he began work to
end racial discrimination. He
was killed in 1963.
Margaret Thatcher
                                FAMOUS LEADERS
was the leader of the
Conservative Party and
then the 1st woman Prime
Minister, from 1979 to
1990. She led the UK
during the Falklands War
and the Miners Strike. She
was known as the ‘iron lady’.
                                        FAMOUS LEADERS
Nelson Mandela
was a leader of the ‘anti-apartheid’
movement in South Africa. This led
to him spending 27 years in jail. Not
long after his release (1994) he
became the 1st President to be
elected in full elections. He has
received many awards, including
the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
The Dalai Lama                   FAMOUS LEADERS
Tenzin Gyatso is the 14th
Dalai Lama. He is the head of
the Tibetan Government and
the spiritual leader of
Buddhism. He has been a
leader since he was 15 years
old in 1950. He has been
awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Bill Clinton                        FAMOUS LEADERS
Was the 42nd President of the
US and served twice between
1993 and 2001. He was a very
Popular President who helped
make America richer than ever.
Since he left politics he set a
Foundation to help with world
wide issues such as HIV & AIDS.
He is well known for public
speaking and was inspired by John
F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

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