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									  DOE Regional Carbon Sequestration
Program and Recovery Act CCS Projects

                    Mark Ackiewicz
                   Program Manager
        Office of Sequestration, Hydrogen, and
                   Clean Coal Fuels

      2009 U.S.-China Coal Conversion and Carbon
                 Management Workshop

               West Virginia University
                 December 4, 2009
                  Regional Carbon Sequestration
                                          • Engage regional, state, and local governments
                                          • Determine regional sequestration benefits
                                          • Baseline region for sources and sinks
                                          • Establish monitoring and verification protocols
                                          • Address regulatory, environmental, and outreach issues
                                          • Validate sequestration technology and infrastructure

•       7 Regional Partnerships
•       43 States, 4 Canadian Provinces
•       350+ distinct organizations

               Developing the Infrastructure for Wide-Scale Deployment

              Regional Carbon Sequestration
              Partnerships: Program Phases
                                     FISCAL YEAR
     2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017


       Characterize all RCSP
      Characterize all RCSP
     regions for carbon capture
    regions for carbon capture
     and storage opportunities
    and storage opportunities

    $16 M DOE +$ 5 M CS
                              VALIDATION PHASE
                                VALIDATION PHASE
                                                                Scale of 100 to 10,000 Tons CO2
                             Validate technologies through
                          Validate technologies through
                           field testing at selected geologic
                       field testing at selected geologic and
                              and terrestrial site locations
                              terrestrial site locations
                              $120 M DOE + $43 M CS                             Scale of 1,000,000 Tons CO2
                                                                         DEPLOYMENT PHASE
                                                                        DEVELOPMENT PHASE

                                                  Complete volume
                                                              - -volume deployment tests sequestration technologies
                                              Complete large large development tests ofof sequestration technologies
                                                         that help enable future commercial scale applications
                                                     that willwill help enable future commercialapplications
                                                        ~$500 million DOE - over $200 million cost share

     UPDATED: National Atlas Highlights (Atlas II)
           Adequate Storage Projected
U.S. Emissions ~ 6 GT CO2/yr all sources                                 Emissions ~ 3.8 GT CO2/yr point sources

                                               Saline Formations
                                    North American CO2 Storage Potential
         Oil and Gas Fields                                                         Unmineable Coal Seams
                                                (Giga Tons)
                                                                                        Increases from
       Conservative            Sink Type                          Low       High            Atlas I
        Resource               Saline Formations                 3300 12,600              Hundreds of
       Assessment              Unmineable Coal Seams              160        180           Years of
                               Oil and Gas Fields                 140        140           Potential
     Available for download at
                                RCSP Validation Phase
                                                                                      RCSP     Formation            Geologic
    Phase II Small-Scale Geologic                                                                Type               Province

              Field Tests                                                          Big Sky    Saline        1   Columbia Basin

                                               Saline formations                   MGSC       Oil-bearing       Illinois Basin
                                                                                              2    3    4
                                                    (3,000 to 60,000 tons)
                 10                             Depleted oil fields                           Saline 5
                                                      (50 to 500,000 tons)                    Coal seam
                                                  Coal Seams                                  6

                                                        (200 – 18,000 tons)        MRCSP      Saline            Cincinnati Arch,
                                                     Basalt formation                          7   8    9       Michigan Basin,
                                                           (1,000 tons)                                         Appalachian
            1                    12                                                                             Basin
                                                                                   PCOR       Oil-bearing       Keg River,
                BSCSP                      PCOR          9
                                                                                              10   11           Duperow,
                                            MGSC                  7                           Coal seam         Williston Basin
                                              5                                               12
    20                                            2 3         8
         WESTCARB     17                           6                  15
                                                                                   SECARB     Oil-bearing       Gulf Coast,
                 21                                  4
                           21   SWP                                                           13                Mississippi Salt
                                                         16                                   Saline            Basin, Central
                                      19                                                      14                Appalachian,
                                              13                                              Coal seam         Black Warrior
                                                                                              15   16           Basin
                                                                                   SWP        Oil-bearing       Paradox Basin,
                                            Injection/Test Complete                           17   18           Aneth Field,
                                            Injection Ongoing                                 Coal seam         Permian Basin,
                                                                                              19                San Juan Basin
                                            2009/early 2010 Injection
                                                                                   WESTCARB   Saline            Sacramento
                                                                                              20 21             Valley, Colorado
                                            Project moved to Phase III
6                                           (Injection 2010/2011)                                               Plateau
             Development Phase
    Scaling Up Towards Commercialization
                                                         FISCAL YEAR
     2008                 2010                    2012                    2014                    2016   2018

                                                                 Scale up is required to provide insight
                            Stage 1.                             into several operational and technical
       Site selection and characterization; Permitting
       and NEPA compliance; Well completion and
                                                                 issues that differ from formation to
             testing; Infrastructure development                 formation

                                                   Stage 2.
                                     CO2 procurement and transportation;
                                  Injection operations; Monitoring activities

                                                                             Stage 3.
                                                             Site closure; Post-injection monitoring,
                                                                       Project assessment

                             RCSP Deployment Phase – 10 years+ (FY2008 -2017+)
                                  Development Phase                  -
                                                        years (FY2008-2017)

               Development Phase Goals

    • Assess
      – Injectivity and Capacity
      – Storage Permanence
      – Areal Extent of Plume and Leakage

    • Develop
      – Risk Assessment Strategies
      – Best Practices for Industry

    • Engage in Public Outreach and
    • Support Regulatory Development

              RCSP Phase III: Development
            Large-Volume Geologic Field Tests
                Core Sampling
                                               Injection           Nine large-volume tests
                                              Well Drilled
                       4                                           Injections initiated 2009 – 2011
            8                       2
    9                                                            Partnership          Geologic Province              Type
                                                                               Triassic Nugget Sandstone / Moxa
                                          7                  1    Big Sky                                           Saline
                                6                                                            Arch
                                                             2     MGSC           Deep Mt. Simon Sandstone          Saline

                                                             3    MRCSP         Shallow Mt. Simon Sandstone         Saline
                                         Started             4                    Williston Basin Carbonates      Oil Bearing
                                                             5                  Devonian Age Carbonate Rock         Saline
            2009 Injection Scheduled
                                                             6                   Lower Tuscaloosa Formation
            2010 Injection Scheduled                              SECARB                                            Saline
                                                             7                       Massive Sand Unit
            2011 Injection Scheduled
                                                             8                    Regional Jurassic & Older
                                                                    SWP                                             Saline

9                                                            9 WESTCARB                 Central Valley              Saline
                 CCS Best Practice Manuals
     Critical Requirement For Significant Wide Scale Deployment
                     Capturing Lessons Learned

                                           Version 1 Version 2      Final Guidelines
           Best Practice Manual            (Phase II) (Phase III)   (Post Injection)
        Monitoring Verification and
               Accounting                    2009        2017            2020
           Site Characterization             2010        2016            2020
     Simulation and Risk Assessment          2010        2017            2020
      Well Construction and Closure          2010        2017            2020
          Regulatory Compliance              2010        2016            2020
             Public Education                2009        2016            2020
     Terrestrial Sequestration Practices     2010      2016 – Post MVA Phase III
     Fossil Energy Recovery Act Provisions
          $ 3.4 Billion in New Projects

      Fossil Energy ($ in Thousands)              Funding Amount

      Fossil Energy Research and Development          $1,000,000
      Clean Coal Power Initiative – Round 3 FOA         $800,000
     Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage            $1,520,000
      Geologic Formation Site Characterization           $50,000
      Geologic Sequestration Training & Research         $20,000
      Program Direction                                  $10,000

      Total, Fossil Energy                            $3,400,000

     $3.4 Billion for FE R&D

            Objectives              FOAs

                          Clean Coal Power Initiative –
                                   Round 3

                          CCS for Industrial Sources &
                            Innovative Concepts for
                              Beneficial CO2 Use

                            Site Characterization &
                         Promising Geologic Formations
                                for CO2 Storage

                            Geologic Sequestration
                             Training & Research

                            Regional Sequestration
                              Technical Training
                           2009 ARRA Selected Site
       Site Characterization &                                                                               11 Selections
        Promising Geologic             North American Power
                                      Group, Ltd; Powder River                                             Announced 9/16/09
     Formations for CO2 Storage
                                     NE Wyoming; Saline and Oil    Board of Public Works;
  University of Wyoming; Rock                                     Mount Simon Sandstone;
 Springs Uplift / Moxa Arch; SW                                      Michigan; Saline
       Wyoming; Saline

                                                      University of Illinois;                       Sandia Technologies,
        University of Utah;
                                                    Cambro-Ordovician Strata;                       LLC; Triassic Newark
     Cretaceous, Jurassic, and
                                                      IL, IN, KY, MI; Saline                       Basin; NY and NJ; Saline
     Pennsylvanian Sandstone;
     Colorado and Utah; Saline
                                                                                               University of Alabama; Black
                                                                                               Warrior Basin; NW Alabama;
                                                     University of Kansas
                                                     Center for Research
                                                     Inc.; Ozark Plateau;
  Terralog Technologies USA                           SW Kansas; Saline
   Inc.; Wilmington Graben;                                 and Oil
 Offshore Los Angeles; Saline,                                                                University of South Carolina
           Oil, & Gas                                                                         Research Foundation; South
                                                                                               Georgia Rift Basin; South
                                                                                                    Carolina; Saline
                             Location                             University of Texas at Austin;
                             Sequestration Type                     Gulf of Mexico Miocene;
13                                                                   Offshore Texas; Saline
                                                                 2009 ARRA
     CCS University Research and Training Grants
                                         Montana State University                        Regents of the
Geologic Sequestration                                                               University of Minnesota                                        43 Selections Announced
                                                        University of Wyoming
 Training & Research                                                                                Board of Trustees                                         9/16/09
                                                                                                    of the University     University of
                                                                                                         of Illinois       Cincinnati
                                                                          University of
                                                                          North Dakota                                                          The University
                                                                                                                                                   of Akron      University of Pittsburgh
                                                                            North Dakota                                             The Ohio State
                                                                           State University                                            University                                   Massachusetts
                 Utah State University
                                                                                                                                                                                   of Technology (2)
                                                                                                                        University                                                The Trustees of
                                                                                                                                                                               Columbia University
                                                                                                                                                                            in the City of New York (2)
       Board of Trustees of
         Leland Stanford                                          Colorado State University                                                                                    Research Foundation
        Junior University                                                                                                                                                       of CUNY on behalf
                                                                                                                                                                                of Brooklyn College
                                                    Colorado School of Mines (2)
                                                                                       Curators of the
                                                                                                                                Western                              Lehigh University
                                                                                   University of Missouri (2)
                                                                                                                                Kentucky                                    Virginia Polytechnic
                                                                                                                                University                             Institute and State University
                   California Institute of Technology
                                                                                                                                                                          Duke University (2)
                                                                                   Missouri State University
                              San Diego State University
                                Research Foundation
                                                                                                                                                         Georgia Tech Research Corporation (2)

                                                                                                                                                           University of Alabama
                                                                       University of Texas                                                                    at Birmingham
                                                                        of Permian Basin
                                                                                                                                                           Tuskegee University
                   University of Alaska Fairbanks
                                                The University of
                                               Texas at El Paso (2)                                                     The University of Alabama
                                                                                                        Board of Trustees
                                                                                                    Southern Illinois University

                                                                                                                                 University                 University of Miami
                                                                                          University of Houston                  HBCU/OMI
14                                                                                                                               Indicates states receiving funding
         2009 ARRA CCS Training Selections

 Regional Sequestration                                                                7 Selections Announced
   Technical Training                                                                           8/27/09

     Environmental Outreach and
     Stewardship Alliance                    Board of Trustees of the
     Seattle, WA                             University of Illinois                Location
                                             Champaign, IL

                     University of Wyoming
                     Laramie, WY

                                                                Petroleum Technology
               New Mexico Institute of                          Transfer Center
               Mining and Technology                            Tulsa, OK
               Socorro, NM

                                                                                   Southern States
                                                                                   Energy Board
                                                                                   Norcross, GA

                                                          University of
                                                          Texas at Austin
15                                                        Austin, TX
                          Project Locations for Area 1
     Carbon Capture and Storage from Industrial Sources

         CCS for                    Participant                           Wolverine                               12 Selections
                                    Project Location                    Power Supply
        Industrial                                                      Cooperative;
         Sources                    Industry Type / Product                                                          10/2/09
                                                                       Rogers City, MI;
                                    Sequestration Type                   Power; EOR
                                                                                               Archer Daniels Midland;
                                                                                                Decator, IL; Industrial
     Battelle Memorial Institute;                      University of Utah;                     Power & Ethanol; Saline
      Southwest, WA; Paper;                          Coffeyville, KS; Mutliple;
               Basalt                                  EOR & Saline R&D

                                    Cemex; Odessa,TX;
                                    Cement; EOR, Saline                                Leucadia Energy
                                                                                      LLC; Lake Charles,
       C6 Resources;                                                                  LA; Methanol from
      Northern CA; H2                                                                   Petcoke; EOR          Leucadia Energy
     Production; Saline                                                                                     LLC; Moss Point, MS;
                                                                                                             SNG from petcoke;
                       ConocoPhillips; Sweeny,
                       TX; IGGC Power Petcoke;                                                                   Shell Chemical;
                          Depleted NG / EOR                                                                     New Orleans, LA;
                                                                                                               Refinery Products;
                            Praxair; TX City, TX;
                              H2 for Refinery;                     Air Products and
                                    EOR                            Chemicals; Port
                                                                    Arthur, TX; H2
16                                                                 Production; EOR
       Clean Coal Power Initiative Round 3 –
                   First Closing
  Clean Coal                                                                             Second Round
Power Initiative –                                                                           Closed
   Round 3                                                                             8/24/09 – In review
                                                           Source CO2
                     Hydrogen Energy International         Location
                     257 MWe (net) IGCC Hydrogen
                     2 million tpy CO2 for EOR
                     Kern County, CA

                                                     Basin Electric
                                                     120 MWe Post Combustion Capture
                                                     1 million tpy CO2 for EOR
                                                     Beulah, ND


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