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                                                             March 2009

AFJROTC VA-032                                 E.C. Glass High School                                  Lynchburg VA
     Established 1968

       Upcoming Events
           (Details inside)

 28 Mar 09
Roanoke Valley Drill Meet

 3 Apr 09
Air Force Nationals Drill
Upper Marlboro MD

 11 Apr 09
VMI Field Day
Lexington VA

 25-26 Apr 09
AFA State Drill Championships
Richmond VA

 30 Apr-3 May 09                                Overstreet Awarded AF Scholarship
National Drill Championships
Daytona Beach FL                                       Cadet Colonel Frank Overstreet was recently awarded a 4-year Air
                                               Force ROTC scholarship which will cover full tuition and fees and provide
 May 09 (Date TBD)                            $900 a year for books. In addition he will receive a tax-free monthly
Roanoke Valley Field Day                       stipend of $300 which will increase each year culminating in a $500
                                               monthly payment in his senior year. With the scholarship, Cadet
 5 Jun 09                                     Overstreet plans to attend Virginia Military Institute this fall where he will
Awards Banquet, Moose Lodge                    enroll in the Air Force ROTC program and will major in Mechanical
 14-20 Jun 09 (Cadre 13 Jun)                                  More than 1,000 colleges and universities in the US offer
Summer Leadership School                       the Air Force ROTC program. Air Force ROTC awards roughly 2,000
Concord Univ, Athens WV                        scholarships annually in technical and non-technical majors needed to meet
                                               the needs of the Air Force. Scholarship recipients take Air Force ROTC
                                               classes along with their other college courses and attend field training
                                               during the summer before their junior year in college. Upon graduation
                                               from college, ROTC cadets are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the
                                               US Air Force and are obligated to serve four years on active duty.
"The Cadet Gazette" is an unofficial newsletter published monthly in the interest of personnel at AFJROTC VA-032 of E.C. Glass High School.
Contents of "The Cadet Gazette" are not endorsed by the U.S. Air Force.
                               The Commander’s Call
                                         Cadet Colonel Frank Overstreet
         Here we are getting down to the last part of the year with only a few more issues of The Cadet Gazette to be
published. The cadets in the corps have really come together as a unit and have learned to work together to accomplish a
common mission. Each and every one of the cadets has learned the skills needed to be and are well on their way to be
leaders in not only this corps, but also in the world. With this knowledge they will exceed my and everyone else’s
expectations for their lives and they will begin to grow and mature in a manner desired to make the world a better place.
          So far the drill team has been able to take home one first place overall trophy from their first competition in the
Mustang Drill Meet this season and are preparing to take home another first place overall trophy from the upcoming
competition at the Roanoke Valley Drill Meet. The team has been working extremely hard due to the fact that every one
of the teams that we face is out to steal our thunder. We have been able to spice up both the armed and unarmed exhibition
routines and we can not wait to put them out on the floor to see what they make the competition do. So as the year
continues to press forward, when you see a drill team cadet encourage them and tell them that they will do great because
they will and have proven it. Look for the results to be published in the next Cadet Gazette.

    Eagle Eyes Marksmanship                                     Band Festival Concessions Earns
    Team Gets New Equipment                                       $$ for Trailer Account Fund
        Thanks to a successful Christmas poinsettia                    Thanks to the long hours put in by our parent
sale, the Eagle Eyes Marksmanship Team now has                  volunteer Sue Crawford, the unit earned money
five new spotting scopes, stands and knee rolls. The            towards the purchase of a cargo trailer. Ms
cadets made $750 selling the plants and raised                  Crawford manned a concession stand for two days
enough money to purchase the needed equipment.                  and sold snacks to band students from 60 middle and
The team is now outfitted properly to compete on an             high school bands and orchestras that were
equal footing with other JROTC teams. Thanks to                 performing in the competition at EC Glass.
everyone who helped support the program.                               The trailer fund now has over $200 towards
                                                                the purchase which is about 10% of the amount
                                                                needed. Thanks, Sue, for your hard work.

                                              Coach’s Comments
                                       Cadet Shawn Cording-- Athletic Officer

VMI Field Day is coming up soon and we want to win the competition this year. So anyone that is
interested in being part of the 5-person PT Challenge Team needs to sign up for the trip and pay the $6
(for lunch).

Also SLS is just a few short months away. Are you in shape yet? Make sure you are doing your sit-ups
and pushups, and get out to the track and check out your mile run time. What are you waiting for??

                                                     Sarge’s Say
        The Air Force’s first Core Value is Integrity. What does it mean? Well, it means being honest and
sincere with ourselves and with others – closely following a consistent code of ethics (rules of conduct that
people should follow). Notice the word consistent—not acting by one set of standards today and another set of
standards tomorrow. It also means not picking or choosing what rules are convenient to follow, and breaking all
the others. It ultimately means doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.
                                                       Erica Poore puts on her intimidating face to psych out the other teams
 Michael Hale practices for the individual armed       at the Mustang Drill Meet.
 event at the drill meet in Charlottesville.

       Cadets Hale & Poore Selected For Honors Camp
         Cadets Erica Poore and Michael Hale were selected to attend the prestigious Air Force Aerospace
and Technology Honors Camp this summer. A selection panel at Headquarters, Air Force JROTC selected
432 cadets from the 107,000 cadets nationwide to attend. The total number of selectees represents the top ½
of 1% of all enrolled Air Force JROTC cadets. The fierce competition judged the cadets’ nomination
package of their class ranking and academic performance, leadership potential, extracurricular activities,
awards and honors and the recommendation from their senior Air Force JROTC instructor.
        The cadets will both be attending the week-long camp located at the University of New Mexico and
nearby Kirtland Air Force Base. The Air Force will provide round-trip air transportation for the cadets to get
to New Mexico and pay for all expenses associated with the camp. The Aerospace and Technology Honors
Camp is not a boot camp, but rather is geared toward top-notch Air Force JROTC cadets who are interested
in pursuing an Air Force career as an officer in a flying or technical field. The cadets will take part in tours
of the engineering facilities and Kirtland AFB, receive briefings on Air Force Academy appointments and
Air Force ROTC scholarship opportunities and participate in hands-on college engineering classes and
experiments. In addition they will get the opportunity to fly in a single engine aircraft with a qualified
instructor and will get to pilot the plane with instructor supervision and guidance.
        Erica is a rising senior who is in her third year of Air Force JROTC. She is interested in a career as a
military pilot and is pursuing an Air Force Academy appointment and plans to also apply for an Air Force
ROTC scholarship. Michael is a rising junior who is in his second year of JROTC. Michael also wants to be
an Air Force officer and fly and he is interested in attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in
Daytona Beach, Florida. Their Honors Camp selection will help them both in their pursuit of Air Force
ROTC scholarships and Academy appointments since that is a desired accomplishment that both programs
favor. Last year Cadet Frank Overstreet attended the Aerospace and Technology Honors Camp in Oklahoma
City and recently was awarded a 4-year Air Force ROTC scholarship to attend VMI.
       The Glass Air Force JROTC Drill Team members pose on stage will their trophies after winning the 2009
       Mustang Drill Competition at Monticello High School in Charlottesville.

    No Horseplay--Drill Team Wins Mustang Meet

        The EC Glass AJROTC Drill Team competed in the Mustang Drill meet at Monticello High School
in Charlottesville on Saturday, 7 March, and captured the overall title. The team beat 15 other schools from
Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia to claim the top spot. Glass took first place in the Armed Regulation
Flight, Unarmed Regulation Flight, and the Inspection categories. The cadets also took home the second
place trophy for Armed Regulation Element and the third place trophy for the Armed Exhibition routine. The
team also received points towards the overall championship in the Color Guard and Unarmed Exhibition
        E. C. Glass tied William Byrd High School (Roanoke VA) for overall points and the won the
tiebreaker which was the inspection score, in which the Glass team placed first. The team next competes at
the Roanoke Valley Meet at William Byrd as they hone their performance for the Virginia State
Championships at the end of April.
        The drill team is also simultaneously preparing for their first-ever appearance in the Air Force
Nationals Drill Championships which will be held in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on 3 April. The drill team
will conclude their exciting season with a Color Guard Competition at the National High School Drill
Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida on 2 May. The prestigious Daytona Beach event will feature top-
notch JROTC drill teams from all four services competing for the ultimate drill team bragging rights.
                                       The Colonel’s Corner
                                                  Lieutenant Colonel Thompson
                                            What’s Your Reputation?
An interesting thing happened at the drill meet we attended at Monticello this month. I was talking to an
instructor during one of the breaks when he asked what school I represented. I said “EC Glass” and when I
started to tell him where we were located he said in an admiring tone, “Oh I know about Glass. I remember you
guys from last year.” His response indicated to me that we had a solid reputation in his estimation and he had
high expectations for our performance. Excellence is a great thing for which to strive. As a matter of fact it’s
even one of our core (and corps) values. When you achieve it, it raises the bar for yourself and sets you apart
from others. The question is: was it just a fluke? A one-time achievement that you can’t repeat? Or is it your
standard high level of performance. A winning reputation is built on repeated successes. That holds true for
teams as well as individuals. What is your personal reputation? Do others see you as reliable? Trustworthy?
Self-less? A leader? Think about how your patterns of behavior define you. Are you a fluke or a winner?

  Air Force JROTC News You Can Use
             Parent Support                                  Check Out development, etc .
Short monthly tidbit to recognize historical event, significant new technologythe ECG AFJROTC
                                                                      Website for Updates
       Several of our cadet parents have been
                                                                  Check out the EC Glass AFJROTC
very beneficial in helping our cadet corps in
their drill competitions, fundraisers, and                             website at to get
major activities. We could certainly use                               updates on upcoming activities. You can find
more parental involvement to make this the                             the yearly calendar, pictures from AFJROTC
best AFJROTC unit ever.                                                activities, and e-versions of The Cadet Gazette,
       If any parents are interested in lending                        as well as helpful ROTC-related links to other
a hand, please contact Sue Crawford at (434)                           websites.
444-0040 or by email at                                                        Remember the ending is org, not com.

   5 June--SAVE THE DATE
       The Annual Awards banquet will be
held at the Moose Lodge on Waterlick Road
on 5 June at 6pm. Reserve date on your
calendar. We will recognize our cadets’
achievements and celebrate another
successful year.
                                Air Force History, Heritage, and Horizons
March 19, 1910
Orville Wright opened the first Wright Flying School at Montgomery, Ala. This site became Maxwell AFB, Ala. HQ AFJROTC is located there
March 21, 1946
The Strategic Air Command, Tactical Air Command and the Air Defense Command are created.

March 21, 1962
A black bear named "Yogi" became the first living creature ejected from a supersonic aircraft when the U.S. Air Force tested the B-58's escape
capsule. Ejected at 35,000 feet from a B-58 flying at 870 mph, the bear landed unharmed seven minutes 49 seconds later.
                                    Upcoming Activity Details

Roanoke Valley Drill Meet (28 Mar): All members of the Drill Team will participate in the Roanoke Valley
Drill Meet at William Byrd High School in Vinton, VA. This will be the final tune-up competition for the state
meet. Showtime at ECG is 0630. The bus will depart ECG at 0700 and return to ECG around 1500. Cadets
should bring snacks or money for lunch. There is no additional cost.

Air Force Nationals (3 Apr 09): Only participating members of the Drill Team will attend this premier event
near Washington DC. The event will be held at the Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD. Cadets will be
competing in four events in the Unarmed Division: Inspection, Color Guard, Flight Regulation, and Exhibition.
This showcase event will feature Air Force drill teams from units east of the Mississippi. All cadets have
already paid the $20 which covers the picture, medallion, and shirt. Cadets will need to bring money to cover
their food for the day. Concessions stands will be available at the meet and we will stop at a fast food place on
the way back. Showtime at ECG is 0400. The bus will depart ECG at 0430 and return to ECG around 0100 on
Saturday, 4 April.

VMI Drill Meet/Field Day (11 Apr 09): Up to 30 members of the corps in good standing will travel to the
Virginia Military Institute to participate in a competition involving a drill event, 5-person PT challenge, group
problem-solving, and sports competition. Air Force JROTC units from around the state will compete in the
event. Uniform for the event will be PT gear. Cost for this activity will be $6 which covers lunch in Crozet
Hall. The money must be paid by 10 April. Showtime at ECG is 0700. The bus will depart ECG at 0715
and return to ECG around 1700.

AFA State Championship/Kings Dominion Trip (25-26 Apr 09): All members of the Drill Team will travel
to Atlee High School near Richmond to participate in the State Drill Championships. Following the
competition, the group will be staying overnight in the Richmond area and then going to Kings Dominion on
Sunday as a reward for their hard work throughout the year. Cost for this weekend activity will be $30 which
must be paid by 10 April. The fee covers the cost of the Kings Dominion admission ticket. Cadets who have
a valid season pass will not be charged. Showtime at ECG is 0500. The bus will depart ECG at 0530 and
return to ECG around 2100 on Sunday.

National Drill Championships (30 Apr-3 May): Members of the Color Guard and select cadets will attend
the National Drill Championships in Daytona Beach FL. We will depart after school on Thursday, 30 April.
Students do not have school on Friday, 1 May since it is a teacher workday. We will travel to Fayetteville NC
in Colonel Thompson’s personal vehicle on Thursday 30 April and stay with his parents who will furnish dinner
and accommodations for the group (for free). We will depart Fayetteville on Friday 1 May and arrive in
Daytona Beach by mid-afternoon. We will check in and register at the assigned area hotel and our competition
will be on Saturday 2 May. After competing we will watch other Challenge level competitors and attend the
awards ceremony that night. On Sunday we will watch some master’s level schools compete and depart
Daytona Beach around 11:00am. We should arrive back in Lynchburg around midnight on Sunday night. The
Air Force will provide some of the funding and some will come out of fundraiser. All cadets have paid the
required fee and only need to bring $$ for snacks, souvenirs, and miscellaneous expenses. More info to follow.
Roanoke Valley Field Day (TBD): The annual sports competition against the Roanoke area Air Force JROTC
units will be held sometime in May. More information will be provided when the details are announced.

Awards Banquet (5 Jun 09): This year the annual awards banquet will be held at the Moose Lodge located off
of Timberlake Road (about 9 miles from ECG). The Moose Lodge is graciously only charging us $100 to rent
the room. The dinner will be a buffet dinner menu of baked and fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy,
green beans, salad, cheesecake, chocolate cake, and banana crème cake, coffee and tea. This will be a great
opportunity to recognize our cadets’ achievements and review the accomplishments of the unit as a whole.
Cadet Michael Hale will be heading up the Awards Banquet, so if you are interested in helping out, let him
know. Costs for the banquet will be $17. Banquet tickets must be purchased by 20 May. Stay tuned.

SLS (14-20 Jun 09): Cadets going to Summer Leadership School will leave with Col Thompson and SMSgt
Dougherty by LCS bus on Sunday 14 June at 0900. Cadets selected for cadre duty will report to SLS on 13 Jun;
those travel arrangements will be handled separately. All cadets will return to ECG on Saturday 20 June around
1600. The camp fee of $80 must be paid by 6 May. For personal budgeting convenience, cadets may bring in
partial payments before then as long as the total is paid by 6 May.

                                            Money Due Dates

Deadline              Event                               Who?                                 Amount

10 Apr                VMI Field Day                       Participating cadets                 $6

10 Apr                AFA States/Kings Dominion           Drill members (without pass)         $30

6 May                 Summer Leadership School            SLS Cadets                           $80

20 May                Awards Banquet                      Attending cadets & family members $17
Military Officers Association of America
     George C. Marshall Chapter
         Lexington, Virginia

                                             Air Force Association
                                                Roanoke Chapter

  Military Order of the World Wars
    Virginia Piedmont Chapter
         Lynchburg, Virginia

                      Thanks to our Generous Sponsors
                            For Their Support