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camp kaper sheets


									                            Departure Kapers
      These are the kapers that we do when we before we leave camp.
             Girl Scouts leave camp better than they found it!

KAPER                                       PATROL            LEADER

Kitchen:                                    GREEN
Breakfast dishes
Pack food - load in car
Wipe down tables, counters, fridge, stove
Sweep common area

Latrine:                                     PINK
Wipe down toilet w/ bleach
Wipe down sink w/ bleach
Spray shower
Sweep floor
Collect hand soap, toilet paper, etc

Sleep & Sweep:                              PURPLE
Sweep out loft and stairs
Stack mattresses
Put furniture back where it was found

Outside:                                     BLUE
Tie up trash bags from outside cans
Patrol the grounds for litter
Clean ashes from grill (if used)
Clean fire pit

Pack Cars                                    RED
Haul gear to parking area
Haul trash to dumpster
                              Arrival Kapers
      These are the kapers that we do when we arrive to set up camp.

KAPER                                  PATROL                  LEADER

Empty Cars                               ALL                     ALL

Check In (check phones, coodinate w/Ranger, etc)

Kitchen:                                 RED
Unpack food
Wipe down and set tables
Trash can liner
Prepare dinner

Sleep & Sweep                      BLUE & GREEN
Sweep out Loft and Stairs
Sweep common area downstairs
Turn and wipe down mattresses with bleach
Organize gear

Latrine:                               PURPLE
Wipe down toilets w/ bleach
Wipe down sinks w/ bleach
Put out soap/towels
Spray shower
Stock toilet paper
Trash can liner

Outside:                                PINK
Stack wood for campfire
Set campfire (do not light)
Put up lake warning signs
Trash can liners in outside cans
Litter patrol

THURSDAY: ACTIVITY                                               PATROL FACILITATOR
4:30PM      Arrive and unpack                                      ALL
5:00PM      Arrival kapers                                      see schedule
6:00PM      Dinner                                                                    What is a facilitator?
6:30PM      Dinner clean-up                                        PINK
6:30PM      Safety Meeting                                                            The dictionary has these
7:00PM      Personal Name Tag Activity
                                                                                       >somebody who aids or
8:30PM      Night Hike                                                                assists in a process,
9:30PM      Snack                                                                     especially by encouraging
10:00PM     Prepare for bed                                                           people to find their own
10:30PM     Lights Out                                                                solution to a problem or
11:00PM     All Quiet                                                                 task

FRIDAY:                                                                               >someone who brings
                                                                                      about progress
7:30AM      Wake and dress
8:00AM      Prepare Breakfast                                 BLUE                    >someone who makes
9:15AM      Kapers                                                                    progress easier
            > Bfast/Kitchen clean up (incl sweep common area)
            > Flag Up                                         PINK
            > Latrine                                         RED                     YOUR job as facilitator
            > Sweep loft; general tidying                     BLUE                    is to:
            > Patrol grounds and Activity Set Up             GREEN
10:00AM     Stand Up and Be Counted Activity                                           1. Know your activity in
                                                                                      advance - read
11:00AM     Free Time
                                                                                      instructions ahead of time
11:30AM     Troop Time
12:00PM     Begin lunch kaper                                 PINK                     2. Give simple and clear
12:30PM     Lunch                                                                     instructions
1:00PM      Lunch clean up - free/troop time                  RED
2:00PM      What Makes People Different Colors? Activity                              3. Make the activity fun
3:00PM      Snack
3:15PM      Orange Experience Activity                                                 4. Be a leader - keep
                                                                                      control (adults will help)
4:00PM      Free Time
5:00PM      Prepare dinner                                   GREEN                     5. ***Most importantly,
5:45PM      Dinner                                                                    ask questions at the end
6:15PM      Flag Down                                         PINK                    of the activity so that the
6:30PM      Dinner clean up                                   BLUE                    girls understand what it is
7:00PM      Celebrate, Celebrate Activity                                             that they were suppose to
8:00PM      Night Hike (and storyteller?)                                             learn
8:45PM      Campfire, Flag Retire, S'mores
10:00PM     Prepare for bed                                                              * * * * * * * * * *
10:30PM     Lights Out
11:00PM     All Quiet

7:30AM      Wake, dress, pack
8:00AM      Prepare breakfast                                    PURPLE
8:30AM      Breakfast
9:00AM      Breakfast clean-up; load cars; begin departure kapersee schedule
9:30AM      We're the Same/We're Different AND What Is Race?
10:30AM     Final Activity - Wrap Up
11:00AM     Complete departure kapers                           see schedule
1:00PM      Arrive Grace
                                         KAPER PATROLS

               PURPLE      PINK                          BLUE                 GREEN               RED
                 Claire  Hannah H.                       Megan                 Emma               Alex
                 Jamie     Hillary                        Ellie               Brittany            Amie
                  Gr 4                                   Taylor                                  Amanda
               Hannah B.    Sara                          Kat                Michaela            Brooke

Preparation:   Saturday Breakfast    Friday Lunch      Friday Breakfast        Friday Dinner     Thursday Dinner
                                     Those who prepare meal should choose and lead Blessing.

Clean-Up:       Friday Breakfast    Thursday Dinner      Friday Dinner      Saturday Breakfast    Friday Lunch
                       CAMP MENU

Dinner:      Walking Tacos

Snack:       Brownies

Breakfast:   Breakfast Pizza
             Muffins, Fruit
             Milk, Juice

Lunch:       Coneys
             Juice, Milk

Snack:       Cookies and Fruit

Dinner:      Girl Scout Packets (chicken, potatoes, carrots)
             Milk, Juice

Snack:       S'mores

Breakfast:   Pancakes, Bacon
             Milk, Juice

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