EAGLES, BEAVERS, AND BUNNIES                                              6. During labor-management, I would:
SOCIAL MOTIVES IN THE WORK SETTING                                               ___a. keep human relations smooth
                                                                                 ___b. maintain a position of strength
Directions:                                                                      ___c. work for a compromise
This questionnaire consists of 12 statements. There are no right or
wrong answers. For each statement, indicate which of the three            7. I am most satisfied with my job when I:
alternatives—a, b, or c—is most preferred or most important to you by            ___a. see progress being made
placing a 3 next to it. Place a 2 by your second choice and a 1 by the           ___b. have a strong voice in determining policy
statement or choice that is least like you. Do not debate too long over          ___c. work with others to achieve results
any one statement. Your first reaction is desired.
                                                                          8. When disagreements arise, I usually:
1. In a work situation, I want to:                                              ___a. yield a point to avoid conflict
        ___a. be in charge                                                      ___b. stick to my guns
        ___b. give assistance to my co-workers                                  ___c. use reasoning to seek the best solution
        ___c. come up with new ideas
                                                                          9. As a supervisor, I would:
2. If I have ultimate responsibility for a project, I:                           ___a. permit flexibility, as long as the job gets done
         ___a. depend on my own expertise to accomplish tasks                    ___b. recognize that workers have good days and bad days
         ___b. delegate work and oversee progress                                ___c. insist on compliance with my rules and directions
         ___c. use teamwork to accomplish tasks
                                                                          10. As a member of the Board of Directors dealing with a problem, I
3. My co-workers see me as:                                               would most likely:
      ___a. a competent person                                                   ___a. try to get my ideas adopted
      ___b. a considerate person                                                 ___b. solicit ideas from all members
      ___c. a forceful person                                                    ___c. review the facts

4. When I disagree with a decision, I:                                    11. When hiring a new employee, I would:
      ___a. voice my disapproval immediately                                    ___a. expect future loyalty to me
      ___b. take into consideration other peoples’ feelings and                 ___b. hire the person who is technically best qualified
      circumstances.                                                            ___c. take into consideration future relations with co-workers
      ___c. suggest alternatives based upon logic
                                                                          12. I am most happy in my work if I:
5. In a group discussion:                                                        ___a. am the decision maker
        ___a. I encourage others to express themselves                           ___b. work with good friends and colleagues
        ___b. I will change my view only if a better one is suggested            ___c. make significant achievements
        ___c. my ideas generally prevail

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