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									Macquarie University
                                          CRICOS provider number 00002J

postal enquiries                        in person
Coursework Studies Section              Student Enquiry Service
Macquarie University NSW 2109           Level 1, Lincoln Building
                                        Balaclava Road
                                        North Ryde NSW
tel:         (02) 9850 6410
fax:         (02) 9850 7249
email:       online enquiry:

                                          CRICOS provider number 00002J

postal enquiries                        in person
Macquarie City Campus                   Macquarie City Campus
Locked Bag 3004                         11 York Street
Australia Square                        Sydney NSW
Sydney NSW 1215
tel:         (02) 9964 6533
fax:         (02) 9964 6588                                                                                                  
website:                                                  Macquarie City Campus (MQC)
                                                                                 Delivering the renowned quality of Macquarie University academic programs
                                                                                 with the benefits of a city location, Macquarie City Campus (MQC) offers a
 INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT, SYDNEY                                     convenient learning environment.
                                        CRICOS provider number 01484M            With three semesters a year for pathway and undergraduate programs, MQC
                                                                                 offers flexibility with the opportunity to finish an undergraduate degree in two
postal enquiries/in person                                                       years. Situated above the main transport hub at Wynyard, MQC is an ideal way
                                                                                 to combine work and study.
International College of Management,
Sydney (ICMS)                                                                    MQC offers three undergraduate degrees including the Bachelor of Business
151 Darley Road                                                                  Administration, Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting, Bachelor of
Manly NSW 2095                                                                   Arts majoring in Media, Culture and Communications and the Bachelor of Arts
                                                                                 majoring in Cultural Studies.

                                                                                                                                                                  MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY
tel:         (02) 9977 0333                                                      Students studying an undergraduate degree at MQC, graduate with a
             Freecall 1800 657 572 (within Australia)                            Macquarie University degree.
fax:         (02) 9977 8667
email:                                                    In addition, MQC offers the Macquarie University Foundation Studies Program.
website:                                                     Offered in 8 or 12 months, the foundation program provides alternative
                                                                                 entry into every undergraduate degree at the North Ryde or city campus.
                                                                                 Applications for the foundation program are submitted directly to the city
Located in Sydney, Macquarie is a research-intensive university with around      campus and not through the Universities Admissions Centre.
4,000 staff and 35,000 students. We have four Faculties – Arts, Science,
Business and Economics and Human Sciences and a green, spacious campus           International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)
which gives us a relaxed feel. Students enjoy many modern facilities such as a   At the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), situated on
new Sport and Aquatic Centre, a train station and a recently opened state-of-    Sydney Harbour’s North Head overlooking Manly Beach, we believe that the
the-art library. Regular bus services run from many suburban locations. There    best learning combines practical work with a strong theoretical foundation.
are also 5,000 car parking spaces on campus.                                     Every undergraduate program includes nine months of paid industry training
Students study degrees that encourage them to be engaged citizens of             needed for a career in these ever-growing international industries.
contemporary society. Our People, Planet and Participation units teach you
about the challenges of a global society, develop your understanding of the      OPEN DAYS
issues facing the planet and give you opportunities for real-world experiences
relevant to your studies; developing skills that are valued by employers.        An Open Day will be held by Macquarie University on Saturday 10 September
We have a well-deserved reputation for producing quality graduates in a range    2011, 10am–4pm.
of fields, particularly in business and finance. Our degrees are designed with     ICMS will host an Open Day on Saturday 13 August 2011, 10am–2pm.
your personal and professional development in mind to give you the qualities,
skills and knowledge top employers are looking for in Australia and across       Advising days
the world.                                                                       North Ryde campus
Our teachers and researchers are recognised nationally and internationally       Macquarie University will hold an Info Day for prospective students on
as leaders in their fields. Our strategy of recruiting many of the world’s best   Wednesday 4 January 2012, 9.30am–4pm. Prospective students are invited
researchers to Centres of Research Excellence has been a great success:          to attend information sessions on entry pathways to the University and to
five of our disciplines recently received 5 out of 5 for Excellence Research      consult with staff on admission procedures and entry options. A full program
in Australia. No other university achieved this and we are among Australia’s     will be available in December on the University website at
top universities for world-leading research. Our staff are at the cutting edge
of their fields and their expertise helps provide the best learning experience    International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)
possible for our students.                                                       Prospective students from Years 11 and 12 have the opportunity to discover
Our retention rates are some of the highest in the country. Our excellent        first-hand what life on campus is all about through a choice of either a
teaching and learning opportunities, our academic orientation program            one-or three-day careers experience. For more information, including dates,
for first-year students, the flexibility of our degrees and the international      check the ICMS website or
opportunities we offer our students make us one of the most desirable            call 1800 657 572.
universities in the country and a place where you are sure to succeed.

                                                                                                                        UAC 2012 Guide              169
                       Campus visits                                                                      ■ Bachelor of International Studies
                       Macquarie welcomes visitors on campus during the academic year. To                 ■ Bachelor of Advanced Science.
                       book a campus tour call (02) 9850 7309 or email the Marketing Unit on              For detailed information on how many points students can receive, visit www.
                       ICMS welcomes visitors throughout the year. Call 1800 657 572 (within              enrolling/academic_advantage.jsp
                       Australia) or email                                               Rural Students Access Scheme
                                                                                                          The Rural Students Access Scheme is a new equity initiative from Macquarie
                       IMPORTANT DATES                                                                    to assist students who are disadvantaged due to living in remote or rural
                                                                                                          areas. The Scheme will provide additional bonus points, added to a student’s
                       North Ryde                                                                         ranking, which will be awarded on a sliding scale according to category
                       Academic advice and enrolment for new students                                     of remoteness as defined by ARIA+ (Accessibility/Remoteness Index of
                       (mandatory attendance)                                January – February 2012      Australia).
                       Web enrolment of new students                                                      Further information visit:
                       (specific courses only)                                January – February 2012      information_about/applying_and_enrolling/alternative_entry_pathways/
                       First half-year                                   27 February – 29 June 2012
                       Second half-year                                  30 July – 30 November 2012       uniTEST
                       ICMS (Trimester dates)                                                             uniTEST is an equity initiative for current Year 12 students which recognises
                                                                                                          that the ATAR is not the only indicator of aptitude or ability to undertake
                       Orientation Week/New Student Enrolment                                             tertiary studies. uniTEST is able to support the evidence of a candidate’s
                       (compulsory for all new students)             week beginning 30 January 2012       aptitude for successful university-level studies.
                       First term                                        6 February – 11 May 2012         uniTEST is primarily used for any current Year 12 student who satisfies the eligibility
                       Second term                                        28 May – 31 August 2012         of disadvantage as assessed under the Educational Access Scheme (EAS).
                       Third term                                17 September – 21 December 2012
                                                                                                          The test has been designed to assess the kinds of generic reasoning and
                       MQC (Trimester dates)                                                              thinking skills that underpin studies in higher education and that are needed
                       Trimester 1                                      20 February – 25 May 2012         for students to be successful at this level. uniTEST assesses this reasoning
                       Trimester 2                                    25 June – 28 September 2012         and thinking across the two broad domains of mathematics and science, and
                       Trimester 3                               22 October 2012 – 1 February 2013        humanities and social sciences.
                                                                                                          There is no preparation required, with the test being mostly multiple choice
                                                                                                          and lasting approximately 2.5 hours.
                       ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
                                                                                                          The results of the test are included in a selection process which also
                       In order to be admitted as a candidate for a Bachelor degree at Macquarie          considers the rank applicants have obtained through their ATAR and any
                       University you need to satisfy the general requirements listed in one of the       additional study.
                       following categories and be selected for enrolment in competition with other
                                                                                                          An academic panel will review the combination of these factors in determining
                                                                                                          an offer to undertake study at Macquarie.

                       1 Australian secondary studies                                                     For more details and to register to sit the uniTEST exam, visit
                       Selection will be based on your ATAR or equivalent obtained from an Australian
                       Year 12 or International Baccalaureate (IB) in 2011 or earlier (unless you have
                       undertaken tertiary study, including TAFE). To compare interstate Year 12
                                                                                                          2 Australian tertiary studies
                       results, refer to table 4 in Part 1. Table 1 in Part 1 shows the minimum cut-off   If you have ever undertaken tertiary studies you will be considered for
                       required for admission to particular degree courses in 2011.                       selection on your overall record of academic merit that is, both secondary and
                                                                                                          tertiary study. Applicants who have tertiary award studies, but who have not

                       Offers made to applicants who have an ATAR below the                               completed a Year 12 certificate, will be considered for selection on the basis
                       published cut-off                                                                  of their tertiary rank.
                       Macquarie University has a number of alternative pathways for admission,           If you are a former Macquarie University student applying to return to the
                       which may allow 2011 Year 12 applicants to receive an offer to a course even       same undergraduate degree after an absence, you must apply directly to
                       though they have an ATAR below the published cut-off. They include:                the University if you have not studied at another tertiary institution, including
                       ■ Educational Access Scheme – Lighthouse Scheme                                    TAFE, or completed further secondary studies during your absence. If you have
                       ■ uniTEST – see below                                                              completed further secondary studies or attempted tertiary studies, including
                                                                                                          TAFE, since you were last enrolled at Macquarie you must apply through UAC.
                       ■ special consideration for elite athletes or performers

                                                                                                          3 Overseas qualifications
                       ■ Warawara Alternative Entry Program (Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                       ■ for a select number of students, strong performance in Year 12 subjects          Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia with overseas
                         relevant to the course – see Academic Advantage below.                           qualifications must provide correctly verified documentation with their
                                                                                                          application. Read section 5 in Part 1 for details. Refer to table 7 in Part 1 for
                       Academic Advantage                                                                 information on overseas secondary qualifications.
                       Academic Advantage is Macquarie University’s bonus point scheme, which
                                                                                                          If you apply on the basis of overseas qualifications, you may be required to sit
                       recognises HSC students’ achievements in subjects that relate specifically to
                                                                                                          for an English language proficiency test – refer to table 5 in Part 1.
                       Macquarie’s degree programs.
                       Academic Advantage is available to all prospective students who have
                       completed either an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate in       4 Alternative entry
                       Australia the year before starting the degree. Bonus points are automatically      Macquarie has a wide range of Alternative Entry schemes that support
                       calculated and added to an applicant’s selection rank against every                applicants who may not receive a competitive offer based on their academic
                       Macquarie course selected as a preference through the UAC application.             ranking. These include:
                       Students can receive a maximum of five bonus points for each Macquarie              ■ Mature Age Jubilee Scheme (for applicants over 21 years and who have
                       University preference. They could receive a maximum of nine bonus points             not previously studied at university)
                       if Academic Advantage is combined with other access schemes such as                ■ Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) (for applicants who are not current
                       uniTEST or the Macquarie Lighthouse Scheme (Educational Access Scheme                school leavers) – see next page
                       for educational disadvantage).
                                                                                                          ■ non-award entry (on completion of 12 or more credit points with an overall
                       Academic Advantage applies to all Macquarie University degree programs               grade-point average of 2.0, candidates are eligible for admission to a
                       except for:                                                                          limited range of degrees)
                       ■   all combined Law programs                                                      ■ Certificate and Diploma of Languages
                       ■   all Actuarial Studies programs (including combined degree programs)            ■ International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)
                       ■   Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)                                               ■ Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) (on completion of
                       ■   Bachelor of Ancient History (Honours)                                            specified diploma)
                                                                                                          ■ TAFE Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC) – completion of the TPC at TAFE NSW

                       170           UAC 2012 Guide
■ TAFE (on completion of specified diplomas or advanced diplomas, candidates           Continuing students who wish to transfer to another course in 2012 must
  are eligible for articulation to a limited range of Macquarie degrees)              apply through UAC. Transfer to a CSP is not guaranteed and selection will
■ Open Universities Australia (OUA)                                                   depend on the student’s academic performance and course availability.
■ elite athletes or elite artistic performers
■ Warawara Alternative Entry Program for Indigenous applicants.                       BRIDGING COURSES
For further information on methods of selection for the qualifications
listed above, and other qualifications that may lead to eligibility, visit www.        Numeracy Centre – free academic support                                            The Numeracy Centre provides individual and small-group assistance to those
                                                                                      students who need support in areas such as introductory mathematics and
Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)                                               statistics. For students who wish to upgrade their mathematical skills through
STAT Multiple Choice is available for 2012 entry for any applicant who is not         independent study, the staff in the Centre will be able to recommend a self-
a current Australian Year 12 student. STAT Multiple Choice is a test of two           study course, and small group workshops are run throughout semester for
hours, designed to assess a range of competencies considered important for            mathematics and statistics units. Students are encouraged to drop in for free
success in tertiary study.                                                            assistance or to use the Centre and its reference material for study purposes.
For information about the test, details about test dates, locations and how to        Bridging and preparatory courses
register for STAT, read section 9 in Part 1.
                                                                                      The Numeracy Centre also offers a number of courses at the start of the year
                                                                                      on a fee-paying basis.
EDUCATIONAL ACCESS SCHEMES                                                            The Preparatory Courses in Mathematics is an intensive course for students
                                                                                      from various mathematical backgrounds who need to enrol in first year
Macquarie University has an Educational Access Scheme (EAS), called the
                                                                                      mathematics courses or need a solid review of introductory mathematical
Lighthouse Scheme, to assist applicants who have educational or social
                                                                                      concepts. There are two different streams available. There are also a number of
                                                                                      Review Sessions run to refresh prerequisite knowledge early in the semester.
For more information on EAS, read section 3.5 in Part 1.
                                                                                      For information on bridging courses or any other enquiries visit www.maths.
The main closing date for EAS applications is Friday 30 September 2011.      or call (02) 9850 8924 or email the Numeracy Centre
The final closing date for EAS applications is Thursday 5 January 2012.                at:

EQUITY SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                   COURSES AVAILABLE BY DIRECT APPLICATION
Macquarie University offers three types of Equity Scholarships: Macquarie             ■ Mature Age Jubilee Scheme: Open to people 21 years or over (at Thursday
Education Costs Scholarship (MECS), Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship                 1 March 2012) who lack the required academic qualifications for
(MAS) and Commonwealth Indigenous Scholarships, which are open to all                   admission (restricted number of places and courses).
eligible applicants applying to or enrolled at Macquarie University.                  ■ Bachelor of Community Management: A three-year full-time course
All Macquarie Equity Scholarships applications are processed centrally                  designed to increase the communication, management and organisational
through UAC.                                                                            skills of Indigenous Australians.
Read section 7.5 in Part 1 for more information on Equity Scholarships.               ■ Graduate Certificates and Diplomas: For example, a Graduate Diploma in
Read section 7.6 for information about Commonwealth Scholarships available              Psychology which is a two-year part-time tuition fee course for graduates
through Centrelink.                                                                     who have a recognised first year in psychology and statistics. For
                                                                                        information on other Graduate Certificates and Diplomas available in other
Macquarie University also offers a number of other scholarships – read                  areas of study please visit
‘Financial assistance’ section on page 172.                                             index.html
                                                                                      ■ Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science by Distance: Contact the Centre for
SPECIAL CONSIDERATION                                                                   Open Education (COE) at or for further information visit

                                                                                                                                                                          MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY
Elite athletes and performers
If you are an elite athlete (defined as having represented your sport at state         DISTANCE EDUCATION
level or higher) or performer, whose training and competitive commitments have
affected your preparation for your Year 12 studies, you may be eligible for special   Macquarie offers both complete courses and individual units by distance
consideration even though you are not eligible for the University’s Educational       education. For information about the availability and enrolling in distance
Access Schemes.                                                                       courses and units visit

Download an application form and return it to the University by Friday 18
November 2011. Visit                ENROLMENT
                                                                                      All new undergraduate students are required to attend a compulsory on-
ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER AUSTRALIANS                                     campus enrolment in their first year at Macquarie. Information about times
                                                                                      and dates of enrolments will be available on Macquarie’s enrolment website
Warawara Department of Indigenous Studies has increased its capacity                  at from the end of October 2011.
in the student access and support area. Australian Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander applicants who wish to be considered for admission for                Acceptance of offer
undergraduate programs may apply through the Macquarie University
Warawara Alternative Entry Program.
                                                                                      Internal students
                                                                                      If your application is successful, you must accept your offer online. Follow the
In addition to applying through UAC, applicants must submit a Warawara
                                                                                      instructions on the information contained within your offer on how to accept
application form. Application forms are available from the Department
                                                                                      your offer and the enrolment process.
Manager – Warawara Department of Indigenous Studies.
For an application form or further information call (02) 9850 8893 or Freecall        Distance education students
1800 066 465.                                                                         If you are offered a place in a distance education course (preferences
                                                                                      300295 and 300415), you are not required to attend the University and will
                                                                                      be sent enrolment information by mail.
                                                                                      Advanced standing/academic credit
Some international fee-paying applicants apply through UAC International,
others apply direct to Macquarie University. Read sections 1.3 and 1.4 in             If you are seeking credit for previous tertiary studies, you must also complete
Part 1 for more information on how to apply.                                          a Credit for Previous Studies Request (information on credit for previous
                                                                                      studies and how to request it is available at
                                                                                      au/undergrad/credit.html). At the same time, you must submit full official
FEE-PAYING COURSES FOR AUSTRALIAN STUDENTS                                            transcripts (not result slips) of any previous tertiary studies for which you are
                                                                                      requesting credit.
The Australian Government phased out places in undergraduate domestic
fee-paying (DFEE) courses in January 2009. All courses available are                  To ensure that your credit for previous studies is assessed before you enrol,
Commonwealth-supported place (CSP) courses.                                           you are advised to have this information available as early as possible. If
                                                                                      you have attended more than one tertiary institution, transcripts from each
Students who enrolled in a DFEE course before 1 January 2009 will be able to          institution you have attended are required.
continue their studies on a fee-paying basis in 2012.

                                                                                                                               UAC 2012 Guide                 171
                       You are also required to bring to the on-campus enrolment sessions extracts           community. Its chaplaincy team draws on representatives of various Christian
                       from calendars and handbooks giving details of the content of units studied.          and non-Christian religions, women and men, as well as younger and older
                       You are advised to begin to assemble this information as early as possible.           chaplains.
                       For further details of the current policy for granting credit for previous studies,   For further information about the Chaplaincy at Macquarie visit
                       contact the Student Enquiry Service at                      au/chaplaincy

                       Enrolment dates                                                                       Childcare
                       Compulsory on-campus enrolment for new students will be held between                  Three childcare facilities are available on campus:
                       Monday 30 January and Friday 17 February 2012.
                                                                                                             Gumnut Cottage
                       Deferment of offer                                                                    Gumnut Cottage is located in the grounds of Macquarie University and has
                       Refer to table 6 in Part 1.                                                           operated for over 30 years. It is licensed through the Department of Human
                                                                                                             Services and accredited at the highest attainable level through the National
                       Fees and charges                                                                      Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC). There are five learning spaces that
                       All students must pay a student contribution for a Commonwealth-supported             cater for a total of 84 children daily – call (02) 9850 7781 or email
                       place (CSP); read section 7 in Part 1.                                      
                       Payment of a student services fee (approximately $250) may become                     Mia-Mia Child Care Centre
                       compulsory.                                                                           Administered by the Institute of Early Childhood and caters for 50 children
                                                                                                             daily aged from six weeks to five years. The Centre is available (with no priority
                       FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                                                                  given) to community families and families who travel to the North Ryde area for
                                                                                                             work, as well as for students and staff of the University – call (02) 9850 9880.
                       Youth and student allowance                                                           Banksia Cottage
                       For information about Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY, read section 7            Caters for 90 children aged three months to five years with priority of
                       in Part 1.                                                                            enrolment given to children of staff members – call (02) 9850 7781.

                       Loans                                                                                 Counselling
                       The Student Loan Scheme provides assistance to students who are unable                Counsellors are available to assist all students with problems that may
                       to finance basic needs to help them to continue their studies. For further             interfere with their study. These may involve adjustment to university life,
                       information call the Office of Financial Services on (02) 9850 7239.                   personal difficulties, study skills such as reading, learning and remembering,
                                                                                                             organisation and motivation, or stress facing examinations. For further
                       Scholarships                                                                          information on Macquarie’s counselling facilities, visit www.campuslife.
                       The University offers several prizes and scholarships for studies in certain
                       undergraduate courses. For more details refer to the Student Information
                       section of the Undergraduate Handbook or visit the Macquarie Undergraduate            Exchange programs
                       Scholarships website at:                                  Macquarie University has exchange agreements with universities across the
                       Read ‘Equity scholarships’ section on page 171 for information on Equity              world. For details visit or call
                       scholarships.                                                                         Macquarie International on (02) 9850 7346.

                                                                                                             Health services
                       ACCOMMODATION                                                                         Medical practitioners offer a private general practice to the University community
                                                                                                             with provision for bulk-billing through Medicare. Visit
                       Accommodation for students is available on-campus at two private colleges:            campus-wellbeing/medical-service for further information.
                       Dunmore Lang College and Robert Menzies College.
                       For further information about Dunmore Lang College visit                              Learning assistance
              contact the college at

                                                                                                             The Centre for Open Education provides support and assistance to part-time
                                                    students, particularly those in distance education or evening units. For details
                       For further information about Robert Menzies College visit         visit
                       or contact the college at
                                                                                                             Library/computing services
                       Accommodation is also provided at the Macquarie University Village, which is
                                                                                                             The Macquarie Library contains a large collection of printed and audiovisual
                       administered by Campus Living Villages. Application forms and information
                                                                                                             materials which can be accessed through the Online Catalogue at
                       can be obtained from or call (02) 9812 6000.
                       See advertisements for:                                                               Orientation
                       ■   Dunmore Lang College on page 174                                                  Academic Orientation takes place a week before classes begin and is the best
                       ■   Robert Menzies College on page 173                                                way to find out what university life has to offer. The day is run entirely by our
                       ■   Macquarie University Village on page 178                                          student volunteers, the Mentors@Macquarie, who will take you through the
                                                                                                             basics of uni and help ease the transition into Macquarie University. Visit the
                       ■   International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) on page 188.
                                                                                                             Transition website at for information on academic
                       The Accommodation Services Office helps students find accommodation                     orientation and assistance with the transition into university life.
                       off-campus. For further information call (02) 9850 7376.
                                                                                                             Information about the University and its courses – including the Handbook of
                       STUDENT AND CAMPUS SERVICES                                                           Undergraduate Studies – is distributed to schools each year and should be
                                                                                                             available in school libraries and from careers advisers.
                       Careers and appointments                                                              Copies of the Handbook of Undergraduate Studies, containing detailed
                       The University’s Career Development Centre provides information, advice and           undergraduate course and subject information, can be obtained from the
                       guidance to current Macquarie students and new graduates. The Careers                 University by contacting the Student Enquiry Service – email coursework@
                       Centre can help you to research your career options, evaluate and gain       – or from the University Co-op Bookshop on campus from January
                       employable skills, find and apply for employment or work experience and                each year.
                       manage your career. Visit for more details.
                                                                                                             The Undergraduate Handbook is also available online and includes all current
                       Chaplaincy                                                                            information – visit
                       University life can be very rich and rewarding, as well as challenging and            The following free publications are available upon request from the University:
                       occasionally overwhelming. The aim of the Chaplaincy Centre is to support             ■ Study at Macquarie, a University prospectus
                       students, staff and faculty through all the ups and downs of the University           ■ Pathways to Macquarie
                                                                                                             ■ Faculty information booklets which include course descriptions and
                       Macquarie University has a diverse population. The Chaplaincy Centre reflects            available areas of study.
                       that diversity and exists for the sake of all members of the university
                                                                                                             Write to the Coursework Studies Section, Macquarie University 2109, call
                                                                                                             (02) 9850 6410 or visit

                       172           UAC 2012 Guide
Sport and recreation                                                                 Transport
Campus Life is the sporting and recreational hub of Macquarie University,            An underground train line links the University with the North Shore line via
providing first-class leisure and fitness facilities, sport scholarships, a range of   Chatswood, and with western Sydney services via Epping. Bus services
sporting clubs, fields and courts, as well as a new Sport and Aquatic Centre.         operated by State Transit and private companies connect the University with
For more information visit                                 Blacktown, the Hills District, Parramatta, Ryde/Gladesville, the North Shore,
                                                                                     the Northern Beaches and the city. For those who have their own transport,
Students with disabilities                                                           ample parking is available on campus.
Macquarie University holds a long-standing commitment to encouraging
people with disabilities/health conditions to undertake tertiary studies. The        Welfare services
Disability Support Unit (DSU) on campus provides support and assistance              The Welfare Service at Macquarie University provides students with
to students with a disability/health condition, aiming to ensure that they do        information, support, advocacy and referral on a range of welfare-related
not experience disadvantage in reaching their academic potential. Service            issues such as finance, tenancy, law and health.
provision is determined on a case-by-case basis following an assessment of a         tel:         +61 2 9850 6496/7497
student’s needs and the provision of appropriate supporting documentation.           fax:         +61 2 9850 7750
Service provision is also dependent on the availability of resources.                in person:   Level 2, Lincoln Building (C8A), Macquarie University, North Ryde
To register with the DSU, download an Advice of Disability/Health Condition          email:
form from              website:
unit/how-to-register. This form must be completed annually, irrespective of
whether a disability/health condition is temporary, long term or permanent.
                                                                                     FURTHER INFORMATION
Students wishing to request support services from the DSU (including those
prospective students who have completed a questionnaire for UAC applicants           Student Enquiry Service
with disabilities) should make an appointment with a Disability Adviser
                                                                                     The Student Enquiry Service is the first point of contact between the
immediately after enrolling at Macquarie University.
                                                                                     University and all undergraduate students: full-time, part-time or distance
Disability Support Unit:                                                             education. The Centre provides advice to enrolled and intending students on
tel:         +61 2 9850 6494                                                         all matters affecting their application, enrolment, program and progress, or
TTY:         +61 2 9850 6493                                                         any administrative or academic problem that may arise during the course of
in person:   Level 2, Lincoln Building (C8A), Macquarie University                   their studies. For more information visit

                                                                                                                                                                      MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY

                                                                                                                              UAC 2012 Guide               173

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