Budget_information_2011-2012 by qingyunliuliu


									           Second Grade Budget-2011-2012

As a grade level, we have planned many exciting experiences for our
students this year. All items listed below will serve as extensions or
culminations of our curricular content. On our tight budget, we have
made careful decisions about what to include. Each activity will be a
valuable academic experience for your child.

        Language Arts:

              Web Based Accelerated Reader program        $175
              Time for Kids Weekly Magazine               $150

            IXL Math – Web-based math program
            for home and school                           $220

        Guest Speakers:

              Fossils Presentation (Discovery Museum)     $160
              Simple Machines (Explorit Science)          $160
              Animal Camouflage (Explorit Science)        $160

        Field Trips

           Crocker Art Museum                             $125
           Mondavi Theatre Performance                    $300
           Live Theatre Performance                       $300

                   CLASSROOM GOAL:                   $1,750.00

               Thank you for your support!

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