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The following list is the 400 most commonly used words in the English
language, from the top of a list of the 86,800 most frequently used English
words, ranked in order of commonness, compiled by Jonathan J. Harris, et
al., as part of “WordCount™, an artistic experiment in the way we use
language.” As he notes at,
“WordCount data currently comes from the British National Corpus®, a
100 million word collection of samples of written and spoken language
from a wide range of sources, designed to represent an accurate cross-
section of current English usage.”

For practice (and for improving spelling abilities while learning how to
type faster) Zoom-Type includes a separate list of Doltch 220 – a list of the
220 most commonly used words. As with that list, we have grouped these
400 words in boxes of ten words, to make it easy to gauge how many
words per minute a person is typing. Happy speed-typing!

 The 400 most common English words from WordCount™
     the      1            have    3              all    5             into     7
      of                   are                   their                  its
     and                   this                  has                   then
      to                   not                  would                  two
      a                    but                    will                  out
      in                   had                   what                  time
     that                   his                    if                  like
      it                   they                  can                   only
      is                   from                  when                   my
     was                   she                    so                    did

      I       2                    4                     6                      8
                          which                   no                   other
     for                    or                   said                   me
     on                     we                   who                   your
     you                    an                   more                  now
     he                    there                 about                 over
     be                    her                    up                   just
     with                  were                  them                  may
      as                   one                   some                  these
      by                    do                   could                 new
      at                   been                  him                   also
people     9      still     13     home      17     group       21
  any             year           something         second
 know            must               Mr.              quite
 very             last             long              until
  see            even             house              five
  first           take             why               party
 well             own              each              point
 after            too               part            every
should            off              since          company
 than             here              end            women

where     10     come       14    number     18      says       22
 back             both             found             later
 how             does              place          important
  get             say            different           took
 most             oh               went              state
 way             used              little            high
 down            going             really            men
  our             erm              came             away
 made             use               left          information
  got          government         children          public

 much     11                15     local     19                 23
                  day                                help
 think            man              within            head
 work            might            always           national
between          same             without            often
  go             under              four             seen
 years            yes             around            school
   er           however            great            money
 many             put              give              told
 being           world              set              fact
 those          another           system             night

before    12     want       16     small     20     further     24
 right          thought            mean             better
because          while            during            British
through           life           although          business
 yeah            again             case              less
 good           against            next             taken
 three           never            things             done
 make            need               find             hand
  us              old              social           having
 such             look             given             thing
  looked      25      far      29      law      33     health     37
  london             able           research            sure
   area               six           following          white
   water           become              am              million
  perhaps           open              level            words
   face             market            show              child
   best             times             saw              period
    mm              whole            looking          minister
   form            support            feel            including
  family             half            today            several

  general     26     eyes      30    name       34     father     38
  though           members           mother           society
  already          working            past            seemed
 possible           control         question            kind
  nothing           major              let             began
   early           problem            knew              god
   large            doing           education           top
    yet             court           actually            start
  young            towards           policy             itself
    side             mind             ever             behind

              27   anything    31                    themselves    39
  asked                              known      35
  whether           others           above            wanted
   days              felt             office         economic
    ca.              war               big              love
  called             car              clear            means
   John             police            body             upon
  enough             keep             door             areas
development           full            voice            effect
   week            making            across            likely
   round            either           Britain          English

  power       28     held      32    person     36      city      40
  change            report          together          therefore
  country          interest           main            woman
  almost             once           services            real
  council          problems           care            position
  himself            act              black            centre
   room              road             book             south
    tell           probably          months           England
  service          available         turned          community
  political         labor             using             view
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