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									                                        Aki Iskandar
                                     9759 Nicole Lane
                                 Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138
                                      (440) 420-9888
                             aki@iskandar.us / www.iskandar.us

Objectives:         To leverage Enterprise Architecture and Software Architecture experience to
                    design and implement innovative custom software solutions - which reduce
                    the business’ IT expenditures, while still providing the business with the IT
                    infrastructure it needs to compete in its market space. To help transition the
                    clients’ applications to the cloud and mobile platforms in an affordable and
                    strategic fashion.

Quick fact sheet:      Author articles on Enterprise Architecture for OTN (Oracle
                        Technology Network)
                       Experienced Enterprise Architect: Previously a board member of
                        PNC’s Architecture Review Board, and member of PNC’s EA team
                       14 years application / web development experience as consultant and
                        architect (the majority of the time was spent in financial services)
                       Experienced Software Development Manager (managed 7 direct
                       Microsoft Certified: MCP, MCAD, MCSD.NET
                       Microsoft employee for 2.5 years (ADC / Premiere Financial
                       Managed a major application repository, including working with other
                        architects to diagram systems for the company’s Governance
                       Migration, integration, e-Commerce, and full life-cycle development.
                       Versed in development methodologies, including Agile / Scrum
                       Sales, project management, and business ownership experience
                       4 year degree (Finance) & Certificate in Management
                       Dual citizenship (American & Canadian)
                       Tri-lingual (English, French, Greek)
                       Experience, prior to career change into IT: 6 years as a financial
                        analyst at Canada’s 2nd largest transportation (oil, asphalt, &
                        chemical tankers) company. Additionally, was a licensed Real Estate
                        Agent (Province of Quebec / Canada), and a Real Estate Investor
                        (multiple properties).
                       First corporate job was interning at Canada’s largest international
                        telecom (reported directly to the company’s Chief Economist)
Development Skills:      Languages: C#, Objective-C, ActionScript, Python, Java, Groovy,
                         Operating Systems: UNIX (Darwin/Mac OS X), Linux, Windows
                         Internet Technology: GoogleAppEngine, Web Services, JSP
                          (EL/JSTL), ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, etc.
                         Web Servers: Google App Engine, Apache, Tomcat, IIS
                         Web Frameworks: Grails, Rails, Django, App Engine’s webapp
                         Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
                         Mobile Development: iPhone / iPad (native iOS applications)
                         Desktop Development: Adobe Flex, Windows Forms

Work Experience:

04/2011 to Present    Lambda Software, LLC                               Cleveland, OH (USA)
                      President / Architect / Developer
                      - Specializing in Enterprise Architecture: Business architecture, Information
                         Architecture, Technology Architecture (.NET and JEE), and the
                         Governance around them
                      - Specializing in web development using MVC based web application
                         frameworks (such as Groovy/Grails, Python/Django, and Ruby/Rails)
                      - Provide niche consulting services to companies looking to reduce their IT
                         expenditures through leveraging cloud computing for the back-end and
                         mobile devices for the front-end (to replace desktops and laptops)
                      - Mobile technology selected for application development cost reduction
                         strategies: Apple iPad (iOS development using Objective-C, and UIKit)
                      - Back-end technologies selected for application development cost
                         reduction strategies: Google App Engine, Tomcat, Groovlets, and

02/2011 to 03/2011    Attevo                                              Cleveland, OH (USA)
                      Managing Consultant & Lead Architect
                      - Hired to manage a team of 9 architects, developers, and graphic artists
                      - drove the architectural implementation for the company’s mobile platform
                          offering (at their most important customer: Bank of America)
                      - streamlined the company’s development processes

10/2008 to 2/2010     PNC Financial Services                              Cleveland, OH (USA)
                      Enterprise Architect
                      - responsible for reviewing .NET and Java based enterprise architectures
                      - member of the Enterprise Architecture team
                      - member of the Architecture Review Board (for the 5th largest US bank)
                      - report directly to the VP of Enterprise Architecture
                      - responsible for coordination of the ARB activities (prioritization with CIOs)
                      - responsible for working with Solution Directors, and Solution Architects, to
                         ensure that their presentation materials are properly prepared and
                         delivered on time, in their preparation for the ARB
                      - responsible for creating reference architectures
                     -   responsible for first pass evaluation of the solution architect’s system
                         diagrams (PNC Blueprints) for ensuring their architecture is properly
                         diagramed (and follows PNC’s reference architecture)
                     -   advisor / researcher for EA tooling and processes
                     -   provide input/assistance to various EA team functions, from improving the
                         ARB workflow, creating an ARB process tool/software, and
                         implementation of PNC’s instrumentation program

                     Work done prior to acquisition of NCC:
                     - owner / administrator of the corporation's Architecture Governance
                       tool, and created feeds for CMDB (configuration management)
                     - assisted the application architects in creating architectural diagrams
                     - held training sessions for Mega
                     - created reports for impact analysis (using the repositories)
                     - participant for the company’s ITIL practice (contributed to the service
                       delivery models and processes, from the EA tooling perspective)

06/2008 to 10/2008   Independent Consultant                            Cleveland, OH (USA)
                     - private consulting for my network of contacts (pre-founding of Lambda
                        Software, LLC). Technologies used during this period were primarily
                        ASP.NET and SQL Server.

05/2007 to 06/2008   SchoolOne, LLC                                    Cleveland, OH (USA)
                     Software Development Manager
                     - Managed 7 direct reports on a multi-million dollar software project
                     - Responsible for the product’s architecture and technological direction
                     - Reported to the VP of Educational Services
                     - advised the Director of Software Development on software architecture
                        and lifecycle development processes, and implemented them for my team
                     - SchoolOne is a Microsoft .NET shop

06/2006 to 04/2007   Modis IT                                            Cleveland, OH (USA)
                     Architect / Developer (at Charles Schwab)

                     -   was brought in to evaluate the client’s flagship application’s architecture
                         (all tiers … presentation, COM+ layer, persistence layer / and alternative
                         methodologies in each)
                     -   worked to assist resolving some of the application’s more pressing issues
                         (architectural, deployment, and coding standards)
                     -   consulted on the migration strategies to move from web classes to .NET,
                         and to evaluate going straight to .NET 2.0 instead of 1.1
                     -   proposed migration from Server 2000 to Server 2003 (for IIS 6), and to
                         move to directly to .NET 3.0 by-passing 2.0 (to be positioned to leverage
                         WWF (workflow), and WCF in the near future).
                     -   proposed an SOA deployment (to consolidate data access and business
                         rules between applications) and an MVC based architecture (to separate
                         data and presentation).
                     -   developed a prototype for the above proposals, and presented a demo to
                         business (with live data), which they based their sign off on.
                     -   developed custom server controls to enable drag and drop development,
                         which ties in to the MVC, and SOA architectures (Note: personalization is
                        not a present business requirement, thus web parts were not
                        recommended for the presentation tier – though master pages are being

05/2005 to 5/2006   Entrepreneurial Activities                          Montreal, Canada

                    -   took a year off (moved to Montreal, Canada, to take care of my Mother)
                    -   evaluated a few business opportunities (decided to start one – which I still
                        own today, serving as President)

06/2004 to 05/2005 Compuware Corporation                                Cleveland, OH (USA)
                   Microsoft .NET Architect
                    -   was hired on to help build the branch's .NET Practice
                    -   team lead for all three assignments while at employer (clients were: a
                        bank, a major steel company, a large IBM reseller)
                    -   the application for the bank was its on line banking portal
                    -   responsibilities included training the development teams on design
                        patterns, design of the data layer, and implementing web services
                    -   all the assignments were Microsoft based and used: C#, ASP.NET,
                        SQL Server

02/2002 to 06/2004 Microsoft Corporation                                Chicago, IL (USA)
                   Application Development Consultant
                    -   full time employee in the Central Region Financial Services Group
                    -   clients responsible for: Allstate Insurance, and AON Corporation
                    -   conducted architecture reviews and code reviews of major .NET
                        projects for Microsoft's above mentioned clients. These were the
                        ”proactive” / preventive activities.
                    -   created a “Developer Forum” where once a month would present .NET
                        topics to an audience of 85 developers (also created the material and
                        code demos). There were over 800 attendees over a period of 1 year.
                    -   responsible for troubleshooting the client's .NET applications and
                        being the first line of defense in “production down” situations.
                        These were the “reactive” activities. (note: this was for the development
                        side of key applications only - a colleague was also on site for the server
                        / network side of the house)

10/1999 to 12/2001 Maxim Group                                          Cleveland, OH (USA)
                   Senior Developer
                    -   joined employer as a senior developer within their Microsoft practice
                        (technologies used included: ASP / VB / COM / SQL Server)
                    -   before leaving, had become very proficient in Java / JSP as well
                    -   the many assignments at client sites included: banks (such as
                        KeyBank and BankOne), and other financial companies such as
                        Ernst & Young

09/1997 to 10/1999 AdSmarts Distribution, Inc.                          Cleveland, OH (USA)
                   Project Manager & Lead Developer
                    -   owned and operated a web site development company
                      -   started primarily with static HTML pages, and by early 1998, started
                          offering clients dynamic web sites (using CGI), and then decided to
                          exclusively use ASP / VB Script running on Microsoft IIS
                          (by mid-1998).
                      -   sold company in November 1999

Professional Awards:
Microsoft Financial Services Award – 2003
This was a team award (team of 6 consultants) for the best Microsoft Premiere team, for
Microsoft’s Financial Vertical within North America.


Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, Ohio (presently on hold)
Entrepreneurship MBA

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (1995)
Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance.

McGill University, Montreal, Canada (1992)
Completed two-year Certificate in Management.

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio (1997 - 2001)
Continuing Education
Completed several courses in: Visual Basic, Java, Web Site Promotion, JavaScript, XML.

Cuyahoga County Community College, Cleveland, Ohio (1999)
Continuing Education
Completed courses in Oracle8 (PL/SQL) and Java.

Hondros College (1999)
Completed pre-licensing courses in real estate finance, sales, law, and appraisal.
Obtained a real estate license (Ohio).

Cambridge University (1991)
Completed Commercial Shipping Certificate (Cambridge, England).
Sea-going vessels

Interests & Activities:

      Artificial Intelligence (working on AI based software projects / novice researcher)
      Founder / Organizer of the NE Ohio Artificial Intelligence Group
      Enterprise Architecture (business, technology, and information architecture)
      Aviation (held private pilot’s license, and currently hold Hang Gliding license)
      Soccer, skiing
      Playing musical instruments: Trumpet, Guitar, and Piano

                               References available upon request
                                     November 2011

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