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					Character Type/Discipline: Dark Jedi
Character's Name: Slavian Redd
Player's Name: Evan
Height: 6’8" Weight: 285 lbs. Sex: Male     Age: 19

Physical Description: A large man with dark hair pulled back
in a pony tail, usually. A black goatee, and deep, black eyes
finish his facial feature. Has a tattoo of a skull with a black
triangle behind it. . .why? Anyone’s guess but his . . .

Quotes: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because I hate you.”
“My dad used to say the same thing. I never liked my dad either.”
“Don’t like your food - try some of this one for size!” - used before using
        bolt of hatred on someone.

Background: Abandoned by parents early. Raised by thugs, until he
discovered his powers and destroyed their village to test them.
Learned quickly to hate people in general. He has taken a
liking to a few, select individuals. Has spent most of his
time among worlds on the outer rim, until recently, when he
decided that there was not enough money out there. He began to travel,
looking for employment as a bounty hunter, pirate or whatever else he could
find. At one point, in his confused, early life, he encountered a Jedi Master
who was floating from planet to planet in the Rim. The master noted that age
18, Slavian was ripe for training in the ways of the Jedi. He tried to train
Slavian, but underestimated Slavian’s upbringing. He wanted to get moving,
and learn more and more too quickly. Soon, he had enough and he failed a test
his master offered him. In his anger at his master tricking him, Slavian
unleashed a massive burst of the Force that killed his master. He read his
master’s books, learning a little more than what he already knew, including
some knowledge of the Sith - whom he has grown to admire greatly. He later
went back and killed the man that raised him with an ancient Sith power called
Bolt of Hatred.

Personality: As his Jedi master would tell you, Slavian was always looking
for a shortcut. One day, as a test, his Jedi Master offered him one. Slavian
took it and began his step down the dark path.   Slavian hates to be
controlled when he can’t see any benefit. He hates people. He hates anything
that doesn’t give him what he wants. Slavian is an angry man, and people tend
to avoid him.

Dexterity 3D                           Perception        4D
B. Parry   4D                          Search
Dodge      4D                          Con
L. Saber                               Hide
(S)Thrwn Weaps:     Bolt/Hatred 4D
Blaster    4D

Knowledge 3D                           Strength     4D
(S)Sch: Dark Lore     3D+1             Brawling

Mechanical 2D                          Technical     2D
Beast Riding                           LS Repair
Trans. Piloting                        First Aid

Control-- 1D+1
Sense---- 1D+1
Alter---- 2D
Infrared goggles - Allows for normal perception of living things in the dark
Black cloaks / robes, boots with a dagger on each (dagger = Str. + 1D)
1,000 credits
Blaster pistol
     *Damage = 4D+1, Organic casing makes it undetectable to weapons scans

  3                       6                            0
Force                Dark Side       Wound          Character
Points               Points          Status          Points

-Absorb/Dissipate Energy

-Life Detection
-Danger Sense
-Combat Sense

-Bolt of Hatred
-Injure / Kill

Control and Sense
-Lightsaber Combat

Control and Alter
-Control, Sense and Alter